How to earn in the crisis of 2021: Top 7 current niche

The coronavirus pandemic caused a global quarantine announcement, which, in turn, will lead to a serious economic crisis. Many economists agree that he will be the largest over the past 100 years and will be comparable to the situation in the 30s of the last century in the United States. Therefore, we decided to figure out how to make money into a crisis to resist afloat and do not lower the standard of living below the existing plank.

How to make money in the crisis of 2020

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First, it should be understood that any crisis is the perfect time for new opportunities. Well-established markets rushes, companies that seemed by monopolists and giants, ruin and go into non-existence, the usual way of life changes and rebuilt.

The main skill becomes:

  • analyze;
  • feel the situation;
  • Prevagate new trends.

You must quickly find new niches to take them, learn something new, launch some business or at least just develop a detailed plan for how to earn in crisis, and then step by step to follow him, making adjustments as the goals achieve . So, consider the most promising options for profit in crisis years.

1. How to earn a crisis: real estate

How to make money in real estate crisis

There were those times when people believed that the best investment was an investment in real estate. Often these investments no longer pay off or make a profit at the level of self-sufficiency. The business crisis closes. This leads to the fact that offices and shopping areas are exempt, there is no one for rent. Also, commercial and residential real estate is massively put up for sale: some people prefer to go to more successful countries, the second - sell apartments to pay off debts, others cannot pay a mortgage and bank exposes real estate for sale.

How to earn in real estate crisis

How to make money in a crisis real estate

  1. If you have your home, apartment or other building, then try to sell it before the start of the crisis, and money to translate into dollars and euros. Please note that real estate prices will fall for several months or years in a row, and you can completely buy yourself equivalent housing and get good profits. For example, before the crisis of 2008, in the peak of cheap loans, apartments in small towns cost 40-50 thousand dollars. After the crisis, in just a year, the same apartments were sold at 10-15 thousand dollars. That is, if you sell one apartment before the onset or in the initial period of the crisis, then you could buy 3-4 apartments.
  2. Buying unfasteless. In the twilty years, people are massively started to build, but this process usually takes 3-5 years. In connection with the deterioration of the economic situation of money, the population becomes less and projects are frozen. And some are sold at all. Often it is possible to buy a good house, which is completed by 70-80%, less than its real cost of 2-3 times. Boxes with roof can be purchased for 5-10 thousand dollars, whereas the owners have invested from 15 thousand. The crisis will end sooner or later, and then you either simply resell closer, or bring it to the finish line and sell like a full-fledged house. This is a good option to make money in a crisis 2021, if you have free money.
  3. Sublease. Many shops and offices will now close and free the premises. Now the crisis has not yet begun, and in all prerequisites, he will hit at the end of summer - in the fall. This means that you have time to choose good premises and think about how to earn them. The owners of the buildings have already begun to lose profits - rent square is simply no one. You need to choose good points, enter into a closer to the end of the crisis, long-term rental contracts on favorable terms (now you can already knock out a discount of 20-40% of the previous cost), and then pass these premises to rent a coming business.
  4. Apartments for rent are another way, how to earn in crisis 2021. In the rental of residential real estate rental, also has a decline: apartments are exhibited more and less, people leave home or combine with relatives to save. You can rent an apartment for a year more than a pleasant price, and then hand over it for rent. The difference between the rent for the month and the daily can be almost 500%, which will bring you good profits.

2. How to make money in a crisis 2021: Farming

How to make money in a crisis farming

Another good option of how can I earn during the crisis - farming. If you have earth or the opportunity to get it (rent), now - the best time for the start.

Note! The UN predicts hunger in 2021 and 2022 due to the introduction of quarantine: many farmers did not have time to plant their cultures, and there will be problems with the sale of goods. But small farmers on the contrary will be on horseback.

What exactly can grow

Almost whatever. You can plant a field of potatoes, build a couple of greenhouses with cucumbers and tomatoes, dilute the ducks and Curia, grow by growing greenery and so on.

The main thing is to produce the right economic calculation and find your niche. We recommend that you focus on inexpensive mass food products:

  • carrot;
  • beet;
  • tomatoes;
  • cucumbers;
  • Cabbage and so on.

You can add berries and nuts to increase profits, but their cultivation will take more than one year. Kura will bring you a profit not only like meat, but also will give eggs - a dozen home eggs can be sold for 1 dollar. You can start the goats - their milk is very popular and costs more than a cow, while keeping the goat is much easier.

In general, farming has a lot of interesting prospects. It all depends on your perseverance and desire to work.

There are many examples of how people who have never been to the village organized successful farms and went on a profit for the first year after the opening of their case. Moreover, food will be bought in any crisis.

3. How to make money during a crisis: Creating a personal site / blog

How to make money in a crisis Creating a personal blog

If you are looking for how to make money in a crisis on the Internet, then try creating your own website or the thematic blog. To do this, you do not need specialized knowledge or money: everything can be done free. You only need to choose a niche, make a competent content plan, then fill the site with articles, collect an audience and receive money for advertising.

How much can you make a similar way? It all depends on how many people will visit your portal and what the subject:

  • With 300 visitors per day, you can get 100 dollars per month;
  • At 1000 - by 300-400 dollars a month.

At the same time, the earnings can be practically passive - you will add five articles to revive the site, and the rest of the time to do your affairs.

Create portals in various ways. For example, using online designers, ready-made blogger solutions, with CMS, etc.

To type an audience, you need to use SEO methods and constantly optimize your portal. In principle, to reach attendance at 100-200 people quite real in 3-4 months.

And you don't prevent you from leading several portals at once on different topics - it can become permanent employment. Some people hold a network of such sites from 100 pieces - their profits make up tens of thousands of dollars a month.

Make a site with your own hands is not as difficult as it may seem at first glance and will not require solid financial investments. It is enough to master WordPress - this is an intuitive management system where you can develop different sites:

  • business cards;
  • Blogs;
  • Information and others.

If you do not risk learning such a direction as the site development yourself, sign up for a free course on creating and promoting the site. It is built on practical tasks, and a 24-hour support service will solve any problems. Participation in the training is a guarantee that you will not only make a website, but also understand how to work in the administrative panel and promote a resource in search engines.

4. How to earn in crisis 2021: car repair

How to earn a car repair crisis

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If you have your garage or you can repair cars, then you should know how to make money on an economic crisis. Today, the population has several tens of millions of cars. Vehicles constantly break and require maintenance, and not everyone may refuse to use.

But repairing cars from official dealers and in large one hundred is quite expensive and not always qualitatively, so most people would prefer their "homely" master, which will take cheaper, and offer better services. In the future, this business can turn into something more: his own hundred, shop, and so on.

5. How to make money in a crisis: creating an online store

How to make money in the crisis creating an online store

Own online store is a great option of making money in a crisis 2021. Today, almost everything is sold through the Internet - classic stores are closed by government orders and simply due to the fact that visitors prefer to buy everything with home delivery, and not to walk on shopping centers. And you can and need to earn.

What exactly can be sold

  1. Food products (you can generally organize the delivery service from the supermarket).
  2. Children's, female and men's clothing and shoes (it is desirable to choose an inexpensive niche).
  3. Building materials and various accessories for home. Considering how to make money into a crisis in Russia, it is impossible not to mention the building materials, because even in a period of tough economy, people will not cease to repairs and restore their homes.
  4. Medicines and goods for hygiene. Here everything is logical - people do not cease to hurt and use hygiene.
  5. Inexpensive perfumery. The same principle - expensive perfume stops being relevant, but the cheapest segment will bloom.

In order not to pay money to professional developers, make an online store with your own hands. Sign up for a free course on creating and promoting an online store from scratch. You need to view detailed video instructions and perform tasks. In the lectures, everything is explained in detail, but if problems arise, you can safely contact the 24-hour and free support service. It will help eliminate problems. Some participants in previous courses committed the first sales of their goods even before they ended the training - but it is possible if you have already chosen a niche and you have products for implementation. If there is no goods - nothing terrible, you will give a lot of useful information about working with suppliers.

6. How to make money in a crisis: repair of household appliances

Repair of household appliances

How to make money in a crisis if you know how to repair equipment? This is the perfect time to start your business. People will have no money to buy a new refrigerator, TV or computer. They will repair them, and not throw away, as before. Therefore, repair services will become very relevant.

In the first stages, you can provide exit services, and then - open your workshop and even hire yourself assistants to cover more and more orders. Good repairmen never sit without affairs: they have a constantly mass of customers and the queue for several days, and even weeks ahead.

7. How to earn during the crisis: Freelance


If you do not want to work offline, then read this paragraph about how to earn online into a crisis. Remote work and freelance today bloom - offices are closed on quarantine, employees work out of houses, and many will work so even after the end of Quarantine.

To find a job in the network, you need to master some profession. There are many of them:

  • copywriting;
  • website development;
  • design;
  • CEO;
  • management;
  • Application Development;
  • Programming, etc.

You can easily find myself on the soul and quickly teach him if you put a specific goal. Then it will be necessary to just find the customer, perform work, get the first reviews and profits, and continue to work in the selected sphere.

There are many cases of how people are far from computers and the Internet, quickly mastered new specialties and began to make a profit more than on official work. To reach the income of $ 600-1000 per month after 2-3 months of training and work is quite real, and this is good money for many countries.

Tips on how to make money in a crisis

How to make money in the crisis tips

Above we listed several ways to get income even in conditions of a strongly recognized global economy. But in fact, there are much more. If you want to know how to make money on the global crisis, just follow the situation in the country, learn how to make decisions quickly and find new niches.

For example, when there was an acute lack of masks, some people began to sew and sell them. In one day, an unprepared person can produce 500 masks in the presence of material and machine. At the cost of one product in 30 cents, the profit is 150 dollars a day, which is quite good for a novice businessman.

How to make money on the crisis of 2021, if you do not know how much

How to make money in a crisis

For example, create your own delivery service. Take orders for purchases on social networks, buy products in the supermarket and bring them to people on a bike or car, and get your own remuneration for it.

Lighten a new specialty to work on the Internet, or simply transfer your business online - options, how to earn in crisis really a lot. The main thing is not to give in panic and despair.

Customize on a positive way, look at the situation with a fresh look, look for new niches and interesting offers - any situations can be viewed from two sides, so even dismissal from work can be a positive step for you, because you will master something new and will become financially independent.

And remember - if you have more free time, invest it in training. Passage of courses for creating a site or online store - the ideal option "investment". You will not only get new knowledge, but will begin a new thing, which, with due effort, will grow very quickly and will bring you enough income for the full and carefree life on the ocean even in crisis times!

What is better to make money in the crisis

The fact that the world economy entered the next stage of the global system crisis, no one is no secret. The only reason why economic problems are now not the focus of attention of the media and society is a coronavirus pandemic at the same time. However, it would be naive to believe that a difficult time means the complete inability to get a decent income. Money from the economy does not disappear anywhere, they simply change the owners. So today we will tell about the top 8 ways to make money into the crisis.

Freilance in crisis

  • Each economic crisis leads to the emergence or explosive growth of new industries. Thus, the crisis of the dotcombs led to a rapid surge of credit services, and the crisis of 2008 opened the road to crowdfunding and cryptovalum. And startups in new areas are always required promotion and advertising.
  • Moreover, since these startups are young, aggressive, but not having large resources, the demand for freelancers services Radically increases.
  • Companies require aggressive marketing, but they are limited in funds. So all freelancers related to advertising and promotion - from copywriters to site developers and SEO specialists - get an excellent opportunity to earn.
  • If you dream to earn 1 million rubles in Russia, read the article!

Earnings in social networks

IMPORTANT: Closely related to freelance and promotion and the possibility of earning in social networks. Today it is one of the main channels of communication both for ordinary people and for business. And no prerequisites for the situation will change, no. The social networks feel excellently and the crisis is not affected.

  • Moreover, people spend more and more and more time and seek the Council "How to survive the crisis" in social networks. And widespread quarantines lead to an increase in the role of Internet commerce and traffic growth in social networks. We have already written how to make a lot of money in Utyuby. It is still relevant in 2020 .
  • So if you have a promoted account in any of the popular social networks (and, especially if you have several such accounts), then the source of decent earnings in your crisis is already in your hands. You can safely start looking for companies that require the promotion of their products and services in social networks.

Referral programs

And to complete the block of methods for making money dedicated to the promotion of other companies, it is worth talking about referral programs. Again, the growth of their popularity was observed during all recent crises. The reasons for this are quite understandable and largely intersect with those that lead to an increase in demand for freelance. Business requires cheap and efficient methods of promotion and expansion, and a referral program - a tool with an excellent value and efficiency ratio.

We recommend, however, pay attention to those programs that do not imply direct interaction with the company's clients. Attracting customers via the Internet under current conditions - an excellent solution, the distribution of goods personally is a very bad idea.


  • The best High projects of 2020 are collected here. The investment market in the near future also expects a boom. In a situation where the world economy is fevering, stocks, metals, oil and currency "fly down", investors bring money from the usual assets that suddenly become unprofitable, and are looking for new directions of investing their funds.
  • One of these directions will definitely become High projects. Investors will look for ways to "reset" the crisis and will force the money to work out of the usual assets. Highypes - one of the most logical solutions. So in the near future we can expect a surge of the popularity of long-term HYIP projects, as they provide opportunities for investing with the least risks.
  • The organizers of Haipov, in turn, will begin to offer more and more favorable conditions for investing, because with increasing demand, competition in the market is growing. So you can safely count on the rapid appearance very "Delicious" proposals in the market .
  • At the same time, the influx of new money in Haipi may lead to an increase in the number of fraudsters in this area. So the choice of Haipov in the near future should be approached with maximum caution and thoroughness. Your best assistant in this issue will be the portal, where the reviews of the most promising and guaranteed honest Haipov are regularly published.

Earn in crisis on cryptocurrency

  • Another category of assets in which funds from the "traditional" directions will be flowed are cryptocurrency. And first of all, of course, Bitcoin.
  • Cryptoenthusists and financial experts have long reviewed digital money as a "protective asset", which allows at least to preserve funds during periods of crisis, as well as protected from the actions of governments.
  • And in the light of radical solutions of many central banks on the background of the oil crisis, the last factor can be key.
  • Now the market will have the opportunity to check how justified the reputation of the "Protective Asset". And the market has always uses such possibilities. In the coming months, we will observe a new wave of interest in blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, the emergence of new projects and infusion into digital money in large volumes of fiat people.

ATTENTION! It can be expected and the increase in courses of already existing currencies, and the emergence of new market leaders. Well, for cryptotreers, the possibilities are open simply chic ..

Trading in crisis

  • By the way about trading. Sharp fluctuations in world currencies, prices for essential resources (from oil to metals) and the value of shares of various companies is a real paradise for a trader.
  • No need to forget that money on the stock exchange is made far from only with growing markets. Earnings on the stock exchange is possible when the price of assets in any direction is moving, the main thing is that this movement is. And the more significant the metamorphosis of the markets will be, the more will be the profit of successful traders.
  • True, unstable and, moreover, the incident market requires large knowledge and experience from traders, so for beginners who are not familiar with the principles of earnings on the stock exchange, it may be too risky method for obtaining income.

Binary options

  • A slightly simpler earning method than trading - binary options. If, when selling and buying assets, it is important to predict not only the direction of the price movement, but also how it changes, it is important for binary options only, the asset will fall in price or cheapes the asset. The right forecast gives the right to receive a premium, erroneous leads to the loss of funds.
  • Binary options are an excellent tool for teaching trading, as they allow to learn to understand the market, giving the opportunity to make it easier. But they will also come up with lover and fans of betting. Rates on sporting events in the near future are not relevant - almost ubiquitous quarantine temporarily frozen "Big Sport".
  • And options can be viewed as a kind of bet on the competition of "Bulls" and "Bear". Azart here is no less than in sports.


  • Paralysis of normal economic activity, which is caused by both the crisis and the struggle with pandemic, will inevitably lead to the emergence of opportunities for earnings on services: from the repair of household appliances before walking dogs and delivering products from stores.
  • All that will be required of the wishing to earn offline in this difficult period is hardworking and some courage - because you will have to contact people during universal quarantine.

We wish everyone good luck! Write about your experience in the comments and you can always ask a question about our successes.

"The crisis happens later than you predict it, but before you expect it"

If we say that no one was waiting for the crisis in the coming years - we are. Everyone understood that the situation in the world is destabilized, political and economic processes are moving in different directions, and changes are inevitable. But what will happen the crisis of such a scale - no one expected.

The economy will restore, but this is the global process. And in this text I will touch on the current question: "What to do those who want to open their first business and how to make money in the crisis of 2020," and describe 10 key actions that need to be done in crisis conditions.

Let's figure it out, is there any companies or people who earn on the crisis? And if there is, the fact that they are united? 

While a huge set of companies reduced costs and dismissed employees, Wildberries, Delivery Club, Amazon and thousands of other services created new jobs, because they just lacked hands to cope with orders. Netflix made an unprecedented jerk and in the midst of a pandemic to the service connected 15.7 million people, which increased net profit to $ 709 million.

Crisis in Russia 2020

Crisis in Russia 2020

To clearly analyze when the Russian business felt the crisis 2020, let's remember why it all started.

  1. The ruble fell against the background of disagreements and dissentments under the terms of the international OPEC contract +. It would seem that in a small and middle business it should not have been so affected, and the changes touched everyone.
  2. The regime of self-insulation, which stopped the work of a major, middle and small business, ruined many companies and left people without work and the opportunity to make money into the crisis.

In such sudden critical situations of the company or find new solutions that help earn in conditions of crisis, or burn.

How to find the right way out of crisis

The one who was not confused and rebuilt the business for new conditions on time - retained him and ahead of competitors.

But I had to act quickly and resolutely:

  • Reduce costs. The crisis is time to cut costs. All that does not lead to profit must be stopped, frozen or significantly reduced. Agrees about reducing the rental and postponement of payments, reduce or remove the awards, stop the repair.
  • Go to Online. Workflows may vary, but should not stop. Sometimes it was beneficial to translate part of the state for a distance and move to other offices.
  • Reliable with weak. The team should remain only those who are ready to work more, and receive, at best, as much. Work in the crisis for strong specialists is much more important than the salary size. About how to reduce salary to employees, but leave them to work, I wrote here.
  • Use assets. One of the options to earn during the crisis is a sale or rental of all assets: real estate, machinery, equipment.
  • Change business strategy. It must be flexible. For example, schools that helped people find a couple easily and without investments, can run a course - how to get along with each other on quarantine. When people were at home, without the possibility of making money into a crisis, they still needed to do something. Many who managed to preserve income, decided to make repairs that have long been postponed. So, the sewing shop, which used to sew jackets and dresses before, started scorching curtains and upholstery for sofas.
  • Save customers. At such a time it is important to meet everyone who asks. The crisis will be held, and the client and financial obligations will remain. Let's point point discounts and individual working conditions under the economic crisis.
How to find the right way out of crisis

How to become richer during the crisis

You can earn a crisis if you use all the advice that we have listed above.

Think how to change or improve the sales system. Carefully analyze the client base and customer needs.

Expand the target audience and go out on new customers if your business online. For example, Targent advertising in social networks brings a new flow of customers instantly with competent configuration. And the packaging of an old sentence to the updated format or the development of it for the needs of customers will give confidence in the crisis of 2020.

10 strategies, how to earn in crisis conditions

  1. Get access to assets. Not necessarily to own an asset to create value for consumers. But the more you have access to assets, the more stable you will survive any crisis. Yandex.Taxi does not have your own fleet in every city, but they give a service that connects customers and performers. Delivery Club has no restaurant. But couriers are almost every one. Ivi has no cinema ... I think the logic is understandable.
  2. Diversify production. Create a variety of products for different people or "click" Switch. In the USSR factories and plants for the release of pasta and cigarettes could be rebuilt as soon as possible under the production of cartridges, and instead of tractors produce tanks. To make money into the crisis, restaurants and cafes were transformed into a popular Dark Kitchen format - a kitchen on the area.
  3. Find what you can share. The world moves towards the sharing economy. Using Crashing is more profitable than buying and serving your own car or constantly ride a taxi. It is more profitable to rent an apartment in Moscow than to take a mortgage. If you have something that you do not use constantly - share for money. You can rent everything: a dental office, a place for the work of the makeup artist, a training room, a manbon for picnics. There are even services that brought you a beautiful bouquet for a photo shoot.
  4. Swing your personal brand. People buy in humans. If you know how a solid entrepreneur, a strong expert and a pleasant person - you trust you and you will buy. In the crisis of 2020, they actively started selling services through the personal account of doctors, psychologists, sports coaches, HR managers. Now they are not just experts, but also leaders of opinions. They are followed by, they are recommended, they want to work with them.
  5. Bring business online. Bill Gates spoke - if your business is not on the Internet, then you are not in business! 10 years ago, business could not enter the Internet from the phone. Now it can easily make self-employed, and large brands. The easiest way to earn online in a crisis is to start a business account in Instagram, promotion profile, run target and collect applications.
  6. Create your educational product. If you are confident of 100500% in your expense and regularly share your knowledge of offline, do not be afraid of public speeches, and your expert posts are actively reading and comment. If you firmly feel in public and are ready for something new - go out to a new level. Open online school - swing people and develop in a new format.
  7. Use personal connections. In your environment there are always people who need your services. Ray Croke is one of the first owners of the McDonald's restaurant network owners - bought a license for the spread of the first restaurant McDonald's and for the first year sold 18 franchises. 9 Franchises Krok persuaded to buy acquaintances of the rich regulars of his club in Chicago.
  8. Take part of the tasks of another company on yourself. Outsourcing is an excellent opportunity to earn in a crisis, since during this period everything reduces costs and dismiss those whose work is cheaper to pass on outsource. Accounting, computers service, contact center, support and promotion of sites.
  9. Help people comfortably work on the remote. If you and now do not know what to make money into a crisis, then take a note this method. For those who communicate with the technique on "you". Compacts in the "Home-mode" need uninterrupted work between the departments. Configuring corporate messengers, virtual desktops, Microsoft and Google office applications, 1C and another software service - the need # 1 in the workplace.
  10. Cut out event events in online. Tasks, rebuses, riddles, quests and games that are created for each business help inside companies:
  • Diversify working relationships and motivate employees.
  • Mark deleted holidays are extraordinary and fun.
  • Increase customer loyalty and partners, told them about the product or service.

Some ideas that I listed in the article will help earn after the crisis. We will consider this topic in detail when the economic "CHTIL" comes. And at the end of the article it is important to recall the signs that indicate the imminent approximation of the crisis.

Remember, fix and be prepared next time.

Signs of crisis

Signs of crisis

The crisis happens every 7-12 years. So, the crisis of 2020 was preceded by 2014 - the Crimean crisis.2008 - the global financial and economic level. 1998 - default. 1991 - the collapse of the USSR.

  • Reduced economic growth.

If the growth of the US economy, Germany, Russia and China is slowing down, then the economic growth of the global economy will slow down.

More debt is more threat for the global economy. By November 2019, global debt broke through the ceiling and set a new record for the amount of $ 188 trillion. Almost $ 70 trillion from this amount was US debt.

The level of confidence in tomorrow is read through the business activity index. The indicator predicts changes in prices, employment and production, tracks the dynamics of GDP for 4 months ahead.

  • Falling money market indicators.

The rule of investors is if the yield of the short-term state of the USA (2 years) is higher than long-term (10 years) - wait for the crisis.

But no matter what happens, it is important to remember - the crisis will end, and the business will develop. Welcome to a new reality!

Like Center

Prices in stores grow, national currency "Storms", companies reduce employees. And then the coronavirus joined, finally finishing the economy. Consequently, many citizens have a question: "How to make money in a crisis?". There are two news: bad and good. If you continue to work in the same scheme, revenues will fall even more. However, you can go to new, promising industries or create a product that will improve the lives of people in the crisis. In this article you will learn how to survive difficult times in the economy.

From this article you will learn:

Features Earn money in a crisis

The market economy is cyclical and consistently passes 4 stages: a decline, crisis, revival, rise. The question is only in the duration of each gap. The previous global financial crisis began in 2008, and the following experts expected just in 2021. Now the problems in the economy aggravated coronavirus, due to which states were forced to introduce quarantine events.

Employees of the following sectors suffered stronger in the crisis of 2021:

  • tourist;
  • passenger traffic;
  • cosmetology services;
  • catering;
  • Some medical spheres (in particular, dentistry).

If you are among them, think about finding additional ways to earn or even change profession. In the coming months, revival in these areas is not foreseen.

how to make money in the ceasecrisis

How can I make a crisis? To begin with, the market should be studied and understand what people really need really need. So, in the spring of 2021, the demand for medical products and medicines, some food, delivery services, sharply increased dramatically. The number of customers has the number of online stores. People began to spend more time on the Internet.

IMPORTANT. Analysis of market trends will help you understand how to make money on the crisis of 2021.

The crisis is a good period for the formation of an investment portfolio. Promotions and ETF funds fall in price, which can later grow by hundreds percent. For example, in the crisis 2008, Sberbank shares cost 13.5 rubles, and in 2018 they rose to 270 rubles. Allowing investors to earn 2000%. Here is a useful article on how to start investing - go and explore.

However, not all industries can survive the crisis. Therefore, in attempts to earn, you need to buy securities only those companies that are rebuilt under new market conditions.

How to make money on the crisis of 2021 - 7 directions in which you can develop

Earn money in the crisis will allow services that are in demand regardless of the level of income of the population. Everyone want to eat, dress, follow their health. As for entertainment and training, during the coronavirus period, people are looking for an alternative on the Internet. Let us look at what you can earn in the crisis.

Food and food

In 2020, due to the coronavirus, the catering establishment has lost many customers. However, people began to order food more often and ready-made dishes. Using a contactless payment method (for example, using a bank card or an electronic wallet) allows you to minimize risks. You can open such a business to earn in a crisis.

ATTENTION. Business for the future - production of organic products. If there is a land plot in the property, you can grow vegetables, fruits, berries, greens for sale. However, more money can be earned on the realization of processed products, such as jams, frozen mixtures, canned food. More ideas in publishing business on the village.

Clothes, shoes, accessories

If you want to earn in the crisis of 2021, look for ways to offer people quality items at the lowest price. Such options are suitable:

  1. Organization of joint procurement Find sought-after things on wholesale Internet sites. Collect money from several buyers, taking into account the commission in the amount of 10-15%. Then order a batch of goods from the supplier. As a result, people can save on shopping, and you - to make money on mediation.
  2. Dropshipping To make money on dropshipping, you need your own online playground. For example, a store on Avito, a single-page site or an online store. The essence of the business is to sell prepaid partner goods from their customers. You do not need to buy and store things in your warehouse. DropShipper is engaged only by promotion and delivery organization. Dropshipping
  3. Independent Sewing and Repair In the presence of designer skills and seamstresses, you can make money on the manufacture of things to order. In the crisis, secured citizens are resorted to such services. And low-income people are more likely to turn to masters that repair clothes and shoes. This saves the budget, since the new things in the crisis are expensive.


Flying on quarantine people need to somehow have fun. Some sit on social networks and read articles, others are trying to acquire useful skills in life. Therefore, blogging will definitely bring you money into a crisis.

IMPORTANT. On the other hand, competition is growing in this niche. It makes no sense to make a blog on a brought topic or rewrite other people's articles. So you do not collect a wide audience and you will not be able to make money on advertising.

The following platforms will make money on blogging:

  • Livejournal;
  • Blogger;
  • Yandex Zen;
  • Instagram;
  • Telegram;
  • YouTube;
  • Tik Tok.

About earnings in Yandex Zen are described in detail.

And if you have skills in SEO-Promotion and advertising, create your own website. For its promotion, investments and time (12-18 months) will be required. However, in the future, the site will make more money than blogging on third-party platforms.

Tutoring and training

The crisis puts hard conditions before the frames - only professionals survive. Therefore, parents, despite the fall in revenue, want to give their children a good education. So that they could subsequently make money in prestigious firms or open their business.

Without customers, the crisis will not remain tutors that earn their profile subject and prepare adolescents to enter universities. Coronavirus is not a hindrance to study. Clean classes can be spent on Skype. The initial rate in 1 hour - 300-400 rubles.

In addition, now many want to learn online professions in order not to depend on a particular employer. If you are a professional in your own business, create a useful course and sell beginners.

ATTENTION. In the future, you can assemble your team of professionals and open online school. Such a business allows you to earn $ 800-3000 per month depending on the number of customers.

Network Marketing Online

Network marketing is the sale of goods (provision of services) with a simultaneous invitation to new participants in the project and receiving deductions from their earnings. The analogue of such business on the Internet is referral programs. Their owners are interested in attracting a large number of users. And for partners, the Internet and network marketing is an excellent chance to build passive income at the expense of its referrals.

Generous rewards offer the following projects:

  • Rioaffiliates;
  • Vktarget;
  • ETXT;
  • WebLancer;
  • Globus-inter;
  • Traders-Union.

Earn on referral programs will help your own website (blog). Write overview articles by placing links in them. Or teach traffic arbitration to attract referrals using contextual advertising.

IT specialty

Less than all representatives of IT specialties suffered in the crisis. They can still earn well.

And there is at least 3 reasons for this:

  1. Remote employment. The freelancer is not tied to a specific employer and geographical region.
  2. Low competition. It is much more complicated to master the IT profession than other intellectual work (for example, writing texts or work in Photoshop). Therefore, only the most persistent and smart ones remain in niche. Dear orders for everyone enough.
  3. Growth of the software market. Life more and more in online. New computer programs, mobile applications, useful sites and online services appear. Therefore, specialists are required who are engaged in software development.

If you want to change the profession and make money, think about the acquisition of IT specialty. Of course, training will be long and difficult, but it will pay for you by storm.

ATTENTION. It is not necessary to become a programmer. In the sphere IT there is a lot of other professions: a tester, a benchman, a sysadmin, an analyst, a web designer.

Repair of technology

In crisis conditions, many refuse to buy new cars, household appliances, furniture, gadgets. And break such things constantly. To save money, people turn to repair masters. If you are ready to offer customers a high service for a price just below the market, then you can definitely earn in a crisis.

Now the repair of the following things is especially in demand:

  • washing and dishwashers;
  • laptops;
  • mobile phones;
  • Body, engines, car gearboxes.

However, the number of orders for the finishing of private apartments and houses has decreased. Yet into the crisis, people postpone the repair of housing for the best times or try to do everything with their own hands.

How do investors and traders earn in crisis

You can earn money on stock exchange and investment in financial instruments at any time. Only approaches are changing. A well-known quote is working into the crisis: "The rich becomes even richer, and the poor is even poorer." Below will look at how to increase, and not lose your assets.

Currency courses

Dynamics of currency courses

On the exchange

Exchange Forex is a global financial market, which comes in trade marks. In the crisis, national currencies were confirmed by strong fluctuations, which allows traders to earn at the difference in courses. And it does not matter which way the cost is rejected.

So, when the national currency rate falls, a short position is used. It looks like this scheme:

  1. The trader borrows assets at the current price.
  2. The cost of the currency falls even more.
  3. The trader buys assets at low market value and returns loan to the stock exchange.

The remaining difference is profit. However, such a strategy is risky. If the currency rate still goes up, interest on the transaction and the Exchange Commission will be added to losses.

ATTENTION. In connection with the fall of national currencies, long-term investors can earn on the cryptocurrency market. In particular, to invest more fate money in Bitcoin, Etherumer and other digital assets. And for beginners, I advise you to read how to make money on mining the video cards.

In the stock market

In the crisis, the cost of shares falls greatly. And although experts advise invest in securities to earn in the future, for many investors this is a painful event. At a minimum for two reasons:

  1. It is not known what period the stock market will reach the bottom. For example, today the action costs $ 10, and after 3 months will fall up to $ 5. That is, difficulties arise with the definition of a suitable moment of investment.
  2. Uncertainty about the timing crisis. Perhaps the value of the shares will return to the initial mark after 3 years. But it can go through 5-10-15 years. Not all investors are ready to sacrifice today's day for a secured pension.

Go to such risks or not - to solve only you. Now Russian investors invest in Gazprom shares, Severstal, Sberbank, Yandex, MTS. That is, in the company with strong fundamental indicators capable of playing their losses after the end of the crisis.

Trading in the stock market allows you to make money even when the value of securities fall. To do this, use the opening of short positions.

It is interesting. Some market participants are recorded in brokers of binary options and are trying to make money on forecasts. However, this is a risky way, since there are many fraudsters among such a head that they do not differ from the casino.

For real estate

In a quiet economic period, investors prefer to invest in residential real estate at the initial stage of construction, to subsequently resell 30-40% more expensive. However, in the crisis, many developers are bankrupt, and due to the low purchasing power of the population, the demand for apartments in new buildings falls. Therefore, the investor risks remain without money.

However, the earnings for real estate in the crisis are still real. You can use the following options:

  1. Purchase of housing in deplorable state, repair and resale with an extraction.
  2. Implementation of bankrupt property.
  3. Lease rental housing economy class, such as rooms, studio apartments.
  4. Investments in fallen land plots for the purpose of construction or resale entrepreneurs in the future.

Now experts advise investors not to make sharp movements. The crisis of 2021 only began, and the real estate market does not respond as quickly to changes as the financial industry.

What business can be discovered in crisis

Money does not disappear from the economy. Because of the crisis, they are redistributed from some industries to others. What business to open today to not stay without customers tomorrow? Listed below 5 suitable ideas.

But first think about the next question. Remember - only the fact that it brings pleasure will be able to bring big money.

Loading ...

Loading ...

Online store

In 2021, many will open a business for the sale of demanded goods over the Internet. For example, clothes and shoes, dishes, technicians, books. Investments - 60-200 thousand rubles. Depending on the trade strategy (dropshipping or resale of things from foreign sites).

IMPORTANT. Competition among online stores is high. If you want to make money quickly, try to find a free niche.

SEO-Studio or SMM Studio

Once business is rapidly flowing on the Internet, the demand is growing and on its promotion. SEO specialists improve the positions of online stores in search engines, and SMM managers attract customers with social networks. Collect the team of professionals, invest in advertising and get money from online entrepreneurs.

ATTENTION. If you are a professional in promotion, then you can not open the studio yet, but simply delegate part of orders to freelancers with stock exchange. And if a newcomer, you can get a blog in social networks, publish useful information and offering services. The article on Earnings in Instagram has information on this topic. It is this social network that is best suited to declare yourself.


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have increased interest in health issues. The appropriate period to open the pharmacy and make money on the sale of drugs.

Minimum investments in business will be 1.5 million rubles. Payback period - from 6 months.

ATTENTION. Another way to earn in health niche is to invest in the development of online diagnostics and medical consultations.

Goods delivery

In the crisis, you can hire several courier drivers and organize a company that performs an intermediary between shops and buyers. Not all outlets today have its own courier service, and they lose customers.

Commission shop

The commission store is a trading point that takes on the sale of used things. As follows from the name, the owner can earn on commissions from sales.

The crisis of such shops is growing a stream of buyers. People are looking for any ways to save.


Thus, the crisis is not a cross at work and business. Just in such a period, it turns out to be done in people who are willing to rebuild, re-operate, find non-standard approaches to customers and new niches. And for investors, crisis times give a chance to purchase advantageous assets at the lowest price. Do not despair! You are not the only one who felt the crisis pressure. Take yourself in your hands and do not give up.

Business ideas in crisis 2020. 14 ways to make money in quarantine

Open a business in 2020 - a risky business, so any favorable direction for the start can be partly called anti-crisis. Of course, the greatest interest is manifested to the least risky classes from the point of view of investments. it Types of earnings from home that can be issued in the status of self-employed and work without employees and rented premises, some cases allowed when coronavirus With minimal investment or the directions that are most in demand or least vulnerable during periods of crises and pandemics similar to COVID-19.

To understand what areas you can expect a return, it is worth it, first of all proceed from the behavior of people during crises. What worries people in these difficult times? With what needs they still remain, and which of them go to the first roles? In our opinion, today are relevant:

  • basic need for food and water;
  • health and safety needs;
  • the desire to save, reduce the costs of excesses and things intolerable;
  • the need of autonomy / independence from the services of intermediaries and non-communications goods, readiness for long-term "deprivation" and reduce consumption;
  • separation, impossibility / reluctance to physically contact with other people, the need to receive services / goods with delivery to the house;
  • Collaboration online: the opposite tendency, which consists in the need for people to unite and cooperate in difficult times to solve common tasks;
  • the need for retraining and improve their qualifications;
  • The need to overcome fears and uncertainty about the future.

Next, we will analyze the ideas on those spheres that most of all can satisfy the needs.

1. Agricultural business

Agriculture, like many other industries, also raised the situation with coronavirus, and the risks here are certainly great, however, the situation is not as critical as in other areas.

First, agricultural products will always be in demand. In order not happened, people always ate and will eat. In crisis periods, people are ready to refuse themselves in almost everything, except for food, and the share of household budget is growing. If last year it exceeded 44% of the cumulative budget, then in 2020 it clearly exceed 50%. This, however, absolutely does not mean that people will buy more food than before, even on the contrary. However, this brightly illustrates the priority arrangement in the crisis.

Secondly, as one of the long-term consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, you can call the return of people in small cities and even sat down. Of course, the Russians will rush massively study agronomy, but many people who realized the lack of need to constantly attend the city office may think about other activities, including those closer to nature, gardens and vegetable garden: the air is cleaner, rental Fee below.

Business ideas in crisis 2020. 14 ways to make money in quarantine

Agriculture is difficult to call a business, for many people it is rather lifestyle. About what types of classes can be found on the household plots and we wrote on the village here и here . Today, buyers prefer fresh and natural products and cheaper. And they can offer it. It is most profitable to such, "small, but proud business", which earns, for example, on selling fruits, vegetables and other things, to implement products through markets and fairs. In the grocery networks, the same small business and farmers make it difficult to break through, and it is not profitable: it is sometimes necessary to give their goods to the communities or even below the cost below.

If you have to engage in gardening and gardening, it does not necessarily mean that you need to be equal to "grandmothers from the market." In the yard of the 21st century, and in the network you can find examples, as young ecopermers earn on the delivery of fresh vegetables and fruits. One of the popular formats is the organization of services for a seasonal subscription to farm vegetables and fruits with preservation of subscriptions. Sometimes the contents of such green boxes are not immediately recognized and it becomes a surprise for them. Of course, the subscribers are usually the inhabitants of large cities, who follow the right nutrition, young families.

Trends in agriculture in 2020:

We also note some trends in 2020, which are noted by experts in the situation in Russian agriculture due to coronavirus:

  • Violation of sales chains. In connection with the coronavirus epidemic, many chains associated with foreign markets and internal supplies broke off and cut off, the publicity practically does not work (in Russia - only for removal), the hotels are closed - many farmers lived in that they regularly provided their products restaurants and cafes and other establishments.
  • Reducing logistics shoulders. Due to the fact that many countries and regions have different limitations, and many chains of purchase and sale are violated, a trend on the localization of production and supplies is noted in agriculture. Agricultural enterprises and recyculations seek to reduce costs and risks for transportation. It is difficult to understand which "adventures" can expect in a particular region of the country, so preference is given to those buyers that are in their region.
  • On the yield 2020, the coronavirus will not affect the crop-2021 - yes. Since the epidemic Cowmit came to Russia after most of the cost for the current year have already been committed (seeds, fuels, etc.), yields will depend on traditional factors: such as weather, work quality, etc.. However, in the deterioration of the situation on the market will certainly affect the crop-2021: Agriana will have less money to plan the year and something will have to save: for example, on the volume of crops.
  • Lack of seasonal migrant workers. It is no secret that most workers in agriculture coming to seasonal harvest fees are migrants from the CIS countries. Because of the coronavirum epidemic, many of them could not come this year, so the agrarians are forced to look for a new work force, manually engage in collecting and even reduce landings.
  • The deficit and appreciation of feed and drugs for livestock. Many companies engaged in vaccine supplies temporarily ceased their activities that could not but affect the agricultural producers from Russia, which depend on foreign supplies. In addition, many agricultural enterprises faced a problem when the closure of a single enterprise supplier from the neighboring region or the transport company put them in a difficult situation. Since its feed system is not in the region, acquire medicines, vaccines and feed has become even more complicated and more expensive.

2. Business related to food

Continuing the topic that people will always eat, we would like to highlight a category that includes all other areas associated with the production and storage of food, as well as its delivery. In 2020, the food of daily demand, pastries (all about the opening of the bakery - will be used. here ), cheap alcohol, non-alcoholic drinks.

From this selection you can learn about the examples Food production in small business . In connection with the closure of most restaurants and cafes, it became more relevant for the sale of street food - 15 business ideas of Stritfuda can be found here . Also, while restaurants and cafes are closed, vending can be relevant, in particular, Sale of coffee through automata . For a catering one of the few channels of sales today is the delivery of food to a house with a connection to the service aggregator. You can also organize subscription services for dishes. In a large number of anti-crisis areas, household services for repair of refrigerators and freezers can be called. As a rule, people do not postpone such a breakdown for a long time.

3. Business for safety

During periods of instability and epidemics, a person has a threat to its safety: both in financial and material plane and in terms of physical and psychological. Such sentiments are understandable: after all, not only the epidemiological situation is worse, but also the material state of people, which inevitably leads to an increase in crime. In terms of protecting material property, the satisfaction of such needs can be expressed in financial advice, the installation of security and anti-skew equipment, video surveillance systems, and other goods, weapons and personal protective equipment. In quarantines and self-insulation, when residents of cities seek to leave their apartments, and leaving abroad is prohibited, the rental of cottages and country cottages are popular, where the family will be able to feel safe. It is also worth paying attention to this psychological aspect: the mood of the "coming end" is strong in crisis periods, so psychological online courses may be claimed, Survival courses , self-help lessons, meditative practices, Business Ideas in Yoga And so on.

Foreign entrepreneurs noticed that big money could affect the need for security in people provided. For example, in the United States during the coronavirus period, business flourishes on the production of bunkers.

Photo: RT / Alexey Brazhnikov
Photo: RT / Alexey Brazhnikov

According to the Ron Hubbard entrepreneur from Atlas Survival Shelters, which has two bunker manufacturing enterprises (in California and Texas), their business is now on horseback. The bunkers themselves are made of steel, and the size and "filling" depend on the wishes of the client: the most budget versions of 3 per 4 meters (with a shower, sink, sofa, two beds and ventilation) costs 50 thousand dollars, the largest family houses - bunkers stand under 90 thousand dollars.

4. Business on health

A health-related business is widespread concept. After all, the topic of health and a healthy lifestyle can be attributed, not only the continuing pharmacies, but now the sports sections with fitness clubs, and the sale of healthy nutrition, and the production of medicines and health goods, and even Collection of medicinal plants . Today, the laboratory for collecting analyzes that can conduct tests to coronavirus are relevant. Benefits from the current situation can be removed Cleaning companies , more speaking of the importance of the disinfecting and sterilizing part of cleaning and promoting its services as socially useful.

We recently wrote about the new form of a business that can be in demand in such periods is Delivery service drugs . Today in the network you can find a lot of examples of speculative business at the production of protective masks, which in fact serve as original accessories rather than actually protect. Well for sale such products as sanitizers, antiseptics, gloves. Goods are most often selected via orders for Alibaba or Taobao. However, keep in mind that before buyers need to behave responsibly and do not hide behind the theme of health if you do not have a relationship. It is also necessary to remember that for illegal trading masks and protectors in Russia, fines were introduced: up to 150 thousand for entrepreneurs and officials, up to 500 thousand - for companies and firms.

Also remember that no less the theme of your health of people is worried about the health of pets, on which the owners are trying if not saving, then at least not to refuse. Therefore services Veterinary clinics и Vetaptec Will be in demand.

5. Services at home

In 2020, many firms from the scope of services to an indefinite ceased operations. But the need for this service is not doing anywhere. It is no secret that many hairdressers, manicure masters, masseuses and other beauty and health workers began to work with departure to the house, for alternatives to receive money in a different way and feed the state, they did not suggest. In such conditions, many experts begin to understand that it is more profitable to work as to work as it is more profitable for it than to wait for the improvement of the situation and sit back on a trimmed salary with minimal salary, and even without them. The format of such not even a business, but self-employment, when you have some necessary skill, and people have the need for your service, is found in very many areas, for example, in household services "husband for an hour" , repair of household appliances, in business at the construction and repair of housing (selection of 25 ideas - here ). As a rule, specialist services are offered by the masters through Avito, Yandex.Svugi and other similar services.

6. Production of original goods at home

Crisis crisis, and modern people are still a journal for all new and unusual. Looking at the "Instagram" tape, you understand that production at home is experiencing a new creative wave. What does not flash in the tape: the figures of the men from sanitary fittings and pipes in the style of loft, wall cards with 3D-depths of rivers, author's knitted toys and socks for legs of the table, items of decor made of wood like lunar lamps, dog lazheka and car seats ... Today, thanks to social networks, it is not so difficult for social networks to reach the market, and the crisis is not a hindrance.

Earlier in the articles we covered the ideas production at home и in the garage , wrote about examples Earnings on needlework и Handmade toys sold through "Instagram" . It would seem why in crisis people buy toys? But here you can recall the non-working kindergartens and schools: the parents exhausted by the activity of children will certainly be happy to take their screaming for something new. Whatever different ideas seemed to be, but the principle of success today is simple: it is worth choosing the direction that will be interested in you and offer an original and attractive product that will not be competitors.

7. Toys for adults

By the way about toys. They need not only children. Sales of adult toys during self-insulation are growing significantly. On an unscheduled 50% growth of sales of sex toys declared, for example, a brand Womanizer. Due to the fact that people began to spend more time at home, they have a need to diversify leisure. On the growth of sales of condoms, mass makers, lubricants and costumes are reported to Russian market participants. Three-time growth in sales of adult goods compared to the average annual indicator recorded the Ozon store.

8. Delivery to the house

The possibility of delivery to the house during periods of epidemics is important than ever. Catering establishments understand that on the same sale for removal is not to earn and connect the systems of contactless delivery, they connect to the services of the Yandex.edad type and so on. But you can not only get to the house, but much more, for example, animal feed, medicine , Typographic and souvenir products. Read more about the types of business on delivery can be found here . Also pay attention to such a trend as Products on subscription which has long been distributed abroad and is becoming increasingly popular in Russia. A big advantage will be the presence of own truck (about the ways of earning the "Gazelle" can be found here ).

9. Types of earnings online

Online business This is perhaps the first thing to pay attention to people who are in four walls or lost work in traditional industries. Today, the ways to make money online are forced to look for guides, conducting online excursions, teachers and fitness trainers trying to earn private online lessons and courses, cooks trying to run culinary schools online and so on. Earlier we wrote about 17 ways of earnings without leaving home But these ideas, of course, options are not limited.

Perhaps you will help you 25 Ideas Earnings on your own site or ideas how to make money in one of the social networks, for example, in "Tick current" , in "Instagram" , "In contact with" , "Telegraph" , Pinterest , in "Odnoklassniki" As well as in the service "Yandex.Dzen" And on video hosting YouTube. . Creative personalities for sure they will be interested 20 ways to make online artist or a new way of earning holding online psychological games . . Since people began to spend much more time online, online cinemas, streaming services, and this is the right time to start blogs. As the most promising professions, the programmers of chat bots, neural network programmers and Data-Science, 1C specialists and sienes are available.

10. Business associated with the desire to save

In crisis, people seek to save almost all, so second-handes are relevant, Commission stores , Children's commercials , Fix Prides and Phonus Drochi. Making a bet on goods with a large shelf life. The majority of business ideas that can be launched on the economy class. in sleeping areas . You can also help a selection of 15 ways to make money on old and unnecessary things .

Another view of the same topic is the desire of the current business to optimize business processes, replace the working hands by automated systems and cloud services.

11. Ritual and esoteric business

As if blasphemously it did not sound, but people always continue to die, but in periods of pandemic - especially. This does not mean that you need to rush to open Crematorium And the funeral bureau, entering hard and rather dirty business. You can think over other ideas. In particular, today the topic of service aggregate services, and ritual services are not an exception - an example, a Umer mobile application that helps to calculate the approximate cost of funerals and order all the necessary services without spending extra money and strength. Similar services can be tried to create and promote for the wedding sphere.

Another approach of troubled times is the appeal of some people to ecovetymer, mysticism, unknown. During periods of change, people cannot find answers in their surrounding reality and more often turn to psychics, astrologers, pepologists and any other people, at least somehow responsible for their questions.

12. Business associated with autonomy

The crisis and the decline in customer ability forced people to look for ways of autonomous existence. The reasoning here is simple: the less dependence on expensive municipal services and purchased goods, the better. What can be offered to a person who dreams of turning his country house or a cottage - in the conditional fortress ready for the siege of Pechenegs? It may be drilling of the wells , creation of autonomous sewers (for example, brick or tire septic plates), installation of greenhouses, solar panels, wind plants, mobile amplifiers, satellite antennas and much more.

Also, attention should be paid to the goods that provide such autonomy from civilization and unnecessary costs of movement, food, etc.: tourist goods, bicycles and backpacks, haircut machines, tools, fishing goods, etc. etc.

13. Business associated with collaboration

Despite the popularity of such words as "self-insulation" and "quarantine", in difficult times, people have a need for union. Today, in contrast to the crises of previous ones, such cooperation is most promising online. It can be sites and joint purchases services, business clubs in which you can find partners for startups and share risks.

14. Business on learning and retraining

Although Business on education Tried enormous difficulties, the need for education and retraining is not doing anywhere. Moreover, more and more people today understand what they need new knowledge and new professions. Even the most conservative representatives of Offline understand that without a network no longer live, you need to open online school or online courses.

Business ideas in crisis 2020. 14 ways to make money in quarantine

Earnings online today are many: tutors can hold their studies in video conferencing online through Zoom, Skype, Yandex.Telost, etc., business coaches and coaching are to use new interaction opportunities with an audience through social networking services. One trend in learning is Gymification . The main issues remain only what exactly what knowledge to offer the audience, how to correctly pack and promote it. On the basic principles of creating and promoting info products on the Internet, we wrote in this article . There may also be a demand for the appropriate equipment necessary to bloggers: cameras, petrolery microphones, lighting equipment, etc.


What is the crisis?

The crisis originates from the moment when the imbalance is broken between supply and supply for goods. Under these conditions, for frequent, there is a sharp surge in prices for products, a communal service and other vital goods and services, and incomes remain at the same level.

It is in the context of the financial crisis that the most unexpected situations occur.

Plan and thought

Plan and Thought Earnings

You must clearly understand that the crisis is not your problem. You are all the same ordinary person, with your knowledge and talents, they have not done anywhere from you. Just, first, do not need to think about making a lot of money at once, because you risks to stay in the world of illusions.

What can earn in a crisis: crisis rules

Rules for behavior in crisis

Ideas How to make money in a crisis Consider a little lower. While I will talk about the main rules of behavior in this difficult period. Even if you are implementing only some of them, you can achieve good results.

Control Finance

The crisis time is ideal to reconsider your expenses - see where there are holes in the budget, what expenses are unreasonable. This will allow you to minimize costs. First, learn financial literacy. Secondly, you can form a seat airbag.

Explore the crisis

Yes, yes, you can explore the features of crisis situations, understand their nature. This will allow you to better navigate problems.

Explore investing

Let it not surprise you, but another direction, on which you can earn during the crisis are an investment. Of course, we are not talking about momentary profits, but on the study of the principles of the right financial investments.

Do not panic!

Keep fresh head. Do not panic. No need to exaggerate the scale of the crisis. Excessive nervous voltage will not help you, but can bring to breakdown. It is better to read books on successful people, study their experience in the release of their crises, implemented by them methods for receiving earnings.

Do not forget about your education

If you suddenly lost work, it does not mean that you have no place to work. You have education, experience, you probably have acquired certain skills. A good specialist is always happy to take a job.

Be open to new features.

Believe me, earning real on your own hobby. Consider all the options for getting income, even seemingly absurd, and you will see how many possibilities in front of you!


Illusion earnings

Under the "illusion of earnings" means various programs "Money-Making" (do money). Such programs do not exist officially, on a non-legislative basis, but in the contract with the client, which, as usual, are frightened by the crisis and are ready to do everything to get light money. This is a kind of pyramid, the creators of which with slogans assure the fact that they know how to earn big money during the crisis. But, as in any pyramid comes a moment of disappointment, as money and time were invested, and the profits did not turn out.

In general, if you think about the network marketing, then throw this idea from my head. In a crisis, it is a failure.

Basic rule

Do you think that in crisis conditions will help you earn? Right - people around you! After all, during the crisis, the rule always works - let me see what they most need. And to give the desired, and even at an affordable price is the basis of all basics.

In principle, it was always guilty, but during the crisis times it has a deeper meaning.

Real estate operations

To understand what you can earn in the crisis of 2020, you must first decide which way you want to receive income. The most common option that is suitable for people with large savings is real estate operations.

There are several ways that allow you to earn good money in this area:

  • Sale of your own house or apartment. Since during the crisis, housing prices begin to decline, sell their apartment or house and translate money into currency to protect them from inflation. Literally a few months later you can buy equivalent accommodation, but much cheaper;
  • Buying unfasteless. In difficult economic conditions, many people experience financial difficulties, so they stop the construction started and exhibit an object for sale. If you have start-up capital and think about where to earn money in a crisis, invest your money in such a shortage. After that, it is possible to continue the construction and sell real estate at a higher price;
  • Real estate for rent. This is the easiest and most reliable way to make money in a crisis of 2020 ordinary people. It is perfect for those citizens who have additional housing, but do not want to sell it. The tenants can be found on advertisements on the Internet or media. If you do not have time to do this case, trust it with an experienced realtor. Housing for rent is an excellent source of monthly passive income.


If you live in rural areas and are looking for ideas how to make money in the crisis of 2020, try organizing your own farming. In difficult economic conditions, survive on earth is much easier than in major cities. Talking farming, you can not only provide your family with high-quality food products, but also earn good money. Information on how to become a farmer from scratch in Russia, you can get by clicking on the link.

During the crisis, the demand for inexpensive food is growing. For example, carrots and tomatoes are always buying and everywhere, but if you grow exotic fruits, such a product will not be in demand in the market. It is most profitable to breed domestic animals, especially bird. Tens of chickens will bring every day 6-7 eggs. This is quite enough to provide a small family. And if you contain several dozen smokers, revenues from the sale of eggs will cover all current costs and will make it possible to extract good profits from this case. Based on this, we can safely say that farming is the most affordable way how to make money in a crisis of 2020 in rural areas.


Many people are keen on needlework, but for them this kind of employment is just a hobby, and after all, the manufacture of exclusive copyright products can bring good income. If you know how to make something with your own hands and do not know what you can make money into a crisis, try to turn your hobby into a business.

Knitted clothes

So that your products stand out on the market, you need to create your own special style. In this case, you will quickly find regular customers who will provide you with work. Needlework is an excellent opportunity to earn decent money into a crisis.

Own site

Own site

If you are looking for real opportunities to earn in a crisis, but also continue to receive income in the future, I strongly recommend considering the option with creating your own website. This is a great way to get regular earnings, which will only increase with each month.

Of course, the profit will not come immediately. After starting the site, it will have to work for some time on its development and as soon as the attendance increases to several hundred users per day, it will be possible to connect advertising and other methods of monetization.

The essence of earnings on your site is as follows:

  • choose the topic that the project will be devoted;
  • Create a resource;
  • Connect the domain and hosting;
  • Write articles, prepare another interesting content;
  • engage in the promotion and promotion of the site;
  • After some time, we watch the avalanche-like growth of attendance and begin to make a profit;
  • With each month - if you do not stop working and continue to develop the project - the income will increase.

It may seemed to you all very difficult, especially if you do not have skills to work with sites. In this case, I invite you to my author's free master class, how to make a site with your own hands. It is built on execution of tasks - you first browse the detailed video instructions, and then repeat all the actions on your project.

Note! If something suddenly does not work, a free technical support will come to the rescue. Participation in the training and execution of tasks Warranty that you will do and run your project.

During training, you will also learn a lot of interesting and useful sites regarding the development and promotion of sites:

  • how to work in the administrative panel;
  • how to make a beautiful and original design;
  • What function modules need to be connected;
  • how to write articles and prepare high-quality content;
  • how to select keywords;
  • and much more.

Training is built in such a way that even a newcomer, who has never been engaged in anything like that, will be able to achieve a positive result. After his passage, you will not have any questions where you can earn in a crisis.

Information about the methods of site monetization are also provided - profit from the project. There are several of them:

  • contextual advertising;
  • Banner advertising;
  • partnership programs;
  • Publication of articles and references to other resources;
  • and some others.

Therefore, if you are looking for what to do in a crisis To make money - create your site, develop it and this will allow you to change your life in the future!

Education and tutoring

Education and tutoring

If in the first version we talked about hunger physical, now we will talk about hunger mental.

Parents of children always take care of the formation of their children. If the crisis does not really interfere with this process, but training prices always cause questions.

All you can offer is you and your talents. For example, you know how to play any musical instrument, you know foreign languages ​​or perfectly teach different dances? Then quickly write an ad in the newspaper, and you will see that soon your skills need to need.

You can also assist schoolchildren and students in solving lessons, tasks, control and so on. And that's all for money.

If you have doubts about this, then you may be mistaken. Find a like-minded man and go with him together to income.

Private lessons

Private lessons

The next way to earn now in the crisis is suitable for those who have fundamental knowledge in a particular area. For example, if a person knows a foreign language perfectly, he will be able to give private lessons and make money on it.

By the way! The advantage of the method - in the instant receipt of money: held a lesson and immediately paid for him for him.

You can conduct lessons, both at home and online (through the Skype program or any other). To search for customers, use:

  • his acquaintances;
  • bulletin boards (including online);
  • social networks.

Also in demand is such a service as writing coursework or diploma works. Therefore, if you are well versed in some subject or you have a good education and deep knowledge in general, the search query "work in a crisis than to make a living" should not be relevant to you!



As an option, if your hands grow out of the place that you need and you understand in household appliances, then you can fully earn it to life by repairing it. The crisis hit at prices, which means that the purchase of new techniques will cost a very large amount that many will not pull. Therefore, the repair of the old technology or the failed will be more acceptable.

You can also add repairs and apartments, if you want, and repair cars, furniture.

Earnings on the Internet

Earnings on the Internet

The Internet is a separately taken topic for earnings, where, in general, you can earn on a wider list of topics.

Online help

Online help

This option is as one of the ways to make money on the Internet. But if earnings on the Internet will bring you a small profit, then online help will have a higher monetary potential.

For example, in crisis conditions, companies are unprofitable to contain workers in the office, so they are looking for more economical ways. You can rank such a company to work and at home to fulfill their instructions. These can be customer pricks by numbers from the database, or mailing mail messages.

Creating your site or blog

I have repeatedly wrote about the benefits of creating your site or blog. But it's not enough to just create it, there are many difficulties and pitfalls.

For a successful promotion, money will be required, and time. Ideally, undergo learning, as I did it and now I constantly invest in sites - this is the main source of income.

You can create your own blog in one of the social networks: in contact, in a telegraph or instagram. Tick ​​current has also become popular.

Methods for monetizing their resource set. It is contextual advertising, and direct promotion of certain offers and affiliate programs.

Providing services to the population

Legal services, accounting, repair and sanitary work - have always been and will be in demand.

If you are a specialist in one of these (or other) regions, you can organize your full-fledged business: we make a site on the designer, a good description of all services and price, we give advertisements on the thematic sites of your city and forth.

We draw up profiles in all social networks, set up targeting advertising, make a newsletter on friends ... - We'll have to work. Business itself is not built.

Will you say such firms already pond-pride? Have you tried?

The crisis is the very time when you can confidently take your place under the sun.


As a rule, in the crisis, people prefer to repair old things than spending on new ones. You can choose activities that are close to you and promote your services through advertising on the network.

What can be repaired:

  • Cars.
  • Household appliances.
  • Computers, office equipment, mobile phones, consoles, etc.
  • Furniture (offer, for example, tightness of sofas and seats, or restoration of cabinet furniture).

In addition, we can provide premises repair services: glue wallpaper, laying the tile, laminate, pull the film ceilings, as well as perform small work on the house (replacement of wiring, connection of lighting devices, furniture assembly, etc.).

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind

On a personal car

In this case, everything will depend on the dimensions of your car. By car, the crisis can be earned in two ways. If the car is passenger, then you can earn a taxi driver, there is always demand in this field. Can be engaged in private excuse or ask you to take you to work in the taxi service.

If the car is cargo, for example, Gazelle, then offer your freight services. Everyone can earn money, because not everyone has its own car, but to transport things, the furniture arises the need very often.

Earn on clothes

Even in the crisis, we still have to dress, so this can also be earned, and there are several ways here:

  1. First, if you have sewing skills, you can do the repair of clothing.

    In a crisis, many people cannot afford to buy a new thing, so you have to be content with old things that are not suitable for use without repair.

  2. Secondly, you can open your online store.

    All you need for this is to find the supplier and have a group in the social network. You will offer our subscribers from the manufacturer, but with a small markup, which will be your income.

    Here the main thing is not to exaggerate. After all, the cost of goods should be an order of magnitude lower than in stores and on the market, but also a little higher than the wholesale so that you can earn.


You can sell via the Internet not only clothes. Many earn in household chemicals, cosmetics, toys, shoes and similar products.

Food sales

Despite the crisis, people still need to eat, although food prices grow daily. How to make money on sale of food? Here everything will depend on your preferences and those resources that already exist.

If you live in a village or in a suburb, you can grow fruit and vegetables. In the summer, you can earn money on sale fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, potatoes, apples, etc., and in the winter you can sell conservation.

Keep in mind: To earn in this way in the crisis, your prices should be lower than in supermarkets.

For residents of the countryside, such a way of earning, like cattle breeding, should be familiar. Divide cows, pigs, bird, and after selling meat, dairy products, eggs, etc.

Another way to make money is to rent a stall on the market, buying goods from ordinary people, and after implementing it through your own point.

If you like more such a way of earning a crisis, do not forget that you have to register with the tax inspection, as an individual entrepreneur, and periodically undergo checks at SanEpid.

For residents of the city it will be interesting to try to make money on the delivery of dinners, but then you need to have your own car. You can create cakes to order or other original and delicious baking.

Work at home

In the end, we would like to tell in general terms how you can earn in the crisis at home. It all depends on your skills, professions, skills, knowledge.

If you have a talent for needlework, then be sure to use it.

Many women create a business from scratch on:

  • sewing clothes;
  • knitting with knitting and crochet exclusive hats, sweaters, even swimsuits;
  • embroidery paintings by beads, cross;
  • creating handmade decorations, etc.

Buy yourself a magazine about needlework and try to create something with your own hands. If you do it, why not make money on your talent?

Another way to make money on the crisis is to accept ordered work orders. For example, you can be a freelance secretary of some company and carry out minor instructions of the management: call customers, place advertising, send letters, etc.

If you have accounting education, then take orders for providing reports for PI to the tax service and maintaining other documentation for small firms.

Men can earn on the crisis, performing simple orders for the house of lonely women or old people: subordinate the crane, change the castle, hang chandelier, etc. You won't get a lot of money for such orders, but it is enough for small expenses.

How to make money on animals

If you are the happy owner of a thoroughbred cat or dog, then you have the opportunity to make money in a crisis. It is about breeding thoroughbred pets. Of course, for this you will need a large housing area, animals must have a passport, all the necessary vaccinations, periodically observe the veterinarian.

But you can earn money. For example, the English Bulldog puppy costs from $ 3,000. Imagine if you have 3-4 for sale every year!

Someone may argue, they say "in the crisis of people for food money is missing, and you are about the thoroughbred puppies!". But the reality is such that they suffer from such a situation of cases of low-income and medium segments of the population. The so-called richness also feel the influence of the crisis, but the image of their life is not particularly changing.

Providing private lessons

Most often, during the crisis, employees of state organizations suffer. In this case, we will talk about teachers, teachers.

If you have pedagogical education, then during the crisis can earn in private lessons. It does not matter what kind of item is profile for you, customers will always.

Especially the influx will be felt before passing the state exam. Most parents for the safety net hire the children of tutors. Tell us that you are ready to deal with your friends, parents of students, etc.

Another option is to write control, coursework and diploma work for students. Here you will earn most of all on your own profile subject, because you know all the right answers, which you need to write, so you will cope with the order for 1-2 days.

Manicure, Cosmetology, Hairdressers

Despite the crisis or other troubles in the country, women want to be beautiful: hairstyle, well-groomed hands, make cosmetology procedures. But prices in beauty salons for many ladies are just translated.

If you want to help in this matter to your friends and other women in the city, then open your beauty salon at home. If you have not passed training around the hairdresser, manicure or cosmetology, then you can pass express courses in 3-4 months and learn everything quickly.

It is not necessary to provide services in all spheres. Choose what you implays the most. Prices in the home studio should be lower than in the beauty salons of the city. Start experiments on your girlfriends, neighbors. If you have a soul to this, then the rumor about the new wizard will break quickly.

Additionally, you can make an advertisement in social networks, sprinkle leaflets with your number on the classified ads of the city.


At all times, the stock market focused on the long-term perspective, brought to investors a good income. The crisis will end sooner or later, and quotes of many giant companies invariably crawl up, and therefore this is a good moment in order to form their investmentportfel.

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind

Open brokerage account or IIS, select several shares of Russian or foreign companies and set to long-term.

Just think: Shares of Sberbank after the 2008 crisis cost only 14 rubles, and at the beginning of the 2020th the price reached almost 265 rubles.

Garage business

Many people to work out, open mini production in the garage of their own home. Consider several options that allow you to get a good additional income at home:

  • Car repair. In order to make this case, certain knowledge and skills will be needed. If you have such skill, you can turn this method of earnings in profitable home business. Ask professionals how to open a hundred from scratch, buy the necessary equipment and proceed to work. Over time, you can rent a more spacious room in a good place to expand your business;
  • Repair of household appliances. During the crisis, many people cannot afford the purchase of new household appliances, so such a service will be enjoyed in great demand;
  • Another rather profitable option is to smoke fish as a business. Such products are very popular in the market, so you can easily sell it at a wholesale price of large parties to shops and catering establishments;
  • An excellent idea of ​​additional earnings in the evening is a pottery craft or a joinery. If you have the necessary tools, you can also offer consumers a glass cutting service;
  • If you think about how to open with minimal investments at home with low capital, make it possible to make the manufacture of slag blocks, paving slabs or garden sculptures. Not bad income brings the production of souvenir magnets, ceramic dishes or animal feed.

Online store

The online store may include both selling goods from a warehouse (without the availability of an existing offline store) and delivery to the house.

Clothing, accessories, furniture, even some products - it is only to find the supplier.

Orders can be delivered independently, or hire a courier when things go uphill.

Advertising costs are minimal - it is enough to advertise in the thematic publics of your city and create your own. You can run contextual advertising, place ads on urban forums, etc.

You can quickly make a virtual showcase using site constructors. I recommend old, kind and reliable Hostland is also a domain name recorder, and excellent hosting and site designer, which provides the ability to create online stores.

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind

I have been using it for more than 8 years, and the first site for one offline business was created on it. Moreover, a fairly successful business in my city.

Economy Class Beauty Industry

Elite hairdressers and salons The crisis can touch back the most adverse way. But haircuts in the economy hairdresser or inexpensive manicure at home will always be in demand even in the most difficult times.

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind


Despite the surprise of the market, during the crisis period, this direction shows good profitability. People are always sick, especially during periods of instability, when the number of stresses and chronic exacerbations is growing.

If you can make a financial opportunity, you can open a retail point in a franchise or get a small pharmacy kiosk in a place with a lot of passability.

Freilance in crisis

  • Each economic crisis leads to the emergence or explosive growth of new industries. Thus, the crisis of the dotcombs led to a rapid surge of credit services, and the crisis of 2008 opened the road to crowdfunding and cryptovalum. And startups in new areas are always required promotion and advertising.
  • Moreover, since these startups are young, aggressive, but not having large resources, the demand for freelancers services Radically increases.
  • Companies require aggressive marketing, but they are limited in funds. So all freelancers related to advertising and promotion - from copywriters to site developers and SEO specialists - get an excellent opportunity to earn.
  • If you dream to earn 1 million rubles in Russia, read the article!

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind


Want to know what business is relevant in 2020 in the crisis? Food is the eternal need of every person. I always want to eat, so people buy daily food, despite their high cost. You can save on clothes or on entertainment, but without food it is impossible to do. If you are looking for profitable small business ideas with minimal investments in a small town, pay special attention to this market segment.

Sanitary services and sterilization of premises

It will be as always in demand, since pests will be bolder, and is converted into systems where work can perform robots.

Logistics and delivery

This applies to the delivery of any goods: food, drugs, hygiene, etc. Machines on autopilot, drones, robots will receive super-acceleration in terms of obtaining licenses to work everywhere. Why risk people if we already have work technologies?

Public institutions and ministries

The state will actively begin the transition to the smartphone: will make it possible to "walk" to the elections, pay taxes on the Internet, which is already practiced in many developed countries.

Agriculture and production

They will be rebuilt on the maximum automation or even delegate some part of the tasks in micro-home production, when the workers will perform the necessary work at home.

Ritual services

Open "Second Breath" will open online shopping. You will make it possible to order remote services: I paid from another city and everything is done "turnkey". What for? Imagine you on quarantine in London, and your close man died in Tokyo. What if all countries covered flights? Online order, payment and you will come a video report.

Fast Food and Proposal

Organizes delivery to a house with an extension of the range.

Microfinance organization

As in the case of a pharmacy, material investments will be required here, but the high demand for this service will allow them to quickly recoup them.

Over the past three years, interest in this niche has grown several times, which is explained by tightening the conditions for obtaining loans in banks and high interest rates.

In MFI, you can get an urgent loan for a small amount in a simplified manner without leaving home.

Self-service washing

A relatively new type of service in the auto-sphere, which came to us from Europe and before the crisis of 2008 did not have much popularity.

How to make money in a crisis: ways to invest accumulation with mind

In the period of economy, many will prefer to wash their car on their own, rather than overpay almost twice. The only minus of such a business is a high input threshold, to venture on which not everyone may be.


Now you know how to make money in a crisis. The most important thing is to believe in your strength and go to the end. The previous crisis has changed the best life of many people in our country. Therefore, boldly move to the target targets and do not stop before difficulties.




How to make money in a crisis

Hello, dear readers The financial crisis is a frequent and unpleasant phenomenon. In connection with the cyclicality of his occurrence, the question of what are the options to earn in a crisis, so as not to get involved in debts and do not experience difficulties, existing by salary before salary.

What is a financial crisis

Financial crisis It acts as a temporary phenomenon in the economy, in the format of the balance of the balance between its various spheres. Similar words - this is the situation in the country when there are no goods in the outlets, working people remain without wages, and employers have no jobs or they are forced to reduce the number of employees.

As a result of the financial crisis, there is a violation of the functioning of the entire economic system of the state. Many enterprises become bankrupt, and people, regardless of financial security, faced material difficulties. A bright and close to all example of the crisis is the period of 2020, conjugate with the spread of coronavirus infection.

Top 10 ways to make money in a crisis

There is a considerable number of ways to make money during the crisis, but among them it is necessary to allocate the most favorable options:

  1. Freilance.
  2. Delivery of food or drugs.
  3. Manicure and other services in the field of beauty.
  4. Education services.
  5. Repairs.
  6. Needlework or sale of finished clothes.
  7. Pet care.
  8. Personal blog.
  9. Earnings on a personal car.
  10. Reference programs.

All these options are relevant in Russia. Evolving each more, a person can choose for himself a convenient way to gain income even in economically difficult time.

#one. Freilance

Now earnings via the Internet is one of the most popular, and the freelance is relevant not only as a part-time, but also as a full source of income. There is a sufficient amount of stock exchanges on which a specialist can start working in format:

  • Web design development;
  • Creating websites or blogs;
  • Creating graphics or animation;
  • Account administrator in social networks;
  • Copier or rewater, the author of the slogans.

A professional one or even several of these areas can easily find a job even during self-insulation due to coronavirus pandemic and will not remain without money. To start work, it is enough to register on one of the stock exchanges and choose for myself the first order.

Moreover, a copywriter or rewater will not need additional knowledge and proceedings. In this area, you must be able to quickly look for the necessary information, know the rules of spelling and punctuation, and have the ability to clearly and understand the thoughts. Additional knowledge in any sphere will be a pleasant bonus, with which the search for a professional niche will simplify.

Minus such a work format - Immediately earn big money will not work. It will be necessary to start with the work of the client base, which will require some time.

Beginners for beginners:

  1. Workzilla;
  2. KWORK.

# 2. Delivery of food, drugs

In the field of delivery there are different work options. The first is the purchase by customer lists and bring the house of the right products or drugs. This is the most relevant option in the conditions in which Russia turned out to be. The only thing that will be required for such work is free time and willingness to wear shopping bags at different addresses. The client base at the same time will work quickly, because during the self-insulation, people sit at home and need food delivery or medication for themselves or family members.

The second option is suitable for culinary or those who have its own land plot. In the first case, you can make the order to order baking, cakes or other dishes, and implement them through social networks. In the second - you can grow vegetables and fruits and sell them in fresh or canned form.

The only condition for the second earnings - product prices should be set below those in stores. This will ensure the competitiveness and future profitability of such a business.

# 3. Manicure and other beauty services

Save and increase earnings in the crisis, the employees of the beauty sphere can: Master of Manicure, hairdressers and other specialists performing cosmetic procedures. The implementation of such services at home will not cause great difficulties even from newbies. However, you will have to spend some time on the troubleshooting of the client base.

See also: "How to attract customers to manicure and pedicure"

#four. Education services

The option will suit teachers. Having a profile education and a sufficient number of knowledge in its field, they can carry out remote classes or tutoring. It is worth noting that such an earnings are available to people without pedagogical education. Using in a certain area, for example, in creating websites or cooking, you can create Yutube Channel and teach other people to your craft.

See also: "Earnings in the course work on the Internet"

#five. Repairs

In the presence of appropriate knowledge and skills, you can repair home appliances, electronics, furniture, and even cars. The technique can be repaired in their own home, working with furniture can be performed both at home and at home with the customer, and the repair of cars is available in the presence of its own garage. Since breakdowns are possible at any time, the idea is relevant and in demand. Customer search is not a problem. Advertising can be placed on social networks, on online advertisements, in local newspapers and messengers.

# 6. Needlework, sale of finished clothes

People buy clothes at any time, even when the country's economy is experiencing not better than the best times. Therefore, this niche is also suitable for earning a crisis.


  • Needlework. For those who can sew clothes and engage in its repair.
  • Online store.

To start the online store, it is enough to find suppliers and have access to social networks. A small margin on things from the manufacturer will be the main income that with good sales will allow forget about the material problems.

Handwriters, creating an online store, can implement their products there. However, you need to be prepared for the cost of starting attachments in the business: buying materials, store promotion, attracting customers, etc.

# 7. Pet care

Pets are required from the owner. Attention and time. In the modern world, the pace of life is extremely high. Therefore, a person does not always have the opportunity to take care of his animal. This is especially noticeable during the crisis when all the energy of people goes to earnings. In such conditions, help in caring for four-legged friends is a simple and advantageous way of part-time.

Examples of services:

  • walking dogs;
  • Grooming (caring for wool, claws, legs);
  • Trips to the vet to inspection and procedures.

Also possible earnings on breeding thoroughbred animals. But the start requires investment and knowledge.

READ ALSO: "What business can open an animal lover"

#8. Personal blog

Today, 80% of the Russian population has access to the Internet, and this value continues to grow. So many have the opportunity to create your own project on the network, for example:

  • Group, public in social networks;
  • Canal on the YouTube platform;
  • Telegram channel;
  • Blog in Yandex.Dzen;
  • Instargam Account;
  • Tiktok;
  • website.

Bloggers receive income from advertising and direct advertisers. Any project requires promotion.

It is important to have creative thinking, be able to create interesting and unique content, calmly react to criticism.

#9. Earnings on a personal car

The presence of a car "will save" the situation when money is urgently needed.


  • Delivery of oversized parcels or goods. Trips for products.
  • Delivery of overall parcels, equipment or furniture. It is important to have a cargo machine here, because the passenger car will not be comfortable.
  • Work as a taxi driver. Independent search for orders or work in the taxi service.

See also: "How to make money on your car - the ideas of income driving"

#ten. Referral programs

Reference (partner) programs are gaining increasing popularity. Companies, Internet projects, media persons are interested in the cheaper and efficient advertising of their brand.

Everyone can find a suitable program for himself, and after the conclusion of a cooperation agreement, it will remain only any accessible and convenient way to distribute information about the partner on the network.

Such a format of earnings is perfect for those who have a promoted project on the Internet. On its website, the channel or blog can be recommended to the audience affiliate resources.


Although the crisis seems to be a complicated phenomenon, he is not so terrible. You can earn in such conditions. However, in the search for sources of income of one desire, it is not enough to show perseverance and perseverance.

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