Blocked Account?

Attention! If you appeal to this section on the chat blocking questions, then you are here.

If, when you try to enter the game, you saw a similar message, then there was a violation of the rules of the game on your account and it was blocked. Timing and reason can be found both from this message when entering the game and from the notification letter on the account mailbox.

Account is blocked in three cases:

  1. Detected and confirmed the fact of violation of the rules of the game (for example, on the complaint of another player).

    After receiving an application for violation of the rules, a thorough investigation is carried out. When confirming the facts of violation of the rules of the game, the account is blocked for an appropriate period.

  2. The automatic game protection system has discovered a violation.

    Real-time protection monitors all active accounts in the game for using third-party software that interferes with the operation of the game. After detecting such interference, the system transmits the relevant detailed information to support specialists to take measures. The protection system works with accurate data and the probability of erroneous identification is excluded.

  3. Lock at the time of the investigation.

    Account is blocked if it is involved in any investigation. For example, when an application for hacking from the accountholder.

Brief description of points of rules:

  • C.3 For Sale, Buying, Accounts. Mediation, encouraging such actions.
  • P.5. Use in the game programs imitating the actions of the fighter in the game without user participation (movement, shooting).
  • P.6 Using Errors (Bugs) Games (Card Output). Promotion and promotion of Baguzuz (PVE passage together with Bageromom).
  • Clause 10 Flood (scoring the chat channel with meaningless messages).
  • 12 spam (links to third-party Internet resources, on phishing sites).
  • Claim 13 The incorrect name of the fighter or clan (the motley name of the clan).
  • P.14 insults, mat in chat. Before writing a request for a chat lock, read.
  • Clause 16 participation in PVP matches or passing missions with a player using "cheats".
  • Clause 18 issuing yourself for the administration of the game ("Hi, I am the warface admin. Give a login and password").
  • P.19 disclosure, receipt, login and \ or password. ("Hello. I'm leaving for a week, play by my account").
  • P.20 Use, sale, exchange, search cheats. Promotion of use and assistance to the Chiter (Search "Chiter" for PVE passing).

The license agreement, the rules of the game and the forum rules can be found in the documentation section.

We draw your attention to the fact that when repeated violations of the rules of the game, the blocking period increases up to the perpetual.

Frequently asked questions and answers

Q: I recognize perfect violations. Is it possible to remove the blocking ahead of schedule by paying a fine? A: There is no possibility of early unlock.

Q: I am the head of the clan. My account is blocked. Is it possible to transfer leadership? A: "The more power, the more responsibility." © Clans leaders need more responsibly to relate to their accounts and not violate the rules. No, the ability to transfer the lead to another player is missing.

Q: How to find out why the account is blocked? A: When locking an account there are 2 types of notifications. An email is sent to the mail, which indicates the reason and timing of the blocking. When entering the game, you will see the appropriate notification. With a term and reason.

Q: I have a message about blocking until 1970, what to do? A: This message appears when you try to enter the tournament server. Please make sure that you select a faithful server when entering the game (Alpha, Bravo or Charlie).

Q: Chat blocked. For what exactly? A: The game has a chat protection system from abnormative vocabulary and insults. Also, players may complain to reports of violators who are trying to bypass the protection system or invent sophisticated crucias (if interpretation is ambiguous, the administration will be on the victim side). The use of the veiled (distortion of writing with the preservation of recognition) of abnormative vocabulary and insults allows us to only bypass the in-game mat filter, but does not take responsibility with you for the fact of violation. Checking on server logs and errors are excluded.

Questions on chat locks are not considered. Information.

In case you have any questions regarding the administrative sanctions applied to the account, you can create a request to the support service from this article.

If your actions have been a consequence of the disturbance of another player, then you can apply the appropriate complaint.

Please note that the requests created are in the queue. Consideration of the request by a specialist may take from one to several working days.

Sanctions in the form of blocking a game profile The Warface administration can be used for various reasons: spam, flood, insult in chat, use cheats and bugs, etc. Many outstanding players, hitting such a disjunction of strict admins of online shooter, are started in all serious, in order to regain the "fined" account and, accordingly, the mined battle honors. Namely, they are experimenting with all kinds of dubious utilities, they charge the procedure for the restoration of various "specialists". As a result, there are nothing. As in the fairy tale about the goldfish, they sit at the broken trough - with the banned account and the money spent with money or at all without an account, giving it credentials (login and password) by passion crafts.

And here it is suggests an alarming question "Is it really impossible to wipe the account in Warface?". It turns out that it is possible, and without the installation of all sorts of chitrome, utilities and wasteing of their bloodstream. This is the most important and tell you in detail how to unlock the account in the warfice. Best patience and attention, we start!

Note. Before restoring, leave the game profile and mail, clean the browser cache.

Step number 1: Change IP

First of all, you need to hide your real IP (address of your computer in the global network). The moment this important and it is impossible to ignore it, otherwise the entire event to return an account may fail.

How to do it? More than abuse options, choose any of the most convenient:

1. Connect an addon to the browser that hides the true IP address and providing a connection through a proxy server (its data will be displayed on sites and services). In the official online stores of applications for Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera you can find many convenient additions (hotspot shield, zenmate).

Hotspot Shield.Zenmate.

2. Install and launch the TOR browser. It automatically changes the network address of the user by means of bulbous routing.

3. Download and install a desktop application for IP masking. For example, Proxy Lab, Proxy Switcher Pro, Platinum Hide, etc.

Step # 2: We depict the hacking box

Make sure that you still have time to change IP.

Disconnecting and including disguise (addon, program), check your address on any online service. You can simply dial "IP" in Yandex: The data will be displayed in search results (above the inscription "Learn about your connection ...").

After cooking, you need to assure an attacker who got a login and password from your Mail.Ru Mail and decided to "look around": 1. Log in to e-mail (for someone else's IP!).

2. Candle at the address of the mailbox at the top on the right.

3. In the drop-down panel, the "Personal data" section.

Section "Personal Data"

4. In the questionnaire that opens, change all you can, personal data (name, last name, date of birth, address, floor). Click the Save button.

5. Open the panel again, but this time go to the "Password and Security" section. Here change the password and if possible attached phone number. Also save the change in settings.

Attention! All your actions must indicate that someone is trying to assign a box with all possible means.

Step number 3: Simulate unsuccessful authorization

1. After creating a small chaos in the detachment data, go out of it, close the tab with the website. Clean the browser cache. Return your real IP (disconnect the addon / program for the connection through the proxy).

Input Error

2. Open the main page of the portal. In the login panel, enter the mail login and knowingly incorrect password. Perform this procedure 3 times. So you will receive proof that you do not have access to e-mail.

Step number 4: Apply to the technical support of Mail.Ru

1. In the lower menu of the portal, click "Feedback".


2. In the mail Mail.Ru block, click on the link "I can not go ...".

Tech support

Note. You can also go to the option on the page by clicking in the column "I can not log in" the link "Mailbox ...".

3. On the menu, select the reason "Because lost access ...".

List of reasons

4. Under the text of the manual, click the "... Web Password Recovery Web form".


5. Go through the recovery procedure: Specify personal data from the account (which were before the change!), Etc.

Data form

The main goal of this stage is to gain access to the alleged hacked box.

Step number 5: Write a letter to the technical support of Warface

Almost everything is ready - the necessary situation is "modeled." To dilute the account in Warface, there are only a few operations:

1. After authorization in Mail.Ru, make an attempt to enter the game. On the monitor, you will again see the message about the blocking, and it should be (but you need to be sure!).

2. In the bottom menu, the Warface pages click "Help".


3. In the left panel, click "In-game questions".

In-game questions

4. Scroll down the conditions down. Follow the link "Create a request to the service ...".

Link to service

5. In the field that opens, create an application. Tell the technical support of the service that your account Mail.Ru was hacked and under your nickname in the game, perhaps someone else (an attacker) entered, violated the rules of the game and thereby caused a blocking. Also emphasize in addressing that you have no relation to what happened, always observed Warface conditions and want to return to the game again under your nickname.

Field message

6. After entering the text, click the Continue button.

7. In the form "Account blocked?" Specify all the required data to confirm the rights to the profile: Nickname, Login, E-mail, the Details of the sanction (date and term of blocking, which item is broken).

Registration of the application

8. If you have the screenshots of the game account before locking, be sure to attach them to the form ("Select Files" button to download from the computer).

9. Click "Send".

Message from service

10. After sending, you will receive a message on Mail.Ru mailbox that your application is under consideration.

Access Recovery Message

11. In the case of a positive consideration of the application, another unlocking message will come and ensure the security of the account.

Successful to your profile restoration and pleasant pastime in the Warface game!

Arose difficulties? Write about it in the comments and we will try to help you. And if the article has been useful to you, do not forget to put like!

The major company Mail.Ru is the owner of a major playing project Warface. And closely monitors compliance with the rules of the user agreement by the players. In this moment there are both positive and negative aspects. On the one hand, the company struggles with malicious violators who intentionally use cheats and violate the rules. On the other hand, users who for minor disorders receive permanent blocking of the account.

Losing the imminent account, which is not so scary. It is terrible to lose an account with a large level of the character when a lot of time and money is invested. Below you learn how to unlock the warfice.

1 How to block accounts in Warface

If the rules are violated, the player must first send a warning. If the player ignored him, then his banyat. Such a system works in most online games. But on Warface, this system does not apply. Users banyat without warnings.

Getting a bath in the game is an unpleasant event. Especially if you have inadvertently committed an oversight, as a result of which your account was forever blocked. You can solve this problem in several ways:

  • Contact technical support.
  • Use security vulnerabilities.

2 Unlocking warface with technical support

If you are banned, then change all passwords from your post accounts and social networks. Then write a letter of the administration of the game asking you to restore access to the account. So you can try to inspire the administration that fraudsters hacked you and it was they who violated the rules of the game. That method can work if the administration believes and send you an answer containing information about the possibilities of restoring access to the game.

If technical support did not help, then proceed to the following method, which involves the use of Warface security vulnerabilities.

3 Security System in Warface

The security system of this online shooter is the greatest vulnerability of the game. After all, all the files that are associated with the game account are downloaded with the client on the user's computer. Usually, developers protect files by proving them to players modifying. In the case of a warface there is no protection, you can do with important files all that you want. The main thing is to know the approach not to break the game. Thus, if your account was blocked, then with a specific approach, this problem is solved in one moment.

4 Substitution Files

As mentioned above, absolutely all files, including those that store account information, download with the client and are not protected. In the case of a account of the account, information on the number of days remained to the end of the lock is preserved on the computer. Accordingly, so that you are in the game, this information must be changed. To facilitate the task, you can download the already modified file and simply replace the old one. As a result, you will be allowed again into the game.

Applying this method it is important to remember that the game update and checking game files will restore information about the number of days of your blocking. And you will again lose the opportunity to go to the game.

5 Be careful

Of the two ways to unlock the account, only the first is considered to be legal. He implies coordination with the official representatives of the game. The second method applies to your responsibility, all manipulations with game files will be carried out on your fear and risk.

No matter how much you want, do not try to find programs to unlock the warface. There is no third-party software. All programs available on the Internet are allegedly removing blocking are created by fraudsters. Instead of solving the problem, you will get a lot of new victims in the form of viruses. Viruses can damage the data on the computer and even withdraw it. In addition, fraudsters can take possession of your personal data. Therefore, in no case do you not download, and even more so do not start such suspicious files.

There are two ways to unlock the account in the Warface game. One of them is legal, the second is illegal. Consider both of them.

Method 1 . Sending a request to support service.

1. Go to the official website of the game -

2. At the bottom of the site, find the Support link and go through it.

3. On the left in the new window that opens, enter your username and password from the gaming account. Enter them, and then click on the "Submit A Ticket" link.

4. Next, fill in the small form in which you select Departments: "Warface" - Next. Specify the type of your iron, server, etc.

At the bottom, write to the support service a message asking us to unlock your account. Indicate, they might live without warface, it seems gray and boring days. You realized the mistake and ask you to give you a second chance. Something in this spirit. This needs to be done in English.

5. After some time, the support service will answer you. In most cases, there are normal guys who will unlock your account.

Method 2 . Use additional programs.

1. Open the browser, enter the "Auto-Rubb Warface" in the search bar.

2. A huge number of sites with similar software will open. Download yourself this program, run it.

3. Enter your username and password, and then click the "Unlock" button.

4. In most cases, your account will be unlocked.

Attention! We extremely not recommended to use the second way! Most of these unlock programs are written by frauds - they can infect your PC with a virus, may require you to enter your phone number to write off your money from your account. Also, such actions can be monitored by the Warface administration, and your account will be banned forever.


Message from Gladiatorwin1

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I want to say 1 point can be neglected if very little time passed how you were hacked, and you are sure that you are already restored so quickly, without circulation in t / p. Just if you blocked the account on the time of investigation, get ready that unlocking can occupy and for a long time (no hour, and a couple of days and more) Of course, if you cannot quickly restore, use 1 item, because if if You restore the soap every other day, and before that time, the fraudster uses cheats and banning your ACC for 10 years, isp. Cheats, or you have a lot of vars, credits on an ak - it uses, you will most likely not return your acc / currency. You decide how to do. I want to say in my opinion there is a very good advice, I did not test him, but I should help. When you have login data on the soap under your name and you remember them or recorded - best change them. The fraudster having watched your account can be inflicted, i.e. he has a chance to restore soap again, he could look at your unchanged name, the city, the country ... And as much as I remember when contacting T / P soap, you specify all the data that were with the regime account, here you are You will remember. Those. Other data will already be indicated in soap, and the hacker will no longer be able to restore your soap for the second time. It is important to bind to your account - at least a phone. But as I remember, when you first hack or restoring the soap, it is possible to replace the phone at the next. Hackings - He cannot be deleted. The author did not finish obvious things, and this hacking "never" was not - not to indicate any data from soap and passwords preferably on other sites, including fake sites, except the original Warface and website forum Even put Unique password From soap on which ACK Warface, a password, which will not be used anywhere else. And yes, the antivirus is extremely desirable, and do not download suspicious files, including cheats.

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