What to do if the phone fell into water - Instructions for resuscitation

So, your phone fell into the water - what to do and how to save the gadget in such a situation? Water getting into a technically complex device is the same as a heart attack or a stroke for a person. This means that the faster you start conducting measures to resuscitate the "patient", the greater the chances of standing on his feet. Today we will tell you what to do if the phone fell into the water or spilled tea, coffee or any other liquid on it. The article is small, but most useful as possible - read faster and run to save your injured friend!


Why harmless water for phone

If you diligently attended physics lessons at school, we must remember that water itself (distilled) is a dielectric. It does not spend current. Moreover, the recessed phone is often recommended to rinse with distilled water, before start drying.

In fact, the damage brings not water, but the salt contained in it. They create the main problems.

What happens if you are a tip on your iPhone or Xiaomi cup with coffee or at the toilet phone in a toilet or bathroom?

If you immediately accept the necessary first measures (talk about them further), after which give the device to specialists for resuscitation work, then maybe just finish your fright.

In the worst case, if you start turning on the phone and press on all the buttons in a row, and then remove it to the table - the ominous chemical reaction of oxidation with the destruction of contacts, conductive tracks and other components of the board will begin.

In this case, even the replacement of faulty components will not be a guarantee that in the future such a "drowned" will not begin to prevent surprises again. In this case, the phone will be easier and cheaper will break up to repair.

Top 5 ways to finally achieve your flooded phone

So, it happened irreparable - you shed liquid to the phone or dropped it into the water.

First we will tell you what to do is categorically impossible.

When we say "categorically impossible" we mean that these actions can lead with deterioration Situations. In other words, it is better not to do anything than to do what you read now.

So, if you do not want to say goodbye to your phone forever, do not do the following:

  1. Do not attempt to turn on the phone immediately if it turned off. Do not press any buttons at all! Thus, you are ten times to increase the chance that your phone will not be able to restore.
  2. Do not warm the phone in the microwave! Something in the Internet on the Internet there are advice to warm the phone with microwaves, but if you follow this advice, your phone is already nobody and nothing can save.
  3. Do not drip the phone in salt. Some craftsmen recommend using salt as an excellent sorbent, but in this case the risk of damaging the electronic components of salt is higher than the positive effect, therefore this method is not suitable.
  4. Do not put the phone in the freezer. Although the freezer is perfectly dried, do not forget about the fact that when you get the phone from the cold to heat, then the frozen and unfortunate moisture immediately melts, plus the condensate will be added to everything, and then do not envy your phone.
  5. Well, do not try to pass a recessed phone under warranty if she has not yet expired. Some users, dropping the phone into water, simply wipe it with a napkin, removing the external signs of drowning and the next day are slowly going to the service center to pass it under warranty. Most phones are equipped with special influence indicators and any, not even an experienced engineer will still determine that the phone was covered. And, as you know, any malfunction associated with the moisture in the phone is considered a non-warranty case.
Reliable way to say goodbye to the phone forever - put it in the microwave

What if the phone fell into the water: how to save the gadget?

And now let's go to what your phone needs to survive after entering it fluids.

Once again we emphasize that these measures are prompt assistance. Just as in the case of human disease, ambulance solves the issues of rendering exclusively First aid . And after the first assistance was rendered, resuscitation doctors should take for business. In our case, the qualified engineers of service centers.

If you do nothing to the recessed phone in the first minutes after the water falls, it will probably fail with a quantity of 90%, and perhaps forever.

If you provide first help, the chances of surviving the phone will increase at times - approximately every second "drowned" will continue to live a full-fledged life.

Well, if after you had the phone first aid, you also attributed it to specialists for "prevention" and further "treatment" - the chance of a long and happy life from the phone will be even higher.

So, what should be done first after the phone got into the water?

The first and most important thing - you need to get the battery as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, 90% of modern phones are unspeborified monoblocks, so you can hardly pull out the battery without skills and special tools. This applies, for example, to all iPhone models.

If your phone refers to unintended, do not attempt to unlock the display in order to turn off the phone. An attempt to turn on the display can damage the screen and then pour into expensive repairs.

By the way, if the phone after falling into the water, immediately turned off - this is a good sign. This means that the short-circuit protection worked and the most important components of the phone will most likely fail.

So, if you disassemble the phone is not possible, pull out a SIM card and a memory card from a drowned one (if any), a pretty shock the phone so that the residues of the liquid flow out of it.

Next, the phone needs to dry well. This can be done in three ways:

  • With a hair dryer. It is important to observe the temperature regime - do not heat the air above 60-70 degrees, since otherwise the phone can dug suddenly, and the battery will not tell you thanks.
  • Using the heating battery. Just put the phone on the battery, but watch it is not very hot. It is easy to determine the optimal temperature - it is enough to put a hand on the battery. If the hand is hot, but tolerant - the temperature is perfect. If it is impossible to tolerate - it means the temperature is higher than necessary for safe drying.
  • Using an ordinary household dryer. The dryers are good in that they give out a relatively low (and therefore safe) temperature and at the same time provide good air circulation.

Why rice is not the best way to help the puffed phone

There are other popular methods for drying recessed phones, such as drying in rice or in silica gel, but this method is slow enough with all its advantages. To get some kind of effect from the same rice, you need to hold the phone in it at least a day, and we have no time so much.

Remember what we spoke at the beginning? We call the first help, and then we have time.

In general, we can say that there is no harm to rice, but also special benefits too. Therefore, if you have nothing at hand, except for this cereals, and to the nearest service center - like Beijing - put your recessed phone into a container with rice. It will not be able to pull out the water with the chip from the chip, but to absorb evaporating moisture - quite yourself.

Pilaf from a smartphone is useless and not tasty

Some masters advise rinse the recessed telephone with distilled water or even clean alcohol (isopropyl or ethyl). Yes, this is a good way to clear the inner components from excess salts and other harmful impurities, but keep in mind that you can do it only if you could disconnect the battery and remove the screen.

The last step (most important)

So, after it seemed to us that the phone was enough, not hurry to include it to verify the performance. We do not advise him to include it. Better go to the nearest service center. Only an opening by a qualified master can show how much water remains on the internal components of the phone and can it be included without consequences for its performance.

Well, if you are Agafia Lykov and live in a deaf taiga, or for some other reasons you have no opportunity to visit the service center, turn on the phone no earlier than after two days of active drying.

Agafia Lykova will dry the phone at least two days before turning on

An important point is if it seems to you that the phone came to life and function normally, rejoice early. None of the ways to resuscitate the phone after "bathing" cannot be considered 100% effective. Similarly, no self-respecting service center will not guarantee the full recovery of your "drowned".

Practice shows that the phones bumbling water even after all necessary procedures can work out for several weeks without any problems, and then "glue the flips" - they can "fall off" the Bluetooth module, a camera, a microphone or a charge problem with charging.

Why waterproof phones better keep away from water

Recently, manufacturers have serious attention to protecting smartphones from water damage. This is one of the important factors affecting the buyer's decision to purchase a phone. Especially if it is expensive.

To smartphones with the highest (IPX8), the level of protection against water includes the following flagship models:

  • The latest generation iPhone - Apple indicates that the phones are withstanding the immersion to a depth of up to 2 meters (iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR and iPhone 11) and even 4 meters (iPhone 11 Pro) for half an hour.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10, S10 Plus, S10e, Galaxy Note 10, Galaxy Note 10 Plus - The manufacturer says that half an hour in the water at a depth of 1.5 meters, these phones will withstand without problems.
  • Google Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL - declared support for water protection to a depth of 1 m for half an hour.
  • Huawei P30 Pro - full support for the IPX8 standard (up to 1 meter is permeed for half an hour).
  • HTC U12 + - Despite the declared water protection in the IP68 class, the manufacturer only speaks of the possibility of "use the device in the rain".

We all remember the videos in which the newest iPhone is poured with juice, wine, beer and tea - and smartphone everything comes with hands. It would seem, now you can smooth and do not worry about what something happens to the phone with a random contact with the liquid. However, not all so simple.


All manufacturers of "waterproof" phones emphasize in the instructions (although no one reads this) that the phones do not provide one hundred percent protection against water, and in case of damage as a result of its ingress, the phone is removed from warranty.

Therefore, if you have become the owner of the flagship "Water Resistant" smartphone, do not hurry to dive with him into the depths of the ocean, using it as an action chamber. Most likely, such swims will end sadly for both the phone and your wallet.


We wish that such troubles in your life arose as less as possible, well, if they still happen, do not despair. In this article, we shared with you all the secrets of what to do if the phone fell into the water - just follow our advice and then the chances of successfully restoring your phone will be much more.

P.S.: Share your stories of successful (or not very) phone recovery after entering them fluids. It will be very interesting to relate the advice of specialists with the practical experience of our readers!

The gadget that suffered from water, many owners are immediately written off in the pit. However, with the right and operational approach, even at home, it can be saved.

The phone is a great data warehouse. It collected contacts, photos and other important information that will be difficult to restore. In addition, buying a new one can become an unforeseen spent, which will make a hole in the budget. Therefore, it makes sense to try to save the phone that fell into the water. There is a high probability that after conducting special actions, the recessed mobile will again be in the ranks and will serve its owner for a long time without breakdowns.

The first steps to save the gadget that fell into the water

The main danger of water for sensory and any other type of mobile - damage to the internal circuits, their oxidation and corrosion. In the event that the actions to save the phone are performed correctly, you can count on its further efficiency, even if it was postponed in a washing machine. And in such cases there is a chance for a successful outcome.

If the phone gets into the water, you need to act quickly. This is a key requirement on which the success of all further steps depends. The first thing to be done is to extract cellular water. Moisture, which extremely quickly falls inside the device through the headphone socket, charging connector and just a slot between the housing and the rear panel may cause short circuit inside the machine. Therefore, the wet phone must be immediately turned off by extracting the battery and quickly dry.

Important! Do not try to remove the device from the water, which is connected to the outlet (for example, it is charge). Water is a good conductor, and therefore there is a risk of getting a blow.

After the device was removed from the water, it is necessary to wipe it with a soft towel or paper napkins. After removing the housing and pulling out the battery, you can see the indicator that will report whether the device has time to damage with water. It looks like a square or a circle of white, possibly with red lines, and is located behind the battery in the corner. The exact location can be clarified in the instructions attached to the cellular. If the indicator acquired a pink shade, this suggests that the device suffered from moisture.

First aid

In the question of how to dry the phone and whether it is possible to restore its performance after entering water, the correct algorithm of action plays a large role. Primary steps are the following sequence.

  1. Remove the phone from the water.
  2. Disable power, remove the lid and pull out the battery.
  3. Wipe the device with a towel or napkins.
  4. Remove the SIM card and flash drive.
  5. Remove and disable everything that can contribute to the clogging of the phone (headphones, covers, films on the screen and other).

The last two points are also extremely important. SIM card and flash drive are the main storage locations of important information. For many it is she represents greater value than the mobile itself. These elements can also be subject to negative impact of moisture.

With regards to headphones, protective covers and films, they can create conditions for the formation of water clusters. It is impossible to allow it. Equally, how not to shake and unnecessarily twist the cellular when it is wiping, so water can penetrate into the phone.

How to dry the phone affected by water: advanced methods

The device, falling into the water, can dry yourself. It is enough to disconnect the battery and other items, decompose on a soft towel and leave for a while so that it is dry. However, you can speed up this process and help the phone that suffered from water. It is also available at home. To dry the gadget, you need to use one of the following methods:

1. Wasten with alcohol. It connects with water and contributes to its faster drying due to the fact that such a solution evaporates over a smaller period of time.

2. Collect moisture with a vacuum cleaner. This is perhaps the most prompt way to help the mobile, which was recessed. Every detail must be purged within minutes of twenty. However, if contact with moisture was long, this method is unlikely to be effective.

3. The use of substances absorbing water. One of the most budget is Fig. He absorbs moisture, and therefore a recessed mobile can be left in a hermetic package or a container with this bit on the night. Silicone gel is also suitable for granules, which can be found in all boxes with new shoes.

Important! Do not dry the hair dryer. Even gentle mode is able to damage the smartphone. In addition, the direction of air flow itself contributes to a deeper penetration of water inside the device.

After all the necessary actions were made, the cellular must be left for at least one day for drying it. It is best when he lies on the sunny side and soft towels for a while even after it was placed in a container with rice or silicone gel.

What to do if the recessed phone does not turn on

It is possible that even after driving the device, it will refuse to work. The reasons may be two:

  • battery damage;
  • Cleaning the apparatus itself due to moisture.

In the first case, the mobile should earn after putting it for charging. If this happened, the battery must be replaced with a new one.

Important! It is not worth checking the device's performance until 24 hours after it gets into the water. Also before turning on, you need to make sure that at least it looks like it looks dry.

In the event that even when the charger is connected, the phone refuses to turn on, you need to appeal to the service center. Most likely, some elements of the phone were damaged due to water from entering. When repaired, it is not worth hiding the incident that happened from the specialists. The device still has special indicators, and the additional identification of the causes of the breakage will drag the repair process.

Even if the device turns on, but it works with malfunctions, it is necessary to show it to the personnel specialists. Do not try to disassemble the mobile yourself. Most likely, this will lead to its complete failure without the possibility of recovery or with very expensive repairs.

Tips and warnings

In the question of how to dry the phone and is it possible to save the wet cell, there are several nuances that need to be considered when performing reanimating actions. Here is a couple of tips, how to enter such a situation and what to do to prevent it.

1. Some stores sell special sets for drying mobile devices. You can purchase such in advance so that the fight against moisture is effective and faster.

2. Purchase the case on the phone. It protects not only from shocks and chips, but also from water from entering water. For sensory devices, such protection is almost mandatory.

3. If you use the drying of the vacuum cleaner, turn the phone during such a drying. This will help perform operation more efficiently. It is important to pay attention to the fact that each element is paid at least 20 minutes.

4. If there is no possibility to put the mobile will be dried for 24 hours, place it in the pocket of your trousers or shirt. From the heat of the moisture body in the device will evaporate faster.

5. The devices in the dry air of the aircraft are well dried. Therefore, if you go on the journey, then take a recessed cell phone.

6. When applying compressed air to blow a mobile, it is necessary to direct a jet at an angle that is not direct. It is important to clearly comply with all the warnings and tips that are written in the instructions for the use of compressed air.

It is equally important to remember about some cautions during the drying of a mobile phone. These include:

  • do not heat the device so as not to melt it elements;
  • Do not include to complete drying, otherwise it can lead to short circuit;
  • When deceiving with alcohol solution, the battery cannot be inserted until the smell of alcohol is completely weathering;
  • During the drying of the device, they should not use it, it is better if it will be sinking in a disassembled form.

An important feature of modern phones is that they are usually sealed, which allows you to talk on it during the rain. In addition, all elements are very close to each other. All this plays "against" in the event of drowning the phone. First, if because of the tightness, moisture is not so easy to get into the device, it is even more difficult to find a way out of it. Secondly, the close arrangement of elements increases the risk of serious damage from the water of a large number of important details.

It is possible that for help will have to contact the specialists of the service center for repair. In definitely, this should be done if the device has a battery built into the case. The monolithic design does not allow you to disconnect the battery and perform high-quality drying yourself.

The wet phone is a nuisance that can be corrected at home, if you act quickly and right. But if necessary, contacting the specialists should not hide the fact that water gets into the phone hoping to keep the warranty. Internal indicators will still inform damage to moisture, and the additional search for the cause of the fault will drag the repair process.

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According to statistics, the most frequent cause of the breakdown of smartphones is wetting. Daily tens of thousands of devices fail, with situations where the device comes into contact with water, a lot. You can get under a strong shower, knock over the glass with a drink on a nearby lying apparatus, accidentally drop it into the water, taking a bath or send to a washing machine with clothes. Despite the fact that manufacturers try to implement their protection against moisture into their devices, the number of such models is negligible. Therefore, the probability that the device will turn off forever, remains high. The best solution to save the gadget will help a specialist.

But often the service center is located far or reach it for some reason it is impossible. You should not despair, because you can "reanimate" on your own. Of course, clearly following the proposed instructions. Therefore, we wrote for you and wrote the material where they told what to do if the phone fell into water and what actions need to be taken first.

How to save the phone that fell into the water

The situation with the wetting of the phone only at first glance seems simple. In fact, contact with moisture causes a short circuit, and in the future leads to the formation of corrosion, failure of important blocks and individual components of the device. Therefore, the phone continues to work, as before, in uninterrupted mode, you should start acting as quickly as possible. Active actions and clear observance of recommendations will help reduce risks, and return the "drowned" to life. First aid phone in water

First aid phone

First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the effect of a source of danger. In this situation, it is to remove the smartphone from the water (get out of the washing machine, toilet bowl, to remove from the rain, to remove with the wet surface of the table and T p.). Experts argue that each lost second reduces the chance for a safe outcome of the "resuscitation" of a smartphone by 10%. It is strictly forbidden to lower your hand into the water if the fallen apparatus is included on the recharging. The charger must be disconnected from the socket, and only then save the "drowned".

Turn off the device

Before proceeding to further actions, you should de-energize, that is, turn off the smartphone. Unfortunately, approximately 90% of modern devices are unspeborified monoblocks, so you can easily remove the battery without certain skills and special tools. If the phone refers to a group of unintellular models, you do not need to try to unlock the screen to force it to stop it. An attempt to turn on the display can cause a short circuit and damage the screen, which will require expensive repairs. Turn off the phone

And yet turn off the phone will have to. In unintended models, this can be made long pressing the lock key. In collapsible gadgets will have to remove the back cover and remove the battery. This will reduce the risk of closure and increase the chances of the fact that other components will not suffer.

A good feature is the automatic shutdown of the smartphone during its close contact with water. This testifies to the triggering of short-circuit protection, which is aimed at warning from breakage and preserving the performance of most components and electronic blocks.

Extract SD card and SIM card

Next, you will need to get a SIM card, a removable flash drive, disconnect other peripheral devices (if they were connected). This necessity is caused by the fact that contact details of relatives, friends, colleagues on studying or work, personal information of the owner of the device are usually stored on them. If moisture hit the sim card or the SD card, they must be dried using a towel or a paper napkin. Remove the SIM card

Remove the case

Next, it will be necessary to release the body of the apparatus from the case, and from the screen surface, remove a thin film. If in everyday life these elements perform a protective function, then in an emergency, for example, when wetting, they will prevent the water output. If you do not remove the data of the accessories, during the recovery work, they will only interfere. Remove the case from the phone

Wipe dry phone

After the main elements are removed from the smartphone, it will be necessary to fix it in a vertical position. According to the World Act, the excess water will rush down, instead of applying to all blocks and components. After some time, it will be necessary to arm a hygroscopic napkins or paper towels to remove excess moisture from those parts of the device to which you can reach (outdoor parts, slots, etc.). Wipe the phone android

Attribute to the service center

After completion of urgent events, the phone should be passed into repair, describing the circumstances of the incident. To do this, it is advisable to find the service center of the manufacturer of mobile technicians. An honest story about breakdown will help the wizard faster find a fault and eliminate it.

It is not recommended to hide the truth from the specialists, since they will still determine the cause of the exit of the apparatus. In addition, the diagnosis and repair of "recessed" smartphones in specialized workshops are immediately carried out, while the devices, the causes of the breakage of which are unknown, can wait for their turn from 1 to 3 days.

In the service center, the gadget is embedded in distilled water, then dried in a special chamber (at a certain temperature and humidity). In completion, all parts of the anti-corrosion solution will be treated.

How to fix the phone if it fell into the water

If it is possible to contact a service center: it is located far or getting to it for any reason it is impossible, it is advisable not to lose your time, hoping for a miracle, and immediately begin to resuscitative events.

Disassemble the device

The drying of the device will be much more efficient if it turns out to be disassembled into separate components. This will be easy only in the presence of the desired skills and a set of suitable tools: plastic and metal blades, mediator, tweezers, a set of miniature screwdrivers, as well as suction cups for the touchscreen. You will also need to have a magnetic rug, an antistatic bracelet and a couple of gloves. We disassemble the phone Android

Wipe all components with alcohol

When all removable parts are extracted from the phone body, you will need to handle the ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. The liquid quickly neutralizes the effects of harmful impurities contained in water (for example, salts), prevents the formation of corrosion. In addition, it effectively absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates it. For processing, use a piece of pure dry cotton fabric. Wadded tampons are not recommended for these purposes, as they leave at the surface of low-challenging veins. Wipe the phone and components

For degreasing surfaces, many are trying to use any liquids that are at hand. However, alcohol-containing fluids, industrial solvents are aggressive, and are able to damage the electronics. If the alcohol in the house did not turn out, it can be replaced by distilled water. It is a dielectric, because it consists exclusively of oxygen molecules and hydrogen, and does not contain salts ions, and therefore is not absolutely harmless.

Dry components Drying the phone with a vacuum cleaner

After processing, all components of the smartphone should be carefully dried. You can do this in different ways.

  1. A vacuum cleaner . This option is used most often because it allows you to stretch the water drops outward, and not to drive them into the device. The main thing in this situation is that the components of the device are not heated. To use household appliances, you need to choose the miniature nozzle with which to try to dry each item for at least 15-20 minutes. At the same time, you need to try to avoid contacting the nozzles with components to avoid damage.
  2. Household dryer . This device produces a relatively low and, therefore, a safe temperature and provides good air circulation, which is important for fast and uniform drying of the phone.
  3. Centralized heating . This option is suitable for use in the most extreme case, and subject to moderate battery heating. Drying will be safe if the hand calmly transfers the temperature of the radiator.

Collect phone and check performance

After all the necessary recommendations for the restoration of the wet phone were observed, you can start assembling the device and checking its lives and performance. To do this, you will need to insert sim cards, an SD card, a battery (if it is removable), install the rear panel, and turn on the phone. Do this at home is recommended no earlier than after 48 hours. But even if the device earn, it must be attributed to the diagnosis in the nearest workshop or in the service center. The fact is that even ordinary water contains extraneous impurities, actively conductive electric currents that can remain on the surface of the internal components and lead to a breakdown of the device.

Put in rice screen up

Another way to dry the wet phone is to use the absorbent, that is, a substance that pulls out and absorbs water. To take advantage of this option, you need to prepare a container where the gadget is placed, and choose the appropriate moisture absorber. The phone was put in rice

  1. Fig . It is recognized as the most popular and affordable absorbent, since it can be found in every home. Crop need to be poured into a deep bowl (you can take a plastic bag) and immerse the device to it, from which to remove the cover and battery. So that Rice completely stretched moisture, you will need 2-3 days. So that drying happened evenly, every 12 hours the device should be turned over.
  2. Feline silica gel filler . This substance absorbs moisture better than rice, so it is worth using it when the device is thoroughly wet. To dry the gadget, you will need to put it in a silica gel for 48 hours, also periodically turning over.

Another alternative option is silica gel balls for shoes. They pull out the moisture for two days, but for this, the phone must be completely immersed in the absorbent.

What can not be done if the phone fell into the water

After examining all the ways suitable for the resuscitation of the phone that fell into water, and the sequence of their execution, it will be worthwhile to deal with measures that cannot be taken in the case of a smartphone with moisture. Regardless of the reason for the wetting of the gadget, the rules of behavior in this situation are the same.


Not all users have the experience of assembling / disassembling mobile devices, so the risk to spoil something is great enough. In addition, there is a risk of getting an unpleasant discharge of current or poison the pesticides contained in separate elements of the phone. The only thing to do in this situation is to remove the lid, remove the battery and other components that are extracted without applying efforts. The models with a non-removable battery can dry the visible parts of the device with a dry cloth or a napkin.

Sew on a hairdryer

The hot air flow, of course, is able to dry part of the moisture, but the rest of the water can drive deep into the smartphone. In addition, even at the very gentle mode, the air warms up quite strongly, and high temperatures are known to damage the electronic stuffing. Drying phone on a hairdryer

Turn on the device or put for charging

Many believe that, removing moisture from the visible parts of the phone with a dry cloth, especially in case of its minor wetting, you can safely continue to use the device, as before. However, just one drop of water is enough to make a short circuit, and most of the parts and microcircuits failed. The same applies to the use of the charger. Water and electric current are able to output not only a mobile device and a charging power supply unit, but also devices that are connected to the home network, such as a refrigerator, TV, a computer, etc.

Freeze the device in the refrigerator

It is also an opinion that by placing a wet phone in the freezer, it is possible to preserve its performance: they say, water drops will turn into ice, which are easily removed from the surface of the board. Such a point of view is erroneous because the fluid that penetrates deep into the case is almost impossible to remove on its own. In addition, some details (especially an abbreviated models) do not tolerate negative temperatures: a constant coating of Metal Lithium is formed on the anode of the battery, which reduces the battery life. Phone in the refrigerator

Dry in microwave

It is strictly forbidden to place the device, as well as removable parts and blocks in the oven, and even more so in the microwave. Even the minimum exceeding the allowable heating temperature is able to damage the electronic filling, to melt some components and chips. In the microwave oven, the risk of burnout of all parts increases several tens of times. As a result, such "resuscitation" will lead to the final output of the gadget. Phone in microwave

When you can use the phone after drying

If the recovery of the phone that fell into the water was produced at home, without the help of a specialist, it is not worth a hurry to turn it on. Before renewing the use of the gadget, it is important to be sure that it is completely dry. If contact with moisture was short-term and the device suffered slightly, it may be enough for its drying. However, the absence of external marks of wetting does not always mean that the device is dry and inside. Therefore, repeatedly turn on the smartphone is recommended no earlier than after 2-3 days of active drying.

Before starting, it is advisable to conduct visual diagnostics of the device. On the inner surfaces there should be no droplets of water, condensate, dirt, and on metal components - traces of rust and other signs of inconsistency in quality.

If during the inspection of violations is not detected, you can proceed to the assembly of the phone. To do this, insert a SIM card into special slots, a flash drive, and then set the battery to the location (this concerns the collapsible models) and the rear case cover. Next, you should try to enable the device. If an attempt was unsuccessful, it is worth putting a gadget for charging.

During the download process, each step should be carefully monitored:

  • whether the sound appeared;
  • Does the touchscreen display respond to the touch of a finger or stylus;
  • How fast and efficiently loads the system.

Next, check and evaluate the functions of the smartphone:

But even if the phone came to life and it works fine, you should not relax. As practice shows, the smartphones visited the water even after fulfilling all the recovery procedures, it is capable of working normally for several weeks or months, and then suddenly fail. Therefore, no service center can give a 100% restoration of the "drowned". But even if the "resurrection" of the phone turned out to be temporary, you must create a backup copy of important data. This will help avoid losses in the case of buying a new gadget.

Now you know what to do if the phone fell into the water, however, each user may encounter the problem of wetting the smartphone after contact with water. Do not panic, look for sites or run to the nearest store to buy a new gadget. It is enough to soberly assess the situation, to provide the "first help" by a mobile device, and then choose one of two options: contact the service center or independently restore the performance of the gadget.

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Read what you need to do if the phone fell into water and does not turn on. This instruction can save your life to your smartphone! At least once in life, each mobile phone user dropped him into the water or poured his drinks. If you encounter such a situation, then you should not panic - we will tell you how to dry the phone that fell into the water. This is enough to follow the step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-step instructions, what to do if the phone fell into water and does not turn on

If the phone fell into the water, it must be dried as quickly as possible. Only in this case it can be saved. You can not be confused thanks to the following instructions:

  1. Remove the phone from water tank and immediately disconnect. If you do not turn off the power, it can close. If the device was in charge and at that moment fell into the water, then it is necessary to de-energize the apartment before removing it.
  2. Write the phone with paper towels or soft cloth.
  3. If the rear panel is removable, pull out the battery, headphones, memory card and SIM . If the battery is fixed, then the chance of restoring the phone will be less, as the chips fail if the power source is available.
  4. In modern phones, an indicator under the battery is installed, which povels if the device is damaged by moisture. You can preliminarily assess the damage. All accessories removed from the phone should also wipe and put on paper towels for drying.
  5. Remove the protective film from the screen, as it interferes with the output of moisture through the display clearances, and the thin layer of fluid can be stored under it.
  6. Gently wipe the phone outside. Immediately after extracting from the water, the device is not recommended, since with this procedure, the moisture can get into the chips. If you were at hand, alcohol napkins are at hand, you can use them - then moisture faster to evaporate from the surface of the phone.
  7. If you have a vacuum cleaner at hand, you can thoroughly treat all the gaps with it. Blooding should be carried out within 20 minutes. It is important when this procedure does not bring close to the chalch to the phone, and also pre-remove all moisture from its surface.
  8. After pre-removing moisture, you need to place the phone for final drying. It is best to put it in a container filled with raw rice or silica gel. Leave your phone in the container with this substance for several hours, best for the night or per day.
  9. During the drying of the device in the container, it is recommended to regularly turn it over. It is best to check the condition of the device every hour if moisture appeared on its surface, then remove it with a soft napkin, and then jump the phone again in rice.

If the phone fell into water, how to save it when you do not have rice or silica gel at hand? Roll up a soft fabric several times and put the phone on it. In this case, dry it is best on the windowsill.

How to determine the damaged phone or not?

Disassemble if the phone fell into the water

So the phone fell into the water, what to do after drying? The first test of the smartphone can be carried out in a day after you drowned it. Do not hurry, since the early switching on the device can cause a short circuit of it and fail. Follow the algorithm:

  1. Inspect the device. It should not be drills, moisture. Check all the gaps and ports - they must be absolutely dry.
  2. Try to turn on the device. It is best to do it in silence to hear foreign sounds that may appear after the moisture hit. If you heard an uncharacteristic crackle, the device was damaged by water, some of its functions can work incorrectly.
  3. If the phone fell into water and does not turn on, then try after drying to recharge it. Often the case in the power controller or the battery itself. After starting the device on the charging, test the battery - it can fail and keep charge.
  4. A device that turned on, but works with failures, it is best to dry a day or attribute to the master.
  5. If the device does not turn on, then the reasons may be two - the battery managed to discharge or the device is broken. You can not rarely hear after the phone fell into water, what to do the touch screen does not work, and the inclusion sound is heard. In this case, the display lights most likely, try in the shaded room to try to consider whether the image on the display is present. If you were able to see the outlines of icons or other elements of the desktop, then you should give the phone to the workshop. There you will replace the backlight and check the rest of the phone nodes.
Sometimes without the help of workshops can not do

If the phone does not turn on after all your actions, find the service center of your smartphone manufacturer in your city. Survey the phone to repair, describing the circumstances of the incident in detail.

We do not recommend lying to specialists and try to pass the device for warranty repairs. Even if you drop the phone in the water a few minutes after the acquisition, it will be deprived of warranty, since the failure of the smartphone will not be the fault of the manufacturer.

In addition, an honest story about breakdown will allow the wizard faster to find a fault and eliminate it. In most service centers, recessed smartphones are watching for the first few hours after the reception, while the devices, the causes of the breakage of which are unknown, can fly on the table from 1 to 3 days.

If there is no official representation of the manufacturer in your city, you can contact any other private service center. The repair price will be a little more, as specialists will have to order spare parts.

What you need to know if you gathered to dry the phone

If the phone fell into the water

Water is primarily dangerous for email diagrams. If you have time to pull it out of the water, until it gets to them, then the chance to restore the device's performance will be higher. In stores selling accessories for mobile, you can find sets to resuscitate the phone after the moisture hit, we recommend that this set of tools is in advance.

After falling the smartphone in salty water, it is necessary to wipe it with a cloth moistened in the usual clean. It is necessary to remove salt crystals. Special attention is paid to the battery compartment.

Be patient before turning on the phone. Even if it seems dry, continue resuscitation procedures. Before first inclusion, it is recommended to hold the phone a few hours closer to the body. This will evaporate moisture residues.

If you have access to the laboratory in which the vacuum chamber is located (listen, well, someone is so there!), You can evaporate moisture remnants from your phone boards. To do this, hold the device in the chamber for 30 minutes. In such conditions, even at room temperature, water "boils" and evaporates. The use of this equipment allows you to remove moisture even with those parts access to which is difficult.

Often you can find a recommendation to blow the phone with compressed air (for example, buy a balcony in a car radio or use the hairdryer in cold air mode). The jet must be directed at an angle to all gaps and device connectors. It is important that the air balloon and the smartphone were room temperature. If you try to blow a cold phone with warm air, condensate is formed on its electronic components.

Basic warnings for smartphone owners

Do not try to disassemble your smartphone yourself, for this you need special knowledge and tools. In addition, you can get an unpleasant discharge of current or poison the kernels contained in some elements of the smartphone. Maximum, what should be done on your own - clean corrosion from the contacts of the battery compartment or connectors with a soft brush.

The main errors when reanimating the phone are:

  • Heating the phone (its individual elements can melt);
  • Trying drying in the microwave (in this case you will finally lose not only your gadget, but also a stove);
  • An attempt to dry the battery on the heating radiator (when overheated, the battery may explode or flow);
  • Turning on the phone to complete drying - remember that for a short circuit there is enough one drop of water.

The faster you will provide your device first aid, the higher the probability that it will earn normally and repair will cost inexpensively.

If you often drop phones, then a reasonable way out will be the purchase of an additional guarantee, which is insurance for such cases. After the incident in this case, it will be necessary to introduce a damaged phone and the certificate of an additional guarantee. Depending on the terms of the contract you can exchange a device for a new one or pay monetary compensation.


Now you know what to do if the phone fell into the water and does not work. If you have your ways to deal with moisture, you can write about them in the comments, we will definitely discuss them with you. Those who liked the article can share it with friends.

Smartphone slipped out of the hands and got into a cup of coffee? Or did you drop it into the toilet? In general, the phone is wetted, it needs to be urgently saved! Of course, if you are not a deva owner with a high level of moisture protection. But you should not immediately get a hairdryer or put a gadget on the battery! Many ways that come to mind can finish a drowned, and not help him. Want to know what methods are workers, and which are not? Read our material.

Taken from open sources on the Internet
Taken from open sources on the Internet

First Aid to Promotion Device

Modern smartphones are a monoblock design. Such a device will not disassemble. Maximum that you can do is wipe the phone with a dry cloth, pull out the sim card and an SD card from the smartphone. After that, well shake it so that the liquid flew out of the connectors.

Attention! Methods work if you drowned a gadget in fresh water. The likelihood that you restore the phone after bathing in salted water tends to zero.

If the smartphone does not turn on after bathing, it is a good sign. So, in it a security system that turned off the power was worked. Thus, the possibility of short circuit is cut off. From modern models of smartphones that are not afraid of water, you can highlight: iPhone SX, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (128GB), Samsung Galaxy S10 (8/128GB), Huawei P30 / Pro, Sony Xperia XZ3.

Taken from open sources on the Internet
Taken from open sources on the Internet

Drying and repairing

So you managed to quickly get the gadget from the liquid. She won it, and pulled out a memory card with SIM. Now it is worth it:

  • Take cotton wands. Gently paste them into the power socket, headphone connector and a hole under the Simok tray. Do not twist the shelf inside the connectors. So you leave the pile inside the hull. Just tightly wet your cotton part so that the moisture remains on the chopstick.
  • Let the gadget. Exactly. Air jet spots moisture and condensate. Pay special attention to the connectors and joints. It will take about 10 minutes to dry.
  • Put the smartphone into a warm room, but not on the battery or radiator. Temperature should be no more than 35 ° C. As an option - wrap the gadget in a dark cloth and put under the sun's rays. It will dry out in 12-15 hours.
  • Use silica gel. These are special balls that absorb moisture. They can be found in boxes with shoes. Silica gel is sold in household or flower shops. Put the smartphone into the container or box, and pour it off with silicone balls per day.
  • Isopropyl alcohol. This component must be purchased separately. Place the drowned in a clean glass or a bank so that it is fully placed in Tara. You can take a regular container. Remove the phone in isopropyl alcohol. So that the liquid completely closes the device. Leave it for 12 hours in a ventilated room. During this time, the alcohol evaporate along with moisture residues.

Lyfhak! You can wrap your smartphone in a rag and put it for the refrigerator on the capacitor grille. Heat dissipates in this place. At the same time, the temperature level is just suitable for your needs.

Taken from open sources on the Internet
Taken from open sources on the Internet

What to do exactly not worth

No less important information! It contains all actions that can not be done if you drowned your smartphone:

  • Disassemble it to the bolt immediately after drowning. So you will strengthen the penetration of moisture in all departments of the mobile phone. First, it is worth making a standard drying procedure, and only as a last resort, disassemble the device to the bolt.
  • Dry hairdryer. The most common mistake. The fact is that a strong air flow accelerates fluid inside the device in all diagrams and chips. And a large temperature and at all pays the electronic stuffing of the gadget.
  • Include on the first day. Be patient. Turn on the smartphone after 24 hours when the whole moisture leaves! Otherwise, it can be closed forever.
  • Freeze the device. Allegedly people's way. The trouble is that not everyone knows the elementary laws of physics. Frozen water will simply break the device, or it will provoke small defects and cracks.

Here is such an instruction! Use and do not drop the phones in the water. Or have you already treated your smartphone? And more than once. Was it easy to save him? Write in the comments.

Write in the comments that you think about this. Maybe I missed something. Share your reasoning, suddenly you have a brilliant idea that you would like to share and make someone's life a little better.

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According to statistics, the most common cause of the breakdown of smartphones is their wetting. Did you drop the phone in the bath or just wetted in the rain - the likelihood is great that the device will turn off forever. In this case, to do, and what actions are better to avoid, we will tell in this material. And also in the course of the "Plays" we will analyze other situations mentioned in the title of the article.

What to do if the smartphone is a wet

  1. Without panic. First of all, it is necessary to eliminate the impact of a harmful environment . pull out a smartphone out of the water (hide from the rain, get out of the toilet, etc.). Experts claim (but this is not exactly) that each second in water equals -10% to the chance of the subsequent prosperous repairs.
  2. Deadly empty, pulling out the battery. If the battery is non-removable - immediately turn off the Mobile Device. This is necessary to eliminate the occurrence of oxidative processes (current + water), which are due to the installation and radio elements of the device.
  3. Remove additional elements from the phone : SIM card, memory card, stylus, etc., to save them from damage.
  4. Wipe with paper napkins (any hygroscopic cloth) smartphone dry , trying to remove all moisture, which can be reached.

Tip Use a vacuum cleaner with a special nozzle to suck water from the smartphone, you should not take seriously. The likelihood is high, that you turn out moisture in the corners of the device (as in the case of the hairdryer).

five. Ideally, after these actions, the smartphone is better attributed to the service center where the gadget is dried (in a special chamber with a certain temperature and humidity) and treated with anti-corrosion solution. If there is no such possibility, then proceed to an independent dryer.

6. If you have the right skills and a set of suitable tools (miniature screwdrivers), it makes sense to disassemble the smartphone to the components and process the ethyl or isopropyl alcohol. (Cotton with alcohol impregnated with alcohol. Watts are better not to use for these purposes - it leaves the villi on the board). The latter prevents corrosion, reducing the work of harmful impurities (for example, salts), and also absorbs moisture and quickly evaporates it.

Instead of alcohol, solvents cannot be used, as well as alcohol-containing fluids that are not intended for electronics processing. If there is no alcohol at hand, you can wipe the board with a cloth, slightly moistened with distilled water. That does not contain impurities, so it does not conduct a current. After drying, it will not harm electronics.

7. If there are no skills - we place the smartphone screen up into the closed package (container) with rice, or silica gel for 1-2 days (the longer the drying process, the better). Rice and silica gel are the best and easily accessible absorbents that perfectly absorb moisture.

eight. After 48 hours, we collect a smartphone (if the battery is removable) and turn on. But even if the device turns on and will work as before, do not forget that the water that has been inside, distilled in distilled. And this means that on the surface of the electronics, in any case, impurities conducted by electric current remained. From which it follows that the smartphone will work for a while, and then "molden". Therefore, after all of the above, still demolish the gadget to the workshop for full-fledged diagnostics.

What to do is categorically impossible:

  • Turn on the smartphone immediately after its outer drying (rubbed a towel, for example). Especially - it is impossible to charge the smartphone.
  • Dry smartphone with a hairdryer. The hot air flow part of the moisture is dried, and the remaining drops will drive even deeper in the inside of the device. Powerful hair dryer, in theory, is able to damage the electronic stuffing even just high temperatures.
  • Lay the device on a hot battery. Almost like a dryer dryer - the result will be the same.

What to do if sand got into the smartphone

If the sand is dry:

  1. Remove the battery (if removable), pull out the SIM card, memory card And, with a brush or toothbrush, we clean the slit, the holes for the dynamics and microphone, as well as the charging socket.
  2. Then we blow the above holes with a squeezed air can If there is any (you can buy almost in any electronics store).
  3. If the sand stuffed as much as he heard how he is shrinking inside or literally crushes under the buttons (if you have a push-button phone), then It is better to contact the service center.

If the sand is wet, then, breaking the smartphone (as far as possible), we remove the grains and then under the first instruction.

What can I do:

  • Shake Mobile Device, trying to shake the sand particles. Most likely, they just scribble deeper.
  • Blow smartphone unired (the same hair dryer, for example). Thus, you can simply blow the sand directly "in the heart" of the device.
  • Remove the closed elements with a toothpick or needle. So you can damage the membrane of the dynamics or contacts in the charging slot.

What to do if the smartphone overheated in the sun

  1. Turn off your smartphone.
  2. Remove the protective case and rear panel (if there is such an opportunity) and put the device in the shadow For several hours (2-3 hours).
  3. After the smartphone cools, turn it on and discharge the battery to zero (While he does not turn off). After charging up to 100% and use your smartphone further. The described procedure is needed to calibrate the battery, in which the interim indicators of charging and discharge can be moved due to overheating.

What can I do:

  • Forced cooling smartphone. For example, by applying a package with ice or wrapped it into a wet towel.
  • Include your smartphone immediately after cooling, without waiting the aforementioned 2-3 hours. Display crystals can negatively respond to such a load, which will lead to it.

What to do if the smartphone fell

After the fall, you should conduct an independent diagnosis, namely:

  1. View visually for the presence of cracks of the screen and chip chip.
  2. Check the performance of the sensor / physical buttons.
  3. Reload the smartphone to make sure that the inclusion time has not changed.
  4. Check audio elements of the device: speakers and microphone, including music and by calling someone.
  5. Check the camera's performance and fingerprint sensor (if any).
  6. Start the application available on the smartphone, check their performance and evaluate - whether the phone does not heigh a stronger than before.
  7. Check the operation of all available services and device functions: Bluetooth, NFC, Wi-Fi, etc.
  8. Check - whether the smartphone is charging.

If everything is in order, there are no reasons for panic. Otherwise, we carry a smartphone to a service center for professional diagnostics.

What to do if the smartphone is frozen

If the smartphone spent on a strong frost some and discharged at the same time, it is enough to put it in heat and heating naturally. Forced (hair dryer, heating battery), the device is not necessary. After a couple of hours, the gadget can be charged and turned on, nothing terrible with it will happen - the electronics transfers low temperatures relatively easily.

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