Why the cat is a mustache

Mustache for cats, an unusually important attribute that performs not only a decorative role, but necessary for orientation in space. Almost all predators and other mammals as a result of evolutionary processes acquired such a kind of navigation system. The mustache makes it possible to feel enough cats to feel at night, do not stumble on items.

At least a mustache and are skin derivatives, such as coat cover, but are not haired. There is a suggestion that the ancient cats had a mustache before, rather than a thick coat appeared.

Tactile detectors, or as else they call the mustache at the cat, have a greater thickness than harslers of the coat. In complete darkness, when the vision of the animal does not give the opportunity to distinguish between objects, the mustache come to the rescue. Specific vibration emanating from the Usov allows you to obtain detailed information about the surrounding items or a potential enemy. Tactile detectors play an extraordinarily important role during a fight with relatives or in the process of prey hunting.

The mustache in cats and cats are located not only in the area of ​​the cheeks, according to many owners. They are located in the area of ​​eyebrows, chin and even on the front limbs. Victory tactic to line up during a fight by trapping the exact position of the body of a potential opponent.

How to be called mustache and why

How to be called mustache and why

The cat's mustache perform the most important role of the feeling of space, being peculiar detectors or receptors formed as a result of evolutionary processes. With the help of the Cat's mustache, even information about the change of atmospheric pressure is obtained, so most people will accept the behavior of domestic cats.

Cat's mustache is called scientific Vibris. There is a word from Latin - Vibro (vibrating, I hesitate). Vibrisas are a kind of organ of touch, allowing animals to navigate in complete darkness. As you know, the mustache is located not only on the face, but also present on the paws, allowing you to get the most detailed information about objects. The most sensitive vibraisas are located in the area of ​​the upper lip and chin, under the eyes.

According to its structure of Vibrisa, the normal thickness of the hair is much thicker. Each mustache has its own muscle fibers responsible for its movement. In addition, it is worth noting that Vibrisians do not fall independently during the seasonal molting process, and also formed in the intrauterine period earlier than coarse.

In addition, a nervous impulse is depulsy from each vibration in the region of the cortex of the brain. This makes it possible to mostly interpret the information received from the tactile detector. Each mustache in the cat is perfectly supplied with blood, and also has access to a trigeminal nerve.

Vibrisians have so high sensitivity that at the slightest air movement, give signals into the brain over the position of the body in space.

Features of the structure of the mustache in cats and cats

Vibrisians have a whole range of differences in anatomical plan from the coat. The base of the COTA at the cat is unusually rigid and long, but at the same time he has high elasticity. The follicle vibrasis is located in the upper layers of the skin, stuffing on the blood.

The root of the tactile detector is located directly in a special bag, surrounded by receptors and plenty of nerve endings. This allows you to capture even the most minor air movements.

Each vibrate has its own anatomically conditioned place. The cross-striped muscular fibers are responsible for the movement of the mustache.

The most interest is the interpretation system of the data obtained. Thus, the information obtained from vibribors in the form of nervous pulses goes along a triple nerve. Finding into the brain, it is processed, and the animal gets a picture of what is happening in several dimensions.

It was Vibrisians that are the first hair developing in the kittens located in the womb. Therefore, the cat is practically not possible to sneak unnoticed, even in the dark. The only way to catch the cat by surprise is the one in the case of which the enemy is suitable from the leeward area.

How many mustache in the cat are interested in many owners. This makes it possible to promptly notice the shortage of important tactile detectors and indicate possible problems. So, a healthy cat has only 24 vibrais on the face, 12 on each side in 4 rows.

What functions are performed by the mustache in cats and cats

What functions are performed by the mustache in cats and cats

Being from nature a predator, the cat should always be in excellent physical form. And one of the main criteria is a good alert system that allows you to receive information from the environment. Vibrisians make it possible to receive information from the victim, even not located in sight. The mustache allows you to control the potential victim and attack at the most suitable moment.

In addition, Vibrisians make it possible to determine the direction of the wind when performing a jump and adjust the trajectory if necessary. If the cat breaks the mustache, the orientation functions in space are changing.

They grow a mustache in cats after damage much slower than ordinary wool. It is also important to distinguish the fallen vibris from the broken one. So, if the Cota had a mustache, it is characterized by a rounded end, and with a broken Vibrisse, its tip has a pronounced layer.

The reasons why the cat breaks the mustache, there are many. These may be physiological causes, as well as pathological factors. Negatively affect the state of all wool and vibris, in particular, disorders in the catering of the cat. The acute shortage of vitamin and mineral complexes leads to fragility of wool and derivatives of the skin.

The cause of the fragileness of vibrates may be inflammation on the face as a result of injury and penetration of pathogenic bacterial microflora. Vibraisov breaks provoke and fungal pathologies affecting pet face. The attentive owner must timely note changes in a state of health and contact a veterinary specialist in suspected pathological process.

Why you can not cut the mustache

The mustache is needed by a cat, since they are an unusually important part of the navigation system. In case of damage to the vibrates in the cat, there are difficulties in an animal with orientation. If the cat is cutting the mustache, it may in the future first stumble on the items, and when jumping, coordination fails lead to drops and injuries. An animal can get stuck, trying to crawl into too narrow laz.

You can not cut the mustache cat yourself from curiosity. If the damage to the vibraisov occurred not the fault of the owner or households, it is recommended to keep a pet at home for a while. This will reduce the risks of obtaining dangerous injuries.

Cat razholders sometimes notice that the cat born herself sips to his kittens mustache. There is a suggestion that the mother does it for security purposes, tested excessive kids. When Vibribuses are growing, and it takes at least 2-3 months, the kittens are already pretty harming and are able to study the world around, without exposing the risks are injured in places where it was dangerous for completely helpless kids.

There are cat breeds without mustache. They are focused in space no worse than their relatives with luxurious vibrassami. This is due to the fact that in the process of the evolution of the mustache, such bald rocks of cats disappeared gradually, with atrophing of nerve fibers.

Mustache has its own existence. At a certain period, they wear out, losing natural elasticity and conductivity. Noticing that the pet had a mustache, the owner could panic. But in fact, the reason can be wounded in the simple wear of Vibribs, with a gradual replacement of them to new ones. The fallen mustache has a rounded end - thickening. While the broken or vebeed vibrassa is pointed.

It is important to closely monitor the condition of not only the coil and skin, but also for the state of vibribors pet. So, the cause of abundant falling out of the mustache and the formation can be both physiological causes and pathological. Various bacterial and fungal infections, as well as injuries, must be treated in a timely manner, not allowing complications.

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Cats are smart and graceful pets. They quickly learn and adapt to new conditions, do not need special care, differ in friendliness and tacty. Cats finely feel the mood of the owners and even know how to change it. Therefore, settling in the house of a person, they forever conquer his heart. The owner is ready to do a lot so that the cat is pleased with life. To maintain good health, pet needs at least in general terms to know its physiology. This information will help properly organize food and care for animals. Including it will be useful to figure out why the cat needs a mustache.

Features of feline musty

Cat mustache for scientific are called Vibribs. This concept happened from the Latin word "VIBRISSAE", which can be translated as "vibrating", "wriggle", "fluctuate." Indeed, the hairs of mustache are in constant motion and vibrate. According to its device, Vibribs resemble ordinary hair, but, in fact, are sense organs. They are also called "tactile hair". In comparison with conventional wool, they are much hard, thicker, longer and rooted deeper.

Hair animal

Tangible hair have deeper roots than ordinary

Building and location

The root of feline mustache is located in tissues with many nervous endings that are suitable directly to the vibrassa hair bag. For each mustache in the animal's brain, a special area is assigned. Therefore, any changes in the environment, whether the air fluctuations or the appearance and movement of some objects are directly transmitted to the brain and affect the behavior of the cat.

Cat Usa structure

Vibriss roots lead to nervous endings and blood vessels

The main mass of the mustache is on the animal's muzzle: from two sides of the nose of four horizontal rows, the average amount of mustache is 24 pieces. The length of the same vibrassa is approximately equal to 6-7 cm, but, depending on the rock and individual characteristics of the animal, this figure may vary both in the greater and in a smaller side.

The longest mustache, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records, had a cat's cat breed Missi from Finland - as many as 19 centimeters. For representatives of this breed, an outstanding mustache is characterized. As for conventional manless cats with long mustes, they were always considered the people of the best hunters on mice and rats.

Vibrisians are located not only on the cheeks of the cat, but also over the eyes, on the chin, and even on the paws and tail. These shorter mustache perform all the same tactile function. For example, Vibrisians on paw pads allow the animal to feel the vibration of the floor.

Paw cat

Between the pads on the pair of cats are also short vibrays

Mustache on the forehead, which people are mistakenly taken for eyebrows, help not only feel space, but also protect the most important organ of the animal.

Interestingly, the length of the mustache depends on the thickness of its owner - the thick cats of Vibribuses are always longer than thin.

What do Vibrisians need

Thus, the main vibrisses on the cheeks and additional in other places help the cat:

  1. Focus on the movements of air in space, including to evaluate the appearance and magnitude of the surrounding items, the distance to them, the correspondence of the parameters of the holes, in which you want to crawl, the size of your body. Especially good assistants must be in the dark when the vision sums up the animal. Cats see without light better than people, but still not good enough for a full-fledged hunting or active pastime.
  2. To hunt, because with the help of a mustache, you can estimate the direction and strength of wind for jumping, climbing on trees, as well as control the behavior of caught prey, which the cat carries in the teeth.
  3. Express your emotions and mood: in the interested, ready for the actions of the cat, the mustache is widely placed and a little rejected forward, and in frightened or evil - tightly pressed to the face.

Vibrisas inform the cat about whether it is still prey and is trying to resist

Is it possible to cut a mustache cat

Vibrisians are updated in the same way as ordinary hairs: aging, die, fall out, and new ones grow on their place. This process occurs throughout the cat's life, including in old age. Tracking the age-related changes of the oops of the animal, it can be noted that they become thicker, acquire a dark color, and in old age sew. The fallen musty is commonly painted, rather hard and has a sharp end. With age, the speed of replacement of old vibris on new decreases.

The question of whether you can cut Vibrisa, often interested in those who, in addition to cats, have active children using cats as entertainment. Children can cut off the animal mustache during the game. The answer is simple and unequivocal - no need to do this! For vibrassa cats - not a decoration, but means of touching. Do not deprive the animals of an additional organ of feelings. Cutting mustache will gradually grow, but the cat during the "waiting" period will feel bad.

Long mustache

Mustache is very sensitive, cats with difficulty tolerate touching people or other animals

However, scientists during research did not spare poor animals and repeatedly cut off their mustache, and then observed changes in behavior. Much depends on the character of the cat: some were very lost and frightened, and someone behaved almost fine. However, all cats were noted the following problems:

  • they became worse to navigate in the dark, stumble on items;
  • Could not correctly estimate the dimensions of the holes for penetration into them and often stuck;
  • The accuracy of jumps has decreased - they missed or did not reach the object to which they wanted to jump.
Jump cat

Cats with cropped vibrations lose the ability to correctly appreciate the distance for the jump

Of course, nothing particularly scary with a homemade cat, which covers the mustache, will not happen, because in the apartment it exists in comfortable conditions, and Vibrisians will gradually grow. But the street cat will increase problems, because its life depends on the accuracy of orientation in space. In any case, you need to try to explain to children that the cat is a living being, not a toy, and her mustache can not be touched without the permission of parents. As for adults, it is difficult to imagine the reason why I would like to trim the cat's cat. Even if the reason is found, it is better not to do this, but to go to the veterinarian.

Any cat after cutting the mustache can be confused and behave inadequately: to become a nervous, gravily, clumsy, unsusticious and passive.

However, in the total mass of past cats there are exceptions. These are some breeds whose mustache are missing or strange. The cats of the breed of Don, St. Petersburg, Canadian Sphinx often there are no vibriss at all. At the same time, they behave absolutely normal, perhaps they are wounded more than the rest, but this is another story. Hybrid rocks, such as elves, levko, bumbino, have very short and rare, sometimes freehami vibrations. And finally, the roots and other "curly" breeds have a mustache normal length, but twisted in the spiral.


Sphinx mustache absent at all or grow in small quantities

Video: What will happen if trim the cat mustache

Problems with mustache and their causes

If individual vibraisses fall out, and in this place they grow new, this is a natural update process that should not cause anxiety from the owner.

However, if the mustache began to break or fall out in large quantities, then we must deal with the causes of what is happening and eliminated.

Problems can be associated with the wrong conditions of the animal content, and then they are solved quite simply.

  1. In the fall and in winter, thanks to heating devices in the house may be too dry air, which badly affects the state of the mustache. The output is simple - more often to ventilate or apply air humidifiers. It will benefit and people.
  2. Too frequent bathing, especially with fragrant shampoos, which can cause allergies and irritation in the animal. Bathing the cat is only needed and use quality detergents.
  3. Hormonal balance disorders in the cat's body. They can be caused by stress, transitional age, pregnancy and childbirth and other reasons. Here you will need to seek advice to the vet.
  4. A cat can simply be a mustache, by the fireplace or on the gas stove. Not all animals are afraid of fire. It is necessary to follow it and determine whether the animal is not too close to the flame.
  5. Insufficient use of a cat water. You need to trace so that the pet has always access to clean water.
Water for the cat

If the cat drinks little, then it can adversely affect the state of her mustache

Incorrect cats can also lead to problems with mustache, and most likely that it will manifest itself in other health disorders. The disadvantage of the necessary nutrients of Vibrisse becomes fragile, brittle, thin, are deprived of elasticity and elasticity. This condition is called avitaminosis.

Brush mustache

The lack of vitamins often leads to fragility and thinning of Vibribuss

When feeding a natural food, a diet must be balanced taking into account the needs and age of an animal, it is desirable to contact the appropriate specialist (nutritionist or veterinarian). The cat should receive only fresh and high-quality products, and natural, without surrogates, chemical additives and substitutes (which, for example, so much in sausage). It is impossible to give an animal fried, smoked, salty, sweet food, and also feed it with unbreaks from the human table. Be sure to add vitamins and minerals to the daily diet.

When buying vitamin complexes, it is recommended to pay attention to those that contain taurine and biotin - the most important components of the correct metabolism of the cat. Minerals require calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium.

Vitamins for cats

Specific vitamin preparations and the scheme of their reception to improve the state of mustache must recommend a veterinarian

When nutrition, industrial feeds need to choose high-quality expensive brands of famous manufacturers. Economy feed is made on the basis of beans that are not natural food for cats and are useless completely for them. In addition, there are many artificial additives and the composition is not balanced in vitamins and minerals.

The fragility and falling out of the mustache may be a consequence of an allergic animal reaction on some kind of food component. Most often, cats arise allergies to milk and fish, as well as on the chemical components of the products. The disease is accompanied by itching, loss of wool, rash on the skin, problems with eyes.

In addition to allergies, the loss of mustache can be caused by other, more serious, diseases.

  1. Hypothyroidism or hyperthyroidism - thyroid disease associated with insufficient or excessive activity of this organ. The first signs of the hormonal imbalance of the body will be thinning and loss of wool and vibriss, as well as a sharp change in the weight of the pet.
  2. Sugar diabetes cats also leads to the loss of mustache and wool.
  3. Mycoses are fungal diseases, as well as dermatitis, bacterial infections and other skin diseases, including depriving, are accompanied by a strong itching, peeling, wool and mustache.
  4. Such parasites, such as worms, fleas, mites, valvelas reduce the overall animal immunity and can trigger the vibrass loss. A sharp clarification of the mustache at a young age almost always says that the cat has become infected with worms.
Parasites cats

A mustache may indicate a cat infection by parasites

Methods of treating and preventing problems with mustache

Problems with mustache can be caused by both fairly harmless causes and serious diseases.

Preventive measures against the falling out of the mustache and other violations of cat health:

  • reduce dry air indoor;
  • Provide a cat abundant drinking, a full ration and reception of vitamin complexes;
  • timely conduct vaccination, degelmintion, processing wool from parasites;
  • do not engage in self-medication and do not trim the animal mustache;
  • Create comfortable living conditions for a cat.

But if these measures do not give a visible result and the cat continues to lose vibryssas or their condition leaves much to be desired, it is necessary to refer to the veterinarian.


Veterinary doctor will fulfill an animal survey to identify the causes of the assumption of the mustache

A competent specialist will send an animal for testing, and after studying the results will appoint a course of treatment. Most likely, it will be directed to eliminate the underlying disease, because the fallout of the mustache in most cases is only a symptom of more serious disorders in the body.

Outstanding mustache

Long, rigid and elastic mustache - a well-health indicator of pet

The task of the host in this situation will be accurately implementing the recommendations of the doctor and carrying out all the necessary medical procedures at home or in the hospital. The result will not wait to wait, because most of her cats have the ability to quickly restore health. No wonder they say that the cat has seven lives. And, on the joy of yourself and the owner, the cat will have beautiful healthy mustache.

Vibrisians are very important for the full existence of cats, because they are an additional tanging organ and allow you to navigate in space, hunt and make accurate jumps. Without a mustache, a pet will not die, but the quality of her life will decrease - the coordination of movements will be offended, the number of falls and bruises will increase, in nature will change: the animal will become confused, the animal will become confused, fertile, closed in itself. Vibrass will be especially dangerous for those pets who are freely walking down the street: in the wild environment, the cacific cat can not normally defend and exposed to numerous dangers. Therefore, it is not necessary to underestimate the value of the mustache in the life of the cat and in no case need to trim them.

If large eyes are needed to see better, and big ears to hear better, then why do you need big mustache?

It turns out that the mustache perform an important role in the life of the cat, which one will discuss today.

This is not a mustache, it is Vibrisa!

The fact that we are called cat mustache, the scientific is called "Vibrisa". They are located not only over the upper lip and on the cheeks, but also on the lower lip, near the eyes, on the pads of the paw and on the inside of the tail.

This is not just a wool, they are thicker and longer than ordinary hairs. In the follicles of Vibribuses there are many nerve endings, and more cats can move them, for example, send forward.

You say, why do cats such a row? Let's deal with.

Mustache cats (photos from open sources)
Mustache cats (photos from open sources)

Why cats are needed by Vibrijas and how to use them?

It turns out that elevations are very useful, with their help the cat receive information about the surrounding space, as if "feeling it."

With the help of the Cat must:

  1. Determine the width of the subject and distance to it. It is known that the length of the mustache on both sides corresponds to the width of the body of the cat. Before climbing into a narrow space, the cat checks whether, with the help of Vibribs. Eh, if Winnie the Pooh had such a mustache, he would not be stuck in the hole in the rabbit.
  2. Better to navigate in the dark. Yes, cats see the cats well in the dark, but thanks to the vibrassam, the brain of the night hunter creates the most complete picture of the surrounding world.
  3. Study unidentified items. By sending a mustard forward, the cat receives additional information about an unfamiliar subject, man or animal.
  4. Protect your eyes. Even if the cat is presented through prickly thickets in the dark, his eyes under reliable protection. If Vibruses touch the branches, the eyes are reflexively closed, it helps protect vision.
  1. Feel the weather. Cats slightly mechanically stitch and capture climate change: humidity, atmospheric pressure, air temperature., So they can predict the change of weather, including the approximation of cataclysms.
  2. Calculate the trajectory of the jump With the help of vibris, the cat's brain can estimate the speed and direction of the wind, it helps to calculate the trajectory of the jump.
  3. Determine the surface temperature For this correspond to Vibrisa on the paws of cats.
  4. Get information about food. All halcoat cats, they can't see objects that are close to the face, but thanks to the vibrassam and smell, they receive the necessary information.
Why do you need such big mustache? To better navigate, Baby! (Photo from open sources)
Why do you need such big mustache? To better navigate, Baby! (Photo from open sources)

Some more interesting facts about cat mustache

  1. The owner of the longest mustache in the Guinness Book of Records, Maine Coon named Missi, the length of the mustache - 20 cm.
  2. Kittens Vibribuses appear in the womb, earlier than wool.
  3. Little kittens, moms often dump the mustache. Without them, the baby feels insecure and keeps closer to the cat, so she protects him.
  4. In some bald breeds there are no vibrassas, but their functions performs skin sensitivity.
  5. The length of the mustache in both directions is equal to the width of the cat's body.

It turns out that the mustache is needed by cats not for beauty, but to improve touching and orientation in space. That's why our pets are so clever.

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Why do cats need a mustache?

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Why do I need a mustache (Vibrisa) breed representatives? What threatens the loss of vibris?Why does a cat need a mustache? Mustache is the pride and beauty of any cat. There is an opinion that the mustache is needed in order to keep the equilibrium. It used to be believed that the longer the mustache, the better the cat catches rodents.

A short answer is: in fact, Vibrisians cats are a sense body, a unique cat navigation system. They are located near the eye and collected in the bundles.

Vibrisians are also located on cheeks, lower jaws, tail and even on the paws.


Cats eyebrows are also Vibrisa. The average length of the vibrate cat is 7 cm. But there are exceptions, for example, Main-kun breed. The cats of this breed of Vibribuses are like hair, but longer than several times.

Vibrasis is immersed in the hair bag and surrounded by veins. Each Vibrisse has its own plot in the brain. Vibrisians, in contrast to ordinary hairs, tactile function is responsible for the feeling. Vibruses are captured by air flows.

This tactile animal receptors

This is a tactile animal receptors. Vibrisas from Latin Vibrisse, which means vibrate. Cats with their help determine the position of the subject, obstacles, oriented in the dark. Vibrass nerve pulses are sent to the brain, which processes the signals sent by this system and creates the surrounding picture.

Vibrisians help the cat to get acquainted, receive information about objects, other animals. The cat is suitable for an unfamiliar subject, sending the mustache forward. With the help of them, the cat defines atmospheric pressure, temperature and humidity. An animal determines all this, slightly moving the mustes.

Vibrisians help to avoid animal eye damage, evaluate the speed and direction of the wind, control the temperature of the surfaces. The cat may not see the approaching item, but the vibrate will surely feel the air flow reflected from it.

Interesting! Vibrisians are one of the first hair with a kitten in the womb of a cat cat.

Vibrisians serve as an animal mood indicator. If the mustache directed forward, the animal shows something interest and ready for active actions. If Vibrisians are pressed against the face, then the cat is aggressive or scared. Vibruss, like ordinary hair, falls out.

Vibrisians help to avoid animal eye damage

If a cat has several mustache, then you should not worry, and vice versa, it is worth paying attention if Vibrisians leave the cat's face in large quantities. Excessive fragility is associated with any experienced stress, unbalanced nutrition, or dehydrating an animal organism.

If the mustache falls

Vibris loss can talk about the presence of the following problems:

1. Skin diseases. In this case, vibrass can be judged by the presence of such diseases in animals as depriving rugged, atopic dermatitis. Fungal diseases. In this case, the affected area of ​​the skin of the Cat Zudit and itches. The presence of parasites in the body. Woolen cover deteriorates in violation of metabolic processes, glider invasions, as well as when infected with flea or ticks.4. Endocrine diseases such as hypoteriosis. If they take place, then wool falls out, falls out. Folliculite is inflammation of follicles. It is caused by bacteria, fungi, viruses.

The role of vibrass in the life of a cat

If Vibrisians cut, then the cat will experience discomfort. Animal worsens the perception of the world, orientation. The brain misses the necessary information about the world around. An animal is not focused in space, stuck in the aisles, does not fit indoors, often falls.

It is difficult without vibrass street animals, as they cannot fully hunt, have food problems, are easily traumatized. The cat without Vibris loses coordination, can fall from the height, do not calculate the jump.

IMPORTANT: Crop the cat must not in any case. Vibris trim is permissible if the skin area on which they are located is infected with any. The procedure is conducted by a veterinarian, pre-processing the skin area.

Fortunately for the cat, the mustache have the properties to grow. This is only if the hair follicle is not damaged. Vibrisians are changing (falling out and grow again) in 2-3 weeks.

Many who have pets who have pets are wondering why the mustache is a mustache and whether it is possible to cut them. Veterinarians prohibit it, explaining that the animal for a long period of time is deprived of an important sense of smell and touch. Vibrisians (vibrate, trembling) help to navigate the terrain, quickly evaluate their capabilities as a hunter. Thanks to the mustache, even the blind cat unmistakably finds the way home and never remains without food.

Value mustache

Based on cat mustache, muscles containing nervous endings are located. Each of them in a certain way associated with the brain. For the slightest vibrations of the mustache (vibrass), there is a transmission at the level of the impulses of the necessary information. Scientists found out that through these hairs, representatives of the Feline family have a three-dimensional specific vision of the surrounding world in the dark.


Table # 1. The value of the mustache and eyebrows for cats




Vibrisians are a way to transfer an emotional background. If the hairs are closely pressed to the base of the face, it does not want to go for any contact. The mustache, which sticks out in all directions, sign that the animal is ready to play and frolic


Due to the high tactile properties of the mustache and eyebrows help the cat correctly reveal the location of the enemy and instantly build strategic error-free action


Representatives of feline there is a significant drawback. The lower half of the face belongs to the blind zone, they absolutely do not see the items that are located below. Mustache allowed to compensate for this omission of nature


With the help of the mustache, even blindly, knows how to navigate in the surrounding space and receives a maximum of information about the items around. It feels air seal next to the object and even with limited visibility feels it on the instinctive level.


Thanks to the hairs on the muzzle, pets receive information about electromagnetic changes in the Earth's biofield. According to their behavior, you can learn about the weather in the near future


Before drinking any food, the cat sprinkles her mustache and only then begins to eat


Through Vibribs, the animal finds out the size of objects and objects. Where to crawl, how to climb, from which height you need to jump - all this is determined in this way

It is known that pets can receive information about items with wool and skin. To obtain confidence in complete safety, they begin to act only after using the mustache. This is a kind of strategic behavior, an additional protective reaction.


As a result of the research, it was revealed that Vibrisians at the ancestors of a cat family appeared long before the wool began to grow. This evolutionary theory suggests that the mustache is one of the main distinguishing features of these mammals.

It is Vibrassa that are particularly sensitive to negative electric discharges, generated when stroking a cat against wool. The distinctive characteristic of hairs located on the muzzle is that they help the animal to navigate in the near space. Thus, being the main coordinators of movements, the mustache is simply vital to domestic pets.

Why can not trim the mustache and eyebrows

Crop the cat mustache and eyebrows are categorically contraindicated. It greatly complicates their existence. Vibrisians are one of the main bodies of the feline family and perform the functions of tactile and olfactory receptors. Some animal animals can disappear for a variety of reasons, then they grow again. However, specially circumcised hairpins deliver considerable discomfort of the pet.

Cats can not cut the hairs, because it negatively affects their health. Pet will not lose touch or smell, but the orientation in space will deteriorate significantly. Instead of lost or circumcised Vibrisians, the new people will grow only after 3 months. This is a very long period of time, so the cats can not cut the mustache.


Damaged mustache deprive the cat adequate perception of the surrounding world

What problems will have to face a cat if you crop her mustache:

  • there is a decrease in jumping as a result of the deterioration of the computing function, the pet jumps or does not dare to the desired goal;
  • There is a loss of ability to accurately measure objects or distances, the cat may unexpectedly stick or fall;
  • There are changes in behavior, the animal becomes inactive, gravily, sometimes aggressive;
  • The risks of obtaining injuries increase, for example, a cat can lose eye or hurry to the skin, without noticing the threat due to the lack of vibribs;
  • A certain disorientation develops, due to which the animal is often injured at night, falls under the cars, can not run away from the dog on time.

In most cases, while the cat will grow cropped hairs, it leads a lying lifestyle, loses appetite. As a result, wool becomes fad and loses its color. A pet ceases to catch mice, does not react to birds and live fish, starts to go to the toilet in the wrong places.

How to help pets lost vibris

Specially designed drugs and tools to accelerate the growth of the mustache in cats do not exist. With a healthy hair follicle, Vibrisians grow independently. There is no need for additional care. Veterinarians focus on how to use some ointments or creams do not need, it will not bring any benefit.

If it happened so that the mustache broke out or disappeared, it is required to diversify the diet. It is advisable to include the following products in the daily menu:

  • cottage cheese;
  • vegetable oil;
  • milk.

Already at the 3rd week, the hairs are growing a couple of millimeters, which allows the four-legged favorite to respond adequately to the world around. In the next 4-10 weeks of Vibrisa acquire the necessary sizes, and their receptors are completely restored.

What is the difference between the mustache in cats and cats

There are no distinctive features in the location and structure of the mustache in cats and cats. Gender differences are absent, and Vibrisians are responsible for the same functions. Each animal, they can individually have a certain thickness and length. This feature refers to strictly genetic.


The size of hairs depend first from how vitaminized and balanced the nutrition of the pets will be. Our ancestors poured the view that the length of the mustache was influenced by the number of mice caught. It is not deprived of a scientific justification, because thanks to the hunt, the cats constantly train their abilities in the ability to concentrate and respond quickly.

If someone has never thought, for which the cat's cat will now understand that this is the most necessary sense of smell. Thanks to Vibrussam, pets are the most cautious and most successful hunters. On the mustache are all the most important receptors, thanks to which animals can exist normally. Loss of hairs deprives them of the opportunity to quickly find themselves, to avoid attack on time.

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Why the kitty is a mustache - this question can ask the child to parents or people who first took into the house of a fluffy animal and wanted to know it. It would seem that such a mustache is longer hairs on the face of the animal. However, everything is not as simple as it seems.

Why the cat mustache and eyebrows

For what a cat needs a mustache - they are an important organ of touch. Such devices are available in many animals that feed on Mother's milk.

The tough and longest mustache at the cat helps the animal to navigate in space. There are such hairs on the cheeks, on both sides of the nose, over the eyes, on the chin and tail.

Such mustache perform an important function due to the fact that sensitive endings are located on the tip of each mustache. The functions of the Usov include the transfer of information about the world in the brain of the pet. So the cat learns when an obstacle or mining appears on his way.

What are the types of mustache in cats

Feline mustache have another, not all of the well-known name. According to scientific, they are referred to Vibribussians. Cats touch them from different items to determine their size. For example, before climbing into the hole, the cat checks the vibrations sufficiently size.

Is there a mustache at bald cats

Pet may not have them at all. Due to the peculiarities of the breed, bald cats may have broken vibrays, swirling or not have them at all.

Sometimes the lack of vibribuses is also found in fluffy representatives of the Feline family. It is connected not only with the breed, but also from a kind of mutation.

Cat's mustache on the paws and on the nose

As already mentioned, Vibrisians of cats are located not only on the muzzle, but also on the paws, tail. How many mustows are located on the body, depends on the breed and a specific representative.

The longest hair on the nose, reach seven centimeters. The book of records registered the Maine Coon breed cat in Finland with Vibrissemi in nineteen centimeters. In another Russian cat, the length of the mustache was slightly shorter - only 13.5 centimeters.

Vibrisians on the paws and the tail are not so long, they can be distinguished by greater rigidity. From the number of rows of the mustache, the cat depends on how well they are oriented in the world around.

ATTENTION, TEST! Answer a few simple questions and find out what kind of owner you are for your cat:

Do you have a name from your kitty?

How often do you play with your pet?

Do you make timely vaccinations and processing from parasites?

Your kitten sterilized / neutered?

What do you feed your purr?

What kind of owner are you for your cat?

Your kisa is very happy

Congratulations! Your Murlyak is healthy and happy, surrounded by care and love. You are a responsible and good owner for your Kisa.

Your kisa could be happier

Hmm ... With such a host, even cockroaches will be prewned. Maybe you should have to make a cactus instead of a cat? Yes, you are not the best and caring owner, but you still have a chance to fix everything. Starting correctly take care of your pet.

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Why the kitten breaks the mustache

If the pets are especially small, the mustache is riveted - it can cause the alarm of the owners. The reasons for this phenomenon can be different:

  • The cat breaks the mustache during transitional age;
  • when impaired the balance of minerals in the body;
  • The reason may be available in the body of a pet fleece or fungal infections;
  • Vibris damage to the game;
  • Sometimes the mustache of small kittens break the cats to prove their authority kittens.

The reason can also be excessive curiosity of the kitten - too closely approached fire or met with another animal.

Adult cats and cats also do not rarely lose their vibribuses, it may be due to such factors:

  1. Allergic reaction to an external or internal stimulus.
  2. The cat loses vibribuses if the room is too dry air.
  3. Vibrisians can break with hormonal violation or improper work of the thyroid gland. In this case, the cat may remain without mustache.
  4. At Cota, the Vibrisians are sequentially if it eats the wrong or unbalanced feed.
  5. Homemade cats lose Vibrisians in violation of the kidney and dehydration.

What to do to stop Vibris loss

First of all, if the cat falls into the mustache, it is worth it to take him to inspection to the vet. The doctor will examine the pet if there is a need for appropriate analyzes. Only after the reason for the reason why the cat breaks the mustache, treatment is assigned.

As a rule, with an animal deposit, funds against parasites, anti-allergy drugs, antibiotics, vitamins are prescribed. It will also be necessary to normalize the living conditions of the pet, change the nutrition of the cat, if necessary, increase the humidity of the air in the house.

What will happen if the cat trim the mustache

Some owners are wondering if you can cut the Vibrisa. It happens that a small child or who does not know adult cuts the Vibrissa pet. Of course, this is not fatal.

The hairs in cats are updated once a few months, and after some time the hairs will grow again. However, the first time the behavior of the pet becomes inadequate.

If the cat cut off the mustache, the animal feel bad, does not focus in space, constantly stumps on the items, falls.

In other words, a pet with sliced ​​vibrations can harm himself. Hard hairs can cloud and independently. Need to remember important points:

  1. Cut the cottage Vibribuses can not. Help vibris for animal is invaluable.
  2. Although Vibrisians are growing, the time spent without them will affect the mood of the animal. Perhaps the emergence of stress and depression, not to mention the numerous injuries that he will apply himself.

Whether the mustache will grow

As already mentioned, the cropped mustache is growing. Lost, broken Vibrisians are constantly updated and grow up again. But this does not mean that they need to be cut or smoothly to grow better. Just the fallen mustache will cause pets less harm.

Why cats black or whiten mustache

Vibribussian color directly depends on the color of the animal itself. They can be white, black, red or several colors at the same time. Usually a black cat has a black mustache, but sometimes white, it is normal. Some breeds they are black with time.

If a cat with white mustes, has acquired a black color, such a phenomenon also does not mean something terrible, the usual change in hair pigmentation. It is worth alert if the color has changed to white on the contrary. Sometimes it can be a symptom of the disease. Therefore, even with a small deviation, it is worth consulted with a veterinarian.

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Beautiful, luxurious mustache - the pride of any cat, but they are not needed at all for decoration. Previously, in the villages they said that the more the cat's cat, the better she catches mice. This statement is partly true, because the beams of long hair, which are called a mustache and eyebrows in everyday life, really help the animal to hunt, but this function is not limited to. Why the kitty is the mustache? What are they called in scientific? What will happen if they are cut? Why do the mustache fall out?

Not a mustache, but Vibrisians!

Speaking about feline mustache, mean long hard hair, located on both sides of the animal's nose. They are called them in scientific vibrations, and they are not only on the cheeks, but also near the eyes, on the lower jaw, tail, on the inside and on the pads of the paws.

These hairs are different from the fur. They are thicker and longer - the average length is 5-7 cm. Vibrisians have mobility - at the bottom of the connective tissue bag, where the hair root is located, there are transverse-striped muscles and branches of the facial nerve are connected. A cat can move them, send them forward or press to the face. Vibrisians do not protect the body from overheating and supercooling, like hair maker, they perform another important function.

So why are they cat? Vibrisians are modified tactile receptors. The name is formed from the Latin "VIBRISSAE", which means "vibrate", "fluctuate". In the follicles of these hairs there are many nerve endings. They capture air flows from items and send information about the world into the brain.

Interesting facts about Vibrischi:

Missing Missy Breed Maine Coon from Finland
  • The longest mustache (almost 20 cm), according to the Guinness Book, belonged to the cat named Missy Maine Coon breed from Finland.
  • Cats are thicker than cats.
  • Vibrisians appear in kittens located in the womb earlier than the hair forming the coat.
Canadian Sphinx
  • Representatives of some breeds, such as Canadian Sphynx, Vibrisians are absent. The behavior of cats without a mustache does not differ from the behavior of their preoccupied fellow. Scientists suggest that their absence is compensated by high skin sensitivity.
  • Mom-cats often unzip the kittens of the mustache. For what they do, it is definitely unknown. According to assumptions, the animal is trying to protect the curious young on the dangers of the world around. The kitten, having lost his mustache, feels insecure and does not go far from the mother.
  • Their length in both sides corresponds to the width of the body of the animal.

Why do vibrassa need, how does the cat use them?

Why cats mustache? They "feel" the nearby snubs and eyebrows, receiving additional information about it. Vibribuses allow a small predator:

  • Determine the distance to the items and their magnitude. For example, with their help, the cat, approaching the hole, can relate its size from the width of his own body and make a decision about whether it should be attempting inside.
  • Oriented in space even in the dark. Analyzing the information from Vibribiss and other senses, the brain creates the most complete picture of the surrounding world. In the dark cat see better than people, but the main assistants in conditions of limited visibility are not the eyes, but Vibrisians.

  • Get acquainted with something new. To get information about the subject, a friend of an animal or a person, the cat is approaching him, sending Vibribuses forward.
  • Determine external conditions (atmospheric pressure, humidity, temperature) and feel their slightest changes. When the cat does, Vibrisians are slightly moving. It is noted that in front of natural cataclysms, the change of weather is changing the behavior of animals.
  • Avoid eye damage. The cat is able to wade through the prickly thickets even in the dark - the branches behind the vibrations, it automatically closes the eyelids.
  • Estimate the speed and direction of the wind to choose the right strength and the trajectory of the jump.
  • Get information about food. All that is near the muzzle does not fall into the field of view of the animal. Help determine that in front of it, the cat helps the nose and vibryssas.
  • Control the state of production, which is in the teeth.
  • Determine the structure and temperature of the surface. Vibrisians located on the paws correspond to this.

Vibruses are an animal mood indicator. The mustache is aimed forward - it shows interest and ready for active actions. If they are pressed to the face - the cat is frightened or configured aggressively.

Why do the mustache fall out or break, is it normal?

Despite the fact that the structure of the mustache differs from the structure of ordinary hair, they can also fall out and break. Vibrisians have their own lifetime, and in its expiration, follicles leave. At the sight of 1-2, the assays of the alarm should not beat, but if there are many of them, you need to look for the cause.

Often, excessive fragility and fallout are associated with stress, dehydration or unbalanced nutrition that does not provide the animal with the necessary vitamins and microelements, collagen. In this case, the quality of wool deteriorates, it becomes dim and falls out.

The causes of the fallout can be pathologies that lead to a violation of the work of hair lows and their die away:

  • Fungal diseases. If the defeat covers the region of the Vibris, they begin to fall out with the wool. The problem area is Zudit and itches.
  • Skin diseases , incl. Allergic nature (ringing deprived, demodecosis, atopic dermatitis). Hair loss and vibrate provokes inflammation and skin irritation.
  • Parasites. The state of the coarse cover and the mustache can deteriorate both under gliscate invasion (due to the violation of metabolic processes) and when infected with flea or ticks, whose bites are forced to make the cat strongly comb.
  • Endocrine diseases - diabetes, hypothyroidism (reduction of the function of the thyroid gland). Wool falls off, acquires a negleous look and falls.
  • Follyculite - Inflammation of follicles caused by bacteria, fungi or viruses.

What will happen if you cut the animal mustache and eyebrows?

The role of Vibribiss in the life of cats is great, so if you cut them, they will at least experience discomfort. According to research, in animals, devoid of mustache, the spatial orientation deteriorates, since the brain does not have information about the world around. Cats begin to accumulate on items, stick in narrow holes. During jumps, they often fall, not reaching the desired object or blinking. From the loss of mustache, street animals suffer from loss - they cannot fully hunt, have problems with food, they often get injuries.

Different cats react differently to damage to vibrass: the behavior of some is not particularly different from the usual, others feel it is extremely uncertain, becoming more closed and nervous, they move less, their mental state is worse. A cat without a mustache loses coordination, so one should be inlated and not to produce a mustle animal from the house to avoid injuries.

Cat must only in one case - if nearby fabrics are injured or infected. It is necessary to handle and prevent the development of complications. In this case, the mustache cuts off a veterinarian. In other cases, cutting the kitty mustache.

Are sliced ​​vibribuses grow and how soon?

Will the Cat growl, if for some reason she lost them? Fortunately for cats, Vibrisians have a property to recover. This happens if the hair follicle is not damaged. Sliced ​​mustaches fall out over time, and new ones grow on their place. Usually they grow in 2-3 weeks. Force events, trying to cut damaged vibribuses, in no case can not.

There are many different feline representatives in the world: large and small, short-haired and long-haired, lopheh and straightfish. But no matter how different they are, almost everyone has a mustache. These sticking hairs are growing at purr not for beauty. They help animals to know the world. In the article we told, why the cat's cat, what kind of structure they have, why they cannot be cropped. In addition, after reading, you will learn how to recognize a feline language by the position of the mustache.

How to be called mustache and why

With the help of Vibris, the cat learns the world around

The mustache is a source of long rigid hairs, which are located on the muzzle and cat legs. In scientific, they are called Vibrisas (from the Latin word Vibrisae - oscillation). Vibrisas are an important animal tanging body. Feline mustache are in constant motion and vibrate.

Each hairs is surrounded by nervous endings, and when it is hesitage, information is transferred to the animal's brain. Some owners of the tailed calls are a mustache of pets by antennas, because they are so sensitive that the slightest air fluctuations are trapped. Vibruses are able to respond to invisible changes for us in the surrounding space.

Features of the structure of the mustache in cats and cats

The growth scheme of ordinary hairs of wool and hard hairs

Vibrassa root is in tissues with nervous endings that are suitable for a mustache mustache. For each hard hairs in the brain there is a specific area. Cat's mustache react to the slightest changes in the environment, to fluctuations in air or movement in the room.

Cats and cats have no difference in the structure of rigid hairs. Vibrisians perform the same functions, regardless of gender affiliation. But there are differences in length and thickness among some breeds of tailed.


The main part of the hairs is located on the cat's muzzle. About 24 mustache are:

  • around the nose;
  • Above eyes, in the area of ​​eyebrows;
  • on the chin;
  • on cheeks.

In addition, they grow near the animal paw pads, and even on the tail. Only such mustaches are minor, because they are short. But these small hairs also perform the functions of the touch.


The longest rigid hairs are on the face of the animal, short - on the paws

The length of the vibrass on the muzzle of tailed friends is approximately 5-7 centimeters, depending on the breed of pets. For example, sphinxes are mostly very short harsh hairs, but sometimes they are completely absent among representatives of this breed. The longest Vibrisians are celebrated at Maine Coon. So, Maine Coon named Miss from Finland is listed in the Guinness Book of Records because of the mustache in 20 centimeters.

Some Murlyk Vibrisa envy. Cornish Rex and Devon-Rex differ curly hairs. Among the hymonious cats there are different prehension. But especially appreciated with long hairs: house owners believe that such animals are excellent rodent hunters.


Vibrisians are much thicker than fur. Mustache on animal cheeks is denser and more comprehensive than in the area of ​​eyebrows. The most subtle are rigid hairs on the legs, they are looking at both ordinary hairs, so they can not be noticed immediately. In addition, there is a difference in gender signs: Vibrissa cats are thicker than cats.

What functions are performed by the mustache in cats and cats

Mustache allow the cat to think about how to crawl through the slot in the fence

Vibrisians carry out several important functions:

  1. Help to navigate in space, especially at night. Although the cats are normally seen in the dark, their sensitive mustache create a complete picture of the subjects near him.
  2. Allow the dimensions and distance to the surrounding objects. For example, before climbing under the sofa, the pet will check whether this trick will be able to perform.
  3. Contribute to the study of unknown things, or new animals and people. Using the tanging body, the cat receives the necessary information about strangers.
  4. Protect eyes. When the tail at night makes his way through the bushes, his hard hairs are touching sticking branches, and the cat reflexively closes his eyes.
Vibrisians in the location of the eyebrows protect the cat from eye pollution and injuries during walks
  • Thanks to them, the cat feels changes in the weather. Feline mustache can catch even minor changes in the climate: air temperature, humidity level. It is believed that four-wane friends can feel the approach of the devastating natural phenomenon.
  • Help to calculate the trajectory of the jump. Loves can think through how to jump, taking into account the speed and direction of air flow.
  • Allow you to find out information about food. An animal can understand how hot or cold food is. Checks her freshness.
  • With the help of the mustes, cats will learn how far is the mouse. The hunter catches air fluctuations that are created during the victim's escape. Tailed predator poses the location and state of future production.
  • Thanks to the vibrassam on the legs, the cat determines the surface temperature and catches the oscillations.

Feline mustache

If the animal is in a calm state, then his mustache is relaxed

The attentive owner may notice that the Pet Vibrisians are in different positions. If the mustache is pressed against the face, it means that she was frightened something or because of something worried. And also this provision indicates that the animal is angry and can show aggression.

If the rigid hair of the pet is directed forward, then it is curious or he is ready to communicate. When he sleeps, his face with a mustache is relaxed. Knowing such subtleties, you can determine when you need to play with a cat or soothe it.

Why is it forbidden to cut a mustache in a cat

If you delete a mustache, it can become a fearful

Inexperienced owners, not knowing why the animal needs vibribuses, cut them off. This is contraindicated because the mustache perform vital functions. Without them, the animal will be harder to live. The hairs can gradually fall out and grow, but they are not recommended to delete them.

Because of the damaged mustache, the pet will have difficulty orientation. An animal will stumble on things, fall when jumping and accidentally injured. In addition, the cat will start measuring the food temperature with a paw. And, while in the dark room, the pet will be uncomfortable to move. If the tail still remained without a mustache, he should not go outside. During this period, he defensive. Murlyc can become uncertain, fearful, will lose appetite.

If the cat has completely lost vibris, do not release it from home about 3 months. Wait for new hairs to him.

Sometimes a cat sama sodes the kittens of the mustache. The adult favorite comes to soothe kids and secure possible injuries. Very curious little pets cease to leave their place for a while. After 3 months, the rapid kittens with new hairs are ready to actively move and explore the world around. In some cases, the senior cat can have a less weak purr of their Vibrisa. So he shows his authority. It is necessary to ensure that the animals do not show each other aggression.

Sometimes veterinarians are forced to suffer a feline mustache. But this is done to strengthen the effectiveness of treatment. Such a procedure is rare. It is needed if a fungal defeat has been detected at the tailed. At the same time, animals that do not have Vibris at all (some breeds of Sphynx), do not feel inconvenience in ordinary life. With the gradual development of such breeds, hard hairs disappeared and nerve fibers were attracted.

Cats and cats problems

For good growth of the mustache, it is important that the cat is enough

Usually, four-wane friends periodically falls one or two musty, on the site of which they grow new. But if the pet loses a lot of vibris at once, it means that he has health problems. The hairs can break and fall at various reasons:

  1. Dough drying in the room.
  2. The cat's body may not be enough liquid.
  3. Frequent bathing or bath procedures using poor-quality shampoo badly affect the condition of hairs.
  4. An animal can begin allergic to food. At the same time, he will also fall out wool.
  5. The shortage of the necessary vitamins negatively affects the immunity of the purr.
  6. The health of feline representatives often spoil parasites (fleas, helminty, moisture).
  7. A fungal infection affects skin sections and causes itching and redness.

Sometimes the tape mustache slowly grow or not grow at all. This may be associated with a deficit of important trace elements, endocrine diseases, poor care or metabolic disorders. So that the cat does not encounter such troubles, you need to monitor its common condition.

Methods of treating and preventing problems with mustache

Create the cat comfortable living conditions

Daily caring about the health of a fluffy tenant at home, you can avoid falling out of his hairs. Follow the humidity in the room. So that there is no dry room, we recommend buying and install an air humidifier. Try to provide an animal abundant drinking. At the same time, the water in his bowl should always be clean. Cut the cat with high quality feed. Do not forget about vitamin and mineral complexes in which a pet needs.

If you are going to give the tailed raw fish, we advise you to first produce heat treatment.

When caring for a pet, use high-quality and proven funds. Conduct the necessary vaccination and degelmintion. If necessary, handle wool from parasites. But in no case do not cut off the lover of hairs, and also do not engage in self-medication. Do not process the solicified mustache with no drug. Try to create comfortable conditions for life so that the four-chapted friend does not experience stress.

If you notice that the cat loses many of his hard hairs, we will immediately try to find out the reason for this process. And take all measures to eliminate the problem. But first contact the veterinary clinic. A specialist will examine the animal, examines its test results and prescribe the necessary treatment. Follow the recommendations of the veterinarian, and then your cat will quickly recover.

What a cat mustache

Cats are full of riddles. So, people have always been interested in the function of the mustache, which grows on the cat's muzzle. What is the mustache and what will be the mustache, if you cut off this mustache? It is also interesting to know why you need a car mustache on the whole body, and not just on the face.


1. How scientifically called mustache

2. The structure and location of Vibribs

- from what consist

- A mustache is not only on the muzzle!

3. Why the cat needs a mustache

- Help in hunting

- orientation in space

- Tangible feature

- Signals in communication

4. What will happen if the cat cut the mustache

- disorders in physiology or psyche

- Do the mustache grow in cats?

5. Problems with Vibrussami

- break

- fall out for themselves

- slowly and poorly grow - or not grow at all

6. How to help a cat that lost vibribors in the accident?

As a scientifically called mustache in cats

Mustache is a common name of rigid hairs growing on the body of an animal. In fact, their scientific name - Vibrisians, which occurred from the Latin word Vibro. Translated, it means "fluid" or "squirrel".

Really vibraisa in cats even in calm state finely trembling, that is, vibrate. It is clearly noticeable if you carefully look at your pet.

As a result of scientific research, it was established that Vibrisians appeared on the body of the ancestors of the cats much earlier than they covered wool. In addition, the observation of the behavior of individuals helped to find out why a cat or a cat was needed. Their presence is the main distinguishing feature of fluffy mammals.

What are the types of mustache in cats

The structure and location of Vibribs in cats

The mustache is on the muzzle of individuals of male and female from birth. The presence of this important organ depends on the breed affiliation or genetics. But the difference in the length and thickness of Vibrisov is associated with individual features: the rock, the individual, the conditions of content. Find out what a cat or a cat mustache will help knowledge of their structure and location.

What is it

In long hairs on the face of the cat an interesting structure. Each mustache is associated with a certain part of the brain and is responsible for the functioning of a particular animal system. That's why the cat needs a mustache: from the signals from Vibribis in the head, a full picture of what is happening in the head of the pet. The hairs themselves grow up to 5-7 cm and consist of:

The thickness of the hairs is explained by a large number of nerve endings and sometimes depends on the gender. Because of these endings, a tubercle occurs at the very base of the hair.

Luxury mustache come from individuals whose owners take care of balanced and saturated vitamins and microelements of the diet. On average, the length of the hairs in both directions is equal to the width of the cocks of the satumed friend.

How to help a cat without mustache

A mustache is not only on the face!

It is mistaken to assume that the mustache at cats are located only not with a fruit. Long, thickened hairs can be seen at different parts of the fluffy body. They differ in quality from vibribors on the face. Vibribs have cats grow:

In addition to the places listed, long hairs are located on the front paws, but there they are practically not visible. The curious owner of the mustache pet can carefully consider the paw a little higher than the region of the profit finger (without clawing pads). It is there that they grow thickened hair. For which the cat or cat mustache in these parts of the body can be understood by watching the habsties of a fluffy friend.

Где расположены вибриссы у кошек

Why cat and cat need a mustache

It is clear that Vibrisians are not just hair on the body of a pet. They play an important role in the life of a fluffy individual.

Help in hunting

In antiquity it was believed that the length of Vibrissa indicates the hunting habits. The longer the hairs on the muzzle, the better the cat catches rats and mice.

Scientifically this fact has no confirmation. But it is obvious that fat processes are the main assistants of the pet during the hunt. Thanks to them, the cats lightningly catch even small oscillations in the air, which are created by the rodent running.

A fluffy hunter easily determines where the victim is and where it moves. After rodent caught, the cat helps to keep prey and control the behavior of the mustache on the front legs.

Кошке нужны усы для охоты

Orientation in space

Fluffy purriems are well known for their abilities silently and deftly move even in absolute darkness. At such moments, the animal does not help the eyes or ears. The cat will use the mustache with which it concerns objects and bypass obstacles.

Topping up to surrounding things, hairs vibrate, creating air movements. These signals are captured by a mustache and are transmitted to a certain brain department. So the pet forms a three-dimensional picture of what surrounds it.

Tangible feature

Touch is the main purpose of vibryss. They help the fluffy to unmistakably determine the freshness of food and the safety of products. Before you start eating, a cat or a cat squeezes food with a mustache (sniffing movement) and only then beg for meals.

Signals in communication

It is easy to understand why a cat mustache, in those moments when the animal wants to communicate. If you carefully look at a fluffy friend, then you can see the movement of the mustache. Vibrisians change the direction towards the Kittious person or subject.

The mustache put forward, indicate the desire of the purr to explore the object or the desire to communicate with a living being. Also, animals collect mustache while playing or hunting.

Кошки общаются с помощью усов

What will happen if a cat or cat cut the mustache

Since Vibribs are vital organs of the pet, their loss leads to great difficulties. What will happen if the cat cut the mustache?

Disorders in physiology or psyche

If the cat will lose the tactile organ, then disorders are possible with its physiological and mental health. It is known that without vibrates, the animal is poorly oriented in space. This arises due to the lack of environmental information.

The cat begins to accumulate to objects, stick in too narrow passages. Cats do not turn out from one item to another. They are not able to fully hunt and extract food. The loss of the mustache is especially dangerous for the courtyard representatives.

Often cats, deprived of sensitivity, become nervous and closed. The mental state of the animals deteriorates sharply. They begin to keep away those who surround people, try to hide or do they behave inadequately.

What will happen if a cat or cat cut the mustache

Do the mustache grow in cats?

Finding out why the cat needs a mustache, a person understands that it is unacceptable to cut them. Calm them only in case of injury or infection of nearby fabrics. Conducts a veterinarian procedure - for processing a problem area and prevent the development of complications.

Vibrisians are able to recover, but only if no damage to the hair follicle has not occurred. Estimated Vibrisians grow on average in 2-3 weeks, but it happens that the timing is increasing.

Problems with vibrations in cats

Understanding what a cat or a cat mustache, the owner draws attention to their condition. The brittleness or loss of vibrassov signals about the health problems of the pet and indicates the poor quality of life.

Problems with vibrations in cats


The fragility of tactile hairs occurs due to the uncomfortable environment. For example, too dry air indoors adversely affects the state of the organ and leads to its clogging. The fragility arises and due to insufficient consumption of fresh water.

You can not often bathe fluffy. Chlorine in water and chemicals in the skewers for pets adversely affect the elasticity of Vibribs.

Normalization of humidity in the room will help to prevent further detergent, as well as constant access to clean drinking water. Only high-quality products containing natural ingredients should be used for washing domestic pets.

У кошки ломаются усы

Fall out for themselves

If the bulk of hairs indicates problems with the environment, then the loss is a serious reason to think about the health of the pet. In some cases, hairs loss indicates food allergies.

Allergies often appear on whole milk or fish. In addition to the loss of Vibribs, the cat begins to lose wool. There are problems with digestion, and from the eye of allergy begins to flow tears. Such symptoms are a signal for the owner to revise the diet of the animal. Review Allergen will help visiting the veterinary clinic.

Vibrissa loss can also point to avitaminosis. The absence of important microelements and vitamins in nutrition and the monotony of the diet causes mass loss of hairs. Knowing why the cat is needed, the owner must provide an animal with all the elements for the proper functioning of the body.

Another cause of loss becomes infection with intestinal parasites. Inxication by their livelihoods affects nutrient entry inside the mustache. It provokes the death of follicles and Vibrass loss.

Also meets the contamination of the skin fungus. Earth areas appear around the vibrates, which are peeling and gradually lose wool. All these problems require timely treatment appointed by the veterinarian.

У кошки выпадают усы

Slowly and poorly grow - or not grow at all

The slowdown in the growth of hairs indicates a poor pet health. Short Vibrisians marvel about a serious shortage of vitamins and microelements in the body.

Sometimes a slow and bad growth of thick hairs is a sign of metabolic disorders or a symptom of an endocrine disease. If the addition of the vitamin and mineral complex did not lead to an improvement in the quality of the Usov, the veterinary doctor is needed.

How to help a cat who lost vibris in the accident?

Becid pet immediately loses the opportunity to lead the usual way of life. He becomes clumsy, so the risk increases the injury. So, the animal can even cut down or damage the eye due to the lack of functional organs.

At that time, while the cat did not get new mustes, the main task of the owner is to carefully follow the behavior of a pet, protect him from the dangers of the outside world. During the recovery period, it is recommended to limit the walks of the pet, especially in the dark.

Как помочь кошке без усов

On the way of moving the cat around the house it is better to remove sharp and beating objects. This will significantly reduce the likelihood of injury. Fluffy becomes frightened, begins to hide. A person should be patient and not forget about affectionate attitude towards suffering.

For a speedy rustling of hairs in the diet, vitamin and mineral complexes need to be introduced. They help not only the rapid growth of the mustache, but also the restoration of the entire organism of the pet.

The mustache, or academic, Vibrisians are a unique tool that the fluffy friend owns perfectly. Thanks to long and thick hair, the cat successfully sends mining, oriented in space and communicates with the outside world.

Therefore, the obvious answer to the question is whether it is possible to cut the mustache with a cat, will be negative. If the cat is deprived of these multifunctional organs, its life is significantly complicated. Eliminate the pet from the loss of vibrates will help balanced nutrition and the correct care.

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