How to block a person in VC (3 ways)

Vkontakte, as in real life, you can meet different people, good and bad. But, unlike reality, in a social network with bad people, you can easily stop contacting, just closing them with access to your profile. I will tell you in detail how to block a person in VK.

Method number 1: If a person is in friends

Friends blocked unpleasant, but sometimes it is necessary. Moreover, in social networks most often friends is just a name that includes enemies, and former, and just random acquaintances.

So, if someone from this list is tired of your annoying messages, you can block its profile. You can do this in two ways - with the complaint of the administration or without it.

For example, if spam goes from the friend's page, you can block it, previously complained to the VK administration. To do this, follow the following procedure.

Step number 1 . Go to the page of the person you want to block.

Step number 2. . Under its avatar, click on the icon with the image of three points. Then select "Complain to the page".

Report page
Complain to the page of the person you want to block.

Step number 3. . Check "Close Access to My Page" checkbox. Click on the "Submit" button.

The reason for blocking a person in VK
The cause of the blocking can not be indicated.

Please note that in this case, even if the owner of the page returns it to himself, he will not be able to write you and view information on your page.

Without a complaint about a person

Step number 1 . If you want to block a person without a complaint, click on the tick in the upper left corner of the page and select "Settings".

Settings in Vosche.
Go to the settings of your page.

Step number 2. . Select the Black List in the right menu. There are all people blocked here. Click the "Add Blacklist" button. If you do not work on the specified page, follow the link

Blacklist in VK
Add a man blacklist.

Step number 3. . Enter the link to the page. It can be copied by going to the profile of a person who are planning to put in the blacklist.

Add a man blacklisted
Enter the name, surname or link to the person you want to block.
Link profile
Copy the human profile link.

Thus, you can block any person, not only a friend. But for strangers there is a simpler way.

Method number 2: If a person is not friends

Step number 1 . For a quick blocking of a person, which is not in your friends, go to his page.

Step number 2. . Under avatar, press three points, and then on the button "Block". Everything, now this person will not be able to write you messages and view information on your page.

Block the user in VKontakte
Block a person.

Method number 3: how to block a person in the VK group

Step number 1 . Go to the group.

Step number 2. . Click the Management button on the right side of the screen.

Management group in VK
Go to the management of your group.

Step number 3. . Select "Participants".

Subscribers group VK
Members of the group.

Step number 4. . Select the Blacklist item and click on the "Add Blacklist" button.

Block the subscriber in the VK group
Add subscriber to blacklist

Step number 5. . Select a person from the list and click the "Block" button next to its nickname. You can use the search by the group participants by entering the first letters of the name or surname. In case of indefinite lock, the user will lose access to the group and will no longer be among its participants.

List of subscribers for blocking
Choose a person to block it in the group.

As you can see, block a person, having deprived it with access to your profile or the VK community is very simple. At the same time, you always have the opportunity to change your mind and unlock it by pressing only one button.

How to block a person vkontakte

Hello everyone! Today I will tell you about how to block a person in the VC on a personal page or in the community from a mobile phone or computer. I will show how to use a black list and how to unlock people who have fallen there.

Is it possible to block a person in vkontakte

Social networks are an integral attribute in the modern life of every person. Alas, very often there is that in our personal space, people who we did not wait at all: all sorts of bots, fakes, just annoying personality. And to improve the lives of your users, VKontakte developers added special chips - black list and privacy settings.

For what they may need:

  • I want to block another, unpleasant person account;
  • There is a need to hide some personal information from a certain person, groups of persons;
  • Punish the intruder, which "spample" or advertises something in messages on the wall or in the community;
  • Just get rid of fakes;
  • As a punishment to show the band members, what can not be done.

Well, now let's deal with how to check and block a person or subscriber account on the page or in the VC group.

Privacy settings

As I said above, the developers of VKontakte allowed the owners of the pages to protect themselves from the invasion of random or even unwanted personalities. To do this, do the following:

  • Go to the personal page of VKontakte.
  • Find in the upper right corner the button with the name and avatar, to bring to it and in the drop-down menu select "Settings";


  • Choose the section "Privacy".


These section has several subsections:

  1. My page. Allows you to hide personal information, including a list of friends;
  2. Entries on the page. Makes it possible to prohibit post comments and entries.
  3. Communication with me. This subsection will allow you to configure the ability to write messages to unauthorized people, invite you to groups and so on.
  4. Stories. Allows you to hide Storsis.
  5. Other. The remaining settings that have not entered the subsections.

Each item settings contains several options.

Page privacy options

  1. All users. Any user who is registered on the social network VKontakte can browse this section on your page.
  2. Only friends. The block will be hidden from everyone except the list of friends.
  3. Friends and friends of friends. Information will be available not only for friends, but also for those who are in their Friend List;
  4. No one. The unit will be unavailable.
  5. All except. You can specify those people who will be unavailable.
  6. Some friends. Then, on the contrary, you can specify a list of those people who will be hidden from other information.

As you can see, the settings are more than flexible.

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How to forever block another person's page from a computer

So, if all the same privacy settings for some reason you have not saved you, you can add akin to the black list and leave it almost on always. For this there are two options for solving the problem.

We are blacklisted through the settings

You will need a link to a person whose account you want to block. Then, go to "Settings" and click on the Black List.

Blacklist in settings

You will have a list of all who ever sent to emergencies, i.e. blocked people. To add a new profile here, click "Add".

We open the blacklist in the settings and add a new page.

A window will open in which you can choose a person from friends or subscribers, as well as insert a link on the one who is not signed on you, but who really want to limit access: a spammer or simply feed fake.

Add to emergency

Choosing, click "Block" and everything is ready. This person will no longer be able to go to your profile.

Add to user from user pages

The second way to block the account to another person in VKontakte from the computer is that it is necessary to go to the page and to find "block" under the avatar. After you choose this item, the user will automatically move to the blacklist.

add to user from user pages

Well, that sees the person who was blocked in VK.

what does the profile look like that you blocked

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How to quickly block another person from the phone

Through the phone, everything is much easier and faster than a PC. By the way, the method is equally effective for both iPhones and smartphones on android.

To block mobile you need:

  • Go to the Friends tab;

Go to Friends

  • Go to a person's profile, which you want to cover and open an additional menu;

Go to a person's profile, which you want to cover

  • Press the "Block" button.

Press the button "Block


Block the subscriber account in the VKontakte group or community

I think many of the owners of the communities are interesting how to quickly block the page of another person so that he no longer cause any inconvenience. And creators of social. Networks about this naturally took care.

It is important to remember that only Admins have the opportunity to block the subscriber:

  1. Creator;
  2. Administrator;
  3. Moderator;
  4. Editor;

That is, the usual participants this chip is not available.

So, the easiest way to restore order is to delete comments. After removing more than three comments in a short period of time, you will have a message in which you will be offered to block the participant who has been offered for a certain period.

Lock in group

This is a good opportunity to clean spam, mat and other obsolences and pass to "punish" the guessed. If it does not suit you, there is always the second method. It is an order of magnitude faster and in some way easier. To do this, go to "Management":


Then - "Participants" and in the open menu - "Black List". We click "Add", looking for a rowdy in the list that appears and send it on vacation. Perhaps even a permanent.

Emergencies in the group

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How to unlock

First, let's see how to unlock a person on the personal page of Vkontakte, and then you will get acquainted with public. I'll say right away, this happens by the same principle as blocking. Those. It is necessary to go to emergencies in which all blocked people are located, choose who you need to return and remove it from the list.

How to unlock a person

After entering the blacklist after a certain period of time, the person is automatically removed from friends and subscribers. Do not forget about it!

Well, now the same is only for a group or community. Go to "Management" - "Participants" - "emergency" and throw out from the list of all who have already won their term.

get out of the emergency

If you click the gear, you can adjust the locking period, as well as a message that the locked user will receive.


Now and you know how to block a person in VC or how to return it back. An even account, such as the fact that the black list is an excellent opportunity to control the negative behavior in the group or protect yourself from those with whom there is no desire to communicate. Use it correctly and do not waste your nerves on fools!

That's all. Subscribe, Comment and see you in the following articles! Bye Bye!

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Almost every social network of VKontakte came across the situation when he needed to block a person in any community or on a personal page.

Today we will talk about the ways of such locking.

How to block a person vkontakte

The reasons that cause a desire to block a person in the social network can be different, for example:

  • You decided to punish a spammer, a person who spreads spam in the ribbon or communities, groups
  • The person is just unpleasant to you and you do not want to see his messages, posts, and do not want His presence in the network to come across your eyes.
  • You want to close your personal information from the eye of some people or communities.

Therefore, indeed, you can block a person in contact, and for this service VKontakte created features such as, privacy settings and a black list.

What is black list

Blacklist VKontakte is such a section where all unwanted personals are sent, it doesn't matter whether they are your "friends" or not you want to close access to your page. This list is also called a stop list.

Once in a blacklist, a person can no longer be able to view your posts, write comments or personal messages. He will not be able to apply for friends or subscribers. And even if he sees your comment under the post in some kind of group, it will not be able to write a response message.

How to put a person blacklist

To put a person in the blacklist, you need to go to the settings of your page and select the Blacklist tab there.

How to block a person vkontakte

And then you need to click on the button "Add to the Blacklist" and in the drop-down window using the search string to find the user you want to send to the stop list.

How to block a person vkontakte

Then, to the right on behalf of this person, you need to click on the button "Block". That's all! This person will never distort you with his presence in VKontakte. In any case, as long as you unlock it, rather - do not delete from a black list.

Restricting access to your data settings

If you want to save yourself from the need to make strangers blacklisted people, then use privacy settings. These settings will allow you to determine who can browse your page and write to private messages, and who is not.

To select privacy parameters, it is also necessary to go to the personal page settings, then in the "Privacy" section and select all the necessary values.

How to block a person vkontakte

How to block a subscriber account in a group or community VKontakte

If a user appeared in your group that behaves without adhering to the rules of your community: insults the participants, places spam or negative content, then you can also block it, i.e. To be blacklisted.

Go to the group that belongs to you or which you manage to administrator rights, on the right column, select "Control"

How to block a person vkontakte

Next, click on the "Participants" tab

How to block a person vkontakte

In the list that opens, find the "Black List" tab, and then do it all the same as described above - find the desired user and block it.

How to block a person vkontakte

If then you want to unlock the participant and allow it to be further in your group, then for this you need to go to the "Black List" section and click on the "Delete from the list"

--- Subscribe to the channel, put like, share in social networks

Vkontakte makes it possible to put a person in a blacklist (emergency). The user will no longer see your profile in the search for VK, will not be able to send a message, see the profile information. But he will still be able to contact a group or man on the wall. Will be answered there, but you will not see notifications about it.

How to add to the blacklist?

Method 1.

Go to " Settings ", Tab" Black list ".

how to block a person in contact

On the following text page: "You can add any person to can't watch your page, as well as leave comments on your materials and send private messages."

You can enter a name, the surname of the person for entering the blacklist, but more convenient to insert the profile link in the field.

Black list of VKontakte

Rate the difference, enter the name in the field, for example, Pavel Durov, click " Add to Black List ":

Search for people for blacklistReinforce the search result where you need to click " Block ".

Block a person in VKThe person added in emergency sees the questionnaire such:

There is no wall, nor the ability to add to friends, write messages, see photo / video, etc. Those. nothing! Just complain, add to the bookmarks, put in ignore in response.

Method 2.

Go to the man's page, go below the avatar to the level of audio records, click Around:

If a person is in friends, the function will be absent. Bring a man in way 1. .

How to block a person in the group

A person who has been blacklisted can communicate with you on the wall of another user, the group's wall. The ban does not apply to groups, communities, other people's walls and commenting from other photos / video. You can ignore a person, and in the case of offensive messages complain to the support service. Mouse over to the cross to the right of the message, click:

How to block a person vkontakte via phone

In some there are difficulties to use applications, mobile version, consider difficulties.

In Appendix Vkontakte

Go to the person's page, press the three vertical points to the right above, in the menu that opens select the item:

how to block a person from the phone

Without a difference, a person in friends or not, in this place there is a necessary function.

In the mobile version of VKontakte

In the mobile version, the function is located on the user page. Go to it, go down, click " Still ":

In the open menu, click " Block ":

A person who is in friends instead has been proposed to remove from friends. Remove it, update the page and block a person.

Close access simply and quickly, but better enemy turn into a friend!

If you need Block a friend VKontakte You should use a special function. Now I will show you how it works.

Table of contents :

  1. What is it for
  2. How to block a friend in VK
  3. How to block a friend in VK from the phone
  4. Conclusion

What is it for

When you need to fully close access to your page, you can use privacy settings, or simply block your friend VKontakte (see how to add to the Blacklist VKontakte). After that, a person will not be able to browse your page, send private messages, and make other actions (see how to write a message in VK if access is limited).

This may be needed if the user is bored with suspicious or offensive actions on your page, writes inhabable comments and so on.

How to block a friend in VK

First of all, we must go to the page to the desired user. Now you scroll the page slightly lower. We need to reach the additional menu block. In it we find and press the link "Block the user" .

Link to blocking friend Vkontakte

Now our friend will be blocked. He will lose access to our page, and goes blacklist (see how to find out who added me in the blacklist of VKontakte).

Please note that we can also put it there through special settings. This is how it is done.

Block a friend in VK through a blacklist

This tool is available on the next way: "My settings - Blacklist" .

Black list

In order to add a person to this list, you need to write in the search bar the name, or specify a link to his page. Let's try on the example of the user who was blocked in the previous paragraph.

Here is the link to its page (see how to find out id vk): 

Just enter it in the appropriate field, and click the button. "Add to the blacklist" . It will be blocked, and you will see a notice.

Friend in black list

How to block a friend in VK from the phone

If you come in VKontakte from your mobile, then the procedure will change a bit. We go to your page through a mobile application (see Download Vkontakte to Windows 7), and go to a friend's page that you need to block. Now open the menu - in the upper right corner there will be a corresponding button. And in the menu that appears, click "Block" .

Block your friend contact via phone

The result will be similar.


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In independence, from how you decide to block a friend Vkontakte, it will completely lose access to your page anyway. Although you at any time, you can restore all opportunities for it. To do this, it is enough to delete it from a black list (see how to remove yourself from a black VKontakte list from a friend).


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The Black List feature is designed to protect the user from unwanted attention from other social network participants. With its activation, the unfair will be prohibited from sending letters, browse the page, comment on publications, etc. Consider in more detail how to block a friend in VC using a computer or a mobile device.

Adding blacklist

Recently, there is only one way to include an undesirable person in a blacklist. To perform the procedure through the computer you need:

  • Entry to the VKontakte website.
  • Press the reduced profile photo located in the upper right corner.
  • Select "Settings".
  • In the block on the right click on the line "Black List".
  • The page displays a list of participants already in the emergency. To add a new one to click the appropriate button at the top of the window.
  • Writes in the search bar name or insert a number account number (id).
  • Click "Block".

The successful performance of the action will announce the announcement on a green background.

Reference. In the application, this method does not work: in the settings it will only delete an account from the list.

Add a member of the social network in emergency through the official application will be as follows

  • Go to user profile.
  • Press the three vertical points located at the top right.
  • Tap on the block "Block" and confirm the action.
  • At the bottom of the page, a pop-up message will be displayed, notifying about adding to emergencies.

Sending a complaint

If the social network participant's profile clearly violates its rules (contains pornography, sending advertising messages, engaged in a deception, is a clone of your page, etc.), then such a function as a "complaint to the user" will help here.

To send a klyuz to the offender account follows:

  • Open user profile.
  • Press three points under the avatar.
  • Choose the cause of the complaint.
  • If desired, add your comment.
  • If necessary, put a tick on the line "Block access to my page" so that the person is added to the blacklist.
  • Press the "Send" button.

Attention! In order for the complaint to be taken seriously, and she had an action, the reason should be a weigh. Personal dislike is not a sufficient reason.

Groups for blocking

Special groups are popular in the social network, the purpose of which is the collective filing of a complaint to a separate user. The principle of operation of such communities is as follows: First you help to send as many complaints as possible by the user, then you act likewise, you send a blushing to another unfamiliar user.

In some cases, such a method is triggered, but often a person who has used their services itself becomes a target. In addition, the risk appears to freeze the page for the filing of unfounded applications. You can find such groups through the search by entering a request - "Exchange of complaints".

The presented recommendations will help add a unwanted friend to the blacklist, forbid him access to its page. If you go further, you can use both the official and not the official method designed to completely block a person's profile for violating the VKontakte rules.

IT specialist and advanced VC user. Registered in the social network in 2007.

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