Pathological laziness as a habit, test for definition

"Lazy was born forward to me. I since childhood it is very difficult to force myself something make , especially what I do not like. I often postpone the case for later, thinking that I will definitely do everything when there is more time and strength. After all, nothing terrible will happen, there is still time. Often I plan a bunch of things on the day, and in the end I do not do anything. But then I feel remorse for the fact that I lost time, I did not make an important thing that I spent the day without good. how я Fighting laziness ? I try different tools, but she still wins.

I postponed the writing of the graduation work until the very last moment, at the same time felt the fear that I would not have time to pass it on time, but why He could not make himself sit down and do. I got distracted on interesting videos, movies, TV shows, minor household matters - just not to do work. I found a bunch of reasons and excuses: a bad mood, no inspiration, other cases, important meetings, poor well-being. I knew what I did irresponsible. I was ashamed that I bring everyone, including

Himself. But I do not like when I put pressure on me. I need a special attitude, inspiration so that I take the case. I do not know, as still fight social his laziness and inorganizedness "

- Alena, 24 years

The history of our heroine is familiar, perhaps, every person. All of us sometimes overcomes laziness: we postpone important things, we spend the whole day without making anything useful. And this is normal - until this bad habit starts to spoil our lives while we are able to overbab.

Sometimes such sabotage of affairs is very useful, because initially laziness is laid in us as a psychological protective mechanism from overwork. And if in general, you do not consider yourself a lazy person, it is worth listening to such an important body alarm and on time to relax: it will save you from serious ailments that arise on the soil of exhaustion - depression, heart disease, nervous disorders. But if you feel that your laziness has grown into the habit, it is possible that this is not just the reaction of the body for fatigue, but a stable model of behavior. [1] In this article we will deal with the psychology of Lena and tell me how to overcome the laziness, which prevents fully from living.


  1. Test: Do you have problems with laziness

  2. Pathological laziness: reasons

  3. How to deal with laziness: Tips for psychologists

  4. How to defeat laziness times and forever: 7spsy technology

Test: Do you have problems with laziness

Psychology laziness

To understand whether your laziness has become a habit, go through this small test. Note the assertions with whom you agree:

  1. I still postpone the task, even if much depends on it.

  2. I am often late for work, it has already entered the system.

  3. On the weekend I am building grand plans, but every time I decide to stay at home and watch the series.

  4. Every evening I give myself a promise to change.

  5. I prefer to overpay and order food to the house, just not to prepare yourself.

  6. I can not deny myself the pleasure to be sanging in the morning in bed, even if I'm late.

  7. I can not get out of the apartment for weeks, just because I'm lying.

  8. I constantly plan to start training, but I do not know how to overcome too lazy and start playing sports.

  9. I refuse any proposals somewhere to go or do something interesting - the house is much better.

  10. I rarely meet with friends and loved ones, because I do not want to leave the house for the sake of a meeting.

If you agreed with most points, most likely, your lazy has moved to that stage when she is preventing living and work. The consequences of such laziness can be very serious: health problems, dismissal from work, the inability to build close relations with people. This habit is really able to destroy your life. So that this does not happen, you should pay attention to the problem and learn how to overcome too lazy.

Pathological laziness: reasons

how to defeat lazy

In addition to fatigue, laziness may have many more reasons, which are based on internal conflicts or lack of motivation. After all, what is lazy in terms of psychology? This reaction to the discrepancy "necessary" and "want", the imbalance between the needs of a person and its living conditions. Knowing the true causes of laziness, you can better understand how to defeat it.

  1. Lack of interest

Unfortunately, not each of us was lucky to engage in a favorite thing for which I want to get up in the morning. It is not surprising that a person quickly loses interest in the unloved work, he simply disappears the motivation to fulfill its tasks. After all, if you have forced myself for a long time to do what you do not need yourself, natural resistance arises - the brain simply does not understand why it is worth spending so much energy for useless occupation. It is especially difficult when the work is contrary to the values ​​of a person: it may grow into a serious internal conflict, and he can even bring even mental disorders in particularly severe cases. Methods of dealing with laziness in this case are not easy: you need to either change the job, or try to find the meaning in the present. [2]

2. No goals in life

This cause is associated with the previous one. In fact, the absence of goals is both short-term and large-scale - equal to the absence of motivation. Man is very important to strive for something. Aimedial actions naturally cause reluctance to perform them, even if they themselves are of interest. In addition, if the necessary cases are not consistent with our true goals, the unwillingness to spend time on them is also completely natural. Therefore, asking the question, how to "cure" laziness, you need to ask yourself first: why do I need to fulfill the task that I now sabotize?

3. Fear

Sometimes laziness appears from fear over a voluminous project or too complex task. A person may be afraid that he will not cope that the efforts spent will not justify themselves that it will be criticized. And fear may not even be realized - it will be just unwillingness to start work. Especially very fear can fade eternal perfectionists, for which it is important that everything is done perfectly, as well as insecure people. In ordinary life, they may be hardworking people, but their increased responsibility scares. How to deal with the laziness of an adult person in this case? Aware that a non-ideal result also has the right to exist.

4. Weavolois

Laziness may not only be a protest against uninteresting or difficult work, but also weakness. A man with a weakness simply cannot make himself do something, even if he knows that it is important. Such a person seeks exclusively to rapid pleasures. He cannot overpower himself, do everything and enjoy the deserved holiday. He is easier for him to enjoy right now, postponing things for later.

On how to heal the weakness, which means, to overcome laziness and fatigue, we told in this article.

5. Habit to be lazy

Finally, the reason can be just a habit of lazy, which has been rooted from childhood. Maybe in childhood you had no home duties, my parents took decisions for you, and they just closed their eyes for unwillingness. In this case, you could have a certain model of behavior, and to overcome it in adulthood was not easy.

6. learned helplessness

Another option - if you regularly have been imposed on unbearable duties. In this case, you learned that you cannot fulfill the task, and therefore, it is not worth it and try. In such conditions, the learned helplessness is developing, which is manifested in chronic laziness. [3]

7. Mental disorders or somatic diseases

Separately, I will bring this cause of the reluctance to do something. Chronic laziness, which arose suddenly, can be a symptom of depression, as well as serious somatic diseases: from the ailments of the cardiovascular system to oncological diseases. If you understand that none of the above reasons are not about you, it is possible to pay attention to your mental and physical condition. Knowledge, how to deal with laziness, it will not help here: to overcome it, you need to be treated with a symptom, but the disease itself. Therefore, be sure to consult a doctor to determine the cause of pathological laziness and begin treatment.

How to deal with laziness: Tips for psychologists

how to overcome your laziness and start acting

How to defeat lazy and force yourself to work and do other things? In some cases, you can successfully cope with the problem yourself if you really want it. Here are a few tips, as you can overcome laziness at work and at home, every day gradually silence yourself to be lazy:

  1. Method "From Nasty": do nothing. You need to get up into the center of the room and literally immerse yourself in the bar. You can not move, listen to music or watch TV, talk, and ideally even think. A few minutes later you will definitely want to do at least something - the body can not be long in passive condition. This tool is considered very effective.

  2. Work for a few minutes. If the most difficult thing for you is to start, try this method. Be sure to work just five minutes. If it is too difficult, you can start with two. Get the timer and work the time set. Most likely, you no longer want to stop - the brain has already joined the work, and a lot of resources are required to switch. This recommendation will help if you have a complex or very voluminous task that scares you.

  3. Find motivation. To the question of how to fight with a laziness of an adult person, psychology primarily gives such an answer. And best do it in writing. Take a sheet of paper and write a few reasons to perform work. For example, you will earn money and you can spend them on something pleasant, improve your reputation, you will feel pride for yourself, you can relax without thoughts about work, increase your professional level ... And maybe some kind of global goal motivates you. Causes can be any, the main thing is that they forced you to complete the task. You can hang this list in the workplace and reread it every day. Such a simple action will help in the fight against reluctance to work.

  4. Plan your day. Best of all - from the evening. Sometimes it can only scare the idea that so much needs to be done, and it is absolutely impossible to have it. In this case, one of the best ways to combat laziness, psychology considers planning. It will help to cope with the alarm and will show that not everything is so scary. Plan on the day only one most important thing and somewhat minor. Do not proceed to secondary until you do the main thing. Common tasks can be broken into several simple stages - it will be easier to start work. Each stage, take a clear temporary framework and follow them using a timer.

  5. Find your work hours. The previous advice will help you understand which periods of the day you are more motivated. For example, if you are "owl", you can hardly work productively at the beginning of the day. Take the time when you have a maximum level of energy, and plan the most difficult work for this period.

  6. Praise yourself. Only you know what kind of work it costs you every step of struggle with laziness. Therefore, do not wait for the coming around others, praise yourself. After each completed task, arrange a small pleasant break, at the end of the day reward yourself with your favorite delicacy or campaign in the movies and more often talk to yourself. [four]

  7. Remember about time. Finally, remember that on the resistance to work and for remorse of conscience from our own laziness, you spend much more strength than at the work itself. So it's not easier to finally stop thinking how to overcome too lazy and start working, but just sit down and fulfill the task, and then calmly enjoy the rest?

How to defeat laziness times and forever: 7spsy technology

If you do not help these ways of dealing with laziness, and you do not feel at all your strength to cope with her, perhaps this habit has passed into a pathological form. It will be extremely difficult to get rid of it. In this case, you need to fully change the usual behavior model. The patented modification technology of the 7SPSY behavior modification technology is sent. The 7SPSY course will help you get rid of laziness and teach how to stop postponing things for later.

This method will help identify and eliminate the settings that encourage you to be lazy, form new positive attitudes and learn how to apply them in practice. Technology work is remotely with constant support of the psychologist - you will need a little personal time and Internet access. In just 2-6 weeks you can overcome your laziness and begin to act. Now in your life there will be a place for career successes, sports, meetings with friends and favorite classes that you used to postpone because of laziness.


  1. Dmitry Zhukov, "What is Leng"

  2. Sergey Zanin, "How to overcome laziness, or how to learn to do what you need to do?"

  3. E. P. Ilyin, "Work and Personality. Workingolism, Perfectionism, Leng "

  4. "How to cope with laziness"

If you do not know how to overcome laziness, then this article is for you. In it, I will present to your attention eight steps to stop being lazy and start acting right now.

At the beginning of the article, I will tell you why it is too necessary for our body and a brain, and then I will introduce ways of motivators aimed at overcoming Lena. If you are lazy, you can immediately go to the methods of overcoming, and if you are tuned seriously, then read from the beginning to the end.

The content of the article:

What is the body need too lazy

Our brain always strives for polarizing and maintaining energy, this is its main function. Therefore, when you put yourself a goal of "learn English" or "start to play sports", your unconscious begins to throw your thoughts why this should not be done. So it seeks to preserve mental and physical energy.

Laziness is a way of the body to save strength, leaving everything as it is without changing the conditions of existence. It turns out, too lazy you need the same as water and air, it is one of the most important mechanisms for the work of our body. how to overcome lazy

But if you need it so much, how to overcome it? And is it possible at all?

Yes, possibly. There is a technique that will allow you to deceive your wise unconscious and start acting contrary to his desire to leave everything as it is. Read on.

How to overcome laziness and change your life - 8 simple techniques:

I present to your attention eight best options to overcome laziness and apathy. Applying them all without exception, you will be hunting with hunting, and for some time and for all.

Reception # 1: Deceive subconscious

You already know that laziness is a mechanism for protecting the body that contributes to energy supply. In order to overcome laziness, you have to deceive your own unconscious, pretending that you are not going to produce global changes.

For example, you want to start running in the morning. To preserve energy, your subconscious will be lazy, saying: "We perfectly lived without a stupid run, why did he suddenly need it now? We live so well, do not need to change anything! Let's sleep still a watch, as usual! " In response to it, tell the brain that you are not going to go run, but just want to get up early. There is nothing complicated and global. Nobody died from early lifting. After the morning procedures, put on the sports form. Tell the brain that it does not mean anything. Just dressed not as usual.

The next small step is to get out of the house. Nothing serious. And now you are already running. Great, right? But you passed just a few small, not taking the strength of the steps. how to overcome lazy

Do so always when you want to cope with laziness. Share your goal for a thousand tiny chambers that do not represent the threats to the body's energy resources. It may not be possible to get immediately. One day you reach only until the sporting form dressing. On another day, you just make yourself get up early. But gradually, once over time, you will begin to run, and over time, running in the morning will go into your zone of comfort.

Reception # 2: Motivation "From"

Let's talk about motivation. There are only two of its kind - the motivation of avoidance of failures and the motivation of success. It can be called "from" and motivating "for". Let's start with the first. Motivation "from" stimulates to action due to thoughts that the bad may occur if you sit back.

For example, if you are a sales manager, then, not finding buyers, this month you will remain almost without salary. In other words, the motivation "from" for sales manager is the lack of a big salary and, as a result, the inability to buy something important and necessary. In order to overcome the laziness, it is important to develop the motivation "from" into a large number of items. For example, if you are a sales manager, deploy the absence of a big salary to "inability to buy a bike", "the inability to postpone on the car", "Chief discontent", "dismissal", etc. how to overcome lazy

This list will perfectly modify you to make the necessary actions and get the desired.

Most people stimulate the motivation "from" to action. But there is also the motivation "for", oriented to those for whom the goal is most important to which they go.

Reception # 3: Motivation "for"

Motivation "for" or the motivation of achieving success is suitable for those who want to achieve their goal. For the "inclusion" of this type of motivation, the following technique will help you. Take a marker and a large sheet of paper. Ideally - Watman. Draw a large circle size with your sheet and inside it, in the middle, a small circle. Write your goal in the inner circle. (If you do not know how to correctly formulate a goal, read this article).

Spend from the small circle to a large set of lines, similar to the sun rays. Enter the answers between the rays to the following questions: "What will be possible when I already reached this goal? What will change in my life? What good will come to her when I get goals? What changes will happen? " how to overcome lazy

The rays should be as much as possible, and answers, respectively, too. These answers are called "post-effects" of your goal. This is good, what will happen to you when you achieve the desired one. Post-effects perfectly motivated to achieve the goal and help to overcome laziness. For example, if your goal sounds like this: "I am fluent in English by October 2022," the post-effects may be as follows:

  1. I read the books of American and English authors in the original
  2. I travel throughout the countries of the world and easily and freely communicate with local residents
  3. I look in the original Favorite Films and Series
  4. I have the opportunity to work with untranslated programs and sites.
  5. My memory has become many times better, I can easily remember all new

Etc. Write only those post-effects that you raise your mood, which are important for you. Try to set the task on the Big Watman and hang it in a prominent place. The more often you will see your post-effects and think about them, the more difficult to achieve the desired and the easier it is too easy.

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Reception # 4: Technology "80 years"

Sit comfortably and prepare to execute the following technique. Close your eyes. Imagine that you come to the mirror (do not fit, just imagine). You are eighty years old. Your life comes to an end. Imagine this moment in two versions. In the first version, you remained lazy man and have changed anything in your life. You have read this article, but did not apply any of the techniques offered in it. How was your life in this case? You are satisfied? Do you have something to remember? Would you like to change something? Imagine all this in detail, in the form of pictures, video, sensations and sounds. Feel that all this has already happened. how to overcome lazy

In the second option, again imagine that at eighty you come to the mirror. In this second version, after reading this article, you took advantage of all strategies described in it, learned to overcome their laziness and achieve their goals. How was your life in this case? Have you been satisfied with it? Have you achieved something significant? In bright colors slowly scroll throughout your life. After you do this technique, decide. What option do you choose: first or second? How would you like to live your life? The way you live it depends on the small step that you will do now.

Reception # 5: Learn to live now

Based on the laziness lies the feeling that life will last for a very long time, if not forever. When you are lazy, you subconsciously think that you still have a lot of time.

It is also important to add that Leng never comes one. As a rule, it is accompanied by fear and doubts, thoughts that the task is too complicated, nothing will happen and you will not cope. Also, the basis of the ladies can actually be subconscious beliefs from childhood, such as "you are nothing", "you never got anything, it will not work and now", "you grow out of one place", "not with your face "Not with your brains", "not in your city" and ... Insert your own.

The key to getting over to the laziness is, firstly, in order to identify these fears, doubts and convictions, to make the head to be clear, and thoughts are conscious. The second key to getting rid of laziness is to stop thinking that life is eternal, stop being afraid of death and take their own limb, to look at the face of death and recognize that it may well come tomorrow. This will help you learn to live in the afternoon and take the most active life position today and every day.

In order for you to reveal your beliefs and fears, and learned to live today, I wrote for you a book "From the victim for the hero: the path of a strong person."

Lara Litvinova from the victim to the heroAfter reading it, you can realize your deep beliefs and change them, stop laying out for later, seek living in the world where something does not suit you, and start changing everything that I would like to change. And also learn to live in today's day. Getting rid of laziness in this case will be a natural bonus.

You can read the full description and reviews on the book, and you can also buy it by reference.

Reception # 6: Methods "Purpose, attracting a magnet"

One of the most powerful motivation methods is a strong desire. If your eyes will light up with the thought of the goal, and the body literally trembles with one mention only about it - laziness will not have a chance. Do you already have a goal that you want to achieve madly? If not - be sure to create it by reading this article.

After the goal is ready, create a strongest doing to achieve it by applying the following technique. Sit comfortably and close your eyes. Imagine that you have already achieved your goal. Associate with the goal (see it from the first person, and not from the side). If your goal is, for example, the black Mercedes of the last model, then imagine how you buy it (or give you it). Consider this moment in bright colors from the first person. How and where it happens, how much he stands, what every item looks like. Imagine you sit down in it. What sensations arise? How do you feel on the touch material of the seating, whether the steering wheel is convenient, the pedals are located in the right places? Or maybe they are too close or far? In this case, adjust the seat. how to overcome lazyWhat smell in the car? What sounds do you hear?

Get the car, check the air conditioner, open and close the windows. Hear all these sounds. Imagine in bright details, as you go somewhere, parked, and then go somewhere else. I think you understand the essence of the task. The same can be done with any of your goal. Whether it is "to make a wife", "get acquainted with a man for a serious relationship" or "write a book." Associate with the goal, imagine from the first person that you have already achieved it. All senses are included in the process. Listen to your goal, how does it sound? Consider her, what does it look like? Touch, what is she on the touch? Lying your desire, what is his smell? Fullect him with all the fibers of your soul. The proposed method helps to include your "want".

The brighter and the most colorful you present your goal, the more the senses of the senses are able to activate, the stronger you so much. And the faster the notorious laziness will relax or even completely disappear.

Reception # 7: Regularity

Laziness as a mechanism to protect the body is absolutely each. But everyone has in different proportions. The less often we leave the comfort zone, the stronger we are susceptible to the emergence of the feeling of laziness. And vice versa, the more we grow and develop, the weaker and less our laziness. It looks like a closed circle. But the good news is that it can be broken. You can do this with the help of the will of the will or subconsciousness (remember the reception # 1). Thus, if you begin to share your goals on the smallest tags that do not require energy costs, you will begin to do more more, and, accordingly, you will add energies. As we have said, the more you will do, the weaker will be your protective reactions of laziness. how to overcome lazy

In order for this excellent theory to be embodied in your life, it is important to comply with one rule - regularity. You need to make small tags for your goals every day to relax the protective mechanism of laziness. In the absence of regularity, laziness will increase in size again and again. Only daily small steps will make lazy to an invisible eye. If you are constantly in action, laziness cringes to microscopic sizes, and over time you will at all forget that you have ever been.

How to develop regularity? This will help you to help motivating exercises presented in the article, as well as the plan, self-discipline and the power of the will. And do not forget if you are too lazy - it means your goal is just too global for this point. Make the smallest chamber. Then another is very small. And ten more such tiny. And so - your goal is achieved. The subconsciousness is deceived, and Leng is overcome. You are well done!

Reception # 8: Understand the deep reason and eradicate it

Behind the laziness always stands something else - it may be fear, unconscious benefits do not do what you are "lazy" to do, hormonal violations, anxiety, lack of vitamins or trace elements, psychological protection. Linen by itself is a consequence, the surface, the part of the iceberg, which is floating over the water. The rest of his part, one, which is not visible, is most often unconscious, and to understand it and understand it, in most cases a specialist needs.

I am a psychologist, and I spend advice on Skype. Together with you on consultation, we can understand what is the real reason for your laziness, and how it can be changed.

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On one cup of the scales lies fear - the freedom always lies on the other!


I congratulate you, now you know much better how to overcome laziness and apathy. Let's summarize:

  • Laziness is a protective resource of an organism that promotes energy supplies. In order to "deceive" your subconscious and start acting, you need to move with small chains
  • Most people have a good motivation of avoidance of failures or motivation "from". Modify yourself, finding as much bad things that can happen if you continue to be lazy and never start moving towards the goal.
  • Schematically draw the sun on Watman, in the center of which will be your goal, and between the rays the so-called "post-effects" - that good, what happens to you if you achieve the desired

how to overcome lazy

  • Imagine you come to the mirror and see that you have eighty years old. Imagine two cases: how you have changed anything and, reading this article, forgot about it; And how did you decide to overcome laziness and change your life by applying all the receptions in the article. After performing this technique, accept the solution: what of two ways do you prefer to live your life?
  • Modify yourself with a strong desire to achieve the goal. To do this, imagine how you have already achieved it, and turn on all the senses. Take your goal to yourself, make your desire stronger
  • Observe regularity. Every day, make small tags on the way to the goal, just so can weaken the protective mechanism of laziness. Remember the more often the person leaves the comfort zone - the less laziness gives him about himself felt
  • In order to understand the reason for your laziness, you can contact me for psychological advice.

And do not forget to download my book "From the victim to the hero: the path of a strong person," with which you can identify the true causes of our laziness.

Lara Litvinova from the victim to the heroAfter reading it, you will reveal what are afraid and why delay, and take the position of a strong person: someone who does not complain, and immediately decides to change everything that does not suit him in life. You will become stronger and take responsibility for everything that happens in life.

Purchase a book, as well as read the description and reviews can be referenced.

If you need an individual work to overcome laziness and start acting, you can contact me for psychological advice on Skype. We will analyze around the bones, where did your laziness come from and how to overcome it. I will gladly help you forget about the laziness and include the mechanism of achievements.

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Start with small! Good luck! Your psychologist Lara Litvinova

Laziness, decay of strength, appathy

The decline of the forces and the lack of desire to act, periodically experiences every person.

Most often, it is too lazy and apathy that prevent themselves in life and achieve the desired results.

To exit these states yourself, you need to identify their reason, and after choosing effective measures to overcome them.

How to get rid of psychosomatics of stress

Where is lazy comes from

In fact, laziness is a state when a person does not want, or can not, show activity, and work on the fulfillment of the task.

At such moments there is a desire to do something completely useless, or to go into inaction.

The causes of such a state are both health problems and negative psychological attitudes or lack of motivation.

The state of apathy and inaction provoke:

  1. Health problems . Before developing an action plan, to overcome laziness on their own, it is desirable to exclude the ailment of the physical body. Listen carefully to your well-being. Observe that you really worry. Perhaps low disability is due to the exacerbation of chronic diseases, pain syndrome, or a sense of discomfort in the body. In these cases, you need to seek help to a doctor, and lead your health back.
  2. Insufficient motivation . The reluctance to work on the fulfillment of the goals set is due to the lack of understanding of what certain actions must be performed.
  3. Lack of a specific plan. In this case, a person simply does not understand what exactly needs to be done to get the expected result. The easiest solution in this situation is inaction or quick switching to other tasks.
  4. Fear of difficulties. Fear in front of a specific or fictional event paralyzes the power of the will, and beat off every desire to work fruitfully.
  5. Fear of failure . Scrolling in thoughts the most unfavorable outcome of the events, the person falls in spirit, and feels the absence of the desire to act.
  6. Depression. It is not rare, it is difficult to consider and diagnose in my own. In depressive condition there is no motivation, decay of forces, and obsessive negative thoughts.
  7. Weak willpower. It prevents systematically to perform certain, often monotonous, actions.
  8. Hope for the best. A man justifies his inaction faith in the fact that the situation will be resolved by itself, and will not require his direct participation. Bad news is that the probability of such an outcome of events is extremely small. But with active interference, the chances of success increase significantly.
  9. Inorganizedness . If there is no specific action plan and a clear understanding that and when to take, the easiest way out is inaction or switching attention to secondary questions.
  10. Lack of purpose. If the final result is not defined, then it is difficult to act in this direction.
  11. Uncertainty in the final result. Fears and doubts significantly reduce performance, and are the main cause of laziness.
  12. Emotional burnout. About its causes and ways to overcome, we have already told.

This is the 12 most common reasons that lead to laziness and inaction. As practice shows, most often they are not found separately, but in the complex. Each of these items entails subsequent, and leads to loss of motivation, decay of forces or chronic fatigue.

If you cannot identify the causes of your laziness and apathy yourself, then the consultation of the psychologist will allow you to place everything into place, and make objective conclusions.

Laziness, longing, fatigue, apathy, depressions

How to get rid of laziness yourself and overcome apathy

It is easier to do this by revealing the main causes of their occurrence. Success in this business directly depends on the power of desire, and the willingness to fulfill the advice of the psychologist.

To get rid of apathy, and start actively acting, experts recommend to perform the following steps.

  1. Exclude possible health problems. These are not only physical body diseases, but also psychological problems: negative installations, destructive stereotypes of thinking, emotional burnout, depression.
  2. Build long-term plans . Word a specific list of actions that are planning to make to achieve the expected result. If the goals are quite global - break them into several stages. For everyone, determine the specific steps.
  3. Alternate work and rest. The human body is designed so that it cannot too long to concentrate his focus of his attention on a certain task without losing disability and productivity. If you feel fatigue, take a break 10 - 15 minutes, after which we will collect with thoughts, and continue the work started. Observing the list of tasks on paper, and determined with the terms of implementation, gradually start their execution.
  4. Write in writing day, week, month . So you will not spend time on the multiple definition of what and when it is better to do, but you will be able to purposefully perform specific actions. In this case, the lazy simply will not remain.
  5. Start your day from done. So you will get motivation and to perform further, more often more complex and important, cases.
  6. Do not waste time for useless things. These include communication in social networks, viewing news, talk "Not about what" with colleagues and much more. You can learn more about this here .
  7. Praise yourself for the work done and achievements. If you do not receive remuneration, then the desire to act quickly runs out. It can be both oral praise its merit and the purchase of pleasant little things or a long-desired gift.
  8. Do not throw halfway And strive to always complete the work started. The unfinished endeavors, not only steal vital energy, but also underestimated self-esteem, and faith faith in themselves. Try as much as possible to bring to a logical completion. And if you have to dwell on half of the way, it should be a conscious decision, and not the consequence of the next attack of laziness, which you can't overcome.
  9. Earlier wake up and observe the regime . The biorhythms of the person are arranged in such a way that at dawn, it is experiencing a tide of strength and boostability. With sunset, the body begins to prepare for sleep, and signal about it through the feeling of laziness and lack of vital energy. This is certainly not an axiom. There is a category of people, they are called "owls", which in the evening there are improving ability to work and activity. Listen to your mood, and take into account your individual features.
  10. Four and not overeat. Consuming an excessive food, you overload your body that spends a lot of energy to digest and absorb food. The lack of vitamins and trace elements leads to a deterioration in health and provokes laziness. Therefore, it is so important to ensure that the diet consumed is balanced, and the food is high quality.
  11. Keep a diary of success . The easiest way to do this, recording at the end of each day 5 - 10 points of their achievements. This will not only overcome apathy, but also to increase faith in yourself and your strength.
  12. Fight fear and uncertainty. This can be done both independently and using the help of a psychologist. Imaging self-esteem, you will feel the tide of vital energy, and get rid of laziness and apathy.
  13. Properly organize a workplace . From order in the office, house and any space around, not only disability, but also human productivity depends. Organize a workplace in such a way that it was pleasant and comfortable to do business.
  14. Alternate mental and physical load . If you felt fatigue from making monotonous actions, set aside the work started, and do something else. For example, tired of mathematical calculations, switch to cleaning in the house, or go for lunch. So you give to relax your body and brain, and later you can return to the work started with new forces.
  15. More often communicate with active and cheerful people . Chargeing from them by vital energy and adopted experience, you yourself will be cheerful.

To defeat laziness, you need to overcome internal resistance, and just start acting. Usually this step is the most difficult, but really effective.

After completing it, the person begins to enter the case, and forgets about his apathy.

how to overcome laziness and apathy yourself

Practical tips to defeat laziness and start acting

If you do not know how to defeat your apathy and finally acting, the application of these practical recommendations will certainly help to move.

  • Make sure you really need and interesting what you do. Scroll into your head again: why, and why do you do it. If we realized that we follow the imposed stereotypes, and do not do our own business, then the best solution will refuse it on time.
  • Record the benefits that you get after performing a specific task. If you felt the bout of laziness, re-read all points. So you will independently enhance your personal motivation.
  • Speak the reasons in your head more often that motivated you to start a business. Think about what you get in case of successful task.
  • More often indulge yourself with pleasant trifles and gifts.
  • Replace in your vocabulary, the word "need" for the word "want". Such a trick will reduce the internal resistance to action, and will add performance.

Remember that all these tricks and tips work only when applied in practice.

Do not hope that reading, or even memorizing this information, will help get rid of laziness and forever, and makes act. Do not wait for the instant effect, and begin to systematically work: change yourself and your thoughts.

Do you often postpone "For then" important things and blame yourself for it? Does your feeling visit you that you could achieve a lot if it were not for the lack of Will's strength and self-discipline? It's time to put this end! I will reveal the secret to you how to overcome too lazy once and forever and become the owner of my own life.

What is laziness and with what they eat

To figure out how to cope with laziness, it is necessary to begin to understand what it represents. As they say, the enemy needs to know in the face. Under laziness, most often implies the absence of hardworking and self-discipline. However, such a definition does not disclose the reasons for us to appear.

Famous Russian psychologist Vladimir Levy dedicated lazout a whole book. In it he highlights the most common types of her species. Let's look at to save deeper and see where your leg problems grow.

  1. Hedonic laziness - companion spoiled by the comfort of people. Arises because of the habit of living in his pleasure on all the prepared. This kind of laziness is often suffering from the children of rich parents, accustomed to get everything from life without making any effort. The brightest example is the hero of the novel of Ivan Goncharov Oblomov.
  2. Negativist laziness Arises due to the unwillingness to obey someone else and recognize the hierarchy. All teenagers are familiar with it. It seems like you knew himself that it was time to get into your room, and I was still going to start, but my mother came and formulated it in the form of an order. All zeal immediately disappeared somewhere.
  3. Demotitive laziness - Linen due to lack of motivation. A person does not understand why he should do something if it can not be done. The root cause of her - the crisis of the meaning of life, the inner off-road personality. If it does not find internal or external guidelines on time, laziness can go into a chronic form.
  4. Asthenic laziness It is a consequence of a reduced tone of the body. A person is constantly in a half-graduated state and can not get together. Causes may be banal - lack of physical activity and vitamin deficit. In addition, the reduced tone happens with some physiological conditions, for example, pregnancy.

How to deal with laziness: practical advice

Learned your native laziness in descriptions? Great, now you will be easier to fight it.

Rate the scale of destruction

Before you start working, you need to look at your life and soberly assess the situation. If you work or learn, perform duties around the house, with pleasure care for yourself and loved ones, and Leng visits you into rare moments of physical fatigue - I congratulate you, everything is fine with you, and it is not worth a particularly worried.

Another thing - when you lie on the sofa all day later, you have no strength to cook yourself, and in life - full decline. This condition is called apathy, and it occurs as a result of the crisis of the motivational sphere of personality. It is very difficult to get out of it, since changes are already affected by the biochemistry of the brain. It is useless to scold yourself for laziness if the body simply lacks energy to perform household routine problems.

Laziness is unwilling to do something when you have forces. If you have no strength for anything, it is already apathy or even depression.

The good news is that the methods described in the article will help at any stage, simply the speed of obtaining results will be different. Let's talk about it in more detail.

Act gradually

Never try to defeat laziness from the mind. Work on your habits is the marathon rather than the sprint. Forces need to be spent carefully, do not rush to the ambrusura, otherwise you will be waiting for a rollback back and even more disappointment in yourself.

Start with little victories over yourself. If, for example, you have always been lazy to drink 1.5 liters of water a day, promise to yourself that you will now do it strictly. The action is elementary, and faith in itself is still reinforceing and the power of will trains. Then you can move to more serious tasks. Start playing sports, put things in order, make a general cleaning at home, then repair, and there before the world domination not far.

Get rid of the ballast pending "For then"

It is just necessary to make it, otherwise all your efforts will be vain. Each unfulfilled, but the current business takes a lot of energy - much more than is required for its execution.

If you have long planned to go to a dentist or general cleaning on the balcony - now it's time to do it. You will be surprised how much you literally become easier to breathe, and feel the tide of the strength to perform new tasks.

Use the whip and gingerbread method

Motivation is one of the most important personality components that determine the success of a person in life. Making some action, a person must answer himself, why he does it.

Ask yourself this question every time the execution of some task causes internal resistance and activates laziness. The answer to it should be colorful, deployed, shaped.

For example, you need to write a diploma - deadlines are already pressed, and there another horse was not lying. Imagine how Dean gives you a document on the end of the university, all around you clap and congratulate. Fullect the taste of liberty opens.

Imagine that the goal has already been achieved, it can be modified

If such pictures are poorly motivated, you can go from the opposite. Imagine that you did not write a diploma, the supervisor reported you for disadvantaged and left for the second year, and now the same Matat is waiting for you, only stretched in time. Creepy picture.

As practice shows, the whip method for most people turns out to be more efficient, but it is necessary to gradually refuse him in favor of the gingerbread - so life will become more pleasant and conscious.

Put real goals

The overestimated level of claims is the best lazout. The brain distinguishes energy only on those tasks that are achievable, and he does not even know to fruitless fantasies, which side approaches.

Adequately appreciate itself to the present and based on this, put real goals. Imagine a janitor who dreamed of becoming president in breaks between work. Sooner or later, the streets of the street will be unbearably laziness, and the motivation to change will not appear.

Another example - the girl dreams to lose weight, sits on the diet and goes to the gym. That's just intermediate results mined later and blood is not happy at all. She already painted the image of a miniature nymph weighing 45 kg, and everything that does not reach this plank seems to be insignificant. Is it worth saying that very soon the poor thing will throw his classes and return to his beloved buns.

Learn to plan

Do you know what distinguishes absolutely all successful people? That's right - the skill competently plan. In the days there are only 24 hours, and so that everything is good, you need to be able to manage them effectively.

First of all, you need to place priorities. Stephen Covi in ​​his book "7 high-performance people skills" advises to rank all their business in accordance with their importance and urgency - the most important and urgent let them be at the beginning of the list - and further descending.

12 steps how to get rid of laziness forever and why does she arise?

Then you need to highlight the time to perform each task. Psychologists advise for a temporary planning unit to take one week - the term is not too short, but also not stretched over time. Write down all your affairs in the weekly, given your usual day routine, and start performing them. At first it will be hard for you, the brain will begin to resist and invent various tricks to save the status quo.

Highlight two weeks to addictive. On this time you need to strictly follow the plan, no matter how difficult it was. For a half months, you will get used to and enter the right rhythm, and life on the schedule will not seem to you so torture.

Take into account your bioritms

We are all different - someone is most workable in the morning hours, someone in the evening, and someone inspiration at work only at night. In addition to daily biorhythms, biorhythms of productive attention also exist.

Watch for me - how long it usually passes from the beginning of work until the loss of concentration and mental fatigue. If this value is constant, independent of some external reasons, it means that the rhythm of your brain tone, and you need to reckon with it.

Many adults are inherent in the so-called Children's or Sprinter Type of attention - very short to hold the focus on some such task, constant need for diverting switches. If you are from their number, do not raise yourself with a long and tedious work. Divide the distance into several small segments and overcome them with short rans. So you will increase your performance at times.

Form useful habits

You noticed that things enshrined in our brain in the form of habits never cause laziness? And all because they are brought to automatism and do not require special energy costs.

I had a friend who my parents did not teach their teeth while he was a child. He complained all the time that he was lazy to do it. For me, as for most people, it seems wild - as it may be too lazy to make such a simple and everyday action. And all because I had a habit from my age, and he had no.

Most habits are formed spontaneously and, unfortunately, are destructive. But you can form them consciously by multiple repetitions. At first, the process will go hard and with creak, and then everything is easier and easier.

Not so long ago, scientists find out that our brain is supplefeitious, like plasticine, and is able to change during life. This property is called neuroplasticity and is used in the popular neurosophy brain control system today. The video shows the process of forming neural chains during the fixing of a new habit.

So the best way to overcome the reluctance to do something - turn this action into a habit.

Listen to your laziness

Not always too lazy - it is something bad and harmful. She also has its own specific function, otherwise the evolution would get rid of this mechanism. One insightful psychologist rightly noticed that laziness is psychological protection against unnecessary activity. Another question is why your brain accepts one or another activity for unnecessary activity.

Maybe you tend to spend your internal resources is irrational, and the body signals you about it, including energy-saving mode? Make a list of the most unpleasant things for you and think if they can not be delegated to someone with benefits for themselves.

I will give an example. You do not like to wash the windows and every time with great difficulty make yourself do it. The entire procedure takes the whole day, and you feel later as a squeezed lemon. For this day, at the main job, you could earn 2000 rubles, while the service for washing windows in the cleaning company costs 1000 rubles. Obviously, it will be more profitable for you to go to work overtime, and the washing of windows entrust professionals - so you are not only forces save, but also put a thousand rubles in your pocket.

Avoid the society of lazy people

Laziness - the thing is incredibly infectious. This virus is very easy to pick up, but it is difficult to get rid of it. The focus is that when you are in the company Lazy, Leng begins to seem something natural and for granted. It seems that yesterday, only you were ashamed of the mountain of unwashed dishes in the sink, and today, seeing the same to the girlfriend, you are experiencing a cunning feeling of relief.

Try to surround yourself by people wolane, purposeful, ambitious. Their example will constantly motivate you and make it work on yourself. Let even in the process of communication you will experience a small stress, feeling the difference is not in your favor - the faster you can become better and tighten to their level.

Useful materials on the topic of the article

List of utility I will start with the recommendations of several articles of our site. They are great suitable for people who cannot escape from laziness and apathy networks.

Pay attention to these texts:

  1. How to make yourself work.
  2. What to do when you do not know what to do.
  3. Habits of successful people.
  4. How to get out of the comfort zone.
  5. How to motivate yourself.
  6. Where to get energy.
  7. How to get out of depression.
  8. How to start a new life.

Now we recommend you one very cool project, which is almost completely free, and which I constantly use myself. He is called Wikium. If you are reading your other articles, I probably noticed that the Wikium I "advertise" everywhere. Look at it right now, add to the bookmarks and subscribe to the update.

This project is devoted to the development of the brain. But in general, here a lot of materials for self-realization. So, first, you need to watch Vikima's simulators. They are slightly less than a hundred at the moment and newly every month appear new ones. The simulators will help you pump different skills, train figurative thinking, memory, attention, more efficiently work with texts, etc. All the simulators are absolutely free.

Next utility - courses. This is already pleasure paid, but cheap. Training materials are given in records, cost 900-2500 rubles, rarely more. There is only one course that costs 17 990 rubles, I will tell about him below.

The third is a good thing that can be found on Wikiume - webinars from psychologists and other people who understand our brains better than we ourselves. At the moment there is only one webinar about the work of the brain and its features (repeated periodically) - sign up, look.

In general, the project is cool, do not miss it out of sight.

It came a turn of courses - pay attention to these tutorials and try to pass them.


Курс целеполагания для тех, кто хочет побороть лень

Description. The peculiarity of this program is that a lot of attention is paid to the arrangement of priorities. This work will help you understand what you really want in the near future, get the charge of motivation. The following two stages are the fact that the goal setting and developing a plan to achieve a goal.

The course will help you start moving towards completely new goals, find the charge of energy to achieve them. The amount of information is not big - only six lessons, so you will pass material in a few days. All workers will remain with you, access to theory, tests and exercises - too.

The authors: Creators of the Wikium project.

Cost: 1 490 rub.

Learn more and start learning

Brain fitness

Брейн-фитнес для тех, кто хочет побороть лень навсегда

Description. This is the same super-expensive course from the Wikium Platform. Why? Look at the rim on the guy's neck from the picture. See there a small device? This is a neurointerface. He reads electromagnetic waves, which emits your brain, analyzes them, and then gives out unique, selected directly for you, recommendations.

Brain fitness is aimed at your development in a variety of spheres. Taking this neurointerface, you will train your attention, thinking, imagination, memory. But this, in my opinion, is not the most important. The device, in combination with theoretical material, will help you to cope with the negative, get rid of stress, it is easier to concentrate on the tasks that you are in front of you. You will strive to achieve your goals, laziness and apathy will remain in the past.

The authors: Creators of the Wikium project.

Cost: 17 990 rubles.

Learn more and start learning

Mody detoxification

Детоксикация мозга для тех, кто хочет избавиться от лени

Description . Laziness usually does not arise in itself. You may be difficult to concentrate on the work that you do, because of negative thoughts, experiences, constant stress. The course "Brain detoxification" is designed just to remove all this negative from your head.

Neurinterface for this material is not offered to buy, therefore the price is at times lower. Do not think, however, that in the program a solid theory. There are many practical exercises here, there are tasks for unique simulators that work only on the Vikima Platform. Methodical development for the course you will download on the computer and keep yourself forever, so you can go back to them later, for example, for several years.

Author : Viktor Shiryaev.

Cost: 1 490 rub.

Learn more and start learning

Dear readers, please write in the comments, which books, in your opinion, help get rid of laziness and apathy. What would you recommend reading to modify yourself to personal growth, movement to the goals set, exit from the comfort zone?


Laziness is a serious obstacle to the achievement of the goals and gaining happiness. No wonder in Orthodoxy, it is considered a serious sin. Nevertheless, to defeat her for each person. After reading our article, you have already taken the first step towards victory - continue to continue to confidently go ahead. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them in the comments, I will answer with pleasure.

Как побороть лень Как избавиться от лени навсегда Простые действия

What are the causes of laziness? How to deal with this pathological inaction?

In fact, laziness can be divided into two problems - a problem with motivation and a problem with the power of will.

So, what could be the main causes of laziness in relation to motivation?

    Not strong motivation.

Conditionally speaking, if in the evening I need to get up from the sofa to earn some 100 rubles, which will not make any weather in the house, I hardly stand up from the sofa. Really, why? 100 rubles more, per 100 rubles less ... If it were about 10,000 rubles, I would immediately jumped with a bed and ran something (a) something to do.

Sometimes there is a slightly different situation - you are not fully aware of what the result will be. In this case, the motivation is not motivation. You do not really believe that you get a tangible result, you do not give yourself such a right.

In fact, faith is just to give yourself the right ("I have the right to earn these 10 thousand rubles for half an hour, which means I will stand and do it!"). If I do not give myself such right, no matter how I got up and, no matter how trying to fulfill the task, it will not work for me. Accordingly, it all applies to not too strong motivation and goal.

Motivation and purpose are always followed in parallel with respect to each other. What is the difference between these two concepts?

The goal implies a specific task, for example, to earn 10 thousand rubles for half an hour and then earn a regular amount. Motivation may imply that I will receive the result not right now, and it will not be in specific figures, but that I will become better, I will develop, etc. Thus, motivation is a process, the goal is the result.

If the goal is overestimated for a person (he does not believe that it can achieve certain results; it does not know which efforts it should be attached to this), it will slow down its motivation. Metaphorically, motivation can be compared with the energy that pulls us forward to the target.

    The goal and needs do not coincide.

The goal is a clear task indicating the timing and amount ("I want to steal 10 thousand dollars a month!"). Motivation is what drives you to earn these 10 thousand dollars a month.

So, you want to earn or get some specific amount, but your body resists ("What will I do with these money? I don't need expensive brand clothing, you don't need to pay a mortgage for an apartment ... you can buy a car for this money, but why ? "), Energy inside you does not turn on (" Well, well, but no! "). And so that you would not offer yourself, consciousness does not respond to the call.

Pretty frequent phenomenon, when people say that they want to earn a lot, but at the sight of a couple of couples, they have tears on their eyes, the heart trembles in the chest - inside the consciousness the reaction is perfectly on other things. This is a kind of substitution - I want to earn a lot, but in reality I want to love and be in harmonious and beautiful relationships like everything around.

There is a reverse situation - a person is trying to understand the family in every way, and actually worries for debts and payment to contractors, looking for additional earnings options to invest in business. The body gives him a hint that real interest is not in a relationship, but in money. And until this main spiritual need is settled, it will not be possible to solve other problems. Where the interest of man is concentrated, there will be more energy, respectively, these tasks will be solved with greater efficiency.

    Abstract goal (there are no specific desires, concrete visualization, a clear understanding of what exactly you want). It may be so that there are thoughts, but your soul does not agree to follow this path, so the goal and remains at the level of the abstract task (you do not see it and do not feel).

When a person sees an informed and understandable goal in front of him, he seems to feel it, it is practically in his hands. Then the energy is turned on. On the abstract goal, the internal resource is not connected, in fact it is not. If you do not know what you specifically want to achieve (I want to - I do not want), it means that you do not want it at all. Conclusion - it will not be motivated, you will continue to be lazy, because the energy has not risen.

The most important moment of all three points is a pure desire and energy should be stronger than all your beliefs, installations, ideas, goals. It should "pull" you from the inside. If this is not, you once again charm on the bed and will look at the twenty-fifth time the series - I don't care what to do, just not to do this thing!

How to deal with insufficient motivation and what is generally to do with all this?

Put clear, clear and understandable objects for SMART technique.

First of all, identify the basic need for this, see the deep part of your soul, which really knows that she needs most. No matter how you cheat yourself ("I need to earn more!") If your soul wants peace of mind and relaxes, the arms of his beloved man, gentle, romantic and pleasant meetings, you will not work in the material sphere. Admit this need! Naturally, there are situations where the conflict arises inside the consciousness - you can want to hug with your loved one for all days, but you still need to earn money, because after some time you want to eat. In this case, everything will be as you agree with your inner child. Sit down, look inside your consciousness, pay attention to your needs, admit them and tell me: "Yes, I see, I feel, I hear, I understand that you now want more than hugs, love and romance, but there is another more important task. If we do not fulfill it, we will not have ice cream, candies, a new dress. We will not pay for utilities, we will not buy a delicious food, etc.. " Pronounce that it is important for you in this zone and negotiate with you: "Look, today we take a little, but then we will work for two days." In any conflict, the main thing is to find a compromise, so find this balance inside your consciousness.

In the case of the inverse situation (you tell yourself that you need to understand relationships, and the money itself is hurt), agree again: "Well, let me post this question, I agree with my wife. I understand that we have a tightened serious conflict, this crisis needs to be solved, but right now I have a project, I need to do this. Let me raise this issue through a week, but for now we will live out without emotions, just try to turn them off. "

If you consider more depth reasons that influenced that your motivation has ceased to "turn on", and you have become "pushing" it inwards, you can allocate overwhelming parents and relatives that any strong excitement pushed back. Accordingly, you got used to the situation from early childhood when, when manifesting the joy of mom, dad, grandfather or grandmother, simply "pushed" her back to your consciousness ("Why do you jump on the bed? Sit down and sit, do not! Now you fall and miss the bumps ! "). Conditionally speaking, you were forced to play a calm game, and this is equivalent to punishment, because you wanted to throw out the entire charge of energy.

If in childhood you had such situations, a spent mechanism was already entrenched in the subconscious. As soon as the excitement is going, you are very inspired by something, you yourself decorate yourself - sit still, nothing can be done, because you are not fit for it; You can not get what your excitement wants; You must sit quietly peacefully in the corner and do not want anything in this life.

Thus, you yourself "wrap inside", and after that you do not want anything after that. What you really wanted to get in life is impossible; You yourself convinced themselves in what a lot of something is hurt. Conclusion - I will not do it, I bet I do a look that I do not want anything. So a person and suppresses any energy, excitement and inspiration - he was already taught in childhood successfully to do it.

Learn to include your desires, start listening to them, recognize your true needs, no matter how hurts it!

The situation when a person chooses between relations and money, quite frequent in our time. On her background, many people have a substitution - I want to in a relationship, but I go to the second job. Why? It hurts a person to recognize the fact that he really wants simple human attention, emotional inclusion, care and relationships - ordinary things that for him in childhood were supplanted, rejected by family members (the child could even soze for the need for emotional contact).

So, if the family has sharpened the child's need, in adulthood he will have a rather painful perception of its true need, and, as a result, the substitution will begin. The next stage is laziness and procrastination.

Look for your basic need, then you can find internal energy to implement it. And energy and there is a motivation that will carry you to your goal. Only then laziness will disappear!

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Friends to all good and wisdom, welcome you on the training channel and self-priority and today, we will talk about how to overcome too lazy and get rid of it forever.
Friends to all good and wisdom, welcome you on the training channel and self-priority and today, we will talk about how to overcome too lazy and get rid of it forever.

Lazhen sincecore is the malicious enemy of mankind. She overcomes many, forcing it to postpone important things for later. But why does it come too? What is it dangerous, and how to overcome it?

Causes of the appearance of laziness

The first reason for Lenia - fear. Every person he arises in relation to different events. For example, the fear is not to get the desired result; Fear to break in the face of the test. He rolls and does not give to move in the desired direction.

The second reason - No desire to do something. Let us give an example. Man, let's call him Petya, wants to become a builder. But he understands that this profession will not bring him big money. Therefore, Petya goes to study on the programmer, arguing it like this: "There is nothing terrible, extinguish." It takes time, Petya is already working, but he does it poorly, without enthusiasm, and indeed on the verge of burnout. Every morning he overcomes laziness, career growth for him does not matter exactly as money. He does not see the meaning in his profession and well, if ultimately switches to another profession.

Therefore, it is very important to do what I like that you love. Otherwise, laziness and procrastination will be best friends, and it will not be able to overcome too much.

Third reason - Lack of rest. When the body requires relaxation, and you continue to fight and work, nothing good will come out of this. It is easy to check in your case: if you don't have the strength to work, but they are for other affairs, then you should relax.

By the way, you can also learn this information from the video on our channel in the voice acting of good speakers, so choose what you easier to read or watch and drove on ...

Views of Leni.

Oddly weirdly, the usual laziness can be of different types, and to combat laziness it is necessary to understand what is your case.

Laziness happens:

  • Thinking laziness - I do not want to think. Man is lazy to think about goals and possible results. And if it works, it makes it wrong, performing the same ineffective actions.
  • Emotional laziness - Loss of emotions. Loss of feelings - badly affects the man. Although it may seem, thus turns on the energy-saving mode, but this is not the case. Such a condition gradually introduces to an even greater pit and you can go to apathy.
  • Physical laziness - the most popular. Good friendly with mental and emotional. It can be divided into permanent and temporary. Divide and for what you need to do.
  • Creative laziness - Ancient condition. It arose from Mendeleev, Archimedes, Newton.
  • Pathological laziness . In this case, laziness is the essence of a person. It seems to him that he is unable to do something physically.
12 Шагов как навсегда избавиться от лени и почему она возникает?

How to overcome laziness?

The Japanese technique is 1 minute comes to the rescue. Rule One: You must deal with your business exactly 1 minute. The occupation must be regularly, but not more than a minute. Your brain understands that 1 minute does not mean anything, and therefore perform the task easily.

Thus, step by step you will approach your price. As soon as the habit has been developed, you can increase this minute to 5, then 30, 60. Agree that the method is excellent. It allows you to gently and smoothly leave the shackles and get rid of laziness forever.

A good assistant in the fight against laziness, maybe the technique of "what I don't want." Many do not know what they specifically want. But they know well what they have are far from wanting them.

There is a law of incarnation, which says: the reality is incarnating what we think about. If we do not know what we want from life, the reality is what they are afraid. For example, you just think about illness and poverty. The head contains these thoughts, they become a reality.

It is possible to solve the problem of laziness, you only need to understand what you want. To do this, take the sheet and divide into two parts. In the first part, write out what you do not want. And in the second what you want instead. For example, fear can be overcome with confidence, and anger - love. List of what you want, and will be your goals.

13 rules for dealing with laziness

  • The correct morning starting is the most important factor of a successful day. Try to sleep at least 7 hours a day. After the alarm clock is silent, take a couple of minutes, it will allow you to fully wake up. At this point, think about the new day, what are you needed to finish, and what to start.
  • Charging, after a good sleep, is able to give strength and set up to work. And the morning souls will be treated and getting lazy with goosebumps!
  • If you have come too lazy, tune in to work only 5 minutes, take strength and patience. When you set a task in 5 minutes, our brain considers it a meeting. The sense of laziness is dulled. Task requires more than 5 minutes? Then break it on the part and proceed to perform the first piece, relax. Then take the second and so to the end, gradually - it will help to overcome laziness.
  • Whatever enough, drink more water. Every 2 hours drink a glass of simple water - make it a rule, for the violation of which the amount of water increases. On the day you need to drink, depending on the size of a person, 1.5-2 liters of water. We are 60% of H2O, so its disadvantage causes violations in the work of the whole organism. This method leads to a winding condition and helps start working.
  • Another effective advice is to forget about the word "tomorrow." Do not postpone tomorrow what can be done today. Speak yourself that tomorrow will be your problems or that tomorrow will not be at all. Never postpone things for later. To make it easier to fight with laziness, it is better not to wake her. Therefore, act resolutely. Take care of work without delay.
  • Contact your personal experience. Remember how many times you succumbed to Lena, the feeling of fear. And what came out of it? Therefore, collect your whole will in the fist and start acting, fighting with laziness!
  • You can do the opposite way. Remove your personal victories in the fight against laziness. If you cannot remember, take for an example of a well-known person who has achieved great success. This is probably motivated!
  • Making an action plan is easier to resist. Write your goal and ways to achieve it. Start to go to the task with the help of small action.
  • Illustrate your dream. For example, your goal is to buy an expensive car. Print it image and hang next to the computer monitor. It will provoke to work.
  • After a busy day, go to what enhances your mood, brings positive and joy.
  • Another of the most common mistakes is to pull out the work. Checking mail, viewing social networks, revision of photos and videos - these things are not enough that relaxes, but do not bring any benefit. Therefore, stop being distracted, focus at work. Disconnect the smartphone from the Internet, close unnecessary pages in the browser, if possible, find a quiet and peaceful place.
  • Put the goal and think about it, especially in heavy moments. When the purpose is scheduled, there is a feeling that it is real and quite achievable. Motivation appears, which makes it make a lot contrary to desires.
  • Just do. Do not know where to start? Start with something, the main thing is not sitting on the spot. Work and inspire in any free minute and soon you can get rid of laziness forever.


When a difficult situation arises and laziness continues to overcome, it is important to realize the reason for its appearance. Put the shaped hole and continue to work. Only then will be able to overcome too much forever.

Laziness forever challenges many successful people. Yes, this is not a light opposition, but after all, the reward is not small! Therefore, work on yourself, learn a new one, enjoy the moment, appreciate what you have. Live with fire in the heart and resolutely go to victories!

We hope that the advice given in this article will help you in the fight against a cunning enemy. Apply in practice what you read, and then tips on how to overcome the lazy forever will bring you the desired result.

Good luck and patience to you friends! And also do not forget that on our site And YouTube Channel training and self-development can also be found other lessons for self-development and improving themselves, and many more interesting and useful.

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