Makeup brushes: What a brush for what is intended

Makeup can be frightening - and makeup brushes can be even more frightening! Sling, corner, fan and contour What brush should be used with what makeup product? Do not worry, I'm here to give you to know about makeup brushes to survive in the big and terrible makeup world. Check out this guide for 18 different types of makeup brushes and their use and find out what brushes are needed for what.

1. Foundation brush for makeup

The main function of the brush to facilitate the smooth application of your base or on the skin. The use of good quality brushes makes the difference in makeup. The choice in favor of the wrong brush can make you look ugly. A high-quality tone cream brush will allow you to smoothly mix the tone cream so that you can polish the product into the skin, giving it the most natural look.

Two best types of foundation brushes are:

Regular foundation brush Real Techniques

The best way for drying is to put on a horizontal surface. If you put it vertically, then water flowing from the hairs will dilute the glue connecting it with the handle. So the product will be faster in unfortunate.

This brush is designed to apply a smooth and immaculate way. It provides full coverage as the brush chooses up a good product.

Japanese base brush japonesque

Such funds are common both among professionals and amateur guests of good make companion. The composition includes substances that carefully clean the tools from cosmetics and microbes, while the cleaners themselves resemble liquid soaps or shampoo.

This japonesque brush flattened synthetic fibers that provide a perfect pressure amount for even use of the product above the pores and lines. The handle is small, which makes it comfortable and perfect for travel.

2. Masking brush

Corrector Brushes is ideal for spots correction. As the name implies, tonal brushes are used to align masking means - so that the product looks natural on the skin. You should never move the product around, but carefully growing the product on the skin to hide the area.

Two best brushes for regular use are:

Mac brush 195.

Many brands produce "helpers" in the operation of make-up. For example, cleansing rug. We apply to it a means for cleaning and three vault about the surface, and after rinse. You can also purchase a cover that will facilitate storage and transportation of brushes.

Mac 195 is a brush with a flat bristle and a pointed tip. It helps in applying and mixing a masking means. The brush will help you get to the smallest of flaws.

Detailer brush Kabuki. It is suitable for cream and dry textures. Make rosy cheeks or contours, apply a consilet or powder base - all this is possible with a thick and dense brush.

The bristles in this brush were accurately cut out for target problem areas. It seamlessly masks all your imperfections.

3. snipping brush

This is another brush you can use for your database. While the usual brush helps you apply the product on the skin smoothly, the stippling brush gives you an airbrushed look. If you carefully look at the brush, you will see that the ends of the brush are very light and fluffy compared to the base.

The top two spinning brushes are:

Brush E. L. F.

The synthetic product for lips from Armani can cope with liquid, matte or glossy lipstick. The uniform layer will be provided.

E. L. F. was one of the best manufacturers of affordable brushes, so it is not surprising that they hit this list several times, and this is true. This is an antibacterial, synthetic hairy Taklon, which can be used for both dry and wet products.

Snipping brush Real Techniques

The model for the decisive creates a "smoky" effect and is not inferior to a natural basis in quality.

This snipping brush contains two types of bristles of various lengths that will help you achieve the fact that you are looking for a long time with the help of airbrushing. In addition, the bristles are so soft that they feel like feathers on your skin.

4. Brush bronzer

The brize for the bronze is rounded and evenly distributes the product. A large fluffy brush for bronzing will help you achieve this natural, tanned look.

Two best corporate brushes Bronzator are:

Brush-bronzer Ecotools Bamboo

Real Techniques Foundation Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

Plush, round headbrush head allows you to create a natural bronze look, as if you just returned from holiday from the Maldives! The bristles are incredibly soft and light synthetic, and the handle is made of bamboo. Ecotools is proud to do without cruelty and environmentally friendly.

Brush-bronzer Real Techniques

A fantastic option for when you are on the move, the drawer brush allows you to pull and close the brush so that it can fit in any bag. The brush consists of two types of bristles that help you mix the foundation as a professional.

Eye makeup brushes: which for what

Shadow Mix Brush

Mixing brush is what you can't use your fingers. A good mixing brush will help you soften any sharp lines after applying shadows for the eyelids. The trick to the perfect look of eye shadows is to mix them and when you think that you mixed enough, mix it again to achieve perfection.

The two best brushes for mixing are:

Mac 217 Mixing Brush

Japanese foundation brush

When someone says "mixing", the first brush that appears in my head is Mac 217 Blending Brush. You will see this brush in almost every collection of makeup artists and, at least in one video of each individual Youtube beauty icon. This is one of those subjects that "must be". Want to avoid looking like a raccoon when you try to make a smoky eye? Try this!

Brush for mixing shadows of Japonesque

Mac 195th Best Consillion Brushes

Japonesque will go to the brand when it comes in the brushes of the composition. The bristles on this brush are soft and dense, which is a good combination, if you want your eye makeup to look flawlessly.

Brush for eyeliner

You need a certain brush for eyeliner to achieve a better level of perfection and accuracy. The eye makeup brush is designed to apply the required amount of product and give you maximum control.

Two best corporate brushes for eyeliner are:

Brush for eyeliner Mac 210

Real Methods Detailer Brushes

It is not surprising that the MAC 210 brush got into this list. Three of the five makeup artists would pull this reliable subject if they wanted to get a fault-tolerant way to recreate ever dramatic winged liner. The ultra-thin tip has the perfect length and density for aligning the eyes.

Brush for eyeliner Real Techniques

E. L. F. Schnipping Brushes

At this stage, you should have expected that this brush will appear. Honestly, all the brushes of this nonsense deserve a noticeable mention. This brush has the perfect length and density for drawing eyewear style for your choice. It works well with liquid, gel or cream liners.

Brush for shadows

Brush for eyelids helps you apply the shadow for the eyelids, whether in the form of a cream or powder, smoothly and with accuracy of your eyelid. A good shadow brush will collect a decent amount of product and will allow you to pack it in an eyelid with minimal falling.

Two best types of eye brushes are:

Bobbi Shadow Brush

Real methods snipping brushes

If you are looking for a good brush that will select a good color, check it out. The brush helps you apply the product in the eyelid and makes it very pigmented. It works very well when it is dealing with heavy glitter.

Shadow Brush Sephora Pro Shadow Brush

Ecotools Bamboo Domed Bronzer Brush

Apply eye makeup as a professional with Pro Shadow Brush by Sephora! The bristles are just the perfect texture for packaging and mixing shadows for the age.

Lip Makeup Brushes: What what for what

Brush for lip.

In most cases, we either use the tassel of the Dow, which comes with lip foods or apply them directly. However, if you want accuracy and perfectly aligned lips, as you can see in textbooks on makeup and photo shoots, the brush for the lips is mandatory.

The best branded lip brushes:

NO7 lip brush

Mac 217 types of makeup brushes

Ideal for on the Go, this brush pull-out, which means that you can wear it in your bag. The bristles are carefully gathered to help you achieve the perfect type of lip makeup.

Real Techniques Lip Brush

Japonesque Eyeshadow Crease Blending Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

Ideal for lip glisters and lipstick, bristles are quite firm to give you the accuracy needed to obtain a neat result.

Brushes for applying Rumyan

Corner Brush for Rumyan

The angular brush for the Rumyan allows you to accurately apply blush. The angular shape of the brush allows it to choose the product and point it on the cheeks so gently so that it looks natural.

Two best angular brushes for the Rumba are:

Corner Brush for Rumed Sigma F84

Mac 210 Precise Eyeliner Brush-Types of Makeup Brushes

This brush was made with fibers that make it incredibly soft and dense. The brush provides smooth, flawless and high clarity of finishing. It works great with both cream and powder bronzenes.

Angle brush for Rumba E. L. F.

Real Methods Silicone Eye Storm Brush Types Makeup Brushes

Bristles from this brush E. L. F. Soft and dense to help you easily apply color in a wide movement. Use the brush to apply the product for apples of your cheeks and distribute to the ear.

Round Brush for Rumba

Unlike an angular brush for a blush, this brush is not angular. This is something resembles a silent for powder, but more rounded and compact to pick up the pigments of the Rumyan. The bristles are designed to allow mix so that there will be no hard lines on the face.

Two best brushes for Rumba are:

Round brush for Rumba Sonya Cashuk Brush № 29

Bobi Brown Eye Sweep Brush Makeup Brush Types

The brush has a dome-shaped form, which makes it perfect for the twist of the brush on the cheeks.

Round brush for Rumba Illamasqua

Sephora Pro Shadow Brush Makeup Brush Types

The bristles are incredibly soft and can be used for cream, liquid and powder roes. Short bristles for accurate product placement, and longer bristles give it easy to mix the product. Hypoallergenna brush and suitable for all skin types.

Brush Kabuki

Have you ever wondered what brush Kabuki? Brushing Kabuki is usually used to apply the crumbly powder to large areas of your face. Due to its size and design, the brush very evenly mixes your powder foundation on your skin and creates a very natural look of the coating. You can also use this brush to mix, liquid or cream bases for a much more natural and clean coating than what you reach using a conventional brush for the base.

Take a look at our best choices below:

Brush Kabuki Real Techniques

No7 Lip Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

If you are looking for a high-quality brush of Kabuki at a reasonable price, this is one of them. It is made of synthetic bristles and can be used with all kinds of formulas.

Brush Kabuki To Faced

NO7 lip brush

This Kabuki brush looks a bit more fancy than other brushes. It is also retractable and placed in a smooth pink housing. It is made with nozzles of proteins that are super soft, exclusive and luxurious fiber, which captures and mix pigments for more uniform use. These synthetic fibers can be used with wet and dry formulas.

Eyebrow makeup brushes

A couple of clearly defined eyebrows can improve your appearance and help you instantly achieve aesthetically pleasant look. In addition, certain eyebrows are framing your eyes and emphasize your best features. An inclined brush for a liner, also known as an angular brush for eyebrows, is used to apply an eyebrow filler. Brush for eyebrows or spoolie brush is used for taming and forming eyebrows after filling them.

The two best brushes for eyebrows that are ideal for daily use are:

Ecotools eyebrows

Real Methods Retractable Brush Lip-Types Makeup Brushes

This set of eyebrows from Ecotools includes two brushes to easily stylize, determine and maintain flawless eyebrows. Use an angular brush for a liner to apply your product for eyebrows or gel, as well as use a spoon for combing and smoothing random eyebrows. These brushes are soft, but solid, which allows the bristle to pick up and evenly distribute the product.

Brushes for eyebrows Keshima Duo

Real methods retractable brush lips

This professional brush 2-in-1 includes 2 sides: one at an angle and spoolie brush on the other. Its solid bristles is ideal for the formation, definition and care of your eyebrows. This brush is made of synthetic hair and high-quality materials. It is light and has a long wooden handle to make it easier for you to care for eyebrows.

The key to successful makeup is not only correctly prepared skin and high-quality cosmetics, but also good makeup brushes, which are now available not only by professional makeup artists, but also every woman in the world. Their use when applying daily makeup will allow you to achieve a flawless result. The range of brushes is huge, how do not get confused in all this variety? Let's try to figure out which brush for what and how not to be mistaken when choosing a tool.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

There are various types of makeup brushes, each of which has not only external differences, but also a different scope of application. The right choice of tools and the ability to use them - the key to successful make-apa. Smooth color transitions, creating sharp accents and clear lines, excellent cutting borders - all this and much more will provide you with the competent use of makeup brushes. Consider the basic parameters for which tools differ.

Classification of brushes based on materials

The quality of the pile is one of the fundamental factors. In their work, professional makeup artists give preference to products with natural pile produced from a sable or protein wool. Such a tool does not spoil the cosmetics itself and provides the most careful and high-quality distribution of it on the skin. Professional makeup brushes made from such materials are distinguished by a rather high price. Also, they cannot be used in working with "wet cosmetics". Natural fillers include:

  • Hair column. Thin and elastic hair is most practical in use. Most often, this material is found in eye makeup brushes. A feature of the column of column is the presence of a soft long tip. In order for such a tool to be spoiled ahead of time, its use is limited only to dry cosmetics.
  • Lyavyia hair .Natural material from which the tools are made to apply the skin of the roast and powder. Ideal for home use.
  • Hair goats. Pretty popular material for working with all kinds of dry products. Due to its density, goose hair makes the rustum of cosmetics the easiest and most quality.
  • Hair pony and proteins Ideal for applying dry and bulk cosmetic compositions. Makeup brushes are mainly made of these materials.

Modern artificial materials for their quality are not inferior to natural makeup brushes. All possible disadvantages of operation are inherent only in cheap low-quality products. Currently exist Synthetic brushes from a tall and nylon . Synthetic hair is a material that is ideal for working with liquid, cream and greasy textures, since it does not absorb fat. It is possible to use such brushes for cosmetics with a wet method. It is usually inexpensive brushes, but their price depends on the quality and manufacturer.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

In addition, there are dugibra brushes that combine the pile of two species in any variations. Thus, this product combines the properties of both fillers and can be considered universal for certain purposes. For example: a brush that combines the pile of proteins and pony becomes an excellent tool for working with all dry textures, thanks to the combination of such characteristics as elasticity and softness.

Two-color brushes are not necessarily dofibra: the main characteristic of the dugibra brush is the presence of a pile of different lengths.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the brushes are Strained and set . Typical stands are more expensive, but also the quality of them corresponds to the price. In contrast to edged brushes, they do not go, provide a soft applying and cutting cosmetics.

When choosing brushes for a basic set, preference should be given by hand with a typical brushes. In this case, the savings are not appropriate, because the tool will serve you faithfully for many years. To apply different textures in the set, both natural brushes are needed and synthetic!

Types of makeup brushes for appointment

Before you understand how to choose a brush for making makeup, let's decide which for what is needed. Depending on the area of ​​the person on which cosmetics will be applied, a tool of various sizes, forms and manufacturing materials can be used.


Foundation It is applied using: medium in size with a flat base, brushes or dofibra brushes. You can also choose a special sponge for makeup, which will provide a subtle, imperceptible coating. The most durable when performing such a task will be a product with an artificial pile.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

Consilers are applied with synthetic flat grindes of small size.

For powder The biggest tassel for makeup is intended. It is distinguished by a round base, smooth edges, dense pills with a length of 4 cm. An excellent powder tool is also a brush of bars.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

For Rumyant And their subsequent decisive are used products similar in shape on the previous ones, but the diameter of their base and the length of the pile is less. May have a bevelled pile.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

For dry Highlights Suitable similar natural brushes with even smaller diameter. In the case of cream textures, it is worth using a synthetic tool or sponge.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

Bronzemen can be applied as brushes for powder / rumba and special trapezoid brushes with a flat top.

For contouring Flat short, but tight brushes, brushes with a special form and medium in size between brushes and highlights. If a dry sculpturing powder is used, then preference should be given to a natural pile, if the contouring is performed with cream or liquid textures, then synthetic.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

To perform completing strokes, fan professional makeup brushes are used. These are products with a subtle base and a fan pile distribution. With it, you can remove excess cosmetic products and align makeup. Some makeup artists use them also to apply dry highlights.

Eye makeup and eyebrows

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

To apply carcasses on the eyelashes, special brushes are used with a spiral arrangement of short and dense bristles, as in the photo.

Shadow Tassel Shape varies depending on the purpose:

  • For the main tone, the brush is widely flat at the base with elastic villos, a length of about 10-12 mm, and a domed riding. It is better to purchase different brushes for dark and bright cosmetics.
  • For eyebrow makeup and drawing an eye contour fit a thin bevered brush with a sharp end on one side. These tasks must be performed by different tools: for eyebrows, choose products with an artificial pile, for eyeliner eye contour - with natural.
  • The decisive is performed using a wide dense brush flat at the base. There is also an option to break the barrel, which helps with the rustice of the shadows in the fold of the upper eyelid. To mitigate the transitions, a natural brush is used, similar to artistic.
  • The study of the lower eyelid is carried out either with a small flat tassel, or a short rectangular dense.
  • For eyeliner, you can use both a brush for drawing a circuit and a special thin extended.
  • You may also need an applicator - a tool with interchangeable nozzles, which is most often used foam rubber, but latex or felt is more preferable. The applicator is indispensable to create color accents in make-up and is suitable for using any texture of cosmetics.

The photo brushes present in the order of the description.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

Makeup lip.

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush-Types Makeup Brushes

For the application of cosmetic agents on the lips is intended small flat at the base synthetic brush. For perfectly even drawing a thin lip contour with lipstick or glitter, its tip must be pointed. Also, this product helps imperceptibly paint small cracks and other irregularities on the delicate skin of the lips.

Minimum Makeup Brushes Set

A set of makeup brushes at home depends on your preferences and needs. Newcomers for comfortable work with cosmetics, it is enough to purchase a good brush for:

  • tonal cream (or sponge);
  • applying shadows (two different brushes for light and dark tools);
  • decisive shadows;
  • for cream products (synthetic);
  • Rumba;
  • powders (its role can well play and brush for the Rumyan);
  • eyebrows;
  • lipstick.

Such a minimum set of makeup brushes can be called basic and even universal. But everything, of course, relatively. For example, you never use shadows for a century or cream products, respectively, you do not have the need for brushes for these tools. So when creating your baseline set, focus only on personal preferences. Over time, you can easily understand what you lack, and expand it, buying on the main composition of new brushes, or eliminate unnecessary personally to you.

Top 5 best makeup brushes

> MAC.
> MAC.

This manufacturer can you find tools for working with various cosmetics. The assortment contains brushes separately from natural and synthetic materials, as well as their mixed options. Each tassel is assigned a number that facilitates the search for reviews and instructions for use.

> Zoeva.
> Zoeva.

Such a set of makeup brushes from the best German manufacturer is ideal for home and commercial. Products in the set are packed in a stylish and comfortable handbag. The high quality of the product of this brand is confirmed by positive feedback from users, and from experts. Holders are made of natural wood, and nailed brushes themselves, tall and goat hair.

> Real Techniques.
> Real Techniques.

The development of these brushes is engaged in famous makeup artists Semi and Nick Chepman. Products are made of high-quality synthetic materials providing maximum softness and elasticity. The development of products heads are made by masters manually, which only increases their quality. Brushes are sold both individually and in sets.

> Sigma.
> Sigma.

The American company offers quite affordable inventory to create perfect makeup. But consumer feedbacks warn that it is possible to maintain their quality such products can only with gentle use, otherwise the villi is quite likely.

> Bobi Brown.
> Bobi Brown.

Also an American company producing quite popular products in the modern market for working with various cosmetics. According to the reviews of consumers, the disadvantages of the tools of this brand are absent, but the price is quite high.

How to check the quality

By deciding to buy a basic set of brushes for yourself, special attention must be paid to their quality:

  • The pile of products should be relatively mild and enjoyable to the skin. You can check it on the touch, having spent a brush on the skin on the skin. Nothing should scratch you.
  • Vile must be securely attached to the base. When buying, try to slightly scold the product in your hands. Any sounds: creaking or head htazy, is a reason to refuse to purchase this product. The quality of the fastening of the villi can be checked several times tightly by brush by hand.
  • The handle of the product should not bend. At the same time, it can be made of various materials. The main thing is strength.

Be sure to check the brushes before purchase, so as not to lose the necessary tool at the most inopportune moment.

How to care for makeup brushes

For storage of brushes, it is best to use a special case. But with daily domestic use, a separate glass can be distinguished and put it in a secluded dry place protected from dust. Also for high-quality inventory care is important to know how to wash brushes for makeup:

  • Eye and eyebrows make-up products used daily, it is better to wash every three days;
  • The tool for dry cosmetic products is enough to wash once a week.

You can use warm water and shampoo to clean the pile. Products with artificial pile must be carefully rolled.

For drying, instruments need to be decomposed horizontally on a towel, settled on a flat steady surface so that the hair part of the brushes does not come into contact with the surface, and freely hung from the edge. Before drying, you need to manually give the pummage of the original form.

There are also professional agents for brushes, providing fast and safe cleansing. For instance:

> Pro Hygiene from Makeup Revolution
> Pro Hygiene from Makeup Revolution

Special antibacterial shampoo for washing of brushes. Carefully and safely cleans the veil from cosmetics and factory dust.

> Brush Cleaner from SMashbox
> Brush Cleaner from SMashbox

The means to extend the operational period of the brushes and preserve their smoothness. This product is represented in the form of spray, which greatly simplifies its use.

> Botanical Brush Cleaner from Jane IRedale
> Botanical Brush Cleaner from Jane IRedale

Safe for skin and pile Disinfecting spray. It has natural extracts and oils.

Makeup will never come out of fashion: the trends in it are all improving, new styles appear, various components are applied to create it. You need to pay attention to each item and a trifle, which consists of the process of creating makeup - after all, it is possible to achieve the best result.


In good mekapp, everything is important: not only about technicians and high-quality decorative cosmetics, but also about the tools that are applied in its application - we are talking about the brushes. If not to approach due responsibility to the choice of these devices, then even the most expensive and professional cosmetics will not be applied on the face properly. Of course, we all know that in makeup you can only be used by sponge and fingers (sometimes this approach is even encouraged), but we will be honest: the use of various tassels will not just facilitate the process, making it more interesting, but also help create on the skin cherished Smooth transitions and decisions, as well as high quality emphasis, especially if we are talking about contouring.

What are the brushes?

In the cosmetics of modern girls can be the most diverse number of brushes: from one to forty and more, if it comes to professional makeup artist. Why so much? It's not just that someone has enough pair-three major instruments, and someone used to work on your make-up at a more serious level - just brushes are divided into groups on a variety of criteria, so you choose your choice on something alone It is difficult.

Application area

First of all, brushes are divided based on the use area:

  • for skin (work with tonal agents, powders, blunders, highlights, bronzers and consilers);
  • for eye (shadow and eyeliner);
  • for eyebrows;
  • For lips (applying lipstick, brilliants).

The composition of brushes for make

In addition to the zone of the responsibility of each brush, it is important to pay attention to its composition: makeup brushes can be natural and artificial. Each material is good in something in its own, everyone has its drawbacks and dignity.

Natural brushes Consist of wool a variety of animals: it can be a white-hairs, horse goats, curtains and cores with softer bristles, as well as pork, plaque and buffalo with a more rigid.

Good tools such to the fact that due to natural cuticle, the cosmetic agent is recruited on the brush is much simpler, the pigments are well absorbed into the hairs and are rubbed on the skin. It is recommended that they are recommended to use them because it is much more difficult to overcome cosmetics, so for practice they are just right. Especially good natural brushes for applying powder.

Artificial pile In the brushes consists of synthetic materials like nylon of different stiffness. They differ more density, it is easier to wash them, and the products with the liquid texture are not absorbed so much as in natural - this means that there will be a smaller amount of cosmetics to makeup.

Some brands label their brushes with flowers - it simplifies the choice of a suitable tool. For example, beige shades mean work with the base, and brighter - with eyes or lips.

Forms of brushes

You probably noticed that some kind of brushes may be: round, in the form of a foore, beveled and many others. This parameter is not less than the rest affects the choice: depending on the zone of the cosmetic means, the form of the brush itself is chosen - it is necessary for the fact that the makeup can do as carefully.

Allocate the following main types of brushes:

  • smooth;
  • in the form of a petal;
  • beveled or diagonal;
  • bunches with different lengths;
  • in the form of a foore;
  • barrel-shaped.

It is important to understand that even one zone can be worked out by different brushes: for example, it is believed that the best content is applied using a flat brush from natural materials, but try using a combined tool in which there are two types of villus - it will make the brush fluffy, so Rastuchevka will be more successful.

Use beveled forms for more graphical application, as they are better superimposed color, and brushes with round outlines - for the roasts, powder or shadows that need to carefully grow.

Person's brushes

It is mistaken to believe that the brushes for applying funds to the skin of the face should not be much - some girls are limited to one. It is better if for each type of task will be your brush with certain characteristics that will simplify work with the face: flat synthetic for tone, fluffy for the roast and powder. It is a base without which it can not do, but in fact, the face brushes may be much more.

Tonal base

For professional applying the tonal foundations and other corrective funds, various types of brushes can be used:

  • Contour which looks like a clipped barrelous brush, perfectly helps to carry out wide lines during contouring and sculpture;
  • Long flat where the bundle has a rounded shape and artificial composition - due to this, the tonal agent is not spent so much as when using a natural pile. A brush is small, so it is well to work out the eye zone, lips;
  • Brush-shtuel which is present in the cosmetic bag from many girls. Its feature is that even the most naughty tonal agent is "driven" into the skin easily and efficiently.


Brushes for consilers are similar to those used for a tonal cream, but have a smaller size. A short flat brush with an artificial pile helps point straightening and growing it. It is precisely it is used to adjust the problem areas with liquid correctors, which are so difficult to grow due to their dense textures.


Brushes for cutting powder worth choosing exclusively from natural materials - they cope as best as possible with the task. The brush must be in moderation wide, such as easy to gain a large amount of money. Brush for powdered textures may be the following types:

  • Kabuki which works with compressed means. It has the kind of a dense ball of a natural pile, where each hairs is very close to another;
  • fan Which, thanks to its wide form in the form of a fuel, easily applies a tool and removes its surplus from his face. The hairs in it are not very close to each other.


The brush for the distribution of the Rumen is selected depending on which texture has a means. For dry, a tool with a natural pile is suitable, a slightly less than a brush for powder. Such size and form are due to the fact that the means is applied locally - on the apples of the cheeks and cheeks. To apply it it was more convenient, a spawned edge add to the tassel. If you prefer creamous blush, then you need to choose from artificial brushes that will not take over a large amount of cosmetic tool - so much more economical, and it is harder to overdo it.

In order to make the contouring with the help of the Ruman, use a flat brush with a smooth slice. It is possible to grow a rush to her a lot more carefully, do not forget to pick up shades in the gray brown gamma. Such a tassel is much easier to emphasize the lines: chin, cheekbones, nose.

Eye makeup brushes

Eye makeup should use artificial fibers. For applying shadows, we use a rounded flat form. Such tassels help better apply a pigment and prepare it to a decisive. Choose slightly fluffy brushes medium sized.

We carry out the neck with a round brush barrel - this is the second mandatory tool that is needed for eye makeup. With her, the color will be distributed on the century evenly, and the fold over the upper age is easy to highlight - so you can make a look more expressive. In order to add to the makeup of accents, the oblique form should be used.

The eyeliner can also be applied using a special tool. It should be a round thin brush from a synthetic material that will help create neat thin arrows using liquid tools. Choose medium and high rigidity brushes - so you can make lines thin and graphic.

Pressure power on the brush affects the thickness of the shooter - it is also necessary to remember.


We advise you to purchase several different brushes to draw arrows - experiment with forms and rigidity to get different results in eye makeup.

Brush for eyebrows

Because in fashion thick and fluffy eyebrows, which are quite painted, then a mandatory tool in the cosmetics of any fashionista will become a brush brush that looks like a rash. Explore your eyebrows and proceed to their procession with its help - fill it with the color that you most suitable.

Lip Makeup Brush

Tassel for applying lipstick and brilliance should have the shape of a medium width - such that the remedy is evenly distributed on her lips, without entering the edge. Well, if the tool is the maximum clear shape with a high density pile - this will help confidently to put lipstick, making the line loop with clear and graphic. Using the right brush, you can even do without a special pencil, which is created by the contour.

Basic set of brushes to create full-fledged make

What brushes do you need to have in cosmetics to fully work out face with cosmetics?

  1. Flat tassel, which is applied by pigment.
  2. The rounded brush for the decisive shadows - it creates smooth transitions and the popular effect of "Smoke Ice".
  3. Little oblique brush for arrows or eyebrows, which will help create clear lines.
  4. Brush for powder, which is fixed tone and other corrective means.
  5. If you do not like to work with a tone with the help of sponge or fingers, then without a special brush you can not do. It will allow you to "drive" a tool into the skin with no less success.
  6. The tool for point application of the consileder is a flat synthetic brush that can be applied to the lip meicapa.
  7. Tassel for applying the Rumen with a beveled end. It is used for sculpture, and just to give the face of freshness.
  8. Brush for eyebrows, as they are also part of the image and you can not forget about them, otherwise the "picture" will be incomplete.

If you are just starting your way to master the make-up technician - do not hurry to buy large professional sets. Observe the basic brushes, choose the most comfortable for yourself, and only then begin to improve your toolkit.

Featuring suitable brushes to apply cosmetics, do not forget that the work is not over. It is important to take into account the rules for storing the tools for which special cosmetics, covers and boxes are used.

It is equally important to clean the brushes from the accumulated dirt on time: not only cosmetics remain on the villi, dust and any other dirt and even skin fat are also settled. Use special cleansing agents that are used by professionals in the sphere of coming: funds are presented in a variety of variations, from dry powdered texture to liquid like shampoo. Wash brushes from dirt at least once a week, and if your skin is prone to acne and other problems - then daily. To purify, use cool water so as not to deform the pile.

The choice of makeup brushes should be approached carefully and thoroughly. Do not save, because high-quality professional brushes will serve you in the end for a long time. They are easy to use, make pretty cosmetics, which will certainly be displayed on the Makeup itself. High-quality brush should be manual assembly, pleasant to the touch and soft from the cut, this factor directly affects the quality of the decisive. As for the silence itself, it is either natural or synthetic. The first is for all crumbly, dry textures: powder, blush, shadow. It happens from wool column, pony, sable, proteins. It should be elastic when pressed and not crawled through the hand. Synthetic pile is better suitable for creamy bold textures - tonal bases, consilers and proofreaders, lipsticks, cream blush and powder. It absorbs the material itself less and there will be a smaller consumption. It is important that the quality of the brush does at the same time remain at a high level.

Another important point is the hygiene of the brushes. There are a variety of means: special shampoos, quickly dry antibacterial fluids with a high degree of cleaning or you can use the usual soap and shampoo. Applying the cleaner, lower the brush into it, removing the napkin. The liquid quickly evaporates and the brush remains dry and clean. If you take soap or shampoo, then you need to wash under the jet of warm water, thoroughly wash the tool from the brush, but it is worth it carefully and neatly. Brushes should be pretty dry. To do this, they need to decompose and in no case dump in a bunch. Give the initial shape of the pile. They need to be dried naturally, do not need to leave them on the heating device or apply a hairdryer, otherwise the shelf life of the brush decreases. It is advisable to put them on a napkin or towel. The pile must be lowered down, so water will not accumulate in the place of attachment and the shelf life will increase. To do this, conceal something under the tip of the brush, then the pile will be lower than the base or dry vertically. The main condition of hygiene should be regular! Keep your brushes in a special case or vertically in the stand.

Top Brands Professional Makeup Brushes - Mac, Make Up Forever, Bobbi Brown, Hakuhodo, Sigma and others. Buy brushes here. For mineral cosmetics - Ecotools, Era Professional, Jeans, Mac These brushes are suitable for conventional cosmetics.

1. Brush for a tonal basis

Sigma F84 Angled Kabuki Brush Best Corner Brush For Rumba


1. One of the most common colors for tone among professional makeup artists is MAC 130 (buy Mac brushes). Short barrel brush, fluffy with a combined pile. It consists of bright synthetic and dark natural bristles. It gives a fairly easy rapid application of the tonal bases and cream textures. It turns out a thin but dense layer with an ideal decisive. There are many analogues. Such a brush is also called Duofiber Due to double pile.

2. Flat rounded or pointed brush, for perfectly smooth straight and stains. When choosing, it is necessary to see how it is cut, the slice should be pleasant and soft to the touch, go to no at the very end. Synthetic or combined. Tonal means applied from the center of the face.

2. Brush for powder

E. L. F. Angle brush

The largest, bulk, fluffy and pleasant in the set. It must be from natural materials. Do not forget that gaining powder on the brush, you need to shake the surplus, knocking the brush on the edge of the jar.

1. Very wide, rounded, with dense and fluffy tip. Soft perfectly smooth powder applying to the finest layer, perfectly falls over the tonal base and fastens the makeup.

2. Kabuki brush - printed, with a short handle. More tightly delivers the powder, the blush and the bronzer is perfectly involved. Its size allows you to carry it with you. The only thing for the study of more hard-to-reach places on the face will require an additional brush.

3. Brush for Rumba

SONIA KASHUK DOMED BLUSHER BRUSH NO. 29-types of makeup brushes

Looks like a brush for powder, but smaller. There are different shapes - round, beveled. The perfect is a natural, gently cut brush, which at the base of the bristles is not "fit", that is, it has a rounded shape. She will give a softer application and decisive, the blush will look more natural. A pony pony gives a brighter coating, and the pile of proteins is lighter and less intense.

4. Brushes for sculpture

Sonia Cashuk Dome-shaped Blush Brush No. 29

These brushes will help make the face of a more elegant oval shape, outline contours, make clear beautiful cheekbones, smooth nose, remove the second chin. The brushes are a large variety, they are mostly natural, elastic, well-stuffed.

1. Short pile, very naked. It will help to emphasize the cheekbones, forehead, chin. Perfectly rustles borders and transitions from cream proofreaders.

2. Sleeping at an angle tip, compressed at the base, for dry correction. With it, it is easiest to emphasize the cheekbones. Allows you to work with three surfaces: a wide side, narrow screw or tip.

3. Tassel for Highlyera. Looks like a brush for the Rumyan, but even less in size.

4. For nasal correction. Small, beveled, wonderfully worked out the backs of the nose.

5. Brush for corrector and consilers

Illamasqua blusher brush types of makeup brushes

In order to remove dark circles under the eyes, pimples, stains.

1. A small synthetic flat brush with a slightly pointed tip or smoothly cut. With it, it is easy to gently apply a masking agent and growing a border. Consilers or corrector. For what you need a consillion can be found here.

2. For more point applying a corrector.

6. Brush for eyebrows

Brush for eyebrows

1. For drawing eyebrows. Small, rigid and dense, beveled brush. It can be carefully drawn with eyebrows with dry or gel shadows, cut a pencil. Elastic pile makes clearer lines and perfectly drives pigment into the skin.

2. Brush for combing eyebrows in front of their drawing.

7. Brushes for applying shadows

Illamasqua blush brush

Eye makeup brushes. Pick carefully the size of the brush, pile and shape, since these parameters affect the quality of the application of the pigment. The larger area it is necessary to fill in color, the greater the size of the brush must be taken. Hair length affects the accuracy of applying and decisive. The shorter, the more accurate the brush and the smallest sainstanding area. For a more saturated color it is worth taking a more dense brush. For each shade, a separate brush is needed so that the colors are not mixed and did not spoil the whole makeup. Use only natural brushes for eyes, since this is the most sensitive and delicate place on the face.

1. For the main background application of shadows on the movable eyelid - a wide brush of medium size, rounded oval shape, flat and dense. Equally fills the space of the century and significantly saves time. The pile is evenly hammered by pigment, and due to the length, the shadows are beautifully lying. Apply with light movements in one direction. The best columns fit.

2. To study the fold of the rolling age. Use different brushes, depending on personal preferences. For example, beveled brush or round with a thick bundle, dense at the base and elastic at the end.

3. For pencil machinery and pencil tube. This is better coping with a synthetic brush, flat in the form of a blade. She best assigns, pulls the pencil.

4. Brush-pencil oval shape. Dense, from a short hair for a liner with a dry or wet way. For drawing line of eyelashes, decisive pencil, shadows and eyeliners, creating an effect " Smokey Aiz "Or add a color accent. With a dry eyeliner, the line is softer and thicker. With a decisive pencil, the eyeliner will be more natural, soft and will last longer.

5. For gel or liquid liner. It happens beveled, smoothly cut or thin. Allows you to straighten the arrow. It is better to use synthetic, it absorbs product less.

6. For the decisive of the shadows. Cone-shaped form, lush. It is remarkably smoothes the borders of the application of shadows, there are smooth transitions from color in color. Pony pony is best for adhesion.

7. A fan brush is designed to remove the creaked shadows and other crumbly means - powder, Rumba. Easily removes them and does not smear the face.

8. Lip brush

Real Methods of Retractable Kabuki Brushes

Little synthetic brushes, hard, with beveled bristles. With their help, you can achieve the perfectly level lip contour. Lipstick is applied more neatly and accurately. The use of makeup brushes will allow the lipstick much longer due to the fact that the pile evenly drives the color into the skin. For the contour of the lips - a more subtle brush with a sharp tip is suitable. To fill - larger size for uniform coating.

To apply a tonal basis, shadows and rums used to be used exclusively sponewings, but with their help it is not always possible to properly grow cosmetics. In this case, it is much more convenient to use makeup brushes.

Types of brushes

All professional makeup brushes are classified by area of ​​use.

Makeup artists allocate such types:

  1. For applying shadows;
  2. For a tonal basis, corrector;
  3. For dry powder and ruzy;
  4. For lipstick, shine;
  5. For eyeliner.

Also, the appointment depends on their form. For example, diagonal are used to correct the shape of the nose, and the fan - for the cheeks and forehead. Visually, they can not only differ in the form, but also the material from which are made.

Makeup brushes
Makeup brushes

The shape of the contour of the hair bundle for makeup happens:

  • Smooth;
  • Casual-shaped;
  • Oblique or diagonal;
  • Bunch-like (long and short);
  • Fan;
  • Bochemy.

In addition, the brushes are both cosmetic and for applying masks. In medical cosmetology, they are widely used due to the ability to increase the effectiveness of cosmeceutics.

As a pile for the brushes, such materials are used:

  1. Natural wool (protein, pony, goat, cunning, cortex and other);
  2. Rigid bristles (pork, leopurt, buffalo);
  3. Synthetic fibers (nylon and hard nylon).

Traditionally, the tools for applying shadows are made from a synthetic pile. They are well chosen cosmetics and can "dial" a large amount of funds at once. For applying powder, Rumba and bases are more often used soft natural brushes. With their help, you can easily grow on the skin with a small amount of means, creating a thin correction veil on the face.

For convenient use, some brands label their products in colors. For example, this is Real Techniques and Chanel. The database tools are presented with a beige palette, and additional - brighter.

Brushes for eyes

In order to properly apply the shadows more convenient to use the model, the main part of which is synthetic fibers. It should be flat shape with rounded hair beam contour. In this case, it will be possible to grow the shadows much faster than if it were smooth.

Brush for making eye makeup in shape can be:

  • Smooth (flat);
  • Round or barrel;
  • Mowed for eyeliner;
  • Brush for proscure eyebrows.

For rastushevka It is better to use round - it evenly distributes the color, while maintaining the intensity of the shade, it is easy to highlight the depressions over the century. And to prepare accents - flat. The optimal option will buy a brush with a makeup applicator, the reviews claim that this is the most appropriate option. Then you can make some kind of visage, not by purchasing many tools.

Brushes for eyes
Brushes for eyes

In the variety of eye makeup brushes also includes brush For eyeliner . This is a round thin brush, which is needed for a neat application of a lining or liquid liner. It is advisable to purchase several pieces with different thickness and rigidity. For drawing curly arrows, it is better to take a tool with a natural synthetic pile of medium or low rigidity. To create perfect thin lines, it is recommended to store high rigidity in the brush cosmetics.

Purpose of beveled brush - stretch the liner to create an ideal form of arrows. Depending on which consistency has a means selected for makeup - liquid or dense, the rigidity of the tool varies.

Brushes for a tonal base

A set of makeup brushes includes the following types:

  • Contour . Externally reminiscent of the trimmed boral. Its shape of the hair beam is straight, and she herself is quite dense for wide lines. Used for face contouring;
  • Flat length . Its darling part of the round shape. It is performed exclusively from a synthetic pile, due to which the tone cream does not absorb and minimizes its consumption. Relatively small so that thin sites can be worked out - eyes, lips; Drawing brushes for tonal cream
  • Flat short . Necessary for point decisive, ideal for applying liquid proofreaders or shaded problem areas;
  • Thin for brizer and consilers . Also, as well as flat long is made from a synthetic pile. Allows you to carefully grow cosmetics, without swaying it for the selected limits;
  • Putty knife . This is a dense round skew model that is capable of driven into pores and wrinkles even the most disobedient tonal agent. It includes almost every review of cosmetics of popular makeup artists.

Padry and Rumyan Brushes

The novice makeup will only require these species - they are basic to create proper makeup. It is made exclusively from a natural material, since their main purpose is the decisive of powder and the brumes of the finest layer.

Brushes for Rumba and Puddles
Brushes for Rumba and Puddles

Types of brushes for powder:

  • Kabuki . Designed to work with compressed cosmetics: powder, blunders and other. They are a dense ball of a pile, where the hairs are very thickly adjacent to each other;
  • Oval dense . This is an enlarged version of the classic powder brush. Need for stretching the Rumyan, for greater convenience, it is made with a broken handle. It is more convenient to handle the depressions at the cheek;
  • Fan . The name speaks for itself. It has a wide form resembling fan. At the same time, the villi is not very tight. Need for careful applying powder or removing its excess. A little less frequently used for brimators or ermen.

How to use

Before determining which brushes are needed for makeup, it is important to understand what you want to achieve decorative cosmetics. If you are not a professional makeup artist, who needs to create many different images every day, then five main tools will be enough.

Frequently used brushes:

  • Putty knife;
  • Kabuki;
  • Fan;
  • Bess;
  • Barrel for shadows.
Standard set of makeup artist brushes
Standard set of makeup artist brushes

Description, how to use brushes:

  1. For the skin of the problem type or prone to dryness, it is necessary to use oval for makeup. They will allow you to gently drive the cream and the basis into the skin, without raising the stolen epidermis;
  2. Movement should be carried away to the hair or lower part of the person - depending on the zone being processed;
  3. It is important not to apply the same tool for different cosmetics. For example, if you need to apply a powder, and then the blush, then it is important to use two different brushes. And better - three to remove the surplus of crumbly products from the skin;
  4. For drawing thin lines, it is important to use thin tools, and for large planes - wide or volumetric. When painting do not press the darling part, but easily spend it on the face.
How to use makeup brushes
How to use makeup brushes

What brushes to choose

It is difficult to determine which makeup brushes are better: each manufacturer uses different materials, and some only work with definite tools.

Makeup brushes sets:

How to wash brushes for makeup

Tools from a natural pile need to be disinfected once a week, from synthetic fiber - every other day. If you have problem skin, then it is better to process them every day. To clear the tassels from the tonal base and powder, you can apply the makeup gel, a special cleaner or an ordinary shopping soap.

How to wash brushes for makeup
How to wash brushes for makeup

How to wash the brush for makeup on the example of the brand Anastasia:

  1. It is important for washing to use cool water. This is especially important for natural wool tools. Otherwise, the villi will begin to fall and break;
  2. To make your own hands to make a professional brushes cleaner, you need to take a glass of water, a teaspoon of the foam or gel for washing and two spoons of alcohol. In case of sensitive skin, it is better to take alcohol 1 spoon and two children's shampoo;
  3. Tassels must be carefully soaked in the liquid and leave for a few minutes. After your fingers, it is lightly smashed a luster part and blur the foam. Again soak for a few minutes, and then rinse under running water;
  4. The most important thing is to correctly dry the tools. To do this, they need to be put under a small angle on the stand or a tube, pre-cover it with a towel. Keep tassels as far as possible from heat source and drafts.
Storage of brushes
Storage of brushes

In order for the tools to be served, you need to care for them. For storage, use only a special case or makeup brushes (JAF, Tom Ford, Mary Kay, Others). He will not give Villas to Catch and Rather, will save their shape. Six months, whatever good care, they are replaced. Natural pile is worn even earlier - after a few months, especially in conditions of constant cleaning.

November 11, 2011, 00:00 | Natalia Karpova

Also collided with a brush kabuki

Makeup brushes smoothly moved from Beauty-boxes of professional makeup artists in the cosmetics of ordinary women. But until the end, we know why and what brush in makeup is intended? Let's try to figure out!

Many women have already managed to compare how professional makeup made by the hands of the makeup artist differs from the fact that we "draw". Of course, the experience and skill of the makeup artist is indisputable, but it is only half of the success. Much depends on the quality of materials - cosmetics and brushes for visage. With their help, you can achieve the most smooth coating of the tone, increase the resistance of the meycapa, perform the perfect decisiveness of the shadows and the roast. Let's see, what are the brushes?

Tone application brushes

Most often, a brush for a tonal cream is produced from an artificial material. Such a pile does not absorb cosmetics, it is easy to clean and gives a smooth coating. The rigidity of the brush should be medium, hairs - plastic and smooth. Brushes for tonal cream most often have a long handle and a flat head, thicker at the base and thin to the tip.


Universal brush for applying Tonal coating Shiseido.

Perfect Foundation Brush. Soft polyester fiber brush

Pinceau Fond de Teint



Brushes for the consiler The tassel is necessary for the most accurate and even application of the consistent to the area around the eyes. Like brushes for tone, most often, it is made of synthetic fibers, which allows the product longer to use. As a rule, the brushes for consilers have a small dense head with a pointed tip. However, there are options from a natural pile, for example, from a sable or mink.

Brush for a consistent 194, MAC

Corrective brush CONCEALER 004,



Teen brushes Perhaps the greatest number of options are present among brushes intended for applying shadows. There are options only for applying and easy-to-wear shadows, for stretching color, for contour application of the shadows along the upper and lower eyelid, for applying sequins and shimmer. The brushes for the shadows are most often made from a natural pile of medium stiffness, for example, from goat fur or pony pile.

Brush for cutting circuit Eye Shader Brush,

Bobi Brown. Brush to create contour

Eye Definer Brush



Universal brush for shadows The tassel is necessary for the most accurate and even application of the consistent to the area around the eyes. Like brushes for tone, most often, it is made of synthetic fibers, which allows the product longer to use. As a rule, the brushes for consilers have a small dense head with a pointed tip. However, there are options from a natural pile, for example, from a sable or mink.

The Eyeshading Brush, Soft polyester fiber brush

Dolce & Gabbana.

Brushes for eyeliner


If you still have not learned how to create an ideal eyelid line, it means you have to purchase a professional tool. Only with the help of a liner brush can be created as thin and smooth strip along the century. Such brushes usually have a long handle and a very thin head consisting of long elastic hairs. But there are also thicker tips with an uneven cut: such a brush is useful to create a retro eye makeup and thicker lines. There are both natural and synthetic instances. The difference in use is practically absent. The tassel is necessary for the most accurate and even application of the consistent to the area around the eyes. Like brushes for tone, most often, it is made of synthetic fibers, which allows the product longer to use. As a rule, the brushes for consilers have a small dense head with a pointed tip. However, there are options from a natural pile, for example, from a sable or mink.

Brush for liner 210, Brush for eyeliner

Kabuki brushes These unusual brushes were named after the Japanese Kabuki Theater, in which the actors with the help of such a brush were applied to maker. Most often, the kebuki is used to apply powdered coatings on the face and body. They are also indispensable for mineral cosmetics, allow you to reproduce a dense, but imperceptible coating. Kabuki brush due to their special form - rounded with a dense elastic pile, as if drove into the skin into the skin, it lies with a smooth layer. Most often used to apply the roast, powder, bronzenes or shimmer. Suitable for owners of sensitive skin.

Kabuki brush 182,

Brush Kabuki


Pinceau Kabuki, Bourjois.

Kabuki brush, Beyu.

Brushes for powder

For the application of the crumbbed powder, a special tassel is most suitable, not a puff. The more brush, the more transparent coverage. Small dense brushes will be useful for local use, for example, for a highlyera or bronze. A wide fan-shaped brush is useful in order to brush out the excess powder or shadows from the face without damaging ready-made makeup.



QVs. Soft polyester fiber brush

Pooh brush

Les Pinceaux de Chanel


Round Powder Brush, Chanel.

Brushes for Rumba Tonal coating

As brushed brushes, you can use and brush for powder. However, there are also special tools. In such brushes, a mowed tip, which allows you to apply a blush and carefully growing the contour boundary. Ideally, it is better to have such a brush from a natural pile. Brush for Rumba

Pinceau blush,

Thierry Mugler.

Brush for the Rumyan,

Brushes for lipstick

Lipstick bright shade to apply only with the help of a special tassel. It will help you perfectly apply the product, clearly delineating the contour. This contributes to a special form of brushes for lipstick - dense, elastic, with a pointed smooth tip. It makes such tassels most often from mink pile, sable or cunits.

Brush for lipstick

Lip Brush,


Brush for lipstick

Portable Lip Brush,

Natalia Karpova


Relevant goods in the online store:

How often wash?

Brushes that you apply liquid texture, you need to wash at least once a week. If you use a tonal cream every day, it is better to clean the brush after each use using special napkins or spray. Remember that this will not replace the wet cleaning, which should be carried out regularly. Brushes that you use to apply dry products, it is enough to wash once a month.

Makeup Brushes: Reviews

When choosing brushes, it is worth focusing on the impressions of those who have already tested them.

Rainbow Makeup Brushes Soda Brush Set #Unicorntools

"I liked the brushes at once as soon as I saw. Handles - like a horror of a unicorn, besides very long. Collected qualitatively, synthetics, but very soft. "

Lime CRIME Aquarium brushes set

"Brushes are affected by their design and quality of this design. The pile is the same in all the brushes, which was not the best solution, taking into account their multidirectibility. The cost of each brush is approximately 715 rubles, which for this brand is quite inexpensive. For personal use, the brush is satisfactory and will be convenient to use. "

Natural Brush for Makeup Clinique Blush Brush

"With highly pigmented products, such as Givenchy Rushane, a brush shows itself! The blush causes a thin layer, easily, neatly, well ends the boundaries. For natural makeup - the most! "

Multifunction Double-sided Brush Shiseido Daiya Fudee

  • "I acquired this brush, very unusual and very convenient. Such a cool silicone applicator, just like a finger, to the measure of elastic, which gives almost 100% similarity. I really liked to apply a tonal basis, first with a silicone edge, and then I complete the brush, it turns out great! "
  • Brush for the Eating M.A.C # 286S Duo Fiber Tapered Blending
  • "Consilers makes a thin layer, it is not so rushing. A good pile that does not climb during washing. "
  • Dolce & Gabbana Shadow Brush

"Small, pile is dense, elastic, semicircular forms. I use it to darken the external fold of the eyelid and eyeliner of the lower eyelid. Perfectly growing shadows, allowing you to create a smooth transition between shades. Smokey with it are also excellent. "

BBBI Brown Ultra Fine Eyeliner Brush

"I tried a lot of brushes for applying eyelid, and ultra-thin, and beveled different manufacturers. But this best! I use for about two years, any lines for it is not a problem. Very comfortable, and the pile has preserved perfectly, not fastened. "

  1. "The pile is soft, for my hard eyebrows is not very suitable, as the hairs do not react at all when I try to move them. For the eye will go perfectly, the lines are clear. However, the brush does not hold one whole when the product is dialed."
  2. Makeup rules that have developed in our time make it possible to apply a means with a finger or sponitor. However, this method is suitable for everyday beauty guidance. But if you want to look great at a party or an official event, you need to know not only that the best assistants - brushes for makeup, but for what everyone needs. We will talk about it today and talk.
  3. Makeup Tassels: Kits

The classic set consists of 8, 12, 18 or 24 products. But it should be sorted out what function they carry. Having these knowledge, you can make the necessary kit or choose the best of the ready-made.

The main thing is to ensure that save on these tools is more expensive. After all, the high-quality model will serve you under 12, provided that you will care about it correctly. To check the quality, swipe on the edge and slightly pull the pile - the hairs must be elastic and not fall out. In the classification of makeup brushes presented types for:

  • Persons: Tone, Consilers, Puddles, Rumba;
  • eyebrows;


Eye: Shadows, eyeliner.

Each of them has its own volume, form, material. And before we consider all the basic variations, we will focus on quality verification.

How to make the right choice

Pay attention to quality characteristics:

Inspect the pile: it should be soft. Hard hairs will not only prevent the application of cosmetics, but can scratch the skin.

Slept to pull it up to check whether the product "lines".

It is also important how well the darling part is attached to the handle. Grasp the most tip and shake a little: if you feel that it is easy to stop, then it is better to refuse such products.

All professional makeup brushes and their purpose

Differences of the tassel are based on several criteria:

which part of the person they are used;

Artificial or natural cover. Thus, the latter are suitable for powder, and from synthetics - for cream or liquid means.

But everything is in order.

For individual parts of the face

The minimum number of species is only for "tonalnists" - three. But experienced makeup artists have much more varieties in their arsenal. What brushes are for what are needed, we will analyze below.


For a tonal cream

This is a synthetic flattened option. It is popular not only among professionals, but also newbies, as it allows you to make a thin layer.

For Consilers

There are similar features with the previous view, but several times less in size. Such a tool is great for dense cosmetics, as the pile of synthetic has the best rusting, masking imperfections on the face.

For powdered base

A wide brush for makeup, the photo is presented in the article, made of natural fibers and is perfectly gaining a powder base. The advice of the makeup artists: applying powder, pat and not rub, otherwise you will be lining a tonal cream.

For Rumba Dry Texture

Such brushes are made of natural pony or proteins. They are designed for the cheeks, cheeky and by volume less than the previous view. They have different variations, both betented and rounded.

For creamy Rumyanta

It is much easier to distribute cosmetics together with this option. Made of synthetics, it does not absorb the cream base.

To denote contour

Appointment of this brush for makeup - underscounter of the line of cheekbone, narrowing the edges of the nose. It has a flat wide view, a pile with a smooth crop. This is the perfect option for the decisive break of the dry texture.

Fluffy with a dense pile. Suitable for basic makeup: fluids, errands, bronze or final powder.

Tassels for eyes

This type of choose is carefully: the size, type, pile cover is important - all this affects the quality of cosmetics. For example, the accuracy of the decisiveness and application depends on the length of hairs, and a dense model is suitable for saturation.

At your hand, you should have at least two eye makeup brushes: what they need for what they need - read below.

Flat species for shadows

A fluffy version of the average scale is perfect for those who love shadows and wants to use them most effectively. In the perfect model, the base made of a sable hair has an outline petal. With this product, you can evenly distribute cosmetics, overlapping it along the century layers.

Rounded brush

The name of this brush for make-up - barrel, this explains the volumetric type of tool. This version perfectly grinds the shadows on the folds, making a look more spectacular.

  • For eyeliner
  • Thin, synthetic, it allows experimenting with arrows, the width of which depends on the pressure.

For decisions

To create a "smoky" effect there is nothing better than this fluffy model. When the base is already superimposed, make the product on the borders of the shades, trying to mix them with each other.

What brushes are designed for eye makeup: what they need

A huge amount of fashionista is followed by modern trend. Therefore, in their cosmetic bag there is always a flat brush with beveled edges for creating wide cut-free lines. It should be tough, so the most optimal material is bristles or ferret.

For lipstick or gloss

Different forms

We reviewed the main set of tools for high-quality mekap. However, this species do not end. Round, oval, flat - they all have their own logic. For example, the bevel base is suitable for contours and a thin distribution of shades, fluffy are suitable for creating fuzzy edges and decisions, and the fighters perfectly apply colors.

  • What materials are made products from
  • Pile cover can be divided into:
  • artificial;
  • natural.
  • They all have their own appointment, as well as pros and cons.
  • Which makeup brushes from a natural pile for what you need

For their manufacture, used hair proteins, horses or goats. The hairs absorb powder, which allows you to qualitatively grow cosmetics on the skin of the face. The softness of the models prevents the strong application of pigments, so with such instruments you definitely do not overdo it with powdered bases.

Artificial Pokrov

Synthetic material does not absorb cream or liquid means. They are perfectly suitable for applying cream brms, a tone cream or eyeliner, and their density allows you to evenly distribute cosmetics on the skin.

  1. Video.
  2. Basic set for beginners
  3. The beginners do not necessarily purchase a whole professional kit. Sufficiently basic versions, among which brushes:
  4. for applying and decisive shadows;
  5. Small size with beveled edges for arrows or eyebrows;

Fluffy for powder: it fastens all the cream bases on the face;

Sleeping for Rumyan - She will give meyke-apartments of naturalness;

for a consistent, but tools from flat-shaped synthetics are also suitable for lips;


What a brush for makeup for what is needed, you can see in the photo in the article.

Basic errors when using brushes

The most frequency misses that are inherent in not only beginners, but also experienced makeup artists:

To disguise the shortcomings under the eyes, you're from the package, apply a consilet to the tool. However, it is best to confuse the remedy on your palm to make it more plastic, and only then apply cosmetics on the skin.

Application of large size for decisive shadows. But this method will create the impression of dirt in front of the eyes, whereas a smaller volume will help to sculpt the eyelid.

Too lush brush for the "tonalnik" will not be able to breed the complex areas of the face. Nevertheless, its use is also among frequent mistakes.

Strong pressure when applied Rumba. But in this case, you will succeed in a bright color, but a stain that cannot be blurred. For a natural effect, you need to touch the skin with a lightly.

  1. It is impossible to use the same product for different cosmetics, as different pigments will remain in the hairs, and the color will not be "clean".
  2. Caring for tassels
  3. As we said, a good model will serve you for more than 10 years. However, it is necessary to take care of the set. How? Let's figure it out.
  4. Rinse brushes
  5. This item is important not only for the tool, but also for the face. After use, particles of cosmetics, dust and even microbes remain on the intercession. With no regular purification, inflammation may appear, and the skin pores are cleaned. When washing, it is best to use water temperature water. Moisten the pile, and after rinse the shampoo.


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