How to quickly reset avocado at home

Avocado or alligator pear has long been no longer considered to be exotic in Russian stores. This fruit is especially loved by adherents of healthy nutrition, a dish with him is not only tasty, but also very useful. Usually it is added to the salads: he may not like themselves as an independent snack due to a specific consistency and the lack of familiar sweetness. But the most important thing is to almost not meet ripe avocados on the shelves. Usually it is so tough that it is not even trying to paint and soften it. The question remains - why avocado is sold unwell and how to speed up the ripening of avocado at home. Or maybe he should always be so?

We define the ripeness of avocado

If the fruit is "oak" and solid, it should not be alarmed. It's not so easy to determine the ripeness from one time. Much depends on the variety - there are those who useless to divert at home, they were and remain solid until they call and do not hesitate. In addition, the following signs should be taken into account:

  • The color of the peel. But here the main thing is the variety. There are varieties of avocados, which remain green, and there are those that, as it goes into purple tone as ripening. The stores usually meet Fuerte and Pinkerton. Their skin of herbal shade, without white divorces and spots. Fuerte's fruit almost does not look like a pear, solid and smooth. If the selected avocado is poured, a salad color and is distinguished by a pear shape, it is Pinkerton.

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    There should be no dark brown spots on the skin of the fette, they testify to the relevance. Dark green kel, even with a purple tint - signs of ripe avocado. Landing and blackened even from one Boca fruit can not be taken. If avocado is light green, it is fresh and you can buy it - in order to ripen at home.

  • Elasticity. Soft, like a pear, avocado will not be unambiguously. Normally, after easy pressing, the pits quickly straighten.
  • Color and density of fruits. The ripe avocado has a brown brown tail and it is easy to fall down if you pull. If you take off with an effort, it means there is no fruit.

There is another simple way to determine whether the fruit has managed to mature. It is enough to take him in hand and shake. If a light tapping is heard inside - a fabric you can take a fruit. The secret is simple: as the fetus matures the fastening of the bone to the walls gradually weakens.

It happens that the fruit has already paid and brought purchased to the house. About how ripe it is, remembered did not bother. You do not need to despair, you can cut one fruit and, if necessary, send to diverge at home - at that time it will be necessary.

How to reset avocado at home

Determination of ripeness fruit in pulp

Check the condition of the fruit along its "insides" simply. If the fruit ripened, his pulp will be a light shade and moderately wet. Too big watery indicates that avocado overreared. But the dry rigid flesh is a sign that the store sold is not ripe fruit.

The crazy avocado should taste. Moderate sweetness - a sign that the fruit can eat. Bitterless avocado, and this bitter is not killed, so you should not add such a fruit in salads in the hope that the consumers will not notice anything. The dish will be irrevocably spoiled. Therefore, it is important to immediately buy a ripe fruit than trying to make it soft, risking spoil treats.

So the question is what to do if avocado is unworn and hard. Back to the store does not return it. But you should not despair. It is necessary to properly help the fetus to reset before eating. Therefore, it is important to know how to store avocado properly so that it is noted and not spoiled.

How to reset avocado at home

Jerking avocado at home

Secrets, how to make avocado ripe at home, no longer secrets. These tricks do not require special skills and assimilate them can be successfully able to even a novice cook. But different methods affect the usefulness of the fetus and the wealth of his taste. This is especially as accelerated - such as cooking in boiling water or in the microwave. Fruits may just spoil.

In microwave

To speed up the ripening process, the easiest way to put the green unripe avocado into the microwave to the ceramic plate and put a timer for 25-30 seconds. Fruits will become soft.

If it was not possible to make a solid immature avocado in the microwave soft on the first attempt, it is repeated, but in no case cannot be increased the time of the cross. The fruit will become tasteless, and most importantly - absolutely useless, for any dish. No nutrients and vitamins will remain in it.

In boiling water

One of the most simple express ways how to help venture avocado - boiling water. This method will significantly spoil the taste of alligator pear, but you can use it for salads. In order for avocado to ripe it faster, the fruit should be flushed and make a cruciform incision at it at the base, but do not cut into parts. Then carefully lower it in boiling water - a maximum of five minutes. During this time, the pulp becomes soft. If necessary, you can repeat.

In the package

One of the most simple secrets how quickly the avocado is a regular package. It is enough to put a tomato or an apple in it, and then add avocado to these "neighbors" - and the fruits have two to two days, in a dark and warm place.

In foil

You can quickly bring the fruit until soft in foil. Pre-solid avocado was well wash and pierced or cut from several sides, but shallow. After that, it is wrapped in a layer of metallized paper and placed in the oven for ten minutes.

So you can do if the fruit is already cut, but the time of its preparation will be twice as much.

In paper

Avocado does not endure direct sunlight and therefore the fruits always wrapped into the paper for ripening. Sometimes, next door to it, another ripe fruit is placed, helping to speed up the ripeness - usually use an apple for this. For this purpose, the parchment or other paper is used. Despite the fact that many hostesses argue that avocado feels perfectly even in the newspaper, it is better to consider this method as extreme when another paper in the house was found.

It is categorically impossible to turn the fetus with a newspaper if it is already cut.

In the oven

If you need a ripe fruit in the near future, for example, for smoothie, guacomole or salad, you can reset the avocado in the oven. For this, alligator pear is carefully wash, dried and pierced with a skewer from several sides, most of all - at the base. Then the fruit is then placed on the pallet lined with parchment and put in the overtaken oven, ten minutes, and even better - by seven. This time is enough to make avocado ripe, but it is also not worth it for too long - the pulp will become tasteless and acquired a bitter taste.

On the windowsill

If the time is tolerate, you can simply put purchased fruits on the windowsill, they are rushing, like persimmon, about four days. So the ripening avocado occurs naturally and without loss of taste. But provided that the avocado is wrapped in foil or layers of paper and it is still not under the right rays of the sun - the fruit does not like it. Also, it is impossible to allow avocado very much.

other methods

Avocado can be brought to the right ripeness even in the refrigerator. To do this, you need to cut it on the slices and remove the bone. The sliced ​​fruit wrap in the layers of the food film and put into the refrigerator. There it will become soft for 1.5 - 2 days.

Extra avocado is not cut and a bone remained in it, this method is not suitable. And in general, avocado does not like storage in the refrigerator.

How to reset avocado at home

Storage avocado

There are a few secrets, how to store avocado so that it is moving:

  • put on the windowsill on the south side of the house (but not under the straight rays and wrapped in paper);
  • hide in the basket to apples and bananas and keep at room temperature;
  • Wrap in the newspaper and leave under the battery.

To understand how the fruit rushes, you can cut it and taste. Sweetness, moderate rigidity, changed to a more rich color - signs of ripe avocado. Little fruit on the cut will be dark and too wet. If the contents are slightly darkened - it is necessary to use it immediately.

All these ways will allow to preserve the usefulness and taste of the fruit to a greater extent than forced and rapidly ripening.

How to ripen avocado

Almost all ways to speed up the ripening of the whole avocado, suitable for sliced ​​fetus. This refers to ripening methods with:

  • foil;
  • paper package;
  • Oven.

In the refrigerator, as already mentioned, it is possible to diven the sliced ​​(or pürhed) avocado.

Fast softening avocado for salads and dishes

Artificial ripening by thermal exposure distorts the taste and aroma of avocado. If in the normal state it differs in a gentle fruit sweetness with a walnut flavor, then after violent ripening, the pulp almost always becomes less tasty. If you reap the fruit at least for a couple of seconds - it can generally lose the taste and become bitter. Therefore, when heated, wherever it happens, it is important not to overdo it with time and not repeat this procedure without the need. Overweight avocado is unsuitable for food in any form.

Moderately solid content says that it is possible to cut the fruit and put it into the avocado dish at all should be equal to the softness of the pear. But even a salad, a guacomole or milk cocktail with it can be spoiled if weave the pear alligator at high temperatures.

Therefore, when choosing a way, how to ripen avocado at home, it is still better to try to bring it to ripeness by the natural method. To the "shock" option should be resorted as a last resort.

How to reset avocado at home


Despite the fact that the refrigerator is not the most suitable place for avocado, it is possible to store the fruit in it. Exactly as much as you want to bring the fruit to maturity. To avocado quickly, it is necessary to cut a bone, connect the halves of the fruit together and wrap them into the food film. Best of all the fruit feels in the compartment for vegetables. But there it will not be possible to keep it too long - a maximum of two days.

If necessary, alligator pear can even freeze. To do this, it is necessary to remove the skin from the unclean fetus, cut the pulp on the slices and pour the blender. The resulting puree is decomposed into plastic containers, sprayed with lemon juice and frozen. In the freezer without losing taste, they can be stored about three-hours of the day.

So, disclosed all the secrets how to make avocado ripe. But still alligator pear is a rather capricious fruit, which does not like artificial ripening. Therefore, if possible, it is better to check the maturity in the store, than to break your head, how to make avocado ripe and not spoil. Boiling water, cooking, burning avocado in the oven - all these tricks can lead to the opposite effect and thoroughly spoil the table and the mood of consumers.

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How to quickly reozean avocado? I trial 7 ways!

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Most often avocado lie on the shelves misunderstood, and unsuitable for use. Because of this, the question arises: how to repery avocado at home?

That is why it is important to know how to accelerate the ripening of avocados to accelerate the ripening of avocado in order to quickly enjoy his unique taste.

Avocado is a very unusual fruit with a gentle taste and a pleasant aftertaste. Due to the mass of nutrients contained in the pulp of the fetus, it should be regularly included in its diet.

The benefits of avocado for the human body

Oil pulp, gentle creamy taste and cedar aftertaste - only for it you can love avocado with all my heart. However, do not forget about the beneficial properties of this fruit, a variety of minerals and vitamins, melting under dense green leather.

Thanks to the unique composition of avocado, it can be used to people with various types of physique: with poor weight, with overweight body and to those who strive to lose weight. In this fruit, a lot of iron, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium and selenium necessary for the healthy and correct functioning of all organs. In addition, avocado is rich in useful fatty acids that are easily absorbed, and favorably affect hair and skin. Some girls not only eat avocado, but also prepare special vitamin cosmetic masks based on fruit pulp.

Doctors recommend the use of avocado in the following cases:

  • in violation of the work of the tract and intestines;
  • to restore reduced immunity;
  • In case of problems with potency in men;
  • To get rid of girls from painful sensations during menstruation.

How to find ripe fruit

Avocado lovers often mark the variability of fruit taste: unwanted, it looks like a pumpkin. Ripened - has an oily taste, with admixtures of nuts. Perret - reminds fried chicken or zucchini. Due to such a gamma of taste and low sugar content, avocado can be added both in desserts and in the main dishes.

Perhet - reminds fried chicken or zucchini

Ripe and not very fruit can be recognized in various ways. To do this, evaluate the density of the fruit pulp, the color of the skin, the state of the fruction and bone.

Fetal density. Choosing a good and ripe avocado, you should not pinch the fruit with your finger. If the fossa is quickly smoothed, and you felt elastic resistance, the fruit is definitely good.

Tint of peel. Thinless avocado has a bright green or green peel. Ripe has rich-green, even marsh color. Lost - almost black leather.

Ripe and tasty avocados easily "saying goodbye" with its bone: it is quickly removed by a knife after cutting fruit. The fruit can also tell a lot about the preparedness of the fetus - after removing the pulp under it there should be a light green color.

However, if you did not take into account all these factors, and mistakenly bought ripe fruit not enough, do not be upset. Avocado maturation at home is quite real, and possibly with a few simple ways.

Ways to accelerate the ripening at home

Warming in the oven . This is a simple and effective way to make avocado soft in a short period of time. For this you need:

  • Thoroughly wash the fruits and is separately wrapped with foil;
  • Heat oven. For the ripening process, a temperature of 200 degrees is necessary;
  • Place fruit in the oven, no more than 10 minutes.

After the entire procedure, the avocado procedure will divert to a suitable condition, after which it can be immediately used as it was intended: for salads or other dishes.

High-speed ripening in the microwave. If there are doubts if avocado can mature to a specific moment, it can be done instantly, with the help of a microwave. How to make avocado ripe? Cut the purified fruit with pieces and send it to the microwave per minute. This time will be enough to significantly improve the taste of the fetus. However, this method has its drawbacks: the fruit actively loses the water, becomes watery and not quite pleasant.

Black Bread and Avocado Sandwiches

In paper package. In this case, all the hope of gas is ethylene: it is precisely that fruits and vegetables are actively distinguished, which speeds up the ripening process. If the fruit put in a regular paper package, it will create ethylene concentration. The abundance of gases accelerates the ripening process, making it much faster.

Package, with avocado inside, it is necessary to leave in a dark room temperature. It is important that the sun's rays will not fall on it. After that, sometimes check the ripeness of the fruit. Technically, he must wake three days later in the package.

Using a newspaper. The newspaper is an old and proven solution. To accelerate the dosere, it is necessary to thoroughly wrap a non-free copy of the newspaper and leave in the warm room. Through 2Day fruit will be perfect for use.

In the same way, avocado rushing well in foil. So if there is no newspaper for ripening, you can safely take advantage of the culinary aluminum foil.

With boiling water . How to reset avocado at home? To do this, it is necessary to clean the fruit, remove the bone and cut it into it with thin stripes. After that, avocado descends in boiling water for several minutes. After full cooling of the fruit, it can be used for salads or sandwiches.

Already sliced ​​fruit can easily dive into microwave or boiling water. Some methods on the contrary welcome the deliverance of the fetus from the peel to significantly speed up the process.

What to put avocado so that it is faster?

Some fruits and vegetables are very actively separated by ethylene gas, accelerating the ripening process. Thus, bananas and apples are the leaders of this process, so they can be used as an additional source of ethylene for a unclean avocado. They can be put one container or package of paper, and sometimes check for readiness. Often, there is enough for several days to ensure that the fruit is completely seized.

How to keep avocado?

For a long time to leave the purchased avocado simply simply on the table it is impossible. Of course, it is recommended to use in the coming day. If you change my mind to use a fruit in recipes, it can be moved to a cold place: the usual refrigerator is perfect for this. Under these conditions, it will mostly retain his appearance, nutritional properties and taste.

Ripe and green avocado should be stored in a special fruit container. If you did not have time to purchase such, you can put it in a sealed package with a fastener. It is important to remember that the more the ripeness of the fetus, the less time it remains for storage, even on the shelf of the refrigerator.

Green avocado is better to leave in the room, without access to direct sunlight - so it will last faster. In the refrigerator, such a fruit can quickly spoil, and without reaching the required level of ripeness.

Green avocado is better to leave in the room, without access to direct sunlight - so it will last faster.

If you have time to disrupt the integrity of the fetus, but changed my mind to eat it, leave the pieces just on the table can not be. They can quickly spoil and darken. In this case, you need to sprinkle the cut parts with lemon juice, connect them and wrap the fruit into the food film. In this form, it moves to the refrigerator. However, it is important to take into account the fact that the cut avocado is not stored for a long time, and it should be faster, maximum the next day.

In our current article, we will share with you "tricks" how to make autocado mature for just a few minutes and other tricks to make it suitable for a couple of days. Do not miss them!

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks

Avocado is one of the most delicious and healthy products that we should regularly include in the diet. Most people visually distinguish between his two varieties, but, in fact, they are estimated, they are about 900. The most popular is the most popular Avocado varieties of Hass, which are commonly used for the preparation of guacamole, and large avocado, which usually accompany various types of dishes .

In general, it can be said that this fruit has a lot of fans, because it has a smooth, creamy texture and a pleasant fragrance that combines well with other products.

Moreover, from the point of view of nutritional value, this fetus is one of the most complete sources of energy, because it is distinguished by the high content of essential fatty acids, proteins and antioxidants. The only drawback (with which many of us faces) is that it is sometimes difficult to understand whether it reached the right degree of maturity and is ready to use.

Usually avocados are sold slightly unreliable, so you will be useful to learn some methods how to speed up the ripening process.

Method 1: Avocado in the microwave

Usually, the ripening avocado may take several days, depending on how green you purchased it.

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks

However, if you need to start it to prepare in the near future, you can try this method with the microwave. Thanks to him, avocado will become soft in just a few minutes.

Before you start, you should keep in mind that this method can change the natural taste of fruits slightly. However, from avocado, you can still cook guacamole, salads, cocktails and use it in other recipes.


  • Take the plug and pour the fetus several times from all sides.
  • Put it on a plate, covered with a napkin or a plastic lid so that it does not explode in the microwave oven.
  • Select a program of 30 seconds, and if the fruit is not yet softened, put for another 30 seconds.
  • Wait until the avocados will cool down and cut it as usual.

Method 2: Aluminum Foil

With the help of aluminum foil, we can also speed up the ripening of avocado in just a few minutes.

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks

In this case, we will not use the microwave, but the breath of avocado in the oven at a temperature of 200 ° C.


  • Take a sufficient amount of foil and make sure it completely covers avocado.
  • Put it on the tray and put in the oven for about 10 minutes.
  • Wait until it gets completely cool, remove the foil and your avocado can eat.

Method 3: Paper Package

A package of craft-paper or wrapping paper is able to speed up the ripening of avocado, as it holds ethylene gas.

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks

This method takes more time than previous ones, but the advantage that retains the fragrance and all the properties of the fruit.


  • Put avocados into a paper bag without holes.
  • Put the apple or ripe tomato there to increase the production of ethylene gas.
  • Close the bag and store it at a temperature of from 18 to 24 ° C.
  • About two days later, avocado will be ready for use.

Method 4: How to make the pervocated avocado

If you mistakenly cut another unripe avocado, be sure to use this curious trick in practice, before the flesh becomes brown.

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks


  • Before wrapped the fetus in the film, sprinkle with a small amount of lemon juice.
  • Connect the cutting halves together (leave the bone at the same time), and wrap the avocado with a polyethylene transparent film.
  • Place it in the refrigerator and keep it there until it reaches the desired degree of maturity.

Method 5: Avocado in the newspaper

Despite the fact that this is one of the oldest ways, it is still in the go for many owners.

How to make quickly reozean avocado: 5 tricks


  • Wrap the unworthy fruit in the newspaper sheet and put in a warm place, for example, in another hot oven (turned off).
  • Leave it for a couple of days or until it becomes soft.

Now you know how to speed up the ripening avocado, if you bought it unworthy, but you want to eat as soon as possible.

Select a method that you like more and follow a step by step our instruction to get a good and fast result. Published ECONET.RU

P.S. And remember, just changing your consumption - we will change the world together! © Econet.

Avocado (or "Alligator Pear") - This is an exotic green fruit with a large bone in the middle.

Avocado is a fruit. Did you know? It is in taste and in its chemical composition looks more like a vegetable, but still avocado is a fruit.

Avocado is a fruit!
Avocado is a fruit!

Avocado use has a beneficial effect on the entire body - due to polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are included in its composition, the operation of the cardiovascular system is improved, and memory is improved and strengthened. Therefore, those who are often introduced avocado in their diet have a much less chance of sick atherosclerosis.

Avocado helps to combat bad cholesterol, promotes weight loss, contributes to the rejuvenation of the entire body.

Potassium, sodium, phosphorus, copper, iron - only a small part of the trace elements that are part of avocado.

And since ancient times, avocado was considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

How to reset avocado at home - 3 ways!

How to choose avocado?

Avocado has a fairly thick peel. It should be evenly green without dark spots. If there are spots on the peel, it means avocado fell and black fibers instead of a beautiful green pulp.

If, when pressed on the fruit, we feel that avocado remembered, it means in our hands we have the perfect fruit.

If the fruit is hard, then within 2-4 days it matures at home. Several ways will give below.

Avocado Haas.
Avocado Haas.

Avocado has many subspecies, but the most delicious and affordable, in my opinion, avocado Haas. It is less in its size than ordinary avocado, but unusually delicious. And the skin of him is separated very easily, as from Banana. The flesh ripe and juicy.

Salad recipe with avocado

Recently, this is my favorite fresh salad recipe.

A gentle salad with arugula, avocado and cream cheese or mozzarella
A gentle salad with arugula, avocado and cream cheese or mozzarella

Ingredients :

  • Tomatoes - 2 pcs
  • Cucumber - 1-2 pieces
  • Bulgarian pepper - 1/2 pcs
  • Arugula to taste
  • Creamy cheese (or mozzarella) - 100 g
  • Cedar Walnut (optional)
  • Avocado - 1 pc
  • Olive oil to taste
  • Salt to taste

Cooking :

Wash all vegetables, cut into cubes. Creamy cheese also cut into cubes. You can replace the creamy cheese mozzarella, but with the salary cheese it turns out more gentle.

Mix all the ingredients, pour vegetable oil and salt.

How to reset avocado at home?

If there is no hurry, you can just leave avocado on the table and after 2-4 days to get a matured fruit. If not lucky and bought a hard not ripe avocado and it is needed right now, then you can speed up its maturation.

KBJU Avocado: 160/2 / 14.7 / 8.5
KBJU Avocado: 160/2 / 14.7 / 8.5

Method 1.

Purify the skirt of Avocado fork in several places and in 30 seconds, send to the microwave. Be sure to cover the lid in case it decides to explode. Avocado should be softer. If this is not enough, you can repeat the procedure. I don't recommend more useful time, because otherwise your natural taste will lose any avocado.

Method 2

To do everything exactly the same as in the first way, but send avocado into the oven for 10 minutes. The oven must be a warm up to 200-210 degrees. Avocado needs to be wrapped in foil.

Method 3.

Avocado can be wrapped in food and paper package so tight to allow minimal air ingress. Ethylene, which will be generated will contribute to the speedy ripening, because it is the phytohormon when the fruit is ripening. You can also add an apple or banana to an avocado package (they allocate ethylene). This method is not as fast as the first two (from 1 to 3 days), but will allow you to fully preserve the natural taste of avocado.

How to reset avocado at home - 3 ways!

You bought avocados, but it is so hard that there is it too early. There are several ways to speed up its maturation. After all, this useful product rich in fatty acids, antioxidants and proteins, is simply obliged to be in your diet, if you are for a call.

Avocado does not always manage to understand the degree of maturity avocado, as a rule, they are sold slightly unricking. But with the help of several tricks, it is possible to turn unwanted avocados in ready-to-use in a few minutes or days. Take note.


In microwave

Ripening duration: 1 minute

Protested avocado fork from different sides, put on a plate and cover with a lid. Turn on the microwave for 30 seconds if the fruit is not soft enough, put for another 30 seconds. Give a little cool.


With foil

Ripening duration: 10 minutes

Capture Avocado in Foil, carry on a baking sheet in advance preheated oven to 200 s, get it in 10 minutes, run by foil and cold fruit.


Using a Paper Package

Ripening duration: 2 days

Put avocados into a paper bag with an apple or tomato. So ethylene, which contributes to the rapid ripening of fruits, will be produced in more. Close the package and keep at a temperature of from 18 to 24 C. You can wrap the avocado in the newspaper and remove for several days in a warm place, this method also speeds up maturation.

paper bag

With film

Ripening duration: several days

This method will allow you to save the already cut avocado. In order for it not instantly darkened and did not deteriorate, you will need lemon juice, which you need to sprinkle the flesh, and the food film, which you will fix the cut parts into a single integer. Remove for a few days in the refrigerator.

Food film

Delicious guacamole, salads and toasts! And in this article you will know why everyone loves avocado!


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Professor, Head of the Department of Vegetable

Avocado is considered one of the most useful fruits. Its many nutritionists are recommended to include in the daily diet. The fruit in its composition has many vitamins and other beneficial substances. In the supermarket, you can often buy a solid unripe product. So that an exotic fruit has become suitable for use, you need to know how to ripen Avocado at home.

How to understand that avocado ripe?

If the exotic product was transported to our country to ripe, he would not break on the shelves and the weeks - quickly rotted. Find out what the acquired fruit is fully doser. There are several characteristics that will help this.

The color of the peel

Determine the maturity of avocado at home can be powered by peel. It will depend on the variety. An immature fruit has a rich-green color closer to the emerald. After ripening, the color becomes light green or even yellow.

Fetal hardness

Check whether avocado can be checked by its pulp. Unripe exotic fruit is hard and solid, a little resembles a raw pumpkin.

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Stanislav Pavlovich

Gardener with 17 years old and our expert ask a question

Reference! Newless avocado, when pressed on the peel, does not leave traces, while after ripening leaves dents from the finger, which after a few minutes disappear.

Methods of ripening fruit at home

What if avocado does not ripen? You can resort to one of the proven methods.

In boiling water

Make a soft avocado will help the instant way of ripening. Relieve boiling water and a few minutes of time.

Stages of work:

  1. Product cut in half and bring a bone with a spoon.
  2. In the pulp to make cuts and omit in a bowl of boiling water.
  3. Water should have a temperature of about 80 ° C.
  4. Leave for 5-6 minutes.

If the pulp did not become softer after time, then you need to hold a couple of minutes in hot water.

In foil

Exotic fruit and this method is perfect. It just needs to be wrapped tightly into one layer of foil and hold out in this form 2-3 days.

In paper

In order to ripe the fruit at home as soon as possible, use ordinary paper. Product wrap tightly and keep at a temperature of 20-25 ° C. You can achieve ripeness in this way for 2 days.

In the oven

Make the flesh avocado soft with the oven. True, this ripening option will destroy the part of the useful components.

How to bring an exotic product to full ripeness at home:

  1. Avocado washed under running water.
  2. With the plug, make a few punctures throughout the skin.
  3. Wrap tightly in foil and put in the oven preheated to 200 ° C for 10 minutes.

This time is enough to soften the pulp.

In microwave

With the plug, make 3-4 punctures on the skirt. This will allow evenly soften the flesh. Place on a plate from microwave oven. Turn on the oven for 30 seconds at a power of 400 W. Readiness can be checked by pressing a finger on the fruit. If the pulp is still tough, then you need to send another 10-15 seconds to the microwave, so that the avocado is completely dosed.

On the windowsill

The natural way of ripening is the best method, because it is possible to preserve the entire useful composition. In order for an exotic product to be suitable for use, it must be placed on the windows illuminated by the sun. Store there until full ripeness. Peeling can be noted on lightening the peel and the softness of the fetus when pressing.

In the package

To avocado matured at home as quickly as possible, it is placed in a paper bag along with any fully dosing fruit or vegetable. There should be no cracks for light. Store in such a form for several days in a warm place.

Accelerate the ripening of cut fruits

If during the choice of exotic products in the store it was not immediately found that the fruit was unprotected, then there is a way to speed up the ripening in a cut form. To soften the pulp need to get a bone. Assist in this can a knife or spoon. Cut the fruit of the food film. Place a refrigerator on the shelf or take a balcony (the main thing is that the temperature is not below 2 ° C). Leave for 2-3 days.

Methods of rapid softening of fruit for salads and other dishes

There are a couple of ways to help instantly reozean pulp at home. It is worth understanding that the proposed options will destroy the useful composition of the fetus.

So, in order for avocados to be softer, one of the methods can be trigging:

  1. Clear from the peel and remove the bone. Cut the flesh to the slices and get a spoon. Pour boiling water for 2 minutes.
  2. Cut the exotic fruit on the slices and clean them from the peel. Place on a plate from the microwave and bake 30 seconds.

These ways will help quickly soften the fruit, and it will become suitable for use in the preparation of any dishes.

The driving process of avocado at home lasts from a few minutes to 2-3 days. During this time, the product becomes softer and can be safely used in cooking.


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Few people know how to ripen avocado at home. Alligator pear is a tropical fruit, the flesh of which contains a large amount of nutrients for the body. To save them as long as possible, you need to follow the storage rules. When buying, not everyone pays attention to the ripeness of the fruit, so the question of how to accelerate the ripening of avocado at home, is sharp. There are several effective methods that allow you to turn a rigid nonwiper fruit into a delicacy.


Rules for recognition of ripe and immature fetus

If the acquired fruit turned out to be solid, you need to learn in advance how to store avocados so that it is faster. When complying with all rules, the fruit ripens long. To distinguish a ripe avocado from unworthy, you need to pay attention to the color, fruit, bone and fetus hardness.



The food most often uses two types of alligator pears: large fruits and small fruits of Hass variety. In the color of the peel often can be judged by avocado ripeness:

  • Dark brown with black spots - fruit has fallen and spoiled;
  • Dark green - the fruit has time to mature;
  • Light green - fruit you need to ripen, it is almost ready for use;
  • Yellowish - avocado did not have time to ripen.

In order for avocados, it is not unselfished, before buying them, they need not only to examine, but also to feel.


By hardness, as in the color of the skin, you can determine the ripeness of the fruit. The overripe fruits are too soft, with pressed on their surface remain dents, the form is restored for a long time.

It doesn't work for immature avocado, it's hard fruit.

If the fruit is relatively soft, and after pressing the form is restored after 15-20 seconds, after 2-3 days, provided that it will be properly stored.

Ripe fruits are moderately soft, restore the form in a few seconds. They are elastic, without roughness. The softness of the fruit is largely depends on the Avocado variety.

In stores most often found:

  1. California avocado. Ripe fetal firm, dark green or brown peel. The hardness is moderate, the pulp does not spring under the fingers.
  2. Grater "Pinketon". The color and density of the peel is considered an universal view of avocado. The eliminated fruit of the elongated shape, soft enough to the touch, there are small roughness on the skin. The pulp in it is a lot, the bone is small.
  3. Grade "Florida". Fruits with smooth thin skin saturated green. The flesh is dense, ripe fruit long saves the shape.

Fully black fruits (rarely found on sale) have dense rigid peel and even ripe remain hard to the touch.

Bone and fruit

To increase the shelf life and keep the fruit in the process of long-term transportation, fruits are broken from the trees immature, so the short fruit often remains. At its state, you can determine the ripeness of avocado. Before buying a tail, you need to tear off and carefully examine it. Light brown, evenly, the cutting cuttings is present only in mature fruits. After removing the fruit, a greenish flesh can be seen.


In the unripe avocado, the cutlets of Buro-green, laid out with difficulty. Perezried fruits have a black dry tail. The bone size directly depends on the variety. If avocado completely ripened during the transportation, its bone core is easily separated from the pulp - it is enough to cut the fruit along and, taking it in hand, tighten the halves to the opposite side of the side. In the unworthy fruit, the bone is removed by a spoon.

Acceleration Acceleration Avocado

If immature fruits were bought, the question arises, with which and where to put avocados so that it quickly seized. Cut fruits to throw out no need: There are several methods that make it possible to make a tough pulp. How to quickly reozean avocado:

  • cut the fruit;
  • remove the bone;
  • Fetal halves cut into slices and put them in a plastic bag;
  • Remove in the refrigerator.

Store slices are recommended on the upper shelves or in a compartment for vegetables. After 40-48 hours, the fruit will become softer. Another way:

  • cut avocado for 2 halves;
  • remove the bone;
  • sprinkle the fruit with fresh lemon juice;
  • combine halves together;
  • Wrap fruit by food film.

In the refrigerator, the pear alligator can also be stored in a poured form. Pass the pulp of preliminary heat treatment (cooking, boiling water) is impossible: taste qualities will be lost. From a unclean fruit you need to remove the skin, cut the flesh with small slices and grind in a blender. The resulting mass can be decomposed into plastic molds and sprinkle with lemon juice. Keep in the freezer for several days.


In the skin of the misappropriate fruit there is a large number of toxins dangerous for the human body. Some of them absorbs the pulp, so the use of a unhealthy fruit in food can provoke severe poisoning.

In the oven

Without the use of electrical appliances designed to warm up food, the ripening process may take several days. In the furnace or oven fruit spill a lot faster. This method is suitable if alligator pears need to cook the dish in the near future.

Thanks to the uniform heat, the pulp will become juicy in a few minutes.

Fruit can slightly change the taste after heating in the oven. Of these, you can cook guacamole, smoothie or fruit salad. How to help the avocado:

  • rinse avocado under running water;
  • wipe it with a paper towel;
  • For a fork or a skewer to make several punctures from all sides (especially at the base);
  • Put the baking sheet with parchment paper, put the fruit on it and remove into the heated oven.

Get the iron sheet is necessary after 7-10 minutes. The oven should be warmed up to 180-200 ° C. If strengthening the temperature regime, avocado will become dry, the pulp will acquire a bitter taste.


In microwave

Avocado in the microwave spill in a few minutes. The effect is achieved due to electromagnetic waves, evenly heating fruit from all sides. Many make a mistake, incorrectly selecting the container for the microwave furnace: use aluminum, nickel-plated and plastic dishes is strictly prohibited. For these purposes, a ceramic or porcelain plate is suitable.

Avocado need to rinse with warm water to get rid of dust and other contaminants, wipe with a napkin. Make punctures to ensure air circulation inside the fetus. You can carefully cover the fruit (stripes, depth of no more than 1 mm.). Alligators have a pear on the plate and cover with a napkin, otherwise under the influence of the temperature avocado burst.

On the microwave set a timer at 25-30 seconds. If the fruit did not become soft, the procedure is repeated several times. It is not recommended to warm it in the microwave oven for more than 30 seconds - it is best to make several approaches. Reviews of the method are quite contradictory: many believe that after warming up avocado in the microwave, the pulp becomes bitter and overwhelmed, most of the nutrients are destroyed.


In the package

Noble fruits can be stored in polyethylene or paper bags as completely and in a sliced ​​form. From the container material directly depends on where to store avocado. Inside hermetically sealed packages, ethylene begins to accumulate in small quantities - gas speeds up maturation, so it is better to pack the fruits into disposable transparent containers with a zip clasp.

Paper bags help to speed up the ripening of the fetus, while maintaining moisture inside it. Together with avocado, you can store any fruit: alligator pear slices alternate with pieces of banana or apple. Fruit cutting lay out with one layer, the package is closed, releasing air from it. The container must be kept in the room, avoiding direct sunlight. It is not recommended to clean it in the refrigerator.

The optimal storage temperature is not more than 24 ° C. periodically need to check the contents, feeling a pack of 2-3 times a day. If some slices dilmed, they are cleaned. If the fruit "adjoins" with pieces of pineapple or banana, it completely matures for 3-4 days.


With the help of a newspaper

If there is no polyethylene package at hand, avocado can be wrapped with a newspaper. Despite the fact that typographic production uses low-toxic paints, for these purposes it is preferable to use paper with ferrous printing paper. In color paint there are metal salts (iron, cobalt, aluminum, lead), dangerous to the body. Ink, the resistance is weak, the smallest particles can remain on the skin of avocado.

How to make avocado ripe with the help of a newspaper:

  • Rinse the fruit and dry it carefully;
  • wrap every fruit with a newspaper;
  • Remove fruit into a warm dark place.

Sliced ​​slices in the newspaper can not be wrapped. In the process of ripening, a large amount of juice is highlighted, the paper wets, ink spread and penetrate the fetus. It also happens if you wrap the fruit in the newspaper immediately after washing, without wiping it. The ripening period of fruits is a few days.

Avocado, wrapped in paper, can not be stored in the sun or in the refrigerator. It must be left to dive into a well-ventilated room at room temperature. The fruits thus ripe do not lose taste and smell, they can be eaten immediately.


In foil

To ripe the avocado, turn into an aluminum foil. In the ovens, it is possible to achieve soft fetus in a few minutes. Fruit preparation:

  • rinse avocado under running water (you can use soap);
  • Dry fruit, putting it on a paper towel;
  • Make several cuts or punctures (skewing or fork).

Cuts must be shallow. It is best to turn the fruits into several layers of foil - than them will, the faster ethanol be distinguished. The oven is pre-heated to 200 ° C, put the fruit on the iron sheet and send it into the oven for 7-10 minutes. If the foil was wrapped in the foil, the temperature regime and the exposure time is reduced (at 160-180 ° C, 5-6 minutes).

For 3-5 days wrapped in 2-3 layers of foil avocado are rusted at room temperature. In this case, cut the fruit is not necessary. The storage place should be dark and warm. Straight solar rays and moisture will slow down the ripening process. In the refrigerator avocado is also not stored.

Ripe in foil fruit do not lose juits. The pulp does not lose taste, nutrients are preserved in full.


In boiling water

If an avocado is unhealthy, and add it to the dish is necessary as quickly as possible, you can use the old way - to lower the fruit into hot water. This method is considered an instigant method of ripening. In boiling water, you can put only the green varieties of avocado; Black fruits become bitter.

Water is brought to a boil and give it a little cool (up to 75-80 ° C). From the fruit remove the skin and cut it in half. The bone is taken with a spoon, cut the pulp with thin bars. Solk need to decompose the thin layer on a four layer of marla and lower them in hot water for 2-3 minutes. Excess fluid is recommended to press. So that the fruit become softer, you can add a little honey to the water.

Solly alligator pears must completely cool, otherwise the fruit will be watery. After the excess fluid is fully stroke, the gauze unfolds, straighten and separate slices from each other. At room temperature, the pieces are cooled 10-15 minutes, after which they can be added to the dish.


Secrets of rapid softening of the fetus

To achieve faster maturation, you need to stick to a number of rules. Basic secrets of fast softening:

  • Together with immature avocado in the package it is necessary to lay pieces of only ripe apples, bananas;
  • It is important to maintain moisture in the room, if the fruits are ripe at room temperature;
  • Fruits wrapped in paper bags or newspapers need to be kept in the closet.

If it is planned to put slices in the refrigerator, they first need to decompose on a plate with one layer, cover the dishes of the food film and put away from the products with a strong smell (herring, garlic, onions, greens).

Flour will help quickly fruit: it will absorb an extra liquid and ensure air flow.

In a deep bowl, it is necessary to pour out the flour and "bury" an avocado into it. Cut the fruit and remove the skin from it does not need. Fully matures fruit in flour in 2-3 days. Periodically, you need to check alligator pear, if necessary, changing flour in the container if it is stored in a room with high humidity.

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