The color of the new 2020: on the signs of the zodiac, in clothes, accessories, interior

Before the main winter holiday arrival, quite a bit left. In order for the next calendar cycle to bring good luck, you need to think over the nuances of his meeting in advance. The new 2020 will pass under the auspices of a white metal rat, so it is important to know which colors prefers the hostess of the upcoming period, how best to decorate the house that wear on New Year's Eve. According to the advice of astrologers, it is advisable to adhere to the main colors of 2020, so that the next 366 days passed the fun and brought happiness to the house.

On the Eastern calendar, every year passes under the patronage of one of the totem animals. The rat opens a 12-year cycle, but according to the legend, received the championship not quite honestly. Colors are determined by the elements that accompanies the coming year. The entire period will be the main one, which is considered a symbol of purity, good thoughts, good actions.

Astrologers predict that the next period will be difficult, but can bring a lot of interesting discoveries, prospects. Characteristics of the coming 2020:

  1. Rat is a hardworking animal, so you have to work a lot to achieve results.
  2. Changes may affect all spheres of life, but for this you need to take responsible, sometimes risky solutions. It is not possible to sit down in the comfort zone, the totem animal loves active actions.
  3. The rat patronizes family happiness, so despite the fact that the coming year will be a leap, marriage and the birth of children will bring happiness.
  4. Since the main color of 2020 is considered white, pure thoughts will be raised, good attitude towards others, compassion and support for those who need it.
  5. The rat is not only worrying hard, but still loves to spend a fun. New Year's Eve should be noted bright, interesting, in a noisy company so that the holiday is remembered for a long time.

2020 a white metal rat

The main colors of the coming year:

  • white;
  • light gray;
  • silver.

Someone may seem boring such color gamut. In fact, there are many shades that will help create an amazing New Year image. Pay attention to the following variations of white and gray colors:

  • Ivory;
  • lactic;
  • Ivori;
  • creamy;
  • cream;
  • ashen;
  • pearl;
  • light smoky;
  • light pink;
  • asphalt.

Adhere to the main colors when choosing a New Year's dress, makeup, accessories, room decor. Then the mistress of 2020 will remain satisfied, will patronize throughout the upcoming period.

What color to the year of the rat?

For the meeting of the new 2020, white, gray, silver colors are suitable. But those who do not fit such a palette, do not be upset. You can come up with original solutions for the festive outfit, which will enjoy astrological tone.

Ideas how to beat the main colors 2020:

  1. There are many shades of white: ivory, milk, ivory, cream and others. Choose a warm or cold tone, according to your color, and you will look great on New Year's Eve.
  2. Gray can also be interesting to beat if you choose a suitable shade: silver, light or dark tone, asphalt, pearl.
  3. Unusually looking outfits, stitched from fabrics with prints. If it seems to you that a monophonic dress looks too boring, pay attention to a gray or white background with floral or geometric patterns.

    "Feline" print is prohibited, and this is understandable - the rat will be very unhappy with the choice of such an unsuccessful outfit.

  4. To shine and sparkle on the holiday, choose shiny silver clothes, decorated with sequins, rhinestones.
  5. Those who love bright outfits, astrologers advise bright red and purple colors.
  6. Rats will also like calm, pastel tones: powder, body, menthol.

If none of the options are suitable for meeting the New Year, you can stay on a classic black dress. In aggregate with decorations of silver and a suitable make-up, a perfect festive image will be turned out, which will place the mistress of 2020.

Black dress for new 2020

What can celebrate New Year Women:

  1. Dress. Preference is better to give to light shades. If a black or white dress was chosen, it should be with some kind of "highlight": one bare shoulder, an unusual cut on the back, inserts from shiny tissue. To create an elegant image, choose a long outfit from shiny brocade with a cut.
  2. Skirt. Give femininity and help create a stylish onion. Stretch model is still in the fashion, which is suitable for any party. From too short skirts it is better to refuse midi or maxi.
  3. Overalls. Stylish outfit will emphasize femininity and will help create a romantic image. Many options: shortened silk models, narrowed down pants, metal shade with a graphic print.
  4. Top. Easy flowing options on straps of silver color are suitable for meeting the new 2020. Well combined with shortened trousers or skirts to the floor.

What to meet the year of the rats to men:

  1. Preference is given to the main colors of the upcoming period: white, gray, silver. You can stay on the classic black color or choose pastel shades.
  2. If traditional tones are bored, dilute the image with a bright butterfly tie.
  3. Instead of jeans on New Year's Eve it is better to wear pants. Looks well or chinos in combination with classic shirts or stylish sweaters.
  4. If you want to look like a festival, like a true gentleman, wear a gray or black suit. The mistress of the upcoming year will be pleased.

A few more advice from astrologers and stylists:

  1. Stop your choice on simple, but simultaneously an elegant dress.
  2. If you want to like the rat, meet the new year in a white or gray dress. The emphasis should not be on the crop, but on the quality of the material. Choose dresses stitched from luxurious brocade, noble silk, delightful atlas. Also in the trend crepe-satin, velvet, velveteen.
  3. The mistress of 2020 loves activity, noisy parties, dancing, outdoor games. In this regard, the outfit should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable. Take a look at fashionable volumetric dresses or classic outfits that will benefit from the figure.
  4. Finish the New Year image of metal accessories - the white rat will like it.

New Year's image 2020 for a man

What color to choose, depending on the sign of the zodiac?

2020 promises every sign of certain difficulties, obstacles and well-deserved remuneration. So that the entire subsequent period is successful, you need to carefully prepare for a new year meeting.

What outfits will suit each zodiac sign:

  1. Aries. The red color will emphasize the sexuality and attractiveness of Aries, but do not choose fire shades: rat does not like the flame. Women fit the dresses of a straight cut with a neckline. On New Year's Eve, you can wear a peach or dairy-white suit, to which the decorations made of platinum or silk scarf are suitable.
  2. Calf. The color of this sign is blue, but the rat does not like this shade too much. To comprise with a tight animal, choose a light blue or dark blue, almost black, color. It is desirable that the style of the outfit is a flowing, flying, and will complement the image of stylish beads and a bracelet.
  3. Twins. Good luck will bring cold shades, and as decoration, use silver or platinum earrings. Earrings 2020.
  4. Cancer. Silver, flowing dresses, supplemented with silver jewelry, are suitable for you. For lovers of classics, it is possible to offer broken, shredded outfits of peach, nude, dairy shades.
  5. A lion. Representatives of the fiery sign of the zodiac astrologists advise to choose options with golden inserts, embroidered with brilliant threads, decorated with iridescent beads or rhinestones. The perfect option for girls is a dress in a peach-colored floor.
  6. Virgo. Options for the New Year's dress Many: a silver dress of a classic cut, a suit of white or sandy color, jumpsuit in nude tones. The main thing is that festive clothes look aristocratically and exquisitely. Female evening outfit
  7. Libra. Costume is better to choose discreet, in gray or dark shades. But accessories and shoes will add a special "highlight to a modest image. It can be a massive necklace, an unusual bracelet, shoes with heel rhinestones.
  8. Scorpio. Black dress to the knee with a cut - the best idea of ​​the New Year's dress for this sign.
  9. Sagittarius. Any outfit will look elegant and festive. Choose your favorite rats, and do not forget to add the image with silver jewelry. Set of silver jewelry
  10. Capricorn. Young girls are suitable bright outfits with a floral print. Older ladies stay better on sand or pastel shades. Ornaments should not be too much.
  11. Aquarius. Modest representatives of the sign of astrologers are advised on New Year's Eve to change the image in favor of bright, saturated shades. Rightened to the Aquarius, on the contrary, it is better to choose calm, nude tones. You can add an image to a massive decoration.
  12. Fish. Choose white and all its shades. Using a dress, create a New Year's mood, and good luck will accompany you throughout the year.

Women's New Year image 2020

Coloring accessories

Supplement to the New Year's Eve will become a brilliant clutch. It can be decorated with sequins, beads or metal inserts. Such an accessory is suitable for almost any image. As for jewelry, a totem animal will enjoy products from noble metals: silver, white gold, platinum. New 2020 can be found in black or gray dress decorated with natural pearl thread.

Choose colors for meeting the new 2020 and attract good luck to 366 days ahead

The color gamut for a new year meeting should contain white and gray colors. White metal rat will pay attention to all the nuances in the outfits, and will also evaluate how the tree and room decorated. If she likes everything, the coming year will bring happiness, success and good luck. We need to think about it in advance how to decorate the house, which toys dress up a Christmas tree, how to serve the table. Do not neglect with trifles, because the rat will notice and make conclusions.

New Year's table 2020.

Color Solution Interior and Decor for New Year's Eve

The decor of the room to the New Year's night must contain basic colors - white, gray, metallic. Noble shades will give the house solemnity and configure for a festive mood.

What you need to pay attention to the interior design for the new year 2020:

  1. Indoor and entrance doors. On the western tradition, Christmas wreaths of fir branches hang onto them, decorated with Christmas balls, cones, ribbons. The rat will like it, if you yourself make the wreath, using the decor in silver and white tones.
  2. Walls. Here they will look original garlands, tinsel, New Year's posters. You can lay out a crirling of the Christmas tree.
  3. Window. Use garlands that hang on the windows - it will create an atmosphere of the holiday and comfort. Place homemade Christmas trees and mice figures on the window sills: they can be sewed from felt or cut out of salt dough.
  4. Another festive decor. Arrange wide candles of white and silver colors on the floor, decorate on sofas and seats decorative pillows, stitched from a gray cloth with a new year embroidery. On smooth surfaces, you can arrange festive compositions in wide vases or baskets. Make them very simply: lay out the bottom with spruce branches, add tangerines, nuts, sweets in shiny wrappers, christmas silvery balls.

Interior 2020.

Also matters a setting of a New Year's table. The rat loves hearty and tasty food, so the menu needs to be pre-taking into account the preferences of the guest and the totem animal. At the festive table there must be cheeses and fresh bread, which unfold on elegant plates and in wicker baskets. Stop a tabletop with a beautiful white tablecloth, arrow rings with napkins for each guest. In the middle place a small Christmas tree and a mouse figurine.

We decorate the Christmas tree

The main year of the village should be decorated so that the rat remains satisfied. The Christmas tree for a festive night should be decorated in white and silver tones. The Christmas tree decorated with such balls, as well as shiny lights, looks very elegant and stylish.

The main trends of the Christmas decor 2020:

  1. It will unusually look a tree, decorated in a vintage style. Use toys taken under ancient, or get out of a grandmother's chest of vintage balls, pendants, figurines of huts, snowmen, Santa Claus, Snow Maiden.
  2. If the house will stand artificial spruce or pine, it is better that it be with white or silver cheese. In this case, you can use multi-colored toys.
  3. Pay attention to the white decor of the Christmas tree. To dilute light monochrome, add a silver garland, tinsel, pearl threads.
  4. Rat although there is a capricious character, but family traditions respect. Christmas tree decorated in classic red-green tones, she should like.
  5. In the trend now eco-ornaments made of natural wood.

New Year tree 2020.

Fashionable colors for all 2020

In the coming year, the following shades will be at the peak of fashion:

  • mint neon;
  • soft blue;
  • azure;
  • purple;
  • gray-green;
  • brown-earthen;
  • metal;
  • Kurkuma color;
  • white;
  • the black.

True mods are prepared in advance for the coming year to look stylish and flawless. Already, many choose the appropriate color, please yourself with new clothes.

New Year's Eve must pass noisy, fun, friends and acquaintances. Prepare a festive outfit in advance, decorate the house, buy gifts, get along the Christmas tree. The mistress of the upcoming year will be satisfied, will patronize you for the next 12 months.


In which colors of clothes you need to meet 2020 rats to attract good luckIncredible facts

What colors will be lucky in 2020? What shades of clothes, jewelry and other accessories are harmonized with the energy of the coming year?

In the Chinese horoscope 2020 will be the year Metal rat And it will begin on January 25, 2020. This means that the energy of this sign of the zodiac will be expressed through the qualities of the element of the metal, such as clarity, concentration, accuracy, loyalty, stability and progress.

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The coming year promises to be harmonious, happy and generous on the gifts of fate, and will also create a stable basis for new undertakings.

In which colors celebrate the new 2020 rats


The most lucky flowers in which you need to meet and wear all year will be Colors of element metal , as well as land that creates a metal element.

Flowers associated with metal elements are White, Gray and Golden . These colors should be predominant to attract good luck, wealth and health.

This applies to both the colors that you wear in clothing and to the colors in the interior of the house.

Element of water (blue color) Signing the sign of the rat - the chief zodiacal animal on the Chinese calendar, symbolizes human relations, influence, intuition and insight.

The combination of metal and water will provide fluidity and flexibility, as water does not allow the metal all the time to be in a fixed state. This will contribute to monetary savings, financial transactions, personal enrichment and investment.

Green color Also considered successful in 2020, as the color of nature and a new start, supporting the energy of this year.

The most fortunate colors 2020:

  • White

  • Gold

  • Grey

  • All metal

Other favorable colors in 2020:

  • Green

  • Blue

  • Blue

  • Light brown

  • Terracotta

  • Yellow

  • Sand

  • Beige

  • Purple

Colors worth avoiding 2020:

  • The black

  • Red

  • Orange

  • Pink

  • Crimson

What colors to wear in 2020


© Pinterest.

© Pinterest.

In the year, rats advise to wear certain colors to affect their fate in the positive side. Here are the most fortunate colors in which you need to meet and that are recommended to wear in the new year.

  • White color It is considered to be the color of perfection. It personifies security, clarity, simplicity, generosity, morality and purity. This color brings peace and calm, and also gives a feeling of complete relaxation. It is recommended to wear every time you are overwhelmed with emotions, you are annoyed or tested.

  • Gold It will be the most suitable when choosing accessories, but this color can be the element of the wardrobe or home interior. Golden symbolizes power, enlightenment, wisdom, money, happiness, the exercise of desires, concentration and top quality. In essence, gold is solar color of warmth, passion and love.

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© Pinterest.

© Pinterest.

  • Grey . Another successful color of the year of the rat is neutral gray. He expresses comfort, safety, reliability, wisdom, maturity and compromise.

  • Blue - Color of confidence, honesty and devotion. Blue strengthens immunity protection and contributes to cellular update. This color makes us more open peace, and at the same time helps to be in harmony with your surroundings. If you are looking for tranquility and optimistic look for the future, wear blue.

  • Green Associated with intelligence, wealth, equilibrium, growth and harmony. It helps to relax both physically and psychologically, improves somatics, reduces stress and relieves anxiety, anger and nervousness.

  • Purple Color in Chinese culture is divinity and immortality. Now he increasingly personifies love and romance. Wear purple to attract love and close relationship. This color also helps to reveal the creative potential.

What color needs to wear zodiac signs on a Chinese calendar


© Freepik.

According to Chinese astrologers in 2020, each sign of the zodiac will also have their own successful color, which will bring happiness and success for 12 months. So you can also wear the happy color of your astrological sign.

Rat (1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008)

Successful colors: Pink, yellow

Color to avoid : the black

Bull (1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009)

Successful colors: Fuchsia, pink, cream

Color to avoid: green

Tiger (1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010)

Successful colors : Gray, purple

Color to avoid : Blue

Rabbit (1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011)

Successful colors : Pink, Yellow

Color to avoid : Red

Dragon (1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012)

Successful colors : ruby, gray

Color to avoid : Orange

Snake (1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013)

Successful colors : Bright yellow, blue, peach

Color to avoid : the black

Horse (1942, 1954,1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014)

Successful colors : white, silver, vanilla color

Color to avoid : Green

Goat (1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015)

Successful colors : Gray, Blue, Black

Color to avoid : Pink

Monkey (1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016)

Successful colors : Yellow, pink

Color to avoid : Red

Rooster (1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017)

Successful colors : pink, blue, white, silver

Color to avoid : purple

Dog (1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018)

Successful colors : red, yellow, white

Color to avoid : Green

Pig (1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019)

Successful colors : Bright pink, yellow

Color to avoid : Red

There are fashionable colors in clothes that will be relevant not only in the spring of 2020, but also in the fall. Among them are Vasilkov. It stands on the border between bright and neutral shades, which means that it looks harmoniously in the evening, and on everyday outfits. Try to combine cornflower color with contrasting shades, for example, with bright pink or yellow.


Fashion colors 2020 in clothes: pistachio.

Fashion colors 2020 in clothes: pistachio.

Green will remain in our wardrobe a few more seasons. The list of trends is headed by pistachio. This gentle shade was seen on popular models and female bloggers. Stylize the pistachio color things with other warm tones and universal materials like cotton, leather and denim.

Fashionable color manicure - 2020

Signed up to the master, but do not know which color to choose? Show the most fashionable colors of nail polish in 2020. You will definitely find something for yourself.

New Year's traditions dictate us not only to cover abundant tables, but also to properly pick up clothes and accessories. Only in this case it will be possible not only to look stylish, but also to attract good luck. Therefore, let's look at what and what color to celebrate the new 2020 rat rats to attract the favor of this rodent and get a good year in all respects.


It's no secret that preparing for the New Year's party, any woman may experience some concern, as it is worth considering not only fashion trends or a style dress, but also its cost, so as not to terminate the final family budget on the eve of the holiday. Let's look at what you should prepare in order to look stylish and fully match the meeting occurring.

What you need to know about the year of the rat

It is worth considering that it is the coming year of the rat, to which there is no longer much time left, and therefore cooking is worth starting now. The rat is very detailed and has some claims to order in the house and in thoughts. She appreciates a serious approach to business.

2020 is not a simple rat, but a metal white. She loves the truth, ready to work hardly not around the round day, providing well-being. Naturally, it will also require from others.

And those who will work in the sweat of the face, rat will give success and good luck. It is worth saying that the arrival of the new year is worth spending fun, noisy and bright, preferably in a large variety of company. And it does not matter that many people you just do not know.

What colors worth using


It is worth paying attention to the design of the room. Professional stylists recommend white color decor during decoration - as the color of next year. Use a concise simple tablecloth without any pattern. The same should be dishes and napkins. Use candles. If there is no white, then use silver tones. They can also dilute the sterile purity of white. In addition, the setting will become more elegant and exquisite. You can combine white and silver colors when selecting dishes and decorations for the room. For example, use:

  • Various cutlery. They can be combined in color, which will help make the table original;
  • Fuely with stylish white or silver candlesticks;
  • If white napkins, then use rings for them silver color;
  • Decorate the table or room with figurines, best if they depict the symbol of the upcoming year;
  • Decorate the Christmas tree and the room with a variety of silver, as if snowy christmas toys, use beads and garlands to get original and magnificent shimmering background.

Those wondering what other colors besides white and silver can be used at a new year meeting, it is worth paying attention to shades that are so rich white. This can be attributed:

  • lactic;
  • Ivori;
  • cream;
  • antique white;
  • Ivory.

If you know your color, you can pick up clothes in the appropriate colors. For example, warm shades of white should choose the people of the spring "Spring" and "Autumn". For the summer and winter color, it is better to choose cold, such as a pure white or gray spectrum.

Moreover, gray has a lot of shades that, with proper use, can allow you to look very stylish. You can choose between:

  • ash-ash;
  • smoky;
  • Pearl.

If you are going to spend a good New Year's Eve evening, you can choose gray clothes, as it will be particularly attractive. Fashionable is both a gray pink shade, which will also be in the topic of events. You can use dresses that have a print that is suitable for those who are a monophonic outfit seems boring and uninteresting. So you can decorate a white dress with a romantic floral ornament, which allows you to make it more feminine and romantic. The main thing is not to overdo it. Stylists recommend not to use a feline print, which does not correspond to the symbol of the year. Those who want a variety, then can use dresses in silvery tones, which will be made of overflowing and shimmering fabrics, such as a group, atlas or silk.

One of the win-win options is the appeal to the disco style. For this, outfits with sequins are perfectly suitable. Moreover, this type of clothing is gaining popularity. Imagine how you will sparkle and blind all guests, becoming a real queen party!

Those who do not like light shades or they are not suitable for the type of skin, then you should pay attention to purple or purple color. It is worthwhile that all rats are aggressive animals, and therefore bright colors and their shades can like it. Now you know, in what color to celebrate the new 2020 rats to earn the favor of the patron of the upcoming year.

What models of New Year's dresses can be used


Having considered what a color scheme should be, it is worth considering and what it is worth meeting 2020, which is called the year of the white metal rat. Professional designers and fashion designers created the top 5 models of dresses that will allow you not only to look very stylish, but also irresistible.

In the ampir style, gorgeous dresses that are made of flowing fabrics. The uniqueness lies in the fact that this style belongs to the universal, which allows it to wear it with any types of girls. You yourself choose the length that will arrange you. The most important thing is that they have the following features:

  • sewn on the principle of free cut;
  • had an overwhelmed waist;
  • possessed smooth lines;
  • Special drapery.

Models that have an open back or a branch of one shoulder are particularly popular. Interesting are and having pleated skirt. To give a dressing of a highlight, you can use the brushing belt, beads and rhinestones. All this will give the dress completed appearance.

A classic sheath dress retains its stable positions for quite a long time. It is not by chance that many girls choose this particular model. The main feature is special Crane, the length will be midi, with a round shallow neckline. Pockets will be absent, like sleeves. For the manufacture of such cases, tissues of neutral shades are used. Most often apply gray, which simplifies the choice of style for meeting the New Year. From the fabrics choose velvet, satin, looks good lace, best of all handmade. It will be great to watch the Russal silhouette that will be made of such fabrics as the atlas and a brocade.

Dresses-mini in the style of Baby Doll. They look great on girls, as they allow you to demonstrate our shape and slender legs. Such outfits have a fitting bodice and an overwhelmed waist. A special look is the presence of a magnificent skirt and lantern sleeves. Bretels can be applied. All this allows girls to look very stylish and attractive.

Dresses with Sun skirt have a special pomp and volume. You need to use a special entry of a fate. You can use a mesh or lining fabric, folded in several layers.

Dresses with open backs are made with long sleeves and neckline. It can be dragged with a transparent cloth, ribbons or lacing, which makes the dress especially attractive.

Original article:

I rarely write about fashion trends, because I consider my work outside fashion. :)

But by this news, I could not pass!

Institute Pantone chose the color of the year 2020 "Classic Blue"! Pantone ®19-4052 Classic Blue. Officially, this color was defined on December 5th.

I think, many this color is loved, and he harmonizes me. This is the color of the sea, the color of the sky and the color of nature. Clean and pacifying color.

The PANTONE Institute also defines the psychological perception of this color as follows: Soothing presence, inspiring calm, confidence and sense of involvement

Color of the year 2020, photo № 1

By the way, in ancient Greece, people did not perceive blue. He was absent for them, because He was as if forecast, air through which they looked at other colors: through the sky - in the sun, through the water - to the bottom. And only a few thousand years later, people identified the color of "air" as blue. How is the color chosen? - Every year, the staff of the Pantone Color Institute analyze raise trends, street fashion photos from all over the world, social networks, popular films, global areas in the world of entertainment and technologies. Based on the material collected, the Pantone experts make a decision about which color will dominate fashion and next year's design. The color of the year is not only a fashionable shade. These are our emotions, the impression of things around us, creating our mood. For me, this color is thread on an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Color of the year 2020, photo № 2

Classic blue is Eternal and reliable shade, simple, elegant in his simplicity. The color resembling the evening sky, which encourages his thoughts and instilling hope that stimulates the work of thought. Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue emphasizes our need for a reliable and stable foundation on which we will be able to build by entering into a new era.

And for someone, I am sure - this is a dream color! Maybe 2020 - this is the time of dreamers?! :)

"Nowadays, the need for faith and trust becomes especially acute. And Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, a durable and reliable blue tint, transfers the feeling of confidence and constancy to which we can always rely, "says Leatrice Eisman (Leatrice Eisman), executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. "Causeing a deep emotional response, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is associated with the creation of a durable foundation. Blue Blue Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue, resembling an infinite, limitless evening sky, makes us look at things, going beyond the simple and obvious, stimulating us to think wider, encouraging to deeper reflections, expand our prospects and opening new communication flows " .

Color of the year 2020, photo № 3

Traditionally perceived by our psyche as a soothing color, Pantone 19-4052 brings the feeling of peace and peace, offering a kind of refuge. Helping concentrate and giving clarity, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue re-centers our thoughts. Thoughtful blue shade Classic Blue gives us stability.

Since the progress of technology continues to be ahead of the ability of a person to handle arrays of new information, it is easy to understand why we are in colors with a feeling of honesty and promising protection. The non-aggressive and causing feeling of the proximity of Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is a color, interaction with which is always easy and easy. Associated with the return of another day, this universal favorite is easily and comfortable in our lives.

Classic Blue in fashion

Not tied to a certain sex and season, this base color is well combined with flowers across the spectrum, as well as strong and itself. The symbolizing heritage of the past, but at the same time a very modern, universal Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue acquires a special appearance when applied to various materials, finishing and texture, from flickering metallic, brilliant gloss and high-tech materials to handmade and fragile fabrics.

Color of the year 2020, photo № 4

Color of the year 2020, photo № 5

Classic Blue in home decoration

Favorite for home decor. Being a durable foundation for construction, Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue introduces creative confidence in the interiors, transforming space using unique color combinations and tonal expressions.

Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue is easily applied to a variety of materials, textures and finishes. This is a reliable blue color that can direct you in different directions, expressing traditions and elegance, as well as unexpected courage.

Color of the year 2020, photo № 6

Color of the year 2020, photo № 7

Classic Blue in graphic design and packaging

Due to the Pantone 19-4052 Classic Blue associations with the heaven, which we see every day, he transmits a sense of reliability and constancy. The Pantone Institute students believe that the color of 19-4052 Classic Blue is very relevant and won for packaging, because . Speaks about honesty, trust and reliability, which finds a special response from the modern consumer.

Color of the year 2020, photo № 8

Classic Blue in food and drinks

Blue products and drinks transmit a feeling of a solid foundation for good health. In addition to its natural health benefits, the products of this shade also bring the style and sophistication to any table.

Color of the year 2020, photo № 9

Creative ideas to you and inspiration in 2020!

It is not too late to finish 2020 in trendy or changes in the wardrobe, especially since most color trends in 2020 will be transferred to 2021, only slightly changed or transformed, because fashion does not stand still and everyone can be in trend. In this article, we will tell you about the color trends of the outgoing year and we will give a tip to the search for fashion images for 2021.

Trendy colors 2020.


Warm fiery

This color is associated with feminist movements that have become so popular now. Therefore, in the fall and in winter, 2020 it is desirable to have at least one object of the wardrobe of this wonderful, bright color.

Warm fieryWarm fiery

Current denim

If you express a little simpler - the color of denim. This color and material (jeans) are basic, and in the fall and in the winter of this year also trend. Denim jackets, jeans themselves, denim jackets - it all applies to the most fashionable things of the end of 2020.

Current denimCurrent denim

Cornish stick

This shade is easy to include in casual clothes, using not only cinnamon accessories, but also clothes: sweaters, handbags, t-shirts, tights, bracelets - all this perfectly emphasize your autumn image in 2020.

Cornish stickCornish stick

Natural saffron.

This color is practically moving to ocher, but still remains yellow. It looks very impressive in combination with satin and silk materials. Excellent summer and autumn selection in 2020.

Natural saffron.Natural saffron.

Biscai Green

This color is named after the Biscay Bay, it is very refreshing, it is quite good for the winter. Other grain shades are also popular: cold dark green, olive-green, neon-green. Green is the choice of real crisp and lovers stand out, become brighter.

Biscai GreenBiscai Green

Classic blue

One of the basic and universal shades. It was fashionable throughout 2020 and remains such, boldly holding its position. This color attracted such girls like Megan Marck, Celine Dion, Heidi Klum and Kim Kardashian.

Classic blueClassic blue

Cork Orange

Citrus tones of steel are now very popular, and this shade is bright and energetic - the same for the same bright, energetic and bold girls. The main thing is to combine this color with neutral shades, otherwise you can look really like an orange.

Cork OrangeCork Orange


This color goes back to the traditions of art paintings of the XVII-XIX century. But now he became popular and in 2020, but already in clothing. Such graceful and sophisticated blue with notes of green and red can be safely included both in casual clothes and in the festive.



Blue-purple and grape colors look good on light texture materials and are more suitable for the summer, or early autumn. But can perfectly be woven into autumn images to highlight some details.


Dried garlic

Yellow and green this year is extremely popular, and with the mixture, it turns out the original and not standard color. Many celebrities took advantage of the popularity of this color and appeared in the original outfits of such a shade, glad to the public.

dried garlicdried garlic 

Pink coral

Bright coral shades are no longer in fashion. Now in the trend more pastel shades: pink coral, classic gray, light blue, shining white, creamy, gentle hacks, sandy. Such such colors will be very good to look at anyone. They are calmer, not screaming and causing.

Pink coralPink coral



"Twilight" staining is a combination of bright, but natural colors. You can add golden or bluish shades with hair, thus highlighting them from ordinary natural colors. Perfectly suitable brunettes and brown shoes.


Leaway of 2000s

This combination on your head at the same time brunette and blondes. Such staining is now a bit in a different form. This is the addition of white strands (mostly front) or hidden staining in white, as well as staining in white temporal strands. As well as staining Split refers to this species of change of image (staining of one half of the head into white, and the other in dark, or the use of contrasting colors).


Fruit red

This color is a mixture of brown and red (or red and brown). This shade is considered as natural as possible and suits almost everyone. Neutral brown tones are universal, and the Red Subaton adds some freshness and originality of the image.

fruit redfruit red


Cabernet is adding muffled red hair into its color (more often in dark-blond). This color really remotely resembles the color of the wine Cabernet. It will be perfect for any season and emphasizes your natural shade.


Backlit stranded

This is the highlight of some strands with a shade for several tones lighter than your color. This trend is inspired by the style of the 90s and zero. It looks great on curly or wavy hair medium length.

Backlit strandedBacklit stranded

Dark root blonde

Or the effect of the resulting roots. Such staining can apply like blondes - painting roots in dark color and brunettes - lightening the main part of the hair, and leaving the roots dark.

Dark rootsDark roots


Blue is one of the main colors of 2020, so it is not surprising that it became popular for hair staining. Such a shade will suit enough bright natures that love to stand out from the crowd, and show its uniqueness and courage. It is an excellent color for those who are tired of classic gold shades, and who wants to completely change the image and style.


Light ash

Yes, light colors are now in fashion, and such a classic light ashona will perfectly fit into your unforgettable image.

Light ashLight ash

Pearl blonde

Slightly different from a light ashona, but still similar to it. But with such shades will have to work not only the master, but also you yourself. In order to kill the yellowness of the shade, you need to use special shampoos and balsams so that the color is maintained for a long time and remained fresh.

Pearl blondePearl blonde


To create an ideal, voluminous apricot color, stylists recommend mixing copper, apricot and strawberry shades with blond. So the color will turn out brighter and more comprehensive, which will look great even on rare hair. Such a color will be perfectly suitable for almost all, especially girls with a slightly pale skin.


Zherya Caramel

Caramel staining is classic for brunettes, and Zhignaya caramel is a more restrained version of caramel staining. It turns out not so bright and calmer. It is suitable for any season and for any fair floor representative.

Zherya CaramelZherya Caramel

Sand blonde

Warm copper and cold ash - excellent combination for sand blonde. Such staining comes literally to all. It is also suitable for absolutely any long hair.

Sand blondeSand blonde



This color is something like a denim, but with a gray and purple tide. It looks wonderful on any form and length of nails. Excellent combined with geometry looks great in a pair with deep dark blue.



Winter shades moved to the background and cherry-red - it is an excellent choice, especially in the summer and autumn seasons. This manicure is not similar to the classic red, it is more original and atypical. Such a color is a mixture of red and pink, something resembles the color of wine. This color is more interesting to look at the nails of the medium length, but comes to any form.


Metallized tint

Matte shades are rapidly descending from the top position and they are replaced with wet and metallized tones. They look great at any length and shape and fit perfectly with almost any accessories.



One of the most fashionable colors as in clothing and hairstyles and manicure. Such a manicure will be the most classic as possible, and to refresh the usual nose using Franch on this most pearly basis - it looks original than the usual Franch. You can also use the color close to the pearl - champagne splashes. Such shades look better on the dark and dark skin, highlighting your marigolds, as well as they are great for the evening images.


Dark green

Dark green color this year becomes classic on nails of any shape and length. It is perfectly combined with any prints and drawings, and also looks good in monophonic.

Dark greenDark green

Corn color

Cinnamon color with red or orange subtock is an excellent choice in 2020. It can also be perfectly combined with the above-mentioned dark green varnish. It looks great on any length and shape of the nails - an excellent choice for the autumn manicure.

Corn colorCorn color

Fashionable colors of 2021

Fashion is enough change, so all forecasts for 2021 are quite abstract and summarized. Each season appears new trends and trends that everyone immediately strive to follow. But mostly in 2021 there will be fashionable pastel and classic colors, as well as the same bright and faded shades of bright colors. But it is not necessary to completely throw out or forget about bright colors, because some shades of red and orange will be in fashion in spring and summer in 2021.

Quiet wave

This is one of the shades of a mixture of blue and green. This is not too bright, because in the new year the fashion will be more restrained and not too causing. Such a shade will perfectly complement your images, both in clothing and manicure. This shade gives a reference more to the technologicality than to the pristine natural vegetation.

Quiet waveQuiet wave

Lemon Scherbet

Bright colors in the new year are losing their popularity, so designers appeal to new shades of the same bright colors, but in certain muffling and blizzard. The shade of lemon sherbet is perfect for spring and summer of 2021. Such a shade is beautiful and calm, but nevertheless refreshing - peace and natural naturalness.

Lemon ScherbetLemon Scherbet

Bright red

One of the few really bright colors, which will be in fashion in 2021. This is the color of spring and summer. Such a color will look excellent, both independently and as a contrast (accessories, manicure).

Bright redBright red


Fashion houses and designers offer to use this color. It combines great, both with bright accessories and independently, without them. Gray is a minimalism and restraint and perfectly suitable for creating street, office and everyday images. We will also beautifully look a few tones of gray in one way - it will add contrast and originality.


Deep blue

This color gets into the tops on the autumn-winter period of 2021. With the help of this color, you can create unforgettable combinations, both for men and female wardrobes.

Deep blueDeep blue


Or tangerine red - the same color of autumn 2021. Just one of the few bright shade of 2021, which will exceed you from the gray mass, especially if it competently combine this color with pastel, neutral tones. Also very well, images will look only in red shades and with dark or pastel accessories.



This is the topic of Militari and it is always in fashion and is always relevant. In the new year, classic protective and swamp shades will fill in a variety of fashionable shows. Such a shade of green is perfectly combined with almost any colors and is perfect for the winter of 2021. Such a color looks great with bright red or yellow colors.


Such trends are waiting for us in the coming 2021. According to fashionable trends, it will be similar from 2020, so you can save and not change the wardrobe completely, but only to change accessories and it will already refresh your image and add a raisin in it.

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