How to get pregnant quickly if it does not work - the best advice

How to get pregnant if it does not work

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You decided to become a mom. Wonderful news! But not always get pregnant from the first or second time. And immediately arises in the head a lot of bad thoughts on the topic that you are fruitless, or something is wrong with the partner - many options, and every worse than the other. The conception of many nuances depends on the conception, and this is not only high-quality sperm and ovulation, but also many other factors. What affects such a complex process? How to conceive a child from the first time? How to become a pregnant woman?

Why not get pregnant: reasons

Criteria of impossibility of conception:

  • Episodic or fairly frequent sexual acts that do not allow to accumulate the desired amount of sperm.
  • When a woman increases age, the likelihood of an egg fence is reduced accordingly and difficulties with ovulation begins. In men with an increase in age, quality deteriorates and the amount of spermatozoa decreases.
  • Inflammatory processes in the organs of the small pelvis in the lady either in the urogenital system at a severe half.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Complications after injury or abortion.
  • Small or overweight ladies.
  • Complications after transferred infections that are not cured of diseases of the small pelvis organs in women.
  • Weed immunity.
  • Reception of some drugs that adversely affect the ability to produce viable offspring.
  • Tobacco, alcoholic beverages, narcotic substances and even caffeine lower the chances of conception.
  • Stress.

Factors for conception that depend on man and women

The older both partner, the time the period in which a woman becomes pregnant. And the role of men is very important. Therefore, it is worthwhile that a 45-year-old men spermatozoa is less three times than his younger colleagues.

Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to health and men, and women. But not only research and diagnostics will help to become parents as soon as possible. The lifestyle of the couple is taken into account by all experts.

What recommendations? What if it can't get pregnant?

  • Proper nutrition. In the diet, add more vegetables, fruits, seafood. Also enrich animals and vegetable proteins, vitamins and microelements. Fat food - minimum.
  • Fully refuse cigarettes and alcohol. Even beer, because it contains estrogen-like substances that are like female hormones.
  • Pay attention to the bottom linen, which is obliged to be high-quality, from natural materials.
  • Purchase the habit of carrying out at least 1.5 hours a day.
  • Avoid stressful situations and excessive loads.
  • Regular sexual acts!
  • Adverse working conditions negatively affect sperm. Take care of it.

Menstrual cycles in women

Menstrual cycle is preparing for pregnancy. Each lady is personalized by the cycle indicators, but approximately an average of 28 days. The main thing is constant throughout the reproductive period. Any deviations - the reason to go to the specialists.

The most painful of the woman, it is he who is characterized by bloody secretions. Lasts from 3 to 7 days. The endometrium designed during the past cycle occurs.

Follicles ripen, thanks to the follicle-sustamulating hormone. The 1-2 follicle becomes dominant, the ripening time on average is 14 days.

The liberated egg moves to the uterus and expects fertilization. It is important that the cum at the moment is in the uterine tube, because the life of the egg does not exceed 2 days.

Duration - about 16 days. A yellow body is formed, which effigy forms progesterone to help the introduction of a fertilized egg to the wall of the uterus. Otherwise, the yellow body degrades and the hormone level drops sharply. What in turn destroys and rejects the epithelial layer. The cycle closes.

How is the conception?

  1. Fertilization is the connection of the egg and spermatozoa.
  2. Development of the embryo until implantation.
  3. Implementation and attachment of the embryo to the uterus.

All this is happening for 2 weeks. Often it is after this time that a woman begins to feel some signs of pregnancy.

How to get pregnant quickly if it does not work: tips

1. Preparation for pregnancy

  • Diagnosis of the whole organism
  • Torch infection tests
  • Blood and urine tests
  • Ultrasound examination of basic systems in the body
  • Pennicularity of the chest
  • Analyzes that doctors are recommended when preparing before conception
  • analysis of human immunodeficiency virus, hepatitis B, with
  • Biochemical and general blood test
  • Skippers to identify STDs

• Specialists:

  • Age of each partner Over 35 years
  • If they are in the blood relationship
  • Future parents have children with disabilities, or miscarriages, other
  • There are hereditary diseases.
  • Fully abandon the bad habits, because scientifically proven that cigarettes and alcoholic beverages negatively affect the baby, right up to stillbirth, miscarriages, the birth of children with pathologies.
  • If a woman has chronic diseases - needed the necessary treatment.
  • When working in harmful production, it is recommended to change the work into less harmful and heavy. Reduce the use of household chemicals.
  • Correct weight and power.
  • Take folic acid and monitor the iron level.
  • It is advisable to vaccinate against rubella. After protect three months.
  • Hormonal drugs stop accepting for half a year before conception.
  • Avoid stressful situations and pull out full.

It is also important for a partner to undergo certain studies:

  • Visit the therapeuts
  • Suppose common blood and urine tests
  • analyzes for determining sex infections,
  • Exclude the likelihood of hepatitis B and C, syphilis and HIV.
  • Analysis on the Rh Factor should be done only if the lady has a negative Rh
  • cure all chronic diseases
  • Men to visit the urologist and make a spermogram should be if the pregnancy did not come throughout the year, or operations on genitals, injuries were transferred.

2. Definition of a favorable period

A good moment is considered the middle of the female cycle (ovulation). It turns out - there are few ideal days for pregnancy.

Excellent ladies to recognize these desired days are used by the proven method - measure basal temperature: its increase corresponds to the moment of exit from the egg ovary.

There is an opportunity and on external features to distinguish when an egg ripened: painful sensations in the side, intensity in the chest, a few days before ovulation of the release more transparent and liquid.

There are also more scientific ways - these are special testers that, based on the dough of saliva crystallization, will indicate a favorable time for pregnancy.

3. Conceptions in coordination with the lunar calendar

There are assumptions that get pregnant effectively in the Phase of the Moon, when the future mother was born. For example, if the lady came to this world to the new moon, it means that the chances are very high to conceive precisely in this period, regardless of the female cycle. Studies have shown that this method is incredibly accurate. But for the future of the child, this method can not have the best influence. After all, it is necessary not only to conceive and bear the baby, but also to do everything to his life is beautiful. However, not only the moon phases are important, but not all the lunar days are favorable for pregnancy.

Conclusion: if the pair thought about the lunar method, it is better to turn to professional astrologers.

4. What time is the best for conception?

Among the effective ways to become pregnant in a row with the Phase of the Moon, the calculation of ovulation, there is also the concept of the ideal time of the year. The best is considered the end of summer - autumn. The body rested, gained strength, filled with vitamins and microelements. Although it is spring that the cum is most active, but allegedly defective.

However, for residents of southern countries, the lack of fruits and the sun is not felt all year. But residents of more northern countries have high immunity and strong health.

Conclusion Next: Watch your health to feel, in what season of the year you are more active and full of strength.

5. What pose is better to conceive a child?

Doctors believe: Pose, when a man is behind - the best for conception. But the posture when the woman is at the top - unfavorable.

How often do you need to have sex to get pregnant?

The answer is simple - the more often - the better.

When the family thought about the child, it was recommended to refuse tools for lubricating genital organs that reduce the likelihood of conception.

How to get pregnant: folk remedies

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Among the answers to the question of the people: "How to get pregnant quickly, if it does not work," the decoction of Sagemy leads. The thing is that the plant contains substances resembling estrogens. Also, the sage helps an increase in the reflex of the cervix, which also contributes to conception.

Other folk methods:

  • The decoction of Ortlia one-sided or boring uterus is useful.
  • Brushing from a red brush, but should not be drunk with other hormone means.
  • For men, a decoction of the plantain is useful.
  • Eat more products containing vitamin E.
  • Communicate with pregnant women and do not forget to ask to stroke a pregnant belly.

Many diverse tips, among people get pregnant - choose your own, but do not forget about health and proper nutrition.

10 best tips to get pregnant

  1. Chief Council - contact specialists. It is advisable to make it not only a woman, but also its partner. After all, thanks to analyzes and diagnostics, it is possible to prevent many pathology from parents and the future kid.
  2. Balanced nutrition and reception of vitamins - the key to successful and fast conception.
  3. Control the cycle and calculate ovulation.
  4. Do not be nervous if the ways quickly become pregnant are not effective. Calm down. Also do not exhaust each other endless sex during the period of ovulation. It is enough to have sex once a day, but daily.
  5. Prefer faithful posts for sex.
  6. After intercourse, it is recommended to lie safely.
  7. A healthy way of life is preferable: walk a lot, reduce the level of physical exertion, refuse bad habits.
  8. Diets are contraindicated in the period of conception. Calculate weight loss on the postpartum period.
  9. Learn to relax, have fun.
  10. Unconventional "how to get pregnant from the first time of the tips" are not scientifically proven, but this does not mean that they are not effective.

What if it can't get pregnant?

why not get pregnant from the first time

Do not despair - here is the main advice. Provided that all of the above-described effective methods became pregnant were tried, but in your case they did not help, then modern medicine offers artificial fertilization methods.

The specialist will find out the reason for infertility and will answer the most burning questions: what to do if the conception does not occur how to stimulate fertility and others. Often, psychological attitude prevents partners to become happy parents.

After all the written, it is worth doing the following conclusion: to prepare to become a mother in advance. Proper pregnancy planning is the key to success. Everything must be weighed and thought out. And then in the house there is a laughter of a healthy happy baby.

Many women in pregnancy planning carefully calculate the most favorable days for conception and buy special tests. Gynecologist Victoria Matvienko told how to understand what ovulation had occurred, and whether it was always necessary to track her.

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What is ovulation?

Ovulation is a gap of the dominant follicle in the ovary and the exit of it is an egg cell that is capable of fertilization. After ovulation, the eggs falls into the uterine tube.

It is believed that ovulation occurs in about the middle of the cycle. In fact, this happens not strictly at the same time and optionally in the middle of the cycle. Just in case I remind you, menstrual cycle is a period from the first day of one menstruation until the first day of the next day.

What signs indicate ovulation?

Frequent signs that ovulation occurred:

  • abundant mucous membranes from sex tract resembling raw egg protein;
  • Painting pain at the bottom of the belly on the right or left - from the side where ovulation occurred;
  • there may be scargoing separating allocations associated with a short-term reduction in the level of sex hormones;
  • After ovulation, the basal body temperature increases by about 0.5 degrees.

But a woman may not feel ovulation, and this is normal. It is also worth noting that ovulation tests are not very informative, do not have high accuracy.

An obstetrician-gynecologist can see signs of ovulation occurred at ultrasound examination and progesterone research on a certain day of the menstrual cycle.

Photo: Polina Zimmerman,
Photo: Polina Zimmerman,

Ovulation may not be at all?

Ovulation depends on the hormonal background and on how many follicles are preserved that can grow. That is, ovulation may not be in hormonal disorders: for example, a high level of prolactin, thyroid disease, polycystic ovarian syndrome.

Also, ovulation may be absent when the ovarian reserve is depleted when the stocks of follicles with eggs in the ovaries are running. Gradually, with age of ovulation, it is becoming less and less, since it takes a natural extinction of the reproductive function and in the end comes menopause.

Do you always get pregnant after unprotected sex, if he coincided with ovulation?

No not always. Pregnancy is possible for about 24 hours after ovulation - this is the period of the viability of the egg. The viability of spermatozoa 2-3 days.

At the same time, fertilization is a complex multifactor process, and the conception may not even happen on the day of ovulation. If a woman does not plan pregnancy, it is worth protecting, and not count on "safe" days.

What can be done to increase the likelihood of conception?

If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle, which lasts 24-35 days (I remind you that oscillations + \ - 7 days in the duration of the cycle is the norm), then with a probability of 90-95% it has ovulation. Do I need to specifically track ovulation? Not.

If you feel your ovulation - this day is the most favorable for conception. But there is always a chance to be mistaken, and unprotected sex every other day after ovulation will no longer lead to pregnancy. Taking into account the fact that the viability of spermatozoa is 2-3 days, to conceive more sex every 2-3 days - this will allow you to "get" into ovulation.

It is important to understand that one sex without contraception once a month is not a guarantee that pregnancy will come. Healthy pair, if the age of a woman is up to 35 years old, and its partner up to 40 years old, you can wait for conception within 1 year, subject to regular sex life. This is normal if the pregnancy occurs after 3, 6 or 8 months. Moreover, some women may not be ovulation a couple of times a year - and this is also normal.

There are no additional funds or actions that increase the likelihood of pregnancy. Folk tips like "lie down after sexual intercourse" or "choose certain poses", "make a birch" do not have a medical rationale.

It is also important to think about pregnancy in advance, in the long run. It is desirable that at the stage of planning a couple passed small research, refused smoking and alcohol, led a healthy lifestyle; So that a woman saw folic acid for three months before pregnancy planning (it does not increase the chance to get pregnant, but it is necessary that the embryo does not have a malformation from the nervous system).

At what age is more likely to become pregnant?

Above the only one is likely to get pregnant in women 21-35 years. Also at this age below the probability of mutations in fertilization.

In a younger age, the reproductive system can still be installed, and after 35 years, the organism's ovarian reserve is gradually decreasing.

Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich,
Photo: Nataliya Vaitkevich,

How does a long intake of oral contraceptives affect ovulation?

According to modern ideas, the COC does not affect the possibility of pregnancy in the future. That is, if the woman had to take the hormonal contraception of the menstrual cycle, they will be after the end of its reception.

The age of a woman is also important. After all, if she stopped taking COC, let's say, at 36-37 years, then the likelihood of becoming pregnant is lower than in 25 years. And this is not connected with pills, but with the fact that the ovarian reserve is reduced with age.

It is still wrong and the belief that Kok will retain an ovarian reserve, allegedly extending the "youth of the ovaries". Unfortunately, this is not so. After canceling COC, the pregnancy may come in the next independent cycle, and sometimes it takes 1-3 months on the resumption of ovulation, and we perceives it as a norm.

can't get pregnant what to do

Is it possible to get pregnant from the first time?

The fertilization process is very complex, so the chances of successful conception in one menstrual cycle constitute only 25%. And this is despite the fact that both spouse are young and do not have any health problems.

Thus, if you get pregnant from the first time it did not work out, there are no reasons for concern.

What to do to get pregnant?

Prepare for future pregnancy need in advance. Such an approach will help increase the likelihood of conception and prevent dangerous complications during the baby tool.

First of all, the future parents should visit the doctor and pass the examination that the doctor will appoint the necessary questions after the necessary questions and will inspect. In particular, both spouses necessarily need to pass tests on STIs and other dangerous infections. The man will need to make a sperm - a study that will help appreciate its reproductive health. If some violations are revealed, the doctor will appoint a course of treatment.

To get pregnant faster, try to lead an active sex life during the period that is most favorable for conception, that is, a few days before, on the day of ovulation and a few days after. It should be borne in mind that the viability of the egg after the exit of the ovary is about 1.5-2 days, and the spermatozoa in the female sex tract is about 2-3 days.

Tips for pairs planning pregnancy

On various resources on the Internet you can see many tips for those who want to get pregnant quickly. Unfortunately, most of them have no practical value. So, the possibility of the occurrence of pregnancy does not affect whether a woman reached during a sexual act of orgasm and whether she got up after that in the pose "Birch".

To raise the chances, a few months before the expected date of conception, begin to lead a healthy lifestyle, refusing bad habits.

Put right, including in the menu products with a high content of various vitamins, trace elements, as well as polyunsaturated fatty acids. Overweight, as well as harsh fluctuations in body weight negatively affect the reproductive function.

Good physical exertion will benefit. Prevent quickly get pregnant can be pregnant, both a low-wear lifestyle and too intense workouts.

To both future parents need to take folic acid, which not only reduce the risk of nervous tube defects in the child, but also increase the fertilizing the ability of sperm. Keep in mind that any drugs, including vitamins, appoints only the attending physician after the examination.

In which position you can quickly get pregnant?

No scientific evidence that certain poses fundamentally affect the offensive of pregnancy does not exist, so it makes no sense to spend time to choose ideal positions for conception.

How to get pregnant if it does not work?

If pregnancy never came after a year of active sexual life without the use of any contraceptive means (or 6 months, if more than 35 years old), you need to seek help in a specialized institution dealing with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Not always at the core of infertility lie serious violations of the reproductive system. Sometimes a fairly minimum survey and correction. It is important not to postpone the visit to the doctor, since in this case the time is one of the decisive factors.

Folk remedies for conceiving a child

To increase the reproductive function, chasters from different herbs can be used: boroval uterus, sage, hunter. However, it is important to remember that any means (including folk) should be applied only after consulting with the attending physician.


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Only those who pregnant by chance do not think about the probability of becoming pregnant from the first time. All family couples planning a child, on the very first, the starting stage are wondering - how to increase the likelihood of conception, because even in healthy men and women, the conception of the baby may not take place.

It is impossible to calculate the probability of conception with mathematical accuracy, as alas, it is impossible to understand all the factors that influence this sacrament. But all the planners need to begin with clarifying the rules, which to some extent increase the chances of becoming pregnant in the shortest possible time, and sometimes the first time. We will tell about them in this article.

Rule number 1 - "Choose favorable days"

One desire to have a child in order to conceive him, not enough. It is necessary to clearly understand which periods of the women's menstrual cycle are most likely to conceive. The man fertille is constantly, and women's fertility is directly dependent on its own cycle.

Immediately after menstruation and in the period of menstruation, pregnant is almost impossible, immediately before them - too. For conception, only the middle of the menstrual cycle is ideal, when a woman has ovulation.

Calculate an approximate day of your ovulation woman can with a special calculator or independently, armed with a calendar and a simple pencil. If a woman's cycle is on average (from the beginning of one month before the start of others) lasts 28 days, ovulation is 14 days. The first day of menstruation is taken over the countdown. If the duration of the cycle is 30 days, then waiting for an "important day" follows 15 days.

Difficulties may arise in women with an irregular menstrual cycle. In this case, they should take two calculations - to determine the middle of the shortest cycle and similar day of the longest cycle. The result is the range of 13-16 days or 14-18 days, it is these days and should be waiting for ovulation.

Ovulation is called the process of reverous eggs from the bunting follicle. From this point on, fertilization is possible for 1-1.5 days. If the spermatozoic does not penetrate the egg for the allotted period of time, the egg dealers dies, and have to wait for the next ovulation to try to conceive the baby again.

Men's germ cells are more survivors: a spermatozoa can maintain its morphological and other properties for 3-5 days.

Sperm may well "wait for" the exit of the egg from the follicle, already in the uterine tube. That is why optimal days for having sex for rapid conception begin for three days before the alleged ovulation and continue within 1-2 days after this date.

The calendar favorable for conception of the baby days can be made in advance in order to better plan the rest of the preparation, including the phase of active actions. If a woman does this with an online calculator, it will be able to not only calculate the best days of the month, but also print the calendar to always have it at hand, not trying to reproduce the dates suitable for fertilization in mind.

You need to learn to listen to your feelings. On the eve of ovulation, the libido changes: sexual appetite increases, the discharge becomes more crazy and abundant, according to the structure resembling raw egg protein, can become more sensitive chest. On the day of ovulation, many women note the short rather tangible pain in the side of the right or left. So felt the gap of the follicle and the output of the egg.

If you focus on your sensations in the middle of the cycle for several months, you can learn to practically accurately determine the most favorable period for conception.

Many use the measurement method of basal temperature. Daily in the morning even before lifting from the bed, women measure the temperature in the rectum and make up the schedule. During the period of ovulation, the temperature drops sharply, and then if the conception has passed successfully, growing rapidly. This method is good, but only in combination with the observance of the remaining rules of successful conception.

If there is no time to draw graphics of basal temperature, but there are no special sensations, moreover, the cycle is irregular, the woman can use the pharmaceutical express tests for ovulation, as well as visit the Cabinet Ultrasound to track the ripening of the follicle and the output of the egg. Uzi today is the most accurate way to determine favorable days for conception.

Rule number 2 - "Do you have sex right"

Too frequent sexual contacts per month of active planning does not increase the likelihoods to quickly conceive the child, as some think, but only reduces it. Sperm men with frequent contacts becomes more "liquid", that is, the concentration of genital cells in the seed fluid decreases, the number of ejaculate is reduced, and this itself affects the likelihood of becoming pregnant.

The best composition of the seed fluid will be in the event that a man will join a partner in intimate contacts no more than once every 2-3 days. At the same time, after menstruation, it is better to refrain from contacts for 4-5 days, and then by the time preceding ovulation, the cum will be the most concentrated and high-quality. For a couple of days, in the alleged ovulation, sexual acts should be done every other day.

It is completely obvious that sexual intercourse, the purpose of which is the conception of a child, should be unprotected. This means that contraceptive means should not be used - condoms, vaginal candles or pills. The act should not be interrupted, unfinished.

It is also not recommended to use intimate gels and lubricants. Such means, alleviate the act, add pleasant sensations to partners, addicted in the state of the microflora of the female vagina, at the level of its acidity. Also, lubricants are negatively reflected on the mobility of spermatozoa. Drying before sexual acts do not need for the same reason.

Often women are interested, whether the role of the pose is playing during ejaculation. For a healthy woman, without anatomical features, the posture in which sexual intercourse will be carried out, does not matter.

But women with a slight bend of the uterus back, there may be problems with unhindered and rapid penetration of spermatozoa in the uterine cavity. They recommend the knee-elbow position, in which the man completes the sexual intercourse. Such a pose provides deeper penetration - the path to be done with sperm is significantly reduced, which increases the likelihood to conceive the kid from the first time.

The pose of "rider" is not suitable for conception, because most of the sperm falling in the vagina flows out. The classic "missionary" posture is considered fairly favorable for conception. The spouses arsenal usually have their favorite postures and their combination. Do not give them too much importance. The main thing is at the time of ejaculation to ensure a deeper penetration of seed fluid.

After sexual intercourse, a woman is recommended for about 20 minutes to stand in the pose of "Birch" when the feet of the woman are above the head. You can lie after sexual intercourse for half an hour, just throwing the legs on the wall or back of the bed. Do not immediately get up and run into the shower. If the goal is conception, you need to give spermatozoa time and create all the conditions for easier moving on sex paths, the uterine cavity and a phallopyan tube to the expecting egg.

Do not treat a sexual act as a mechanical process of conceiving a child. Try not to think about conception and not to calculate the likelihood of becoming pregnant. More quickly, on many years of observations of reproductologists, couples who have sex with pleasure and love are pregnant.

The orgasm of a woman increases the likelihood of rapid conception, and love, trust and sense of gratitude to the partner for the delivered pleasure create a psychological background for the accuracy of the Great Sacrament.

Rule number 3 - "Objectively evaluate the health of partners"

Problems with reproductive abilities may occur both in women and in men. That is why doctors recommend starting to plan a child with a visit to the Medical Cabinet. Sometimes a healthy man and a woman who for a long time cannot conceive the kid despite all their efforts. It is possible to talk about the possibility of conception from the first time only if both partners are completely healthy, with their reproductive health everything is in order.

You can only make sure in one way - visiting the doctor. A woman is recommended to consult a gynecologist, and a man - a urologist. If some deviations are revealed, it is better to postpone the planning until the moment of complete recovery so as not to worry.

In the process of planning, the most painful - psychological perception of failures. If you did everything as it should, and the long-awaited pregnancy again did not come, the understanding of Fiasco is hard not only for women, but also to men. In order not to waste your nerves, it is better to start planning a son or daughter being firmly confident that everything is in order with health.

It is important and evaluating the well-being in favorable days. If a woman is in terms of plan - ovulation, and the husband had a viral infection and a high temperature rose, the conception may not take place, even if the sexual intercourse is successful.

Spermatozoids are very sensitive to many factors. Disease, fatigue, stress in a man, any ailment can at times reduce its ability to fertilization.

Rule number 4 - "Get ready for conception in advance"

The chances of becoming pregnant from the first time will be higher if prepared for the fateful cycle partners will begin in advance. In about three months, a man should start taking vitamins. There are special vitamin complexes enriched with folic acid, zinc and selenium. These substances are very important for the composition of sperm.

Spermatogenesis (the process of developing and ripening sperm) lasts about 3 months. It is so much time that the sperm composition will be "updated". It will be fine, if all these three months the man will not only take vitamins designed for strong sex, but also dietial dietial supplies.

Within three months before the intended conception, a man should refrain from working with painting materials, paints and varnishes, acids, salts of heavy metals, radioactive materials and substances.

The man should not often visit the bath and sauna, including electric heated seats in his car, since the temperature effect on the testicles is adversely affected by the composition of sperm. You should also refrain from wearing close underwear and narrow trousers.

A woman on the eve of conception in a couple of months is worth starting to make folic acid. It, of course, does not increase the likelihood of becoming pregnant, but this substance accumulates in the body. If the conception takes place, folic acid in tens of times will reduce the likelihood of congenital deformities and the malformation of the kid.

Additionally, it is possible to take polyvitamins, the composition of which is designed specifically for future mothers and planning conception.

From the use of alcoholic beverages should be abstained by both spouses minimum three months before conception. The process of conception in a state of intoxication itself does not have much influence on the female egg, but alcohol destructively affects the composition of the sperm of a man. Therefore, after a pair of glasses of wine, the likelihood of becoming pregnant below than without them.

The ban on alcohol in this situation is the nature of the dry law. No matter how the men tried to justify "only one!" The mug of beer after the working day, for the benefit of reproductive health she is definitely not going.

A woman who smokes will become more difficult to get pregnant than the non-smoking representative of the beautiful sex. The man who seriously thought about to conceive a healthy child and become dad, should also reduce the amount of nicotine used, and it is better to completely abandon this destructive habit of at least for the period of planning the toddler's conception. Preparation for conception also includes a refusal of narcotic substances or psychotropic drugs.

If one of the spouses took antibiotics, hormones with therapeutic goals, after the end of treatment, you need to wait at least 1-2 months and only then start planning. Any passion for medicines, whether it is antipyretic or pills from headaches - not the best satellite planning kid. By the month, in which the conception is planned, it is better to abandon any medicines other than vitamins.

Family feeding will also prepare for conception. In the diet of spouses who dream of becoming a mom and dad healthy child must be meat and fish, eggs, dairy products, a large number of fresh greens, vegetables and fruits.

Vegetarians are harder to get pregnant precisely because of the lack of the body, especially in a man, animal protein. A woman a month before conception should be abandoned from coffee and strong tea, it will increase the chances to conceive quickly. A man should not eat "masterpieces" fast food - a large number of preservatives in them cause morphological deformities of sperm, which reduces fertility and increases the likelihood of conception of a child with chromosomal anomalies.

Rule number 5 - "Give your thoughts in order"

Very often, women who are trying to get pregnant with all spiritual powers, face a reverse result. After any long attempts that were not crowned with success, they stop "looting", despair and unexpectedly pregnant. The story knows many situations where the desperate couple is humbled with infertility and takes from the children's home of the reception kitty, and after some time will be pregnant with his own. In such cases, people say that a couple "rewarded God".

From the point of view of psychosomatic processes, the following happens: while the woman persistently plans, experiences unsuccessful attempts, it is in constant condition of stress. All her thoughts are only about whether the conception has been conceived this month or not.

They cannot distract anything else, painfully experience the onset of regular menstruation, and on the last day of menstruation already planning a new cycle. The stress hormones that produce in such women impede the normal production of female sex hormones, in particular, reduce progesterone concentration.

It is progesterone necessary for the normal conception and implantation of a fertilized egg to the uterine cavity. When a woman calms down, stops planning and simply lives and enjoys, the production of progesterone comes back to normal, pregnancy comes.

That is why before planning it is important to understand the main thing - stress prevents the occurrence of pregnancy. Arrange priorities for yourself, find the place of interesting work in your life, knowing myself and pleasant communication with friends, do not forget about the hobby, make sure that you simply have to sit and worry about the fact that the conception may not take place. Only a calm and measured attitude to planning can guarantee a quick occurrence of pregnancy.

Do not forget that the forefront is a sense of love for your partner. When it is, the pregnancy comes much faster than that of the pairs, which the financial well-being, social security, the fear of loneliness or other, and other relationships, were chosen as a reason for living together.

What can prevent rapid conception?

Even if the couple does everything right, no one guarantees her quick conception. Prevent fertilization can mass factors. So, bewilderment can cause the fact that sexual intercourse conducted on the day of ovulation does not lead to conception. This is possible if the spermatozoid could not get to the egg, and also if the eggs were not at all.

Such cycles, devoid of ovulation, from time to time each woman occur, even if it is completely healthy. If a woman has problems with gynecological history, there is dysfunction of ovaries, hormonal failures, then the likelihood of an inhibular cycle rises. Sometimes, despite all the calculations, ovulation comes later than expected. Late ovulation is characterized by approximately 5-7% of women at least a couple of times a year, and therefore doctors recommend sexual intercourse to continue after the day of the alleged ovulation, every 2-3 days.

Overweight Women is one of the most common causes of lack of pregnancy. The more unnecessary kilograms, the harder it is to conceive the baby. Hormonal background with obesity, even easy, undergoing big changes.

If a woman decided to become a mom, she sometimes happens to lose just 5% of their body weight, so that the attempt was crowned with success.

It is much more difficult for women with a body weight deficit. Too thin girls must necessarily be advised by the doctor and gain missing kilograms to appear a chance for conception. The process of a set of kilograms in pathological hood is quite a long time, it is almost always accompanied by the need for hormonal correction.

Sometimes the inability to conceive the child is due to the genetic incompatibility of partners. It happens not too often, but it is impossible not to take into account this cause. If a man and a woman are completely healthy, and throughout the year they do not occur pregnancy, it is worth contacting the genetics that will assign all the necessary assays to establish the compatibility of partners. If their genomes are very similar, then the conception is impossible.

Often, conception comes, but a woman doesn't even know about it, because on time or with a small delay in a few days, she comes next monthly. We are talking about the so-called biochemical pregnancy. Fertilization occurs with it, but it is not possible to fix it in the uterine cavity.

The second option is the rejection of the fetal egg fixing within a few days after implantation. The true causes of this phenomenon of science are not fully known. Most often, in the opinion of doctors, a germ that has rude chromosomal anomalies incompatible with further growth and development is not taken. Also, the reason can be wounded in the insufficient number of progesterone women produced in the body, in autoimmune processes, when the embryo germines the immunity of a woman.

About biochemical pregnancy The woman can guess the delay in a few days, according to heterogeneous, with the consistency of menstrual blood consistency, as well as on the weakly pregnancy test reaction.

Some, especially those who wish to become future mothers, begin to make them almost a couple of days after ovulation in the hope of seeing at least the "ghosts" of the second strip. Usually by the end of the first lunar month (by the first day of the delay), they may seem like a weak second strip, but monthly will still begin, overshadowing all joy.

Is it possible to "order" the floor of the child?

All planning women heard that the sex of the child can be "program". So, the People's Solve recommends to make sexual intercourse before ovulation, if you want a girl born. If he is needed, the conception should be postponed until the day of ovulation in the first day after it. Opinion is wrong and that's why:

  • Paul a child sets a spermatozoa. If it fertilizes the sperm with a set of XX, a daughter is born, if the first dirtyatozoic with a set of XY is performed first, you should expect the boy's appearance.
  • It is believed that XY is faster sperms, and XX - more lively. That is why they advise in advance "stock" by sex cells XX, if you want a daughter. In fact, the life expectancy of sperms with different sex chromosomes is completely the same as the ability to move, speed and other parameters.

To conceive a boy or a girl, one kid or the triple "to order" is impossible. The only way to "choose" a child of a certain floor is Eco.

Probability of pregnant - in numbers

Reproductologists were calculated that the probability of becoming pregnant from the first time after competent preliminary training at a completely healthy young couple is only 11%. This is the maximum value, to increase which cannot be compliance with the rules or people. If the pair has aggravating factors, for example, age, bad habits, chronic diseases, then the probability is proportionally reduced.

The probability of conception from the first time in a woman at the age of 20-23 years is approaching 11%, and a 30-year-old woman has already been reduced to 7%, a woman has older than 36 years old chances of getting pregnant from the first time when complying with all the above recommendations - only 4% . However, it is not necessary to despair. According to statistics, 60% of pairs in reproductive age will be pregnant during the first half a year since the start of planning. Each third pair will be pregnant for 12 menstrual cycles, that is, during the year.

An important event for the family needs to be philosophically, but it is necessary to prepare for him. Couples who go to conceive with a conscious mutual desire to raise the baby, by experience, have more chances to become successful parents who will be able not only to conceive and give birth, but also grow and raise a worthy person.

In a quarter of cases, at a meeting with spermatozooma, fertilization does not occur for reasons that go beyond the competence of medicine. They are inexplicable. In women whose age has "stepped over" for 35 years, the likelihood of not one is increased by 20%, but at once two or three kids.

In 40% of the cases of family infertility "to blame" men, or rather deviations in the state of male reproductive health.

Visit the doctor with complaints about possible infertility, experts recommend after a year of unsuccessful independent attempts. For couples in which a woman is over 35 years old, this period of time is reduced to six months.

About how to conceive a child from the first time, see the next video.

One of the consultations in my practice was almost completely devoted to the issues of improving the quality and amount of sexual life: my patient was interested in all possible and impossible details of the intimate part of life, from which, as she thought, the long-awaited result depends. We discussed everything that it was possible: possible postures, time of day, the frequency of intercourse, the day of the cycle and all that ... No, we usually advise not so - discuss pipes, ovulation, carry out a thorough inspection.

But still, it seemed to me that the questions we were discussing so in detail would be interesting to everyone who wants to get pregnant naturally. Because if you get pregnant in this way, does not work, the doctor will find an alternative.

For some reason, at school in the lessons of biology, we studied this, the most interesting item is very superficially, it was going on the most interesting topics, and the teaching of the ethics and psychology of family life in general, with my current point of view of the reproductologist, nothing had nothing to do with real sexual life.

This article will be useful for all those who want to get pregnant, and does not have persistent health problems. However, women without pipes, or those who want to protect against unwanted conception, the article may also be useful.

And so, let's go ...

The question is the first: in which posture to have sex is most productive?

Despite redundant attention to this issue, the answer is primitively simple: the posture of the value does not have. It is only what cum must get inside the vagina. If you smile and notice that it goes without saying, I will find that I will argue: my experience of the doctor's practitioner says it is necessary to negotiate! It is not always of course that, because of my patients, it believes that in order for sex to be classic, he is not obliged to occur in the vagina.

In addition, a man may experience problems, and not every sexual intercourse ends with ejaculation (seed outlet). Thus, the posture, size and so on does not matter to improve conception.

Yes, and do not forget to eliminate any gels, lubricants, candles. They may contain spermicides (substances that kill spermatozoa), as well as substances whose action is not studied. Somehow people multiplied many centuries to us ... without gels and lubricants.

Question Second: What day of the menstrual cycle is better to have sex, and how it depends on ovulation?  

Ovulation (the output of the ovarian follicle) occurs once a month, usually in 14 days before menstruation. We are all accustomed to count the cycle time from the first day of the current menstruation, although it is better to do the opposite - the second phase of the cycle is more stable.

To note, it is necessary to accept this: the life expectancy of the spermatozoa in the genital paths of a woman can last up to five days (depending on the health and spermatozoa, and pipes), and the lifetime of the egg after ovulation is not more than 30 hours (from which it is necessary to subtract 16-18 hours for fertilization).

Thus, the chances of pregnant significantly higher, if the sexual act occurred before ovulation, and not after, because after ovulation, the chances of fertilization are rapidly decreasing with each hour.

The graph from the Human Reproduction magazine illustrates this probability. So what day of the cycle is better to have sex? The answer will be further.   

Question Third: What abstinence from sexual life (for her husband, of course) is optimal for conception? How much time do you need to save cum?  

When studying the ejaculate in the laboratory, the doctor in accordance with the recommendations of WHO experts recommends that the "standard" abstinence time from sexual life is 2-7 days, optimum 3-4 days. If this time is to overestimate, the amount of spermatozoa in portions of the ejaculate will increase, and the proportion of moving spermatozoa will decrease (if time to decrease, everything will be on the contrary). Based on this, many women conclude that an increase in the time of sexual abstinence increases the concentration of sperm in sperm, and thus the chances of conception. The first part of the conclusion is correct, the second is not. The fact is that spermatozoa survive in the body of a woman is not just like that. In the end of the uterine tube, there is an epithelium (lining cavity of the cell), which is responsible for the "warm welcome" of spermatozoa.

On the photo of the scanning electro microscopy of the pipe (Agata Baczynska, Peter Funch, 2007), epithelial cells producing nutrients for embryo (long pile) and rounded clues (short pile) created to feed spermatozoa for long five days (unless, of course, and spermatozoa, and healthy pipes). It occurs the long-awaited (spermatozoa) ovulation, the level of hormones changes, and selected spermatozoa, which passed the cervical mucus filter, run through the last 15 cm to the egg. This mechanism explains why young girls, especially when not need, will be pregnant unusually well, and why the calendar method of contraception does not work well.

Summary: Do I need to save cum? Yes, definitely, but not in a man, but in a woman! Do I need to organize abstinence with her husband? No, of course, quite the opposite! Go to the next question ...

Question Fourth: What frequency of sex contacts is better for conception?  

If you carefully read the previous answer, you can easily answer this question: the more often the better! And it really is confirmed by scientific research (there are such scientific research!), We look at the chart. How many times does it make sense to make love a week to get pregnant? Three times better than twice, four better than two and so on /

At the same time, WHO experts (all the same!) Approve that sexual life with a frequency twice a week, at a minimum, may already be called regular, and in principle, sufficient for a healthy conception within 1-2 years.

Immediately warned from the infertion: a great time of abstinence to translate into a high frequency of sexual life may not always - will not allow the sexual constitution, and if it allows, the decline in fertility takes place not only from a rare sex life, there are true causes of infertility. Do not forget about it, I recommend also to read the article on our website "When considering yourself a fruitless or barren" to decide when it's time to apply for a doctor.

The question is the fifth: what time of the day it is better to have sex to increase the frequency of conceptions?  

Anytime. Time difference at 12 o'clock is insignificant compared with life time

Spermatozoa in female sex paths. But!

In the morning, a man is easier to have sex than in the evening! Or, in a different way, the man with the middle sexual constitution is easier to promote sex in the early morning watches. It happens for two reasons: the first banal - the overloaded men (and women) are poorly excited, not before sex. And by morning there is a mental reboot, and the physical rest is not superfluous. The second reason is physiological - testosterone - a hormone responsible for sexual attraction, produced more in the morning with adrenal operations. The total contribution of the adrenal glands to the synthesis of testosterone becomes weighty. Testosterone in the blood of both spouses rises, and with it and the likelihood of a successful sexual intercourse.

However, if you do not have sexual problems, the time of day does not exactly matter.

The question is the sixth: and if there are still sex problems, and they are not solved?

Then Introduction to the cavity of the treated and concentrated sperm of the husband is not bad increases the chances of becoming pregnant. The procedure is called "intrauterine insemination". All nuances with the definition of optimal time, the technique of the procedure is the work of a doctor who specializes in the reproductive sphere. Do not forget that the problems in the sexual sphere it is better to solve with a doctor with an appropriate specialty as a sexologist.  

The seventh question is: how to determine the day of ovulation?

For no accident, I set this question at the end of the article. If you have read all the answers, you should have come to the conclusion that there is no need to determine the exact time of ovulation.

No need - that is, it is possible, but not needed or harmful?

The correct answer is the last. I will start from afar.

The bikes from the textbooks on economics or pedagogy contain such an example: students of one of the universities of the country who loving playing on the backs of the skeners in the skeners of the Noliki were divided into two groups: in the first (studied) group, students began to offer a small symbolic amount of money for each party played. In the second group (control) there was no remuneration. Participants of both groups did not intersect together and did not know about the existence of each other. After some time, students of the first group announced that money would not be paid more, since the experiment was completed. And wishing to play, you can continue to play as before, for free. Students were outraged: play for free? Never! And most students from the studied group have become much less likely to play their favorite game. Students from the control group did not know anything and played as before, and no less, for pleasure ...

"Yes, and well, her, sex life - you will say. It does not hurt and wanted to play already "! And you will not right. Regular sex significantly improves both: both man, and a woman - this is a physical activity (in our age gadgets!), It is an anti-stress gymnastics for the brain (again for both!), This is the attachment of spouses (not forgotten about love?) ! And from all this to refuse at least partially only because it did not work in time to get pregnant?! I do not agree.

However, not only me. The recommendations of most world scientific communities of reproductologists are recommended when infertility aggressive use of Eco not only because there is a real problem with fertility, but also because infertility always causes stress and worsens the quality of life of people.

However, if you still want to live sex life only during ovulation or immediately in front of it, then on our site there is an article about the definition of ovulation in the section "Gynecology"

The article is completed. I suspect that after reading it, some questions will change others, and we, the doctors of the Nuriyev clinic, will be happy to answer them with a full-time or online reception on Skype.


The author of the article recommends that all high-quality regular sex no matter what kind of conception you have chosen!

The question of how to get pregnant from the first time is often interested in women, and for a variety of reasons. One does not wait to quickly feel the happiness to become a mother, others experienced a miscarriage, the third reached the age of 35 and are not going to wait for many twelve months.

Why can't get pregnant from the first time?

To begin with, it is worth understanding that conception is the attachment of a fertilized egg to the walls of the uterus. For this, several events should coincide. Ready to fertilize the egg should be out of the ovary in the uterus. The sperm should get to the egg and to penetrate into it (and not every spermatozoa is capable of it too). And then the egg should attached to the wall of the uterus. And this should happen in a very short time, as life and egg life, and spermatozoa is limited to several days. It is worth remembering that in "Marathon" is not participating alone and not even two spermatozoa, but much, much more. However, they have to overcome a huge distance (as if a person had to walk from Moscow to Voronezh). It is clear that units will be able to get to the goal. That is why it is not always possible to get pregnant from the first time. Most couples have to conceive for 1 year of sexual life without contraception. And this is considered the norm.

  • How to conceive a child from the first time?
  • There are many different tips that allegedly help to learn how to quickly become pregnant from the first time and to conceive a healthy child. Before following these advice, let's look at them from the point of view of science.
  • Watch a child only in the days of ovulation. This is true. It was during ovulation that eggs is ready for fertilization. On the other days, the woman will not be able to become pregnant. However, even sexual intercourse does not guarantee a mandatory result during ovulation. A woman can not always determine ovulation. Even those who have a stable menstrual cycle may not get pregnant in 2-3 days before and after ovulation. But during ovulation, especially if it is determined not by the calendar method, but with the help of an ultrasound or test, the probability of conception increases sharply.
  • It is necessary to comply with a certain posture during conception and after it. You can often hear that, for example, the pose of birch after graduation helps to quickly conceive the child. This fact is nothing proven, so the pair can choose any position during sex practices - the distance that will have to overcome spermatozoa, will not change. And the ability to get pregnant is influenced by the ability of spermatozoa to get to the prepared for the fertilization of the egg. In other words, the mobility and vitality of spermatozoa are important.

To get pregnant from the first time, you need to refrain from sex for a long time. It's a delusion. It is due to the fact that the quality of sperm allegedly suffers from frequent ejaculation. Indeed, if ejaculation occurs several times a day, then in the end, in the last portions, the number of movable spermatozoa will be significantly less. But with prolonged abstinence, spermatozoa loses mobility. Therefore, the optimal frequency for the occurrence of pregnancy is at intervals in two or three days.

It is impossible to become pregnant during breastfeeding period, so the second child can be conceived only after the end of lactation. It is not true. Yes, during breastfeeding, the level of prolactin is sharply rising - this hormone interferes with a fertilized egg to attach to the wall of the uterus. But pregnancy can come with breastfeeding, if milk is not produced very much, the woman misses night feedings, etc. In this regard, it is possible to get pregnant even immediately after childbirth, before the start of menstruation.

If a woman seeks to get pregnant faster, it is worth paying attention not to "folk" tips, and above all, on the state of the reproductive system - both female and male. After all, the better this system works, the higher the chances of becoming pregnant from the first time. What should be done to quickly conceive a child?

First of all, take a few months (about three) on the preparation. You will need this time to pass a survey. In this case, if there are problems or chronic diseases that may interfere with the onset of pregnancy, they can be eliminated before conception. Both a man and a woman, it is advisable to hand over the analysis on the SPP and some infections - these diseases may prevent the onset of pregnancy and pose a threat to both a future mother and for the fetus.

It is required to create prerequisites in which the ability to get pregnant will be higher. Woman preferably within 2-3 months before the alleged conception should be taken folic acid, iodine (needed to normalize hormonal balance), magnesium and B6. You can choose a complex for preparation for conception, which contains these substances in suitable for the body of a future mother of quantities.

The second task is to adjust the diet, to exclude the Fast Food, alcohol and semi-finished products from the menu. It is necessary to include in the diet of nuts, asparagus, buckwheat porridge, milk, cheese and cottage cheese. Bean and soybeans will be useful, the use of which increases the chance to get pregnant. The man should give preference to protein food, avoiding a large number of fats.

These tips can be called common for all categories of future mothers who are important quickly and without problems to conceive a child. If a woman has previously encountered a pregnancy, an abortion, a long-lasting meal of contraceptives, then it is better to discuss this situation with a gynecologist and carefully follow the advice that he will give.

  • A special case: how to get pregnant after 35 years from the first time
  • According to doctors, the likelihood of the occurrence of pregnancy is the lower, the closer the age of the woman by 40 years. However, many women can become pregnant from the first time by a boy or a girl at this age without resorting to Eco. For this, the following conditions must be observed:
  • Before conception to check with a specialist to learn about the presence or absence of hidden inflammations, diplomatic tubes, ovarian cysts and other problems that can be formed during the life and prevent pregnancy.

Normalize weight. Excessive desire for harmony and rigid diets are perceived by the body as a protracted stress and can prevent pregnant. The same applies to obesity with which it is necessary to deal with a healthy diet and physical activity.

Take all measures so that intimate life is regular, and sexual contacts took place not only in the days of ovulation for the sake of the ability to conceive a child. It will remove stress, improve the hormonal background of men and women and contributes to the occurrence of pregnancy.

Next, monitor the menstrual cycle should be monitored to choose the days of ovulation and the fodder window when it is easier and easier to conceive the baby.

How to conceive after a long intake OK or after removal of the spiral

There is a discharge of oral contraceptives, the abolition of which leads to pregnancy during the first second month of unprotected sex. However, in most cases, gynecologists recommend waiting for three months before pregnant after the abolition of hormonal tablets. This will help to align the cycle and prepare the uterus for future pregnancy. At the same time, it is necessary to have sex regularly, but to use a condom.

After the intrauterine spiral was removed, should pass at least three months before attempting to get pregnant. During this period, a woman must adhere to a healthy lifestyle and follow the general recommendations in order to continue to safely leave the entire period of pregnancy and give birth to a healthy child. If the attempts of independent conception do not succeed at the end of this period, it is better to visit the doctor and find out the reasons that prevent the birth of the kid.

How to conceive a child after miscarriage

This question relates to the most painful. The feeling of loss and desire to become pregnant as soon as possible can aggravate the stressful situation and prevent possible conception that you need to take into account every woman. In this case, health retention should be focused using herbs, a useful diet, yoga and possible relaxation methods for restoring and preparing for the emergence of a child.

The ability to get pregnant is already present next after the miscarriage of the month, but it is conjugate with the big risk of unbearable. Therefore, optimally wait for four to six months, after which it is easy and quick to conceive a child.

Rules helping to conceive a child from the first time

Not advertising. The material was prepared with the participation of Specials.

Have children want many pairs. But not everyone is ready for conception to spend a lot of time. According to research, only 10% of the pairs will be able to conceive the child from the first time. The remaining 90% "work" over the creation of the kid is much longer.

Medicine claims that in order for everything to succeed, it is necessary to accurately get into the duration of the life of the egg and spermatozoa. After leaving the ovaries, the egg cell "lives" throughout the day. In rare cases, its livelihoods persists up to two days.

Sperm in the uterus is vital for three days. But in rare cases, their vitality can reach six days. If you want to quickly and correctly conceal a healthy baby, then you need to consider the factors below.
Factor Description

Menstrual cycle

On average, it lasts 28 days. But it is worth remembering that you can not always conceive a child. "Make" a crumb can only three days in a month.

The state of the menstrual cycle strongly affect stress and nervous tension. Because of this, he is knocked down and calculate fertile days more difficult. Fertilies are the days of ovulation, days when you can easily become pregnant.

How to get pregnant from the first time?


  1. Consider the activity of spermatozoa. Sexual intercourse should fall on fertilies or a day before they start. Methods for quick conception:
  2. Reception of oral contraceptives. During the reception of contraceptive pills, no ovulation occurs in the body. With the cessation of their use, the organism with a double force begins to "produce" egg cells, so the girl is doubled the chance to become a mother. The method is effective only after receiving oral contraceptives for 3-4 months continuously. The method is not very safe for girls. Incorrectly chosen oral contraceptives violate the hormonal background, contribute to changing body weight. Therefore, it is forbidden to choose yourself contraceptive pills.

Drawing a weak soda solution.

This method extends the vital activity of sperm in the vagina. Drying also eliminates inflammatory processes and thrush, which often becomes an obstacle for the fertilization of the egg.


It is worth remembering that conception can occur, but the zygote will not attach to the epithelium of the uterus and with the beginning of menstruation will come out. The reasons for not attaching the zygotes to the tissues of the uterus should be installed only a gynecologist. It is impossible to do it yourself.

What days is better?

In order to conceive the crumb, it is worth knowing what days it is better to live sexual life. According to medical research, the ovulation in women comes on the 12th day after menstruation. It is from 12 to 15 days a high probability of partners in the future parents.

But the age of a woman plays an important role. From 20 to 25 years, get pregnant easier. At this age, the failures of the menstrual cycle happen less often, and the body carries out regular ovulation.

  1. After 25 years, menstrual cycle is often subject to failures, so it is difficult to calculate the necessary days. Basal temperature is measured to determine fertile days.
  2. Step-by-step instructions for measuring basal temperature:
  3. The basal temperature is measured after awakening. It is not recommended to get out of bed and make any movements not to disrupt the measurement accuracy.

To measure the thermometer is inserted into the anal hole of the woman for 5-8 minutes.


In fertile days, the basal temperature is 37, 4 degrees. With a cold and other diseases, this indicator will be higher, so it will not be possible to determine the exact basal temperature.

  • Stress.
  • The second method of determining ovulation is the use of special test systems. To determine the test strip falls in the woman's urine and is left for 2 minutes. The appearance of two strips means the beginning of the ovulation period.
  • Remember that the accuracy of ovulation days affects:
  • Overwork.
  • Difficult.


Hormonal disorders and malfunctions.

  1. What pose is better to conceive a child?
  2. Poses for conception:
  3. Women from below or post "Missionary". In such a posture, men and female genitals are most close as possible.


Man behind a woman standing on his knees. In such a posture, the seed fluid does not flow out of the vagina, so the chances of a successful conception of crumbs increase.

When passaging the uterus, you need to have sex in the pose "Spoon" (the knee-elbow pose). In this pose, a man and a woman lay on side. A woman is located back to a man, a little fading his legs and reject the elbows to the side. Such a pose contributes to deep penetration and rapid ejaculation in men.

After intimate proximity to a woman, it is better to take a pose of "birch" - raise the switched legs together up.

It is difficult to get pregnant in a pose when a woman from above. Such the location of the female body contributes to the flow of sperm.

  1. What prevents from the first time in conception
  2. The probability of conception from the first time affects:
  3. The age of partners.

The lifestyle of partners. Transferred abortions or other operations in the system of female genital organs.


In addition to the above factors, there are reasons that prevent the cell fertilization from the first time. If you want to quickly and correctly conceal a healthy baby, then you need to consider the factors below.
Table: Causes Cause
Antibiotics Reception of these drugs negatively affect the liver and reproductive system of women.
Lubrikant Intimate gels, lubricants and lubricants kill spermatozoa or reduce their activity.


After an abortion, it is extremely difficult to get pregnant because of the violation of the epithelium of the uterus. The future embryo is more difficult to cling to the uterus, so it comes out with the monthly.

Physiological deviations

Under physiological deviations mean: • Bending of the uterus. • Non-obstruction of uterine pipes. This problem in modern gynecology with proper approach and treatment is successfully eliminated.



If there is a tumor on childbearing organs, the process of conception of the kid is impossible from the first time.

How many years old man can conceive a child?

According to research, the reproductive age men affect the likelihood of conception.

  • At the physiological age from 20 to 40 years it is easier to "make" a child. After 45 years in the seed fluid, men occur genetic changes, often leading to secondary infertility.
  • The ability to conceive the kid, a man negatively affects:
  • Smoking.



These harmful habits reduce the mobility of the genital cells.

  1. Today to say for sure, to what age a man can hurry children is impossible. It all depends on its genetic level and lifestyle.
  2. It is necessary to remember that after 45 years it increases the risk to conceive children with pathologies:
  3. Down syndrome.
  4. Immunodeficiency state.
  5. Schizophrenia.
  6. Mental abnormalities.


Skin mutations.

  1. What if a child is conceived in alcoholic intoxication?
  2. If the baby is conceived in alcohol intoxication, the fetus increases the risk of occurrence:
  3. Delays in development. The delay is two forms: • symmetrical is characterized by diseases of the central nervous system. • Assymmetric is characterized by a decrease in the mass of the fetus.

Genetic pathologies: Down syndrome, Edward Syndrome, Pataau syndrome.

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