Glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach: benefits and harm

Famous long-livers of the Japanese from generation to generation transmit the secret of their longevity - every day they start with a glass of pure water. Numerous studies confirm that this simple manipulation does not only strengthen the body, but also has a complex medical and prophylactic effect on it.

There are many factors (unfavorable ecological situations, passing fast food, a sedentary lifestyle, etc.), contributing to the accumulation of slag in the body, which reduce its resources and negatively affect well-being.

Water drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, activates the purification processes run still during sleep.

Liquid helps not only remove slags from the body, but also refresh the complexion and improve the condition of hair, leather.

The metabolism is one of the most important processes in the body. A glass of water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, is a driving force that launches the metabolism, giving it an additional impulse. It is enough to get enough to increase the metabolic rate increased by 20-30%.

The use of water in the morning contributes to the formation of gastric enzymes and normalization of the digestion process, allows you to get rid of the feeling of gravity, provoked by plentiful dinner on the eve. With it, it is minimized by the level of acidity in different stomach departments. Therefore, people suffering from gastritis or ulcers should regularly drink a glass after sleep to cope with colic and reduce the feeling of burning.

The pain of antispasmodic character (head, menstrual, articular) is also easy to win with the help of a life-giving moisture. Warm water, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will become an excellent spasmolitic and will allow you to get rid of unpleasant sensations in the whole body.

Active cleansing that begins in the body after drilled water, not only displays slags and toxins, but also contributes to weight loss. However, it will not work out the shape of the figure only on the basis of this method.

Normalization of body weight is a comprehensive process that, along with purification, should be supplemented with physical exertion and proper nutrition.

The useful habit of drinking water in the morning activates the operation of the blood, lymphatic and urogenital system, strengthens the immunity and increases the body's resistance to various infectious diseases. In addition, morning beans contributes to the regeneration of cells at various levels, helps maintain the skin in a tone, and also allows you to overcome drowsiness and gives a good mood.

According to some wellness techniques, water drunk on an empty stomach must necessarily be hot. According to another version, only cold water should be drunk, and small sips. To find the golden middle, you need to listen to the state of the body and clearly designate the expected effect:

  1. Chilled water (15-20 ° C) will help faster and cheer up, which will be a kind of stimulus for the gastric mucosa - the body will begin to produce energy for warming and, as a result, lethargy will instantly eliminate. It is believed that this method contributes to an increase in life expectancy.
  2. To activate the process of digestion and improve the operation of the gastrointestinal tract, drink water temperature (20-27 ° C).
  3. Preservation of youth and beauty more contributes warm and hot water (27-40 ° C). The fluid of such a temperature is well reels the waste of digestion and the mucus, which gathered overnight on the walls of the stomach, launches the metabolic processes and saturates the cells of the body with oxygen.
You should not use boiling water, even if you drink water with small sips. This can cause irreparable harm to the body, ranging from the burns of the throat and esophagus, ending with the development of cancer.
After a glass of water dried in the morning, it is necessary to have breakfast.

Failure to eat leads to negative consequences: obeying the launched digestion processes, the empty stomach begins to digest itself, which can cause gastritis. And in the subsequent meal for the thickening of the appetite, more products will be required, which will lead to gravity in the stomach, a failure in the work of the gastrointestinal tract and will be a prerequisite for a weight gain.

Achieve the maximum effect from the morning drink is quite simple:

  • The liquid should be drunk directly after waking up;
  • There should be 30-40 minutes between water intake and breakfast;
  • It is impossible to replace water in tea, milk, juice, or another drink, since the therapeutic effect will be reduced to zero;
  • You can use not boiled, but only purified, filtered or mineral non-carbonated water with a light salt taste (from boiling it is better to refuse, because In this case, the beneficial properties of the liquid are lost).

The optimal option will be melting water from the spring. But it is not easy to find it, so you can independently prepare a glass of healing fluid, putting a glass with purified water in the freezer. Turning into ice, water changes its crystal structure. In the course of this process, negative substances are destroyed, and after the defrost, the initial structural and energy state of the fluid is restored.

To achieve the goal, time is necessary, so it is necessary to gain patience and hold a full course of health procedures. The duration and effectiveness of treatment depends on the disease and the regularity of this manipulation:

  • Get rid of frequent constipation, cope with gastritis and establish the process of digestion in 10-15 days;
  • Cleaning the body and elimination of signs of dehydration will take 2-3 weeks;
  • diabetics to facilitate the general condition will need at least a month;
  • normalize the pressure will be possible for 30-40 days;
  • With tuberculosis to improve well-being will help therapy in 3 months.

Starting a course of procedures, it is desirable to abandon the use of coffee (rendering a diuretic effect, it contributes to the fact that the body loses fluid). It is also necessary to listen to the state of the body and with the slightest conditions of the state should stop sessions. And people suffering from cancer or arthritis arthritis, before starting drinking therapy, it is better to consult a doctor.

Despite the fact that water does not have taste and smell, it is not always possible to force yourself to drink even a half-table. In this case, additional ingredients can be used, which will not only give the taste of the morning "aquaCtower", but will also strengthen the positive effect of water on the body.

Citrus - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals, so several lemon circles squeezed into a glass of water will ensure the body portion of beneficial substances for a whole day. Water with lemon not only gives vigor and positive attitude from the morning, but also stimulates the work of the brain, allowing you to more actively perform mental tasks. Activation of digestion processes optimizes the activity of the GTS, helps to get rid of cholesterol plaques and free radicals, normalizes the operation of the circulatory system and stabilizes the pressure.

High content of acids in lemon hurts tooth enamel, so water with lemon is better to drink through the tube. After each procedure, it is desirable to brush your teeth and rinse the oral cavity.
Just 1 tsp. Honey - and to use is the healing drink, capable of becoming a reliable protection for the body from malicious bacteria and viruses, clean the liver and kidneys, improve the operation of the urogenital system.

People whose work is associated with constant stress, a glass of water with honey in the morning will help get rid of the feeling of anxiety and calm the nervous system, will give the charge of energy and raise the tone.

If desired, you can add to water and honey, and lemon. A balanced combination of these ingredients will help faster to clean the lymphotok and lead the blood sugar levels. Allergies such a drink should be taken with caution.

The wellness effect also has olive oil.

Glass of raw water from 1 tsp. Vegetable oil, drunk in the morning on an empty stomach, will be a good "cleaner" of the liver and intestines, an active fighter with cholesterol, and will also make the walls of vessels more elastic. Such a drink is useful to use older people, because it improves the state of the brain vessels and contributes to the early rehabilitation after a stroke.

Useful to use alkaline water in the morning. Food soda on the knife tip is added to the glass of warm or cold liquid. The solution contributes to the intestinal cleansing, the restoration of the flora of the stomach, the grinding of stones in the kidneys. Brings relief to people with heartburn, leads to a normal state and prevents dehydration during poisoning.

The spicy taste of Indian Spice is well-known fans of oriental cuisine, but far from everyone knows that turmeric is actively used in folk medicine. Due to the presence of turcoine polyphenol, which is a powerful antioxidant, the spice has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and immunostimulating effect on the body.

Eating in the mornings on an empty stomach of a glass of warm water from 0.5 cl. Turmeric contributes to the tide of the strength and feelings of cheerfulness. Water with turmeric reduces appetite and promotes weight loss, improves metabolism and cleanses blood.

Kurkumin in large doses has similar properties with diclofenac, so the morning drinking with the addition of turmeric powder will be a good analgesic for those who have joints (reduce pain, will reduce the risk of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases of the rolling joints of the skeleton bones).

Choose additional components to improve the taste of water each can at their request and the list of useful properties. Meanwhile, nutritionists are not advised to be too fascinated by additives, but just drink every morning on a glass of pure water. And water therapy courses with additional ingredients are better to arrange from time to time.

The need for fluid is an individual, therefore the daily rate of water depends on the age, lifestyle, daytime diet and body condition. Regardless of these factors, a glass of water, drunk in the morning to breakfast, will not hurt anyone. But in some cases it is necessary to abide by:

  1. If there are edema, heart disease and chronic hypertension without consulting a specialist cannot do.
  2. Allergies are not recommended water with lemon or honey, since there is a risk of increasing the acidity of the stomach, as well as exacerbation of gastritis and ulcerative disease.
  3. People suffering from gallstone disease, it is better to abandon drinking procedures in the morning, because The drink can cause an attack by proving the movement of the concreters in bile ducts.

It is worth remembering that improving and improving the general condition of the body is possible only when using simple water. Juices, fruits, grains from herbs and even green tea, nicknamed a drink of longevity, will not bring the desired effect, because Each of them has its own specificity and spectrum of influence. Therefore, it is better to stop the choice on clean water and make this habit of tradition, which will help forget about poor health and prevent many health problems.

Water is the best tool for quenching thirst. But is it just enough to use water? Below we will tell about why it is useful to drink water on an empty stomach.

The use of water on an empty stomach is washing the internal organs of a person and removes the products of the body's livelihoods. A glass of warm water in the morning regulates the intestinal peristalsis, helps to clean the body from toxins, increases appetite, and even prevents headache.

Using 6-8 glasses of water per day accelerates metabolism and charges us with energy. It also helps reduce weight and strengthens immunity. Let's talk in detail about the beneficial effect of water on the human body.

Why useful drinking water on an empty stomach

1. Water on an empty stomach cleans the stomach and washes the intestines

Clean drinking water is an excellent slag. In the gastrointestinal tract accumulates the remains of undigested food. Because of the metabolism failure, they do not leave the organism naturally, poisoning the body and worsening his work.

Water on an empty stomach helps to get rid of them. The use of sufficient amount of water contributes to the intestinal peristalsis.

Therefore, a glass of water on an empty stomach perfectly regulates the operation of the gastrointestinal tract. With constipation, this is an excellent means for emptying the intestine and removing slags from the body.

2. Water on an empty stomach cleans the body from toxins

The use of sufficient amount of water contributes to the detoxification of the body. The more we drink water, the cleaner our body. It also reduces the bloating of the abdomen. The benefits of water is indisputable.

3. Water on an empty stomach improves appetite

Everyone knows about the need for regular nutrition. What to do when the appetite is gone? Waking up, drink a glass of water, and you will no longer have problems with appetite.

4. Water on an empty stomach prevents headache

One of the main causes of headaches is the lack of moisture in the body. Start your day from a glass of warm water on an empty stomach. Do not forget to drink water and throughout the day.

In addition to headaches, it will also save you from the poor smell of the mouth and many types of bacterial infection transmitting air-droplet.

5. Water on an empty stomach cleans the walls of the rectum from mucus

The use of water on an empty stomach helps to improve the purification of the walls of the rectum. This contributes to the best absorption of nutrients. Healthy straight intestine - guarantee of the health of the entire body.

6. Water on an empty stomach helps to lose weight

If you stick to a diet for weight loss, and want to get a positive result, drink water on an empty stomach. The use of water significantly accelerates metabolism: food is digested faster and better.

This contributes to loss of unnecessary kilograms, which are then not returned after the diet stop. Drink from 6 to 8 glasses of water every day.

7. Water on an empty stomach increases the energy level of the body

If you feel lethargy, fatigue, drink a glass of water. Water on an empty stomach stimulates the production of red blood tauros. And this means that more oxygen comes into the blood, which in turn contributes to an increase in energy generation in the body. The use of water is obvious!

8. Water on an empty stomach improves the color and condition of the skin of the face

The accumulation of toxins in the body negatively reflects on the skin of the face: it becomes dim and problematic. In this case, you need to drink water on an empty stomach. Valid water on an empty stomach provides a good intestinal peristaltics, thereby contributing to the purification of the body from toxins.

The detoxification of the body reduces the likelihood of acne, all sorts of rash and redness on the skin. It helps to improve the appearance of the skin of the face.

9. Water on an empty stomach increases the protective properties of the body

Optimal drinking mode is an important condition for our well-being. Water on an empty stomach supports the immune system. A healthy immune system is a reliable protection of the body from diseases and infections.

Sufficient water consumption helps to get rid of many health problems. Many diseases begin with problems with stomach. Water on an empty stomach provides the health of your stomach.

The idea of ​​drinking water on an empty stomach for the first time appeared in Japan. Usually, every morning the Japanese start with 4-glasses of water on an empty stomach. At the same time, they prefer to drink water not cold, but warm. And only 30 minutes start breakfast. Such internal hydrotherapy helps them remain active and healthy.

The beneficial effect of water on human health is great, and the use of water is beyond any doubt. Water is able to work wonders! But for this it is important to adhere to a healthy drinking mode, which begins with a glass of water on an empty stomach every morning.

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The benefits of the morning glass of water on an empty stomach

Many scientists agree that the water best affects the human body when an empty stomach is drinking. In this article we will tell you what problems can be solved with the help of such a simple means, as well as we will give recommendations on the right water reception on an empty stomach.

The benefits of the morning glass of water on an empty stomach

The inhabitants of the rising sun are famous for their longevity. The average age of life in Japan is 80-90 years. Compare with indicators in Russia for the last 10-15 years: less than 15-20 wits. One of the secrets of the long life of the Japanese is a glass of pure water on an empty stomach immediately after awakening. The striking effect is quite simple: water on an empty stomach launches metabolic processes, prepares the tract and other organs to work, has a strengthening and tonic effect on the entire body as a whole.

It is important to drink water in the right quantities throughout the day, but the archipelace start the morning from the glass of pure drinking water. Why? Read more ...

What problems are solved in this way?

The human body on 2/3 consists of water, so compliance with the drinking mode helps us at least, prevent many diseases or get rid of existing health problems.

Doctors are confident that 1-2 glasses of water on an empty stomach are capable of extending life for 10-15 years, as they have a beneficial effect on the following bodies and processes:

  • Gastrointestinal tract - water prepares the stomach to work.
  • Cleansing from toxins and slags - the liquid not only supplies nutrients into the cells, but also to output the products of vital activity from the body.
  • Helps to relax the stomach during constipation is a natural laxative.
  • Restoration of the balance of liquids in the body - we are every day we lose 1-1.5 liters of water from then, urine, secretions. To restore the balance you need to drink no less fluid.
  • Getting rid of excess weight - water is actively involved in fats burning.
  • Acceleration of metabolism - to effectively deal with extra kilograms, you need to accelerate the metabolism. Water does it best.

In addition, water has a healing effect. For example, abundant drink helps to fight headaches, tachycardia, increased fatigue, asthma, gastritis, diarrhea, constipation and other diseases.

How to drink water correctly?

There are a number of reception rules for drinking fluid in therapeutic purposes.

Here they are:

  • It is advisable to drink only raw, non-filled water. We should not replace a glass of water tea or coffee, other drinks. In 90% of cases, they are all diuretic, that is, enhance the withdrawal of fluids from the body. As a result, drinking a lot of tea mugs, we are just more dehydrated yourself. For a water diet, filtered or bottled water without gas is best.
  • To obtain a quick effect, it is recommended to drink 1-2 cup of water on an empty stomach. Drink better small sips. Before receiving food - 45-60 minutes, between the receptions there should be at least 2 hours.
  • It is recommended to drink warm water of room temperature - this is 25-40 degrees Celsius. Cold excites appetite and does not have a healing effect.

How long do you need to drink water on an empty stomach for medicinal purposes?

The period of treatment with water largely depends on the disease or the rate of illness.

Systematic water consumption in the morning on an empty stomach helps to cure:

  • Little step of gastritis - 10 days;
  • The first stage of dehydration of the body is 10-12 days;
  • Diabetes - 30 days;
  • Constipation - 10-15 days;
  • Tuberculosis - 90 days;
  • High blood pressure - 45 days.

In any case, in the treatment of serious diseases should be consulted with a doctor.

How to increase the healing effect of water?

Many novice "Votors" cannot force themselves to drink raw water on an empty stomach. It seems she is tasteless, fresh. No one forbids first to add citrus or honey water into a glass.

Lemon - you can cut several pieces and put into a glass with water or squeeze juice. Lemon tones the body and, by the way, is an effective means of combating extra kilograms.

Honey - You can drink a glass of water and getting a teaspoon of honey. This is a good prevention against the cold and skin diseases. In addition, honey increases the mood.

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Why drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach

December 13, 2018.

The fact that in the morning on an empty stomach is good to drink a glass of pure water, many have heard. But is it really useful in fact? Is there any contraindications for water reception in the morning before meals?

The fact that in the morning on an empty stomach is good to drink a glass of pure water, many have heard. But is it really useful in fact? Is there any contraindications for water reception in the morning before meals?

Why drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach

Most doctors tend to the fact that this is a useful habit, and it is worth practicing it, regardless of age and the presence of any diseases. Clear water improves health condition, helps stabilize the work of the digestive organs, lose weight, as well as preserve the youth and beauty of the skin and hair.

Useful properties of water taken on an empty stomach

Improving metabolism

Everyone knows that the main reason for the extension set is not only overeating, but also reduced metabolism. Water on an empty stomach launches normal metabolism, so after drunk glasses of life, the portion of dishes decreases, and the food itself is easier to use the organism.

Election of toxins

Nothing does not give slags and toxins from fabrics like water on an empty stomach. Using any diet should be combined with the morning water intake. This rule should be permanent, regardless of diets, exercise, etc.

Reducing appetite

Often, people are thirsty for hunger and nutritionists like talking about it. The body sends signals about the need for fluid, and we accept this signal for the desire to eat. In addition, drilled water (empty stomach) does not allow to overeat.

Lowering the acidity level of gastric juice

Using fresh water, you can quickly and easily reduce the level of acidity. This is especially true if there are complaints about heartburn. Reception of water is shown not only with gastritis, but also of urolithiasis (in order to prevent the formation of stones in the bladder and kidneys).

Rules for receiving water in the morning

  1. Drink half an hour before meals.
  2. Use only in warm form (not cold and not hot).
  3. You can add a little honey or lemon to water, if you do not like the taste of pure water.

For your health, a pharmacy network has a table with a table where a wide range of medicines and other goods for the whole family is available.

Inna Rozhok Consultant, nutritionist, author of the book "Lose weight. Professional Tips, author of the project "Conscious Food and Weight Control" on social networks

Healthy kidneys per day can filter up to 20 liters of water

- Why is water so important for the body?

- Water is the basis of life. The human body by 60-80% consists of water, in children this indicator is even higher. In the process of vital activity, we lose up to 3 liters of fluid. And therefore, the water balance must be filled.

The main functions of water - Thermoregulation function (maintaining the necessary body temperature) and Transport function (Lifestyle products and delivers nutrients into a cage). Water is generally catalyst Many processes. In general, without it in any way.

- Is it true that the more you drink, the better?

- Everyone needs to know the measure. This is the golden rule that is worth sticking. Drinking mode should be adequate, that is, the corresponding specific organism.

Healthy kidneys per day are able to filter up to 20 liters of water. But so much man does not drink, right? The daily rate is individual and depends on the physiological state of the body, its anthropometric data, lifestyle, nutrition. Not worth reading on the Internet to drink 2 liters a day, take it as a basis. This is a very average approach.

- How to calculate your daily rate?

- Often I hear that you need to drink when I want. But if we are experiencing a strong thirst, these are SOS signals and the reaction of the brain separation on the occurrence of dehydration. It is better not to bring the body to such a state, but to warn this in advance.

The classical system of calculating the personal norm is 30 ml per kg of weight. In the summer, due to an increase in the ambient temperature, the need for water increases, in the winter, too, you need a little more, since the dryness of air in heated rooms takes a lot of moisture through the skin and breathing. With intensive physical exertion, more liquid is also required.

As for children, they have other norms and better consult on this issue with a pediatrician who knows all the features of your baby's body.

Juices, soups, milk - all this liquid food

- Is it true that pregnant women need to drink 2 times more?

- No, it's not true. I repeat: Measure in everything!

In the first trimester, you can really increase the usual norm slightly, but not exactly 2 times! In some women, early toxicosis occurs in this period, and toxins, including acetone (yes, it appears in the body of a pregnant woman with severe early toxicosis), is recommended to drink more.

The following trimesters should be applied to all the same formula for calculating its norm. If you are afraid of edema, remove food from the diet, which delays the liquid (salty, sauer, rye bread, beans, and so on). And if in the later deadlines, the pregnant woman has a fluid delay, this is a reason for anxiety and a campaign to the doctor, because late toxicosis can develop.

- When we talk about the norm of water, there are juices, soups, milk, compotes?

- All that you have listed is let the liquid, but still food that contains calories. If you are in conditions when there is no ordinary water nearby (for example, on a journey), this option is possible, there is still water. But still it is better to use it in its pure form, but to liquid food as a meal.

Boiled water - "Dead" water

- At what diseases to the amount of water should be increased attention?

- If a person begins to drink a lot of water, it can become a signal that something is wrong with the body. For example, an enhanced thirst is often evidenced by diabetes mellitus. If the state of thirst does not stop long, be sure to consult a doctor. The problem can warn about other diseases.

Limit the use of fluid doctors often advise people who have Problems with excretory function Kidney, for example, with severe glomerulonephritis. But this does not mean that it is necessary to stop drinking water, this suggests that the daily rate will be calculated taking into account the condition and diagnosis of a person and so that the body is easier to cope with the fluid.

With serious problems of cardio-vascular system (Usually in extreme cases, such as heart defects, heart failure, that is, the weakness of the heart muscle) is also recommended to be extremely carefully close to the drinking mode and reduce the volume of drinking in comparison with healthy people. In this case, the norm will determine your attending physician.

- What water is more useful: filtered or boiled?

- From my point of view, boiled water is "dead" water. In addition, the bactericidal effect is carried out (harmful microorganisms die), we do not get anything good. The concentration of salts and chlorine does not decrease, and perhaps even increases. Therefore, I would recommend to give preference to pure filtered drinking water, and better at all - artesian.

- Is it true that it is impossible to eat twice boiled water?

- If we talk about the effect of disinfection, it will be achieved and after the first boiling. That is, there is no additional benefit.

There is a myth that when re-boiling water becomes "heavy", harmful to the body. The multiple boiling effect of the "heavy" water does not achieve, this will explain to you any physicist. Therefore, as I said, there is no use in double boiling, as, in fact, and harm.

- Is it possible to drink food while eating?

- Dilution of food with water leads to the fact that the volume of the stomach is filled faster. That is, calories get less, but also nutrients too.

It is better to drink water before meals. Thus, the appetite decreases, but the food is not diluted. By the way, I recommend drinking water and about an hour after the meal.

Some say that gastric juice is diluted with water, but it is very doubtful, given the concentration of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. If you are accustomed to drink food and do not have discomfort, in principle, there is nothing wrong with that.

Teach yourself in the morning on an empty stomach to do at least a couple of water sips

- How to make yourself drink so much water, how much do you really need?

- To begin with, it is worth identifying for what purpose a person is going to do it. Without awareness that such a habit is needed for your health, nothing will come. No violence! The rule "Through I can not" works quite a short time, then the psyche beast.

Teach yourself gradually. In order not to forget, you can bind water intake with meals or a trip to the toilet. First, half a cup before meals, then a little more, then in a glass, and then it will be easier to observe the norm. Listen to your body. He will tell.

Many people believe that they need to drink smaller if swelling appear. This is a big misconception. Of course, for a start, it is worth going to the doctor and make sure that there are no appropriate diseases. But most often the appearance of edema is a sign that a person suffers from water. So the body just in case is in case of the future, because it is not sure that it will provide the required amount of fluid tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. If you also have diuretic tools, the situation can be seriously aggravated. What to do? Gradually increase the amount of water and teach the body to the daily flow of fluid in the right amount.

- Is mineral water useful?

- Yes, but it is important to pay attention to mineralization. Water with high mineralization (with a concentration of salts more than 1 g per liter) is considered therapeutic. The usual norm is about 2-3 glasses per day (500-600 ml). But before drinking it in more quantities, it is worth consulted with a doctor.

Low mineralization water 0.5 g per liter, which is also called dining room, suitable for daily use.

- Do I need to drink water in the morning on an empty stomach?

- Need to. Even when we sleep, the vital activity of the body continues and we lose moisture with breathing, plus add to this morning trip to the toilet. So we can lose up to 1.5 liters of water per night.

In the morning it is necessary to fill the loss that occurred during this long period.

The second positive moment: when after a dream, a person drinks water temperature (or a little lower), peristalistic and blood circulation improves in the intestines, the metabolism is launched.

Warm herbal tea is a wonderful "contrasting shower" from the inside, which helps to wake up

- How much to drink how much morning?

- Depends on your preferences. If in the evening you have dinner tightly, most likely, thirst will be strong in the morning. And some, on the contrary, after the awakening of the water I do not want.

Ideally, it would be nice, waking up, drink a glass. If it is very difficult, teach yourself to do at least a few sips. I usually drink a glass of water with aloe juice after sleeping.

Another good habit is herbal or fastening green tea at breakfast instead of coffee or strong black tea. After cool water, a glass of warm drink works like a "contrasting shower from the inside," helping waking up, cheered up and tune in for a new day.

- And in the evening before bedtime, do you need to drink water?

- This is an already an individual moment. If a glass of water drinks in front of bedtime, you do not wake you up at night, then, of course, it would be nice to adhere to this tradition.

Quality night rest is very important. Extra awakening for nothing. If you have problems with the excretory system and you understand that you have to wake up because of the internal alarm clock, it is better to drink water about 2-3 hours before sleep to replenish reserves and have time to empty the bladder on time.

When weak water is very important

- Is it true that how many people drank coffee or tea, so much does he need to drink and simple drinking water?

- Yes, on a portion of strong tea or coffee, where 85 mg of caffeine and above, the same portion of water is really required, since caffeine displays a liquid. By the way, green tea can contain a lot of caffeine, especially if fisted.

- Does the water help somehow those who sits on a diet?

- From the point of view of weight reduction, water is a very important component.

First, it helps to cope with hunger. Very often we confuse the feeling of hunger and the feeling of thirst. Therefore, if the lunchtime is not yet soon, and you think that you would have had something more snoozy, it is better to drink a glass of water first. Perhaps the feeling of hunger will leave, because in fact it was still thirst.

Secondly, water helps to reduce appetite and reduce portions. On the stomach walls there are special receptors that react to stretching and fed a signal to the brain that the stomach is filled. Thanks to this mechanism, the appetite is tested and the sense of saturation comes. And this helps to reduce the portions of the eaten. Therefore, people who reduce weight, it is recommended to drink at least a glass of water 20-30 minutes before meals.

Thirdly, water is the metabolic catalyst. It participates in the process of removing the products of metabolism and toxins, which is very important when weight loss.

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