Profession Animator: Who is this and what he does and his duties

The artist-universal is who the animator is. He is tireless, ingenious and cheerful, he knows how to show focuses, telling funny stories and invent entertainment - and all this for our good mood.

Average salary: 20000. rubles per month

An animator in the hotel conducts charging

An animator is a person who leads various festive and entertainment events and himself acts in them as an actor. His task is to support the joyful mood of the audience and participants.

History of profession

Profession Animator has long ago, in the course of its development, it has undergone changes. Already in antiquity, the owners of the innovations and Taverns thought that their guests would not be bored. For entertainment, they attracted singers, magicians, musicians, that is, they performed as a prototype of a modern animator.

Later, in the Middle Ages, with the courts of the highest nobility, it was customary to have jesters, which could sing, juggle, play on different musical instruments, tell the jokes, joke (often very acute and metro). For mass events (fairs, feces, felling) invited scrooches that most often worked as groups and had a wider program than jesters.

In the Soviet Union, the responsibilities of the animator were performed by experts who were called mass engagement machines. They attended the staff of Polanders, Culture Houses, Sanatoriums, Pioneer Camps, etc. During weddings or other massive celebrations with feasts, Tamada appeared in this role.

Description and Characteristics of the Profession

So, who is an animator and what he does. This is a specially hired actor who organizes all sorts of productions, contests, quizzes, shows depending on the audience. It can work alone or as part of a group of animators. He is engaged in that he does not give the gathered people to miss.

Several specializations of animators allocate depending on the venue of the event and the audience:

  1. Children's animators. This is a very extensive category. Some workers are able to captivate any age category of children, others specialize only on babies. As a rule, there are several exhaust programs for each age, the corresponding suits of cinema or cartoon characters, various animals are harvested. Such experts mainly work the other day of birth in the cafe and at home, in children's matinees. Often, animators entertain children in hospitals, helping them to recover.
  2. Corporate animators They work at the invitation of employers at informal collections of labor collectives: corporate parties, departures in nature. Here, the interactive format is very important to the other selection of games and contests, so that none of the participants remains aside.
  3. Animators in hotels - These are universal "fighters", which, if necessary, are engaged in different categories of visitors: women, children, teenagers or families. They are able to organize sports competitions, dance shows, all kinds of quests.

A separate group - employees of animation firms that participate in various advertising campaigns, promotions. Here you need to make your work on the requirements of the customer and the subject of the event.

Some animators work only on narrow topics: soap bubbles, acrobatics, fiery shows.

The main places of work of the animators:

  • agencies specializing in organizing holidays and weddings;
  • holiday homes and hotels (more often in resort zones);
  • Restaurants and clubs;
  • Large shopping centers with children's rooms;
  • Amusement parks.

Multi-core mass workers work like freelancers, taking orders from customers. They usually do not have powerful sound equipment and team, but a clown challenge for the child's birthday is still very popular.

Directions, specialty and educational institutions for the training profile

Inviting the animator, the client does not look at his diploma, because people are cheering - it's rather talent than skill. But for the proper organization of work, the actor must have specific skills. In universities, you can learn the specialty "Music and Theater Art", "acting art", "Circus Art", "Organization of work with young people" and "Social and cultural activities" are also suitable. In addition, the educational process in this direction is organized by various theater schools and colleges of culture, service and tourism.

Many prefer to study on the animator at short-term courses. Training on them can take from several days to several months.

There are an understanding who are such animators, learn to write scripts, work with a microphone, create new images, arrange and conduct holidays, to go out of difficult situations.

Choosing where to go to learn to get higher education in the field of acting art, it is worth paying attention to such universities as:

  1. Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts. Acting can be studied at the Theater Faculty.
  2. Baltic Federal University. Immanuel Kant. At the Institute of Recreation, Tourism and Physical Culture at the University, you can get a specialty in the field of management of socio-cultural activities.
  3. Omsk State University. FM Dostoevsky is preparing specialists at the Faculty of Culture and Arts.
  4. Belgorod State Institute of Arts and Culture. This university teach social and cultural work at the Faculty of Directors, acting art and choreography.
  5. The Arctic State Institute of Arts and Culture (Yakutsk) teaches students in the specialty "Stopping and producing cultural and leisure programs."

If we are talking about short-term courses, there are many of them in large cities. It is possible to name the capital school of the leading, Moscow school of animators, the school of animators of the family center of creativity "clover" and others.

Professional duties

Many duties of the holiday organizer depend on the contingent of participants, jobs and the nature of the event, but there is a certain list of tasks that any animator should be able to perform:

  • inventing or searching in different sources of quiz, games, competitions;
  • drawing up a scenario on their own or together with colleagues;
  • Selection of dance numbers and music tracks, their sequences;
  • Preparation and design of the site;
  • the ability to work with sound and light equipment;
  • Buying the necessary attributes (confetti, balloons), games for games, makeup, costumes.

Well, and most importantly is personal participation in all contests, communication with the contestants, the creation of mood of joy and fun.

Who fits

This type of activity is suitable for energetic and active people with creative abilities and vital optimism. From the animator requires such qualities:

  • acting skills and lack of scene fear;
  • Loud speech and good diction;
  • ability to communicate with people of different ages and social status;
  • attractive appearance;
  • creativity;
  • physical activity;
  • hardworking, endurance and dedication;
  • goodwill and friendliness;
  • Knowledge of current anecdotes, jokes, songs, dance, competitions, etc.

The positive parties of the profession can be attributed to:

  • Interesting work with the possibility of creative self-realization;
  • Development of acting skills and skills;
  • the ability to travel around the country or abroad (with knowledge of foreign languages);
  • Communication with a large number of different people and the opportunity to make useful dating.

Disadvantages also have. This is a low salary, especially at the initial stage of activity, permanent stay on the feet during the day. Conflicts with clients may also arise, especially if they are in a drunken state.


In the field of entertainment, it does not play a special role to level the education of the animator, first of all talent, originality, experience in this direction and performance are taken into account. Also, the level of salary depends on the establishment in which the artist is working (there is a significant difference between the provincial children's cafe and a solid hotel in a large city), and the number of orders.

On average, the animator earnings range ranges from 15 to 35 thousand rubles per month, it is mainly possible to earn 20-25 thousand rubles. In season, incomes increase, fall in the offseason.

How to build a career

Make a special career in this area is unlikely to succeed. Typically, animators work graduates of theatrical, musical or circus faculties of universities and dues. Few people remain in profession after 30 years, as it is physically tedious, in addition, an age gap appears with children and young people, which does not affect the number of orders.

Career growth include two directions:

  • Transition from self-search clients to work in staff Entertainment (trade) center or event-agency. But for this you need to make a reputation and prove your professionalism.
  • Seasonal work at foreign resorts. Ordinary directions - Turkey, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Egypt. The class animator is paid here well, also pay food, accommodation and insurance, and sometimes a flight. In addition, grateful customers can give good tips.

But over time, workers are looking for other, more appropriate work options: open their holiday agencies, go to work in the establishment of culture and arts.

Prospects for profession

Animator work is now relevant, so young actors instead of waiting for a small role in the theater, work out for themselves professional experience, communicating with the public directly. This is a good school of life that will give the necessary skills, useful contacts and harde the character, which is very useful in other activities.

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All about the profession Animator

All about the profession Animator

The atmosphere of any festive or entertainment event depends largely on the talent, experience and professionalism of invited animators. Representatives of this complex, but an interesting creative profession do not simply control the course of the event, but also take the most active part in its conduct. What features is the profession of an animator? What knowledge and skills should this specialist own?

Who is it?

Animator - a person professionally engaged in the organization and holding of public events in which he most often acts as a famous character. Usually, in the profession of animator, people who have developed creative and artistic abilities find their vocation.

In addition, people who received the appropriate education and having a certain experience of organizational and entertainment work with the audience (circus artists, theater actors, dancers, singers, musicians, cinema, dancers, singers, musicians, concertresters are often coming in this sphere.

Despite the fact that the animator is considered a "universal" artist capable of working and interacting with almost any audience, in this area of ​​activity, it is still possible to distinguish profile directions. So, Based on the characteristics of the target audience, as well as the features of the planned event, the specialists of such profiles can be distinguished in the described area of ​​activity as:

  • Corporate Animator - an artist specializing in entertainment and festive events for an adult audience;
  • children animator - artist specializing in festive events for children of preschool, junior and older school age;
  • Hotel Animator - an artist specializing in entertainment events for hotel guests (hotel complex, sanatorium, preteracting);
  • Animator-promoter - Artist specializing in mainly promotional activities (for example, marketing campaigns aimed at promoting brand, product or service).

In some cases, the animator can work with the leading festive event, in others - on their own, thirdly - together with creative teams (musicians, magicians, acrobats, dancers, mimes). The mandatory attribute of the animator is a bright stage costume, reincarnating it in a certain character - a cartoon, literary, cinematic, historical.

Official duties

The list of job duties Animator is developed and approved by the leadership of a particular organization (cultural and entertainment center, hotel complex, event agency). In most cases, the provisions presented in a single qualification directory of posts are used in drawing up the job instructions.

According to this source, the main employment functions of the animator include:

  • organization and conduct of cultural and entertainment activities;
  • development of entertainment program scenarios, festive events, competitions, competitions;
  • organization and rehearsal;
  • control over the compliance with the schedule of rehearsals and speeches;
  • Selection and preparation of details, accessories, costumes and scenery for an animator representation.

The ability to reincarnate and improvise distinguishes professional animator from the amateur. A professional makes his character alive, bright and emotional, forcing all those present at the festival to believe in its realism. Such professional skills, according to experienced animators, are formed and improved for many years of work in this field of activity.

At the same time, the formation and improvement of professional animator skills is carried out much faster in the case when a person from nature has creative abilities, outstanding thinking, artistry and communicability. Such adhesives in the field of animators are considered very important.

Knowledge and skills

The work by the animator requires not only a huge hardworking and skill, but also specific knowledge. So, A person engaged in this area should have deep knowledge in areas such as:

  • acting skills;
  • choreography;
  • oratory;
  • psychology;
  • conflictology;
  • pedagogy;
  • ethics of communication (speech etiquette);
  • Fire safety technique.

It should be noted that the animator must necessarily need to be immaculately know the history of its characters, their features, dignity and disadvantages. Such specific knowledge will be allowed in the future not only easy to build into a given image, but also to improvise, going beyond the script in unforeseen situations.

Moreover, Representatives of recruiting agencies consider it extremely desirable for the animator of a series of skills:

  • ability to work with lighting equipment;
  • the ability to work with musical instruments;
  • the ability to work with portable computer equipment and information carriers;
  • Skills of working with photo and video equipment.

Among other skills that can be useful to the animator in the work, it is worth noting such as:

  • drawing skills;
  • the ability to sing and move beautifully;
  • possession of musical instruments (guitar, lip harmonic, balalaica, ratchet);
  • the ability to work with the scenic props (balloons, ribbons, lanterns);
  • Professional make-up skills (aquagrim).

Experienced animators believe that success in this difficult area of ​​activity depends on personal qualities. Success and professional growth on this field can only be achieved by a sociable, friendly and positive person who is not shyless to embody the most unexpected creative ideas.

At the same time, the profession of the animator requires patience, hard work and dedication, the ability to plan, analyze and monitor workflows. Among other requirements for animators, it is also worth noting such as:

  • high reaction rate;
  • self-control and self-discipline;
  • high level of self-organization;
  • a responsibility;
  • confidence;
  • stress tolerance;
  • the ability to improvisation in unforeseen circumstances;
  • rich imagination;
  • Feeling humor and good visual memory.


To become an animator, it is enough to get a higher or secondary vocational education (humanitarian, pedagogical, theatrical). The average duration of training in high school or Dusza may vary from 2 to 5 years. The list of objects that should be submitted when entering a higher or secondary special educational institution is standard and most often includes such disciplines:

  • Russian language;
  • literature;
  • Mathematics (history, social studies - for humanitarian specialties).

The exact list of objects depends on the specialty and requirements of the educational institution, which plans to receive an applicant. Upon admission to the theater or circus school, you will additionally need to pass the exam in physical culture. Receive profile education in the specialty "Animator" (organizer of festive and entertainment events) in special private schools and training centers. In addition to basic training, such organizations offer passage of advanced training courses for animators who want to improve their professional level.

Learn the profession of an animator or to increase the current qualifications in these organizations can be within 1.5-3 months. During this time, students' listeners acquire the skills of working with a stage requisite, aquagrimic, technical equipment.

Training is carried out only on a fee basis.

Workplace and salary

Animators - exit artists who can work with an extensive audience in almost any conditions. Typically, the mobile workstation of the animator is represented by a small portable scene (podium) equipped with lighting devices and auxiliary equipment kit.

One of the essential drawbacks of this profession is considered to be unstable earnings. In most cases, the periods of "idle" in the working chart of the animator are found at the very beginning of his creative career. In experienced animators who won love and confidence in the public, the work schedule is usually painted a few months ahead.

In this profession there is an hourly payment of work. The more experienced an animator, respectively, its rate is more expensive. So, in Moscow, representatives of this profession earn in 1 hour from 1.5 to 7 thousand rubles. In St. Petersburg, the average rates for watchmaking Animator vary from 1 to 3 thousand rubles. The greatest income receive animators working without intermediaries and offering their services to the customer directly.

Several otherwise looks like a payment system for specialists enshrined in agencies and leisure centers. In this case, the income of the animators is equal to their monthly salary established by the organization's manual. Capital Event agencies pay regular animators from 40 to 50 thousand rubles per month.

The highest earnings receive animators protruding abroad. Thus, many large hotels in Turkey, the United Arab Emirates, China enclose work contracts with professional animators who have a foreign language (English, Chinese).

The average salary of a specialist in this case may vary from 1.5 to 2 thousand US dollars per month.

The main task of such a person is to merry and entertain people, providing them with the mood. These people work in the public, which may be the most different - from kids to pensioners. They need to be able to hold holidays, various events. These massacres are capable of working in various entertainment facilities or on the street. Let's get acquainted in more detail with the profession an animator who is this and what does he do?

Such a person must be an artist, an actor, an athlete and clown at the same time. In other words, he must possess different abilities who have a showman. This specialty is suitable for communicable and artistic people, as it is completely directed to work with the public and interact with it. This lesson can be used as a part-time job for students who learn in theatrical universities. Animator can be a toamad at a wedding or corporate party engaged in the party and organizing a party.

Features Profession Animator

Abroad, the animators are in great demand, and we have this type of activity begins to develop. Today there are more agencies that provide the opportunity to conduct various activities with professional animators. Often such people are invited to children's or adult holidays along with famous artists.

The main responsibilities of the animator:

  • script development;
  • establishing contact with the audience;
  • performance of songs and dances;
  • Maintain order.

Since each animator works with the public, he needs to be able to quickly navigate, and also competently respond to questions or jokes of the audience.

Some viewers can put an animators in an unpleasant position, and therefore he needs to be able to get out of situations in order not to lose his face.

If a person has to work with small spectators, he needs to know that at any time it will be necessary to calm the children, having pleased them something that will change their bad mood.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Profession Animator

Among the advantages can be allocated:

  • Communication with people from different layers of society;
  • Especially useful dating;
  • The specialty refers to the category of creative;
  • the ability to reveal;
  • You can visit various countries and cities.


  • huge pressure;
  • It is necessary to post emotionally;
  • small salary;
  • The possibility of conflicts with the audience.

Who can become an animator

Animator who is it? If a person ask such a question, then in response to him immediately in the imagination will be introduced by a cheerful clown, which gives people a good mood. Because those who want their lives to tie with this profession, it is necessary to always be in good mood, have stamina, not to be irritable, and also be ready to work at any time of the day and night, despite fatigue.

Therefore, besides sociability and artistry, it is necessary to be well ready physically. Creative thinking is important, since the animators often come up with the scenarios themselves and do not work according to plan.

In order to become an animator, it is not necessary to study in college. If you wish, you can finish special courses. Frequently animators work students of universities of theatrical faculties who need practice.

Work of a specialist

Animators can work in different spheres, including:

  • sanatorium;
  • Pubs;
  • clubs;
  • parks;
  • Amusement and so on.

These people can attract corporate events and weddings, holidays and other events. The average salary of the animator is about 10,000 rubles, but in the presence of great experience, as well as popularity, a person can earn several times more.

An animator may continue to change his profile and act as an organizer and leading famous big concerts than to receive well-deserved popularity.

If you decide to associate your life with this profession, then you need to know that such people will always be in demand if they have good recommendations. It's important to know When working in this direction can be caused at any time even in another country or city, so you need to be prepared for such turning events. And of course an animator should always be in a good mood.

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Displayer: Do not read this article if you believe in Santa Claus! It expresses the view that an animator is hidden behind each Santa Claus.

Probably, you already understood that today it will be discussed about the profession of an animator. And also, probably, also guess that this direction is not limited to one working day in the year and the way of Santa Claus. So let's understand!

The holiday comes to us
The holiday comes to us

Who is an animator and what does he do?

Usually an animator is called a person who entertains people at various events. He suits contests, shows, shows tricks, jokes and does everything to not give present to bother.

The main duties of the animator are usually attributed:

  • Participation on holidays, events, productions as leading or actor
  • Conducting thematic games with children and adults
  • Writing scenarios of quests, games and competitions

Where does the animator work?

There are 2 main ways of employment Animator:

  • 1) Alone
  • 2) through Event agencies, wedding agencies, children's organizations, travel companies and hotels located in resort areas (often - abroad)

In this case, the animator itself performs all the work, starting with the search for customers and ending the event. The place of work here may vary depending on the client.

With this situation, the place will also depend on the selected direction of work.

What is the graph at the animator?

Obviously, the animator schedule will differ much from the usual 5-day work week. After all, animators most often work when others relax, that is, in the evening on weekdays or on weekends. But if you are interested in working in hotels, you should be ready for work almost the clock day.

Who will suit the work by the animator?

The profession of the animator will definitely suit sociable, merry people with the acting talent. By the way, youth, most likely, will be only a plus in this profession.

What is needed for the animator?

Often, the profession of an animator does not require special education. Although, of course, people with acting or pedagogical formations perform the functions of the animator will be much easier. What is accurately useful in this profession is artistry, vocal and choreographic skills, sociability, the ability to stay in public, cheerfulness and activity. Such skills as knowledge of aquagrim, modeling balloons, the presence of own scenarios and costumes, experience in the field of entertainment will help you find a job faster.

How much does an animator earn?

Of course, the wage of the animator depends on the region, graphics, companies and other circumstances. But the average salary in Russia is from 20,000 to 45,000 rubles per month. It is worth remembering that the demand for this profession is characterized by seasonality, due to which, for example, in the summer, animators work and get more; And sometimes in one event you can receive an amount equal to a monthly salary.

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