What films will be released in 2021: the main premieres

The cartoon about the afterlife and Woody Harrelson in the role of the Red Woman: what major Hollywood films will be released in 2021. Our browser Denis Korsakov says about the most expected premieres

The coronavirus pandemic has not yet ended and can give us all the mass of surprises. Therefore, all the dates of the release of films in the rental - preliminary: who knows, maybe they will still postpone. After all, most of the paintings in this list are "Soul", "Monsters Hunter", "Black Widow", "Morbius", "not the time to die", "Furious-9", "Venom-2", "Quiet Place-2 "- had to go on rent in the 2020th. But they were not risked to release in a situation where half the cinemas on the planet is closed.

And also: here are only those films that should be released in the first half of the 2021, until June inclusive. Wait for - see what will be there in the second.

1. "Monsters Hunter"

Approximate release date: January 14.

The name of the heart for all fans of the six-member "Resident Evil": director Paul U.S. Anderson again removed his wife Mill Yovovich in video game screening. This time, Mill's heroine falls into a parallel world inhabited by giant monsters, and very vigorously fights with them.

2. "Soul"

Approximate release date: January 21

The new cartoon studio Pixar, whose animators are recently in the creative crisis (judging by their recent, pretty dubious project "Forward"). The hero is a jazz musician - dies, and the soul falls in a different world. Moreover, it falls into the one part of it, where it is very small, not yet really formed souls prepare for the appearance of people in the form of people. And with them the mentors work in advance. The musician is just becoming one of them - and he gets the most difficult "child."

3. "Tom and Jerry"

Approximate release date: 25 February

Full-length film based on classic short films, which came out in 1940-1967; Animation in it is combined with alive actors. Tom's cat is expelled from the house where he lived for so long, with him the cozy dwelling leaves Jerry's mouse. In the end, Jerry is placed in the luxurious New York hotel, where they are prepared to solemnly hold the "Wedding of the Century". The appearance of the mouse, from which they can not get rid of, makes a buysotion. The young employee of the hotel (Chloe Grace Marc) appeals to the fact that he helped catch Jerry - and Raskardash begins, so well-known viewers of all ages on old cartoons.

4. "Human anger"

Approximate release date: March 4.

The new film is infinitely beloved in Russia, Guy Richie - a remake of the French painting "Collector", released in 2004. The hero is a mysterious and a few character - gets to work in a collection company carrying money in trucks. These trucks have recently periodically robs, massively killing during the robbery of people. The main goal of the hero is to find the gangsters and to be bought with them (he has personal accounts there). The main roles in the film are played by Jason Steate, Scott Eastwood and Josh Hartnett.

5. "Ghostbusters: Heirs"

Approximate release date: March 4.

The new film about the group of hunters for malicious ghosts was removed by Jason Raitman - the son of Aivna Rytman, who set the classic 1984 film. And they played the aged Bill Murray, Dan Eykroyd and Sigurney Weaver. But in the center of the plot - a family consisting of a single mother and two teenage children. They move to the farm in Oklahoma, taken from the grandfather. And there they will find out that both, and they are really connected with the legendary group of "ghost hunters".

6. "King's Man: Start"

Approximate release date: March 11th

The third part of the popular comedic adventure series, which tells about the early years of the functioning of the King's Man's Secret Service. The action unfolds at the beginning of the First World War (and the main villain that hosts the most active participation is Gregory Rasputin). Opposed to the bearded Russian man and his minions English gentlemen. Starring - Raif Fayns, Harris Dickinson, Daniel Bruhl, Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

7. "Morbiow"

Approximate release date: March 18

In the comics of Marvel, Morbiow was initially one of the enemies of a spider man. But over time, from the villain, he, as well as a vein, turned into an "anti-peer", that is, in principle, not very good, but rather an ambiguous character. The history of Morbius is regrettable: He is a chemist, the Nobel Prize winner, suffering from childhood from severe blood. He manages to find a medicine, but a side effect is found at the drug: Morbiow involuntarily turns into a living vampire. In the film he is playing Jared Summer.

8. "Not time to die"

Approximate release date: April 1

In the past film about Agent 007, "Spectra", Sam Mendez seems to be put in the point: James Bond actually married and went on peace. And Daniel Craig adjusted to the interview with a fascinating role, saying: "Know if I play 007 again, it will be only for money!" One way or another, for the sake of money or at the order of the soul, Craig again became a Bond (though, it would be felt that this way out of the role of Supershpion will definitely be the last). And the hero at the beginning of the film is pulling out of a well-deserved holiday with screams "The world on the verge of a global catastrophe! Where is Bond? .. "This time Agent 007 will have to fight the Oscar laureate by Ramie Malek in the ugly grima (the villain, which he plays, strongly crumpled life) and dig in dark secrets from the past of his faithful (Lea Seid).

9. "Quiet place 2"

Approximate release date: April 22.

The first "quiet place" was removed for 17 million dollars, and 340 was collected in the global box office. In this film, in places in real terrible, went on the bloodthirsty and voracious monsters who attacked the Earth and, apparently, the most raised most of her Inhabitants. The remaining not to attract their attention is forced to live in almost complete silence: not to talk to each other, walk barefoot - in general, it's not a sound (Monsters are blind, but they have incredibly sensitive hearing). In continuing the film, the widowed heroine Emily Blunt is sent with his children away from the house, where the action of "quiet place-1" was mainly unfold; She will have to find out what happened to the rest of mankind.

10. "Black Widow"

Approximate release date: the 6th of May

As you know, Natasha Romanova on nicknamed a black widow (Scarlett Johansson) fell by the death of brave in the film "Avengers: Final". Her bright memory is dedicated to this picture, in which they will tell about its origin and acts outside the Avengers team. And there was Natasha (judging by Marvel comics and their previous screenings) of the Russian Ballerina who came to the service in the KGB, where it was trained and turned into a supersoldt. Practically "Red Sparrow" - but I want to believe, the authors of the "black widow" turned out to be more tact and mind than the authors of the thriller with Jennifer Lawrence.

Anyway, there will be many Russians in this film. Heroine Scarlett Johansson has to interact with such characters as Elena Belov (according to comics, it was to her later the code name of a black widow) and Alexey Shostakov (again, according to comics, from it, the Soviet government has created a supersoldat on the nicknamed Red Guard - it was such Russian answer Captain America). Play their Florence Pugh and David Harbor. Back in the picture, Rachel Ways and William Hurt.

11. "Godzill against Kong"

Approximate release date: May 20

Continuing "Godzilla" films (2014), "Godzilla, Monsters King" (2019) and "Kong: Skull Island" (2017). The plot is completely exhausted by the title: two monsters, a giant lizard and a giganic monkey will comply in the epic battle. Heroes of Alexander Scarsgord, Rebecca Hall and Milli Bobby Brown will observe her.

12. "Fast and Furious 9"

Approximate release date: May 27.

The plot of the new "Forsazha" has not yet been disclosed. Yes, he, in general, is not interesting to Nicknie: there are no for the scene on the "faurles", but for the sake of attractions with ridges, turning over and flying cars. All you need for success is that the tricks were a lot, and there will be a lot of them. And there will be a Charlize of the Teron (she will again play an international nuclear scale by Nicking Cypher) and the types of the capital of Georgia, Tbilisi (part of the filming this time passed there).

13. "Cruella"

Approximate release date: May 27.

A film about the youth of one of the most famous Disney villages, Kruilla de Ville, who came in the 70s. In the cartoon "101 Dalmatian" she, as you know, dreamed of sewing a fur coat from the skins. Here it will be told how she reached such a life and such cruelty. She plays her laureate "Oscar" for "La La Land" Emma Stone.

14. "Luka"

Approximate release date: June 17

The next cartoon Pixar is unfolded on the Italian Riviera. The hero is a boy who spends the vacation there. He appears a new friend - however, the boy does not know that he is only looking by a man, but in fact - the monster from the ocean puchin. However, this is a "good" cinema, so the difference in the origin of friendship is hardly prevented.

15. "Vienna: May Carnazh be"

Approximate release date: June 24

The continuation of the dashing teenage comedy, which the marvel grim comics turned on the screen. Tom Hardy plays a journalist Eddie Broca again, in which an alien essence called Vienna (is it worth reminding that it translates into Russian as a reflection?) In the previous film, in 2018 he has gathered in Russia and around the world huge money, Eddie and Vienna After a long overhanger, became friends, forming perfect symbiosis. In the new picture, they have to fight the villain by the name of the Kasadi cell, which Woody Harrelson plays. He is a serial killer and a psychopath, in which the creature was set up, similar to Vota, only red, and not black, and much more evil; Your name is carnage (massacre).

16. "Mighty: Grüvutitation"

Approximate release date: July 1

Another cartoon about small yellow creatures serving Superzloda Grew. The first "minions", published in 2015, were collected at the box office more than a billion dollars, the second was clearly waiting for no less success - but because of the coronavirus epidemic, the French animators who worked on the painting in Paris were forced to stop working (although it remained, in general - That's all anything). The premiere was delayed for almost a year.

17. "Top Gan: Maework"

Approximate release date: July 8

Continuation of the film Tony Scott "Top Gan" (we sometimes have sometimes translated the "best shooter"), published in 1986 and then became a big hit. Pitot-speaves Pete Mitchell on nicknamed Maverik (Tom Cruz) now works with young people - including with his best friend who died in the first part. Val Kilmer will return to the film, who played the "Top Ghana" Aisman. In early 2010, the film was going to put Tony Scott himself - but unexpectedly for everyone he committed suicide, after which the production was delayed for many years. And then the picture of two years could not release into the rental - the premiere was first appointed for the summer of 2019, then moved to the summer of 2020, then because of the coronavirus for December, now again for the summer ...

18. "Shan-Chi and Legend of Ten Rings"

Approximate release date: July 8

Three years ago, the Fairy Tale "Black Panther" with the first in the history of the Marvel Publishing House, the black hero became a blockbuster (and even was nominated for Oscar in the category "Best Movie" - Previously, the film academic team was shifted by the pictures, removed by comic books). Now Marvel Studios represents the Superhero Asian Shan-Chi. On the pages of comics, he appeared in the early 70s - there he was presented as Master Kun-Fu and Son Super Sloda Fu Manchu (Chan-Shea switched to the side of good, and since then, since he had to destroy the plans for the fallen plans). In the film, he will fight with the organization "Ten Rings" and its leader, demonic tangerine.

19. "Unknown: Drake Luck"

Approximate release date: July 15

Cinema of the most popular computer game Uncharted. Hero name is Nathan Drake, he is an adventurer who is looking throughout the world ancient artifacts. What is specifically a Drake (Tom Holland) will search in this film, the authors hide. But it is known to help him, as in the game, there will be a mentor named Sally (Mark Wahlberg).

20. "Cruise for the jungle"

Approximate release date: July 29

Adventure comedy based on the attraction in Disneyland; The action unfolds at the beginning of the 20th century, the brave research researcher (Emily Blante) goes to the Amazon jungle in search of a legendary plant, known as the "Tree of Life", helps her the captain of the River Vehicle (Duene Johnson).

21. "Self-suicide detachment: Mission Skill"

Approximate release date: 5th of August

Directed by James Gunn became famous for marvel comic books about the guards of the Galaxy. Then, in 2018, a scandal happened: in his twitter, they discovered old posts with non-procurement jokes. The Disney studio removed the Gunna from the filming of the third "guards", which I immediately regretted: I instantly intercepted the competitors - Studio Warner Bros., creating his "film-skinned" based on comic DC publishers. Gunn agreed to remove for her the continuation of the film "Self-suicide", published in 2016. And this will not be a direct sequel: Gunn tried to come up with the most original scenario. Some actors (Margo Robbi, Yuel Kinnaman, Jay Courtney) and their heroes will still remain, and, for example, Will Smith will not be. About the plot Authors are still particularly applied, but it is clear that it is still a story about bad guys and girls fighting with significantly more bad guys and girls.

22. "Death on Nile"

Approximate release date: September 17

A few years ago, Kenneth's film "Murder in Eastern Express", where he himself played Erkulya Poirot, unexpectedly became a big hit at the box office (it is believed that the film design of Roman Agatha Christie was able to attract an older audience to the cinema). Now Brana took over another book of the Great Deender, whose action unfolds in Egypt during a cruise on the Nile. A young millionaire killed, and suspects, as it should be - a whole crowd. In addition to Brahn, the "Miracle Woman" Gadote Gal, Arnet Bening, Emma McCee, starred in the picture.

23. "Dune"

Approximate release date: September 30th

The plot of the famous fantastic novel Frank Herbert "Dune" can be reduced to one phrase: a teenager under the spice rides in the worms. If seriously, the action unfolds in a very distant future, the teenager is the name of Paul Atreydes, he, together with his parents, turns out to be on a non-microgenic wildflower planet Arakis, also known as the dune. There is mined "Spays" - a special substance that gives a person with superconductances, prolonging life and allowing to see the future. Even in the sands of the dunes are gigantic, a few hundred meters long, toothy worms. How long is short, and after the father's father is killed, he, together with his mother, begins to communicate with the Aboriginal dunes - "Freamen" - and becomes their leader. It is treated as a Messiah. And he learns that the aborigines have long mastered the ability to ride on terrible desert worms.

The film "Dune", filmed by David Lynch and published in 1984, was a disaster in all senses; Now everyone is interested, which will do with the novel ambitious Canadian Denis Villenev ("Arrival", "Running on the blade 2049"). The floor plays Timothy Shalam (already a very ambiguous choice), his mother, Lady Jessica - Rebecca Ferguson, also starred in the picture, Zendayya, Javier Bardem, Stellan Scarsgord, Jason Momoa, Oscar Isaeks.

24. "Last Duel"

Approximate release date: October 14

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck, who received Oscar "Oscar" for the Scenario of the "Umnitsa Will Khanting", twenty years later, wrote another scenario. The action unfolds in the XV century in France, the hero is the Norman Knight, who returned from the war and found that his wife raped his former friend. The main roles were played by the Damon with Affleck, as well as Adam Driver, put a picture of a live classic Ridley Scott (who, maybe, at least for this, the cinema will finally give "Oscar" - and then he still does not have).

25. "Eternal"

Approximate release date: November 4th

The new part of the "Marvel Universe" is a story about creatures with supercans, which appeared on the light of 5 million years ago. The main roles are played by Angelina Jolie and Richard Madden.

26. Movie on Elvis Presley

Approximate release date: November 4th

The author "Moulin Rouge!" And the Great Gatsby Baz Lurmann was about to shoot a film about Elvis's youth at home, in Australia. But in the spring of 2020, Coronavirus picked up Tom Hanks (he plays the manager of the singer, Colonel Parker), then the shooting was stopped because of the pandemic ... Now they are resumed, everyone is discussing the "terrible haircut" that Hanks did for the role of a bald parker, as well as actor named Austin Butler selected by Lurmann to the role of Elvis.

27. "Mission: Impossible 7"

Approximate release date: November 18th

The next part of the infinite, apparently, the franchisees about the adventures of the agent ITAN Khanta and his faithful friends. It does not tell anything about the plot, but it is known that the hero of Tom Cruise will perform feats in Norway and Italy (shooting began in Venice in February 2020, but then the region covered the most powerful flash of coronavirus - it was possible to resume work only in the fall).

28. "Westside History"

Approximate release date: 9th December

Stephen Spielberg for decades threatened to remove the musical - and finally, took off. It turns out that he has begun the "West Own history" of Leonard Bernstein; He prevented him that her classic film was already existed, which received a bunch of Oscars in 1962. Now Spielberg is still ready to present his version, which will be closer to the original Broadway production of 50s than to the previous film. Anton Pole and Puertorikanka Maria (whose history of love, unfolding against the background of the rivalry of two youth gang, clearly resembles Romeo and Juliet) now played Encel Elgort and Rachel Zegler. Even in the film, 88-year-old Rita Moreno, who received an Oscar for the old "West Oscar".

29. "Matrix 4"

Approximate release date: December 23

At the end of the year we will be pleased with the fourth part of the saga that the usual world, in essence, is a computer program. Lana (formerly Larry) Vachovski will put a film alone, without his sister Lilly (former. Andy). About the plot is not reported at all - and the fans can not understand what it will be. It is only known that the film will return a thoroughly aged Kianz Rivz (Neo) and Carrie Ann Moss (Trinity), as well as Lambert Wilson and Jada Pinkett-Smith, playing Meroving and Nobayu in the "Matrix: Reboot" and "Matrix: Revolution".

Keanu Rivz finally found love, and the brothers became sisters: how the actors and the creators of the "matrix" live 20 years later

Alas, but not all of those who starred in the trilogy, lived to today. And someone has long left the acting profession. Fans of the legendary trilogy "Matrix" waiting for the fourth film, and we will see what the actors shooting in the previous parts

Drama, thriller

Producer Miles Joris Peyrafit

Cast Margo Robbie, Travis Fimmel, Kerry Kondon, Garrett Hedlund, Finn Cole, Lola Curk, Darby Camp, Hans Christopher, Grayson Berry

10 thousand bucks promise for her head. His family farm on the verge of collapse. The 17-year-old Evans Evans, who was passionate about the detective novels, begins the hunt for a runaway robbing bank. But can he confront her charm? ..

Drama, comedy

Producer Semen Serzin

Cast Vadik Korolev, Victoria Isakova, Vladimir Maizinger, Mikhail Caspov, Ilya Borisov, Evgeny Sangadzhiev, Taisiya Vilkova

Nikolai loves Amsterdam, but lives in Podolsk, dreams of a musical career, but occupies a modest position in the district newspaper. A sudden detaining by the Moscow police involves it in a funny and scary attraction, the outcome of which is impossible to predict. Is it right away in a police station, who these demanding intellectuals in the shoulders and from where they all know everything about him. Elementing the play of the same name, folk hit and winner Golden mask.

Fighter, comedy, fiction

Producer Ben Falcon

Cast Melissa McCarthy, Bobby Cannavale, Brian Taryri Henry, Jean Smart, Jock McCissik, Karan Sony, Sara Baker, Michael Beach

When almighty artificial intelligence chose the most simple girl Carol Peters to study humanity, the fate of the whole world hung in the hairs. Intellect has not yet decided - leave, enslave or destroy people. And only Carol can prove to him that they deserve salvation.

Drama, Sport

Producer Eduard Bordukov

Cast Svetlana Khodchenkova, Stasya Miloslavskaya, Sergey Pushepalis, Alexey Barabash, Yevgeny Fold, Sophia Ernst, Hilda Carmen, Kirill Degtyar, as well as Maria Kiselev, Pavel Kolobkov

Roller Central Partnership

The best saber of the world of Alexander Pokrovskaya is famous, rich and happy. To enter the story, she remains to make the last step - to take the Olympic Gold. But the path is blocking nineteen-year-old Kira Egorova, a girl from the province, overnight conquered Moscow. Kira wins all competitions and does not come off with covers of glossy magazines. Her goal is to take the place of Pokrovskaya.

The desperate fight begins not only in tournaments, but also in life. Both are obsessed, and it seems to stop them can not. The whole world, holding his breath, watches the sparkling of sharp blades. And more and more obvious: this fierce struggle has already come too far ...

Drama, military

Producer Roman Nesterenko

Cast Alexander Bargman, Anna Vartanyan, Dmitry Gothsdiner, Igor Grabusov, Nikolai Hearts, Alyona Kozyreva, Artyom Bolotovsky

In the center of the plot - the story of the main doctor of a psychiatric hospital in Simferopol Naime Balaban and his wife Elizabeth Nelidova. Of the two lovers in her friends Elizabeth made a choice in favor of Naum. The film covers the period of life of heroes from 1910 to 1942. Many tragedies and tests fell on their share ... During the years of repression, Balaban saved people from the NKVD, attributing them psychiatric diagnoses. And being in German occupation, helped Jews and saved most of their patients ...


Producer Daniel J. Phillips

Cast Eric Thomson, Sarah West, Benson Jack Anthony, Felicia Tasson, Amelia Douglass, Melanie Mount, Adam Ovadya, Matt Krok, Alexander Lloyd

Trying to cure my brother Blake from an insomnia, in which a person cannot sleep until he dies, a medical student-Medica Karl suits him into a secret scientific laboratory. In the course of there, there are not quite legal experiments on patients, it discovers that there is a kind of much more sternizing the cause of his illness.

Drama, military

Producer Matthew Michael Karnajen

Cast Suchal Aldabbach, Adam Bessa

When ISHIL picks up their homes, families and the city, a group of people is decided to give him back. The elite detachment of special forces from Ninevei saves inexperienced Iraqi kopa, which quickly adjoins the armed gang of ten brothers in arms under the guidance of Major's experienced experience. Being under the constant threat of attack, they begin a dangerous partisan operation to erase the enemy base from the face of the Earth and restore order.

Comedy, drama, romantic

Producer Karen Shakhnazarov

Cast Fedor Dunaevsky, Anastasia Nevolyaeva, Oleg Basilashvili, Inna Churikova, Svetlana Kryuchkova, Alexander Pankratov-black, Vladimir Menshov, Alevtina Evdokimova

Ivan just graduated from school. He is clever, talented, he does not climb in the pocket. That's just not know what to do with my life. Mother persuaded to go to the institute, but he failed to failed the exams. The army is not yet called. So you need to get a job. For example, by courier to the magazine "Questions of Knowledge". On the first working day, Ivan is lucky by one professor an article on checking and falls in love with Katya's daughter. Maybe this enthusiasm will make some sense in his sink adolescent life.


Producer Brand Chepman

Cast Angelina Jolie, David Oleouo, Michael Kane

Surprisingly, but before Alice went to the country of miracles, and Peter became Pan, they were brother and sister. Their legendary adventures began due to the strength of imagination, inherited from a loving mother and fantasist father. With whatever testing their family, they never forgot to dream. Mad Hatcher and the Red Queen, Fairy Din-Din and Captain Hook - Magic is waiting for every angle, you just need to be able to see it ...

Comedy, melodrama

Producer Lily Trofimova

Cast Kirill Kyaro, Julia Alexandrova, Sergey Koleonnya, Soso Pavliashvili, Alisa Grebenshchikova, Grigory Siyatvinda, Georgy Vityazev, Roman Shumilov, Daria Egorova, Arseny Sergeev

The film will tell the story of the day before ... New Year. When we expect the fulfillment of desires, without even suspecting that they can be fulfilled. This picture is about dreams, children's, adults who change over time, but unfortunately become more pragmatic. The characters of the paintings live their careers, not noticing anything around, even the suffering of their loved ones. Living this day with them, the viewer understands that it is never too late to fulfill his dreams.

Drama, horrors, science fiction

Producer Justin Benson, Aaron Murhad

Cast Jamie Dornan, Anthony Maki, Katie Asesetton, Bill Oberst Jr., Natasha Tina Liu, Martin Bats Bradford, Devin A. Tyler, Lawrence Tserner

New Orleans. Best friends Steve and Dennis work in an ambulance team at night. Their nights are more boring any office days: routine, no adventure. Everything changes when friends come to a challenge associated with the use of synthetic drug "Synchronics". Daughter Dennis after the reception of this strange substance disappears ...

Biography, drama

Producer Oscar Raler.

Cast Oliver Mazucchi, Hari Prince, Katya Riman, Felix Hellmann, Anton Ratthener, Erdal Yildes, Marcus Hering, Michael Klammer, Johen Shroppe

When 22-year-old Rainner Werner Fassbinder debuted with his first production on the scene of a small theater, no one could imagine that this brazen young Buntar would become one of the most important post-war German directors. Despite the early failures, many of his films fall on the most famous film festivals, and cause a rapid reaction and disputes among critics and directories. His radical glances, self-exploitation and the thirst for the knowledge of love made it one of the most interesting directors of his time.


Producer Mikael Mrsimaine

Cast Alexander Draimon, Ellison Williams, Keith Davewid, Pirly Maki, Yumey Hunter, Amanda Khan, Lamin Tamba, Eeld Doherty, Mark Redmond

Tropical island. Wedding friends. Private aircraft ... Everything was evolved as it is impossible for Sarah and Jackson, while the pilot did not have a heart attack right in the sky. Some at a huge height, without any connection, and most importantly - without a concept, how to plant a plane. Around only the sky and the storm ocean ...

Comedy, family

Producer Ural Safin

Cast Maxim Schegolev, Vitaly Kornienko, Dmitry Miller, Zhenya Malakhova, Nino Cantaria, Igor Yasulovich

Kirill is a man in the heighter of forces, and by 40 he managed to win the title of European champion on battles without rules, and also happily avoid commitments to anyone. He has no wife, nor children, he now comes out for money, and women change as disposable dishes. But once in the morning, Kirill meets in his kitchen a five-year-old daughter of one of the girls-one-day. Victoria assures that he is her father and now they will live together.

Comedy, family

Producer Bharat Malvari

Cast Dan Stevens, Christopher Plammer, Jonathan Price, Miriam Margulis, Simon Callow, Donald Sampter, Bill Paterson, Kozimo Fusco, Justin Edwards, Annette Badland, Hero Ryan

The young writer Charles Dickens suffers from professional failures - three of his last books remained unnoticed. Rejected by publishers, the young man decides to risk and write a new novel for the remaining means. After all, on the yard, Christmas Eve and real miracles happen!

Tale, satire

Producer Yuldus Bakhtiosis

Cast Alina King, Victoria Lisovskaya, Valentina Naimorets, Yuldus Bakhtiosis, Adelia Severinova

Fish stall of Polina Shchukin in despair from the disappearance of the younger brother Sasha and suffers insomnia, because of which it hardly responds to reality. So, she first takes a gift from the strange customer, then he does everything that advertising preaches her. She promises her full deliverance from the alarms and instant transformation into a real fabulous princess: you just need to get out of the room - and the fairy tale starts behind the door. However, the fairy tale turns out not to paint the Polina: it is met by the impenetrable cynicism of the secretary, the queue of girls who have crashes from the expectation and their own ambitions, the shaft spirit of the institution and is mired in document flow of bureaucracy.

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