How to become a policeman and build a career officer of the Ministry of Internal Affairs -

In Russia, many people want to become police officers. And there is nothing surprising in this - the police officer is quite prestigious, and they pay there quite good money. So how to become a police officer in Russia? Which educational institutions need to come to become a police officer in the future? And what are the requirements of a person who has a chance to go to the police? Below we learn answers to these questions.

General information about the service in the police

To become a police officer, it is necessary to enroll in any educational institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and successfully graduate from studying. At the same time, a potential policeman must meet certain requirements:

  • It should be in good physical form, which is very important for operational work (at a high level there should be indicators of force, endurance, and so on).
  • The candidate must have full capacity, it must have a steady strong psyche, any mental illness should be absent.
  • Before passing study, a person must pass a medical examination, which must confirm the absence of serious diseases.
  • The minimum age is 18 years old, the maximum - 35 years.

Modern structure

How to become a policemanFor distribution of responsibility and for the convenience of control of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia divided into several autonomous parts. The structure of the police in Russia is as follows:

  • The main body is the central office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The central apparatus includes many controls and departments, each of which is involved in a strictly defined area - road safety, criminal wanted, ensuring the rule of law, extremism, cybercrime, and so on.
  • Please note that the central apparatus is in federal subordination, but some of the powers are transferred to the regional level. The main regional branches of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are the territorial departments of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (GMD, ROVD, regional departments for internal security and others).
  • There are also two MVD organizations that exist offline - this is a department for science and education (prepares new frames, conducts research) and the Investigation Committee (performs prosecutory functions, monitors the resonant affairs, performs investigative actions in some situations).
  • In a special submission to the Central Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, two more organs are also located. This transport department (carries out the supply of transport and gasoline, performs the repair of broken technology and so on) and the department of the internal troops (performs a call to the internal troops, solves the task of maintaining the rule of law).

Educational establishments

How to become a police officer in the Russian Federation? For this you need to go school at the university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. For receipt, you must have a minimum of 9 classes of the usual high school - although if necessary, you can enroll on the basis of 11 classes, in the presence of higher education and so on. Learning time is usually 5 years. Training is carried out only at the expense of the state budget, contract training is not allowed. Training is conducted according to a full-time scheme - correspondence training can be passed only by police officers who want to receive additional education without separation from the main place of work.

Universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

In Russia, there are only three universities, where police are studying:

  1. In Moscow + three branches in Staroteriaevo, Ryazan and Tver.
  2. In Krasnodar + four branches in Simferopol, Novorossiysk, Stavropol and Nalchik.
  3. In St. Petersburg + one branch in Kaliningrad.

Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Also in Russia there are 4 academies who are also preparing police officers. They are located in such cities:

  • Moscow.
  • Volgograd.
  • Nizhny Novgorod.
  • Omsk.

There are no affiliates or regional offices from academies.

Cadets of police universities

Institutes of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

To become a police officer, you can also enroll in one of the institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Main cities:

  1. Domodedovo + 3 branches in Bryansk, Naberezhnye Chelny and Penza.
  2. Tyumen.
  3. Barnaul.
  4. Belgorod.
  5. Voronezh.
  6. Irkutsk.
  7. Khabarovsk.
  8. Kazan.
  9. Eagle.
  10. Rostov-on-Don.
  11. Krasnoyarsk + 2 branches in the cities of Abakan and Kyzyl.
  12. Yekaterinburg.
  13. Ufa.

Please note that in addition to institutions there are schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Suvorov Schools + Cadet Corps. Educational institutions are located in the following cities - Rostov-on-Don, Yegoryevsk, Lyakhovo (Bashkortostan), Novocherkassk, St. Petersburg, Grozny, Chita, Elabuga, Astrakhan, Samara.

Admission - Basic Requirements

What do you need to become a police officer? To do this, you need to collect and submit all the necessary documents. After filing the documents, you will be given the paper for which you need to go through a medical examination. At the end, the candidate passes an interview and a series of tests are performed that help to establish the level of physical and mental health of a person. For admission, some specialty may require the delivery of additional internal exams of the university.


For admission to any university of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, copies of the following documents will be required:

  • Civil passport (required) and a valid passport (if any).
  • Inn - for all categories of incoming.
  • Application form - Filled at home or directly at the university.
  • Military ID or assignment certificate.
  • A diploma of secondary education + insert with points on the exam (we will consider this question in more detail below). If there is a diploma of higher education, it also needs to be attached to the documents.

For admission, you also need to write your autobiography. It is written on a conventional paper sheet A4 using a handle or in printed method. In the autobiography briefly follow the circumstances of life - birth, moving, entering school and so on. Lyrical retreats are allowed if they are able to shed light on your identity (for example, you can write that at your desire to become a police officer affected any event in the past).


To enroll in a police university to study, you must also gain at least the minimum number of scores on the USE (every university's passing score chooses yourself). At the same time, note that the list of mandatory objects differ depending on the specialty, and the list of objects must be specified in advance. For example, for admission to the specialty "Law Enforcement" you will need an exam in such subjects - Russian language, social studies and history, and for the specialty "radio engineering" need Russian, as well as physics and mathematics.

Physical and combat training

Physical and Psychological Health

After filing the documents, a person must also undergo a medical examination, which will show the level of his physical and mental health. The psychiatrist survey is very important, since the presence of mental illness (even in latent form) may be a contraindication for admission to a police university. If a person is healthy, he will also have to undergo special tests that will show the level of his physical training. Basic tests:

  1. Tightening.
  2. Squats.
  3. Running on short and long distances.
  4. Power exercises.

Women police

How to become a policeman if you are a woman? There are no special rules here, and women can become police officers according to the standard algorithm - they collect documents, learn at the university, pass exams and so on. After the passage of training, women can be taken to work in the specialty on the same grounds as men - there are no restrictions here.

In conclusion, I would like to say that in Russia for female policemen created the same conditions as for men - but, unfortunately, in fact, there are not so many women. The main reasons here are two - the requirements for physical development are sufficiently rigid, but even in case of successful passage, many women dedicate themselves to the family that in the final makes women-police rarely phenomenon.

The most beautiful women police

Gradually return those times are returned when the work of the agriter of law enforcement agencies was considered the most prestigious. In many ways, this is due to a large number of films and television programs that are made from a simple district authorized police or employee of the Patrol Watching Service superhero. Watching fearless agents fighting crime on TV screens, many teenagers dream of entering their ranks. But how to become police officers of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia is not butaforno, but in real life, what is needed for this? Everything is very simple - for this it is necessary to first finish one of the educational institutions under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation. It can be a school, an academy or university.

How to get to the service in the internal affairs bodies and what a person should know who decided to become a policeman. You will learn about it from the video.

Beautiful shape, prestige, protection of citizens - these are only the first phrases that pop up when mentioning such a profession like a policeman. We immediately want to sing: "Our service and is dangerous, and difficult ...". But the passionateness later, but for now let's talk in detail about this kind of activity and how to become a policeman.

In this article:

Who is a policeman?

Collectively, a police officer is an official, the guard of order in the country, the purpose of which is to protect civilians, the preservation of law and order, as well as countering violations.

Areas of police activities:

  • Opera Compact;
  • Precinct authorized;
  • Traffic police inspector;
  • Investigator.

What else can a policeman do?

  • Protect important objects (both commercial and state);
  • Visit schools and conduct educational conversations;
  • Being at mass events is also for considerations of security and security.

How to become a policeman?

How to become a policeman?

Features of the police officer

In addition to ordinary tasks, where the police can be involved, we will discuss different directions of this service.


  • Like the military, they have Full social package . Police can count on free treatment, benefits in various public institutions, also on free travel and other social support;
  • Prestige work and career growth . With successful service, you can move on the service staircase, get a higher rank, also people respect the police for their work and security;
  • Early retirement . Many police officers continue to service and, accordingly, their income is growing;
  • Restability profession . The search for police officers passes constantly, as many tasks are, and people are always lacking;
  • Opportunity Free to pass learning in universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.


  • High risk For life and health. You never know what can happen and there is an unexpected danger in it;
  • Undorrible working schedule . A policeman can suddenly call for service, and he must appear;
  • Lot Communication with violators law and order, and this is always a big psychological burden;
  • Not too high wage . Although there is a demand for police officers in the labor market, the income level is not balanced.

See also:

What do you need to become a policeman?

Police officers can be almost any Russian citizen over 18 years old and not older than 35 years, which has passed a special check.


  • Good physical training;
  • Knowledge of the Russian language;
  • For men, the service in the army is obligatory;
  • The presence of a diploma on education (secondary, secondary professionally or higher);
  • No convictions.

Direction directions

To promote career or more in-depth development in any directions in the structures of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, it is necessary to obtain a higher education. For example, in the following directions from the order of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation:

  • 23.03.01 - Investigation and expertise of road accidents;
  • 40.03.01 - law enforcement;
  • 40.05.02 - Operational-search activities of the internal affairs bodies.


Full List of universities ,Where can by Lu. read profession Policeman, look for on our website.

Employment and U. Roveling Z. Armplates

To get a job by the police, you need:

  1. Choose education: College, Cadet School or University. After any of the selected learning methods, you can qualify for the service in the police (preferably a specialized direction of education, but it is possible to pass accelerated courses in some major police compartments).
  2. Choose a police unit: What is closer to you - patrol the streets or protect people at important events.
  3. Apply to the personnel department: Next will be selected, commissions (medical and psychological), interview, submission of documents, etc.
  4. Enroll in the ranks of the police: If you go through all the commissions and your documents will be in order - the police officer will become a police officer.

The average level of police salary in Moscow ranges from 50,000 - 60,000 rubles.

How to become a policeman?

Jobs of a policeman on the site search for work

Article author

Today, representatives of both the men's half of humanity and female can work in Russia. The first requirement is the age range from 18 to 35 years. If you fit him and want to learn how to become a policeman, then you need to carefully examine all the criteria for which future defenders of the country are selected. In addition to the compliance of the required qualities, you should be prepared for the fact that you need to prepare certain materials and pass a serious medical, psychological and professional commission.

Where they are preparing future police

The profession of a police officer, like any other, requires special education. If the decision on future work is made before the graduation, it is possible to choose an educational institution correctly. In our country, there are three universities of the Ministry of Internal Affairs that have branches in all regions of Russia and 5 academies. In addition, there are many institutions, schools and Suvorov schools of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. In each of them you can get the appropriate education.

How to become a policeman

However, if you did not graduate

Educational institution under the department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but you have a diploma of the highest legal education of any university country, it will help you in the question, how to become a policeman. Even if you have a different education, if you wish to get this profession. You will be sent to accelerated courses, after the end of which you can submit documents. It is desirable that your education is not lower than the average special.

Documents required for work admission

If the first two requirements (age and education) are suitable, then the documents that are necessary to submit an application for admission to work should be determined. So, the third step of the issue, how to become a police officer in Russia, requires the following actions:

  • Preparation of copies of documents: personal passport of Russian and foreign, diploma on education, INN, certified employment record;
  • Writing an application for employment;
  • filling out a questionnaire questionnaire;
  • Writing an autobiography. how to become a policeman in Russia

It is also necessary to provide recommendations for at least two guards of the order working in the structure of at least 3 years, and documents confirming your income. This may be a certificate from the accounting of the former work or from the tax authorities.

Requirements for candidates for service

The next step will be confirmed by your compliance with the requirements. How can I become a policeman? First of all, you need excellent physical training. To check compliance with this item, you will have to go through a serious medical commission, which consists of practically all specializations from doctors. Usually this check takes at least 3 days. A list of doctors you need to go through, different, it depends on the specific position to which you are arranged. The standard medical examination includes consultation of the following specialists:

  • Okulist;
  • otolaryngologist;
  • neuropathologist;
  • surgeon;
  • therapist. how to become a policeman after grade 9

This list can change and depending on the sexual agent of the candidate. For example, women need to additionally undergo inspection at the gynecologist and mammologist.

In addition, it is necessary to pass the blood and urine tests, as well as to pass the drug use test. Then you need to make fluorography and ECG. You also need to receive certificates from dispensaries about the lack of mental deviations, tuberculosis and venereal diseases.

Psychological Testing and Sports Training

Answer the question of how to become a policeman is impossible without the diagnosis of the psychological health of the candidate. To pass this verification, you need to fill out various questionnaires and write a lot of questions in writing, among which there are those that reveal the degree of truthfulness of the answers. This Commission may in some cases include checks on the lie detector. After the written part, you need to pass an oral interview with a psychologist and answer a number of questions.

How can I become a policeman

After passing, the commissions should confirm its physical training. It is usually checked by exercises as pressing from the floor, pulling up on the horizontal bar and running on a long distance. In the question of the passage of these checks, the service in the army will be your advantage.

In addition to health, biography will also be carefully checked, both yours and the closest relatives. The presence of a criminal record with you or some of them is a guaranteed refusal to accept work.

Passage of interview

If all of the above steps are successfully completed, you will be invited to an interview. Questions that will be specified can be absolutely any. They can concern your childhood, hobbies, personal life and plans for the future. Do not forget that your goal is at the moment - this is the answer to the question of how to become a policeman.

The interview is a very important part of the decision to take to work, so it is necessary to carefully prepare for it. First of all, it is necessary to have a neat appearance. Jeans, sneakers and other attributes of sports style in this case are inappropriate. Men are enough to wear a suit or at least classic pants and shirt, shaving and trimmed. Women can advise a business suit with a skirt no above the knee, comfortable shoes, preferably with a heel, a modest hairstyle, a minimum of jewelry and cosmetics.

how to become a good policeman

During the interview, you need to remember the basic rules of the psychology of communication:

  • Watch the interlocutor into the eyes;
  • do not cross the hands and do not hide them under the table;
  • Do not throw a foot on the leg;
  • behave naturally and good.

The more nervousness you will exercise, the more questions will arise from the interlocutor.

Beginning of work

If you have successfully passed the interview, then you may soon be invited to work. However, it is mistaken to think that this is the last stage of the question, how to become a policeman. After successfully passing all the listed steps, you will have an internship that can last from one to three months. At this time, the responsibility for you will bear the police officer attached to you. If the internship is passed successfully, you will be offered to start work for a trial period. And only after he is over, it will be possible to say that you have started a police career.

Women guarding order

Recently, more and more representatives of beautiful sex express the desire to work in law enforcement agencies. That is why the question of how to become a police girl is quite relevant. It should be noted that when taking both educational institutions and directly to work, the female sex is not made. Passage of commissions and confirmation of physical training for them - mandatory items.

how to become a police girl

According to statistics, in recent years the number of girls entering educational institutions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs has increased significantly. However, after graduation and started career, a friend of a fair sex is becoming a choice: family or work. More than 70% decide the issue in favor of her husband and children, and that is why girls are so reluctant to take both studies and work.

How to become a policeman after grade 9

Many schoolchildren who firmly make a decision to be in the future police, begin specialized training after grade 9. To do this, you can go to the school of the police, where it is already taken from this age, or the Cadet Corps. You can also go to the College on the Legal Specialty.

If it is decided to study at the school of the police or the Cadet Corps, then it is necessary to confirm its compliance with the requirements of the educational institution. This is the passage of psychological testing, medical examination and verification of physical training. It is also necessary to pass the history exam in oral form and in the Russian language in the form of dictation, writings or presentation. After graduation, further admission to the highest educational institution is needed to get the title above the younger lieutenant.

Our service is dangerous, and difficult ...

Thus, the requirements for a candidate for work in law enforcement agencies are high enough. However, if you want to be not just an employee, and you are interested in how to become a good policeman, then first of all you must love your profession and represent all future difficulties.

how to become a policeman

This is a daily exposure of our own life at risk, the minimum amount of free time, daily duty, urgent challenges to work and many other difficulties. And only devotion to his work can help become a really good professional and achieve the heights of the career ladder.

Graduates of schools consider the service in the police prestigious, promising work with career growth. Employees get a good social package, additional benefits. But employment in this area is not the lungs.

How to get a law enforcement agencies? Who will be easy to get a place, and who is unreal?

What posts in the police?

Police of the Russian Federation is a combination of state structures, the main goal of which is the order in the country. Here are a variety of specialists:

  1. Plot police officers;
  2. Investigators;
  3. Opera Compact;
  4. Accountants;
  5. Personnel;
  6. Public Relations Inspectors, etc.

This is not a complete list of professions with which you can get to the Ministry of the Interior (MIA). Not all of them require legal education - it all depends on what position would like to take a citizen. For example, it is sometimes necessary to an economic (accountant) or a pedagogical (inspector for minors) education.

How to enroll in the Ministry of Internal Affairs: Requirements for candidates

When making an applicant to the Educational Institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are guided by the following criteria:

  1. Education. A graduate of the 11th grade must have a certificate of average general education. If the student left the school after the 9th grade and entered the college, then it is necessary to provide a document on the end of this institution;
  2. The level of physical training. The Educational Institution of the Ministry of Internal Affairs establishes its internal exams to determine the physical preparation of the applicant;
  3. Medical checkup. For receipt, a certificate of health in form 086U is needed;

    Health certificate in form 086

  4. Psychological fitness. The mental health of candidates is rated for service to the system of internal affairs bodies;
  5. Narcological examination. The test results must be negative in all criteria.

Also, graduates are recommended successfully (80+ points) to pass the EGE (a single state exam. A set of objects depends on the faculty, necessarily - Russian, mathematics (base or profile). Most often social studies are required, history.

How to get a girlfriend to the police

Girls have exactly the same opportunities for admission as young men.

There is only a difference in the levels of physical training - for girls they are softer. For example, the race near the young men is performed at a distance of 3000 m, girls at a distance of 1000 m.

Girls can be arranged in the Ministry of Internal Affairs with a diploma for the formation of other (non-revocricant) universities, however, to promote the career ladder, the highest legal need.

Who is closed way to organs?

At the stage of arrival at the university, an applicant may not approach the results of a medical examination, to fail the exam of the exam (or gain an insufficient number of points), not to undergo psychological selection.

When taking work, other criteria look at. A citizen will not be able to work in law enforcement agencies if:

  • He has its own business;
  • He is not ready to deal with the state secret;
  • He or his close relatives have problems with the law (criminal record, drives, condemnation).

Those who have not passed the service in the army can be settled, but without the right to postpone the call. Often, employers refuse to whom the army bypassed the party, although there is no such item in the law.

What you need to get into the police: a list of documents

To work in the police, you need to provide the following package of documents:

  1. Statement about the desire to enter service;
  2. Passport;
  3. The questionnaire, issued by the personnel department at the place of residence, is filled in place;
  4. Brief autobiography written by hand;
  5. Certificates about the resulting education / assigned qualification;
  6. Documents on military accounting;
  7. Labor book (if there is an employment experience);
  8. A document confirming the tax inspectorate;
  9. Information about income, property - their own and spouses;
  10. Written consent to the implementation of activities related to the admission of public secrets, checking the accuracy of the information provided;
  11. Written agreement on the processing of personal data.

Download application application form for service in the internal affairs bodies

The application with all attached documents is accepted in the local personnel unit.

The procedure for receiving employees to work in the authorities

Employment in police bodies occurs according to the following algorithm:

  1. Appeal of the applicant to the personnel department of the structural department, where he plans to get a job;
  2. Providing a package of documents. It will be better to make sure of the staff, whether all documents are collected and what lacks. So the process of employment will pass faster;
  3. Passage of all tests and examinations (military medical commission, psychological selection, psychophysiological examination, including drug treatment (identification of adoption of narcotic, psychotropic substances), assessment of the degree of physical preparation).

In the absence of problems with physical and mental health, unwanted facts in the biography, citizen take an internship, which lasts from 2 to 6 months. After its successful passage, a special title and the corresponding position is assigned.

What tests need to go?

The most important testing - exercise:

  1. For men: pull-up (at least 13 times = 55 points) or push up (minimum 40 times = 55 points), shuttle jogging (26.0 = 55 points). Successful test of test can be considered when set 105 points for 2 exercises;
  2. For women: push ups (minimum 7 times = 35 points) or tilting down (17p / min = 33 points), shuttle jogging (33.8 = 33 points). A test is successful with a test of 65 points for 2 exercises.

They are often asked to pass the driving skills test, even if there are valid rights.

The last test before reaching an interview with the bosses is to check the polygraph.

It's important to know! Polygraph test is always accompanied by provocative issues.

You need to be ready to show your good intentions, prove cleanliness before the law.

Features of the inspection in the hospital

VKK (Military Medical Commission) is an extremely important stage of the device in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. From the documents it will be necessary to take the direction of the established sample in the personnel department. Also need a passport and military ID.

Military Medical Commission

VKK includes tests:

  1. General blood and urine tests;
  2. Study of blood on pale treponus (syphilis), hepatitis, HIV;
  3. Certificate of vaccination against diphtheria;
  4. Fluorographic examination of the chest in 2 projections (snapshots + conclusion);
  5. Electrocardiogram (ECG);
  6. Survey of the vestibular apparatus.

From the doctors it will be necessary to pass the dentist, surgeon, laura, neuropathologist, psychiatrist, dermatovenerologist, ophthalmologist, therapist, gynecologist.

Note! Doctors at this commission are extremely involved in patients. For faster to get a certificate and work, it is better not to prevent any complaints. If you have health problems, we recommend contacting the private clinic.

The results of analyzes and research are valid for 3 months, the fluorogram is six.

On average, the passage of the military medical commission takes 2-3 days (depending on the number of patients). May be needed add. Survey.

Psychological suitability

Do not underestimate tests for psychological selection. It is at this stage that it is cleaned to 1/3 of candidates.

On the Internet there is a huge number of examples of questions. But with a 100 percent probability it is impossible to say which you will contact us specifically. Even approximate calculations there are about 700 test options.

Last Stage: Interview

This stage wears the "ideological" character. Here the boss will ask questions about the readiness to serve on the benefit of society, to get injured or sacrificing his life for the sake of salvation of others.

It is important to show yourself in the best view: speak firmly, openly and honestly. So the candidate will show his serious attitude.

During the trial period, a mentor will be added to the trainee. The bosses will make sure how the newcomer is adapted to the current team. And only then the decision is made - to open the ship to the authorities or suggest finding a more peaceful profession.

What education is needed to work in the police

Any employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs should have a complete or professional secondary education. They take on the lower positions, ordinary or sergeant.

To obtain a higher, officer rank requires a certificate of higher legal education.

Since this profession has become more prestigious, it is now harder to get into the police. The guaranteed method of obtaining a good workplace is the end of the Militia School or the Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs after grade 11.

Is it possible to get a police after the army

To work in the police, immediately after the army in the hands should be a certificate of average full education or an average professional and military ID with the category of suitability "A".

Also, the candidate must correspond to the age of admission, approach health and other parameters described earlier.

Is it possible to service in the police without service in the army

Some specialties in the Ministry of Internal Affairs are available without the passage of the army service. These include, for example, bailiff, the attractive attitator. But for this you need the education of a lawyer.

Important! Without the army and special education, it is extremely problematic to get into the organs. The candidate must have exceptional health, the desire to learn high stress resistance.

Provided that he will continue to improve the qualifications, a citizen can take work in PPS, with a further transfer to other divisions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

How is the internship in the police

In the process of the test period, the intern works without assigning a special title. He not only performs his direct working responsibilities, but at the same time it takes individual training under the control of the head and mentor. Mentor assign an employee with experience. In the internship, the citizen is forbidden to wear firearms.

The time spent on the internship is included in the service experience in the Department of Internal Affairs.

How old are taken to the police

You can enter the service in the internal affairs bodies from 18 to 35 years.

Is it possible to become a police officer in Russia to a foreign citizen

Yes. For this, a citizen should receive citizenship, as well as to pass the test in Russian to confirm that he is perfectly owned.

Next, it provides for the same procedures and reception criteria as for the rest of the Russian citizens.

Advantages of employment in the police

To the advantages of service in the Ministry of Internal Affairs can be attributed:

  1. Preferential programs (free medical care, a reduced retirement threshold, long-term paid leave, purchase of real estate for special (preferential) conditions);
  2. Stable "white" earnings;
  3. The opportunity will get acquainted with people from the prosecutor's office, the court, thereby ensuring their support;
  4. Queue to receive a service apartment that will help save costs;
  5. Public recognition (provided that the citizen is conscientious of service).

Additional questions

For those who decided to tie a career with the police, we recommend familiarizing yourself with the following issues.

Where to find a vacancy?

In order to get reliable information about the availability of jobs, you need to contact the personnel department of the nearest department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Here will be told about vacancies, requirements.

Important moments

The police officer should understand that the initiative activity is punishable, so it is necessary to strictly follow the regulations and rules, even if the intuition suggests this.

Important and emotional component. Police work with the most dark sides of the human personality and the whole society. For this you need maturity and inner strength.

Causes of refusal

On the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs there is a list of diseases that impede work in the bodies. Most often in the work denied precisely on this criterion.

10 years ago, the attitude to law enforcement agencies was not very respectful, but recently this sphere is becoming more prestigious. Many young guys, especially those who came from the army, want to get into the ranks of the police. Because of the large influx of those who wish, the reception conditions were tightened - it will have to go through complex psychological, physical and medical checks.

Who is a policeman?

How to become a policeman?

A policeman - a person who is entrusted with the obligations to preserve the law and order and control over the implementation of laws.

An ordinary police officer not only must follow the activities of citizens, but also to prevent crimes, delay violators, apply force in the form of a baton, handcuffs or weapons, if required.

It can act exclusively by the Charter prescribed by higher authorities.

What do you need to become an employee of the authorities?

Police officer can only be citizens from 18 to 35 years old - this is a strict requirement. If this condition is performed, then you need to do the following:

  • 1. Decide with the police unit in which you want to work or simply closer to the house.
  • 2. Submit to the personnel department a statement about the desire to get this work.
  • 3. Wait for a challenge for an interview. Members of the Commission will observe how adequate is adequate, as responsible for questions and will decide on the outcome.
  • 4. The next stage involves the submission of basic documents - autobiography, questionnaire, passport and diploma. Biography includes verification of condoms, administrative offenses and reputation of all the closest relatives. Diploma The Commission also looks at to make sure that the suitability of the candidate. If everything is fine, you will have to convey the rest of the package of required documents.
  • 5. Further will have a medical examination that assess the state of the candidate. The selection is quite tough, the applicant must be absolutely healthy. The survey includes even the analysis of the predisposition to alcoholism, so many "fall out" at this stage.
  • 6. Then follows psychological examination. It includes 600 questions and checks on the lie detector.

The candidate is so carefully tested and testing to select the most worthy, capable of acting in non-standard situations quickly, without long thought, and at the same time absolutely true. After all, the human life may depend on his decisions.

The candidate woman passes the same tests and checks that the man is not provided for. They are much more complicated, but with a good level of physical training and a great desire to get to the service, it is quite possible to become a policeman.

What is needed?

To work in the police, it is advisable to get a specialized education, enrolling after school at the University of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - there are such in many cities of the country.

Also, adolescents who decided to go to the police in the future can move from ordinary school to Suvorov School or a military-patriotic class in its educational institution, if any.

Citizens who have received higher legal education are also allowed. Other specialties are less suitable, but you can finish the accelerated courses that are offered in the police, and after submitting documents.

How to get a job in the police?

To increase your chances of working in the police, it is necessary to morally tune in and move to the goal confidently. This is a difficult profession with constant stress, high risks and physical exertion, which over time negatively affects the state of the police, some of which are thrown such work. Therefore, for a start, it is worth it to think about everything, and after, if the desire to get to the police did not pass, direct all the forces on the passage of testing stages.

For girls, there are restrictions in the choice of position in the police, so it's more difficult to get a job. In the group of capture or in the patrol of girls do not take After all, there is a strong physical training and endurance inherent to men. Women are allowed to work by the investigator - legal education or to the department for working with minors where a pedagogical diploma is required.

Requirements for candidates

Candidates are not taken by:

  • racial affiliation;
  • property status;
  • place of residence;
  • religion or life beliefs.

The main requirements for candidates are set as follows:

  • age from 18 to 35 years;
  • good physical training;
  • free possession of the state language of the Russian Federation;
  • the presence of a diploma of completed average, secondary special or higher education;
  • mark on the passage of urgent service in the army of the Russian Federation;
  • no criminal record;
  • health status allowing to fragile the duties of the police officer;
  • Knowledge of the basic rules of hand-to-hand combat and apply them in practice;
  • ability to use firearms;
  • availability of certificate of TC management for a police driver;
  • Knowledge of the legislation of the Russian Federation.

For employees of the ATS administration, canceled physical training is not required, as they do not participate in the seizure of the criminal and other dangerous situations.

How and where to find a vacancy?

On the vacancies of the policeman can be found in the personnel department of the nearest MIA. Also there will inform about the requirements for the post you are interested in.

What documents do you need?

How to become a policeman?

Applicants for a policeman must provide the following package of documents:

  • application for consideration of the candidacy;
  • Certificate of birth, marriage, its termination, birth of children and their copies, if any;
  • characteristic;
  • autobiography in handwritten and printing form 1 copy;
  • certificate from the tax inspectorate on the absence of the existing status of IP;
  • paper from the BTI of the property, which is owned;
  • driver's license;
  • military ID;
  • a copy of the certificate or diploma certified by the notary;
  • one photo 9x12 and 4x6;
  • Labor book, if available;
  • a copy of all passport pages;
  • a copy of the Inn and the Insurance Certificate;
  • Application from relatives for consent with the collection, processing and storage of their personal data.

After the direction to the medical examination and its passage, the main packet of papers will need to supplement:

  • the results of analyzes for HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, the level of sugar, OAC with decoding and urine indicators;
  • electrocardiogram at rest and after load;
  • fluorography;
  • data on the presence of vaccination from diphtheria and tetanus;
  • the results of testing for psychotropic substances in the blood;
  • certificates from the psychoneurological, drug treatment, anti-tuberculosis, skin-venereological dispensaries;
  • data on allergic reactions;
  • information about the absence of parasitic and infectious diseases over the past year; dentist's conclusion.

All references must have a medical institution stamp, the date of issue and signature.

How long does it take employment?

At the medical examination will take about 5 days , and the total duration of collecting and verifying data, the decision will take at least 2-3 months.

What could be the causes of refusal?

The reasons for refusal to employment may be:

  • non-compliance with the requirements for the health of the police officer;
  • If an employee of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is adopted to work, which is a close relative of the candidate;
  • Recognition is incapable for a court;
  • The entry into force of the court decision on the recognition of the applicant is guilty of a crime;
  • the presence of citizenship of another country;
  • filing false information or papers;
  • Refusal to admission procedure for its personal data protected by law.

If the documents have corrections or they are significantly damaged, the candidate will also be denied the police reception.

Who is closed to the police forever?

The police will never take work to those who have:

  • conviction;
  • major administrative penalties;
  • Close relatives who serve the term in prison or were convicted earlier.

The presence of small administrative disorders to the bill is not taken.

Pros and Cons

How to become a policeman?

Positive parties to the police:

  • The early retirement is 45 years old, which is an excellent incentive to get on this job;
  • the possibility of obtaining housing or money from the state for its acquisition;
  • free uniform, executive appearance, open access to many areas of the life of the city;
  • the possibility of career growth, receiving awards, which also affects the increase in pension deductions;
  • stability, as it is a state service, full social package;
  • access to obtaining free higher education;
  • diversity, permanent new investigations;
  • Restability, useful dating.

The police officer has cons:

  • Relatives and friends can hide behind you, trying to solve their problems with law or just dangerous people, counting on the aid;
  • Possible extracurricular challenges to work, despite the approved service schedule;
  • On the weekend, it is also necessary to follow the order, but not to enter into disassembly, but to cause our colleagues outfit, on duty on this day;
  • Part of the citizens to the police are biased;
  • The guilt of older ranks is often discharged into small subordinates - they will have to come to humble or drive away from work;
  • permanent risk, communication with inadequate asocial personalities;
  • Low salary at the beginning of the career.

The work of the police is a big responsibility, high demands for perseverance, endurance, readiness to completely surrender professions, as it is often necessary to work extra-hourly and in night shifts. Therefore, you need to choose a police career only if there is an irresistible desire to protect citizens from criminals and maintain peace in any situation.

Didn't you find an answer to your question in the article or there is an additional question? Ask his lawyer Online And get a detailed consultation after 15 minutes.

In Russia, the police officer is traditionally considered men. At the same time, psychologists believe that with many duties of such employees of women would have done no worse, but even better. Only in recent years, the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation began to actively attract girls in the ranks. Moreover, not only on the "Cabinet" work, but also for the operational service, in new elite divisions. Thanks to the reforms carried out after the reorganization of the "police" in the Police, the profession has become more profitable and prestigious, which increases its popularity.

Features of the police profession

The main task of the police is known to even children - they must maintain order, protect law-abiding citizens from violators. In practice, employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs are much more functions and responsibilities. The specifics of the work of the police directly depends on the position, title, provisions, areas of activity.

Universal tasks of law enforcement services:

  • Prevention, detection and disclosure of crimes;
  • monitoring compliance with citizens of laws;
  • carrying out work to raise public awareness;
  • fulfillment of orders of higher employees if they do not contradict the legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • preservation of state secrets;
  • First aid to persons affected by the attack or accident;
  • controlling criminal elements and potential offenders;
  • implementation of the actions necessary to search for missing or those who hiding from the law of persons;
  • Protection of citizens and various types of ownership.

To women and men who want to enter the police, the same basic requirements are presented. Candidates may be faces with excellent physical health indicators, without mental abnormalities, alcohol or drug addiction.

The policeman is endowed with special authority, allowing him to maintain order, protect the peace of mind and peaceful life of citizens, prevent and disclose crimes.

Pros and cons profession policeman

Police work is associated with certain risks and inconveniences, but it has numerous positive parties. Considering this service as your future profession, it is worth assessing and compare all the pros and cons of such a decision.

The benefits of service in the police:

  • Full social package ("white" salary with all laws provided by law, expanded medical insurance, sanatorium-resort treatment, increased pension);
  • The maximum possible stability guaranteed by the work on the state;
  • various scenarios of career growth and good perspectives;
  • Pension after 20 years of service, after entering which you can get into a private company (for example, to security service);
  • the ability to make useful links and dating;
  • the demand of police officers, as well as representatives of professions, closely related to this area;
  • the possibility of obtaining a higher education in the area of ​​interest at the expense of the state and without separation from work;
  • a decent salary whose size is systematically increased by indexing;
  • Benefits: for travel, receiving or purchase of housing, as well as the availability of housing improvement programs;
  • longer vacation, as compensation for stress, processing, non-normalized working day;
  • Obtaining equipment from the state.

Deficiencies in the police:

  • work almost in all positions are associated with risk for life and health;
  • Low salary at the start of the career, while the employee has no experience and high title;
  • increased requirements for applicants, complex selection process;
  • abnormal working day or uncomfortable graph with night and daily shifts;
  • the need to contact criminals, asocial elements;
  • constant emotional stress, chronic stress, high risk of professional deformation;
  • The need to strictly observe the charter and subordination;
  • Bureaucracy - even operatives have to fill a huge amount of papers and reports, and systematic checks only exacerbate the situation.

At the same time, for girls wishing to serve in the police, experts identify a number of additional negative points. According to statistics, the police women are difficult to establish a personal life. They still find it difficult to accept the need to constantly walk in the same form. Finally, the probability of becoming disregard from the male colleagues is likely.

Important personal qualities

Together with his post, the policeman gets greater responsibility, it is endowed with power. In the absence of such an employee, certain character traits arises the risk of developing professional deformation. For some, it ends with an emotional burnout or nervous breakdown, others begin to abuse powers and themselves turn into criminals.

The list of qualities necessary to the policeman:

  • The ability to control emotions, adequately respond to non-standard situations;
  • stress resistance;
  • the ability to find a common language with people of different ages, temperament and social status;
  • patience, endurance, prudence;
  • the ability to analyze and be guided by facts when making decisions, and not by emotions;
  • Coolness, insight;
  • Honesty and altruism, discipline, ability to follow the instructions.

The policeman must be independent, but at the same time he needs to be able to act in the team. Additional advantages will be observation, attentiveness, accuracy, the ability to operate in multitasking mode.

The police officer must have legal literacy and be able to clarify citizens of their rights, duties and grounds for the use of special measures to them. The main requirement for the qualities of the police is good physical data.

Police Rights

Law enforcement officers are associated with rules, instructions, requirements. Also, the police are endowed with the rights necessary to implement tasks assigned to them. Thus, representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the performance of the right to verify the documents of citizens, to apply physical strength and weapons if necessary.

Under certain circumstances, they can use vehicles to prevent crimes, assisting victims. They are allowed to penetrate the housing of citizens without a court decision, if it helps to save a person or stop committing a crime.

Training at policeman

Citizens of the Russian Federation aged 18 to 35 are allowed to study for police officers. They are committed perfectly to own Russian, have excellent health and high levels of physical training. In the biography of men, the fact of service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation is obligatory.

Enough certificate of full secondary education, but the presence of a diploma of an average special or higher education institution will be a plus. The applicant should not have condoms, as well as his close relatives.

Schools and schools

Today, you can start a police officer's career with education in the Profile School, College or Academy. Reception is open for applicants who graduated from 9 or 11 classes and graduation exams. Additionally, you will have to go through an in-depth medical examination, testing for career guidance, pass tests to the level of physical training. Schools and schools for future police officers are not only in major cities. Excellent preparation is given in the military schools of Astrakhan, Novocherkasska, Elabugi. Good results show graduates of the School of office-search dog breeding in Rostov-on-Don.


For someone who wants not to just become a policeman, but to build a career in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the option will be more suitable with the receipt of higher legal education. The university can be received after grade 11 school or profile college. The applicant also has a serious selection, but in this case he has the opportunity to choose the area of ​​interest to its interest. It is not necessary to become an ordinary lawyer. You can qualify for a place at faculties that are preparing employees for elite departments.

Place of work

Depending on the specialization and post, police officers follow the order in public places, work in the cabinets or on departures, are engaged in informing the population, the patrols of the streets, the inspection of objects. After retirement, law enforcement officials are not required to terminate. They can continue their career in the protection, in a private enterprise or government post in another area.

Police is an absolutely necessary and necessary institution for society, since in the current conditions only their work helps society to cope with that criminogenic environment that develops.

"Women's" specialty in the police

Today, women in the Ministry of Internal Affairs are available almost all directions and posts. The choice is not necessary to do already at the stage of basic learning. First you can enter the service, appreciate the features of various specializations, and then engage in intensive profile education.

"Women's" professions in the police:

  • The criminologist is engaged in the inspection of the crime scene, conducting examinations, search for material evidence, drawing up conclusions. Requires a specialized higher education;
  • The investigator is responsible for the investigation of crimes committed, keeps working with suspected and witnesses. The position will suit attentive and observation girls who can analyze information. Necessarily the availability of legal education, good knowledge of legislation;
  • Representative of the press service - "face" department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs or a whole department. Such an employee provides the connection of law enforcement agencies with the population through the media. Along with deep knowledge, the legal entity requires excellent ownership of the Russian language;
  • Cynologist - option for dog lovers. The representative of the profession is engaged in training animals, teamwork with them on investigative or search events;
  • Information security specialist is an investigation and prevention of crimes related to high technologies. In this area there is a shortage of frames. Plus, the directions are that after retirement, an employee with such experience will not be problems with employment;
  • Inspector for working with minors - in the field of interaction with problem children, women are most often overlooking the foreground. The list of tasks of employees includes identification of benches and potential criminals, upholding the rights of the guys, their upbringing in order to correct behavior;
  • Convoir - such policemen not only accompany criminals or suspects, but also conduct personal inspection. In particular, in women's prisons or a journey, citizens can conduct only women.

Operational work or service in elite divisions for women are also available. True, it is necessary to prepare for the fact that there are no fear for wonderful sex during the selection.

Career growth

The police provide for a lot of career development scenarios for women and men. This can be done in a specific, close to the interests of the region or choose the option with the change of leading positions on the ascending positions. The lack of higher education at the start career should not stop. If you recommend it well in your work, you can proceed to the profile university for interests and regeniate for free to advance the qualifications. The presence of a lawyer's diploma allows a police officer to try himself as a lawyer, prosecutor, judges, an FSB employee, etc.

Police salary

A few years ago, the specialty of the police was one of the most problematic in terms of wages, but in recent years the situation has improved. Now the Russian police officer on average receives 30-60 thousand rubles, depending on the experience and title. Representatives of governing positions earn 60-90 thousand rubles per month. The official income of representatives of the highest ranks of the Ministry of Internal Affairs exceeds 100 thousand rubles.

Salary at 30.04.2021

Russia 30000-65000 ₽

Moscow 42000-65000 ₽


The policeman's profession is gradually gaining weight and authority in society. To its representatives begin to relate with due respect. The government introduces various programs that improve the quality of life of law enforcement officers.

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