Skin care: how to increase tone and turgor skin, expert advice

What is skin tone?

The skin pleases when you look in the mirror and see her elastic and well-groomed. When we talk about skin tone, we mean the set of such concepts as:

  • Moisturity or hydration (the addition of water molecules),
  • Turgor (osmotic internal pressure in a living cell, which regulates the water balance of the skin),
  • Elasticity and security oxygen.

At the same time, the skin tone also depends on hormonal health. Hormonal imbalance is immediately reflected on the skin, as well as the age reduction in the level of hormones - says Natalia Buzhinskaya, General Director of the Petrovka-Beauty clinic.

The role of moisturizing skin care

It is widely known that water helps keep the skin healthy and fresh look. If briefly, it is the case: we drink water, water comes from the gastrointestinal tract into blood, from the blood to the cells and the intercellular space of the skin. And, it would seem, drink water, and your skin in tone is young and beautiful! But no matter how not. The water content in the epidermis depends not only on the amount of water received from the derma, but also on the ability of the epidermis to hold it, as well as from the osmotic pressure in the cells and the proper activity of the kidneys.

Tone skin

The first thing we can affect this complex system is to maintain the balance of the elements of the lipid mantle of the skin, which minimizes the process of water loss.

Ekaterina Glagolev:

Leslie Bauman in their book "Cosmetology dermatology" describes an experiment, which shows that it is an imbalance in the composition of a natural moisturizing factor and lipids leads to the appearance of such a skin as dryness. But, fortunately, dryness or skin dehydration is a reversible state.

With age, the epidermis keeps moisture worse, the skin tone is weaker, so you need helping from outside.

Many believe that oily skin is not dehydrated, but this is a delusion. The phenomenon of dehydration is characteristic of all types of skin, and although dry skin is more susceptible to this due to the damaged protective hydrolyphid mantle, oily skin can also be dehydrated for the same reason (due to aggressive skin care products - lotions with alcohol, extreme climatic conditions, Medical courses of treatment, etc.).

Often on the Internet you can meet recommendations to drink water about 2 liters per day and wipe the face with ice cube from dishes of medicinal herbs or mineral water in order to moisturize and tonizing. In fact, these are common delusions.

Perhaps the case in a bright tonic effect that provides ice - comments the cosmetologist Catherine Glagolev, - but it is important to remember that the powerful narrowing and expansion of the vessels that occurs after any extreme effects are fraught with disrupting adaptation. That is, workouts for the vessels of the face must be gentle and very regular, otherwise we risk getting instead of a healthy rumbling cooper capillaries in the area of ​​the nose and cheeks. So if you are contraindicated by a bath / sauna, you blush from a red wine gland and light jogging - refrain from this board and offer a course of venotonic drugs (on the advice of your doctor).

It is necessary to solve the problem of insufficient moisture in a tandem with a beautician, the specialist will establish the cause of dehydration and eliminate the consequences.

How to understand whether the turgor is normal?

The tourism is the ability of recovery after deformation - is determined by the state of the dermis, or rather the activity of its fibroblasts.

"It is normal to understand the skin of the skin simply: you need to pull the skin on the back of the palm, then let it go if the skin is smoothed immediately - everything is very good. If no less than 5 seconds passed until complete smoothing, it means there is a real reason for concern, since you have a skin turgor "- comments Yulia Vladimirovna Yegorova, a cosmetologist dermatovenerologist" Reform "clinic.

The turgor leather women depends on the hormone of estrogen, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin fibers operate on the principle of gum, returning the skin the original form and shape during deformation.

Tone skin

How to improve skin turgor?

Improve the turgor of the skin will help special procedures, for example: Meso and ozone therapy and microcuria. The development of cosmeceticism allows you to develop comprehensive skin care procedures, in terms of solving many problems, such as hyperpigmentation, mimic hyperactivity, vascular problems, because the decrease in collagen synthesis is far from the only problem of fading skin.

Mechanical procedures should be present in the skin care: light peeling, massage at least 1-2 times a week, a contrasting soul that increases blood microcirculation and elasticity of vessel walls, body wraps. The longest flaws are preserved in the abdomen, and here you can connect physical exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Well to increase body leather turgor helps baths with aroma masses.

Summing up can be said that the tone is a comprehensive concept that characterizes the quality of the skin. With a systematic approach, it is possible to improve moisturies, turgor and skin elasticity and significantly delay the campaign to the plastic surgeon. With a reduced skin tone, aesthetic procedures aimed at rejuvenation will give an effect, but the effect of plastle will be visually noticeable.

face care

The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It protects the body from bacteria and viruses, blows, friction, temperature difference, allergens, negative environmental impact. It also participates in the synthesis of vitamin D and is a sign of the touch.

The skin is daily exposed to huge loads. Most of all "gets" face, because of him, unlike other parts of the body, cannot be protected by clothing. Therefore, the skin must be careed at any age. This will preserve not only its health, but also aesthetic appearance. If it is impeccable from nature, then the correct care will support its condition. The quality of problem skin can be significantly improved, take care of her daily.

Of course, for the maximum effect, professional assistance is needed - cleansing, caring, rejuvenating activities. To do this, you can contact the Polyclinic Otradnaya to the experienced cosmetologist, which will carefully examine the state of your skin, will send you to the necessary research and will select optimal procedures for their results. However, home care is still needed - it will help maintain the result.

Types of leather

There are 4 types of skin:

  1. Normal - medium thickness and density, has a smooth color, tolerance to the temperature differences and other negative impacts of the environment, is not inclined to develop inflammation, it does not have greens, the pores are small.
  2. Dry - thin, matte, has increased sensitivity, often dries, as the activity of the sebaceous glands is small, often peeling and exposed to irritation, signs of aging in some cases appear after 25 years.
  3. Fatty - dense, thick, with advanced pores and elevated salo-waste, often has a fat brilliance, is subject to comedones (black dots and white closed cystic formations) and acne, but the longest types looks like a young one.
  4. Combined - combines 2 types at once, for example, on some parts are fat (dry), on other normal.
face care

Normal skin is enough standard cleansing, tones, moisturizing and nutrition. Dry needed greater moisture and nutrition than other types. Means for it need to choose soft, non-irritation. With oily skin, it is important to pay great attention to cleansing and making. For this, it is necessary to use masks weekly, for example, on the bases of clay - they narrow the pores, remove the bold glitter, provide additional cleansing. When combined skin, combine caring tools. If dry areas are observed, they additionally apply a moisturizing cream. On fat - matting. In the event of inflammation, antibacterial and drying agents are pointing point.

General rules and maintenance stages

The skin of each type needs an individual approach. However, there are rules equally relevant to all types. Daily skin care should consist of the following steps:

  1. Cleansing.
  2. Toning.
  3. Moisturizing and nutrition.


Cleaning the skin is carried out twice a day. Evening procedure will allow freeing the skin from pollution and remove makeup. At night, tissue regeneration is carried out. Cell division occurs 8 times faster than during the day. Sweat containing toxins accumulates on the surface of the skin. It also needs to be washed.

Morning cleansing consists of washing using a soft detergent: foam or gel. Do not use soap, it dries skin! In the evening it is necessary to first handle the face with a cotton sponge with cleansing milk, two-phase lotion or micellar water (even if you do not wear makeup), and then wash.

Important! During the wash, not only the face is paying attention, but also neck. After aqueous procedures, the skin is not wiped, and gently rinse with a towel, reducing the risk of microtrase and stretching. The person must remain a bit wet - it will make it easier to penetrate Tonic.


Many misses this stage, considering it optional. In fact, the tonic removes the remnants of pollution, restores the acid-alkaline balance of the skin and prepares it to the effects of the cream: moisturizers and nutrients will "work" more efficiently. The tonic is applied to a cotton spontaneity and wipe them slightly wet face through massage lines, not forgetting about the neck. Also, such funds are produced in the form of sprays. A similar product is sprayed on the skin of the face and neck, massage with the pads of the fingers, and then remove the remnants of the sponge sponge.

Reference! It is necessary to tone the skin as well as washed - day and evening.

Moisturizing and nutrition

face care

The skin of any type needs in moisturizing, and in nutrition. The main part of the nutrients and fluid it gets from the inside of the body. However, it is necessary to influence it outside.

Reference! Most cosmetic agents intended for home care do not penetrate the skin on the epidermis (the highest layer). This does not mean that creams are absolutely useless, and you need to abandon their use. Acting in the upper layers of the skin, they accelerate regeneration processes, protect the cover from the negative environmental impact, slow down the aging processes. However, they do not get rid of the existing wrinkles, except that they will make them less noticeable. Professional cosmetology procedures - biograpalization, mesotherapy, hyaluronic acid injection and botulinum-based injections are successfully cope with already manifested signs of aging.

Drying cover can not be healthy, nor beautiful. After all, the skin is 72% consists of water. Being a barrier organ, she is the first to have a lack of water in the body. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the amount of liquid consumed. Clean water (excluding tea, coffee, juices, soups, etc.) It is necessary to drink about 1.5-2 liters every day.

Moisturizing Provides skin:

  • Elasticity.
  • Improving blood microcirculation, thanks to which the complexion is improved.
  • High-quality outflow of lymph, which avoids the occurrence of edema.
  • The absorption of nutrients - water acts as a "conductor", and the nutrient elements are absorbed only with the normal content of fluid in the tissues.
  • Normalization of metabolic processes - liquid is their direct participant.
  • The activation of all skin functions, including the synthesis of collagen and the elastin necessary for the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

In addition to the correct drinking regime, you need to use high-quality moisturizing agents. It is quite common is the opinion that oily skin does not need moisture. However, this is not the case - it needs it no less than other types of skin.

The most effective moisturizing substances contained in creams are:

  • Hyaluronic acid.
  • Glycerol.
  • Extracts of medicinal plants and seaweed.
  • Urea.

Important! Some refuse to moisturize the face in the cold time, as they are afraid that the liquid from the cream applied before exiting the house will freeze in the cold, which will lead to cracks on the skin. In fact, the liquid from cosmetic means quickly penetrates into the skin and warmed up to its temperature. In winter, it is impossible to refuse moisturizers. At this time of year, the skin needs them even more than in summer, since due to temperature drops, when leaving the warm room on a cold street quickly loses moisture.

Nutritious means Provide skin:

  • Regeneration: Without a sufficient amount of beneficial substances, this process slows down significantly.
  • Protection - when using nutrient cosmetics on the skin surface, a film is formed that protects it from the negative impact of the environment.
  • Fast removal of toxins.
  • Aesthetic look.

The necessary skin nutrient components contained in cosmetic products are:

  • Vitamins (A, E, C, Group B) and minerals.
  • Lipids, fatty omega-acids.
  • Amino acids.
  • Essential oils containing a variety of biologically active substances.

Reference! If you use two different means, then the moisturizer is better to apply in the morning, and nourishing in the evening. Nowadays, "2 in 1" creams are produced, providing skin quality moistening and nutrition at the same time. Such a means can be applied in the morning, and in the evening.

It is recommended to choose the skin cream on the type of skin not only according to the inscriptions on the labels of funds, but after consultation with the beautician. Manufacturers of creams and serum are focused on the "middle" buyer. Cosmetologist, with the selection of funds, all individual nuances will be taken into account.

The cream on the skin is applied according to a specific rules:

  • In the morning an hour before leaving the house, in the evening - an hour before sleep.
  • Before applying on the face, the cream is warmed in their hands to the body temperature - so it will have a more active impact.
  • The tool is applied to the skin of the face and neck, bypassing the area around the eyes (special products are intended for these sites).
  • If after 20 minutes the surplus of the cream remained on the face, they are removed with a paper napkin.

The means intended for the area around the eyes is applied by unnamed fingers. They have the smallest pressure on the skin, so that the risk of stretching the cover is reduced.

Tip! Day creams are recommended to choose with a SPF factor, because the increased impact of ultraviolet accelerates aging processes. It is necessary to protect the skin from the Sun in the fall and winter.


face care

Talking how to properly care for the skin, you can not remember about the importance of peelings and scrubics. These are special means designed to exfoliate organized cells.

The horn layer of the epidermis is regularly updated. Demanding particles in the norm themselves must leave the face. However, under the disastrous impact of the environment and due to the violation of the silent glands of the cells, it is capable of accumulating on the surface of the skin, making it difficult to penetrate the nutrients and interfering with the tonal bases to fall uniformly. Therefore, the skin needs to regularly "help", carrying out exfoliation. It is best to do this in the Cosmetologist's office, but if it is not possible to attend it constantly, this process can be carried out at home - with the help of scrubies and acid peelings.

The exfoliating procedure is carried out once a week. It is not recommended to use scrubs with large abrasive particles - they are able to leave on the skin of the microtrauma, which is fraught with the enhancing infection. Hummages that do not contain any solid particles are considered to be the most gentlemen, but have the necessary effects due to the content of acids.


Contrary to a fairly widespread opinion, the daily use of decorative cosmetics does not harm the skin and does not speed up its aging. Modern means for makeup, on the contrary, provide additional care, as they contain nutrients. However, decorative means are safe only if they are properly applied:

  1. They must be applied to clean prepared skin (after purification, toning, moisturizing).
  2. In the evening, makeup are definitely removed, because if you leave it for the night, cosmetics, mixed with skin bass and mud, is able to clog the pores and provoke the development of inflammation.

Textures of decorative products are selected depending on the type of skin:

  • For dry use liquid and creamy agents.
  • For oily, dry pow-shaped products are used - the mineral powder cosmetics is perfect.

Important! Skin care implies and timely washing makeup brushes. Otherwise, bacteria will fall on them that will provoke the development of inflammation on the face.


Save the beauty and health of the skin will help the following rules:

  • When making a shower or bath and wash, it is not hot and not cold, and warm water: hot leads to the expansion of the pores and the development of dryness, and cold - to narrow blood vessels and deterioration of blood microcirculation.
  • Never squeeze yourself comedona and acne - so you can put into the skin infection and cause the development of scars.
  • Regularly clean the devices in contact with the skin of the face, such as a smartphone.
  • We often change pillowcases to avoid skin contamination during sleep.
  • It is advisable to sleep on the back, on a low pillow - to avoid the appearance of the second chin, folds on the neck.
face care

No face care will be quite effective with improper lifestyle. Therefore, to achieve the maximum result, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. Refuse bad habits. Frequent use of alcohol adversely affects blood supply to the skin, which means that its moisturizing and nutrition suffer. Smoking also has the same impact, in addition to the tobacco smoke destroys collagen and elastin, which is fraught with the manifestation of premature signs of aging.
  2. Pink correctly by including a large number of vegetables and fruits in your diet, following sufficient intake of Uneme-3 unsaturated fatty acids and limiting the use of fast carbohydrates, sugar (they are able to speed up the processes of skin fading). Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants, slowing aging. Also these products improve the complexion of the face, contribute to the humidification and smoothness of the skin. Omega-3 fats, contributing to the elasticity of the skin, are contained in fatty fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon), walnuts, beef.
  3. Clear at least 7-9 hours per day. Sleep shortage affects skin color - it becomes ground, dark circles or bags under the eyes can also occur.
  4. Try to avoid stress. We cannot affect the number of stressful situations in life, but ways to change their reaction to them. It is more peaceful to respond to negative events will help Walking outdoors, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation.
  5. Detach physical activity at least a few days a week. It improves blood circulation, helps to remove toxins, contributes to the removal of stress.

Of course, the concept of a healthy lifestyle includes the timely treatment of any diseases, many of which affect the quality and appearance of the skin. In the presence of alarming symptoms, it is necessary to immediately access the doctor, and it is better to attend it annually for prevention.

In self-insulation, many of us understood what dull color is. A healthy blush on its own cheeks today is the same rare thing as buckwheat in stores at the very beginning of the pandemic. How to deal with this problem and return the former beauty, AIF.RU explains Plastic surgeon, dermatologist, cosmetologist Madina Bayramukova.

Step number 1. Give the skin oxygen

The first thing you need to give your skin is naturally oxygen. Yes, the walks are not yet permitted, but if you think about it, today and the trip to the nearest store can be considered in the fresh air. In addition, many of us have balconies that in modern realities should not be used only as a warehouse of unnecessary things. This is a great place to leisure, if you, of course, equip it for such purposes. In addition, on the balcony you can do charging and go there just breathe during the day.

Be sure to ventilate the apartment several times a day and keep clean in it, because not only because of the lack of opportunity to walk, we constantly breathe dust, and still expose it to our skin, which leads to the emergence of various inflammation.

Step number 2. Clean the face

In such conditions, it is most correct to focus on skin cleansing. With this task, the "excellent" copies enzyme peelings, whose task is to return the face well-kept species. As part of such peels, enzymes (enzymes) are contained, helping to exfoliate old epidermis cells and stimulating new regeneration. Enzyme peelings clean the skin from contamination, sebum, dust particles, horny scales and help to return it a healthy and shining look. At the same time, their impact on our face is quite mild and delicate, without subsequent peeling and unpleasant sensations during use.

Step number 3. Paint cells

Also, do not forget about additional nutrition and moisturizing the skin, therefore at least 2 times a week, in addition to the usual care (use of creams), it is worth useing night masks. Such products are applied to the cleansed skin and are not flushed to the morning. Since all the cosmetics that we use at home work only on the surface of the skin until the first contact with water, the use of night masks is quite acquitted and brings a tangible benefit of our skin, saturating it for 8 hours with useful substances.

Step number 4. Stimulate blood circulation

In the morning clock to improve the color of the skin, you can recommend the use of a mesoroller (dermoller). This simple adaptation allows quality care due to improving local blood circulation and more active penetration of caring tools in the skin at the expense of the microneboard, which it is equipped. Mesorollers differ in their appearance and nature of impact, so it is necessary to approach its purchase. For example, a device with short needles is used to improve blood circulation and deep penetration of nutrients. The mesonoller with an average needle size is designed for oily skin. And long needles helps to cope with the pedestal, skin rejuvenation. It is necessary to use a mesaroller not more than 10-15 minutes, it is 7-8 times rolling it in one section of the face along and across.

Step number 5. Make masks from seasonal vegetables and fruits

While we are on quarantine, time does not stand still, there are delicious fresh cucumbers and strawberries in the shops. And these are the best natural means, allowing almost one application to return a healthy color. Moreover, apply them not only as masks, but also, of course, inside, too, because they contain a lot of vitamins and useful substances for our body. Mask from cucumbers to do is very simple: Cut the ripe fruit with thin round slices and gently place them on the face, without going through the attention and zone under the eyes. The cucumber slicker is one of the few funds that is suitable for this ultra-sensitive zone helps to fight swelling and at the same time perfectly copes with moisture. The duration of the procedure is approximately 20-30 minutes and does not require subsequent washing.

Strawberry also use as an independent means: a ripe and juicy berry can be wiped with a face and leave it in this form for 10 minutes, then rinse the remnants of cool water. On the basis of strawberries, you can also make a mask, mixing berries with cream, sour cream or yogurt without filler. It turns out a good nutrient with a small whitening effect.

And when the period of self-insulation is finally over, to forget about the dim color of the face you will be helped by various cosmetology procedures. For example, hardware lighting therapy, which helps to level the tone, seals vessels, plasma shower (plasma fractional mesotherapy), which promotes skin renewal, increasing collagen, elastin and its own hyaluronic acid, as well as injection techniques (biorevitalization and mesotherapy), allowing useful inside Substances, significantly improving its condition.

How to raise skin elasticity: vitamins, exercises, creams and salon procedures

From this article you will learn:

Over time, our skin loses elasticity, elasticity and freshness. The most acutely felt the woman after pregnancy or as a result of a significant weight loss. Of particular importance, this question acquires on hot days. In the summer, every girl dreams of looking beautiful and attractive, but it is not always possible to adjust the shape and hide the problem areas with the help of clothes. How to extend the youth of our body? How to increase skin elasticity? Below we will look at the basic recommendations.

When the need arises to increase skin elasticity

Over time, adverse weather conditions and direct sun rays have a negative impact on the epidermis. He gradually loses its elasticity, the tour begins to shrink, the cell walls become thinner. Therefore, even young leather needs constant care, otherwise after 35 years it will begin to fade quickly, and the aging process will become irreversible.

If you have noticed negative changes in the circuit of your shape and body, for example, the skin on the palm begins to straighten slowly after the extension, you must urgently take action.

So, how to increase skin elasticity ? The following major elements can be distinguished, helping to preserve youth:

  • Hyaluron, responsible for the connection of water molecules and providing skin moisturizing.

  • Elastin, which allows the skin to stretch and return to the initial shape. It is also part of elastic fibers.

  • Collagen has a feature to increase the density and elasticity of the connective tissue.

At that moment, when disorders occur during the synthesis of these elements, your skin begins to change the shape and dramatically faded.

At the same time, genetic predisposition does not significantly affect the tour.

Thus, it can be concluded that with proper care, you can save skin elasticity, extend its youth and slow down the aging process. Fortunately, there are various accessible and useful means of increasing elasticity.

Below will look at the most effective methods that can be used at home and salon procedures.

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What products that increase skin elasticity, you need to eat

The skin needs moisturizes not only outside, but also from the inside. In the daily diet, it is necessary to include clean drinking water. In addition, there is a huge amount of food that contribute to the preservation of skin elasticity. Most of them are quite accessible are not expensive, and they can be purchased everywhere.

Regular consumption of the most ordinary buckwheat Can help extend your skin's youth for quite a long time. The fact is that its composition includes a substance as flavonoid (rutin), which contributes to preservation of elasticity and avoids the appearance of wrinkles. In addition, buckwheat contains unsaturated fatty acids.

One of the most important substances extending the youth of the skin is silicon. It is contained in products such as bran, cereals, defined Berries and fruits, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, seeds, fresh greens, sprouted seeds of cereals other.

When iron deficiency is observed in the body, the skin acquires the pallor and loses its elasticity. This element, again, is included in the buckwheat, and also present in egg yolk, oatmeal, liver, red meat, Rabbit meat, veal, chicken, lamb and pork.

Positively affect the skin of the skin products rich in selenium. This substance is contained In Brazilian and coconut nuts, sardines and tuna, beef and pork liver, garlic, eggs, wheat grains, brown rice.

Seafood and fish Contain a zinc, which is an essential skin element that helps preserve its elasticity. They are rich in such products like Yeast, wheat bran, calf liver, beef, mushrooms, cocoa, nuts, pumpkin seeds.

What to take vitamins that increase skin elasticity

Turgor leather is one of the meaningful characteristics that determines the level of elasticity and elasticity. It also affects mechanical impact resistance. The higher its indicator, the more healthy, smooth and soft looks like the skin.

There are many different biological processes in the human body, for the normal functioning of which a balanced complex of vitamins, activating and accelerating the data of chemical reactions is necessary.

The shortage of these substances causes the risk of premature aging, the loss of elasticity and elasticity of the skin, stimulates dryness and peeling and, consequently, the formation of wrinkles.

What increases the elasticity and elasticity of the skin? With the help of a certain set of necessary vitamins, we can cope with these problems and save the tone.

It should include the following means that increase skin elasticity:

  • Vitamin A (Retinol) contributes to the growth and development of skin cells, and also helps to relieve the ethnicity and removes harmful substances.

  • Vitamin E. (tocopherol) is a substance that has a powerful impact on the human body. It slows down the aging process, launches the mechanism of skin rejuvenation, contributes to the expansion of blood vessels and improved blood circulation.

  • Vitamin C (Ascorbic acid) is a powerful antioxidant, accelerating the process of recovery of skin cells, derives from the body harmful substances. This substance is also involved in the formation of collagen and contributes to the regulation of metabolism.

  • Vitamin RR (Nicotinamide) is one of the most useful trace elements that stimulates the growth of tissues and participates in the redox process. In its healing properties, this substance can be equated to the medicine.

  • Vitamin F It is a powerful antioxidant that promotes the active removal of toxins and slags from the body, as well as strengthening and mitigating the skin. This substance prevents the formation of acne, acne, and serves as an excellent means of preventing various epidermis diseases.

  • Vitamin B1. (thiamine) improves the blood circulation process, tissue growth, contributes to the speedy restoration of the skin and the preservation of youth.

  • Vitamin B2. (Riboflavin) activates metabolic processes, launches energy mechanisms, gives the skin a healthy shade, ensures its smoothness and elasticity.

  • Vitamin B5. (Pantothenic acid) is one of the most important enzymes that ensure the proper functioning of the metabolic process, which synthesizes fatty acids. Its deficiency extremely negatively affects the skin condition and causes the risk of hair loss and nail fragility.

  • Vitamin B6. (Pyridoxin) underlies the key mechanisms that ensure healthy skin condition and the correct metabolism.

  • Vitamin K. It is also one of the enzymes that activate the withdrawal of toxins and slags from the body.

How to increase skin elasticity at home

It is important to understand that skin restoration is a long process that requires efforts on your part. In order to improve the effect of the procedures, a number of activities aimed at improving elasticity should be performed. This complex includes the correct diet and the restoration of the body from the inside, as well as the external impact - maxi, scrubs, cream.

The main element responsible for moisturizing the epidermis is water, and the protein, in turn, is the most important construction substance. Skin elasticity is provided by collagen and elastin. In case of insufficient cell division, our body is lacking for vital amino acids, as a result of which the skin loses its smoothness and covered with wrinkles.

Brouw & Like.

This procedure is well suited for regular home use and takes about one and a half hours. Pick special cosmetics for skin consisting of natural components and containing the necessary vitamins, as well as a measuring cup and bandages.

Pre-apply oil (preferably menthol) on the body with neat movements. It helps to remove the excess fluid from the body and narrow the vessels. For five minutes, make a light massage, evenly distributing the oil.

Before wrapped, heating bandages using a lotion, then wrap them with the necessary parts of the body (in the area of ​​hip, abdomen, hands). These areas are re-wrap using an elastic film. Thus, the effect of "steam bath" is obtained. Leave the resulting body compress for 20-40 minutes, activating the actions of the healing components.

After the procedure is completed, remove the bandages and moisten the skin with a lifting cream, which will additionally have a tightening effect.

For maximum effect, it is necessary to repeat the procedure 6-12 times with interruptions of 1-2 days, based on the general condition of your body skin.

Sport is one of the most important conditions for maintaining the body in excellent condition. The same applies to the skin. Exercise help prevent declaration, tightening problem areas. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the load on the arms, legs and press.

Hot water favorably affects skin, opening the pores, thereby pulling slags and toxins. A sharp decrease in temperature, on the contrary, leads to their narrowing and closing. Such an effect makes skin noticeably softer, more elastic and gives it elasticity. Daily, preferably at least two times a day, repeat this procedure, and rather soon you will see an impressive result.

You can take advantage of a small terry towel, pre-wetted it with cold water and sprinkling. Now put it on the chest.

  1. Cross your hands and light massage movements. Scatter the chest area from top to bottom until the skin flies, and you will not feel the tide of heat.

  2. Next, massaging the forearm area. Repeat the process on the opposite hand. Thus, it is activated, which contributes to the preservation of skin elasticity.

  3. Do not forget to periodically wet and press the towel when it dries and heats up.

  4. Then put the fabric in the abdomen area and actively rub up and down, as well as from the sides.

  5. Intensively scroll the body in the back area and lower back.

  6. Go down below and work with massage movements of the hips and caviar to the lightweight heat.

  7. Remember your movements should go from top to bottom and left to right.

Self-massage is recommended in the evening, before bedtime.

This cosmetics contributes to the moistening of the skin and preserving its elasticity.

In order to make a scrub, use 0.2 kg of sugar, two tablespoons of cocoa, one teaspoon of honey, pinch of cinnamon, a little essential oil, three or four tablespoons of olive oil and one teaspoon of liquid soap. The resulting mixture is recommended to be placed in a convenient storage capacity.

After you are mixed with this consistency, apply it to a pre-moistened body with light massaging movements. Then rush the scrub warm water.

For an effective result, it is recommended to carry out this procedure twice a week.

Brouw & Like.

What are masks that increase skin elasticity

With this cosmetic agent, you can additionally fill the skin with nutrients that it is deprived under the influence of an aggressive external environment.

So, consider recipes that can be easily used at home:

Mask to enhance the elasticity of the skin of the belly

For her cooking you will need one tablespoon of honey, coconut milk and ground oatmeal. All ingredients need to mix to uniform consistency. Previously clean the area of ​​the abdomen and apply the resulting mixture for 30 minutes. Survey, using first warm water, and then cool, creating the effect of a contrasting soul. The mask is recommended to apply three times a week.

Some women instead of expensive creams use olive oil. This natural product contains a valuable complex of nutrients, which very effectively affect the skin, preserving its elasticity and extended youth.

Mask to increase the elasticity of the neck

This body portion is the most delicate requiring special care. It is not for nothing that the state of the neck is most often issued by the age of a woman. Just as in the previous case, you can solve the problem with the help of olive oil. Apply a slightly preheated mass on the skin of this area and wrap the napkin (you can also use parchment paper), and on top - a terry towel. Compress must be kept for half an hour, then remnate the remnants of warm water. Such a mask will help not only maintain elasticity, but also protects your delicate skin from adverse effects in winter.

Mask to improve chest skin elasticity

This area of ​​the female body is most difficult to restore, but, nevertheless, with proper and regular care you can achieve very good results. Here is a whole set of events: exercise aimed at improving muscle tone, masks, peelings and a contrast shower.

You will need a natural yogurt (just one tablespoon), the pulp of coconut or chips, as well as oatmeal and sea salt on one teaspoon. Pre-steal the chest area and apply the resulting mass. Light movements massage for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with warm water. The overall rate lasts three months, use peeling twice a week.

An excellent means known to its effect since antiquity is the ice of citrus with mineral water. You can use frozen fruit juice.

In order to prepare an infusion of orange or tangerine peel, pour it with boiling water (0.5 l) in a glass jar and insist within 24 hours.

There is another effective mask to return the elasticity of the chest. You will need a natural yogurt (one tablespoon), a raw egg and one teaspoon of the tocopherol solution (vitamin E). The components thoroughly mix, cover in the chest area, put on the bra and leave the mask for 20 minutes. Remove warm water.

Mask to enhance the elasticity of the skin

As a rule, behind this area of ​​the woman and so care for the most carefully, but will not be superfluous to tell about what masks for the face that increase the elasticity of the skin is truly effective at home. We offer to try the French mask. It will take a glass container to make it a glass container in which you need to pour one glass of fresh cream, dilute by a whipped raw egg and squeezed with a single lemon juice, and add vodka (100 grams) and one teaspoon of glycerin. Mass obtained thoroughly mix and wipe the face and neck before bedtime. The composition will be perfectly preserved in the refrigerator for six months.

Another version of the French mask is called Madame Pampadour. To prepare it, you will also need one lemon to be fully, together with the zest, grind on a grater or combine. Then add 100 grams of alcohol, sour cream or cream (200 grams) and one teaspoon of glycerol. The mixture also can be stored in the refrigerator.

Another effective mask is called Sophie Loren. To prepare it, you need to mix 100 grams of fresh cream and one teaspoon gelatin. The resulting composition is insisted overnight. In the morning, this mass is put on weak fire, glycerin and honey (one teaspoon) are added and mixed thoroughly. Store in the refrigerator, but no more than one week, then you have to prepare a fresh mask.

The consistency should be made with light massage movements.

With regular use above face masks that increase skin elasticity There will be a miraculous effect: it will again light up freshness and purity, wrinkles will smash, the tour will significantly increase.

4 baths that increase skin elasticity at home

The following procedures are very effectively combined with skin declaration, stretch marks and cellulite in problem areas:

  1. Salt bath. This means actively splits excess fatty deposits, stimulates blood circulation, strengthening the walls of the vessels, due to which the skin cover gets the influx of oxygen and useful trace elements. To make it preparation, type the whole bath of water and dissolve the seaside salt (400 grams), can also add the composition of the ethereal oil of fennel, lemon or cypress.

  2. Bath Cleopatry. (Also, it is called dairy) has useful properties and is a valuable skin care product, feeding and moisturizing your body. Including, it has a relaxing effect. Pre-1/2 cup of honey mix with bold milk (2-3 liters). Also in the resulting mass you can add almond oil (two teaspoons). Then type in the bath of warm water and dig this consistency in it. Such a procedure is desirable to spend twice a week.

  3. If you want to achieve not only moisturizing, but also a toning action, you can take bath with herbal influences . For this, dried herbs decompose into small cotton bags that need to be added to warm water. You can also prepare a solution in advance, the bay collection with two tablespoons boiling water and insist for 10 minutes. For these purposes, you will suit the grass chamomile, Aira, nettle, horsetail, rosemary. You can accelerate the metabolism with melissa, mint, juniper and thyme. Tatarnist actively contributes to the increase in the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

  4. Excellent tonic effect possesses Bath with strong green tea. For its preparation, it is necessary to insist three teaspoons of the ingredient in a glass with boiling water for 15 minutes. The resulting decoction pour into the bath.

With regular use, the above household procedures are excellent Means that increase skin elasticity. In order not to harm your body, spend in the bath no longer than 20 minutes, at a water temperature not higher than 37 degrees.

How to use oils that increase skin elasticity

Natural products very often have a beneficial effect on the human body. Such substances include vegetable oil, which is actively struggling with aging of the skin, helping to keep elasticity. In order to significantly increase the effectiveness of the face mask, the gel for the shower and other cosmetics, it is enough just to add only a few drops of this natural product in them. It will help restore the skin at the cellular level and return elasticity.

Consider which oils contribute to increased elasticity:

  1. Almond - One of the most effective means, the composition of which is enriched with vitamin E, regulating the process of loss of elasticity. Its regular use as a cosmetic will provide you with reliable protection against ultraviolet and, as a result, the formation of wrinkles, and will also help align skin tone and return the fresh look.

  2. Peach oil Also returns elasticity, it has a tonic effect, compensates for the lack of moisture. It is safe to use even for sensitive skin.

  3. Apricot oil Improves general condition. It will fit perfectly for any skin type.

  4. Avocado oil In turn, is an excellent care agent for people of mature age. It provides skin cells moisture, protects against solar burns and exfoliates a damaged surface. If you add rosemary to it, then you will get an excellent tonic, and your body will be again elastic, as before.

  5. Oil wheat germs, walnuts kernels and castor Also have valuable properties that return the elasticity of the skin and its youth extending. These funds are available absolutely to everyone, as you can buy them in any pharmacy.

  6. Other natural products may be less accessible because they do not grow in the territory of the Russian Federation, but, nevertheless, it will not be superfluous to mention them. Indian Garcia Oil Otherwise, called the cocum, with regular use, give the skin elasticity and ensures you with a healthy face face. It is also used for medical purposes for healing the wound and ulcers. This oil is mined by squeezing the pulp of the fetus of the Indian tree.

  7. Rice butter Of course, enjoys great popularity in our country. Nevertheless, many not many know that cosmetologists actively apply it in their procedures as a miraculous means extending the youth of the skin. This component contains rice bran. This agent is most valuable for women of more mature age due to its substance of the substance of the squalene, normalizing metabolic processes in cells and reliably protecting from ultraviolet radiation. With regular use, the skin retains youth and tightened.

  8. Borago Also, referred to as cucumber grass, contains oil supporting elasticity. The composition of this plant includes fatty acids that are a healing agent against dermatitis, mastitis, various inflammation and allergies. The regular use of this cosmetics provides elasticity, strength and healthy radiance, the skin is saturated with the necessary amount of water. Also Borago enhances the protective properties of the epidermis and effectively struggling with negative environmental factors.

What is best to buy cream that increases skin elasticity

Any cosmetics shows the effectiveness of the action, based on its content, including this affects the ability to increase skin elasticity. Therefore, before purchasing one or another cream, carefully read its composition on the label.

The most effective components responsible for saving the tone and the skin elasticity are:

  • The complex of vitamins C, E, A, feeding cells and activating the formation of collagen and elastin, provides youth and tightness.

  • Essential grapefruit, lemon, menthol oil, as well as rosemary and juniper.

  • Vegetable wheat germs, avocado and cocoa.

  • Citrus tinctures and medicinal plants, including biloba ginkgo tonic and green tea.

As a rule, cosmetics for body care having various properties and action are issued by series. Most often in the composition of the set enters Cream, enhancing the elasticity of the face , body for body and milk, which have a lifting effect.

There are many companies producing care products consisting of several series. Milk is an excellent tool, the main advantage of which is the rapid absorption.

Most often, body cream is used in the morning, after water procedures. Therefore, the process of applying it to the body should take at least the time so that he will have to absorb and leave no greasy traces on clothes. He should also have a pleasant, unobtrusive smell.

It is important to understand that a whole set of measures is needed aimed at improving the condition of the skin, and the same cream enhancing the integrity of the skin of the face, for example, will not solve the problem. Therefore, also pay attention to the right nutrition and exercise, pick up the necessary complex of care of care, and the result will not wait long.

Cosmetologists recommend using the most versatile creams that increase the elasticity of the skin of the body, which can be used without a doubt for any type of skin - oily, dry or combined. So you will get the risk of choosing the wrong tool to a minimum, but at the same time achieve a positive result.

Experts also note that universal cream prevents the appearance of stretch marks or reduces them. Consumers of this cosmetics in their feedback confirm this effect. This product is actively used by women during pregnancy to prevent the appearance of skin defects or after delivery.

Researchers monitored the consumer market and determined which creams that increase the elasticity of the skin of the body Enjoy the greatest popular among Russian women:

  • Clean line "Modeling Silhouette"

The cream is characterized by light and tender consistency, thereby quickly absorbed, without leaving traces on clothes, it is convenient to use both in the morning and in the evening. It activates the metabolism, as a result, it is perfectly struggling with stagnant phenomena under the skin, which after its use becomes more elastic and tightened.

Cost: 120 rubles.

  • Garnier "Intensive care. Elasticity"

Milk, effectively protecting against the emergence of the main signs of aging, increases the turgor of the skin, improves its general condition and gives a healthy appearance. Due to the extract of sea algae included in its composition, it helps produce collagen and vegetable caffeine, splitting fats and activating blood circulation. Used after the shower.

Cost: 300 rubles.

Double-acting means: on the one hand, it helps to increase the elasticity and elasticity of the epidermis, on the other, it activates the process of regeneration and regeneration of the skin. Thyme extract has a regenerating effect, and the centella provides protection against the effects of harmful factors. This remedy does not apply to the discharge of economical, but will help you adjust the shape and keep the youth and beauty of your body.

Cost: 2500 rubles.

The above-mentioned cosmetic products have proven themselves in the market and enjoy the greatest demand among women wishing to increase skin elasticity. Also, these funds help in the fight against overweight.

If you are not a supporter of shopping creams, you can always make it yourself from natural ingredients, and even better contact the specialists who will advise you specific salon procedures.

Salon procedures that increase skin elasticity: Top 5 best

After visiting the beauty salon, we usually feel ourselves updated and smoking. As can be raise the elasticity of the skin With cosmetology procedures, and which of them are most effective?

  1. Photolifting It is a process aimed at rejuvenating the epidermis. This face lift through special radiation, which is favorably affects the general condition, stimulates the production of melanin and collagen. As a result of this event, the skin returns softness and elasticity, the tour increases.

  2. Ozone therapy - The procedure, the effectiveness of which has long been proven by experts and consumers, thanks to which it is actively gaining popularity. It helps to smooth wrinkles, prevents the occurrence of acne and acne, effectively fights against a number of diseases. After several procedures, the skin acquires a healthy appearance. As required, ozone therapy is carried out on any problem zone.

  3. Mesotherapy It is one of the most intense and effective methods aimed at rejuvenating and improving skin condition. However, it is important to take into account the fact that its impact damages the epidermis. A certain composition is introduced under the skin, accelerating metabolism and normalizing general condition. After that, the wrinkles are smoothed, the appearance is significantly improved, the pores are narrowed, pimples, pigment stains and other diseases disappear. In more mature women, the face acquires a clear oval. Be prepared for the fact that this procedure is very painful.

  4. One of the most useful methods to improve the condition of the face and body is Mostimulation . The peculiarity of the procedure is that microcurrents pass through the skin, as a result of which they again acquire healthy radiance, softness and elasticity, wrinkles smoothed, the contour of the face pulls up, also passes the ethnicity and finescence. Nevertheless, if you recently made hihaluronic acid or Botex injections, then at the moment it is better to refuse this procedure.

  5. Acupuncture Despite its exoticism, is excellent and, oddly enough, a very painless tool. Crosses from thin needles are practically imperceptible, but have an excellent effect: the skin becomes smooth, tightened and elastic. It is recommended to go through a full course of treatment that will help you for a long time to preserve your youth and beauty.

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How to understand the phrase "proper nutrition for the skin"? In cosmetic salons, on the Internet, on TV, we promise beauty and youth, and offer new effective procedures. But do they really work? And so if all these funds, diets and painful hiking are needed - we will look for more details later in this article.

And if you are generally interested in the subject of healthy food and care, then go to our


! We still have many interesting and useful articles.

Basic rules

Develop an effective diet that helps the skin to remain beautiful and healthy is impossible without information about genetic features. In genetics, there is even a special section, which studies the influence of genes on the properties of the skin and the features of the external manifestation of age-related changes. It is called dermatogenetics.

For example, dermatohygenetics can tell about the rate of production and destruction of collagen, blood strength and predisposition to the destruction of bone tissue. But this is not all the information. Genetic analysis in the forces to tell about gliking, photoborenia, antioxidant protection, about how the lack of beneficial substances and trace elements affects the condition of the skin, and how prone to inflammation or allergies.

A reasonable question - what to do with all this information? The answer is simple - choose those products that will help preserve external youth and health.

Useful skin products

Food for perfect skin is one of those external factors that play a very important role. A visual example is the synthesis of collagen. Collagen key structural protein that makes it elastic and durable. It is constantly produced in the body to "repair" damage to the dermis. Its synthesis is a complex process, it requires various substances and trace elements.

The main role in the production of this protein is playing vitamin C, it is necessary for beautiful skin. The thing is that with the lack of this useful element, poor collagen is produced, more loose and less durable. Such collagen is faster collapsed and worse performs its basic function.

For the process of assembling collagen fibers corresponds to the COL1A1 gene, it determines how the balance between the collagen is poor quality and good. If there are changes in this gene, the parity between the two types of protein will be disturbed. And it will be possible to return it to normal with the help of vitamin C!

It follows that the power to maintain the skin is beautiful - this is primarily the products that contain ascorbic acid. The richest vitamin C:

  • Acerol (Barbadosky Cherry)
  • Dry richness
  • Red sweet pepper
  • Kiwi

Another example of how the diet affects the appearance - fats. Many exclude them from use during a diet. And completely in vain. After all, omega-6 fatty acids and omega-3 contribute to the preservation of epidermis cells. Most of all them in walnuts, flax seeds and fatty fish.

Drinking mode

Now we know perfectly well that maintaining the water balance is very important. But the state of the epidermis and hair also depends on it. However, in this process there are nuances. The most important - humidifier of the skin is associated with a multitude of factors and the amount of water drinking, although it is important, but is not fundamental. As evidence, a simple example can be brought: the skin type does not depend on the amount of fluid in the body, but is determined by the rate of moisture through the cell membranes.

If we talk about the hydration of the epidermis, then the most important is not a liter of water drunk by you, but internal factors. So for maintaining the water balance corresponds to a whole complex of various molecules, which is called a natural moisturizing factor (NMF). It mainly consists of free amino acids, their derivatives, inorganic salts, sugars and urea. All these elements are in the horn layer of the skin, attract and hold moisture.

In addition to nmf, aquaporins have a great influence on the humidification of the dermis. Abbreviated - AQP. These membrane proteins that act as a kind of "molecular tunnel" for moisture, helping her to enter the skin inside. In the cells of the epidermis contains predominantly AQP3, carrying water and glycerin that helps the derma to maintain moisture. The AQP3 gene of the same name will be able to tell how efficiently the water and glycerin is transported, dissolved in it, as well as how efficiently the horny layer protects the lower layers from excessive moisture loss.


Talking about food for healthy skin, it is impossible not to affect the theme of vitamins. Here, several such trace elements should be allocated:

  1. "C", which, in addition to the collagen generation, participates in the synthesis of elastin and helps antioxidant protection.
  2. "A" is extremely useful for the health of skin cover, as well as bones, hair, normal operation of immune and reproductive systems.
  3. "D" responsible for updating the horn layer of the skin and hair growth.
  4. "E" important to protect cell membranes from free radicals.
  5. Finally, B vitamins B per numbers 6, 9 and 12.

The lack of even one vitamin can negatively affect the skin condition. Moreover, genetics plays a huge role in the shortage of useful trace elements. So changes in the GENC23A1 gene, a molecule that transfers vitamin C and is involved in its absorption of food, leads to a decrease in the concentration of ascorbic acid. And this affects the development of collagen in the body. As a result, a flabby skin, which does not work well with micro-gras.

Another gene - BCMO1 encodes an enzyme that turns carotenoids into vitamin A. But from the part of the population of the Beta-Carotene region (predecessor of vitamin A, contained in carrots and pumpkin), does not turn into this useful trace element. Therefore, despite the use of the right products, an externally person can lose health and beauty.

Harmful products

Of course, food can, both help and harvest the skin. Moreover, in the presence of predisposition, garbage food can cause inflammation, allergies and dermatitis. Below we collected the main food "villains" that harm the skin.



By themselves, sweets are not as dangerous, with the exception of those cases when, due to individual predispositions, their eating turns into allergies and skin rashes. Secret weapons of sweets - the creation of a comfortable environment for various harmful microorganisms. After all, carbohydrates, which are in abundance in the sweets, is wonderful food for pathogens of a variety of diseases.

Salty products

The main harm that can apply salt the body is associated with moisture delay. What in turn is associated with the most different edema, because of which the skin stretches and does not look bad. The very bags under the eyes and swollen in the morning the face is all the tricks of the excess fluid that the salted products you are detained.


It is impossible to say that coffee harms appearance. Yes, there may contain various alkaloids that are toxins and are dangerous to all organism cells. But at the same time, the beverage from the grain has magnesium and other useful minerals, as well as a decent amount of antioxidants.

It is important not to forget one thing - not everyone is adapted to the excessive use of coffee at the genetic level. Someone can drink it with liters, and someone after a couple of cups significantly increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Cyp1a2 gene will help to obtain accurate information on this occasion, which we look as part of our Wellness report.

Fast food

Fast Food, proper nutrition for beautiful skin of the face and other parts of the body are absolutely incompatible. These are just two opposite poles. Fast Food is harmful for many reasons. It contains dangerous carcinogens - trans-fats, provokes cellulite appearance, instead of useful trace elements supplies "empty" calories into the organism, which leads to overeating and excess weight. Also, few people know that the amplifiers of taste, in particular the glutamate sodium, delay moisture.

Alcoholic beverages

We all know that alcohol is harmful. And for the epidermis, he is the most dangerous enemy, whose negative impact will compare except with fast food.

Let's start with the fact that alcoholic beverages cause dehydration. How does it affect skin cover? They dry, and therefore cracked, and wrinkles appear. Another point is the destruction of vitamins alcohol. They, as we remember, help the organism to produce elastin and make the skin beautiful and elastic. Add to this the extension of the pores and the appearance of new rash, and you will get a full bouquet of problems. Any useful food for the skin of the face can be crossed by alcohol abuse.

Consequences of improper nutrition

A person feeding wrong will feel the whole bouquet of a variety of consequences. Of course, not only skin cover will suffer, but also other organs. However, the first manifestations will primarily affect the appearance of the body.

Dark spots

The unexpected appearance of pigment stains the process is complex and multifactor. Incorrect power affects it only partially. However, the lack of vitamin B12 may well provoke reinforced melanin production. And this can affect the body in the form of pigment spots.

Dry skin

Skin dryness - the problem for Russia is very common. And its root most often lies in food. The fact is that due to geographical features in our diet, there are very few products rich in fatty acids of Omega-3 and Omega-6. Namely - these fatty acids help to maintain epidermis cells. Another element contributing to the long life of cells - Lutein. He is in abundance contained in spinach, peas and parsley.

Circles under the eyes

The cause of circles under the eyes can be the low rate of excavation of the kidneys and the accumulation of fluid in the body. And this can be guilty genetics.

For the first corresponds to the ADD1 gene, and for the second - CYP11B2. In addition to circles under the eyes, side effects of adverse options for these genes, there may be swelling and increase in pressure, as well as improper work of the kidneys and liver. In this case, it should be abandoned from products that contain many potassium (these are potatoes, fruits and dried fruits).


How does the wrong power affect the appearance of wrinkles? Everything is simple - in hamburgers, it contains an extremely small amount of vitamins and antioxidants - anthocyanov, flavonoids, copper and carotenoids. It provokes the appearance of wrinkles and the overall aging of the body.

What are eating world stars

Appearance for world stars is something more than just appearance - this is an acting skill one of the most important tools necessary for their professional activities. Not rare cases when for their career an actor has to repeatedly gain and dump weight, use tons of makeup and maintain their skin in perfect condition. Among the stars of Hollywood there are a lot of vegetarians and even raw foods. So, what products do the stars have the greatest popularity?

  1. Avocado - recommends Victoria Beckham, both for eating and for cosmetic masks.
  2. Milk cocktails with nuts, bananas and blueberries - a recipe from the popular Korean singer Gu Hai.
  3. Obtain sharp, salty and smoked dishes and drink all grapefruit tea prefers another Korean beauty, a famous actress Kojung Jong.
  4. Full rejection of fast carbohydrates in the form of bakery products Practicing Angelina Jolie. The lack of carbohydrates it fills at the expense of meat, nuts and legumes.
  5. Madonna, Holly Berry and many other actors prefer to eat exclusively with vegetables and fruits, occasionally adding seafood to the diet.
  6. Korean actor Dream Zhong Ki believes that the secret of healthy skin in the daily use of apples and yogurts.

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