Answers Mail.Ru: a window constantly pops up with a question: how do you want to open links of this type (http)?

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Good afternoon, dear user! Today's article will be devoted to the problem of viruses. If you picked up the virus, then probably your computer life has turned into hell. All because the virus itself is created in order to harm you. Some viruses steal information, some output advertising, some destroy your files and so on. However, there are simpler viruses that create an uncomfortable atmosphere and still highlights all nonsense on your monitor screen. Let us dwell on the same virus.

We do not know the official name of the virus, but everything that he does is highlights the message on the screen: how do you want to open the links of this type http how to remove the message. You work at a computer and there is a BAT: how do you want to open the links of this type http how to remove the message, click something and continue to work and here again Batz: how do you want to open the links of this type http how to remove the message, and so it will continue until infinity . No matter what you have pressed, the message will still appear, and after a certain time. In other words, the virus works on very primitive rules, highlighting a specific message at a specified period of time. And you can cope with such a virus quite a primitive way.

How satisfied with this answer?

Let's think where the rule can be set in the system to execute any action at a given period of time? Correctly! Task Scheduler.

Our task, remove this task from the scheduler.

Go Start - Control Panel - Administration - Task Scheduler (the path may differ, depending on the version of the operating system).

Among the various tasks in the task scheduler, you need to find the task under the name of the InternetAc. We did not meet other name of this virus, but we can well assume that specifically you have, the name of the task will be different, and maybe not.

One way or another, we need to remove the InternetAc task from the task scheduler and at the same time delete this task at all. Do not just turn off, and demolish once and forever. For permissions, you can restart the computer.

Such a sequence of actions will lead to a positive result.

For funny confidence, we will advise you to take advantage of anti-virus software and scan your Windows operating system for viruses. Remember that the antivirus must be periodically verified for the update, both the module itself and databases. Also note that when visiting suspicious sites, you should not agree to the installation of various kinds of informers and additions, extensions. Similar viruses can be picked up anywhere ...

Thus, we met with you with a virus that can be given the name of Internetac. This kind of weak virus that creates a task in the task scheduler, which displays a long message to your monitor as you want to open links of this type http how to remove the message. No matter what you click - no changes will occur and the message will display again at a specified period of time. In our case, this gap was 22 minutes, however, it is possible that you will have another time interval.

If this article was useful for you, do not forget to go to our site more often, because thanks to the large attendance of the site, we have enthusiasm to write as many articles as possible, thereby enlightening you.

Good luck!

I attach fixlog and report:

# Adwcleaner v6.021 - the report was created 15/10/2016 at 15:23:19

# Updated 06/10/2016 by toolslib

# Database: 2016-10-14.1 [Server]

# Operating system: Windows 8 Pro (x64)

# Username: Bogdan - Lucky

# Run from: C: \ Users \ Bogdan \ Desktop \ Soft \ adwcleaner_6.021.exe

# Mode: Scanning

# Help :

***** [Services] *****

Malicious services are not found.

***** [folders] *****

Malicious folders are not found.

***** [Files] *****

Found File: C: \ END

***** [DLL] *****

No malicious DLL was found.

***** [WMI] *****

No virus keys found.

***** [Labels] *****

No infectious labels found.

***** [scheduled tasks] *****

No virus tasks found.

***** [Registry] *****

No registry virus keys were found.

***** [web browsers] *****

In browsers based on Firefox malicious elements were not found.

Found Customization Chromium: [C: \ Users \ Bogdan \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ user Data \ Default \ Web Data] -

Found Customization Chromium: [C: \ Users \ Bogdan \ AppData \ Local \ Google \ Chrome \ User Data \ Default \ Secure Preferences] - NFPHFDFJEGLPIEKOCFBJNBJMGKNBMG


C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [c0] .txt - [13855 byte] - [13/10/2016 15:54:55]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [c2] .txt - [2219 byte] - [13/10/2016 19:35:54]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [c3] .txt - [2638 bytes] - [13/10/2016 22:18:53]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [C4] .txt - [2518 bytes] - [13/10/2016 22:53:30]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [c5] .txt - [2666 bytes] - [14/10/2016 18:56:19]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s0] .txt - [13247 byte] - [13/10/2016 15:51:14]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s1] .txt - [2473 bytes] - [13/10/2016 19:26:40]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s2] .txt - [2936 byte] - [13/10/2016 22:18:01]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s3] .txt - [2840 byte] - [13/10/2016 22:53:07]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s4] .txt - [3014 byte] - [14/10/2016 18:25:29]

C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s5] .txt - [2462 bytes] - [10/15/2016 15:23:19]

########## eof - C: \ adwcleaner \ adwcleaner [s5] .txt - [2538 bytes] ##########

  • Save the attached file fixlist.txt In the download folder (C: \ Users \ Bogdan \ downloads)
  • Now, please run FRST and press once on the FIX button and wait. The program will create a log file ( Fixlog.txt ). Please attach it in the following post!
  • Please note that the computer will be rebooted .
ATTENTION! This script is written only for this user, using it on another computer can lead to OS inoperability! 2) Download Adwcleaner on the desktop
  • Run ADWCleaner and click Scan
  • After the scanning is completed, click Report , A report will be created, attach it in the following post

Hello, Vladimir Shagov!

Try to do the following:

Installing Internet Explorer as a default browser

1. Will the screen on the right left and tap the item Search . (If you use the mouse, move the pointer to the lower right corner of the screen, then up and click Search 2.) .Vestite Default programs .Vestite .3then press or click . Click or click .4Default Software . Select Internet Explorer. 5then press or click In the list of programs. Use this default program and then click OK . After installing Internet Explorer, the default browser may need to reinstate it on the initial screen.

Next, pass

Control Panel \ All elements of the control panel \ Properties of the browser \ Programs \ Set compiosity


And check the settings.

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