FastBoot mode (fastboot) on android: how to go, how to go out, teams

FastBoot Mode on "Android" - what kind of mode and why is needed?

The functionality of any mobile device is not limited to available when using opportunities - in addition to the basic system, there are other software components that serve to debug applications, sets various images and control by individual hardware parts of the gadget. They wear Recovery and FastBoot names. The first justifies its name, including the functionality, which is necessary in case of problems with any smartphone modules, and the second most part is aimed at expanding the device setting options, also supporting flashing and creating backups.

In the course of the article, the fastbut regime in the "Android" is considered, but in fact it is independent of the OS software stored in memory and registered by the manufacturer, and not Google. In some sources, this feature is called "Engineering Menu", but actually fastboot and these concepts are different, because the transition to the latter is provided to enter the USSD request to the call panel after downloading Android, and acts as it.

In some cases, when using the FastBoot phone, instead of Android. In this case, you should not immediately consider the device "brick", since it is easy to exit this state. Detailed instructions on the opening and closure of the utility, as well as using it, are presented in the course of the material.

What features does FastBoot mode give?

As in the case of the recovery, with the satisfaction of the current work of the device, it is better not to "climb" into this section, but if you simply consider its functions, nothing terrible will happen. Depending on the brand of the device, its welcome screen is presented to the download type selection panel (Recovery, FastBoot or Normal Boot) or the picture of the opened android, instead of which on Xiaomi phones is represented by branded maskot.

At the bottom of the screen - data on the firmware, processor, RAM, storage; the product's name; the level of "life" of the battery, its status; serial number. By clicking on the Start button, after installing a USB connection, you can control the smartphone using a computer. If the touchscreen does not work, the sound swings should be used and the transition button in the waiting mode.

FastBoot flaws

The mode in the article loses on the recovery functionality, and especially its custom versions, the most popular among which is TWRP receiving regular updates and Read more here . The most "strong" side of the FastBoot is to install various patches, updates and firmware, however, it is not possible to get detailed data on the operation of any components of the phone.

The key problem lies in the impossibility of working without connecting to the PC. The connection must be wired - Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth are not supported.

How to go to fastboot mode

Power + lowering volume

Power + lowering volume

The name of this section of the text immediately allows you to understand what needs to be done to achieve the goal:

  1. Turn off the device;
  2. Hold the volume and power reduction buttons, wait 7-10 seconds, after which your fingers can be removed.

This method works on ZTE, Samsung, TeXet, LG, HTC products. At this moment, the frequent reason for the accidental transition to the fastbut is a random retention of two buttons at the same time.

Power + volume increase

Power + volume increase

The method is presented by analogy with the previous one, however, in its framework, instead of the response, it is necessary to use the button to enhance it. It is distributed on the ASUS brand devices, where, with a successful outcome, the inscription appears on the screen. CSC Mode. "

Volume Increase + USB Connection

Volume Increase + USB Connection

This option is most often found on the flagship Sony flagship models, and its key minus is the need to have any device that can be connected to the phone in this way. The work is maintained through adapters, which is a minor compensation of the inconvenience of the method, important in case of the event of only "full-size" USB gadgets.

Power + increase and lower volume

Power + increase and lower volume

It may seem surprising, but Motorola, who became famous for the emergence of the first mobile phones, continues to be held in this market today. Her devices are not inferior to modern models despite the long history of the brand and just work on Android.

To use, you will need to turn off the device, clamp all the main buttons and wait for the appearance of the corresponding menu. Sometimes the standard method is also available.

Through computer

The sequence of actions below is relevant for all devices and works only when the USB debug is enabled, which is performed as follows:

  1. Open the Device settings application; Android phone settings
  2. Scroll through the list of points to donomise, select System; Menu item System on Android
  3. Tap "About Phone"; Menu item about Android phone
  4. 7 times click on the "Assembly number" item. The number of remaining steps is evidenced by the counter represented as a toast notification; Menu item Assembly number on Android
  5. Attach your finger to the scanner or enter the password if any device protection method is installed; Unlocking device on android
  6. Seeing the inscription "You became Developer », Navigate to the initial page of the control panel, and from there - to a new section; Menu item for Android developers
  7. Turn the toggle in the top to the active position, and then do the same in the column "USB debugging". Activated mode for Android developers

Next you need to install the program AdB Run. on computer. It applies free of charge and compatible with all modern versions of Windows, so there should be no problems at this stage. Install the connection between the phone and the PC using the data cable, which can also serve for the charge, but on the contrary! Further actions are the most simple - moving between categories using numbers, do the following:

  1. Turn off the gadget;
  2. Go to the Reboot tab (4); AdB Run Reboot Tab
  3. Click "2" to download to FastBoot. AdB Run Reboot Bootloader

How to exit FastBoot Mode

Battery removal

Despite the spread of devices with always closed with a lid, some companies do not refuse to produce smartphones "according to the classics", which in this case is an advantage - you can simply remove the battery or lift it from the contacts side. The method is fully safe if you do not abuse them. Do not forget to insert a battery with a faithful polarity, observing the precautionary methods specified on its housing.

Holding the lock button

Just clamp a side off button on the side and do not release it until the device reboots. Usually keep your finger required up to 30 seconds, and as soon as the re-launch starts, you can stop holding.


Using a PC apply FastBoot. reboot "(Without quotes). If you use ADB Run, then for this action go to the Reboot section (4), and then enter "3", as in the case of inclusion.

Disable USB debugging

You may also need to disable USB debugging - it is important from security purposes, because when it is in active mode, any person who has access to the gadget can bypass the safety methods provided by you, Removal graphic key or other protection options . To do this, you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to device parameters; Android settings
  2. Select the "Applications" section, then the same tab; Application Tab on Android
  3. In the list of programs, find "Settings"; Android setup menu item
  5. Click on "Reset", after which you confirm your intentions in the modal window that appears. If you do not know how to reset the phone to the factory settings , read our article; Reset tab on android
  6. Open the "For Developers" section, which is at the bottom of the main page of the control panel, disconnect it entirely or uncheck the checkbox only by debugging via USB. Section for Android developers

Basic FastBoot Commands

Despite the often represented by fastboot in the English-language format, the process of use is most simple as possible. The following commands are the most common:

  • Flash. - Installing images in which the files of the old firmware are replaced by new components, and downloaded applications are deleted and can be downloaded back via the Play MARKET;
  • Erase. - delete certain directory or all information in the domestic storage;
  • Format. - formatting of integrated or external media, as well as connected using micro-USB or USB Type with flash drives, hard drives, solid-state drives;
  • Reboot - Restart the smartphone to the "normal" state.

Sometimes there is a problem in the form of the availability of the regime only in Chinese. It often applies to budget models and is solved extremely simple - it is enough to find a button that is responsible for switching localization, or use machine translators. This "trend" is almost never found on the phones of medium and high price categories, also leaving the segment of inexpensive gadgets.

Main FastBoot Commands Mode

In the future, to work with the device, it will be necessary to connect it via USB to the PC, on which the same name with the utility mode is installed. Its interface is presented in the form of a terminal and is available in English, but no special knowledge of the language is required - basic words are used, easily translated into Google. Run is possible via PowerShell using the CD command to specify the path to the file.

Getting a list of gadgets

To make sure the connection setup, enter FastBoot. Devices. . The request will display a list of all gadgets with which you can work at the moment. In the proposal, the multiple number is not available - using the utility can be monitored by several devices at the same time, not forgetting to switch between them.


The above team mentioned FastBoot Reboot serves to include "Android", but the third word can be added FastBoot. or recovery. What will lead to the transition to the appropriate modes.

Unlock bootloader

First of all, check the current status of the Laadera, sending the request FastBoot OEM Device-Info . Actions in this case depend on the year of the smartphone - in the case of the old models, the team will come up FastBoot OEM Unlock, and with new - FastBoot Flashing Unlock. In case of great good luck, this should be completed - the bootloader will be available, but if you are not lucky, you will need to enter the code.

The policy of some manufacturing companies is to prohibit the independent installation of an important software produced in a similar way. The company includes Huawei, since July 2018 does not provide passwords on such requests. If representatives of the company will not refuse to provide access to this procedure, this is a new luck. Otherwise, a chance of which there is a lot of chance, a paid HCU Client program will be required or, if you wish to save money, carry out actions using root manager - Open the directory /dev / Block / Platform / mtk- MSDC.0 / by- Name / (It may differ significantly), where the code is in the BOOT file.

There is an option to work with ADB Shell, where you need to open the document and find the desired fragment using regular expressions. It will take into the console with the most correct setup of the script, which lies on the shoulders of its developers. In this case, you will need to be allowed to carry out actions with a device via USB.

Lock loader

If you want to cancel the actions performed at the previous stage, use the commands FastBoot OEM Lock. or FastBoot Flashing Lock. Depending on the novelty of the device. The system can request a password input, in which case, instead of "Lock", without specifying quotes, write "Relock" and, after which the word, password.

How to install firmware via fastboot

At this moment, the main use of fastboot is manifested, as simple as possible and understandable thanks to the next desired instructions. To avoid translation of the phone in a non-working condition, charge it to at least 30%. It is not necessary to worry if the gadget becomes "brick", as you can bring the device from such a situation, but not without difficulties. Making sure to connect the devices with each other, follow the following instructions, assumed that Loader is already unlocked:

  1. Write ADB. reboot bootloader. To switch the mode; FastBoot team
  2. Make an independent cleaning of partitions to avoid file conflicts using the command Erase. after which you need to enter through the gap System. . Click ENTER , then do the same with catalogs UserData. , Radio. , Cache. , boot. , recovery. ;FastBoot Android team
  3. Move the firmware to the folder with the utility. If they are presented in several files, alternately enter commands according to the functionality of each: After the word Flash, specify System and the location of the image where it is located. By analogy, follow these actions with other directories deleted in the last step. Can be facilitated by this procedure by introducing Flash- All. , by creating a batch script with this name in a folder with IMG files; FastBoot Android team
  4. When placing the firmware in the archive format, enter Update. Archive_ Name. zip. , replacing the name to the real. FastBoot Android team

Never install incompatible firmware on your smartphone. You can ask a question about the availability of certain images for a specific model in the comments under this entry or pay attention to the branch of the device's discussion on the 4PDA website.

Problems and ways to solve them

"Not enough rights to perform the operation"

The occurrence of this error indicates that the PC program is not launched from the person of the administrator. Its elimination is made by the right click on the name of the application and the choice of the relevant item, the absence of which indicates the need to go to another account, which is why it may be necessary to enter its access code.

When you start applications through "Run ...", open by a keyboard key WIN. +R, instead of "ok" should be pressed Ctrl +Shift. +ENTER .

Transition to Recovery instead of FastBoot

Most likely, you used the incorrect key combination on the smartphone sidebar. Experiment yourself or contact the manufacturer for help, using officially provided contact details, or site users in the comments under the record. It may be necessary to find the buttons on the underside - those used to transition back, open the desktop, the appearance of the list of unlocked programs.

Charging goes, but files are not transmitted

The most likely cause of this problem is the USB debugging discounted, discussed above. The problem may also be associated with a cable itself that does not support the exchange of information. If so, you will need to purchase another wire, pre-clarifying its functionality.

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Good afternoon friends. Transfer the phone to FastBoot mode? Why do you need, how to enter it and go out? Some people using gadgets on the Android system receive FastBoot Mode messages, when once again they will reboot their phone. What is interesting, to delete this mode, the user will simply can not. If the gadget start turning off and turn on, there will be little sense. So, you need to figure out what is the configuration of the FastBoot system Android, why did it be created and how to get out of this mode?

To create a fine setting, the characteristic android people often roll their own phones, making changes to their technical menu. But this is not enough. Sometimes a upgrade can be used by the Fastbut mod technology.

FastBoot Mode (FBM) What does this mean?

Fastbut mod or Russian "Ambulance" has a direct connection with the refined system setting? In terms of laptops, FBM works in order to maximize the OS load, bypassing the BIOS and various programs. It is installed in the phones for other purposes. On gadgets with tablets where the Android FBM is installed mainly need to provide access to the system elements of the device and to manage these settings from the PC.

Phone in FastBoot mode

Using FastBoot functions, special repair workshops and knowledgeable people have the ability to install various programs, reinstall the device system, to restore various applications, receive root rights, create backup copies and restore the system from them, and simply change Android settings. The emergent application creators appear to the emergence to test them.

Explaining the essence of this function, I, quite possible, did not give you an accurate answer, what is the main basis of this regime and why is it intended for?

FastBoot Mode is a separate, independent of the OS software component, which is implemented on the hardware stage and is embedded in the memory chip.

Such freedom gives this regime the ability to load the gadget, including in cases where it has errors with Android OS. The FBM code is in the place of memory, which has protection against any kind of records. This eliminates the opportunity to damage it itself.

Why do you need to activate FastBoot Mode?

The FBM function can be run in manual mode by applying the usual menu, or simultaneously pressing the "Enable" keys and the "Reduce - Enlarge" buttons on the off gadget. Also, this function can start itself, which is already bad. The causes of the independent launch of the FastBoot may be an inept reinstalling system, system errors, Android file damage, superuser rights, etc.

FastBoot Mode Turning on Shutdown

FastBoot Mode How to get out of this function?

The fact that this feature is included on your gadget may indicate the drawing of the opened android and phrase on the FastBoot Mode monitor. But if the owner of the device changed nothing in the smartphone settings, and this mode is still turned on, it is quite possible that its cause is hidden in a certain temporary failure in the system.

Get out of the regime

In this case, you can reboot the gadget. But, if after rebooting on the screen of your device, FastBoot has emerged again and it did not enter the normal functioning mode, it is possible that your gadget has serious problems.

It is also possible that a similar failure in the system is so deep that it is desirable to ask for a specialist to play the system. But, while we did not give a smartphone to the master, let's try to get out of this situation.

I know 2 methods how to get out of fastboot. You can do this from the gadget itself, or use PC for this purpose. If this inscription appears after rebooting the phone, you need to turn off the device, then in one press to hold the power button and reduce the sound.

Keep in such a position preferably ten seconds before appearing on the display SEXT BOOT MODE , Or while the gadget does not turn on as usual.


Also, you can exit this function if you just pull the battery for a while, and insert it back to the phone.

There are cases that the FastBoot feature appears after the return of your gadget from repair. This can happen if the masters connected the smartphone to the PC.

In addition, this mode can earn if the user tribal forgot to turn it off in the settings. At the same time, to turn off the FBM, you need to enter the "Settings" of the device, after that in the "Screen" tab (special features) you need to find the "Fast Download" command and remove the checkbox from it.

Fast download

Video What does FastBoot Mode mean? How to enable it and how to turn off?

FastBoot Mode How to Exit PC?

First you need to install on the computer program ADB and FastBoot then connect the smartphone to the PC, to establish a USB connection, start the command line as an administrator and insert the phrase into it FastBoot Reboot . This method is simple and effective and based on my experience, it works better than others.

FastBoot Reboot

If the command line could not help you, you need to roll back the smartphone to the factory settings. Before that, be sure to copy the important information on the USB flash drive or PC. Then, you should remove the flash card from the smartphone. After booting in Recovery, search the command menu WIPE DATA / FACHRY RECEET And with this option, roll back the system to factory settings.


Also, it is advisable to clean the memory, tapping on the option Wipe Cache PATITION .

How to enable FastBoot Mode?

Enable the FastBoot Mode function may be needed if you decide to change the configuration of the smartphone using the computer. For example, install the modified firmware, or if you need root rights, without using third-party software. Also, to boot in this mode is useful if you need to get full access to the dadgets of the Android system or restore the operating system.

Methods for including this function on different gadgets have their own nuances. In ASUS devices, to do this, you must press the "Enable" and "Enlarge Sound" key, in Nexus and HTC - clamp the "Enable" and "Reduce Sound" keys, you can download the mode in Sony by clicking "Enlarge Volume" when the phone is connected To computer via USB.

Pressing volume and sound

Also, there is an option that works in most android gadgets. Need to download and install attachment AdB Run. . Then, activate in the settings of the smartphone by the debugging via USB and connect the smartphone to the computer. Then, activate the ADB Run, taping in the "Reboot" menu - " Reboot Bootloader. The smartphone will reboot and start the fastbut function.


Output: - As you can see, translate the phone to the fastboot mode and you can get out of it by applying several options. For the most part, they depend on the model of your gadget. But, there are universal. Also, you learned that, in fact, represents this mode. Successes!

Sincerely, Andrey Zimin 10/08/2019

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Let's figure it out now for the reasons for the appearance of FastBoot Mode on Android and how to get out of it, or go to carry out operations on the device.

We draw your attention to that sometimes it is better to seek help to professionals in a service center to preserve the performance of your gadget.

This article is suitable for all brands producing phones on Android 10/9/8/7: Samsung, HTC, Lenovo, LG, Sony, Zte, Huawei, Meizu, Fly, Alcatel, Xiaomi, Nokia and others. We are not responsible for your actions.

Attention! You can ask your question by a specialist at the end of the article.

Purpose FastBoot Mode and causes appearance

FastBoot is an effective tool that is used to modify and adjust the Android OS. It is part of the software for developers.

The main task of the regime is to install custom firmware. This downloader is used to install various updates, backups, memory card formatting, etc.

FastBoot Mode mode is not an external or internal command. It starts earlier than the operating system itself (as BIOS on Windows). This allows you to configure the system, and even when we placed android fix different problems.

Despite the utility and multifunctionality, independent inclusion on the FastBoot gadget may be a sign of a software failure. The following causes of the specified mode are allocated for Android:

  • Random activation by the user. This tool via the device menu can be started manually.
  • Unsuccessful firmware using Recovery Mode.
  • Failure to work Android. If the tablet or smartphone can not be downloaded in normal mode, then it turns automatically to FastBoot Mode.
  • Manual deletion from the system directory of the executable file after unlocking the root access.
  • The impact of malicious software. If there is a superuser rights on the gadget, then some viruses block or delete system files at all, which causes the operating system.

In any of these situations, the Android icon and system data about the device will appear on the device screen.

FastBoot Mode Android

Read Android is not loaded further logo

Normal phone / tablet mode when FastBoot Mode

When FastBoot appears, you need to check whether the gadget is available for normal operation. The reduction and increase buttons are valid, the first one can make a choice (as on the PC key ENTER), and the second is used to flip items allocated on the screen.

It is necessary to reach the construction of "Normal Boot" and select it with a volume button to reduce. If the device quietly turns on, then at least it says that there are no problems with him and the system failure is also not a reason. It sometimes arises due to the connection to the PC.

Synchronization is performed, the user can perform all the necessary steps: Download photo, installing new applications or download files, and then, disconnected from the computer, it can be seen that the mode does not disappear. This is due to the fact that for sure in the service center, this option was disconnected. You can cope with it yourself:

  • We go to the "Settings" after the normal device load.
  • Go to the "Screen" section.
  • In it, open the "Fast Download" tab, remove the checkbox from it.

After that, fastbut mode will be deactivated. It will no longer disturb the user when the device is turned on.

Read the Android engineering menu - how to enter, features and settings

What to do with system failure?

If "Normal Boot" the transition is blocked or the screen displays only the inscription "FastBoot Mode", and the parameter summary is missing, then the device system for some reason has given a failure. Let's look at ways to fix it.

System Restore

To return the gadget to the operating status, you can always restore the system. During the restoration of the system, all data that is contained on the device will be formatted, so it is better to protect yourself and pre-remove the memory card from the device.

We perform such steps:

  • Go to recovery mode. This is done by holding the POWER key and swing the volume down or up. This combination depends on the gadget model.
  • In the displayed shift, select "Wipe Data / FACTWER RECEET" to roll back the settings.
  • FastBoot Mode - What is it on Android and how to enter / go out

Then you need to wait until the settings roll back. This process takes a few minutes.

The device will reboot, after which you can use it for your own purposes. Bookmarks in the browser and installed applications will need to reinstall, as the device returns to the factory settings.

Disable FastBoot Mode through a computer

To this method it is worth resorting to the last. If the system restoring and restarting the device does not give the result, we carry out the following:

  • Remove the battery.
  • Insert it back.
  • Press the power button for at least 30 seconds.

If the FastBoot Mode appears again, then it is necessary to turn it off through the computer using the command line. To work with a tablet or smartphone that has failed, you need suitable drivers.

Read how to synchronize Android with a computer via USB and WiFi

It is important to use official drivers to make no viruses on the gadget. We carry out such a sequence of actions:

After successful installation of the drivers, you can start working with a gadget via the command line:

After performing this instruction, the connected gadget will be loaded in the working condition in normal way. This method is the most effective, but it is worth resorting to a situation where simpler and minor recovery actions are not triggered.

If this method does not solve the problem, and the question on the inclusion of the Android device in normal mode is still current, it remains only to change the firmware on it or visit the workshop.

To be able to fine-tune the parameters of the OS and Iron, users of mobile devices running Android sometimes rut ​​their gadgets, and also make changes to the engineering menu. But these are not all available ways to obtain extended access to the settings of the device and the system. You can look under the "hood" of the device by using the mode called FastBoot Mode.

What is FastBoot Mode

What does FastBoot Mode mean (fast download) and what does it have to do with fine tuning? In some models of laptops, it really serves to maximize the boot of the system bypassing the BIOS and debugging applications, its destination is somewhat different in mobile devices. On android smartphones and tablets, this mode is required primarily to provide access to the system components of the device and control them using a computer.

FastBoot Mode mode

Using FastBoot Mode features, service centers and experienced users can install software, over-flashing gadgets, restore applications, receive root rights, back up and recover, change hidden system settings. The developers using it are often resorted to "fast download" using it for testing software and other purposes.

Clarifying the purpose of the regime, we seem to have not answered the question of what FastBoot Mode is in essence. So, fastbut in android is a separate, independent software component, implemented on the hardware level and prescribed in the memory chip. It is this independence that allows you to load the device even if serious problems occur with the operating system. The FastBoot Mode software code is located in the memory area protected from reading and writing, which eliminates its damage.

In which cases are activated by FastBoot Mode

The fastbut medium can be running manually via the standard menu or by simultaneously clamping the power button turned off and the volume keys / increase the volume. But in some cases the mode is launched independently, and this is not a good moment. The causes of spontaneous loading can be unsuccessful flashing, replacing the standard recovery environment modified, obtaining superuser rights, system failure and damage to Android files.

How to exit FastBoot Mode

The image on the mode shows the image of a opened robot and the inscription on the FastBoot Mode phone screen.

FastBoot mode mode Photo Screen

If before that you did not make any changes to the gadget configuration, perhaps the reason for the transition to "fast loading" was some kind of temporary failure. Try to restart the smartphone. If after restarting the phone writes FastBoot and does not switch to normal operation mode, it may indicate deeper malfunctions. It is possible that the problem will be so serious that the gadget will have to reflash in the service center, and so far it did not reach it, you should try to get out of the fastbut yourself.

There are two main ways to do this: through the phone itself and using a computer. If the usual reboot does not help, turn off the device, and then simultaneously clamp the inclusion keys and lowering the volume by holding them until the same time (about 10 seconds), while the SELECT BOOT MODE menu appears or the phone will not load in normal mode. In this menu, select the Normal Boot option and wait for the gadget for normal mode.

Download Mode Selection Menu

In some cases, the battery removing the battery is helped from the debugging mode if it is, of course, removable.

Sometimes users have to face loading in fastbut mode after they took the gadget from the service center. So usually occurs after connecting the phone to the computer. Probable cause - left-end-mode function in settings. If this is the same case, to turn off the FasBoot Mode, go to the settings, and then in the "Screen" section or "Special Features" locate the "Fast Download" item and remove the checkbox from it.

Enabled Fast Downloads in the Smartphone settings

How to exit FastBoot Mode using a computer? Install the ADB and FastBoot applications on the PC, connect the phone to the computer, activate the USB debugging, run on behalf of the administrator command line and execute the command FastBoot Reboot . This is a simple, but very effective way to disconnect fastboot.

If he does not solve the problem, reset the device to the factory parameters. Copying all the important data, remove the sim card from the phone and the memory card, boot in Recovery mode, find the option in the menu WIPE DATA / FACHRY RECEET And make a rollback with it.

Restore data from backup via Recovery menu

Additionally, you can clear the contents of the repository by selecting the option Wipe Cache PATITION .

How to translate the phone to FastBoot Mode mode

FastBoot Mode - Service Mode, to resort to which it is most often necessary to change the configuration of the device through a PC, for example, install the modified firmware or get root rights without using third-party programs. Loading in Fastmoda may also be needed to provide full access to Android system folders and restore OS (as an alternative to Recovery mode tools).

The method of logging into FastBoot Mode mode on different devices may differ. In ASUS smartphones, it is necessary to keep the inclusion buttons and increase the volume, in the Nexus and HTC - buttons to turn on and decrease the volume, in Sony mode, the fastbut mode will load if the volume increases the volume and connect the gadget to the USB PC.

Enabling FastBoot Mode using buttons on the phone

But there is also a universal way to load into fastbut, equally operating on all Android mobile devices. Download and install the program on the computer AdB Run. . Next, turn on the USB debug in the phone settings, connect the device to the PC and running the ADB RUN, select in the menu Reboot - Reboot Bootloader .

Switch to FastBoot Mode mode using the ADB RUN program

The gadget will reboot in FastBoot mode.

FastBoot Mode on Android: What is it and how to use? Showing

Many owners of smartphones on Android after the device is rebooted facing fastboot, which means "fast loading". Animated user animation accompanied by a display of incomprehensible data, in most cases nothing says. As a rule, encountered with this mode, the user reloads the device again. However, the reboot does not bring any result, and sometimes it also causes damage to the data. Therefore, each owner of the smartphone running Android OS, it is advisable to get acquainted with what FastBoot Mode is what its main functional abilities are and how it is right out of it. That is what we will tell about this article.

What is fastbut mode?

Fastbut mode is in separate portable computers, but its purpose in smartphones is somewhat different. It is necessary to provide access to managing a portable device through a personal computer. In terms of functionality, FastBoot Mode is strongly reminded by Recovery mode.

FastBoot Mode on Android: What is it and how to use? Showing

He gives the opportunity:

  • establish various software;
  • reflash device;
  • restore applications;
  • make backups;
  • Manage OS settings that are hidden by default.

Entering the fastbut, you can set the actual any program, even one that the OS does not allow in the loaded state. An important feature of FastBoot Mode is a separate mode that is not a part of Android.

Causes of FastBoot Mode

It is also worth noting that this particular and independent and android software component is not in all devices. If the device is endowed with the fastbut mode, then the method of its activation depends on the manufacturer. Random activation is one of the most frequent causes of its launch. For example, on the devices from Samsung and HTC, it is necessary to simultaneously hold the "home" and the volume button, and on the LG and SONY power button and increasing the volume.

FastBoot Mode on Android: What is it and how to use? Showing

There are other reasons for activation fastboot:

  • Unsuccessful attempt to update software.
  • After the reboot, the device entered the FastBoot Mode instead of root.
  • There was a failure at the system level.

If you did not change the configuration, did not touch the settings, but at the same time faced with this mode, it is probably a failure in android. It can be eliminated independently, but it is impossible to exclude such cases when, in order to eliminate the malfunction, you will need to flash the smartphone or tablet in the workshop. But it is always worth an attempt to independently solve the problem.

Ways to exit mode

There are two proven ways. When the usual reboot does not help, you need to turn off the device, then clamping two buttons - turn on and lowering the volume. The buttons should be kept until the device starts in Normal mode or Select Boot Mode will open. Just select the Normal option and confirm the action.

FastBoot Mode on Android: What is it and how to use? Showing

Before you start working with a PC, you need to download and install ABD and FastBoot software. It will remain to connect the device to a computer via USB and activate debugging, then log in to the command line and prescribe FastBoot Reboot. A forced restart of the device will occur, after which the launch must occur in normal mode. In extreme cases, if nothing helps, it is worth removing the battery from the smartphone, set back and clamp the power button for 30 seconds. If the result is the same - it remains only to put a new firmware.

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Expand access to the settings of the Mobile Device settings running the Android operating system allows the mode called fAstboot. mOde. . This is another option to make changes to the engineering menu of the gadget or point to correct the OS parameters.

What is FastBoot Mode

FastBoot - Startup mode (fast download) Android device, the task of which is reduced to the phone memory firmware, restoration of performance, destruction of data related to the gadget.

Activity tool autonomous. The program code that determines the properties and functions of the mode is stored in a separate protected area of ​​memory and does not depend on the stability of the operating system.

FastBoot Mode mode on Android

The developers presented FastBoot simultaneously with a set of Android SDK. The debug protocol is similar to the Windows XP Recovery Console, since previously system administrators and experienced users applied this product to address issues related to the launch of the platform.

FastBoot-loading acts similarly to the console and implements the commands of the owner of the smartphone, which adjust the work of the Android OS. The application controls the device management process.

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Causes of download in FastBoot

Installing a quick launch package on a smartphone or tablet After rebooting the device, changes the appearance of the desktop. The main language of the interface is English.

The main reasons for the launch of FastBoot Mode include:

  1. Software crash android platform. If the device loading has not passed in standard working mode, the automatic process format will use FastBoot Mode.
  2. The user entered the smartphone settings and erroneously turned on the FastBoot Mode option.
  3. The process of flashing the gadget on the principle of recovery was interrupted or attempt failed.
  4. After loading the system, one or several system files were removed or damaged.

Error when installing firmware on android

How to determine the causes of inclusion (+ why the shooter is constantly moving)

To fully use the smartphone helps experience, skills and knowledge of the principle of operation of the device.

If the gadget runs the FastBoot application on Android to determine the source of the problem, it is necessary:

  1. Enter the smartphone settings and check whether the quick download mode is enabled.
  2. Try to restart the gadget. If the operating system does not download in the working mode, it means that the Android is a software failure.
  3. Remember whether or not attempt to flash the device.

The situation when after restarting the OS on the gadget screen will appear Select Boot Mode. where the arrogant is constantly moving, the smartphone owner needs to select the device loading mode (Normal, Recovery, FastBoot).

Android download mode selection

Step-by-step output manual using ADB terminal

Android transition to quick start mode and arbitrary OS errors are easy to correct. To complete the process and exit FastBoot to restart or turn off the smartphone. If the operating system works stably and download problems does not occur, it means that the next launch of the device will be successful.

The process of exiting FastBoot consists of stages:

  1. Among the on-screen menu items, moving the pointer to the volume control button, select Normal Boot . The choice confirms the power key pressing for 10-30 seconds until the screen is turned off.
  2. Find and click on the device case the RESET button.
  3. Extract a battery from the gadget. If the design provides a non-removable battery or disassembly of the smartphone is complex and requires professional skills, it is recommended to wait for natural discharge.

Removing a battery from the phone

Developers and service engineers to normalize work use the FastBoot and ADB terminal computer application. This is the debug bridge of the Android platform and the component of the Android SDK development media complex. Programmers do not consider this option optimal and use simpler methods.

Recovery FastBoot Normal: What to choose

Suscommmising quick download errors, you should contact the service. An attempt to independently debug the work can double the problem and to hardware malfunctions, the user risks add a program crash.

Allow the situation is able to reset the system settings to the factory level through the Recovery mode menu. Hard Reset is effective only provided that the device is turned on and responds to commands and clicks.

Reset phone to factory settings via Recovery

Complete the FastBoot Mode shell action using Recovery is possible if:

  1. Remove the memory card from the mobile device.
  2. Enable a gadget to the network or use an external battery and charge up to 30%. Since there is no indication, then determine the charge level will help the charging time.
  3. Turn on your smartphone, click and not release the key combination (increasing the volume + incl. Or "home"). In models where this combination is inactive, other combinations are used, which are specified in the instructions for the device.

Go to Reboot to Bootloader mode for Android

  1. In the menu that appears, select a function WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET . In the menu section, the Selection is confirmed by the power button, the navigation use the volume control key.

Main menu Reboot to Blootloader


Based on the cause of spontaneous activation of the debugging protocol, there are several ways to exit FastBoot. The key step is to restart the mobile device.

After selecting the restart system, you must define the appropriate mode:

  1. Recovery Mode. - The Android platform debugging process by resetting the settings and rollback OS settings to factory settings.

Android Castle in Recovery Mode mode

  1. FastBoot Mode. - A package of accelerated loading of the smartphone system.

Download Android in FastBoot Mode mode

  1. Normal Boot - Standard approach to the launch of the device. Used as an output from the FastBoot mode.

Download mode Android in Normal Boot

If the system fooled and the user saw the message "SELECT BOOT MODE" on the tablet, the only thing to do - use the system to reset the system information.

FastBoot Mode - Quick Device Download mode, Android acts as the operating system. The debug protocol is used to restore the performance of the gadget, as well as flashing memory and reset data up to the status of the factory settings.

FastBoot mode on the Android phone - why do you need how to enter / go out

Some users of the Android operating system are sometimes encountered with the "FastBoot Mode" notification after another reboot of the smartphone. The most unpleasant thing is that it is not easy to deactivate the mode, and if the device is simply turned off and turn on, there will be no positive result. Let's figure it out, FastBoot Mode what it is for Android, for what is needed and how to correctly leave this "shell".

Menu Fastbut

What is Fastbut on Android?

We are dealing with a very effective tool that has previously been part of the SDK (component package for developers). The main purpose of the instrument is to "reflash" the internal memory of the gadget in order to restore the factory parameters and delete all the "extra" data. By its functionality, FastBoot is largely similar to the more well-known recovery mode.

In addition, fastboot allows you to install updates (both official and custom), which are not possible when the operating system is loaded.

It is worth noting that the specified mode is not part of Android, and is located directly in the memory chip. This makes it possible to launch the development environment even when Android 5.1 is damaged. In this, there is a basic advantage - commands are performed on a low level, direct interaction with hardware modules occurs, bypassing the "Ourser".

Such functionality is not integrated into all devices, and is not supported by all smartphones or tablets.

What does FastBoot Mode mean on android?

We have a little dealt with the essence of the concept, but also worth understanding why users are moving to the specified mode after restarting the phone. Here are the main reasons:

  • The most banal and common is a random simultaneous pressing of the inclusion button and the volume control key (sound-) when the device is disabled. You may simply wanted to run smart, but accidentally pressed the sound reduction button - so the fastbut activation occurred;
  • There was not a very successful attempt to update the software (flash meizu, Xiaomi Redmi, etc.);
  • You wanted to get root rights using third-party software (through connection to a computer), then instead of root after restarting FastBoot Mode loaded;
  • There was a serious failure in Android 6.0.

How to use the "quick download" mode

Next, we will look at the way out, but it does not hurt to learn and the subtleties of operation. What if it would come in handy?

  • First you need to connect a PC and a smartphone via USB cord;
  • FastBoot Mode is activated on the mobile gadget. This option may be "hidden" in the screen settings or in the section "Special Features":

Android special features settings

  • Now you need to download and install the FastBoottool utility on the laptop (choose the latest version from the list on the official site );
  • We open the software and in the case of the correct execution of the previous steps in the main window of the software, your tablet model will be indicated;
  • Now you can perform various actions in the usual mode with the device. But I recommend carefully read the topic on the 4pda forum, specifically for your phone model (Asus, Lenovo, Huawei, ZTE, etc.).

FastBoot Mode on Android - How to Exit?

So, you were in fastbut mode, but how to return to normal operation of the device - do not know. Here is a short instruction that should help:

  • Try heading the POWER key to 30. In most cases, the gadget goes out, does not give signs of activity, and then suddenly starts and everything is fine. The main thing to wait and not remove the finger with the buttons;
  • If the first method did not work, remove the battery (lucky if it is removable), put it aside for 5-10 seconds. Then return to the place, close the case cover and hold the power button at least 20 seconds;
  • In the case of failure, connect the smartphone to the computer, after downloading the driver for your phone model. Make it can be done link On the right to see the red form "Download Android Driver", where you choose the manufacturer from the list, etc. Then on the PC, you should open the console window (command line) using Any method known to you , and register the team:

FastBoot Reboot

A forced restart of the tablet must occur, and the subsequent load will take longer than usual.

If the operation goes successfully, I recommend it to immediately find the item in the settings that is responsible for activating the mode (in the screen parameters or the special features menu) and deactivate it. Just in case!

How to exit FastBoot Mode - Video

I tried to clarify in detail, FastBoot Mode what it is for Android, why apply how to disable and exit the mode. Alas, some cases are individual. Therefore, if you have any problems, I will ask you to inform me in the comments.

In the hands of the owner, the smartphone is responsive and obedient, but it is worth it to get into the children's handbooks or an inexperienced user, as something necessarily happens. Just pressing "not there" - and that instead of the desktop, the screensaver "FastBoot" is banging, which is not so easy to remove. What is FastBoot Mode mode on android, why do you need, how to enter it and go out?

FastBoot Mode.

What is FastBoot Mode on Android

FastBoot (Fast Download) - This is one of the android device launch modes, which is designed for firmware, restore the system, erasing data and other service operations with a mobile gadget. The program code that is responsible for the functions of this mode is stored in a separate protected area of ​​memory and does not depend on the performance of the Android system.

As a work tool FastBoot Mode, something resembles the Windows XP Recovery Console, which experienced users and system administrators used to solve problems with the start of the OS. They entered certain commands to the console, after which changes occurred in the operating system.

Approximately the FastBoot functions - it performs user commands that lead to one or another changes in the Android system. Only manage this console is not through the "experimental" gadget buttons, and using a special application on the computer to which this gadget is connected.

Why the smartphone or tablet booted to fastboot

Fastbut is definitely useful as a means of recovery and fine configuration of mobile devices, however, for an inexperienced user, the appearance on the screen of its screensaver means that something is wrong with the device. Sometimes it really is, but most often the problem is solved simply.

Start FastBoot Flash Mode Secure

So, Loading the device in FastBoot Mode occurs in the following cases:

  • When the device starts, the key combination is pressed to enter this mode.
  • When downloading Android, spontaneous errors have occurred.
  • The operating system is damaged or absent.
  • Damaged storage, RAM or other hardware components of the device.

For reference, we give Combinations of the transition keys to fast launch mode On smartphones and tablets of different brands. Before this, the device must be turned off:

  • Xiaomi, Meizu, Huawei, Lenovo, Nexus : Reduced volume and inclusion.
  • Asus: Increase volume and inclusion.
  • Sony: Increasing the volume when the smartphone is connected to the USB port of the computer.
  • Motorola. : Increase + decrease in volume + inclusion. On separate models - a decrease in volume and inclusion.
  • HTC, LG: Increase or decrease the volume + switching on (depending on the model).

Combination of the transition to fast launch mode

If your device is not in this list, perhaps the fastbut mode on it is not implemented.

How to exit FastBoot Mode

Simple solutions

Random transition to fast start mode and spontaneous system errors are the easier tasks that you can not say about the rest. To exit fastboot, it is enough to restart or turn off the device. If everything is in order with the loader and operating system, with the subsequent inclusion, the device will start as if nothing has happened.

How to restart or turn off the device that is loaded into FastBoot (some methods work not on all devices):

  • Select "NORMAL MODE" (if any), moving through the FastBoot mode menu using the Volume Control buttons. To confirm the selection, press the power key.
  • Press and hold the power key of 10-30 seconds before shutting down the screen.
  • Press the reset reset button on the hardware case. To find out where this button is located, you can from the user manual or on the inscription on the case, as in the image below. Button Reset.
  • Log in removing the battery from the machine. If the battery is fixed or the device too complicated in the disassembly, wait for a natural discharge.

Experienced users, developers and service engineers are sometimes used for similar ADB tasks (Android debug bridge from the Android SDK Development Tools Set) and a FastBoot Computer Application, but for a non-specialist, this is not the most suitable option, moreover, no advantages over simpler.

What to do in difficult cases

If after restarting the device booted again to FastBoot Mode, then you probably have a fault. If the failure arose immediately after the smartphone tried to reflash, update, get the rights of the superuser (root) and so on, the reason is obvious. In some cases, the problem can be eliminated by its own by canceling the operation (if possible) or repeating it strictly according to the instructions.

Unfortunately, there are no universal ways to restore android gadgets, "okripped" after such interventions, therefore, it will be necessary to look for the instructions independently, the benefit of information on this topic is plenty. However, you should not test all that you find on your device - it can aggravate breakdown. It is correct and safer to be guided by materials from the websites of manufacturers of gadgets and professional communities.

SAMSUNG instruction on firmware update

An unexpected telephone transition to FastBoot mode after normal operation is a consequence of both software and hardware failures. Determine the eye which type of malfunction takes place in your case, is most often impossible. One can only make an assumption of indirect features.

So, The problem is rather software , if a:

  • Shortly before it occurs on the device there were errors of the application launch, the on-screen buttons were not pressed, advertising opened spontaneously, the antivirus stopped working, etc.
  • The user installed on the device with ROOT rights an application that makes changes to system files and settings.
  • An operating system update was installed.

That The problem is more hardware indicates the following:

  • She was preceded by a drop in the device from a height.
  • Previously, dead hangs arose (before restarting the device), self-disclosure, reboot.
  • Before that, there was a "loss" of part of the functions, for example, the unrecognition of connected devices - SIM cards, memory cards, headphones and other things. Provided that these devices are normally determined by other gadgets.
  • On the device is loosened (partially broken) Charging socket.

phone charging socket

If I suspect a malfunction of iron, it is not necessary to take anything other than contacting the service, since attempts to do something that will be discussed further can add software to the hardware failure. Accordingly, the price for subsequent repair will double or triple.

Perhaps the only thing you can help yourself during a software problem is to make the Hard Reset - reset the Android system to the factory settings through the Recovery menu. But it will work only under one condition - if the phone responds to pressing the buttons.

So, How to output mobile device from FastBoot Mode via Recovery:

  • Remove the memory card from the machine.
  • Charge the battery at least 30%. Determine the accurate charge level without indication will not be possible, so focus on time.
  • Turn off the device in one of the ways described above.
  • Press and hold the key combination to go to Recovery. Most often these are the volume and inclusion buttons, and on some models also "home" (on those where this button is physical). More often use other combinations. What exactly can be clarified in the instructions for the device.
  • When the menu appears about this species, as in the photo below, select the option "Wipe Data \ Factory Reset". To navigate the menu, use the Volume Control buttons, and to confirm the selection - the power button.

WIPE DATA Factory Reset

If everything goes well, after resetting the device will be restarted in a state, as it was at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, your personal files will not be left on it - this is the price that will have to pay for the opportunity to enjoy the gadget.

To access the system, most likely, you will have to enter the username and password of your Google account, so take care in advance about not to forget.

If Hard Reset turns out to be powerless - the phone will again boot into the FastBoot Mode, the last remedy is available at home - flashing. Either, again, appeal to the service, which will be more expensive, but more correct and more reliable.

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