School project design - Sample 2021

Preparation of the project at school, the science of the student competently submit its work is the result of the requirements of the modern educational program. In modern school, projects require performing on a computer. How to create a school project.

It is assumed that the project activity discloses in the child the ability to think and act creatively, forms independence in the search for information and processing, teaches a child to prepare a presentation and submit to its public.

To understand where to start a school project, you need to choose its type. School projects are:

  • Research - study, consider the topic at different angles; prepared as a scientific study (nominated and check the hypothesis);
  • Practical, practical oriented - the result becomes a solution to a specific task that can be used in life;
  • Creative - the result becomes creative product, mounted video, poster, theatrical performance, new educational game, sports game;
  • informational - contain the results of the collection of information that is then submitted to the public;
  • Role-to-projects in which the roles distribute the rules of interaction between participants. The result of such work becomes known only at the end, students try themselves in new roles and situations, learn to resolve conflicts while in the form of the selected role.

Materials, presentation, then, from which it consists and what the school project looks like, it will be directly dependent on the chosen type of project.

How to write a project in school

It all begins with the choice of theme and understanding of the ultimate goal. It should be clear, clear and clear. So that the work has moved quickly, the topic should be interesting to the disciple. Otherwise, no benefit from project activities will not. It will not be possible to successfully protect the project, which is not even interesting to its creator.

Stages of work:

  1. Preparatory. We are determined with the theme and purpose.
  2. Planning. We find out what is needed for the project at school, with what sources we will work, how we will collect and analyze it. We decide in what form we will present the results of the work.
  3. Study. We collect and specify information, we carry out research tasks.
  4. Conclusions. We analyze the information, we formulate the conclusions.
  5. Registration. The teachers of each particular educational institution put forward their demands, how to draw up projects at school, and give samples of design.

At the planning stage, they decide in what form to submit information. At the same time, it is determined which program needs to create a school project on a computer. In school for projects within the curriculum, it is enough to use the Word graphic editor. It is gaining text, complement it with pictures.

How to issue a project

Project registration in junior classes

The younger class, the less text and more pictures. After all, the child not only gives the printed project, but should be able to tell what it is written about it, answer questions.

Project structure:

  1. Title page. At the very top they write the full name of the educational institution. In the middle of the sheet, the word "project" is written in the center. Below bold large fonts write the name of the project. Under it, in the right corner indicate who completed: the name and surname of the student, class. Then the head: surname, name and patronymic. Below in the middle of the sheet they write the city and the year of the project.
  2. On the second sheet, there is a table of contents.
  3. Then there is an introduction. Here are prescribed goals and objectives.
  4. Main part. In this part, disclose the topic, you can write step by step: "I started my work with ...", "then I started ...", "in my work I encountered such problems ...".
  5. Conclusion.

Project registration in high school

The older the student, the more stringent requirements put forward to content, quality, the number of information displayed in the project, and to its design.

How to make a project for school in grade 9, step by step

The project must have a clear structure:

  • tituer;
  • content;
  • Introduction with the description of the target, the area in which work is underway, indicating the methods that this goal will be achieved;
  • Description of work, process with all stages constituting, all stages;
  • Analysis of the course of work, which happened, with what problems were faced, as they were overcome;
  • Conclusion where the final result is evaluated and analyzed; consider the prospects for the application of work, how and where you can use the results of the project;
  • Bibliography - specify all sources and references used;
  • Applications (if necessary).

When work is ready, the student proceeds to the preparation of the presentation. The presentation is convenient to do in the PowerPoint program is a simple, comfortable tool, perfectly suitable for such purposes. In the presentation, the schoolboy reflects the main aspects of the project, fills it with graphics. Based on the presentation with the text and pictures, it is much easier to convey thoughts to the listeners. Such a presentation format is convenient for the speaker: the key phrases of the text before our eyes are not allowed to disperse thoughts, even if something fell from excitement.

Example How to properly write a school project (grade 9)

Example Presentation (Grade 9)

The correct sample design of the school project for elementary school

Example Presentation (Grade 5)

In elementary school, you need to teach the child. Modern teachers are often used for this purpose innovative approaches in training. For example, from the first class of the teacher, ask students to make projects to school. A sample of such work will help the child and his parents correctly cope with the task. The choice of topics and form of the project often define the teachers, guided by the general principles.

The rules of good tone for registration of the presentation We are considered in the article What should be a presentation for a conference or competition

Advantages of project education

Starting training in primary grades, teachers do not know who their students will grow. It is possible that one of them will become a great mathematician or doctor. The level of education and its quality depends on the selected learning methods. Today there are many types of different programs. Design options received universal recognition for a number of reasons:

How to write a project protection
  1. A large range of variability of the method: from social problems to studies of the vital activity of single-cell organisms. Not only the topic is very extensive, methods of projects and their protection are also diverse.
  2. This method contributes to the creative development of students. The choice of individual working conditions and different approaches contribute to the self-improvement of the best qualities of the child.
  3. From the early stages of learning, students are taught to discipline and order. Create your project is not easy. It is necessary to make a plan, write, issue under definite rules. All this contributes to the formation of a disciplined personality capable of working in the team.
  4. The creation of the project helps to use the family. The child of the house can make a task together with parents. This allows you to improve its enlightenment.
Despite the fact that the project can be done for a long time, and for young children it is a difficult task, the project education has deserved to be actively used in school. It doesn't matter how the initial work will look, because in any case they will put the start of the future formation of a person.

Selection of project theme

About how to competently compile speech to protect the project, we have previously written in the article preparation of speech to protect the project.

Usually in elementary school, teachers themselves determine themes for project activities. In grade 1, finished projects will allow students to familiarize themselves with the adopted standards, rules and principles of building such work. A variety of topics helps schoolchildren better master the curriculum.

How to make a project to school

The theme is selected taking into account the age and interests of students. It should be an interest and desire to work on the proposed issue. This is the basic requirement for the choice of project theme. So, for grade 3, what first workers work, it will not be interesting, and the latter will not be able to prepare themes intended for older children. Children's theme is very extensive, so teachers themselves decide what is more suitable for their class.

How to make a project in school
  1. Here are just some sought-after thematic niches for ready-made school projects in primary classes:
  2. Research, observations of animal habits.
  3. Description of games, the history of their appearance or development of their own options.
  4. Story toys. Children love their toys, so teachers use this fact in their work.
  5. Folk art. There are a lot of interesting topics related to applied art. Lace, carving, modeling, applique, weaving and much more can be excellent material for the project.
  6. Natural phenomena. A variety of the surrounding world cannot pass by the project theme.
My favorite character. This direction will help develop reporting skills. The ability to collect information about the specified object will be useful in the future on more complex projects.

The choice of direction is completely on the teacher. From his fantasy and understanding of those whom he teaches depends on the effectiveness of learning. If the topic does not interest students, then work on the project will cohere them, and not to benefit.

Main sections By offering its disciples a project task, the teacher must clearly decide on a unified form of such work. In the future, it will contribute to the organization and cohesion of the class, as well as simplify the further use of this training method. A carefully thought-out system will help the teacher more time to devote to other aspects of learning, without stopping at the constant clarification of what can be decisled at once.

School principlesHow to prepare a project in school according to plan
  1. Usually in project work there are generally accepted sections, without which few people represent similar works.
  2. There are several items that need to be affected in the project:
  3. Cover or title page. It usually indicates the topic of work, author, time and place of writing. Someone allows colorful decoration, which contributes to the aesthetic development of the child.
  4. Table of contents. Specifying the names of sections and pages where they are located. It can be placed both at the beginning and at the end.
  5. Introduction Mandatory item of any scientific work. Here it is necessary to place a brief description of the project, its goals, and what benefits it will bring reading.
  6. The main sections. There may be several or only one. It all depends on the author's plan or the task.
  7. Applications. This section is optional. Many are trying to insert all the material into the main text, but someone can decide to take it into a separate part of the project.

Conclusion or conclusion. A good principle for teachers is to teach children to draw conclusions from their research. This will help to work correctly and go to the specified direction. This approach will teach young researchers to evaluate the results of their work. Bibliography. To use different sources of information, too, learn from the initial classes. This section will help not forget that you need to appreciate the work of other researchers and skillfully enjoy their experience. The standard design documentation scheme will teach students to the established procedure. Disciplines and organization will contribute to more efficient training. In the future, performing projects,

Students will already know which sequence need to work

And what claims makes them a teacher. All this will facilitate the whole process and improve the concentration on the research itself. Design of computer option

Schoolboy project plan
  1. With the introduction of computer technologies, it would be unwise not to use them when working on a project. From an early age, modern children face various gadgets and often use them begin before talking about. Therefore, in primary schools, teachers are trying to instill with children a computer letter. This is allowed to use a computer for project creativity.
  2. It is very important to remember that work with the electronic device carries a certain risk of a well-being of a child if it is not properly engaged to use it. This task lies on the shoulders and teachers, and parents.
  3. Before proceeding with the preparation of projects using a computer, children must master:
  4. Safety regulations. Any electronic device is capable not only to adversely affect health, but also with careless handling can be a threat to life. Before you to start the child to a computer, it is good to explain to him what you can do, and from what should be abstained. In addition, you always need to give examples of the consequences of the correct and improper work with the technique.
  5. Rules of circulation and basic work methods. Training of computer literacy begins with Azov and is gradually complicated. Never require the child that he cannot understand or assimilate because of a small age.
  6. Work on the Internet. Here, the main rule is not to leave a child one on one with the worldwide web, otherwise not to avoid troubles. Experienced teachers diligently and patiently explain why it is dangerous to enter unfamiliar sites and for what reasons you can not walk on the Internet without parents or teachers.

Selection of the necessary information. It is also important to teach this too, otherwise the time behind the computer will be worse. Permanent distractions will interfere with progress to the target.

Registration of work. Computer programs provide great opportunities in fast and beautiful design. To teach this from the very beginning, using the simplest applications.

Preservation of material. There is always a danger to lose the electronic version of the project, so it is necessary to first learn the child to keep working on the computer correctly. Use a flash drive to save the information better at an older age, however, the rules for the safe extraction of this device should be mastering at the initial stage. It is not difficult to perform such an action yourself, but first the parents and teachers must constantly control the educational process.

Preparation of the project in primary grades

Any learning stage is associated with certain tasks. It is helped to solve well-thought-out research projects in elementary school. Ready projects can be used as visual benefits in which there are templates of structure, content and design.

Student interest in such tasks contributes to the growth of average performance of the academic performance and creative abilities of the student.

  • School project is the first scientific work of a schoolboy. It is drawn up in about the same way as the remaining research works in a somewhat simplified form.
  • Title page
  • The correct design of the title is a big plus, he immediately will make a good impression and give extra glasses.
  • In the upper part of the sheet with alignment in the center we write the full name of the educational institution with the location of the settlement.
  • In the central part, also in the center, we write a magnified font theme of work. Under the name of the presentation can be placed a clear, bright picture.

Below, with alignment on the right edge, we indicate the full name and surname of the author of the work: "Completed the student 3" a "class Ivanov Ivan."

Under this line you need to write a teacher's full name, the place of his work (school number). Alignment on the right edge. It should look like this: "Project Manager: Petrova Maria Aleksandrovna, primary school teacher, MBOU SOSH No. 100 of Yakutsk."

At the very bottom of the center in the center, the name of the settlement and the year of the project is prescribed.

Table of contents

  • In the "Content" section, all sections are indicated in order (they are aligned to the left edge). On the contrary, with alignment on the right edge, the page on which the relevant chapter begins is indicated. Between the name of the section and its page in the table of contents are set. Note: Each section of the following begins with a new page.
  • Goals and objectives

On the second page you need to specify which goals and objectives have a performed job.

The goal follows from the topic that we pointed out on the title page.

Tasks are the actions that the child undertakes to achieve the goal. There should always be somewhat, at least two.

Body of the project

The third sheet begins the actual description of the study of the study. It must be structured, and not to go a solid, continuous array of text.

Each task and the course of its solution must be described in a separate paragraph (if they are small). If the tasks are more voluminous, you can describe each in a small subsection with the subtitle.

Illustrations will become an additional plus. In addition, they additionally structure the text and make it more visual.


After the description of the work is over, you need to sum up. To do this, you need a section "Conclusions". It begins with a new page.

Conclusions are also somewhat, as well as tasks. Each task must comply with your result. Briefly, we describe in one sentence that we learned, solving one or another task.

List of used literature

The list of used books is located on the latest Presentation page. The names of books are located in alphabetical order, they must be complete. To correctly specify the name of the book, it is best to write it off from the first page where the output is indicated.

If the information was taken from the sites, the links to them also need to be included in the list. Usually this sheet is the greatest difficulty. It is difficult for a child to make complex names properly, everything is arranged. Therefore, some schools simplify the design of the last page. This should be further recognized from the teacher. If difficulties arose, it also makes sense to approach the teacher in advance and ask for advice. .

What is a project and project activities Educational activities of schools are regulated by federal state educational standards (GEF). These standards introduced such a thing as

What is a project and project activities Project activity Project activities - This is not a teacher whim, this is the requirement of the Ministry of Education and Science.

- This is an independent activity aimed at Achieving a certain result, goal or solving any problem

(scientific, personal or social).


  1. This is what is being made to create and receive a new product / result or solving the problem. Projects can be completely different directions: from creative to research: Project objectives Formation of schoolchildren Fundamentals of research and project activities
  2. and development skills, sales and Public presentation Project results.
  3. Mastery of cooperation and interaction with schoolchildren and adults In co-project activities. Formation of skill Plan research or project work taking into account the goal: Formulate the problem

, hypothesis, put research tasks, choose methods,

draw out

According to the results of the work carried out. Features of project activities The project is limited in time: he has the beginning and end. Work on the project occurs in several stages. And time, and stages are defined even before the start of the project, during its planning.

As a result of the project should be created

New Product

or a study of a scientific problem From what product you want to create as a result of the project will depend on the number of project stages. But the overall work of work on the project will be the same for everyone: Stages of project execution

Step "

Implementation of tasks and product creation

"It will depend on a specific project and may contain an unlimited number of stages.

The content of each stage may change during the project. This is normal. Why? Because something can go wrong, the conditions may change, you can learn something new, which I used to know before, etc., everything as in adulthood. Therefore, we adjust the course and go on to the goal!

How to choose a school project theme The topic should be chosen up to date and interesting. You should be interested in the area of ​​knowledge in which you perform the project. Otherwise, it will be boring on the project, and it is difficult to protect. There are several options for how schoolchildren choose the subject for their project: Option 1. Choose one of the topics that will offer a cool leader. Option 2.

Choose a school subject and teacher who will offer the topic in its subject. Option 3. Come up with the topic yourself. Think what is missing to you, your classmates or adults, and try to formulate the topic of the project to solve the problem.

As the result of the project should be New Product
, then it is necessary to thoroughly think about what can be created as a result of the project. In the following table, we give examples of what can be done as a project result: Project topic
Product / Project Result Computer games: benefit or harm
Video clip or computer animation on a safe work at a computer. What do our names mean?
Booklet with the names of classmates and their values. History of football
Booklet with a list of football sections that are in the city. You can divide into two categories: free and paid. Multiplication Table on Fingers
Brochure or booklet with multiplication rules on the fingers. Video video showing multiplication on the fingers. Poets Writers about my hometown
Blog on the Internet dedicated to this topic. You can create on free platforms (BLOGGER from Google, Ringing and deaf consonants

SCRATCH program to verify knowledge of ringing and deaf consonants.

Vegetarianism Brochure with recipes of vegetarian dishes. Internet blog dedicated to vegetarianism. You can make a free Blogger platform from Google, , Relevance, goal, objectives and project hypothesis , About и relevance goal

Tasks hypothesis You will write in the project text and tell it. Relevance

- This is the importance of the project for the present. If the project is not relevant, it is not important, then it is not worth doing it. Relevance can be viewed as a set of some problems that exist in society or some group of people (for example, classmates, teachers, parents), and which need to be solved. Just write "

The topic is relevant because I personally, I am interested in

"- wrong. The relevance will have to disclose, prove. For example, for the topic "Computer games: benefits or harm", the relevance can be described as follows: My friends own more than one gadget. Basically, this is a smartphone and a laptop. In addition, many at home have a mustache for video games. All these devices are becoming more affordable, so in families more and more. But is it safe - to dive for a long time in virtual reality? This is my research. Lifehak

: To prove the project relevance, use the service . This service shows the statistics of user requests on Yandex. The more people are looking for something, the more relevant. You can enable screenshots from this service to the project. purpose - This is a global result that you want to achieve in the project. For example, " Informing schoolchildren (or classmates) about the benefits and dangers of computer games

"," Increased literacy of classmates in the field of bell and deaf consonants и ". To formulate relevance target , answer the questions " Why are you doing this?

"(relevance) and" What do you want to achieve this?

"(purpose). No need to invent extra and incomprehensible words, write as it is. Tasks

- These are the actions that need to be taken to achieve the goal. Here you must list the stages of the project from the study of literature before receiving the product.


or a study of a scientific problem From what product you want to create as a result of the project will depend on the number of project stages. But the overall work of work on the project will be the same for everyone: - This is an assumption, assumption, the true meaning of which is vague. The hypothesis is not built for all projects, but only for a research nature, and it is not always.

Definition of project stages and project execution

About how the stages of work on the project look like generally, we have shown in the figure.

  1. "We must be divided into non-unoccupied stages, determine the timing of the execution of the person.
  2. Here we cannot give any specific recommendations, as these stages will be unique for each project. Even two projects made by different authors, but on one topic, will be different in this part. Everyone solves its project in its own way, and reaches the goal too differently.
  3. We give an example of steps for the project "Write and Deaf Consults", which involves creating a small computer program as a final product:
  4. Determine the functional requirements for the application "Simulator for training schoolchildren by ringing and deaf consonants."
  5. Select a program to create an application.

Create an application.

Test application.

Create a user manual.

Project registration

Project registration is the creation of a text document in which all stages of work on the project will be described, the goal is indicated, the tasks, the relevance is substantiated, the conclusions are written. In the text of the project, it is not necessary to include a lot of text, most of it can be replaced with pictures: graphs, screenshots, photos. This, firstly, simplifies writing the text of the project, and secondly, it illustrates it and proves what you did it.

In some schools and in contests from authors, you need to have photos of how they work on their project.

What program to make a project in?

  1. Microsoft Word is part of the Microsoft Office package and the most popular program to work with text. But it is commercial, and therefore maybe it may not be installed on your computer.
  2. What to do in this case? Options, in fact, a lot. There are a lot of programs and services that allow you to work with the text in the same way as Word. And, by the way, in government agencies, not MicrosoftWord is often installed, with its free analogues. This has long been something like a corporate standard.
  3. So, the complimentary analogs of Microsoft Office:

LibreOffice ( (

Google Service Documents (

Requirements for registration

  1. If you provide a project to some contest, then the requirements for registration will be contained in the information message of this event. Do not think about it: make sure that the organizers of the competition or the conference are asked. If the project is preparing to protect at school, the requirements can sound the teacher. Ask your class teacher about this, as in school, most likely there is a special local act in which all this is described. If the rules of registration did not give you or they are left at your discretion, then use the requirements for creating documents from GOST R 7.0.97-2016:
  2. Pages must be numbered, starting with the second. In this way, the title sheet is not necessary . Page Numbers are affixed in the middle of the top field of the document at a distance of at least 10 mm from the top edge of the sheet. Use free free fonts. For example, Times New Roman.
  3. . Permissible font dimensions: 12, 13, fourteen .
  4. (optimally). In the tables, you can use smaller fonts.
  5. Paragraph penent text of the document - 1.25 cm Section headers and subsections are printed with a paragraph indent of 1.25 cm or centered. .
  6. The text of the document is printed through
  7. 1.5
  8. Arctic interval

The interval between letters in words is normal.

The interval between words is one space.

The text of the document is aligned with the width of the sheet.

Creating a presentation and project protection

This is the final stages. From how high-quality you will make an electronic presentation, it depends on how protection passes.

What program to make a presentation?

Take advantage of the same recommendations that we gave above.

What should be slides in the presentation

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