Tree kitchen with their own hands: Photos, Drawings, Stages of manufacture

The finished set of array is offered at a high price. To reduce the cost of making, a wooden kitchen creates with their own hands. Works will be performed without the help of specialists, therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention to the compilation of sketches, which will reduce the risk of errors. Additionally, it is necessary to properly prepare wood, otherwise in the process of operation, the design will disappear, deformed. It is important to comply with the sequence of action during installation, since otherwise you can spoil a large amount of material. Kitchen with her hands from a tree

Types of wood for kitchen furniture

When choosing, take into account the breed, which will determine the operational properties of the structure in the future. So, there are about 40 different types of wood, part is characterized by increased hardness, which will provide long-term operation of products, and others are characterized by softness. If it is planned to make a kitchen made of wood with your own hands, both types of material should be considered, since the basis of the design is better to do from more durable rocks.

It is important to know: solid wood is complex in processing. For this reason, part of the structural elements is recommended from a softer material. Working with it is much easier.

To solid, solid types of wood beech, oak, tees, nut. Such rocks need to be chosen for the manufacture of a frame headset, shelves.

Furniture decoration elements should be done using pine, spruce, cherry, poplar. For independent manufacture of the kitchen headset, the material is used, which is characterized by moisture resistance. The design of the solid of the tree of any breed cannot serve for a long time due to exposure to moisture. However, some types of material last retain properties in contact with water. These include larch, oak, tick, mahagony, Merbau.

Regardless of what type of material is selected, the level of wood moisture should be taken into account. Billets can be applied after drying. The material must be dried in natural conditions. The limit value of such a parameter, as the moisture content of wood, is 14%. In addition, the material is selected with a uniform structure. It should not have chips, knots, holes. Only in this case can be relying on high quality material.

Determine with design and design

When the kitchen headsets are created from the tree with their own hands, the color gamma plays the last role. The shade of wood can vary from light (beige, dairy) to almost black (wenge). If it is important to save the natural pattern of the material, on the shade of the tree of the tree should be paid to the choice, since the treatment of lacquer will be performed. In the case when the design is planned to be covered with staining compositions, wood color does not play roles.

In addition, if furniture for a kitchen made of wood is made, with their own hands, you need to think over the design in advance: whether these are subjects with carved elements or in a classic style, without excesses. The headset is drawn up in accordance with the shared style of the interior of the room. If the owner first creates furniture, and at the next stage the kitchen design is determined, the style should not contradict the design elements.

Wooden headset, which is covered with varnish, in the best way fits in the interior of the house from the same material. In this case, all design elements (kitchen facades, reference frame, shelves, countertop) are performed from the array. In order for the working surface to last longer, it is processed much more thoroughly, since it will be exposed to moisture, aggressive detergents, mechanical loads.

Materials can be combined: the rear surfaces of the cabinets are made of fiberboard (minimum thickness of 5 mm), the bottom of the drawers is cut out of plywood. Table and stools create from a solid massif.

We produce measurements

To make a kitchen set, it is necessary to check the quality of the surfaces: assesses how smooth they are, in which areas there are depressions, curvature, bugs. For this reason, measurements are made at three points: under the ceiling, at the level of shoulders, above the floor surface (5-10 cm). It is necessary to correlate the actual dimensions of the room with those defined by documents. Based on this data, a solution is made, what type needed a headset (corner, straight), how much cabinets fit.

In addition, it is necessary to decide on the headset height. When choosing a suitable option, be sure to consider the average rent of apartment tenants / houses. Small height heads look inorganized. The design almost always occupies a substantial part of the wall, the free space is left under the ceiling if the suspension, stretch ceiling will be mounted. In the case when the choice is stopped on the corner headset, measurements are made using a laser rangefinder. Otherwise, there will be a fairly simple roulette.

We make sketches and necessary drawings

When independently manufacturing furniture also prepare documentation. Develop a project in this case is optional, it is enough to make drawings, installation schemes of furniture items that will be created. If this is not done, an assembly of a structure consisting of low-level cabinets and hinged pieces of furniture will be made with errors: individual items do not dock, an essential drop in the headset levels will arise and so on.

If the user has developed abstract thinking, you can do on your own forces, drawing up the drawings in an isometric projection. Otherwise, it is recommended to use Special Programs: AutoCAD, Furniture Basis.

It is important to determine the dimensions in three projections: front, side, top view. It is necessary to specify the dimensions of the entire design, each individual cabinet, item.

If a wooden kitchen creates with their own hands, you need to remember that this material can be deformed during processing, so the dimensions are set taking into account some error (up to 4 mm in the most part). If you independently create drawings, it is not possible, you should seek help to professionals. In this case, the total cost of the headset and other furniture will still be lower than the price of the finished design.

Required tools

Required tools

For the manufacture of a kitchen made of wood with their own hands, the equipment is prepared. If the user does not have the right tool, it can be rented for a while. It is advisable to do in cases where in the future it is not planned to engage in such activities again. Required tool:

  • screwdriver;
  • electric drill;
  • electrolovik;
  • rule;
  • building level;
  • Roulette, laser rangefinder;
  • a hammer;
  • file;
  • screwdriver;
  • pliers;
  • hacksaw;
  • plane.

For work prepare emery paper of different degrees of grain. To connect elements from wood, wood-containing sheets is required with screws, nails, self-tapping screws. Fasteners of the desired size and type is selected taking into account the type of material. For example, nails are more suitable for a solid massif. Screws, screws - universal fasteners. The homemade kitchen is good because it is possible to create a solid design using the type of fastening elements, as well as their number in accordance with your own preferences.

Furniture manufacturing stages

Before applying boards, you must perform grinding and processing with antiseptics. Wood-containing sheets do not require so thorough preparation, since these stages passed during the production process. Of the existing materials for wood processing, a veil is often used. At the next stage, varnish / paint staining is performed. Alternatively, self-adhesive film is used. At home, the processing of blanks should be made before installing the headset.

It is stepwise to make the kitchen with your own hands will help the compiled plan of the work: first the lower sections are mounted, then the upper one. The headset is going primarily. Production of the table, chairs, separately standing cabinets are made at the next stage.

Lower Sections

The cabinets can be a solid design - a kitchen rack. In this case, their one countertop combines, and the visual separation contributes to the presence of separate drawers for each tube. If in the future it is planned to periodically make a permutation, it is better to make cabinets independent of each other. They can have common or individual work surfaces with individual sizes. Sequencing:

  • collected frame;
  • Pretty elements (door walls, retractable boxes, stationary panels) make the necessary holes;
  • The cabinet is being built, all the elements are connected by fastener, if there are no errors, the design is dismantled and carried out the trees.

Stiffness to objects of furniture is supplied with metal corners.

Top Sections

The principle of assembling these cabinets is the same as in the case of outdoor couches. The difference lies in the fact that the rear wall is not provided in the manufacture of the attached design. As it will be a carrier wall when installing. In addition, it is often not necessary to make facades. You can create open attached cabinets. If the facades are still planned to be constructed, they are fixed in the same way as in the case of outdoor couches. Sometimes different options are combined: open cabinets, furniture items with facades.

Table manufacture

First, work is performed on the tabletop for the kitchen with your own hands:

  1. cut the boards, customize them under the desired size;
  2. Construction elements are connected by any convenient way - nails, selflessness, glue;
  3. Grinding, processing, edge finishing.

The height of the table 80 cm is sufficient. This is the distance from the floor to the lower edge of the working surface. Taking into account this parameter, legs are made. They can have any form: rectangular, with carved elements, etc. At home, it is more difficult to make the legs of the circular cross section. These design elements are connected by jumpers, pre-locating them in the places of future mounting.


If you plan to install separate furniture items, you need to determine their dimensions. It can be a penalty, the height of which corresponds to the headset. For its manufacture, materials are used with the same parameters as for outdoor Tumb. Penal width is often less. Assembly principle:

  • made framework;
  • walls are installed, and in this case it will not work out without the rear surface;
  • At each stage, the design geometry is checked;
  • The door is attached.

Considering that the penalty in most cases is characterized by a substantial height and low width, it is necessary to connect it with outdoor and mounted cabinets, for which 2 holes are made in the side wall.

Making chairs

Stools are properly made easier than full chairs. The principle of installation of such furniture is similar to how the kitchen table is created. The dimensions of the horizontal surface must be much smaller than the dimensions of the countertops. For the manufacture of a torere, a one-piece array is used or a wooden-containing plate of a substantial thickness. Install legs, then combine them with jumpers from the tree.

Schemes and drawings for creating a kitchen headset with their own trees

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To make a high-quality headset itself so that the kitchen furniture with their own hands will become the subject of special pride, perpetuated photos, it is necessary at least to have an idea of ​​what to start. We offer to familiarize yourself with the stages of work and that it will be necessary for this.

Selection of material

Materials for the manufacture of kitchen furniture should be maximally comply with the conditions for further operation of the headset. What do you plan to use for furniture housing:

  • Wooden variant of the massif - the classic of the genre;
  • from chipboard - budget;
  • From the old furniture, with proper ability, it may be almost free, not counting the cost of new fasteners and fittings.

In order to make the materials from the materials from the materials to make furniture, before starting work, be sure to study the instructions, how to make the headset items from this material. Everywhere there is its own specificity for each of the types of furniture.

Material type Features Dignity disadvantages
Array of wood Natural, eco-friendly material with a unique texture and color. Durable, depending on the type of breed, the service life of 15 years to several tens. The material is sensitive to moisture and temperature drops. Requires treatment with impregnations, antiseptics of all parts.
Chipboard The density of European samples exceeds domestic samples.

Articles on the topic (Click to see)

As part of more glue and paraffin.

Budget version of the material, easy to handle. It is easy to carve out the details. With low quality, it can have low strength and unpleasant odor.
Ledp. The surface is covered with a protective film in the production process (laminated). Cheaper MDF, resistant to rigid operating conditions. If the moisture-proof layer was applied with caching, then the film can fall behind.
MDF. The density can exceed natural wood. Superior chipboard in terms of strength and flexibility.

Convenient for molding. Suitable for decorative elements.

Painting is required, more expensive chipboard.
Plasterboard It is a sheet of construction paper layers with a layer of gypsum test with various additives. Practical, resistant to loads, long service life of structures.

It is possible to make a variety of designs.

Fragile, can crack in the process of work. Not intended for very large weight.

Deciding with the material from which you will make furniture for the kitchen with your own hands, carefully go to the selection directly on the spot.

An array of wood should have a uniform, tight pattern of annual rings. Be sure to make sure there are no cracks and chips, fiber bundles. Avoid wood with bitch. In the future, this material defect will affect the quality of the details.

Wood-chipboard must be smooth, without defects. Do not take unnecessarily thin sheets, as the frame of the furniture box will carry a sufficient load. If there is a protective film, it is better to take the lamination, and not a cached version. The perfect option is MDF.

Kitchen furniture with their own hands from drywall can be an excellent option, since moisture-resistant sheets have long been manufactured. The furniture made from this material can become a real decoration of your home. However, this material requires a wooden or other frame to which metal profile and details will be attached to the content.

Drawing of a kitchen with the size of all cabinets: the manufacture of furniture with your own hands

The idea of ​​self-development of an angular kitchen headset at first seems completely impracticable, but if you do not rush, everything will be not too complex. Creating a kitchen project, the basic rules should be known, the observance of which will make work less tedious.

In this article we will analyze the corner kitchens, features the location of cabinets, their size and consider the drawings.

The main three points of the application forces are a stove, refrigerator and washing. The stove is usually a central element in this triple, the refrigerator is placed on the right, to the left - washing.

The optimal location of the cutting table is between the stove and the refrigerator. The main principle of modern kitchen is compactness, the ability to reduce extra movement to a minimum. Corner kitchen provides all the possibilities for this. For content ↑

Independent design of the kitchen project

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Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

First of all, you need to proceed from the specific sizes of your own kitchen, taking into account: the size of the room, the location of communications and ventilation, windows, protrusions and niches, doorways.

At first, a simple room plan is created with the indication of all sizes and distances, the drawing of all cabinets will be drawn on its basis. Then you need to consider the options for household appliances and devices, immediately counting and commensuing them with the plan. Their dimensions need to be determined not by eye, but after attentive reading of the technical characteristics.

Then you need to calculate and select important items of the kitchen environment:

There may be different lengths, thickness and widths, so it is important to immediately think about which it will be dimensions.

The sizes of furniture for the kitchen in the drawings are on average the same. Top, mounted - can be up to 90 cm high, lower level - up to 90 mm. Standard depth - up to half a meter, while the table top should be wider than 4-6 mm. Mounted lockers are less deep, usually 30-40 cm (this is only a useful volume, without taking into account the facade).

The width of the lockers - the upper and lower - is determined only on the basis of the area of ​​the room, which will be appointed under them (30-100 cm). The bottom cabinet of the angular configuration is usually width of 80 to 90 cm. The upper corner lockers for the angle are a little already - up to 60 cm.

After reading the main standard sizes of kitchen cabinets and drawings, spending careful measurements, it should be solved whether it is possible to do with generally accepted dimensions of the elements or have to do non-standard models.

Non-standard lockers and bedside tables are also created if there is features of the room itself:

  • niche;
  • protrusions;
  • the location of communications that does not allow to enter standard options;
  • wiring - sockets to which there must be a free approach;
  • Own thoughtful project, which implies a non-standard approach to furnishings of the kitchen.

The protrusions and niches are leveled by playing with a depth of Tumb and cabinets - it increases or decreases. Cutouts are provided for outlets, which will have to accurately calculate at the stage of creating a common plan.

If your own project is embodied, you will have to create and calculate the size of kitchen furniture, drawings - for each exclusive part.

In general, you should follow the following sequence of actions:

  • accurately indicating all sockets, communications, pipes, as well as irregularities, protrusions and niches;
  • The arrangement of household appliances (with the couches, they usually have standard sizes);
  • Next, in the drawing, enter all elements with standard dimensions;
  • Only the last place are calculated and the part of the headset with special dimensions and an unusual configuration is calculated.

As the basis, you can take a ready-made drawing with dimensions and detail and change it in accordance with the dimensions of its kitchen. For content.

How to create a drawing of angular kitchen furniture

It is necessary to start to start from the lower tier - from the corner locker. By creating a starting point, you can continue to position the items:

  • household appliances (furniture in which it will be placed);
  • standard furniture parts;
  • non-standard supplements.

All parts in the drawing should be applied after an accurate calculation, pointing all distances and dimensions - the drawing of the kitchen with dimensions should be erroneous.

The initial element placed on the diagram is an angular locker. It can be both simple and trapezoidal.

The angular element is most often used under the sink, on the right and on the left are the cabinets for utensils or the installation of household appliances: washing machine, dishwasher, oven. Such a module can be designed as a pentagon (trapezoidal form, with an angle of 45 0).

On the network you can find ready-made schemes with the size of corner kitchen and drawings, any option - it will only be able to fit it under its ideas. For content ↑

Size calculation and detailing of cabinets

To understand how to assemble the thing, it should be "disassembled" to the components. In the drawings of kitchen cabinets, all the details are visible, you can correctly calculate the size of the future product, as well as assess the upcoming costs on the cutting.

According to the drawing of the corner with the size of the kitchen, a cutting card is compiled, which clearly demonstrates the consumption of the material. In addition, the exact knowledge of the number and sizes of parts facilitates the task of subsequent assembly.

Detailing is convenient to paint in the form of a table:

  • All parts are listed, including small;
  • It is indicated by the amount of each element;
  • The dimensions computed taking into account the characteristics of the room fit.

The sizes of each part fit into the same table - as accurately as possible, in millimeters. If there is a texture on the outside of the chipboard, you should also specify its direction in order not to forget about it when creating a cuisine cutting card.

All calculations are made taking into account the thickness of the sheet, so the type of material must be selected in advance to know its thickness. For example, the height of the outdoor locker consists of a height of vertical parts minus the thickness of the table top, its depth is not only the width of the shelves, but also the thickness of the facade and several millimeters, for which the tabletop performs above the case.

Examples of detailing of mounted and floor cabinets and drawers

Detailing upper lockers

For example, you can consider the corner wardrobe without installing drying for dishes.

Components of the corner locker

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Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

The vertical bar is provided for the design of the necessary stiffness. In the middle horizontal shelf, the excavation is cut for it.

By the same principle, the cabinet is detailed:

In the shelves, the holes are cut on the diameter of the ventilation pipe - usually it is a corrugation with a diameter of 110 to 150 mm. The lower shelf rises in accordance with the height of the ventilation device itself.

Cabinet for utensils

You can set a horizontal facade (one or two) horizontal facade (one or two) - it will open with the help of lifts.

By the same principle, you can detail any lockers - with radius (rounded) shelves, with open and closed shelves.

The detailing of the lower tubes also does not represent the problems - they are not more difficult at attachments. However, the rear wall should be eliminated for the sink of the sink, instead of it - a vertically located plank.

Corner version of the sketch of sink

Corner vertical strips

Rear horizontal planks

Horizontal planks internal

Such angular stands have drawback - the complexity in the full use of space under it. However, the problem is solvable - on sale there are structures for angular variants of furniture that allow you to almost completely use the existing volume.

You can pick up models of corner boxes for the kitchen, drawings and the schemes of which are online and on the sites of the appropriate subject.

You can use ready-made drawings of kitchen cabinets with dimensions - adapt them under the dimensions of their project.

In addition to the shelves, you can schedule retractable boxes. Single refinement: For their comfortable long-term use, it is better to purchase appropriate fittings. Regardless of the number and weight of the items placed in them, they should easily be advanced.

Such boxes can be installed as an additional storage volume, for example, under the integrated equipment.

Detail of the box installed in the shelf

Front and rear drawer

The detail shows that the box consists of 4 planks - two side, rear and facade. The width (that is, the length of the back and front) is calculated as follows: the thickness of the two side are taken away from the overall width. The size of the bottom must be smaller than the size of the drawer for 4 mm.

To push the box, you need guides, one on each side. Therefore, to calculate the width of the box on the width of the shelf space, in which it will be installed, you need to subtract the twin amount of the sidewall thicknesses and the guide.

To the box tightly closed, the guide should be shorter than the total depth of the cabinet or shelf on 5 mm (or more, but not less). For content ↑

How to do all measurements

It is necessary to remove the dimensions exactly - the speed and quality of work depend on this. The perimeter of the room is measured:

  • on plinths;
  • at the level of work surfaces (this is 85-95 cm);
  • At the height of the middle growth of a person.

The height will also have to check: remove the dimensions in several places. So the errors are detected in this parameter.

All distances to pipes, sockets, windows are measured from one point (from the angle) - it should be taken for the starting. The first stage of working on an independent project is a diagram of a kitchen with dimensions registered in millimeters (for accuracy).

Holding the size of the kitchen environment or adapting the finished drawing to their needs, attention should be paid to the provided gap along the wall. It is left intentionally, in case of an uneven wall. 5-7 cm of reserve helps to install furniture without significant alterations.

If irregularity is, the reserve allows you to slide the headset objects relative to each other, and then close the unnecessary space along the wall with a special plinth.

When determining the place for household appliances, you need to try to put it at a distance of at least 50 cm. The height needs to be counted, adding the distance above the floor. It usually is 10 cm, however, if the floor is very smooth and durable (tile, porcelain stoneware), and the headsets are planned from modern material (chipboard with MDF), then you can leave less - 6-7 cm.

If the headset is made of natural painted wood, then the distance must be more - 12-15 cm. With parquet and wooden painted floors, the distance should be even more - 18-20 cm.

The distance from the ceiling should be at least 25 cm. If there is a vent hole in the wall, the height of the headset should not exceed its lower side. In addition, in the presence of ventilation, the premises should be carried out at this height.

If there is a gas riser, you should immediately take into account that the employee of the gas service should not be any obstacles or difficulties for accessing it - it will be the minimally used zone. How content ↑

Schemes and drawings of the kitchen with dimensions

Having visited the furniture store, familiarized with the prices and type of products, very often many decide to make furniture on their own. For this, it is necessary, first of all, make drawing kitchen with your own hands. High-quality furniture headset is very expensive. Moreover, its sizes do not always correspond to the existing configuration and design of the corner kitchen.

Ready drawing of corner kitchen with refrigerator

Of course, you can order furniture, in the factory, but then the cost will be even higher. Therefore, the best solution to such a problem will be an independent manufacture of kitchen furniture.

This option has several advantages:

  • The scheme of the room will be made according to the size of the kitchen;
  • Maximum use of the area;
  • original unique design;
  • Cash savings.

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Beginning of work

Perhaps this is the most difficult question. Many simply do not imagine how to start such work.

The diagram you need to specify the location of the dining table. When designing, it will be necessary to solve the subject with the worktop. Perhaps the windowsill will be continuing. For corner kitchen, you will need to show the working area on the scheme.

Creamers planning and kitchen drawing

After all these issues are fully resolved, you must make the kitchen layout. It is desirable that all sizes and alignment of future furniture are indicated in very detail.

Today there are a lot of computer programs for planning a kitchen, in which you can get a visual, volumetric layout of the future corner kitchen. Naturally, during the creation of the scheme, the design of the future corner kitchen design is also developed.

Corner Corner Drawing Option

Only after that the drawing of the furniture headset is being developed. For content ↑

How to make a drawing kitchen

After all the nuances were taken into account, the design was developed and the color of the room was developed, the question was solved with the location of the corner headset, it is necessary to perform all measurements and perform the drawing of the kitchen. To do this, it is necessary to determine what will enter the kitchen set.

For an angular version, you will need an angular sink, a stand, upper sections and loose niches. In such niches, a washing machine, a dishwasher, refrigerator or stove can be placed.

The assembly of the kitchen headset can be quite successful, even if only the simplest scheme made on the notebook sheet. However, to get a better result, it is better to make accurate drawing of the kitchen. To do this, you can use the very well-known computer program PRO 100.

Development of design and drawing of the kitchen in the PRO 100 program

When drawing up the drawing, you should not forget about the gas pipe, mark the location of its inserts. In addition, you must specify where the pipe fitting will be held.

Opinion expert

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

The drawing should always have the maximum details for which the material cutting circuit is drawn up. It cannot be done without having a list of assembly parts corresponding to each furniture module. C content.

How to draw the kitchen

Each owner of the apartment comes such a moment when it takes a newly equipped his home. The first place is the problem of the kitchen planning with the sofa.

The question arises: how to draw a sketch and design of a kitchen in the house? So that the kitchen becomes comfortable, its project needs to be developed in advance. You can sketch to perform a simple pencil on a notebook sheet, but you can use a personal computer and make a kitchen drawing online.

Thus, you can take into account the subtleties of the room and give it the greatest functionality.

An example of an angular kitchen drawing with all the dimensions and designations

Recommendations for the development of the kitchen project

To paint the kitchen layout of 12 meters, several steps are required. Such phased work will allow the project to take into account the slightest nuances of the kitchen room.

At the first stage, a cement area is made. The length of the walls is measured, the size of door openings and windows, as well as the length of the plinths. Future furniture arrangement depends on each of these parameters.

With a gradual drawing drawing, it is necessary to pre-decide where to put the table, a kitchen cabinet, a fridge, a cooktop, a washing machine and a dishwasher.

Then, in the next step, the selected scale creates a rough diagram. All listed items are shown in it with a pencil. The scheme will show the most accurate location of the kitchen equipment relative to the wall. For content ↑

Kitchen design and his pencil drawing

To pencil to draw the project itself, you must first get the true size of the room.

Ready 3D design and kitchen design

The drawing is made in several projections: side view, rear view and main view.

The design of the interior and design of the kitchen-studios should begin with the development of the plan with the indication of all sizes. In addition, various protrusions and niches are drawn.

When there is a drawing of a future kitchen, the location of household appliances is defined, the installation of a furniture headset is drawn. This mainly concerns the working area of ​​the kitchen and dining room. In order for the project to be finished, it is necessary to show in the drawing, how engineering communications will be laid, where radiators will be.

Project version and kitchen drawing in a special program

The view of the future layout depends on the right location.

When professional layout is made, trunk communications are shown in the drawings, the location of the valves that require free access. Sometimes the installation of household appliances does not allow to use the wiring made.

Flexible hoses are used to solve such a problem. To independently draw the interior of a small kitchen of 6 meters, you need when placing furniture, take into account all communications: gas, water, wiring.

The installation of furniture should not interfere with their normal operation. How content ↑

Computer programs designed to develop kitchen planning pattern

When developing a design and planning of a kitchen of 20 meters, it is selected: Color gamut, style and suitable furniture material. For these purposes, a lot of computer programs were developed: Pro 100, Aston Dizayn, Sweet Home 3, Google Sketchup, Home Plan Pro.

They all have their own drawbacks and advantages with which it is easy to get acquainted on the Internet, where their full description is given. For content ↑


Opinion expert

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

When there is a phased compilation of the design of the kitchen, the pencil is shown the location of the kitchen appliances. At the same time, the washing machine is better spaced near the washing, as it requires constant water supply and draining.

The cooking surface must be far from the refrigerator. Computer program Usually the work area has between the stove and washing.

Kitchen furniture must have drawers, it is much better than the cabinet sash.

Interior option kitchen with mounted household appliances

After the phased formation of the project below, the upper project is being developed.

Built-in hood is installed under the cabinet. Cabinet, can replace the fireplace extract. A drying wardrobe is very often installed above the sink.

Installation of the refrigerator

The refrigerator must be installed away from the stove and sink. It adversely affects the presence of high humidity. It is very important to take into account his dimensions.

Place installation sockets

When electrically sockets are correctly located in any room, living room or kitchen, becomes more cozy. Today in our apartments there is a lot of different home appliances, so if you do not plan the installation of sockets in advance, a large number of extension agents will appear in the room.

The kitchen always requires a greater supply of electricity, since almost all appliances are located on its square.

Scheme installation sockets in the kitchen

To a great regret, when the ergonomic design of the corner kitchen is planned, the development of a plan for installing outlets is ignored.

As a result, there are great difficulties when you want to connect any device. So that this does not happen, you need to make a plan on which to specify the exact location of the technique.

Installation of kitchen sockets is not limited to only one walls. They can be placed on the work apron or right on the table top.

When built-in household appliances are used, it is allowed to install outlets from behind the walls of the furniture. In this case, the installation height from the floor plane should not exceed 60 cm.

To the outlet there is free access, special holes are cut in the walls of the kitchen furniture. Safety, sockets for built-in household appliances should be located at a distance of less than one meter from the device.

The extractor is considered stationary technique, so for it the installation of the socket is made above the kitchen furniture for about five centimeters. When sockets are installed, the location of the ventilation corrugation is taken into account.

Access to the power grid must be free, the corrugated-line should not impede it.

What can be a kitchen: do it yourself drawings and schemes + 4 stages of creating a headset

After visiting the store and view the "transcendental" prices for kitchen furniture, did you think about creating a headset with your own hands? Do not rush to argue that the task is impossible. In this article, I will try to prove not only the benefit from my own performed kitchens, but let's tell you in detail how to do them.

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Stage 1. Design

With some large-scale work, sometimes it is difficult to understand why it is difficult to get enough and where to start. And it is necessary to start with the manifestation of your imagination to the maximum that needs to be used in the design process.

Work on the concept

First, decide on the appearance of the future kitchen. Clearly imagine what you want to see it, where to put a locker or another type, plate, which materials to use.

Did not hide the sleepy gave, but this is not a problem

Next, you will need to sketch the headset. Special artistic skills for this will not need, you can (moreover, I strongly recommend) use special programs for 3D modeling. Quite simple and convenient "Pro 100".

Before creating a sketch, carefully measure each centimeter of the room and perform modeling according to the data obtained.

What should be considered

The color three-dimensional circuit of the corner kitchen should accommodate all the necessary elements.

So you need not to forget about:

  • Corner sink and end of it;
  • At least two stands on the right and to the left of the sink. They can serve both cabinets for storing kitchen utensils, and to become a niche for a washing machine, a glass cabinet or dishwasher;
  • upper sections (minimum 2 units);
  • Place for stationary technique (refrigerator, for example).

Do not forget to specify in the project all the details

Regardless of the size of the kitchen, remember that according to the requirements of the ergonomics of space, the length of the countertop should not be less than 50 cm. The corner module under the sink is best to do a trapezoidal (pentighed) with an angle of 45 degrees.

To avoid confusion in the future, do not forget about the designation on the sketch of places to install the exhaust and gas pipe.

Perform measurements

No drawing will be accurate without correct measurements.

To create a full-fledged layout and select the size of the cabinets, you need to measure:

For greater accuracy, it is better to carry out measurements several times.

  • the length of the walls along which the headsets will be located;
  • wall height;
  • distance from the window to the wall;
  • Distance from door to the wall.

Next, it is worth calculating the magic switches.

Standard dimensions are:

  • 85 cm - for height;
  • 45-50 cm - in depth;
  • 30-80 cm - for width.

If the drawing of the corner kitchen with dimensions and detailing for you is an unbearable task, there is an elegant and simple solution. Download a ready-made online plan, pickup option suitable for your kitchen. Below you will find several popular schemes.

One of the most popular kitchen circuits

Another claimed version of the corner layout

Scheme for small rooms

Do not know how the kitchen is designed with your own hands - drawings + sizes to help you

Card cutting

When the most detailed drawing is ready, it is necessary to take care of the compilation of a card cutting card. This is a documentation that reflects the number, view and size of the elements necessary for sawing the chipboard sheet.

One example of card cutting for headset

Card cutting can be done independently or using the program.

In it you will need to determine the dimensions of each locker, consisting of:

  • top and bottom;
  • two side walls;
  • rear wall of the lung, but durable sheet chipboard;
  • edges;
  • shelves;
  • facade.

Also do not forget about the tabletop and the kitchen apron. For content ↑

Stage 2. Purchase of materials

When all preliminary work is carried out, you can safely go to a specialized store for the necessary materials. They can also be ordered by sawing chipboard or MDF. It is possible to do this on yourself, but is it not better to entrust the process to specialists with the necessary equipment?

Specialists can cut the selected material on the specified card

In addition to the basics for the headset, do not forget about suitable fittings.

  • neat handles;
  • loops;
  • Retractable mechanisms.

Do not forget about important elements of kitchen accessories content ↑

Stage 3. Assembling headset

When all drawings are ready, and the materials are purchased, one can safely move to the most important stage - the installation of the headset.

To successfully spend it, you will need to get the necessary tools, we will need:

The assembly is impossible without a proper tool

  • Screwdriver - practically any model is suitable;
  • Perforator with a set of different drills and an adapter on a drill with a tree drill;
  • Hexagon for connecting cabinet elements;
  • Galla line;
  • building level;
  • hammer and pliers;
  • awl;
  • Self-tapping screw 3x16, 3x30 or confirmates 50x7.

Also prepare the iron to smooth the edge of the table top.

Assembling the main cabinets

If you have no experience in the assembly headset, it should be carried out slowly and following all recommendations. If you screw the item not to the place, it will have to disassemble it, which is fraught with a decrease in the fastening strength.

Instructions for mounting kitchen cabinets looks like this:

  1. First of all, put the side shelf to end and do in it 3 non-core holes on top and bottom under wooden staples. One is located exactly in the center, two others - at a distance of 40 mm from the edge.
  1. Connect the cross-shaped cruciform for the door to the side boards (later to do it is not so comfortable). Source from below and on top of two marks, do small holes in them and install the mount with the help of screws.

Fastening under the door or retractable mechanism should be installed before the final assembly of the cabinet

  1. If you plan to create a closet with a retractable mechanism, the rails for it should be fixed at this stage.
  2. In the non-split holes made earlier, put on the glue of wooden chops (they are the seasons), which will help to make a more even and durable frame. Holes done in the bottom, suck the board to the seasons and squeeze the boards with each other at right angles. Total you should get a L-shaped design.

Wooden Cooks Strengthen Design

  1. In the same way, we attach the second side wall and the top panels under the tabletop.
  2. Check the formed box for symmetry. Measure both diagonally, the difference between them should not exceed the pairs of millimeters.

The base of the locker must be symmetrical

  1. Using a hexagon, screw the furniture screws near the joints to strengthen the design. On top of them are plastic plugs in the tone of the furniture.
  2. Screw the legs to the bottom and adjust their height.

Fastening the legs of labor will not be

  1. It remains with the help of small nails or a construction stapler to rinse the back cover of the locker in a step of 7 cm. In the cabinet under the sink, the rear wall is not attached.

For hinged lockers, do not forget to secure accessories for their wall mounting.

Assembling drawn boxes

Collect drawers can be several ways.

I will offer the simplest:

  • The first thing you need to do is chop down holes. This is done by drill in 4 and 10 mm. The first is used for through holes, the second is to deepen the hats of the screws.

You will need two drills of different sizes.

  • To connect all components as soon as possible, draw pre-markup. On one side of the box with a pencil, the strip is a width equal to the chipboard thickness. How to do it, can be seen in the photo.

The drawn line will help make smooth recesses.

  • Thin drill do 2 through holes on both sides of the plank. Take the same procedure with the rest of the planks.

The hole should be done exactly between the edge of the plank and the scheduled line

  • Connect the two parts of the drawer and screw the screws strictly perpendicularly.

Installation of self-tapping screws should pass strictly perpendicular to

The bottom of the box is attached by small nails

  • It remains only to consolidate the guides. They are installed with self-reserves through the factory holes.

Drill on the available holes

  • At the end, attach a handle to the box.

Mounting washing

After moving your hand on mounting cabinets and boxes, you can move to the fastening of the built-in car wash:

  1. Make full washing measurements, draw according to your drawing on the tabletop.

If there was a mile with a sink, then you need to draw on it

  1. Drill an impressive hole in the tabletop, after which the jigsion is brought to the desired size and shape. Cut a hole is better widden - someone must hold the tabletop so that after the cropped piece disappears, it did not damage the coating.

Cut hole should be carefully and slow

  1. The contour slept, just like the bottom joints of the sink, treat the sealant.
  2. Mine washing with clamps included in the kit.
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Stage 4. Folding tabletop installation

All parts of the headset are collected, installed in their places and are adjusted by the construction level?

It's time to do the installation of countertops.

When the cabinets are placed in place, it's time to take at the table top

Check the height of the headset

  • Make markup on the worktop and screaming it from the specified jigsaw lines with small teeth.
  • Place the tabletop on the lockers, leaving between it and the wedge of 3-5 mm. Do not be afraid, then it can be easily closed by a plinth.
  • The tabletop is mounted with special attachments that are driven into the surface from below, passing through the upper panel of the floor cabinet.

Example of attachment countertops

  • Pulling table tops in the corner occurs due to a special metal strip covering the slot between the two surfaces.

Gap between two half countertops hides a metal plank

  • In the end of the iron or hairdryer, glue the decorative furniture edge to the place.

Opinion expert

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years has been designing interiors, professional architectural content.

Kitchen headset with their own hands

If there is no possibility to buy finished furniture, you can make a kitchen headset with your own hands. This is a profitable solution for small rooms, which are difficult to choose the sets of modules from manufacturers.

Pros and cons of independent creation of a kitchen headset

Many consumers are confident that the cabinet furniture is manufactured in large shops under the control of complex equipment. But in reality, the overwhelming majority of inexpensive modular kitchens produce private traders.

There is nothing complicated in this process. Therefore, there are no obstacles in order to make your own hands a kitchen set at home.

In large shops, we cut off the canvas, from which the modules are subsequently collect. You can and independently make a sawing with an electrolybiz.

In this case, it is unlikely to achieve the high accuracy of the dimensions of the parts. But this method allows you to get the furniture is not worse than purchased.

How to make a kitchen headset with your own hands, will prompt step-by-step instructions.

The advantages of this approach to the kitchen arrangement are several:

  1. The ability to accommodate the maximum of useful elements into a small space: drawers, bottled, narrow and suspension compartments;
  2. Choosing the most suitable design of facades;
  3. saving money;
  4. Getting useful experience.

Minus in the independent manufacture of furniture only 1 is labor and temporary costs. For content ↑

Select design

Kitchen headsets can have the most different color and design solution. Choosing the design, take into account several points:

  • configuration and size of the room;
  • Refrigerator location;
  • the need to embed household appliances under the tabletop;
  • dominant colors in the kitchen interior;
  • The method of illumination of the working surface.

Most kitchens offered by manufacturers are modular type designs. Similar can be collected from furniture shields with their own hands.

Any headsets must have 3 lines:

  1. Lower, or base. These are the household appliances under the table top. At this level, the most bulky items have. The cabinets are equipped with drawers.
  2. Medium, or working surface. Includes several elements: worktop and all that is on it: washing, cooking panel. When choosing a design headset, it is important to choose the right height of this line. It should be the most convenient for all family members. The middle line may be a broken, combining different elements in height. This is a creative trend in the design of furniture for the kitchen.
  3. Top. At this level are hinged cabinets.

Italian manufacturers are often included in the Garnitur Models 1 or 2 vertical lines. They can be created with high narrow penalties, refrigerators, cabinets complex and Tumb.

In the design of the kitchen, the color solution and design of facades is crucial. Practical option - finishing with high-strength plastic.

Other design methods are also possible:

  • Glass or drawn stained glass windows;
  • rattan;
  • Relief surface.

Opinion expert

Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

There is a choice headset for the kitchen, like a monoblock. It represents several multi-level Tumbas, combined by one table top. Such models are drawn up in High-tech, techno or non-shutter.

In the angular headsets, the location relative to each other refrigerator, washing and cooking panel (or plates) is important. Optimal is considered an equilateral triangle with a length of 150 cm. C content.

Necessary materials and tools

The kitchen headsets are made from different materials. Recommended:

At the planning stage of the design and selection of design, the issue with the material is solved. LDSP is the same chipboard from chipboard, but laminated. Since the surface of the canvas is protected, it gives the products strength and moisture resistance. But the structure of the panels remains as loose, poorly holding the elements of the fastening of Tumb and cabinets.

More durable material - MDF. Its production does not use substances harmful to human health: phenol and various resins. The canvas are obtained by a method of vacuum pressing wood dust. The front side is covered with laminated paper or veneer. Manufacturers offer a wide range of options for decorating these panels.

Furniture shields are favorable material in order to properly do kitchen head. Shields are made of thin pine boards, birch, oak and other tree breeds. The boards are firmly connected by the gluing method.

You can also make a kitchen set of plasterboard with your own hands. All its elements are stationary and unintended.

The frame is mounted from metal products. Curvilinear hinged cabinets and cabinets are made of drywall, which gives the kitchen effect and uniqueness.

For cutting parts, moisture-resistant GKL thickness from 12 mm are used. The size of such kitchen cabinets can be very different.

The following tools will be required for the manufacture and assembly of furniture:

  • Measuring (level, roulette, line);
  • electrolovik;
  • screwdriver;
  • screwdriver kit;
  • Passatia;
  • a hammer;
  • clamps;
  • Building stapler and brackets;
  • Corolnic

In the process of manufacturing kitchen furniture, there is a need to protect the ends of each element of Tumb and cabinets. To do this, glue a special edge tape.

If it has an adhesive base, fixation is carried out using an iron or a hairdryer. If the edge is delicious, it is attached to the surfaces by gluing. The processing process of the ends is called adhesion.

For assembling parts of the kitchen headset, such fittings will be required:

  • Door hinges for swing cabinets (overhead, mortise, furniture makers prefer to install specialized crocodiles loops);
  • doorknobs;
  • legs for tube;
  • wall mounts for hinged cabinets;
  • Guides: ball or roller;
  • Metal cakes for drawers with high load;
  • Retractable cargo systems.

The mounting of parts can be carried out with the help of sheets or special confirm screws. For content.

Assembling elements

The kitchen headsets are collected with their own hands from individual parts that are cut on the specified dimensions. Those who have no experience in making cabinet furniture, it is recommended to first perform a draft assembly.

For this, thin black screws are suitable, which are 1-2 cm less selected as fasteners. After that it becomes clear how to properly perform sawing, manufacturing items, and which errors were allowed.

Step-by-step instructions will help not be mistaken in the sequence of work during self-assembly.

Teaching equipment:

  1. The canvas that will be the bottom of the stands (horizontal) are laid on a flat surface.
  2. To the horizontal attach the side wall at right angles.
  3. A drill with a special drill (thin) drill holes for confirmates. The drill must pass through the side wall cloth and enter the end of the horizontal.
  4. Screw screws.
  5. Similarly, fasten the second side wall.
  6. Connect the side walls with the rear with the help of screws.
  7. Fasten guides for drawer.
  8. Pleep the door for the kitchen headset on the loop crocodiles.

Installation of upper lockers is similar:

  • Collect bottom and side walls.
  • Strengthen the design with the help of the rear wall.
  • Fasten the top horizontal.
  • Mount shelves
  • Place the doors.

The rear walls are made of Fiberboard sheets and are not fixed on the self-tapping screw, but on the brackets. You can use fine nails and hammer for these purposes. If the design is massive, the rear wall is fixed on screws.

To install the legs, the cabinet laid the side. Find a central point of attachment of each support. The legs should be located at a distance of 50 mm from each edge of the lower horizontal. The optimal choice will be metallic supported support.

Tightening drawer assembly:

  1. With the help of configmatics, 4 planks are collected so that the box is without the bottom and the cover.
  2. Measure the diagonals whose lengths must match.
  3. Guides are fastened to both side walls of the box.
  4. Install the box on the panel, which will serve as a bottom, and connect these elements by the confirmates.
  5. Facade is installed on the front strip. A variant is possible when the front of the foreframe is in its quality. But this method of creating cuisines is rarely used.
  6. Install the handle.
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Types of kitchen cabinets

Fundamentally different designs have mounted and floor cabinets.

Among the mounted modules, the following varieties can be distinguished:

  • Straight kitchen cabinet . The typical design is complemented by shelves, sometimes boxes or dishwashes built-in backlight. It can be closed by one door or two, horizontally or vertically.
  • Corner kitchen cabinet . Most often use trapezoid symmetric design. Sometimes it is replaced with a M-shaped, in which there is not one bevelled door, and two, located perpendicular to each other.
  • Cabinet for hood . The design varies for different embedded hoods. Before designing, it is better to watch the nuances of the building of a particular model in the supasport.
  • Cabinet over refrigerator . If the refrigerator is low, then you can place an extra storage space above it. Its advantage is an enlarged depth, compared to the rest of the mounted modules.
  • Hinged modules with built-in household appliances - microwave, gas column, aerogrill, etc. Designed individually, under the accommodation in the kitchen and the dimensions of the items themselves.

Outdoor kitchen cabinets can also be divided by types:

  • Straight. Standard box design is complemented by a nested shelf or drawers, various storage systems.
  • Corner. Unlike attached cabinets, trapezoidal angular cabinets are rarely used - too many space they "eat". But straight with a false panel and Mr.-shaped with a transformer door are popular.
  • Facial. Usually finish a row of kitchen with a rounded or bevelled module. It has a characteristic triangular design, equipped with a direct or radius door. Or remains open, with rounded or speiled shelves.
  • Under the sink . The fundamental differences in the design of the table washing from corner and direct kitchen tumbers are two - the absence of the back wall and the plank, to which the countertop is mounted, are located vertically, so as not to interfere with the cut of the sink bowl. The length and depth of the couch should correspond to the sizes.
  • Under the embedded oven . The cabinet has a niche of 600x600 for the location of the oven. In some models you need to provide additional ventilation (a special grill is embedded in a tabletop).
  • Pencils. Most often developed under the building of household appliances - the refrigerator, the oven, microwave, washing or dishwasher. But it is not uncommon options and pencils with shelves and drawers decorated under the buffet.
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Even with a small experience of carpentry work, you can cope with the task. Production of the kitchen will allow:

  • Reduce the cost of the headset several times (minimum of 2). The difference is especially noticeable, if the standard set of furniture is not suitable, you need to be made to order;
  • Create an individual design scheme that matches the functional requirements;
  • Make a unique set, give it the original form;
  • To be confident in high quality assembly at minimal cost.

Luxurious corner kitchen under a tree with a dark table top

At the same time, it will take time to spend time on the development of drawings and schemes for making a kitchen headset with their own hands, the choice of material, the process of manufacture and assembly itself. It is necessary to have skills to work with tools - this guarantees a quick result.

Kitchen set appointed with their hands with beautiful facades of the upper box content ↑

Features of measurement

It is first necessary to decide which the design will be: angular, as in the photo, or straight. The first allows you to save space.

For a beginner easier to perform a modular design of the direct type. It is easier to move away from the wall if necessary, it is easier to replace or repair a separate locker.

To make an angular kitchen with your own hands, you can use photo drawings with dimensions:

Draft lower cabinets of the future kitchen headset

Attention! In the manufacture of a kitchen with your own hands, drawings and schemes must be performed after purchasing embedded equipment and washing to take into account their size. If you get ready-made facades, you should navigate their parameters.

Creating kitchens from plywood do it yourself

When determining the design scheme, you need to consider:

  • The presence of gas, sewer pipes and water pipes - when installing will have to make a removal for them, and the cabinet under the sink is made without the rear wall. For stability, it is necessary to fix the wall structural walls with metal corners;
  • The size of the exhaust - for it you can make a special locker;
  • Dryer dimensions in the dishwasher. It is better to purchase it in advance and under it to adjust the dimensions of the suspended module.

Connecting filters for water and other communications

Corner kitchen is designed to take into account the same features. For suspended cabinets, you need to determine the convenient height of the location. You can use for the manufacture of cuisine with your hands drawings and diagrams in the photo:

Calculation of a typical locker for a modular kitchen

Another drawing that can be used in practice

The process of assembling the kitchen with their own handle content ↑

Main details

After determining the number of cabinets and their size, you can proceed to the manufacture of parts.

Marking places under fasteners

The standard cabinet consists of 4 parts:

  1. Horizontal (2 pcs). It is located between the side walls, which is attached to confirm screws. Its width should be less than the finished cabinet for two thicknesses of the side walls. If the slab chipboard is 1.6 cm, and the width of the cabinet is 80 cm, then the size of the horizontal: 80- (1.6 * 2) = 76.8 cm;
  2. Side wall (2 pcs);
  3. Shelf (more often 1 pcs). It can be screwed to the walls, then in width it should be equal to the horizontal. If you make it removable and put on the police stationers, for convenient installation you need to make it 3 mm already horizontally;
  4. Rear wall (1 pcs). To facilitate the design is made of fiberboard. Height and width must be less than 5 mm housing parameters. This eliminates the walls of the walls with small errors.

Outlooking material for future headset

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Smirnova Ekaterina Anatolyevna

7 years engaged in design interiors, professional architect

Details are cut out by the jigsaw after thorough measurements. You can order when buying materials.

It will be done for an additional fee. There are already blanks on the furniture enterprise for which it is carried out.

Standardly their size is multiple 15, which must be taken into account when drawing up drawings and schemes for the kitchen headset. Make blanks can both individually, but it is more expensive.

Finished parts for each module must be numbered to eliminate confusion in subsequent works.

Lower kitchen cabinets in the content assembly ↑

Processing billets

When moisture gets inside the cut, the product swells and deform. Avoid this will help sticking the edge to the edges of all parts. It must be combined with color billets. On the one hand, it is treated with glue, which melts when exposed to high temperature.

Silicone Corners Corners of Drawers

Racking is performed using an iron and dense tissue:

  • Iron is heated to the average temperature;
  • The item must be put up with a cut up, measured and cut off the edge (with a reserve of 2-3 cm), attach to cut;
  • Heat the edge with iron, tightly pressing it to the details. Movement smooth, in one place you can not linger for a long time so as not to burn the tape. Glue will boost a little. Without waiting for cooling, press the cloth rolled into several layers;
  • After cooling, the protruding edges of the edge are trimmed by a stationery knife, not scratching the surface of the workpiece;
  • Cropped edges gently process the file so that there are no sharp and clinging sites.

Edge of the ends with their own hands

For convenience, to build a stand for blanks from the board and two bars that are attached to it. Between them you can put the item, having freeing your hands for edding.

Treatment of lacquer facade kitchen headlope content ↑

Assembly and mounting

Before performing work, it is necessary to sort parts for each velocity to make sure that the time when assembling is assembling.

Lower cabinets

Lower cabinet assembly headset for kitchen

All items are connected in the following order:

  1. Collect the retractable box (one or more, depends on the model). To the external parties to attach guides for the retractable mechanism, the parts of which are attached to the side walls of the cabinet;
  2. Twist horizontal and side details of the box, fasten the shelf or holders;
  3. Check the diagonal - put the body face part to the floor, tape measure measure the distance from opposite angles, it should be the same;
  4. After nourishing the back wall first on the one hand, re-check the diagonal. Fasten through all edges, the distance between nails or 10 cm screws;
  5. Fasten the legs, turning the tube upside down.

Build lower cabinets for future kitchen

Install to the desired location, then screw the doors. After installing Tumba, you can fix the worktop.

Top units

The principle of building assembly is similar to the bottom cabinets. Consign the upper modules using mounting slats: one is screwed to the wall, the other to the closet.

Previously need to determine at what level mounted modules will be located. In order for the bar to be smooth, you need to use the level for the line of its future location.

It is impossible to measure the distance from the floor to the routine plank to avoid irregularities and distortions.

Fastening the upper cabinets on the mounting bar

After fixing the tire on the surfaces, you can hang cabinets. Check their location by the level, using a clamp to pull the modules between themselves. Between the tool and walls of cabinets to install wooden strips, so as not to spoil the surface.

Top cabinets kitchen headset before and after painting

Fasten the cabinets with each other will help intersection ties for which you need to drill holes inside the housings. To prevent the chips to keep the wooden bar at the drill outlet. Works are completed by mounting the doors on the top cabinets.

The final stage of kitchen assembly with carved facades do it yourself

Article author

7 years is engaged in interior design, professional architectural

Kitchen Kitchen-living room design with bar counter

The furniture for the kitchen is mainly made of wood materials. MDF, chipboard, OSB is resistant to moisture, do not deform under the action of temperature drops, have sufficient mechanical strength. But in most cases, such facades imitate wood, since this material from aesthetic point of view is extremely attractive.

Alpine-style kitchen

Kitchen headsets from wood and are the benchmark that mimic the other materials.

Features of a wooden headset

In fact, not everything is so rosy. Of course, the tree has an exceptional external attractiveness, however, has a number of features, thanks to which they have earned a reputation for the material of the capricious and requiring attention:

  • Wood has its own rich color gamut and a unique wood pattern. It does not require additional finishes, as it is attractive in itself;
  • This does not exclude a variety of decorative work, which can be produced with a tree: a relief surface, thread, overhead decorative elements turn each headset into unique;
  • The tree is very pleasant to the touch, as it retains the temperature, but does not heat;
  • Alas, facades from the wood array are prone to cracking and drying. Wood reacts to temperature and humidity drops. To somehow slow down this process, it is necessary to equip the kitchen with a powerful hood and maintain a constant humidity at 60-75%;
  • Tree in the sun fade over time. The material is protected by varnishes;
  • Furniture made of natural wood requires careful circulation and care. The surface should be treated with wax or butter to prevent the moisture action, periodically update the lacquer coating. The emerging scratches and scratching must be lifted and lacquered;
  • Products from the wood array are always much more expensive.

Last consideration and makes homemade craftsmen try to make furniture with their own hands using both wood and wood materials. The kitchen headset under the tree in the photo below can serve as an illustration.

Kitchen Light Tree Modern

Design headset

Furniture of this kind is determined by 2 components: body and facade. The housing determines the functionality of the attachment or floor cabinet: the capacity of the compartments, the presence or absence of shelves and retractable elements, the ability to install additional equipment.

Facades - actually doors, determine the appearance of the furniture. Kitchen design, in essence, depends on the design of the facade.

Constructively facades are divided into 2 categories:

  • Shield - solid . The facade is a solid flat plane. This solution emphasizes the drawing of the tree, reports the headset with conciseness. In addition, such a facade is easier to use, as an interior tool: Vertical facades increase the height of the room, horizontal make it spacious;
  • Frame facade - its design from a wooden frame and fililenies inserted into it . The latter can be performed from wood, from MDF, from glass, from a lattice design. This option is usually used in classic styles and allows you to make the facade more decorative.

Light wooden kitchen

In mass production, the facade is very rare, and even more so the entire body is made entirely of wood - it is very expensive, and the result is unpredictable. Even with the most carefully caring, the tree can be a story or deform, especially in such a room, like a kitchen. Most often, the shield facades are made from a splice bar, which, due to the different direction of woody fibers, does not allow sash to change the geometric dimensions.

The pilient flaps are collected from MDF or the same fascinated bar and placed in a wooden frame. This not only reduces the cost of production, but also makes furniture more resistant to temperature and humidity drops.

Wood breeds

Wooden kitchen headset will be more durable, the better it takes care and than from the more resistant wood it is made.

  • Oak serves as a kind of standard . This breed refers to the middle-proper and solid. But its resistance to moisture is unique: from water and pair, the tree is only stronger. In addition, wood is impregnated with tanning substances that ensure the unique durability of such furniture.

However, a kitchen set of wood with their own hands as in the photo, it is hardly possible to make it possible. Oak is a very expensive tree and difficult to handle. Oak kitchens are produced on special equipment most often to order.

Kitchen set under the tree classic

  • Ash I am inferior to the oak in strength and durability, but has an exclusively rich color scheme. The ash facades are decorated with carvings, as the tree is more fitful.
  • Beech. This tree is perfectly tedious. In addition, beech has high flexibility, which allows you to perform radius facades from it. Not my own hands, of course, since this requires special equipment.
  • Birch refers to the soft rocks of the tree, and therefore and much cheaper. The mechanical strength of the furniture is lower, it is quite easy to scratch or damage. However, birch perfectly tolerate moisture, which makes it quite a suitable material. In addition, the tree is very beautiful.
  • Pine - The most affordable material for manufacture. The breed is not too well tolerates temperature drops. Since pine is a coniferous breed, high resin content provides resistance to moisture. However, it is necessary to care for the material carefully: pine is prone to rotting.

Pine is the best option for the personnel manufacture of furniture: available at cost, fuel in processing, allows you to use different ways to process and decorate.

Production of a kitchen headset from a tree

It is necessary to take for such work only if there are appropriate skills. Furniture is a rather complicated design, and the furniture for the kitchen should also be as functional as possible. If the finished set is only necessary to collect correctly, then when independent manufacture, it is necessary to design the headsets, cut the material, collect and separated accordingly.

Oak kitchen photos


This stage includes all preparatory work and creating work drawings.

Measure the size of the kitchen

  1. First, the old furniture is completely dismantled, and the walls and the floor are cleaned.
  2. Then determine the type of kitchen - straight, angular. P-shaped, and develop a sketch. At the same time, they do not forget that the finished kitchen includes not only furniture, but also the equipment and dimensions of this equipment need to know quite accurately.
  3. Permanently produce at least 3 levels: 15 cm from the floor, at a distance of 1.5 m from the floor and almost at the ceiling. Walls are rare when perfectly smooth and when designing and installation, this should be considered.
  4. Determine the dimensions of each element - the cabinet, the floor cabinet, the mounted cabinet, foam.
  5. Develop a drawing - it can be done on your own, find a ready-made drawing or order. If you contact students of the relevant university, the drawing will cost much cheaper.

Sketch of kitchen headset

Cutting material

Make a kitchen set is best made of furniture shields. You can reduce the cost of the kitchen, if you perform the case, for example, from plywood. The latter is very resistant to temperature and humidity drops, does not change the size and is distinguished by strength.

Make a card cutting - that is, they develop a scheme for the placement of all elements on the furniture shield in order to use the material as efficiently as possible.

Card cutting DVP

The following rules are followed:

  • From the edge of the shield, no less than 10 mm remains;
  • 4 mm of stock is left per propyl;
  • If the shield is necessary to cut, then in the place of the slice also leave a stock in 4 mm;
  • Elements need to be placed so that it propyl was through.

Cutting chipboard

Independently, the elements are cut off with a jigsaw, electric saw. However, it is better if the cut will be cut in the workshop: a professional tool provides a more smooth cut.

Assembly process

The kitchen headset assembly consists of 2 stages, which, however, are performed alternately: the assembly of each module is a mounted or floor cabinet, and installation. It is not recommended to collect all the details of the headset at once, since in the assembled form they will take a lot of space, and the installation of the kitchen itself is a long-term process.

  1. All obtained parts after cutting are sorted, the elements of the upper and lower tier are unfolded separately.
  2. Billets are treated with antiseptics.

The set of finished furniture includes all the necessary fasteners. With independent manufacture, this should be taken care of itself: they will need selflessness, wooden chops, furniture fasteners, fittings.

  1. Collect floor cabinets according to the drawing. First, the lateral walls, then the bottom item. If retractable boxes are assumed, the guides are fixed on the walls. Lastly fix the rear wall. The worktop is mounted after installing the entire lower tier.
  2. Then the bottom module is then installed. Start with a corner or with what is adjacent to the wall. If the washing is provided in it, the rear walls make holes for water supply and sewage. The height of the product is regulated, if there is such an opportunity. The height and location of the next cabinet are adjusted by the angular module.
  3. All items must be tightened to make the lower tier one. Wedding sash.
  4. Collect hinged cabinets in the same way: the side walls are assembled, then the back wall.
  5. The planks are fixed on the wall, the bolts screw themselves and hang on them mounted lockers. Only after that the sash is fixed.
  6. Elements of the upper tier also be sure to tighten.
  7. The finished headsets decorated: treated with varnish - in 3 layers, stained, open with wax.

The manufacture of a wooden kitchen headset requires skills and patience. It is necessary to correctly determine the size, develop a sketch suitable for the interior of the kitchen, cut out the material and collect furniture. However, the result is worth it.

The furniture from the array was valued at all times. Quality products can serve as centuries, but their value is quite high. An alternative can be a kitchen headset made of wood made with their own hands.

Advantages and disadvantages

An independent manufacture can twice the cost of the kitchen, and can increase it at times. After all, each error leads to additional flow rate and materials.

Therefore, the director of the work should be impartially to appreciate its strength and objectively weigh all the "for" and "against".


  • control of all assembly stages;
  • the use of really high-quality and safe materials;
  • awareness of all weaknesses and defects;
  • freedom in choosing sizes, colors and design;
  • Saving finance.

When the set of natural wood is done "for themselves", only high-quality materials are taken: to the end of wood, safe glue and varnish, corporate fittings, etc.

The manufacturer who put the manufacture of furniture on the flow can "close the eyes" on small flaws and shortcomings - but in the manufacture of furniture at home, the whole marriage will be eliminated. If it is not possible to eliminate the defect itself (there is not enough skills and experience) - it will save awareness of the existing defect (knowing about the poorly attachment of a separate shelf, it will not be loaded with heavy objects in the process).

It is also worth considering: in the absence of labor costs, free funds appear on the purchase of higher quality materials. And this positively affects the service life of furniture made by independently.


  • The complexity of the process. Not every novice carpenter is able to make a whole kitchen with her own hands;
  • Large personal time;
  • Any marriage leads to additional truths of finance and time.

A person, far from such work, is unlikely to begin his career of the joiner with a full-fledged carved oak headset. Only having the necessary skills, a certain set of tools and the appropriate experience, can be taken for so large-scale projects. So immediately soberly appreciate your own strength to avoid most problems.

Tips Novikom

Each breed of wood has its own characteristics. Professional joinears for decades will find out similar "tricks". Learn everything is impossible, but there are a number of general rules:

  1. Do not do anything from freshly edged trees. After such wood dry, it can be a story. The headset will lose sight, slots will appear on the joints, moving parts will be bad and closed.
  2. Radial and tangential cuts must be sorted. Wood with different cuts dry in different ways.
  3. By purchasing materials, it is necessary to take them with a certain reserve and in length, and in thickness. "Extra" materials will leave when grinding and delivering from flambers. Trimming will be useful for "trial" options. The percentage of "stock" depends on the skill of the joiner.
  4. In the preparation of the project, it is necessary to take into account not only the dimensions of the product, but also the weight of the elements separately, as well as the mass of the finished wooden cabinet assembly.
  5. When drafting diagrams and drawings, you need to remember that each bar must be 2-3 cm more (for connecting spikes and grooves).
  6. If there are doubts about their own, then the design is better to choose the easiest. With this approach, the probability of making an error when calculating or manufactured is minimal.
  7. In the embodiment of a complex design, it is preliminarily straightened. To make something small in the selected style - for example, a homemade shelf or bedside table. So it will be easier to "feel" the material and evaluate possible difficulties and the necessary costs.
  8. If finance does not allow you to purchase high-quality wood in the right volume, it is better to make a combined kitchen with elements of a tree. For example, sidewalls and panels from plywood, or LDSP, but on a wooden frame. Such a skeleton kitchen will last much longer than the headset made completely from an array of poor quality.

It is clear that all these tips are useful only for beginners. This master will make a masterpiece even from boxes or old trimming.

Select design

The kitchen from the tree can be made with their own hands absolutely in any style. It all depends on the personal wishes and the skill of the novice carpentor. Most often, newcomers choose models that do not require a chaplicate finish.

It is best for the use of simple geometry and straight lines such styles like:

  • Loft. Straight lines, minimum finishes. Facades without any panels - if they are, then the most simple rectangular. At the same time, such a design looks very solid and interesting;
  • Retro. The beauty of the style "under ancient" is that it is very easy to regulate the level of complexity of work. Depending on the presence of tools and mastery of the author, the retro style can be both primitively simple and quite complicated;
  • Classic. A homemade kitchen in the classic style assumes the presence of panels, and therefore - the ability to work with the cutter. If there are no appropriate skills and tools, it is better to give preference to simpler styles;
  • Modern. Not necessarily a kitchen made with your own hands must resemble the style of an old house from the village. The wooden headset in the modern style is even easier, the only difficulty can be bent facades - they are better to avoid them when designing;
  • Gothic, Baroque and other coupling styles require serious work with wood. Such a design adequately embody only a real master of his case. For such an interior, no appropriate experience is not necessary.

Project preparation

Any design begins with a preliminary drawing. It is more convenient to do it in special programs (AutoCAD, FURNITOM, etc.). They require some preparation, but give a more accurate result and the ability to pre-see the project in a 3D format and proper scale.

Do not everyone know how to build a drawing in such programs. If there are no appropriate skills, or software, then there will be enough sheet of paper, drawing accessories and roulettes (ideally - laser).

The kitchen design is being worked out in stages:

  1. All measurements are applied to the scale of the scale:
    • width and height of the room;
    • The corresponding marks are made in strategically important points (sockets, switches, ventilation, communication of communications, pipes for pipes and cables, etc.);
    • The location and dimensions of window and doorways are indicated.
  2. In the drawing "set" stationary household appliances (refrigerator, stove, dishwasher or washing machine, etc.).
  3. The dining and working area is highlighted.
  4. A preliminary sketch of homemade kitchen headset is drawn up. The optimal height of the table top, the height of the open shelves, or suspended lockers is selected.
  5. A detailed drawing is performed. At this stage, all sizes are affixed, the places of fasteners are indicated, ways of opening, etc.
  6. The performance of the idea is checked. The small nuances are taken into account: whether the places of fasteners in the pipes or wires do not fall; There will be no facades on each other when opening; Does protruding windowsill interfere, plinth or casing, etc.

When drawing up a project using software, a finished three-dimensional layout can be considered from different angles, in search of shortcomings. A paper drawing of such a clarity does not provide, so it is preferably all the applied dimensions. Twice.

Materials for different parts headset

Making the kitchen with their own hands, do not stop at some particular material. It is better to calculate several different options and choose the optimal one.

For frames, more dense wood varieties are usually selected than for fillets. Soft varieties are used in places of future thread, if it is. Part of the natural array can be replaced by plywood, LDSP or MDF (depending on the design of the future headset).

Overview of various trees and their derivatives:

  • oak . Very durable and durable. Long dries up, with an accelerated drying it can crack. The slice has a beautiful structure. Palette from light brown to yellow-brown;
  • acacia . It has many varieties. Widely used in the joiner. Due to high density, it is quite difficult. The core has a red-brown basis with black streaks, and the swamp (the gap between annual rings) - light brown;
  • nut . Very beautiful, resistant to deformations. He has a brown-grayish shade diluted with dark splashes;
  • Birch . Easily processed, relatively inexpensive, but does not like moisture - begins to rot. Requires moisture-repellent impregnation. Due to low hardness, it is better suited for walls and facades than for a frame. Bright, tender, summer palette: Golden with darker streaks;
  • maple. With incorrect drying cracks. But it looks very impressive. White color, but with time yellowes;
  • cherry. The structure is uniform, easily processed, but with time it darkens. It has a pinkish-brownish shade. Certain varieties are pinkish-grayish;
  • beech . Easy grinding. Good density and strength, but relatively high cost. The color is light, but has a reddish hue;
  • Pine . A resistant to rot, the texture of the fiber is medium-rude. Due to the increased softness, the kitchens from pine do not often, but still do, due to the low cost of this variety of wood. Shade from yellowish to red;
  • plywood. It can be polished from one or both sides, have an impregnation that increases moisture resistance. Separate varieties have very high indicators of wear resistance and moisture resistance;
  • LDSP. Basic advantage - affordable price. For other parameters, it is inferior to most materials;
  • MDF. It is easily processed, suitable for the manufacture of bent facades and curly fillets. It has quite high density. There are moisture-resistant and fireproof varieties. May be painted or laminated.

Below are the technical characteristics of various wood varieties.

Material Brinell coefficient (hardness) Density (kg / m 3)
Oak 3.7-3.9 700.
Acacia 7,1 650-1050
Nut 3.5 600-650
Birch 3.5 670.
Maple 4,1 670.
Cherry 3,1 580.
Beech 3.8. 650.
Pine 2,49. 520.

When choosing materials, it is also necessary to take into account the features of individual parts of the design:

Table top

Yes, the kitchen wall with a wooden countertop looks very rich and solid, but, first of all, the table top is this work surface, and not the decor element. It will absorb moisture, smells from products, marks from wine, or bright juice. Take them from such a surface almost unreal.

In addition, the tabletop may appear from hot objects and burners, or mold from high humidity in the sink area. All this is worth aware, choosing a worktop from the array.

Several layers of varnish and moisture-resistant impregnation can only partially save the situation. If there is no desire to pay a tabletop increased attention or in the process of manufacture, nor during operation, wood should be replaced with a more unpretentious material (plastic, stone).


This is a kind of "skeleton" of the whole design. It must hold the weight of not only all the shelves, facades, drawers and walls, but also of their entire contents.

Kitchen frame is best done from the most dense and durable wood. Good for these purposes is suitable Acacia, oak, walnut, ash, etc. But these wood breeds are quite expensive, so when choosing the main thing, the balance: price is quality.

Back wall

Since this element headset is most often hidden from prying eyes, they usually save it, making it from chipboard, Fiberboard or not making the back wall at all.

It is possible to refuse completely from the back wall in the case when the headset stands close to the wall, and it is perfectly smooth. Otherwise, minor items will fall into the gap, which is not very good and convenient.

Side walls

They fix fastenings for internal drawers and shelves, so the material should be selected rather durable. If it is not an array, but plywood or chipboard, then they should not be too thin.

Depending on the size of the lockers, the thickness of the side walls can vary in the range from 10 to 20 mm.


The material is selected for them, based on the overall style. The greater the thread and the fililers involves the design, the softer should be wood. Sometimes the facades are made from finished elements, making it yourself only the frame and auxiliary parts.

Suspended lockers and shelves

When selecting materials for these elements, you need to pay special attention to their mass. This is especially important if the wall to which they will be attached is not very reliable (bulk house, or a wall of plasterboard). Taking into account the weight of the contents, these designs should be made as light as possible.


Wooden furniture they must be. Otherwise, in the case of a flood, all the headsets will swell and come into disrepair. If the presence of legs do not fit into the interior at all, they can be hidden behind the decorative bar. It is advisable to make them from materials inert to moisture (plastic, metal).


It is not worth saving on it. After all, the workability of the kitchen headset depends on the fittings. Sense from beautiful facades and carved boxes, if they fall out, creak and do not close?

It is possible to comfortably enjoy the kitchen if the hinges are standing with the closers, guides - high-quality telescopic, and not rumbleing and cling roller, etc.


In addition to the main set of materials, specific tools and components will be required:

  1. Screwdriver - for screwing the confirmates and fasteners.
  2. Electrode - to do the holes (ideally, complete with forstner drills).
  3. Electrolovka and circular saw - for cutting parts.
  4. Level and plumb - for alignment of geometry headset.
  5. Roulette (preferably laser) - to measure parts and distances.
  6. Electrolake or Fuganok - for final processing of elements.
  7. Grinders and sandpaper of various grainability - for stripping and grinding.
  8. Mill - for the manufacture of panels, hole processing and edges.
  9. Things and various clamps - for fixation.
  10. Pencil and eraser - to apply labels.
  11. Rule, spatulas and brushes - for applying primer, putty and paints (if the headsets assume painting).

Most power tools can be replaced by mechanical analogs, but the costs of time and strength will increase.

A complete list of tools and additional materials may differ, depending on the selected design and method of processing the headset.

Manufacturing process - step-by-step instruction

So how to make furniture for the kitchen in one day will not work, you must first prepare a place to work and storing tools and blanks. The room should be dry, have sufficient lighting and ventilation, as well as workbench, or a flat surface for work.

Not all steps can be performed by yourself, some work is desirable to perform with an assistant.

The course of work depends on the materials from which the headsets will be made. If the kitchen is from boards and bars, then the priority of the work is such:

  1. Sort the materials depending on the cut (tangential, radial, rustic and transverse). The process of drying in different varieties is different - if you skip the sorting step, then cracks will appear at the joints.
  2. All sawn timber, fit into quantities and sizes according to drawings (with a margin), and glue into shields from which the necessary forms will be cut down. For gluing there are several special types of glue, for example, joinery PVA. If there are several lamellas with marriage, it is better to glue along the edges, so the defective part will fall under the cut.
  3. After drying from the shield, glue is cut off, the billet is flushing and grinding. Then the parts are cut out of it, according to the pattern (with a margin).
  4. If the design provides for the presence of a panel, then you should not install the sealer mill immediately to the maximum departure. It will be easier to work on the minimum departure. To achieve the desired depth of the pattern for each part, you will have to make several passes, but fix the races and flaws will be much simpler. The main thing is to clearly observe all sizes and lines, any deviation (even in a millimeter) will eventually be noticeable.
  5. It is also worth considering the total pilenk thickness. It must accurately match the sink sink.
  6. All fililene blanks are grained with sandpaper. The desired graininess is selected depending on the tree of the tree and the base of the sandpaper. The soft substrate is not as abrasive (scratched not so much). Before assembly, all fillets are ground.
  7. Separately prepared a frame for fillets. It cuts into the grooves the required size, in which the finished panels are subsequently passed. For this principle, all the facades of handmade are made.
  8. The framework for modules is preferably made from more dense wood varieties. So, if the facades are made of cherry or cherry, then the framework must be made from acacia or oak. But this wish, not a tough requirement, often the entire headset is made from one type of wood.
  9. For a frame, the required number of bars of the desired length and thickness is cut (with a margin for grinding and deficiency correction). There are several ways to attach individual parts to each other (furniture corner, confirmation, wanks, ties, bolt nut, spikes). Each itself chooses the most optimal option. The main thing is when choosing to take into account the places where several parts will be connected immediately to correctly distribute the necessary grooves and joints.
  10. The frame is going. All elements are grouped and customized into the finished size.
  11. After making the frame and facades, they make the side and rear wall. They can be made like facades from a wooden shield, or in order to save finance from MDF, LDSP or plywood. In this case, all the joints are closed with edge (it can be easily glued with the usual iron).
  12. The countertop is desirable to make moisture-resistant MDF, or other practical and not particularly capricious materials. But if there is a need to make it precisely from the natural massif, then you need to choose dense, not susceptible to rotting the variety of wood, which additionally should be treated with moisture-repellent compositions. It is advisable for the table top to choose a one piece of wood, but it is very expensive. If you do a tabletop from individual boards, then you need to understand that in this case it will have to do from a rather thick bar, as it is impossible to make a high-quality tabletop from the wallboard. In order for the worktop in the process, the tabletop does not appear slit, in addition to glue, you need to use the connecting spike. It is made from the end of the board with a special cutter (there are several varieties of connecting mills that make various types of grooves and spikes).
  13. It is made cut and, if necessary, grinding, or the edge of the internal shelves and parts for retractable lockers.
  14. The legs are attached to the framework of the lower boxes. They can be plastic, wooden, or metal. If necessary, they can be hidden behind the decorative bar (wooden or plastic).
  15. Before the final assembly, all parts are ground, processed by moisture-repellent means are covered with a verse, varnish or paint.

The process of independent manufacture of cuisine "from" and "to" quite laborious. Therefore were invented little tricks that reduce labor costs and increase the duration of operation of finished products:

  1. If there is no desire to mess with gluing and grinding individual boards, you can buy ready-made furniture shields. Their cost is not too high, and their application will save several weeks of work (in the manufacture of a large headset, corner, or with an island).
  2. When working with dense varieties of wood, it is necessary to use all power tools on minimal revolutions, otherwise the wood will remain "pillars" from the mill or grinders. It is possible to remove the "podpaled", but it is not easy to do it. Therefore, when choosing, it is necessary to navigate the power of the available technique (milling cutter, etc.).
  3. So how to update the old kitchen from the tree with your own hands much easier than done from zero new - it may be easier and cheaper to buy an old headset "with hands" and restore it. It is enough to update the paintwork and change the accessories to high-quality products. In some cases, you will have to replace individual elements.
  4. Increase the life of a wooden countertop, if you make it from burned boards. There are several firing technologies, some of them can be realized at home. If all the firing stages are completed correctly, the life of the wood can be increased to 80 years, while increasing its resistance to fire and moisture. If necessary, in such a way you can process all the blanks.

Important moment: to reduce the percentage of marriage, you need to recheck all the sizes several times, the number of parts, gaps, etc. Before the final fit of the sizes, be sure to make a "trial" assembly, checking how individual details are included in the intended grooves, and how much all the elements correspond to each other.

Stages assembly

The process of assembling the finished headset passes from the bottom up:

  1. Initially, the frame is installed on the legs and expose it in terms of level. If the legs are ready (plastic, or metal), the level of alignment will be much easier. Spinning, or unscrewing individual legs, it is convenient to adjust the height and angle of inclination.
  2. Fasten countertop. Cut holes in it for washing and cooking panel. All joints are treated with moisture-resistant sealant.
  3. Tags in places of fittings are applied to the necessary details.
  4. Install guides, fasteners and canopies.
  5. Doors hang, set internal shelves and boxes.
  6. Tags are applied on the wall. According to the tags, attachments are installed for suspended shelves, or lockers.
  7. Lockers are hung and harvested, similar to the lower stands.
  8. Must the handles.
  9. Kitchen appliances are installed.
  10. Sink and technique is connected.
  11. The quality of the assembly is checked.

Ready headset is ready to operate.

If the kitchen is installed in a wooden house in the village, or in the apartment, with the appropriate entourage, then such a headset is desirable to add a similar table and chairs or stools. Their design can exactly repeat the kitchen interior, or can be supplemented with glass inserts, stone or carved elements.

Stages of manufacturing tables and stools are similar to the process of creating a headset. The only difficulty can cause legs for the kit. Here you need to consider a few points:

  1. Fastening and processing rectangular legs is much easier than round.
  2. For better stability, it is worth moving between the legs, or diagonal jumpers.
  3. Round legs are more convenient to screw into the connecting brows (see the picture below), and not fix directly to the frame.

In addition to the dining area, the kitchen design can complement the wooden ceiling (beams) or various crafts. Similar little things will help to make a paint picture, and the style of the room is finished.

Wooden derivatives

If the kitchen is from a natural tree, and there are no corresponding skills to work with an array, then you should pay attention to such options like plywood and furniture shields. Working with them is an order easier.

When buying, you can order the factory cutting sheets on ready-made elements. It will save from beeps and errors that may occur during the "home" cutting process.

After all, with a factory cut, all lines will be perfectly smooth, and the dimensions are accurate (even the saw thickness is taken into account).

Also, the use of plywood and furniture shields instead of an array can reduce the cost of the kitchen by 20-30%. At the same time, the correct processing of these materials will make performance not worse than a solid array. But you need to know the features of each variety to choose the optimal option.


All plywood sheets are distinguished by quality, wood composition used by glue and so on. All these nuances are reflected on the marking of sheets.

So, the most popular, by virtue of its low cost, ordinary plywood has Marketing FBA . This means that casein glue has been used in its production. Its plus is the security for the environment, and the minus is bad moisture resistance. Therefore, the use of sheets with such label is not suitable for wet kitchens.

Marking FK. We mark the material made on the basis of the carbamide glue, it includes additives from formaldehyde resins, due to which the material is obtained moisture resistant. The spectrum of its use is much wider.

Sheets S. Marking FSF. Distinguishes increased wear resistance and resistance to moisture. But due to the manufacture of phenol formaldehyde glue, products can highlight harmful substances into the air, therefore, the use of such products is not recommended in residential premises.

Any of the above species can be produced in a polished and unlocked form. Moreover, grinding can be both on the one hand and two-sided.

Regardless of the type, there are four varieties of material. They are by the number of existing defects and knots on the front sections of the veneer.

In addition to the variety, the price of the product is significantly affected by the breed of wood, from which the facial veneer sections are made. If the internal layers are always made of coniferous wood, then external can be both coniferous (with Marking E. ) and from deciduous ( EX ). The use of hardwood leads to a significant increase in the cost of products.

For the manufacture of the kitchen, it is better to choose polished sheets with moisture-resistant impregnation, which additionally should be treated with moisture-repellent and antifungal agents.

Wooden shields

Shields are four varieties. The best is the grade "Extra", the worst - the variety "C". It is usually used as blanks (additionally covered with veneer or lamination).

It is best for the manufacture of cuisine, "A" and "Extra" varieties are suitable. They are made from solid lamellas with a selected pattern and minimum defects. The "B" variety is already with fascinated lamellae, is made without selecting a picture, may contain minor defects and have small cracks.

Also, the types of shields are distinguished by the method to which individual lamellas are fastened with each other (open spike, closed spike, etc.). Each method of attachment has its advantages and disadvantages.

Best for furniture are suitable shields from oak, cherries, cherries or ash, but find them difficult. Most often on sale you can find cheaper pine and birch shields.

Making a kitchen from plywood or from furniture shields, it is worth considering that they are produced in sheets of different sizes and thickness. With proper selection and strip, the number of cropping remains minimal.

Photo of interesting options

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