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The phone does not see the SIM card

The phone does not see the SIM card

If your phone stopped responding to your teams, you cannot call it from it, send a message, log in, then most likely the cause of the failure is a problem with a SIM card.

Causes of breakdown

Each user of modern phones may encounter such a situation. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to figure out in which case it happens.

There are two options for such a breakdown:

  • Problems with hardware of the smartphone;
  • Software malfunction.

In this article we will analyze all possible malfunction options.

Problems with hardware smartphone

Why doesn't the phone sees a SIM card?

Make sure your SIM card is working. If you have not used this card for a long time, then the cellular network operator could turn it off.

If you are used to wearing a phone in pants pocket, and get into the rain, it is possible that moisture or water will fall inside the phone. This is what can be the reason that the phone may not see the SIM card. Just dried your phone.

The next reason why the phone does not see SIM cards - the difference of temperatures: if you are on the street, come to the room, then condensate can be formed under the rear lid.

If you buy a new smartphone - it can be stitched under a specific cellular operator. Other SIM cards your phone will not be able to determine and will need to go to those skilled in the art.

Mechanical damage:

  • Rust or oxidation of contacts;
  • Accumulation of dust;
  • Drop phone;
  • Bad connection of contacts;
  • Damage to the SIM card (maybe if you unsuccessfully made SIM cards);
  • Bad contact SIM cards with a card receiver.

Most often, your phone does not see the map due to the fault of the card itself or the slot break. In order to verify this version, you need to insert another SIM card to your gadget and will see if it will work. If so, then the problem is in the phone itself.

Remember the moment after which SIM card has ceased to be defined. Maybe you updated your device? Or do you have a smartphone for two cards (one of which "does not work")?

To check this, go to your phone settings menu and in the "SIM Card Management" section, click Enable the Second. To check, send a message to any content to any number if the SIM card is turned off, the gadget will automatically ask you to enable it, confirm and rejoice.

Enable SIM card

Enable SIM card

Did not the message set off? Do not worry.

All the same actions are done with a device on one card. You can check whether the card itself can be done using a different phone, insert a sim card into it and look if not, then contact your operator's service center and purchase a new one with the ability to save the number (this service is provided with absolutely all cellular operators).

It happens by accidentally included the flight mode on your gadget, check in the settings if this mode is turned on - disconnect.

Software malfunction

Let's consider concrete errors in more detail for android devices and iOS devices.

Why doesn't the phone do not see the SIM card on android?

Causes why the phone does not see the SIM card associated with damage IMEI.

Damaged NVRAM (Invalid IMEI). On smartphones, this situation is quite common and this can be checked as follows:

  • Turn on Wi-Fi and check the presence of networks available for connecting;
  • If the "NVRAM Warning: Err = 0x10" network appeared in the list of available connections, then it is damaged NVRAM .
  • We recruit the combination * # 06 # on the keyboard of calls and see empty fields under the name IMEI 1 and IMEI 2;

What is IMEI? This is a special identifier of your phone, without which you cannot make calls, send messages. It is located in NVRAM.

The reasons are as follows:

  • Unfinished or interrupted firmware process;
  • Recycling;
  • Gadget formatting via SP Flash Tool;
  • Apply the wrong version of SP Flash Tool.

IMEI Recovery With SP Flash Tool

In order to return your phone to the operating status, you need to perform such actions in order:

  • Charge the phone, install the necessary drivers and download SP Flash Tool.
  • Click on "Scatter-Loading" , choose Scatter. File from the official firmware.
Sp Flash Tool

Sp Flash Tool

  • Switch to the tab "READBACK" .
  • Click on "Add" And in the newly formed line, by clicking on the mouse twice, write the name of the file to save, and the folder is called NVRAM. image. "Save" .
  • Window opens "READBACK BLOCK START ADDRESS" . IN "REGIO" need to choose Emmc_user. . In a text editor, open Scatter file from firmware and find item NVRAM .
  • Copy the value linear_start_addr. в "START ADDRESS" and recovery the entered data click "READBACK" .
  • Turn off your smartphone and pull out the battery (if there is no such possibility, then wait a couple of minutes), then turned off to the computer, with a properly made work, a window with a green check mark will appear.
Sp Flash Tool

Sp Flash Tool

  • Disable the phone from the computer and view the saved file by described in paragraph 4.

Recovery through the engineering menu

The main plus of this recovery option is that you will not need to download additional programs and there is no need to connect to a personal computer. Be sure to begin to start this method, rewrite your IMEI number. You can find it on the packaging box or under the lid of the phone.

You must perform the following steps with each other:

  • Open phone and enter this combination * # * # 3646663 # * # *.
  • Enter the tab "Connectivity" .
  • Before you there will be two items: Phone 1 and Phone 2. Open Phone 1.
  • In the AT string, enter a large English letter "E" and click on "AT + EGMR = 1.7," the number of your IMEI and then on the Send AT Command. As a result, a window will pop up with a message. "OK" .

Do not forget after AT + to put a space.

  • The same steps must be done with the second slot, only choose "AT + EGMR = 1.10," the number of your IMEI.
  • Reboot the device and check IMEI using the * # 06 # command.

Also in detail about the restoration of IMEI is told in this video:

IMEI Recovery

8 ways to solve: why the phone does not see the SIM card

The phone may not see the SIM card after the update. In order to correct it, you must do the following:

  • Reflash the device through the computer;
  • Install a patch for communication through TWRP Recovery;
  • Relief the settings to the factory.

Do not forget that your smartphone requires time to download drivers and sim card indicators.

If the new phone does not see SIM card, then most likely it is caused by the factory marriage (check all the SIM cards that you have).

But do not despair, there are ways to solve this problem:

  • Without the loss of the warranty period (reset the settings to factory, attribute to the service center or place a refund (exchange) of the goods in the store);
  • With a guarantee loss (reflash or replace the tray for receiving cards in the nearest workshop).

With the full or partial hang of your gadget, incorrect operation of some applications or when issuing a constant error, you need to make a rigid reboot of the smartphone with subsequent restoration to factory settings.

Role Recovery.

To enter it you need to use a combination of certain keys. Often this program can be launched simultaneously by pressing and holding the audio and inclusion keys.

After the menu appears, you need to find "WIPE DATA / FACTORY RESET" Choose in it "Yes - Delete All Users Data" And click the actions confirmation button. After rebooting, your smartphone should work. But it should be remembered that it is necessary to use this method in extreme cases (if nothing helped and this is the last chance to restore or before selling).

Recovery to factory settings

Recovery to factory settings

With prolonged and active use of the phone in the software, a failure may occur (the so-called glitch) in operation. Performance may fall due to the accumulated number of errors.

The easiest way to solve this situation is to restore the factory android settings. You can do it through "Restoration and Reset" located in the settings menu, select item "Skind" and click "START ALL" . After these actions, the system will return to the initial settings.

Be sure to reset the settings back up all data to not lose them.

To restore after resetting the settings, you need to synchronize with Google account.

Come in the menu "Restoration and Reset" Activate "Copying Data" и "AutoSorestation" Simply check the ticks opposite. After that, all your data and information from all applications will be duplicated to your Google account. Thus, to restore all the data, you will need to enter a username and password from the account.

In order not to fail during boots, use a steady high-speed Internet connection (for example, Wi-Fi). In this case, the system settings will remain factory.

The account on Android often coincides with your Google-Mail, so that it is enough to go to it just only "Account and synchronization settings" Find clause "Add an existing account or create a new one?" And enter your username and password from Google account.

Login to Google Account

Login to Google Account

If you forgot your password from your account, then you help the password recovery page. Follow the instructions there.

Well, if you forgot the username, use the user name recovery page. In this case, you need to remember the backup email address or the phone number to which the page is tied.

We also reviewed the problem specifically for some popular brands (Meizu, Xiaomi, Samsung).

Why not sees sim card phone meizu ?

3G China's Internet - Dalited from our WCDMA / HSPA for this reason should not be surprised that in China with the World Wide Web - there are no problems at all.

Not so long ago the program was downloaded NetMonitor - If you believe it logs - 3G Internet can hang at the moment when your mobile phone can change the base station. It can be as free, or close. While in one place, your smartphone can be registered both in the same and in another station. As a rule, in touch 8 hundred, all in motion.

Consequently, one of the reasons is why the mease phone cannot see SIM cards - broken or the communication module is damaged.

In most cases, this is due to the hardware malfunction (SIM card, slot):

  • Falling the phone or moisture ingress;
  • Bad contact sim card;
  • Damaged chip;
  • Sims and Cart Acquisition Problems (these problems may arise if the SIM card is not tightly adjacent);
  • Moisture getting into the phone;
  • It happens that you buy a gadget for the promotion or cheaper of the nominal value and the seller did not say that the phone will flash under a specific cellular operator (in this case, SIM cards of other communication providers will not be determined, and you will not be able to fully use the smartphone).

As for the score of this model of the smartphone, it is a little different from those that we described. Often, it is enough to turn off the unnecessary frequencies in the engineering menu. To do this, score on the screen call such a combination * # * # 3646633 # * # *

Go to B. "Bandmode" / "SIM1" . Next, remove the ticks in:

  • GSM MODE C: - "PCS-1900", - "GSM-850";
  • UMTS MODE C: - "WCDMA-DSC-1800", - "WCDMA-CLR-850";

LTE MODE do not touch, otherwise the IMEI flies!

Press "SET" And reboot the phone.

If you have a bad speed of 3G, we try to leave only in GSM MODE, DCS-1800 only in UMTS MODE, WCDMA-IMT-2000.

If the SIM card for the Internet is in the first slot, only frequencies in the GSM MODE paragraph will be available for Bandmode "/" SIM2.

Do not forget to restart the phone.

Why not sees sim card phone Xiaomi. ?

The main reasons are:

  • Mechanical breakdowns
  • Bad contact.
  • Paul a chip in - as a result of bad pruning SIM
  • Bad SIM cards in the map receiver.
  • "Chinese" phone is not supporting national mobile cellular operators.

Responsibility for working capacity in these phones is a modem. You must find a modem version suitable for your smartphone, information about this can be found in the settings in the point "Phone information" .

To install, you need availability TWRP. . This program allows you to fully restore the firmware from the recovery file, repel all the "hidden" factory files and ensures the full operation of your smartphone on the likeness of the personal computer, which is much faster there is a process of downloading and "revitalizing" the "dead" phone without launching the program itself.



Consider how to establish this program

First you need to download the application.

Agree with all permits, especially with root access . Select the installation on your device and download "DOWNLOAD TWRP" . Choose file. image. and put it through the button "Flash to Recovery" .

After such installation, your phone will start in mode Recovery. From which you can make the necessary actions.

Why not sees sim card phone Samsung?

What to do if the Samsung phone you recently stopped seeing SIM card and as a result, you can't make calls? Is it necessary to do with the phone Samsung so that your SIM card operator has earned again? Let's try to figure it out.

There are basic breakdowns by which Samsung phones cannot see SIM cards:


  • Oxidation of phone contact;
  • Breakage of the chip;
  • Breakdown or phone board damage;

Software breakdown

The surest way to identify the hardware problem is to insert another (new) SIM card. If another (new) SIM card is not visible - it means that the problem is in the phone. Try watching the phone to enter dirt and water. If everything is clean and otherwise the device functions, then this is a hardware breakdown and better contact the service center.

SAMSUNG smartphones themselves are not recommended. This question needs a qualified master.

To eliminate the software failure you need to make a reset settings. (Hard Reset) Or reflash.

How to spend this procedure you can read this video:

Reset to SAMSUNG factory settings

8 ways to solve: why the phone does not see the SIM card

Why doesn't the phone do not see the SIM card?

  • Oxidation of contacts.
  • Poor connection of contacts.

Try to pull out and insert a SIM card again.

It often happens if you yourself cut off the SIM card, and not changed to the new one.

  • Bad contact Sims and Cartewear.
  • Glitch gadget.

In this situation, the first thing to be done is to overload the phone.

  • The new phone requires activation.

This can be done without SIM with the help of the Internet, computer and iTunes program. Just connect via USB cord and go through the activation process.

Remember that the iPhone works correctly only with new cards.

To do this, you need to download and install the latest version of iTunes.

Go to "Settings" [Your name] icloud. and disconnect the option "Find iPhone" .

Connect the device to the computer and run iTunes. On the tab "Overview" Press the button "Restore [device]" .



Click "Reestablish" Once again to confirm.



If, after all these actions, your gadget still does not see SIM, contact the service center, as a breakdown may be serious and independently deal with you unable.

Without a working SIM card in most cases, the phone turns into an unsuitable piece of plastic. But the most important problem is that you cannot fail when your phone does not read SIM. We'll figure it out why the phone does not see the SIM card, and tell me how to cope with this problem.

Frequent reasons why the phone does not see SIM card

There are several reasons why SIM does not work in the phone. Most often, this is due to the microchip itself, which is used to receive and transmit the signal.

The shelf life of the card . It happens most often from those who received SIM for a long time or for a long time she did not use it. In this case, the problem can be solved only by the replacement of the card. To do this, contact the operator's office with a passport.

Damage card : Put the edge of the card, its chip is deformed or it oxidized. In this case, it is possible to restore performance only by replacing.

Incorrectly inserted card in slot . Often, users ask why the phone does not see 2 sim card, and the first works well. In this case, the first thing is to look - the location of the chip in the slot. Most often incorrectly have Nanosim or Microsim.

When you buy a mobile phone in the salon on a stock with a big discount, most likely it is attached by default to a specific operator. To find out this or not, take the sim card of another operator, insert into the device. Communication did not appear? Your model is attached to a specific operator.

Unsuccessful trimming SIM . Often, people buy a new smartphone, but it uses smaller cards. In this case, you can try to cut unnecessary plastic yourself or replace the card with the operator in the office. With independent transformation of a large SIM card in Nanosim, you can damage the chip. If you do it, it will not be possible to restore it - you still have to turn to the operator.

SIM card contact damage . The chip contact site consists of several conductors for rebooting, record information, control and clock frequency. A breakdown of any of them leads to the failure of SIM. You can cope with the situation only by replacing it.

The card is not activated . In order for SIM to be registered in the network after purchase, you must send a special USSD request. The number and the command will depend on your operator. It is usually indicated on the SIM card packaging.

The easiest reason - Contacts Cards contaminated, so the device cannot count it. In this case, you will rather wipe the location of the chip with an eraser, so that the playground is again golden. For cleaning is also permissible to use alcohol.

Now you know why Samsung's phone and any other sees a SIM card, and how to cope with it. If you think it is a worker - check it in another device. Only after testing work can be accessed to the operator or look for the cause in the device itself.

Phone malfunctions - as a reason why he does not see SIM card

When you buy a mobile phone in the salon on a stock with a big discount, most likely it is attached by default to a specific operator. To find out this or not, take the sim card of another operator, insert into the device. Communication did not appear? Your model is attached to a specific operator.

If you made sure that SIM is working, then you need to check the phone itself. There are several reasons why the phone does not see the MTS SIM card or any other operator. With some of them you can cope with yourself, others require access to specialists.

  • Wrong settings . Most often, users of themselves do not understand include the "airplane" or "autonomous" modes. In them, the network reception icon in the notification panel indicates that the network is not available. Solve the problem is simply enough to expand the basic settings from the tray and check them out, disable special modes as necessary.
  • In Android devices with multiple SIM cards, you can turn off the use of one of them. . In this case, you need to go to the SIM settings and allow the device to use the second card. If for any reason the switch does not work, then just try sending a call or a message from the second card, then it will automatically turn on.
  • Map is not registered on the network due to software failure . In this case, you need to search the network manually through the device settings. It is also recommended to pre-restart the device.
  • The phone is tied to a specific operator. It may not even be indicated on the device box. If you decide why the phone does not see the SIM card2, then you should remember where you bought it. Often smartphones sold in operator offices are configured to perceive SIM only one brand. You can fix it only by flashing the device.
  • Unsuccessful flashing It may also cause the SIM card due to which the SIM card does not work. You can fix it in the service center, with another flashing.
  • Fault slot for SIM . This happens due to frequent change of cards, entering the water or sand body, mechanical damage to the smartphone. Consider the phone can be in the service center. Most often the soldering of the contacts of the slot suffers, as they themselves are very fragile. It will not be possible to solve this problem independently.
  • Mapholder malfunction . Most often, in modern smartphones, SIM presses to the contacts a special frame, during deformation of which the chip leaves and is not read. If you do not want to contact the service center, you can replace the clamping mechanism with a folded piece of paper or a piece of scotch. You need to make the chip tightly pressed against contacts in the slot.

Often the cause can be simple Software failure . Therefore, before contacting the service center, try simply restart your smartphone. If it did not help, then reset the settings to the factory.

Another reason why the phone does not see the second SIM card may be a device class. On the flagship models SIM work at the same time, you can receive calls and messages to each of the cards simultaneous. In budget smartons at the moment when you work with one card, the second turns out to be unavailable, but at the same time the phone sees it, it simply does not use it.

Now you know the reasons why the SIM card may not work. In cases where you can cope with the problem yourself. If your forces are missing, then you should contact a proven service center, best in an authorized manufacturer of your device (you can look at the official website). If you have any questions, ask them in the comments. Share this article with friends to and they knew how to do if the phone stopped seeing a SIM card.

The SIM card slot and itself is one of the most vulnerable parts of the smartphone. Therefore, there are many reasons why the mobile device does not read SIM card. Some of them are easy to eliminate, others can fix only a professional. We propose to disassemble the most popular options why the phone does not see the SIM card. You will also find simple and proven tips, what to do if the mobile loses the network or does not connect to it at all.

System failures

Many factors undermine the stability of the operating system. Often they do not strongly affect the functionality, but periodically provoke failures, for example, in working with the SIM card. Usually, to correct this kind of errors, it is enough to perform simple steps:

  • Restart the device . If you insert a SIM card into a working device, it may not detect it before restarting. Hold down the off key, select "Restart" and wait for the device again turns on.
  • Pull out the battery and SIM card . Disconnect the machine, remove the battery (if possible) and the SIM card for 30 seconds or more. Upon completion of this procedure, place the components and turn on the mobile.
  • Switch "Flight Mode" . This mode disables all mobile data transmission. Some phones have access to the mode activation icon through the rapid settings in the "curtain" of notifications. If you have it, then activate the "Flight Mode", wait 20-40 seconds and turn it off.

In the case when the icon is missing in the "curtain", go along the path "Settings - Network and Internet - optional". There is a flight mode control button.

The expired shelf life of the SIM card

If the card did not use a long time and the device does not see it, it means that the number of the number could end. Because of this, it becomes non-working. Go or call the operator to find out if the Card has expired "shelf life".

There are two options for solving the issue:

SIM card is locked under a specific operator

Such a problem faces people who bought a smartphone in Europe and in the United States. You could get the device developed under the American telecom operator. Unlocking the gadget is possible, but it is not suiced, and the probability of success is not 100%. Because of this, often the iPhone does not see SIM card.

Apple's telfon can be unlocked by apple to the company or with R-SIM, the price of which is more fiscal. Then you can insert a telephone card or other operators.

Dirt in the nest or on the SIM card

Both items can be contaminated over time. If dust has formed between the contacts or the foreign object hit, it will cause a delays in SIM card recognition or it will turn off all the time. Always contact these parts very carefully, with a convenient case, wipe them.

If the gadget does not catch the network, try to do the following:

  • Remove the card holder;
  • Visually inspect them for pollution and damage;
  • Enclose a flashlight to the nest, make sure that there is nothing superfluous, blow it;
  • Wipe the tray and sim card so that the golden chip is perfectly clean;
  • Insert the map back to the device and run it.

Often this simple operation helps to reanimate old sims of Beeline and other operators, after which the gadget can again see them.

Breakdown SIM card or tray

As already noted, these are fragile and small details that can be accidentally damaged. For example, entering them into water, drop, inaccurate withdrawal or rough installation in the socket may well lead to microcracks or contact breaks. If it happened with the card, it can be replaced in the cellular separation.

If the tray or the connector came into disrepair, where it is inserted, it will not work independently, you will have to contact the repair center, where you will tell you why the phone does not see the SIM card.

But before do it, inspect the details:

  1. Perform the first four items from the previous instructions.
  2. Install the map in another smartphone, check if the connection works on it.
  3. Insert the card into the slot, check that it fits tightly.
  4. If simka falls out, carefully put a piece of paper or simply replace it with a new one.
  5. It remains to insert the map and run the device.

Attention! If you yourself cut the card to reduce it under a new standard, they could damage it. In this case, better contact the salon to get a new SIM card. In the future, do not try to cut it yourself, so that you don't think that the phone does not see SIM card.

Communication parameters have begun

Sometimes on Android, these installations are spontaneously vary or fly after the firmware. This often leads to loss of communication. To troubleshoot the problem, do the following:

  1. Go through the path "Settings - System" - additionally - reset settings. "
  2. Click on "Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet and Bluetooth" settings.
  3. Confirm the operation.

Next, reboot your mobile, if it does not automatically happen.

contact the service center, where with the help of special equipment will make changes to the program part;

The system attacked the virus

Viral applications can affect many aspects of the work of Android, including network reception. To avoid their hit in OC, do not open suspicious links, letters, banners, and also do not install dubious software.

It is necessary to find out, not because of the mallemen, the phone does not read SIM card. First, transfer the gadget to a safe mode, deactivating third-party software. To do this, do the following:

  1. Press and hold the power key.
  2. Hold off "shutdown" for a few seconds.
  3. The smartphone will offer a transition to a secure mode, agree.

Watch if the card is recognized. If so, then it's time to look for hacker software, because of which the phone stopped seeing a SIM card.

To do this, do the following:

  1. Go to "Applications and Notifications".
  2. "Tap" to "show all applications".
  3. At the top, select "Installed Applications".
  4. Browse the list of programs, look for suspicious software with strange names or software that you definitely not put.
  5. Remove the virus and restart the smartphone, the MTS network, tele2, etc. should appear.

Alternatively, you can put Kaspersky Anti-Virus and scan the system. You can download it in Play Market.

Global malfunctions in the operating system

The operating system can stop working properly on such a reason as an unsuccessful software update or the installation of an unofficial firmware that has bugs of communication. If you use custom build, go back to stock.

Check for available updates. If the bug with communication is massive, the vendor will quickly release the update. If the failure happened as a result of the errors when updating and the new assembly did not fix it, make a reset to factory settings. Then, probably, the device recognizes the SIM card.

  1. Open in the device parameters "System - Advanced" - Reset Settings - Delete all data.
  2. Re-read the warning and run the process.
  3. When downloading, you need to re-connect the account and restore the data.

Attention! Hard Reset will erase all data from the device (applications, photos, video, accounts, etc.), so make a backup of the data.

If the mobile hit the water, fell and damaged or the connection ceased to work after other damage and the leadership did not help, contact the repair center so that the professional would disagree the device, found out why it does not recognize SIM cards and repaired contacts or tray if it is necessary.

Messages "No SIM", "Insert SIM" and "SIM not detected" occurs when the phone cannot determine the presence of a SIM card. As a rule, this is due to a contact violation in the cartoising, software failures or blocking of a smartphone. Less often with damage to the SIM card itself. If you see a similar notification on the screen, act as follows.

1. Check the most obvious

First of all, try simply restart the phone. If it does not help, disconnect it and remove the SIM card, and then reappear in place.

Although it is unlikely, but still check if the airframe is not included. It does not work wireless and cellular networks, so they can hardly call it. However, modern smartphones probably will tell them themselves and offer to turn off the air policy. Otherwise, do it yourself.

On Android

Self change the software. Damaged SIM card slot

Check the airplane icon in the status bar. If it is, pull out the notification curtain and click on the same icon to disable the flight mode.

On iOS.

Slim card holder faulty Another reason, due to which the smartphone does not see the SIM card - deformation of the holder. SIM cards easily adjacent to the slot on the phone and there is no contact. Stick a piece of scotch on a SIM card or put a folded paper sheet. The card will easily facilitate contacts and the problem will solve. The result is not achieved or you cannot directly reach the holder - contact the service center.

Look at the icons in the status bar. If there is a plane, open the "Management Item" and tap the airport button to turn it off.

2. Determine what it is not working

In most cases, previous tips will most likely give anything. Possible causes of troubleshooting, therefore it is worth localizing the problem and find out if it lies in the phone or in the SIM card itself.

Make it quite just with the help of another knowingly working smartphone or SIM. You only need to insert a problem card into someone else's device or, on the contrary, place a proven SIM card into your gadget.

If SIM is visible in another phone, then the problem is with yours. If the other SIM card is determined and works in your smartphone, malfunctions with the card itself.

3. Try to troubleshoot

Possible problems of phones

1. System failure

Sometimes the smartphone does not see the SIM card due to the failure, flashing or updating. In such cases, reset network settings or complete the full reset. In the latter case, photos, videos and other data can be deleted, so it is better to preserve them.

On Android

Violation of the operating system or software "Roll back" to the previous version;

Open the "Settings" and go to the "System" section. Find the "Reset Settings" item and open it.

To work correctly, install the licensed software. The problem is guaranteed to solve in the service center. The phone does not see the second SIM card

Tap "Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet and Bluetooth Settings". Confirm the action by clicking the "Reset Settings" button.

On iOS.

Incorrect firmware change - reinstall the operating system from the manufacturer's official website or reset the settings to the factory; IMEI error - check for matching the number on the case and in the device program using the # 06 # command.

Run "Settings" and go to the "Basic" section. Scroll to the easiest and click "Reset".

After the firmware, the phone does not see the SIM card The problem in the firmware is visible immediately, in addition to the failure of a smartphone to determine SIM card, some functions stop working.

Select "Reset Settings Network" and enter the password code. Click "Reset Settings" to confirm deletion.

2. SIM card slot is disabled in the settings.

On Android phones with multiple SIM cards, one of the slots can be disabled and, accordingly, SIM is not defined in it. To fix it, it is enough to go to the settings, find the "SIM Manager" or "SIM card" section and activate all slots.

Invalid IMEI

Run "Settings", go to the "Network and Internet" section. Open the "SIM card" item and turn on the Tumblers opposite each slot.

3. Lock operator

Smartphones purchased abroad may be a binding to the local operator, which is why they work only with its SIM cards. The craftsmen unlock such gadgets using boards that are led by SIM. Devices are unstable and often cease to work after updating the firmware.

The fact that the phone has binding to the operator, indicates the low price, logos of the cellular network on the housing, and most importantly - the gasket under the SIM card, without which it is impossible to call.

If you have this device and it stopped seeing the network after installing the update, you will have to look for a new version of the board for unlocking. Another option is to contact the operator and make the official dislocation of the device (but it is worth such a service from $ 100 and above).

Possible SIM card problems

1. Card expired

If SIM is not used for a long time, the operator can disable it and transfer the number to another subscriber. The same applies to non-activated new SIM cards - they have a validity period, after which SIM is blocked. In solving this problem, only in the communication salon can only be helped.

2. The SIM card is damaged

Randomly break the SIM is quite difficult, so damage can only be caused by a rough mechanical effect with incorrect installation or removal. Most often, the SIM card come into disrepair during self-trimming from Mini-SIM format to Micro-SIM or with Micro-SIM to Nano-SIM. In such cases, you can only replace the card to the new in the operator's office.

3. Wear contacts

If SIM often rearranged from one phone to another, furrows may appear on the contact venues. Because of them, the contact receptionist contacts are weakly adjacent to the SIM card. This leads to a bad compound and, as a result, unstable work.

Universal code
Illustration: Artem Kozoriz / Lifehaker

In this case, it is advisable to replace the SIM in the operator's office. As a temporary solution, you can fold a piece of paper several times and attach it over the SIM card. In phones with a removable back panel, it works almost always trouble-free, but in models with a retractable tray SIM may not work.

Possible common problems

1. Shift SIM card

In all phones, the SIM card is located in a special slot or tray, where the contacts of the card receiver come into contact with its contacts. If at least a little shifting the card from the place, the connection will break and nothing will work. This can happen after the phone hit when dropping or when the SIM card is inactive.

To solve the problem, you must remove SIM and properly paste it into place, focusing on the label or cutting corner of the card.

2. Oxidation of contacts

Sometimes it happens that even with the correct installation of contact there is still no. The reason are dust and dirt, oxides from moisture from entering or wear the contact sites themselves from frequent change of cards. Fix it as follows.

# * # 4646633 # * # *
Illustration: Artem Kozoriz / Lifehaker

Remove the rear panel of the smartphone or remove the SIM card tray. Clean the gold-plated contacts on the SIM and the cardshop using the elasty. If the oxidation is very strong, take advantage of the fine-grained grinding skurt. After that, wipe all the contacts in a napkin moistened in alcohol to completely clean them.

Today, mobile phones firmly entrenched in the life of each person and fully displaced stationary. People are accustomed to constantly be in touch and infrequent cases of falling out of the access area are perceived quite painfully. In our current publication we will talk about such a situation: the phone does not see a sim card what to do . Let's figure out which reasons for this phenomenon can be that the user can take on their own and where to turn.

Causes of the problem

To begin with, we understand which reasons for this phenomenon can be. In this case, the breakdown may be on the phone side or the SIM card itself. The reasons must be determined to understand how to act in the future.

Problem in the phone

There are also several options for developing events. We will try to embrace each of them. If the phone does not see the SIM card, it is necessary to extract it and inspect, it is possible that the chip simply moved from the place. Especially relevant such a phenomenon for gadgets with a removable battery. For unintellular phones, a tray for a SIM card should be examined, it may be poorly adjacent to the map of the map because the contacts are not closed. If contamination is present, we advise you to wipe, better with an eraser impregnated with alcohol. Samsung

If the actions described above did not give results, then the following problems may be in the phone.

  • Perhaps your phone is sharpened only under a certain operator. Such a phenomenon is found quite often. Especially suffering such smartphones brought from abroad. It may also be a gadget bought in a cellular salon specialized under a certain operator.
  • Damage to the SIM card slot. The problem is subject to gadgets in which the change of SIM cards occurs quite often. In addition, damaging contacts can moisture or a blow, obtained when a phone fall. Moreover, the defect may not immediately appear, but over time, as a result, the user often does not associate events with each other. The investigation can also become a careless extraction of chip, using acute items.
  • Violations in software often leads to the fact that a particular block of the smartphone refuses. Sym-card slot is no exception. The smartphone can stop seeing sim card due to unsuccessful firmware update. Help can restore factory settings or re-flashing.
  • Long loading systems. Perhaps the gadget activates the necessary programs for too long, it is not very good, but to correct the situation with the SIM card to wait a bit.

* # * # 8255 * # *If the problem is in the phone, you can only help in the service center. It is better to entrust the work of professionals and guaranteed not to ruin the device.

Cause in SIM card

Now we will understand what problems can be from the operator chip, it is not less necessary to resolve the situation when The phone does not see the SIM card what to do. * # * # 4636 * # * #

  • Period of number activity. If you have not made calls for a long time or sent messages from your number, it is likely that the operator simply blocked the subscriber and deactivated sim card. In this case, return the number will not succeed. Have to buy a new number.
  • Lack of activation. Perhaps the subscriber number is not yet active, it should be clarified by the operator necessary actions.
  • Problems may occur if the user independently tried to replace the chip size. Make a mini-card mini, or micro version. Today, this problem is already irrelevant due to the fact that the operator releases universal chips.
  • The reason may be damage to the contacts of the SIM card itself. Carefully inspect the card, perhaps they have an external manifestation. In this case, only the release of a new SIM card will help.

These are all the problems that we managed to remember. If you have more options, you can tell about them in the comments.

The phone does not see a sim card what to do

There are a number of certain actions that the smartphone user can perform independently in an attempt to reanimate the SIM card and restore its visibility. Guarantees are that the result will be needed not, but before acting dramatically, it is worth trying. HTC

  1. Carefully remove the sim card from the tray, while it is desirable not to touch the contacts with your hands. Thoroughly rub the last regular stationery eraser. You can wipe with a soft cloth moistened with alcohol. Crupines can be removed from the contacts, it is important to make it not with your hands. Place the SIM card on the phone and evaluate the result.
  2. If the previous action does not help, it is necessary to find another SIM card that works exactly. You can get to the time from another phone. So we can determine the source of the problem. If the phone sees a new SIM, it means that past faulty. If this card is not recognized, it means that the phone is. Additionally, you can insert a conditionally defective sim card into another phone and additionally make sure.
  3. If the SIM card is working and it has been proven by experienced, we advise you to evaluate visually contact with the phone. But only if it is collapsible and there is access to the slot. If the contacts do not bend and look quite healthy, it is possible that SIM card is not sufficiently pressed against them. Try turning the paper and additionally attached from above.
  4. The last thing we can recommend is to reset the phone to the factory settings. This option is suitable in the case when the SIM card is working, and the gadget persistently refuses to read it.

We do not recommend opening the phone and climb inside if there is no access to the SIM card slot contacts, that is, if the smartphone does not have a removable battery. Also, do not hesitate in other endeavors, trust the phone to professionals.

Where to turn

The phone does not see a sim card what to do We have already discussed. Finally, let's talk about where to contact. Here recommendations depend on the initial cause of the problem.

If the user found out that the reason for the SIM card malfunction, then contact the nearest operator's office. Some I advise you to call support, but in this situation it is useless. Company employees will either make a simile reissue and give you a new chip with the old number. Or will be offered to arrange a new SIM, if the previous one was irrevocably blocked due to non-use. But in the latter case it is worth thinking how much it is necessary. * # * # 3424 * # * #

If a breakdown in the smartphone is revealed, then you should not climb it yourself. Gadget, the warranty period of which has not yet been released, can be attributed to the store and will repaired for free. In other cases, contact your nearest service department. The cost of repair is difficult to predict, for this you need a diagnosis of a specialist.

If a the phone does not see a sim card what to do You now know. You can ask all questions in the comments. Share Articles on Social Networks and stay with us, we have a lot of useful and interesting.

Have you encountered a problem in the fact that your phone does not see a SIM card? The causes of the occurrence can be quite a lot. They can go both in terms of cards and directly the gadget itself. Today I will try to consider the most common problems that can cause not to determine the sim card smartphone.


Cause # 1: Wrong smartphone settings

Most people perceive the right work of operator cards, as due. The fact is that when installing SIM cards, the settings for working with the network of each operator "arrive" on the device automatically, unnoticed for the subscriber. However, there are situations in which the settings are installed incorrectly and this leads to incorrect operation of the network or at all of its inoperation.

Correct APN Access Point Settings for All Communication Operators in Russia

In such a situation, it is possible to solve the question when contacting the hotline of the operator, or by finding the network settings on the official website of the cellular company and manually enter them in the smartphone settings menu.

Cause # 2: Lack of operator network

A situation that does not depend on the card or the device used, but relates to the quality of the coating of the cellular operator directly. It is possible that the SIM-KA is not recognized or does not work because of the stay in the zone, which the tower of the cellular operator is simply not covered. In this situation, it is recommended to restart the phone and try to move to another location.

You can also use the phone settings and search for available operator stations. If you are extremely important to make a call now, you can connect to another operator tower.

What to do if there is no network on MTS |MegaFon |Beeline |Tele 2  |Yota. |Tinkoff Mobile |Rostelecom |SberMobile |DanyCom.

The reason number 3 is not visible a new SIM card - it needs to be activated

If you just purchased a new card in the operator salon, and it is not recognized by your device, most likely the problem is the need for activation. You can perform activation by calling or dialing the appropriate USSD request. In different operators, the command or call look different:

  • Call to the room 610. in Tele2;
  • Enter combination * 121 * PUK # (where the PUK card code specified on the starting packet) is entered instead of PUK) for megaphone;
  • Enter USSD request * 101 * 1111 # for Beeline subscribers;
  • Set of combination * 111. # for MTS customers.

After executing the procedure described, the card must earn.

Cause # 4: The smartphone does not detect the second SIM card

If you are the owner of Android-devices with two SIM cards, you probably could face the situation in which your gadget sees both cards installed in it, and detects only one basic.

In this case, the problem can only be improved in the incorrect setting of smart gadget software. Of the most likely reasons, I can note the following:

  • The second card is disabled in the settings;
  • The smartphone has an incorrect firmware;
  • For the SIM card, incorrect settings are applied.

Cause # 5: SIM card is damaged

Another option is the dorm of the operator card. Even if the chip is not damaged, and the crack is observed on the plastic part of SIM, it can not work incorrectly or is not completely recognized by a smartphone.

Exit from the situation is similar to the appeal to the operator's service office. Do not forget to capture with you documents certifying your personality as the owner of a specific phone number. You can, of course, try to restore the original form of the card on your own, using glue or tape, but the probability of restoring the health is low, and in the future SIM card 100% will fail.

Reason # 6: Incorrect alteration in Microsim or Nanosim

If at one time, when switching from a push-button to a modern smartphone, you did not make it possible to get a new Map of Micro or Nano SIM format card, but simply cut the old card, it is possible that you treated any important elements. It is important to understand that, despite its sizes, each sim includes a lot of elements and modules ( How is the SIM card ). It:

  • Input;
  • Output;
  • Food;
  • Control;
  • "Earth";
  • Clock purity.

Thus, hooking any of these modules, the card completely fails. The solution to the problem is obvious - the replacement of SIM in the operator's office.

Cause No. 7: Does not check in the operator's network

It may also happen that the smartphone recognizes the card installed in it, but registration in the network does not occur. This can be applied for the following reasons:

  • The number is blocked. You can check its lock in your account or when contacting the operator's contact center;
  • Burned microchip card. Will help the replacement of SIM cards for a new one;
  • Automatic network search is not made - it will help manual network configuration to the device (see. Reason No. 1);
  • There is not enough funds in the account;
  • The validity of the card has ended (see the cause number 8).

Reason number 8: Ended the shelf life of SIM

Not everyone knows about it, but most of the SIM cards have certain deadlines. And now I am not talking about the duration of the tariff. Often the period is not regulated by some accurate intervals, but equals approximately 6-7 years. In some cases, the card can serve longer, in others - less. Therefore, if you bought your SIM card for a long time, probably, the problem arose is related to this nuance. Over the years of use, contacts are inevitably rubbing, the metal elements of the chip are oxidized, the card is exposed to moisture, and all this leads to its failure.

Fortunately, it is easy to solve such a trouble - you should contact the operator's office to get a new card. Do not worry, the phone number will remain the same, and the Card Replacement Operation is often offered to customers for free.

Cause №9: Binding to a specific operator

Surely you have repeatedly noticed how popular smartphones of famous brands apply through any mobile operators on more than attractive prices. Often such devices are tied to a map of a particular operator. Accordingly, if you install in such a card of another operator - it simply will not work.

It is often possible to solve this problem by flashing. You can find a lot of detailed instructions for most models of smartphones and Russian operators. However, I personally would not recommend you to engage in firmware yourself. It is better to delegate this task to professionals, especially since it costs pretty inexpensive, and you can be confident that all work will be made correctly.

Cause # 10: Damage to the slot or communication module

Another mechanical "illegal", which can affect your phone is the damage to the SIM card slot (holder). When the phone falls, it may be damaged, and the card will stop sufficiently to fit into the reading module or simply will not hold on to its place. In this situation, you can try to replace the card holder to a new, which is quite realistic to do yourself or in the service center.

In addition, the problem can also be due to damage to the cellular module located in the device. It may also occur also due to drops and shocks. However, it will be more complicated to replace this module on your own. Therefore, it is better to convey this matter into the hands of specialists from service centers.

Cause №11: None network after updating

If the problem began to manifest itself immediately after updating the software, you can be 100% confident that everything is incorrectly selected firmware. In this case, you need to try to find the working version of the firmware and re-install. If you bring the device to "to mind" personally fails, it is necessary to refer to repair.

Cause №12: Dirt on the contacts of the SIM card

One of the most simple, absurd and frequently encountered factors affecting the fact that the phone does not see the SIM card is its pollution. Despite the fairly closed design of most smartphones, dust and all kinds of garbage fall into them. Some part of it is settled and on the contacts of the operator's card. And in one "beautiful" day, she simply ceases to be recognized by the gadget.

It will come to the rescue, a piece of cotton wool or cotton wand, moistened with alcohol. Just a couple of light movements with hand - and the card is again clean and ready for use. By the way, instead of a battle for cleaning SIM, you can also use a stationery eraser used to erase a simple pencil.

Cause №13: Smartphone in aircraft

Absurded, but having the right to "existence", which concerns the randomly enabled flight mode on the smartphone. The fact is that it is quite easy to hook a button for the inclusion of this mode in the traveling "curtain" of the smartphone. And it, subject to inclusion, deactivates all communication modules in the phone. Thus, not only the mobile network, but also Wi-Fi access disappears on the smartphone, but the Bluetooth module is turned off.


These were the most common problems that causing smartphone failures to determine the sim card installed in them. Some of them can be solved independently, only a couple of minutes described above manipulations, after which the network will appear, and the performance of the SIM will resume. Other difficulties require additional skills and advanced knowledge in setting up, the firmware of smart gadgets, modern electronics, and solve such problems is often better with a third-party help.

I hope the outlined information will allow you to find the root problems, diagnose and confirm its presence, after which it is quickly solved.


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Even if your smartphone is just a super-court "bomb", without

Working SIM is, alas, no more than a toy.

* # * # 7378423 * # * #

In order for the phone to play his main role,

A lot of "participants" is involved: this is a SIM card, and a slot, and the SIM connector, and contact groups. But Simka

Here, without a doubt - the main character.

  • The interaction of all these elements is the main condition to
  • the phone remained the phone and performed

    His main purpose. But what if the connection between them is broken, and the phone


  • No longer sees a SIM card?
  • Causes,

    why doesn't the phone sees a sim card, as probably not difficult to guess

    * # * # 4634 * # * #

  • They are hidden either in sim card or in the device itself. The first, as a rule, is solved
  • much easier and faster - by replacing the card to a new one from your mobile

    Operator, second, often - through the service center.


  • Why is the SIM card not working:
  • The first reason

    SIM card has a shelf life

    * # * # 2846579 * # * #


  • It happens if you did not use it for a long time. Or for a long time
  • did not replenished the bill. In view of which the operator decided to block it as inactive.

    If you have the opportunity to contact the operator, find out from him, whether

    Philips, Fly, Alcatel


    The second reason

  • SIM card is damaged
  • Simka

    - also a device that can exit

    * # 1 # 3646633 * # * #

  • out of service. Especially if you amazer to rearrange the card from the device in
  • apparatus. Drop it. Or casually led into the sofa after the conversation.

    Third reason

    MTK processor

  • Unsuccessful transformation of the SIM card in Microsim
  • IN

    Modern smartphones are increasingly used Maps of Micro and Nanosim format,

    * # * # 54298 * # * #

  • Which is a conventional cropped "SIM card". Sometimes it is even offered
  • Crop yourself. Sometimes commit similar in service centers

    Operator. In both cases, this can be done unsuccessfully and damage some

    from important elements. So insert it to check in some other

    The device and check whether it works properly.

    Dial the combination as a number and press the "Call" key;

  • Fourth reason
  • The phone will stitch under a specific operator


    Philips, Fly, Alcatel

  • It is found in the devices brought from abroad. There is often actively actively
  • Practiced, in mind what the device is three times cheaper. So if the phone

bought with hands, familiar, purposefully behind the hill, it will be necessary

Go to CDS Information - Radio Information - Phone1 item;

"Disposal". For fairness, we note that its outcome is not always successful.

It all depends on the "complexity" of the case. In the post-Soviet space of this practice

Operators almost do not use. And if they are implemented, then before buying a phone

You should ask if you can use the services of their competitors no problem. Usually in sales centers such devices are marked by the corresponding and cost an order of magnitude cheaper that additionally stimulates the consumer

Buy it.


This is found from the iPhone, so buying a used phone must check

So that he caught a connection and can you make calls. Brought, even

Original, the phone may well do not work fully in our country.

Fifth reason

Damaged SIM card slot


can happen for a number of reasons as related to frequent permutation of SIM cards,

Upstairs under the AT + point, enter in the EGMR = 1.7 field "specify the correct IMEI" - for the first SIM card or EGMR = 1.10 "Specify the correct IMEI" for the second;

Fall, inhibition of moisture, etc. The reasons may be enough, and, as a rule,

Only a specialist can determine them. So trust better to him. Basically

At this stage of the description of the reasons why the phone does not see "SIM card", you need

Press the "Send AT Command" button and the new settings will take effect;

be ready to contact the service center for repair, since to solve

Alone the problem you can hardly succeed. About how to restore slot and damaged contact groups read in the review

apparatus. Drop it. Or casually led into the sofa after the conversation.


  • we
  • We list possible reasons, but with tips, what to do if the phone does not see
  • SIM card, at this stage it is finished. Further advice is only one - carry it into
  • Workshop, there will determine the exact reason. Can you - to us (address - in the section
  • "Contacts"). If you are not in Moscow and are afraid that you are deceived with the cost
  • repair, look at the appropriate section on our website or refer to

Consultant, you will be prompted that how much it costs to repair.


So, we continue with the possible causes of non-working "SIM cards".

  • Six reason
  • Violation of the operating system or



Problem in the phone

It occurs in case of an unsuccessful reinstallation of software or OS or flashing the phone.

Wrong settings

Try reinstalling it again or restore the factory version.

If not happened, Welcome. "Remfon" will help you with this.

  • Seventh reason
  • Damaged sims contacts
  • That

It happens if it is inactively remove the sim card from the slot.

Eighth reason

  • SIM card slightly contaminated
  • Happen
  • and that. You are unlikely to wear a phone in a vacuum package. And take it hands, putting

Previous gloves. Dust can penetrate the most unpredictable places,

Including those where the Simka is hiding. So try to get to it and

  • Check, in what state its contacts and sim-receiver contacts. Otherwise
  • Cases gently wipe the eraser and insert it back and turn on the phone.
  • Nine reason
Tele 2 610.
MTS Violation of the soldering of the contact holder
Beeline Arises
It is almost in the same cases as the previous problem. Plus drop, moisture, etc. Eliminated by propying conclusions.

Another problem that often occurs quite often is the deformation of SI-Heder's contacts.

  • Their
  • deformation can provoke attempts to non-accurate installation of the SIM card in
  • SIM-Holder. So, in trying to install a Nano sim card instead

Recommended Micro, user Xiaomi Redmi Note accidentally damaged lamella

(Contacts) SIM-HOLDER.


Restart your smartphone.


Card holder breakdown

  • it
  • That device where "SIM card" is inserted. Sometimes it closes so casually

Cleaning record. The holder can safely damage with negligent

removing the card or when trying to extort when pulling out somehow

Primary item, also sharp, sometimes. It may damage

Contact petals, then need to be replaced. Or replacement of the entire holder in

more serious cases, such as it happened in the case of

Crop yourself. Sometimes commit similar in service centers

Tag Heuer Meridiist.

Eleventh reachable

Chain strapping elements failed

  • Cartewear (SIM connector)
  • AND

They are enough - condensers, resistors, varistors ... the slightest mechanical

Impact - fall, popular, - or

Water getting into the phone can break them

  • performance.
  • Here
  • A small overview of the reasons by which your phone may not see the SIM card.

The cost of eliminating each of them can be viewed on our website by choosing

The model of your phone and the nature of the breakdown. Remember that the exact reason to call

You can fix you using the chamelephon application if you have root rights. You can always appeal to solve the issue to the service center.

You can only master, and for this, at least need to do free


If nothing helps

If a

If you do not detect the "SIM" by the phone you removed it and inserted back, also Carefully read (and in some cases applied) the first five points, but It did not help, it means that the output is only one - the entrance to the service center.
If your phone does not see the SIM card, contact Professional service center Remphone for advice and to repair your phone! Free diagnosis
, high-quality and fast work, warranty for completed repair. Copying content from the site is possible only when specifying a reference to the source. Free diagnosis
© All rights reserved. The phone does not see the SIM card, and you can't get in touch? The first reason is the problem in the SIM card itself, the second is the problems in the device. We describe all the situations in detail and what to do in each case if the SIM card does not work.
Problem with SIM card Let's start with the first reason when the culprit is the SIM card itself. The following is described because of what each situation occurs. Determine what fits you and find out how to eliminate the problem.
The card has an expiration date The regulated shelf life for SIM is not established, as well as the service life. For the correct operation of the norm is considered to be a period of seven years. The duration of the service depends on the user itself: how often the sim card is rearranged from the device into the device - it goes the grip process, whether water or other liquids fall into it - the oxidation process begins, on which type of the device stood before and is now worth it - a different level of gadget power.
If Simka serves a long time and stopped working - replace it with the operator. Contact the official point of sale with your passport. Remember that the service will be provided only to the owner of the room, or a representative with attorney confirmed by a notary. Map is damaged
A common reason when the SIM card does not work are mechanical damage. Even if the contacts are saved, but a plastic medium is broken, a shape of the card is broken, the gadget may not determine the sim card due to the incorrect location in the hardware slot. Solving the problem - Replacing SIM and receiving a duplicate while maintaining the number and balance. Tele2 operator will replace the card with the personal handling of the owner to the service point of subscribers. The procedure requires a personality verification, so capture a passport with you. To get a duplicate, you need to pay 50 rubles, the entire amount will go to the account after activation. The cost of the service may differ depending on the region. Map is damaged
  • Unsuccessful alteration in Microsim
  • In the communication salon to trim SIM-cards use a special stapler with an exact size of a new form. The risk is minimal, but still exists when the sims of the old format with a wide field of contacts are used for trimming. Damage leads independent circumcision with scissors. As a result, the smartphone does not see SIM card.
  • Output one - getting a duplicate. You can prevent the situation if you immediately choose the correct size when you buy the SIM card, and to change with micro or nano-sim cards to MINI-SIM card to purchase plastic adapters.
  • The sim card provides contacts:
  • VCC - nutrition;

RESET - control;

Cloc - clock frequency;

VPP - to record information;

  • I / O - enter / output;
  • General ("Earth").
  • Damage to any contact leads to a breakdown. We will have to seek to receive a new SIM card.

SIM card slightly contaminated

In the presence of contaminants, use the methods of cleansing:

Eraser - Carefully spend the sims of sims with a conventional elastic band for erasing;

Alcohol - slightly moistened with a cotton disk wipe sim card from all sides.

  • Wash in water with cleaning agents or without them is categorically impossible. If cleaning did not give results, replace the SIM card to the new one.
  • Any problem with the SIM card can be solved using its replacement to a new one. To do this, contact your operator's office and take a passport with you.
  • Let us turn to the second group in which the problem "does not work sim" depends on the phone. Some reasons can be eliminated independently, others will require access to the service center.
  • Why doesn't the phone sees a SIM card?
  • 1. Check if you do not have the "Flight Mode" or "Autonomous Mode" function. With the airport enabled, mobile communication services will automatically be turned off.

Click the Settings icon;

Select Advanced Settings;

Disconnect the "Flight Mode".

  • Did not help? Pull out the SIM card, wait from the floor and insert anew. Restart the phone / tablet.
  • 2. Check if the SIM card is enabled in the phone settings, relevant for devices with two or more sims on Android:
  • Go to settings parameters;

Select "SIM Card Manager";

Activate the desired SIM card by clicking on it or switch the slider next to it into "Inclusive" mode.

If it does not help, try sending a message from an inactive SIM card and the system will automatically display a request to turn on the card. 3. The phone does not see a new SIM card - the activation is not passed. What to do: Install Sims, turn on the device; enter the PIN code (specified on the plastic blister, where the sim card was fixed when purchased);
MTS Make a call to a free activation number. * 111 # * 101 * 1111 #
It is almost in the same cases as the previous problem. Plus drop, Megaphone * 121 * Pack code # * 101 * 1111 #
Beeline 4. No registration on the network. It will take manual search for the nearest station through the settings: Go to the settings; Click "Advanced Settings";
Tele 2 Click "Mobile Networks". The device will start the search for all available operators and give a list of possible connections. Select the necessary and activate it. Click "Advanced Settings";

If none of the ways approached, make a complete reset of settings: "Settings" - "Archiving and Reset" - "Data Reset". Pre-archive the data for automatic recovery.

The phone is tied to a specific operator

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