How to check gold at home: Simple ways to distinguish gold from fake

To distinguish gold from the fake house is not as difficult as it may seem from the very beginning. Everyone knows the method of checking "tooth", but in fact it is not enough where it is useful - because only pure gold is soft. And the decorations or pure metal products are almost impossible to find. Checking gold or not - everyone's personal case, but we still advise you to take a closer look at the decoration to avoid unpleasant moments. Several simple methods that we will tell today should be adjusted - you never know where new knowledge is useful.

How to determine gold at home

So, how to determine the present gold at home? There are several ways to determine the quality of gold and its authenticity by prudent means. We are sure most of the items that are needed to check, you have in the first-aid kit or in the kitchen. Therefore, if you have long wanted to check the gold ring or a chain for authenticity, let's start experiments.

How to check gold iodine

Let's start with the instructions on how to check the gold of iodine at home. This antiseptic is in the first-aid kit of any home, so far go far. So, what is the inspection of iodine?

Check gold iodom

Take a cotton wand, iodine and something sharp (knife, pin or needle). On the checked decoration - it is better from the inside - make a small scratch or slightly oscillate the top layer of metal. Apply a little iodine on your cotton wand and wipe the scratched place.

If iodine beat and began to evaporate - before you fake. The reaction of gold on iodine is completely different. When contacting with real gold, iodine remains dark and does not evaporate for a long time, and a dark spot will appear at the checkpoint. After the experiment, as soon as possible erase iodine so that the dark spot is not left on the decoration forever.

Gold check with acid or special reagents

You can check the authenticity of gold jewelry by reactivities in any pawnshop. Purchasers are used to test the brine (silicon slate), and then acidic acid. On gold after contact with a stone, a small amount of metal remains, which reacts with one or another acid. Under the influence of acid, the coating-fake will evaporate. A high-quality reaction to gold is when the track from the stone remains in place.

Check gold vinegar

Another thing that is in any house is vinegar. It can also be used to check gold on authenticity.

Check gold to authenticity by vinegar

Pour vinegar into a transparent glass, and then lower the decoration into it and leave for a few minutes. Forging "Under Gold" will very quickly darken in vinegar, while real gold will retain its shine and color.

Checking with a magnet

Gold is not magnetic

The main thing is what you need to remember is not a magnetic gold. At all. Magnetic only gilded decorations made of steel, iron, nickel and other heavy metals. Therefore, if your ring or earrings "sticks" to the kitchen magnet, in front of you fake.

How to check the gold with a lapis pencil

Lyapis pencil, which is sold on any pharmacy and is not more expensive than 150 rubles, it will also help to recognize gold. At the heart of a Lyapis pencil of silver nitrate, which reacts with metals.

Gold check with a flag-pencil

To check, wet the decoration, then swipe a small feature and wash it. If the pencil remains a trace, gold or unreal, or very low sample. High quality gold will not be anything from such an inspection.

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How to determine the sample of gold

Gold products intended for a wide market always have a sample. This is an impression of three digits on the inside of the product. Samples are 375 (the lowest), 500, 583, 585, 750, 916, 958, 999 (the highest - the whole gram of impurities per kilogram of the metal). Use the magnifying glass in order to consider the sample on your decoration.

Gold samples

Gold without samples most often can be found in the pawnshops (where it is most often a fake or product of very low quality). However, sometimes without samples make decorations to order. Such little things are transmitted in families inheritance and are very valued.

To determine exactly the sample of gold at home will be quite difficult. To do this, you will need chlorine nitrogen and tanning needles that can be bought only in specialized stores. Apply nitrogen to the surface of the product and follow the reaction. If nothing has changed for two seconds, you have 585 samples in front of you or higher. If a few minutes later, the stain from the solution was brown, then the metal is below 585 samples. And if the stain is smoking, then this is at all fake.

In order not to accidentally spoil the thing, it is better to first be one of the way the way that your decoration is made of real gold, and then go to those skilled in the art.

How to distinguish gold from other metals

You can distinguish gold from gilding using some of the methods proposed above - it is best to use iodine checking, because it is faster and more accurate of all.

You can distinguish gold from silver or bronze using the sample - these metals have different numbers. To visually distinguish white gold from silver, look for the most common samples on the product - for gold it is 585 or 750, and for silver 875 or 925. The sample is not put on the bronze product.

The differences between gold from jewelry can be quite obvious - look at the size of the product. The likelihood that massive suspensions or thick bracelets will make from real gold, is small. If the size does not confuse, check the decoration with a flammable pencil or vinegar.

Difference Metals

To understand what the white gold is different from platinum is different, first look at the price of decorations - gold products are usually cheaper than products from platinum. In addition, platinum has a pure silver color, while even the highest quality white gold will give a little in yellow.

Gold and brass are also very easy to distinguish from each other. First of all, pay attention to the shade. Gold color will be bright and yellow, and brass will be given in brown. In addition, you can check the product with a magnet - if it is attracted, you can brass in front of you.

Remember - if the home check or eye check causes at least the slightest doubts, do not experiment with reagents yourself, it is better to take the decoration by a specialist. We hope that with our instructions you can protect yourself from scammers and acquire only high-quality decorations from real gold.

Article author: Alexander Cyclauri

Maria Kochetkov

Worked in jeweler

Large sellers usually value a reputation, but there are fraudsters on the market.

For seven years I was engaged in marketing in jewelry stores, now I work for a private consultant: I pick up and order decorations. I'll tell you how to recognize the fake, if you are not sure of the seller, and not lose money.

What is gold in jewelry

Yellow, white and red - here are three basic colors of gold jewelry. Pure gold - yellow. In jewelry, gold is yellow, white and red (or pink) colors. When it comes to metal in jewelry, they say "gold", but on the fact they mean alloy. Its shade depends on ligature - other metals, which are added to pure gold to give it strength.

White gold is obtained if silver, zinc, palladium, nickel or platinum are added to the alloy. When copper protrudes copper, there will be red gold.

Some stores sell gold unusual colors. These are so-called colored metoldes - gold alloys with metals that give it bright shades. So, the gold alloy with India gives a blue color, and with aluminum - purple.

White, Yellow and Red Gold

What is a gold sample

The test is indicated how much gold is contained in the alloy. So, 585th sample It means that 1000 grams of the alloy accounts for 585 grams of pure gold, and the rest is the alloying metal. This is the most common test of gold products in Russia. Also often occur 750-Ya и 375 samples.

The Russian sample system is called metric. In Europe and the United States use a carat system. 1000 grams correspond to 24 carats. That is, gold is 24 carats - it is pure gold without alloying metals. In the metric system is 999 sample. 14-carat Gold implies that the alloy contains 14 pieces of pure gold and 10 parts of the alloying metal. 14-carat Gold corresponds 585th sample, а 18-carat  — 750th.

On the tag decoration caneness is indicated by the letter K. So, 18k - it 18-carat product.

It is impossible to confuse the caneness of gold with caneness, which means a mass of precious stones if they are in the product. Such caneness will be indicated as "CT."

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The ratios of metric and carat sample systems

Metric system Carat system Share of pure gold
999. 24. 99.9%
958. 23. 95.8%
750. eighteen 75%
585. fourteen 58.5%
583. fourteen 58.3%
500. 12 fifty%
375. 937.5%

Share of pure gold


Share of pure gold


Share of pure gold


Share of pure gold


Share of pure gold


On earrings, the sample is usually put on the pin - this is a direct part of the earrings that is inserted into the ear. She can also be on Schwenz - the moving part of the earrings, it is also called a handicap or rim.

On the rings, the sample is applied to the inner part of the bus. On chains, bracelets and sample necklace, it is most often on the link connecting the lock and the main part.

Gold sample is indicated on the inside of the shine

On all jewelry from precious metals, which are sold in Russia, even if they are made abroad, there must be a state tube stamp. It looks like a female profile in the frame. To the right of the stamps put a sample. Left - letter code State inspection of the inspection supervision that checked the product.

If the decoration was made in Russia, on it, in addition to the sample, the name should be standing - the definition of the manufacturer's brand. The name of the production and individual sign of the manufacturer is encrypted in the name.

Deciphering the test tube. Source: City Gold
This looks like a born. Source: City Gold

What is gilding

Gilding is a thin layer of gold on products from other metals and alloys. The layer is applied, for example, on silver or jewelry steel, to give the decoration of a yellow shade. Such products visually may not differ from gold, but they are much cheaper. For example, a gold chain in the store is worth 8000-10 000 Р, and chain same Mass with gilding - 1500-2000 Р.

The main minus gilding: it is pretty quickly coming, especially if the decoration is constantly. IN also Time gilt is easy to restore in the jewelry workshop.

For gilding to serve a little longer, you need to contact the decoration with water, cosmetics and perfume, try not to wear it every day, store in a soft inner coating box to avoid scratches. Also in gold-plated products are not engaged in sports.

On the left chain with small stones - golden, right - gilded

Lit can Check gold at home

There are many folk methods for checking the authenticity of gold, but I will explain why they should not be trusted. Here are the most common.

Iodine. Throw iodine on the product and see what happens. This gold will not dare. But brass and copper are also not darker.

Vinegar. They say if the fake is placed for a while in vinegar and heat it, then the solution will change the color with transparent on the blue. The product from copper can really give such a reaction, but not a table vinegar, but acetic acid is needed. At the same time, the reaction will go, even if the decoration of gold, but the alloy contains a lot of copper.

Magnet. This method will help if gold is given for gold, for example, gilded iron. Then the product will attract a magnet. Thus, gold from silver cannot be distinguished: both metal is not magnetic.

Lyapis pencil. Lyapis pencil is an antiseptic based on silver nitrate. If you spend it on a slightly moistened product in the water from gold or silver, then nothing happens. On other metals there will be black trail. But, if the product is covered with gilding, Lyapis will also not give any reaction. Therefore, to distinguish the decoration made of gold-plated metal from the golden will not work.

Lyapis pencil can be bought at the pharmacy for 150 Р. Source: Eurofarm

Sun and shadow. It is believed that real gold is equally shining in the sun and in the shade. However, there is no objective scale of this brilliance: one person seems to be the same, the other will see differences. And the brilliance of used decoration in any case will not be so bright as new.

To the tooth If you bite the gold alloy, there will be traces of teeth. Such a check is easy to spoil and decorating, and teeth. And on the lead, traces will also remain.

How to check gold in the pawnshop

Most often in Lombard, gold is chemically chemical reagents. This is how the product check is 585 sample. On decoration, they laid out the depth of about a millimeter. I needed to immediately eliminate cases when the gilt is applied or another yellow coating. On the spot inscribed under the yellow gilding layer it will be possible to see the metal of another color.

Then the reagent is applied to the scene 585 sample. It will not leave traces if the sample corresponds to the stated. If this is a fake, then the black trail will remain. Such a trace is called burn. If on gold 585 sample Think reagent for 750 sample The brown track will remain.

Fakes made of steel (for example, when white steel is issued for white gold) it is impossible to identify so: they will not give a reaction to any reagent, the track will not appear. For this reason, many pawnshops are generally not taken to test the product from metal, similar to white gold, especially 750 samples: There is very poorly visible a chemical reaction, often it is not visible at all.

Another way to check in pawnshops is using a spectrometer. This is a device whose action is based on X-ray radiation. The spectrometer in a few minutes determines not only the authenticity of gold, but also its sample.

Spectrometers are expensive, and they are not in all pawnshops. But the staff of the lambard, even if they have this device, they still prefer the method with reagents. It is considered more reliable because the spectrometer can identify the product with gilding as gold.

Check decorations by spectrometer. Source: Gold & Silver

How not to become a victim of fraudsters

With gold can be deceived. I'll tell you about the most common ways:

  1. Heavy sample. The product is gold, but cheaper sample than the seller calls.
  2. Gold plated decoration is issued for gold. For example, the ring is made of silver, and from above applied gilt. The seller must tell about it, but when buying from hands it happens not always.
  3. The product is made with a deception: the unscrupulous jeweler made the hollow gold ring, and inside laid the rod from ordinary steel to increase the mass.

The chances of running on the fake gold is high when buying from hands and almost minimal in stores and pawnshops.

When buying from hand. I do not advise you to buy gold jewelry with hands. This is the most reliable way to protect against fakes. But if you buy, please offer the seller to go to the pawnshop to make sure the authenticity of the product. Lombard will take for checking from 60 to 500 Р.

When buying gold in the store or pawnshop. Guaranteed way to protect yourself from fakes - buy gold in proven stores, where there are paper tags on products with the characteristics and manufacturer.

Pay attention to the sample marking. If the decoration is made in Russia, there must still be a name.

If you doubt the authenticity of the product, request it. Lombards usually check the decorations in the presence of a potential buyer for free.

The seller must issue a check.

When buying gold in the jewelry workshop. The jeweler works officially if he or his company is registered in the posterior chamber. The chamber is an organization that controls the turnover of precious metals and stones. The jeweler must have a certificate of registration.

Probability to buy fake at the jeweler is extremely small

Anna Frolova

Jeweler, hemologist

To buy gold and silver in pure form only can only jewelers with registration in the posterior chamber. The jeweler can make a product and metal of the customer. But in this case, for example, I definitely give metal to affinity - cleaning from impurities.

Official jewelry workshops have strict reporting in the poster room - both for metal and for precious stones.

This looks like a certificate of registration in the pure chamber. Source: Jewelry Workshop Site "Mastsenarium"

What you need to remember when buying gold jewelry

  1. It is better to buy gold products in jewelry stores or jewelry workshops. The workshop should be a certificate of registration in the posterior chamber.
  2. The passport of the goods in the case of the golden decoration serves as a tag. It shows the metal, sample, weight, insertion, if available.
  3. On the gold product should stand the stamp chamber, and another name, if the product is made in Russia.
  4. None of the folk methods for checking gold cannot be considered reliable.
  5. Check authenticity of gold jewelry can be in pawnshop.

Gold has long been used to make jewelry, dishes, decorative elements. Some people prefer to keep money in it.

The amount of fakes increases with the market expansion, Jewelry And fraudsters wishing to get rich due to their sales.

To buy expensive metal you need to treat carefully and carefully. As a result, the consumer is wondering how to determine True gold.

How to distinguish gold from fake

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Definition present Precious material must be combined.

  • Visual inspection. Products are necessarily applied to the product or its weight in carats. Markovka easily Consider through a magnifying glass or making photos on a smartphone in macro mode.
  • Check barcode. There are online programs where the following is explained. how to check The authenticity of the goods. On product tags, a barcode is specified, which can be scanned in the application or enter the code using the Special Site.

Next, consider several ways that will allow distinguish fake from the original.

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12 ways

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If the purchase is not carried out in a specialized store, then the risk of acquiring a fake or poor-quality product increases. We list the possible solutions to How to distinguish gold from other metal.

Most effective Ways to check gold :

  1. Appeal to specialists. Particularly relevant when buying "with hands." In this case, immediately with the seller you need to go to Lombard, where the expert will be able to Recognize authenticity.
  2. Checking the sample applied to the product. On all gold products, its presence is necessarily. It may not be absent if the product is old, manufactured by a private master or subject - Fake.
  3. Smell. In gold, he is neutral. On a sharp and unusual smell you can discover fake.
  4. Attention to the joints. You can see the difference with the links themselves. The high sample material is easier to melting, so it is used for compounds. Such a difference helps Determine gold.
  5. Bite. Gold - soft metal. After the bite, it will remain a trail. This method has become indicative of athletes. In this way P. Check out From a long time Coins . Thin jewelry can lose its shape.

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If gold is a high sample, the seller may not agree to a similar action. In public places it is not recommended to bite things from hygienic considerations.

Gold - not oxidized. Therefore, the following methods are based on reactions with oxidizing agents. Check them gold can At home . Each of them is described in detail below in the article.

  1. Reaction with vinegar or its essence
  2. Verification of nitric acid.
  3. Method using rye bread.

Physical experiments:

  1. Archimedes method. Calculations for conducting detailed are described below.
  2. Check magnet. Particularly relevant in travel and on vacation. You can buy an ordinary magnet and check the product. The real metal is not a magnetic.

Special attention should be paid to purchases in non-specialized stores.

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Pure gold - soft metal. Impurities are necessary to give it hardness.

Gold samples

The concept of sample is used to designate the amount of impurities per 1000 grams of alloy. The size of the sample is the amount of pure gold. 750 Sample says that in 1 kilogram of the ingot - 750 grams of pure gold.

There are certain places to print sample. The data are presented in the table.

Type of product Place of prosecution
Earrings On the fastener
Ring On the back
Products with English lock Keywords:
Earrings-cloves Leg or clasp
Bracelet Clasp
Clock The inner side of the lid.

On jewelry, there is most often a sample. Exceptions are private work or vintage products that are inherited.

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3 types of samples

Characteristics of gold

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Like all Metals, Gold has a number of features: density, hardness, heat and electrical conductivity, refractory, plasticity, color.

Gold is practically chemically inactive, which determines its durability. It plastic, so products may have a complex form.


Definition of fake gold by sound

If gold throw on a flat, solid surface or in a glass wine glass, then it sounds ringing and clean. The method is not suitable for bracelets and chains, but Colek It is possible to check.

Bite (testing for strength)

The higher the sample, the softer gold. High strength does not mean low quality, but indicates the addition of metals, with the result that the product acquires wear resistance.

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Colors of gold

Natural painting is bright yellow. But pure metal is very soft, therefore other metals that change color are added to give hardness into the alloy. For this reason, the color does not always help the unprofessional buyer to understand how to distinguish gold from Possible fake.

30% of silver give a greenish tint, about 60% - the alloy becomes white.

Copper gives a red shade. With zinc, palladium or platinum alloy whites.

With the addition of nickel - becomes light yellow.


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Checking gold on the authenticity of ceramics

You can use ceramic dishes or covert tiles. The verifiable object is necessary with the effort to carry out the ceramic surface. The black Trail from decoration says that before us fake, not a gold product . For the latter, a golden mark is characteristic.

This method may damage the golden product due to its softness. This is especially true of high samples.

There is no one hundred percent warranty with a ceramic method, if the ignite metal is gilded. Therefore, it is better to check several options.

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Gold check method by vinegar

For authentication Pullery vinegar Its into the transparent container in an amount sufficient to cover the product.

Place the studied object into the liquid and observe the reaction.

The fake will darken as the solution itself. With the original no changes will happen.


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Method with iodom

This Easy way Recommended for the gold of 585 samples and below. After him, most likely, you will have to polish the product.

For the experiment you will need:

  • Acute subject (pin, needle, knife).

Check is better to carry out on the inside of the product.

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Algorithm of actions:

  • Make a minor scratch or top layer scraping.
  • Cotton wand to dip in a small amount of iodine.
  • Wipe the prepared place.

Reaction at fake: rapid evaporation or changing the color of iodine on white.

In the interaction of S. Real Gold iodine does not change its painting and does not evaporate for a long time. Damaged place will become dark .

After the experiment, it is necessary to clean the plot of ammonia from the reagent residue to avoid metal darkening.


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Real gold is not magnetic

Gold is not a magnetic. The reverse reaction suggests that the product is based on iron, nickel, steel or other metals and their alloys. The product may be gilded or not at all in the composition of gold.

Nitric acid

Nitric acid

A reliable method will allow to distinguish gold from counterfeiting at home . It is neatly carried out in disposable gloves at the following steps:

  1. On the pure metal surface to put the product.
  2. In the pipette, dial nitric acid and apply 1 drop to metal.

Clean product will not change its condition. On alloy Gold With the impurities of the acid will become dairy. On another metal - green.

Black bread

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Check gold on originality with black bread

Reliable way to identify fakes:

  1. Black bread crumbs mix with water to a consistency suitable for fixing on gold thing.
  2. Leave up to completely dry bread.
  3. Break the crust.

The inner side of the ball, her Hue will give metal . Dark talks about fake, as the metal oxidation occurred.

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Pharmacy pencil

Lyapis pencil and gold check for fake

Almost every pharmacy can be purchased Lyapis pencil designed to stop bleeding from small wounds. The principle of operation is based on silver nitrate reactions with metals.


  • Water the product.
  • On his surface with a pencil, swipe.

The track remains only on Fake or low sample gold.


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Needle - as one of the methods for checking fake gold

Scratches from the needle or pins are clearly manifested in high samples. What it is lower, the track will be unnoter. In this case, the noble metal will be differ By the fact that it will not change the color. The fake will darken.

The sun

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Verification of real gold Sun

Gold products are equally shiny in the shade and with direct sunlight. For clarity, you can compare a dubious product with already verified.

Archimedes method

Gold check by Archimedes

The principle is based on the fact that the poverty force acts on the subject. It is equal to the mass of water in the amount of the product.

You will need:

For test:

  1. Jewelry weighing and fix the data (M1).
  2. Put water container on the scales and reset the data.
  3. On the thread completely immerse the product in water so that it does not touch the bottom and walls.
  4. Write down new data - gold weight in water (M2).
  5. Spend calculations.

Example. The mass of the product that is not immersed in water: M1 = 2.3 grams. Weight of this life of the product in water M2 = 0.173 grams. Delim M1 / ​​M2 = 2.3 / 0.173 = 13,295

The sample is determined according to the table:

M1 / M2.








Based on the calculations in the example, gold 585 samples are presented. 13,295 enters the range of 12.50-14.00.

How to determine the sample of gold

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В Home Conditions It is convenient to use the electronic detector. You can buy it in the jewelry workshop at a low price. It is used to accurately determine samples from 333 to 750. Values ​​shows in carats (from 6 to 18).

The chemical method is carried out using reagents.

For 600 and a smaller sample, chlorine gold is used. For higher - acid.

Sample is determined in bloom Faceted stains. What he is brighter, the lower the sample. For example, light brown coloring characterizes 585 sample, green - 375. Such a method is more often used by experts.

What is the difference between gold and gilding

Gilding instead of gold: how not to buy fake | Survival Rules | Release 12.Gilding instead of gold: how not to buy fake | Survival Rules | Release 12.

Gilding - metal covered with a layer

Gold. Different countries have certain requirements for the manufacture of gilded products.

On the market you can often meet Jewelry Covered with gold, based on silver or metal alloy.

Concept Medical Gold It appeared thanks to marketing tricks. The alloy can be covered with a thin layer of gold, and can sometimes be manufactured without it. Medical Alloy hypoallergenic and durable. Additional coating only adorns products.

How to distinguish gold from other metals

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Gold does not interact with acids. It does not darken over time. The first thing to pay attention to:

  • Try.
  • Shine and smell. Gold glitters in the shade as well as the sun, there is no smell.
  • Accuracy of work. Products should be smooth, without chipping and scratches.

If there is no confidence in quality, you need to require guarantees from the seller and contact the experts.

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How not to become a victim of fraudsters

To avoid acquiring a fake, follow the rules:

  • Choose reliable shops. Avoid pawnshops, small shops, markets.
  • Require quality certificates, do not believe the seller who convinces that in some countries there is no sample. It is impossible when crossing the border.
  • The sellers meet the alloy of titanium and gold. Such a combination does not contain gold.
  • Sample 583. She comes from Soviet times, no longer produced. Therefore, you can trust in such products and their quality.
  • Price. Not always expensive thing is different High quality. The cost depends on the manufacturer, weight, product size, jewelry complexity.
  • The most popular samples are 585, 750. It is impossible to trust the transactions in the Turkish market. They often have no relation to reality.
  • Poor printeated test of samples, chips, scratches and roughness - an indicator of low quality or fake.

There are situations where the seller pays for an estimate only the clasp. They put a sample on it, but the earring can be unreal . You can confidently tell the dubious seller that you will check the product with vinegar. If he does not agree, then the product is a fake.


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Fakes in the Gold Market, how to distinguish gold from fakes Promotions for determining gold in homeFakes in the Gold Market, how to distinguish gold from fakes Promotions for determining gold in home

Buying decorations do not need to chase at the highest breakdown. This is not practical. Such products quickly lose their shape and erase. If the purpose of the purchase is the storage of money, then preference is better to give the ingots and coins.

To shopping from individuals or in places for tourists, other people's countries must be treated with caution and application of gold authentication methods.

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What should I do if sold fake?

Where to apply if sold fake? Learn!

Gold one of the most desirable precious metals on the ground. Used not only in the production of jewelry, but also in various fields of science, in the manufacture of equipment, various equipment. Gold in pure form is rarely used, as it is soft, plastic material. It is usually mixed with other metals and get alloys. In jewelry, quality is assessed by the content of gold in the product. To do this, use a sample in the form of stamp. Sample 999 - means practically pure gold, without impurities.

The gold jewelry for the most part there are samples - 585 and 583 samples. 585 Sample means that the product is 58.5% of gold and 41.5% admixtures of other metals. The deception in the production of gold jewelry is to indicate, for example, 585 samples, and essentially gold will be at times less. There are also complete fakes when there is no percentage of gold in the product at all. How to determine gold in front of you or not?

How to check gold at home

There are several methods:

  1. With iodine. Iodine will be required, cotton wand and something acute (knife, feet, file, etc.). Slightly, at an invisible place, better from the inside, scrape a little verified product. If the product is clean, you can do without scraping the top layer. Next, plunge your cotton wand in iodine and fool the chick. Now observe the behavior of the iodine drop. If the drop of starting right away and evaporate - fake. On the present gold drop of iodine remains dark color and does not evaporate for a long time. Next, erase the remnants of iodine if he stayed. If the place where iodine was, smoked, then before you real gold. On the fake decoration, the place whites. You need a blackened place, you can clean up as soon as possible. At home, gold can be brushed toothpaste. More detailed and visually, how to spend this test See below in the video:

  2. Verification of the ammonia. The principle of the method is the same as with the help of iodine. The only thing is that you need to drop the ammonia, but to rub his seconds 15 for the product to be checked. This gold will not happen any reactions. Other metals will reveal themselves with spinning, and the cotton wand will take.

    Gold check by ammonia at home
    Left - a wand, moistened with the ammonia, cried from interaction with fakes under gold. Right is clean, after contact with the real gold.

  3. Lyapis pencil (antiseptic with silver nitrate, sold in pharmacies). Pencil enters a chemical reaction with almost all metals, except gold. Fool jewelry. Gold will not change the color, fakes will darken. The method is also not very relevant if you have a low sample gold.

    Gold check with a flag-pencil
    On the left - the fake was spontaneously. Right - real gold.

Above the listed methods, to determine gold at home, are suitable only for the differences in rough fake. The best method is suitable using iodine and ammonia. To determine impurities, laboratory tests are suitable or you can contact the pawnshop.

Check by vinegar - myth, not working method.

How to check gold in the pawnshop

Gold buyers check gold decorations with acids. First spend gold on the tube (silicon slate), and depending on the sample on the product, a certain acid is used. On the stone there is a darling of metal, a drop of an acid on it and drip. The fake will evaporate under the action of acid, and traces from real gold will remain in place.

The first thing they do in Lombard is inspecting the sample. It must be clear over all corners, and have a manufacturer's stamp. Then the specialist applies the decoration to the magnet. This is such a quick method to exclude a gross fake. Gold is not a magnetic, and if the other metal was coated with gilding, it will attract to the magnet. Well, then the specialist uses chemistry to determine the quality of the product. Stigma, sample on gold

How to find out the Gold Product Sample at Home: Archimedes Method

For testing, we will need electronic scales, calculator, water. The method is based on the law of Archimedes, according to which we determine the density of the product and compare it with the reference. To calculate, we need to learn the weight of the product and the weight of the dispensable liquid. Then make a mathematical action and compare with the table density of metals. More like, told in the video - how to determine the present gold and sample by water:

Table of density of precious metals:

metal Silver Gold 375, 500 Gold 583, 585 Gold 750. Gold 999.
density 9 - 10 11 - 12 12 - 14. 14 - 17 19.3.

Is it possible to distinguish the golden ornament from the fakes without contacting the specialized store or to the jewelry master? There are several proven ways. We will help you to save on a specialist, quickly and securely checking gold at home. Of course, the characteristics of gold alloys are different, and this will also reflect the reaction of the noble metal on various ways of checking. We will deal with this question in detail.

Top 10 ways - how to distinguish gold from fake and check the authenticity of decorations?

Top 10 reliable ways to determine the truth of gold

Characteristics of gold jewelry directly depend on the composition and manufacturer. So, at home, it is customary to use the following gold check methods:

1. Processing on the product. To begin with, attention should be paid to the presence of a sample, which is the main evidence of the authenticity of the precious metal. Note and digital equivalent: Upper limit - Sample 999 is practically pure gold, and 585 sample includes 58.5 pure gold, the rest is the associated elements, therefore is called the alloy. Trust, but check, as they say. Therefore, go on!

2. The sound of contact with the bottom of the glass. It only seems that all metal products, in contact with a smooth surface, publish the same sound. Throwing a ring from a real gold on a lacquered table or in a glass, you will hear the clean and ring sound of high frequency, practically not distinguishable from crystal sound.

3. Bite (check for strength) - gold is a soft metal, and any mechanical force leaves on it. Of course, you will not harm the aesthetics of the product, but we will definitely see a dreaming from the impact. In this way, the gold will be checked for centuries, it was from here that a tradition was taken to preach the gold medal of the Olympics, symbolically checking it on authenticity.

4. Gold shade. Gold products have a few shades - from white to pinkish, saturated yellow, green and chocolate. It depends on other metals included in the alloy. However, if there are other colors in the color scheme, more sharp turn on colors or initial turbidity, it is already a serious signal.

5. Ceramics - Fast Gold Check for Authenticity With Ceramics will require a ceramic plate or tile. All you need is to decorate the plate, accompanying the average effort. If a gray or black line remains, the decoration authentication is to be seriously doubted.

6. Vinegar is an old faithful way. Lower the jewel in the container filled with vinegar. The procedure will not affect the gold, any other metal can give an unexpected reaction - loses color, turbulent, vinegar gives bubbles, it can even be poisoned and painted himself.

7. The method with iodine is checked by many generations of our ancestors. Just drip one drop of iodine on the inside of the product. Real gold will remain the same, the fake is necessarily in this place will become gray, turning around or fading.

8. Check magnet. Remember that real gold is not attracted, but any other non-denominated metal - instantly foggy. Important! The magnet from the refrigerator will not fit - need a teachy traditional magnet.

9. Nitric acid is an excellent way, although it will be necessary to find this acidic for him. Drip out of the pipette on the product. Greenish tint will give metal, milk - gold with a lot of impurities. Color has not changed? This is pure gold!

10. Rye bread. With the help of black bread, it is also easy to find out - a real jewelry or not. However, it will take a couple of days. If you have nowhere to rush, put a ring or earrings in a dead folding slice of rye bread and leave for 48 hours. Any metal will darken after oxidation, gold - 100% will remain the same.

Recall that the gold decoration in its purest form to meet is very difficult, if only because the softness of the metal makes it very vulnerable to mechanical exposure, and absolutely not practical in the sock. Do not chase for 999 breakdown, and choose reliable alloys from a proven manufacturer!

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