On the eve of the day of love in GUU, you can virtually marry

Such an actress Ekaterina Volkov with his second half

Such an actress Ekaterina Volkov with his second half

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The bridegroom pulls with a wedding, and you marry intense? Marry at least virtually on the eve of the day of love. Especially for this in the GUE, just one day earned RobosAgs. Imagine, will you give a certificate of marriage, the rings in front of hundreds of visitors of the store? Of course, you can come in a wedding dress and trick, bring your guests and witnesses. After all, the ceremony promises to be touching. A clever robot will even give symbolic rings. But before presenting a marriage certificate, the love of each other will need to be proved yet. In Roboshags scan your feelings.

- Literally in a few minutes, Robosgs will check your love, will register a virtual marriage with the help of love sensors, leaving the appropriate entry in the robocaneselery, "the organizers explain. - On the hands of newlyweds receive evidence. And even rings and photo for memory.

This procedure of the singer Ksenia Novikov and his spouse and actress Ekaterina Volkov with his second half were afraid. They decided to "get married" for the second time.

- February 13 - Now another day of the wedding from our couple, "Ekaterina Volkova shared. - Rings, certificate and excellent mood.

You also want to understand what a virtual wedding is - Hurry up to register your union. RobosAgs works only on February 13.

Where: Red Square, d. 1, gum, 2nd floor, 2 line.

When: February 13 to 22:00.

From April 29 to August 23, the exhibition is held at the VDHH in Pavilion No. 2 Robostation " This is the continuation of the famous project "Robot Ball", which became the most successful exhibition of 2014 and gathered only in Moscow over 150 thousand people for 3 months of work. As expected, more than 300 thousand people will visit the new exhibition on the EDNX. "Robostation" is open every day from 11:00 to 22:00. The role of the information partner is Hi-Tech.mail.ru.

15In addition to the most familiar Muscovites of the famous English robot-Humanoida Vubian, French robot Nao, American Baxter, Korean robots-dancers and anthropomorphic robot Pushkin from Zelenograd, visitors are waiting for many new robot guests from around the world.

One of the most unusual robots of love " Robosgs. "Scattered how strong the feelings of the couple in love, and if the result is satisfied, it will register a virtual marriage with the help of love sensors, leaving the appropriate entry in the robocancelary and issuing a certificate.

12All girls will be interested to try a new make-up from the Robot-makeup artist from Austria "Women's Happiness", and high-art lovers will receive a lot of pleasure from the performance of the art robot Flute and Robjezhkeson, who will delight dancing.

Well, and small hooligans, discussed at the exhibition, "will lead to the feeling" of the attack's robot, which is soft, but confident hand "will choose" from young shaluns all nonsense. Robot-beggar, robot barman, robot smoothie, robot climbing and robot joker is just a small part of new robo-heroes who will come to the robustration in 2015.

11f.In addition to robots visitors, a unique photo project "I and my robot" is waiting, recreated a real garage, an awakening spirit of engineering creativity, as well as the secret design bureau - an adventure area with a hachogenerator, an intuition simulator and not only.

Robostation will be one of the first projects implemented in the framework of the new development concept of the EDDC and will work until the end of August 2015. Visitors are also waiting for interesting lectures and master classes, Roboshcasts - a summer robotechnical camp, in which it will be possible to leave a child for the whole day.

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On October 19, an unusual action for lovers of Muscovites took place in GUU. The special automatic machine "Roboshags" first checked the feelings of couples, and then, if those seemed to him strong, married them and even issued electronic certificates about "eternal love". With the most progressive metropolitan grooms and brides, the correspondent "VM" was acquainted.

Before what the technique has reached: Ravebwader sang and dance

The first to "RobosAgSu" are suitable for Selfieters of the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting Angelina Doll and Nikita Shein. Smile and overload - for them it is an unusual romantic adventure.

- What is love? - asks a female voice from the subsoil of the machine after the guys introduce their names. Several answers appear on the screen, among them "passion", "tenderness", "loyalty". Both choose the last.

Having answered questions, the guys will learn that their love is "the Great." The newly minted bride and groom get symbolic plastic rings and certificate.

Nikita and Angelin met a university a year ago, but they began to meet only now.

- Unusual adventure. Despite the fact that we recently meet, we have strong feelings, "Nikita shared.

"I noticed Anna in cold weather, when she, like Nastya from the fairy tale" Morozko ", dressed in a thin blouse," Dan. - I took off my jacket and began to persuade her to take it. So we met.

Dan pulls a bit embarrassed Anya to the machine, and together they apply palms to a special panel.

"We have not seen two months, so for us such a symbolic wedding - the celebration of reunification," explains the girl.

And even if all this is not serious, but for many steam it is a great opportunity to test your feelings and intentions. If you decide - from today, Roboshags moved to the VDNH.

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