Crafts from paper do it yourself the most interesting - the top 130 best photo schemes for beginners. Master class with a complete description of the technique + reviews of interesting ideas of crafts

Creating paper crafts is an entertaining process and a pleasant pastime for all family members. Of the paper - an affordable girlfriend can create artistic greeting cards, bright appliqués and volumetric crafts.

For this type of needlework, no special professional skills are required. All that is necessary for creativity is a phased guide and examples of finished works.

The process of creating paper crafts with your own hands will be very useful and entertaining for children. For a child, thanks to the handle "Hand-Maid" develops small motility of hands, creative thinking, infevering and diligence.

And we will provide you with a selection of simple, original and most beautiful paper crafts that will undoubtedly inspire you for creativity.

Shrink box

For the youngest fans of the maritime subjects, such an easy-to-manufacture, but a very attractive ship will become an excellent idea for handicraft. Together with the parents or teacher, the baby will be able to embody everything that he knows about the sea vessels and feel like a real captain of his little ship.

For the manufacture of such a product, you will need three matched box, two of which you need to install nearby, and the third - put up. In order not to spoil the appearance of the future vessel with advertising inscriptions, the workpiece should be placed by one-photographic paper, after which it starts to create a stern. To do this, cut out the base from the cardboard, and from two strips we build the nose of the future ship.

You can install sails as follows: We prepare the usual tube and fix the rectangular cut of the cardboard on it. Complete the composition with a miniature red flag on the tip of the tube.

Next, decorating the sides of the ship so that the matchboxes are not visible. Such a boat will harmoniously decorate small leggues.

Russian stove.

The Russian oven is associated with a warm cozy home and hot hearth. Without this indispensable attribute, it is difficult to submit a large number of Russian folk fairy tales.

And if the child in school gave the task to make the stove with their own hands, then there is nothing complicated. Such an exercise paper and cardboard is very realistic.

First of all, cut the box from toothpaste for two halves: one - more, the second - less. Mostly install vertically, and smaller - we apply to the first in a horizontal position. Billet fix glue.

After the glue is slightly dried, the boxes are covered with white paper to imitate whitening. For the manufacture of a chimney, it is required to cut a cardboard strip, bend it in such a way that a small pipe is turned out to be a small pipe, then glue it to the base. From black colored paper, cut out the furnace, and from the orange - the framing for it.

We glue the carved items onto a white rectangular leaf and waiting for a complete drying of the glue. We glue the furnace to the furnace, the pipe is gluable with orange paper. A black felt-tip pen on a pipe must draw bricks and insert a small cotton piece into it to imitate smoke.

Chicken from a CD

Applying the technology of such a craft from paper and an old CD, you can make not only cute chickens, but also a hare, a bear, hedgehog or a pig. Since this product is not volumetric, then such a chick can be suspended above the desktop or even decorate them the New Year tree.

To create a chicken, the first thing you need to cut a large amount of yellow or light brown woolens - they are necessary for the plumage of the future chick. Next, it is necessary to smear the disc glue and cover it with threads.

When the disk is completely dry, it should be thickened to shake it well in order to showered extra fur woolly. Next, from the cardboard, cut out two large white and two tiny blue oval for chickens.

The beak, foot and scallop birds can be brown, and the wings are yellow. In order to hang the finished handicraft, you need to do a hole in the disk and stretch through it thread.

Corrugated paper rose

To produce this very spectacular volumetric craft from paper, you will need to cut fifteen paper petals in the form of hearts and five - in the form of droplets. Next, stretch each petal from the middle to the edges to give it a more natural shape and bends. Pencil or handle adjust the edges of the petals.

In the presence of colored adhesive tape, the flower stem can be wrapped for greater naturalness. The rose assembly is performed in the following sequence: the first thing to the wire is fixed drop-shaped petals, then in the form of hearts.

If desired, each layer can be fastened with adhesive tape and make green leaves for the base of the bud.

Paper garlands

Paper garlands are a budget designer reception to design a festive room in any style and subject. We will tell you about how to make such a craft from paper stylish, spectacular and durable.

The easiest option for creating a paper decor is cut out of a folded colorful paper of uncomplicated figures: triangles, stripes, flags. Carved elements are placed on the beep, glue together and paper garland is ready!

A little more complicated process of creating a garlands consisting of various figures. It may be snowy, Christmas trees, Grandfather Frost, Angels, Yellow. In the case submitted, stencils or skills in drawing will be used.

To create such a decor, we take the paper leaf, cut it into length into a length of several parts to obtain strips of the desired width and the height of future figures.

Further, the workpiece is folded into the harmonica and the liked the template - halves of images are applied. The applied outlines are cut out. There are several pieces of such elements from which garlands. If desired, the figures can be decorated.

Greeting Cards

Today in the age of advanced technologies, we still began to give each other paper postcards. While gifts made with their own hands still remain desirable, touching, memorable and most valuable. On the photo of these interesting crafts from paper, we can see the volumetric, musical cards with a surprise, embroidery and fabric appliqué.

The following example is one of the easiest, but very attractive ideas of the performance of homemade posts. For this, about ten strokes are cut from the wrapping paper, which by means of a handle or pencil twist into cylinders. These billets will be "candles", very realistic and elegant they are obtained from striped paper.

So that the candles did not lose the primordial shape, the edges of the strips are fixed with glue. After that, out of orange paper cut out "lights" for candles. All prepared elements are collected together and glue attach to a beautiful twice as folded cardboard.

Bright butterflies

Butterflies are mandatory sunny summer companions. Each of them is unique in its own way and unique, because Nature gave these insects with amazing patterns and colorful wings.

Paper butterflies are manufactured in various techniques using a varied material: colored paper, napkins, cardboard. The most light crafts from paper can be attributed butterflies from glossy magazine pages.

When choosing pages from the journal, pay attention exclusively on bright colorful pictures - they will be located on the wings of the future butterfly.

The magazine sheet is folded twice and cut the triangle of the required size from it - at this stage there should be a diamond. Starting from the center, the figure is the harmonica, the folds glued together, pin down a small amount of glue into the middle. Then bend the detail in the middle and spread the wings.

Form another similar item a little more sized, glove with each other. Such butterflies can be suspended on a rubber room - it will be very cute mobile for babies. Or fasten them on a wall or window, thereby creating a gentle interior decoration.

Autumn tree

In the autumn period in schools and kindergartens, children are preparing homemade products on autumn topics. Colored paper crafts can convey all the beauty and color of fading nature.

Create autumn tree with false leaves can be several ways. To create a volumetric tree on a piece of cardboard, it is necessary to circle a tree pattern and cut it - we will need two such billets for the crafts.

Further on the middle of each village make cuts - the first to the center from above, the second - to the middle of the bottom. After that, insert one form to another - and it turns out a volumetric tree that will be steadily standing on the table.

At this stage, the leaves of arbitrary shape cut out of colored paper. With the help of glue fasten leaflets on the tree.

Applique "Birch"

Another option for making paperwood are colorful flat applications. To create such a simple paper crafts. White paper leaf should be rolled into the tube and twist. The formed "trunk" is installed on a cardboard sheet.

The color of corrugated paper is chosen depending on the selected season: the green color is suitable for birch in the summer, and yellow for the autumn period.

The selected corrugated paper is tugged into small pieces, form some of them, which are further glued to the trunk. Lumps are the leaves of the tree. At the end of work on the trunk, black stripes should be drawn so that the tree is as much as possible on the birches.

Christmas tree

On the eve of the winter holidays in all houses, schools and kindergartens, the main symbol of the upcoming year is established - the Christmas tree. But besides a large coniferous beauty, you can make her small miniatures and put them in every room. The process of manufacturing such festive crafts from paper will be interesting for children and adults.

Taking advantage of the ideas of the master classes offered by us, you can choose the most liked option and put it in life. For example, to create the most simple paper Christmas tree made of colored paper, two identical blanks are cut, bend them along and glued.

As a result, it turns out a very realistic children's Christmas tree. You can decorate it with sparkling sequins, rhinestones, beads or colored paper toys.

The smallest handicrafts can make a coniferous beauty from a green paper cone. You can decorate the main culprit of the New Year's celebration with glitter, bows, paper bells, stars and snowflakes.

In another variation of manufacturing, a triangle is cut out of paper and take a suitable wooden wand, which will be a spruce. After that, the base is attached to the trunk - a plug or plasticine ball. This is done so that the Christmas tree retains the vertical position.

Then the paper is riveted on a wand, like a sail in a boat. And now an unusual Christmas decoration can already take her honorable place in the most prominent place.

Photo crafts from paper do it yourself the most interesting

Paper crafts with children do it yourselfPaper refers to the most affordable and versatile species of material used for creativity. Easy processing, staining, design, ease of cutting, flexion, gluing, variety of floral and decorative characteristics allows you to make interesting paper products together with children of different ages. Such activities contribute to the development of figurative thinking, attentiveness, prettiness, imagination, creative fantasy. When purchasing specific skills, it is possible to create real masterpieces to decorate the interior, which make individuality and sophistication into the surrounding space.

Original paper decor (photo)

A lot of small things needed to solve certain domestic problems can be made personally.

Funny children's toy clothespins and paper

Funny children's toy clothespins and paper

Interesting paper toys for kids dressed on your fingers

Interesting paper toys for kids dressed on your fingers

Fascinating collection of paper beast

Fascinating collection of paper beast


There is a variety of original paper bookmarks that are easy to make together with the child. The easiest option is the rolled four square sheet of paper.

Manufacturing process

  1. The free edge is glued, and the surfaces are decorated with a pattern, interesting ornament. You can glue cut-off bright pictures.
  2. It turns out an expressive and unusual laying in the form of a mittens. Pain its contour on plated monochrome paper cardboard.
  3. Cut and decorate various colors, butterflies. At the bottom of the mittens, the hole is done in which the lace is made and tied.
Paper bookmark for books - Great gift for book

Paper bookmark for books - Great gift for book

Name Bookmarks for Children

Name Bookmarks for Children

Step by step making paper bookmark

Step by step making paper bookmark


Modern methods of communication pass to the disappearance of such a way of communication as a paper letter. However, it is always nice to get a small souvenir, a postcard, a memorable booklet in the envelope, which can be made with your own hands.

We do with your own hands

  1. For activity, scissors will need, monochrome paper of the traditional A4 format with an arbitrary picture of the colorful magazine, pencil, glue.
  2. For the template it is advisable to take a ready-made mail envelope. It is neatly spawned, applied to cardboard and drive.
  3. After cutting, such a blank will be stored in a folder for creativity and can be used many times. It remains on the made colorful paper from the wrong side to circle envelope, cut and glue.
  4. For a gentle message on a piece of pink paper, you need to draw a heart loop. Cut it, sweep the side parts to the center and glue the lower pointed side.

Tip! An ordinary envelope can be turned into a funny crawler if paper handles and legs are glued to it. On the front side draw or glued cats, dogs, hare or any other character.

Festive cards with interesting design

Festive cards with interesting design

An unusual envelope obtained from circles. The paper used for scrapbooking, four blanks cut out with any round-shaped item. Fold them in half. Having a mustache from four sides, glue in the center. Invest suitable for size, the remaining four sides are flexible, fasten the satin ribbon.

There are many options for the manufacture of self-envelopes. You can even arrange a whole album for memorable events. The number of envelopes is regulated depending on the goal.

Colored envelopes

Colored envelopes

Sweet paper star gift

Sweet paper star gift

Make special envelopes for money. According to the appointment, the pictures are glued, for example, a photo of a house that I would like to purchase or commemorative places where it is planned to go on vacation. The advantage of such activities is the ability to manufacture envelopes of any sizes and configurations, depending on the destination.

Decorating paper postcards - Interesting and exciting occupation

Decorating paper postcards - Interesting and exciting occupation

Master class for making envelopes

Master class for making envelopes

Vegetables and fruits

Quickly give the table a festive look will be able to simulate vegetables and fruits. It looks like the decoration of the table is very interesting and unusual, besides, always attracts the attention of guests.


  1. For carrots, a triangular pattern is cut and glued in the form of a cone. Applying transverse strokes with a pink marker. For the children's holiday draw on the product of the eye and a fun smile.
  2. Mimic an apple or orange will help a paper circle of the appropriate color. It is also possible to bloom, drawing hair, a smiling face or gluing suitable pictures.
Bright colored decoration for improvised children's table

Bright colored decoration for improvised children's table

The photo shows how to make bulk colored paper fruits

The photo shows how to make bulk colored paper fruits


Congratulations in the form of a postcard are quite popular. The image on them is not necessarily drawing. With the help of colored paper napkins, it is possible to create magnificent half-compound compositions.

For this purpose, on the basis of the contour of the future art facility. The napkin is cut into small squares, each of which is converted into a dense lump. It remains to stick them to a postcard, giving the necessary configuration.

Tip! The unusual effect is obtained if the paper squares roll in the tube and poke them, having vertically, for example, the skirt of the ballerina depicted.

Paper postcards are very easy to manufacture

Paper postcards are very easy to manufacture

Such a postcard will be highly appreciated by relatives and friends, friends

Such a postcard will be highly appreciated by relatives and friends, friends

Floral motifs

Paper flowers are popular. They do not require special skills and manufactured quickly enough. Collected in bouquets, garlands or posted in bulk compositions, these products allow you to create a festive mood. The advantage of such registration is dynamism. It is easy to update and replace.

How to make a chamomile

To bring in the atmosphere of any room, the feeling of a sunny summer day will allow adorable daisies, for the manufacture of which will need white and yellow paper. As additional tools, it is necessary to prepare glue, pencil, cigl.

  1. White paper needs to cut strips. They are spinning on the one hand, giving the shape of the petal.
  2. With the help of the circulation, they paint and cut the round middle. Alternately, one row of petals is glued to it. Then the petals are then fixed.
Chamomile - a symbol of love and beauty

Chamomile - a symbol of love and beauty

White daisies garland

White daisies garland


Make a cactus from colored paper is also just like any other flower. For its manufacture, you will need a minimum set of material and tools, namely: paper green, scissors and glue. On the photo below shows a step-by-step master class to create this beautiful desert plant.

Paper cactus often apply for interior decoration

Paper cactus often apply for interior decoration

Funny multicolored cacti

Funny multicolored cacti

Wall garlands

For decorating a monochon wall, a variety of figures are used, of which they create interesting garlands. We often serve as hearts for them.

In order to enhance expressiveness, glue them from two halves. Then attached to the designated place. Volumetric creates different objects - droplets, asterisks, leaves, clouds.

Colored paper garland looks great on the background of a white wall

Colored paper garland looks great on the background of a white wall

You can cut colored butterflies by stencil. After bonding between the two outdoor patterns, butterflies raise the wings.

They are glued in the desired order on the tape and placed with beautiful waves on any vertical plane. They can also re-establish any created item.

Elegant butterfly chandelier

Elegant butterfly chandelier

Butterfly without template

Using only small scissors and landscape sheet, you can make a butterfly without searching the desired template. For this purpose, they work according to the following algorithm:

  1. Sliced ​​excess from the sheet so as to get a square that bend first on one side diagonally. This action is repeated on the other hand.
  2. Then the right upper angle is connected to the bottom from the same side. The same operation is made on the left.
  3. It turns out a double triangle, which has the lower ends to be bent up so that their tips touch the center of the folded figure, and the sides passed exactly by the collapse.
  4. The resulting part is turned over a pointed end and flex it so that he spoke about 5 mm above the upper cut. To do this, you need to pull a good lower stake.
  5. The top corner is refilled on the other side, slightly pressing and smoothing the bend to lock it.
  6. It remains to give a butterfly volume, pressing your finger in a corner and bending a middle line figure.

If you wish, you can make a product, painting it. Of multicolored butterflies, whole garlands are created.

Paper butterfly manufacturing process

Paper butterfly manufacturing process

Bright wall decor

Bright wall decor

Russian oven.

Studying the Russian folk fairy tale with the child, in which Emelya rode the furnace, it is possible to create a miracle together with it, making a similar product. For the basics take packaging from toothpaste. You will also need a black marker, scissors, glue, cotton wool.


  1. The packaging is cut into two parts by making one more than another. Much detail put vertically, and the second is glued on one side to it horizontally.
  2. Plug design with white paper. On the top gluing a small elongated box, imitating the pipe. It is covered with orange paper and a black marker draw bricks.
  3. To make the firebox, cut out a small cream rectangle, a black semicircle and a strip of orange.
  4. They stick to the furnace (approximately in the middle of the vertical part) at first a cream base, a black part on it, below the horizontally orange strip.
  5. On a semicircle, small orange rectangles are glued, imitating bricks.
  6. To make the illusion of smoke, a small blusted piece of cotton sticks on the pipe from above. In the furnace you can glue the flames of the red and raspberry color.
Russian oven made of cardboard with manual coloring

Russian oven made of cardboard with manual coloring

Interesting idea of ​​interior decoration

Interesting idea of ​​interior decoration

New Year's attribute

On the eve of the new year, creative activity on the decoration of the premises begins. It is not always necessary to acquire expensive garlands and other attributes, since the New Year decor can be made personally using the available paper. Pick more often options with golden, silver, green, red tone.

Because products affect a variety, it is advisable to purchase a set of colored paper for creativity, allowing you to choose the desired tint if necessary.

Christmas tree from the pages of the old book

Christmas tree from the pages of the old book

Big paper stars - an indispensable attribute of the New Year celebration

Big paper stars - an indispensable attribute of the New Year celebration

Newspaper and thread will need for such a festive decoration

Newspaper and thread will need for such a festive decoration

Christmas trees

Christmas trees are often made for decoration of the festive table. Paper allows these products to perform lungs, selecting dimensions suitable for a specific environment.

There are many options. The most simple are cones from green paper installed on a flat stand and decorated with beads, small chains. They can stick seashells, bispers, buttons. For children, decorations made of small candies from which garlands are collecting and placed on a cute improvised Christmas tree.

Even small children will be able to make a paper Christmas tree

Even small children will be able to make a paper Christmas tree

Wooder of paper strips

Wooder of paper strips

A more complex version of the bulk Christmas tree is performed by their own hands from paper circles. Wooden or plastic stand, wire, scissors, green tone paper, cirkul.

Step-by-step manufacture

  1. Wire must be attached to a stable stand. On paper draw circles. The largest diameter is 20 cm. Then there is a decrease in 2 cm, until it turns out a circle with a diameter of 6 cm. Total 15 templates are obtained.
  2. Additionally, I still cut a circle with a diameter of 5 cm for the top. In the center of each workpiece you need to spend a circle with a radius of 1.5 cm.
  3. Make scissors of the caps that must reach the edge of the mug until the line is drawn. Each segment turns in the form of a tube, attaching edges with glue.
  4. In the center of the billets pierced holes. Begin to collect the Christmas tree, placing the greatest circle down. Then the workpieces are billet as the diameter decreases.
  5. The cone gloves from the small mug and make the crown of the Christmas tree. Make it up depending on the existing decorations. It can be beads, tinsel, rain and other interesting things.
New Year's fir of his own manufacture

New Year's fir of his own manufacture

Exotic version of the Christmas tree made of paper balloons

Exotic version of the Christmas tree made of paper balloons

Make paper garlands, bulk balls, flags, snowflakes, which can be placed in any variation on curtains, walls, ceiling, wardrobes, shelves.

Christmas garland from paper cups

Christmas garland from paper cups

Interior decorations (photo)

Paper products when complying with the harmonious selection of color shades are used to decorate the interior. It is enough to master uncomplicated technological methods.

Second life of paper tray for eggs

Second life of paper tray for eggs

From the bushings of toilet paper you can make interesting decorations

From the bushings of toilet paper you can make interesting decorations

These figures remained to attach sponges, nose and eyes

These figures remained to attach sponges, nose and eyes

Merry stand under the handle in the form of a cute dog

Merry stand under the handle in the form of a cute dog

As you can see on school supplies you can save well

As you can see on school supplies you can save well

It is impossible to draw such a pencil, but it will become an excellent decoration in the kid's room.

It is impossible to draw such a pencil, but it will become an excellent decoration in the kid's room.


The application of appliqué techniques allows you to create interesting compositions that, after conclusion, the beautiful decorative frame becomes decorating the interior.

It is picking up any drawing, they are based on the basis, glue the cut parts from the paper of the desired shade and create a background, for example, vegetable.

Beautiful applique in the form of a wall painting

Beautiful applique in the form of a wall painting

Applique from paper
Children's Wall Paper Applique

Complement to children's paper applications with bright decorative details. For one unusual option, paper napkins with an ornament are selected. There are every fourwise, the middle is fixed with a stapler, cut the circle. Then all layers of napkins are separated, which allows you to get a bulk flower. Add green leaves and placed on a prepared background.

Independent manufacture of lush colors

Independent manufacture of lush colors

Interesting option decoration festive table

Interesting option decoration festive table

Like children to create appliques from torn paper. For such activities, scissors are not required, so it is safe even for younger age. Selecting the necessary shades, tear away small pieces from paper and glued on the prepared background, focusing on a pre-composed color scheme.

To decorate a simple pencil, it is enough to do some paper craft on it

To decorate a simple pencil, it is enough to do some paper craft on it

Flower wreath

Flower wreath

From buttons and paper are excellent decorations

From buttons and paper are excellent decorations


When purchasing the skills of making paper crafts in weaving techniques, it is possible to create original products that become a central highlight of the interior.

  1. At the initial stage, the interweaving strips are mastered from the selected contrasting paper in a chess order. It turns out a linen pattern.
  2. Complicating technique, cut from newsprint rectangles, screw on the pencil, glue the side to get the tubes.
  3. Billets replace the traditional vine and can be used for weaving baskets, vases, plates, birds and animal figures. The products are then ground and painted.
Weave baskets from newspaper tubes (step by step)

Weave baskets from newspaper tubes (step by step)

Author's decor: manufacturing technique, photo

Worth the question of what crafts from paper can be made with your own hands, it is important to know what holiday or event you are going to make a similar decor. It will be useful to explore detailed master classes for the manufacture of beautiful paper jewelry, which is very much on the Internet today.

The versatility and availability of paper determine the appearance of a variety of techniques that allow you to organize creative activities with this material.

Gentle pink paper cactus

Gentle pink paper cactus

  • Papier mache . When working, the basis of the desired configuration is created. It is placed in several layers with paper pieces. When the workpiece enhances, it is ground, paint and decorated in accordance with the idea.
Variety of crafts depends on your imagination

Variety of crafts depends on your imagination

If desired, the whole farm can be created from Papier Masha

If desired, the whole farm can be created from Papier Masha

  • Decoupage . The peculiarity of this type of decorative creativity is to stick on the prepared painted surfaces of ornaments, pictures, interesting patterns, out of fine paper. The top layer of napkins is often used. After the final application of several layers of varnish, a holistic decor is created. This technique is drawn up not only vases, but also furniture.
Decorating and decorating your favorite things with your own hands

Decorating and decorating your favorite things with your own hands

  • Origami . Amazing items are created by folding paper on a specific algorithm. Such activities develop observation, patience, figurative thinking. Work is conducted on specially designed schemes.
Origami - complex, but exciting occupation

Origami - complex, but exciting occupation

Origami-style crafts for storing small items

Origami-style crafts for storing small items

Panda - traditional symbol of the Japanese interior

Panda - traditional symbol of the Japanese interior

Sweet decoration

Sweet decoration

  • Paperoplasty . The basis of the innovative paper plastic technology is the ability of this material to gain different forms. Crafts are creating an amazing beauty and expressiveness of sculptures, three-dimensional compositions.
  • Modular origami . A compound in a strictly defined sequence of identical paper parts leads to the appearance of openwork products. Create a variety of household items, figures of birds and animals, which, with a competent selection of color combinations, invariably attract admiring glances.
This paper product will require a long and painstaking work.

This paper product will require a long and painstaking work.

  • Kirigami . Charming volumetric objects with flowing openwork forms are created in the technique of Kirigami. They conquer with elegant lines, intricateness, dynamism.
Stylish postcards made in technique Kirigami

Stylish postcards made in technique Kirigami

  • Quilling . The basis serves as twisted paper strips twisted. Details are given the desired form, and then they are vertically glued to the base. The compositions are affected by sophisticated sophistication, becoming a real pearl of the interior.
Great memory gift

Great memory gift

Quilling - It is always colorful and unique crafts.

Quilling - It is always colorful and unique crafts.

  • Torlet . Use for the manufacture of panels, postcards, decoration frames, albums. Corrugated paper is cut by squares. Then a pencil or any wand put in the center of the workpiece. The edges are crimped around the pencils and immediately applied on a glovenant base. Only after that the wand is cleaned. So tightly glue all the details. It turns out a fluffy surface.
Make a flower by moving forces by even a novice decorator

Make a flower by moving forces by even a novice decorator

No need to strive to benefit from each paper craft. After all, the activity itself brings true satisfaction, allowing you to realize our own creative ideas and ideas. The result becomes not only the manufacture of some kind of thing, but also the ability to spend leisure with children. It is important to celebrate the success of the child to gradually form the motivation to their own creativity.

It is not only useful to deal with the children with creativity. It helps to cultivate prisons, care and figurative thinking in the kids. Having under hand affordable materials and putting a little effort, you can create real masterpieces that will decorate the interior of the room and add notes of individuality. How to make a light craft from paper, in today's article.

Crafts from paper helps to develop fantasy.

Paper cone crafts

Make such toys is easy. It is enough to see how to perform light crafts from paper in stages. In the process of work, the paper cone is simply folded and complemented by small elements.


To make a pig, you need:

  • With the help of a circulation, draw a circle on a sheet of colored paper (it is better to take pink for a pig);
  • split the circle in half and cut one half;
  • Collapse a half of the circle in the croke and glue one side - it will be a blow torso;
  • Cut from white paper 2 eyes, and from pink - ears and patch, and glue in appropriate places to the cone. Cut 2 Circle of black paper (pupils) and 2 - from red (nostrils), and also glued;
  • Make a twisted tail, wating a thin strip of pink paper on a pencil, and fasten on the cone;
  • Roth draw marker.

If you cut both halves of a circle, you will get 2 pigs.


The principle of the manufacture of butterflies is almost the same as the pig:

  • make a cone;
  • From paper of the same color, the head and mustache are cut and attached to the cone;
  • From paper of another color make wings;
  • Draw or cut out of paper eyes and mouth.

Similarly, you can make a bee or wasp.

Crafts from paper rings

Under the guidance of adult kids can make light crafts from paper with their own hands. They will probably cope with the manufacture of paper rings.


For the manufacture of this craft:

  • Cut a few stripes from colored paper and make rings;
  • form a caterpillar, gluing rings alternately;
  • To the first rings attach the mustache, paint eyes and mouth.

You can cut the leaflet from the green paper and secure the finished caterpillar on it.

Caterpillar can be made multicolored.


Make a paper such a toy easily and fast:

  • Two cylinders cut out of black paper. They will serve the torso for the future of God's bows;
  • Make 2 wings, for which with the help of a circulation on a sheet of red paper draw a circle, divide it in half and cut out;
  • Connect wings with a torso, make eyes and black dots on wings.

Ladybird is ready.

Beautifully ladybug will look at a leaflet of green paper.


This is one of the easiest crafts from paper for children.

In progress:

  • Cut two strips of red paper and form rings from them - cherries;
  • From the green paper, tails and leaflets make, then glue them to each cherry.

You can make a few cherries and put them in a flat vase.

Cherry can make red and yellow.


For this craft:

  • Cut the strip of paper green. The length of the strip must correspond to the circumference of the body of a paper octopus, and the width is the height of the crafts;
  • Make a carved piece of paper in half (draw a pencil line), after which 8 bands are cut at the bottom. It will be tentacles;
  • collapse the workpiece into the cylinder and glue on one side;
  • Print the octopus of the eyes and mouth from the paper circles of the corresponding colors;
  • Picture suction cups, for which there are small yellow circles from paper or foam rubber on the tentacles.

Color crafts can be any.

Interesting applications

Everyone is well known that children love to cut and glue. Therefore, a good option is to make an interesting applique with them.

Autumn tree

For the manufacture of a tree, you will need several sheets of paper of different colors and cardboard. First cut and glued on a sheet of cardboard a brown trunk of a tree. And bright autumn leaves make out of a fan of multicolored paper squares.

It turns out very beautiful. Such an applique can be decorated with a wall in a nursery.


For this craft:

  • Cut the circle from colored paper and glue it to cardboard. It will be a dial;
  • From the paper of the contrasting color, the numbers or circles with numbers from 1 to 12 are cut and secured them on the dial in the prescribed manner;
  • Cut arrows and fix in the center of the dial.

If you make arrow movable, you can use the clock to explore the child's child.

If you fasten the arrows on the rotating axis, you can study the time


To fulfill this applique, parents will need the skills of the artist.

In progress:

  • on a sheet of cardboard draw a fruit and a torso of the lion (
  • brown paper cut strips;
  • Each strip for both ends is glued to paper, forming the mane of the lionca.

Charming predator ready. Coloring Lion Toddler Can Alone

Cheerful shark

Such a craft will probably enjoy the boys, because who, if not small heroes, dreams of taking dangerous predators?

To make a shark:

  • From white paper cut the circle, triangles are cut into its edges and bend inside. It turned out a real shark mouth;
  • From the blue paper cut the shark figurine and glued it into cardboard;
  • Pain the sharp of the eyes and glue the mouth.

Application is ready. Here is such a charming shark turned out.

Corrugated paper crafts

Lightweight and beautiful crafts from paper, folded by the accordion, probably like the kids. Especially since it is easy to make them.


For the manufacture of this beautiful bird:

  • Several sheets of paper of different colors are folded by harmonic and glue together. It will be tail;
  • From the cardboard, the torso of peacock is cut, peacocks and jackets are glued, painted beaks and feathers;
  • Printed the tail to the body - Handsome Peacock is ready!

Make such a handsome easy

Crafts from paper two species

The combination of ordinary colored paper with corrugated helps create interesting and bright images. We offer to see a description and photo of light crafts from paper two types: smooth and corrugated.

Cheerful turtles

For the manufacture of this craft:

  • draw on a sheet of colored paper a figurine of the turtle and cut out;
  • Cutting thin strips of corrugated paper of different colors, after which they form the shell on the back;
  • Flomaster or black marker is drawn small details: eyes, mouth, paws and tail.

Merry turtles can be presented to close people as a gift. Turtles of different color look very positive.


For this craft, you will also need 2 types of paper: smooth brown and corrugated white.

Make a lamb is very simple:

  • On a sheet of cardboard, the oval is drawn and rushed with twisted strips of corrugated white paper. It turned out a fleece fleece;
  • From brown paper, the heads and feet of lamb are cut out, which are glued to the finished part of the body;
  • from white and black paper make eyes, the marker is drawn mouth;
  • The tail and the "bang", as well as Flee, form from white corrugated paper.

Such an exercise bye even baby.

Versions of light crafts from paper are a lot. They can be invented by themselves, and then make themselves together with children. Such classes will give pleasure and children, and adults.

Photo of light paper crafts

Children will know the world through the game and creativity. They fantasize, invent, imitate continuously, sometimes taking crazy parents and educators. The inexhaustible stream of energy can be sent to the right track, having tracing the child with the main creative activities:

One of the universal forms of creativity is the applique and decoration of paper: it is suitable for many children, the preventiveness, small motility, has a bright result, which can not only touch, but also to give your beloved mom, grandmother. And the craft can be attributed to the exhibition in the garden and school, decorate the room before the holiday, or find practical application.

Traditional material for creativity is colored paper. It is inexpensive, it is easy to use - it is easy to find craft options for various ages. And if creative work out of paper did not work from the first time, it is not difficult to try to do yet. Ideas for inspiration can be learned in this article.


Unusual bookmarks for book pages can be made of scrapbooking paper. Manufacturing technique is simple, except for paper nothing else will need. The rectangular leaf is folded in half, it should be a strip of 2-3 width. The resulting strip bends across (also in half). At the resulting line, two end strips bend at an angle. As a result, the workpiece, resembling an inverted house.

Four corners are fenced in such a way that the caretaker becomes like a heart. The page of the book will be included in the pockets. Heart laying is a convenient and beautiful solution for small readers.

Decorating the room


Pretty many simple and beautiful garlands options can be created, following the same algorithm. For crafts, a strong rope (cotton yarn, thin twine), color double-sided paper, pattern, pencil, glue. Applied template for colored paper, circle, cut. Templates can be any: from butterflies and colors, to snowmen and Christmas tree.

These work will cope with children from the middle preschool group, or the younger preschoolers under the guidance of adults. The resulting figures are folded pairwise, between them lay the rope, glue. Young children can decorate the figures with additional details from self-adhesive paper: you can stick colored specks on the butterflies, on the Christmas tree - Christmas balls. Children like to decorate the garland details in random order, and adults like the end result.


Everyone familiar from childhood garland chain is very simple in performance, but it looks in bulk and beautiful. Even the smallest children will be able to make it with their own hands. In order to make the garland, you need to cut off bilateral paper for scrapbooking strips, 1.5-2 cm wide.

Then cut the "links" - divide the strips into fragments of the same length. Glue the ring from the first fragment. Inside the ring to turn the second fragment and take it - it will turn out the second link associated with the first. Thus, glue all segments, sold each subsequent in the previous one. Gyrlynd is ready.


Colored paper of two shades cut into an even number of strips. Monochrome strips are connected to each other so that two long stripes come. The beginning of these multicolored strips to glue at right angles to each other. Then alternately bend, then one, then another strip to the middle at right angles, until they end. The edge is fixed similar to the initial edge.


Another spectacular and interesting way to decorate the room - decorating with paper sockets. Even the kid can cope with the folding of paper in the harmonica, and the older child can be trusted with scissors, and all the work is entirely. In order to make a socket, you will need:

  • Dense colored paper, preferably bilateral;
  • scissors;
  • Adhesive, or fine double-sided tape.

First you need to take a square sheet of paper (or crop the usual sheet to a square) and fold the harmonica from it. Next, roll the harmonica in half so that the fan is. At this stage, you can form an openwork edge, cutting the tips with a semicircle, a triangle, or as your fantasy wants.

Make another 3 such blanks, then alternately glue with each other. The edges of the first and last fan also glue, closing a circle. If desired, to decorate the center of the crafts with a circle of designer paper, a sticker, colored bead. Socket is ready!

From outlets of different sizes, you can make flowers and put on the wall beautifully. And from the intelligence, there will be excellent garland, if you glue them with each other, alternating a wide and narrow side.

Also, fruits from paper outlets will also look original. To craft, you need to cut out of paper strips, 4.5 cm wide and length 18 (2 pcs.), 23 (4 pcs.), 28 (4 pcs.) Santimeters. Fold from strips of harmonica, steam shore. Shape the circles from the glued strips, glue into the outlet.

It should turn out 5 pieces. The smallest rosette is located on top of the rest, the largest thing is in the middle. To glue with each other, the top decorate the green paper leaves. If necessary, you can attach the rope for the top of the fruit, for which it will be attached to the wall, garland.

Postcards with applications

Paper applique on the "Apple" postcard

A beautiful greeting card is easy to make it yourself. To do this, you will need:

  • Tight sheet of colored paper;
  • Normal white sheet A4;
  • Colored napkins (for example, pink napkins are suitable for apple);
  • glue stick;
  • brown marker;
  • pencil.

Step-by-step master class for creating a postcard

A smooth small strip is cut from a sheet of colored paper (it can be cut out of it later). The remaining sheet is folded in half. White paper also folds, and then gluits so that it turns out a double sheet. A pencil on a white sheet is made of an apple sketch, a stick is painted with a marker. The carved green leaf is glued with a pencil glue.

The pink napkin is torn to small pieces that need to roll in small lumps. This work can be entrusted even to the kids. The number of lumps depends on the size of the apple. A layer of glue (neatly, without leaving for pencil lines, is applied to folded in half. Macial napkins are placed on glue and tightly pressed.

The billet is glued to the postcard, inside the congratulations are written. As a result, it turns out a great addition to a gift. Options for small girls - Dress Ballerina. It can be done on the same principle, only the napkins need to be twisted.

Hedgehog from paper strips

Cute hedgehog can be made of colored paper. For work will be useful:

  • Colored paper (for taurus and needles, color at the discretion of the child);
  • White sheet A4;
  • pencil;
  • marker;
  • glue stick.

Step-by-step instruction

An ordinary sheet of stationery is taken as the background. A semicircle is drawn on it, the needles of Hedgehog will be glued along the line. Strips are cut from brown or gray sheets, they need to be bent in half and glue the tips. On the drawn line glued the resulting needles.

With a small overlay, to hide the pencil line, the hedgehog can be glued on the needles. Marker draws mouth, nose and eyes. The original fake is ready.

Japanese-style crafts

In Japan, crafts from paper are a real culture. Only the technique of execution is more than a dozen, and how many types of sweeps do not count at all. Here are some interesting master classes from the country of the rising sun.


To perform this unusual handicraft, only adhesive pencil and square sheets of two-sided paper of two colors will be required. Square sheet to add diagonally so that the triangle is turned out. Right and left corner bend to the top. Now get the right valve to the right edge, and the left to the left.

It turns out two pockets. We reveal these pockets, bend their corners down. Now again bend these pockets inside. From the sides, two triangles are obtained, which need to be glued together very carefully, without making a fold. So it turns out one petal. Make 4 more petals in the same way and collect flower. You need to fold the 12 inflorescences from which to form a ball. Volumetric ball of flowers ready!

As you can see, creative work options. Children's crafts from paper will not only decorate the house, but also become a pleasant family occupation, able to give a sea of ​​positive emotions to both adults and kids.

Photo ideas of homemade paper crafts

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