How to find out the ip address of a person.

Hello everybody! Today it will be about the IP (Ai PI) of the address of a person, namely, how to learn it.

The IP address is actually a virtual human passport, he can tell a lot about the user of the Internet, issue information of its provider, approximate location and report other information.

How to find out the ip address of a person.

As you know, when there is a desire to find an anonymous person from the Internet, first follow the IP address to further take steps to get more detailed information. We will consider this guide through a social network in contact.

On the social network in contact ahi, the user's address is hidden, it is only available for owners of this social network, but there is a way to find out, which we will consider within this issue.

In order to learn a person's address in social networks in contact, we will use the Ai Pi Logger service: Click to go to the site >>>

Data service will allow us to direct a person with a hidden link, when you go on which it will be read.

So let's check how it works. First of all, you need to go to the service website Definition Ai PI addresses. Among the available functionality of this service, select Option: Link - picture

How to find out the ip address of a person.

Next, we need to enter a link to the appropriate string, which will be the final address for the user, ai pi whose address is planned to get. Links can be completely different, in the form of images, video or simply links to our personal page in contact or any other site. I will introduce on the example of, after entering the link, click: Get the Logger code.

How to find out the ip address of a person.

The main thing is that the user will be sent to this link did not suspect our information about him, I will take a link that I highlighted the picture above and go through it in order to show statistics, how this service will determine me, In general, it switched to the link, and I was throwing me on the VK website, and my data is displayed in statistics, we look at:

Since I have changed the IP address, it defines another city) and accidentally changed 2 times) In general, I think the essence understood, there is nothing complicated, the main thing about this link should go, and thus you will learn his address on the Internet.

If you click on the IP address itself, you can see on the map where the city is:

How to find out the ip address of a person.

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How to find out an IP address of someone else's computer

The global network is not just a set of a huge number of computers. The Internet is primarily based on the interaction of people. And in some cases, the user needs to find out the IP address of another PC. This article will consider several ways to get someone else's network address.

Definition of an IP of someone else's computer

There is a huge number of different methods for finding someone else's IP. You can designate only some of them. Popular methods include IP search using DNS names. Another group is to receive a network address through tracking URLs. These two directions will also become an object of consideration in our article.

Method 1: DNS address

If the domain name of the computer is known (for example, "" or "" ), then calculate its IP address will not be difficult. Especially for these purposes on the Internet there are resources providing such information. Get acquainted with some of them.


One of the most popular and old sites. It has many useful functions, among which and the calculation of the IP in the symbol address.

Go to the site 2IP

  1. We go through the link above on the service page.
  2. Choose "IP Internet Resource" .
  3. Selecting an IP Internet Resource Point on Service 2IP

  4. We enter the domain name of the desired computer in the form.
  5. Entering the domain name of the desired computer into 2IP

  6. Press "Check" .
  7. Online service Displays the IP address of the computer using its symbolic identifier. You can also get information about the availability of specific IP domain aliases.
  8. The result of the operation of the service 2IP to calculate the IP address of the domain

IP Calculator

Another online service with which you can learn the IP on the domain name of the site. The resource is easy to use and has a concise interface.

Go to the IP Calculator website

  1. Using the link specified above, go to the main page of the service.
  2. Choose "Find out the IP site" .
  3. Main page website ip-calculator

  4. In field "Website" We enter a domain name and click "Calculate IP" .
  5. File shape for the domain name of the desired computer on the ip-calculator

  6. The result is immediately displayed in the row below.
  7. The result of the operation of the IP address of the IP address

Method 2: Tracking URL

You can find an IP address of someone else's computer, generating special tracking links. Turning on such a URL, the user leaves information about its network address. At the same time, the person himself, as a rule, remains in ignorance. On the Internet there are sites that allow you to create such traps. Consider 2 such services.


The Russian-speaking resource Speedtester has many different functions associated with the definition of network parameters of computers. We will also be interested in his one interesting opportunity - definition of someone else's IP.

Go to the Speedtester website.

  1. Click on the link above.
  2. First of all, register on the service. To do this, click on "Check in" On the right side of the service page.
  3. Link Registration in the right pane of the Speedtest Service Page

  4. Invent nickname, password, enter your email address and security code.
  5. Press "Register".
  6. .

    Registration Data Input Window in Speedtest

  7. If everything has passed successfully, the service will display a successful registration message.
  8. Message about the successful completion of registration in the Speedtester service

  9. Next click on the inscription "Find out someone else's IP" Left in the site navigation bar.
  10. Link Find out someone else's IP in Navigation panel Speedtester

  11. The service page is displayed, where you want to enter the data to create a tracking link.
  12. Link creation page to track the IP address of the victim on the Speedtester service

  13. In field "Whose IP we learn" We enter the invented nickname in order, whose IP address we need. It can be absolutely anyone and need only for reporting by transitions.
  14. In line "Enter the URL together ..." We indicate the site that the person will see by clicking on the link.
  15. Note: Service does not work with all addresses. There is a list of sites prohibited for use in speedtester.

  16. The last line of this form can not fill and leave as it is.
  17. Press "Create a link" .
  18. Next, the service will display a window with finished links (1). Above you will see a link to go to your personal account, where you can watch the "catch" (2).
  19. Page with the results of working on the creation of links in the Speedtester service

  20. Of course, such a URL is better disguised and cut. For this, click on "Google URL Shortener" in line "If you want to shorten or disguise the link ..." At the very bottom of the page.
  21. We transfer to the service "Google URL Shortener" .
  22. The main page of the Gogglurlshorter service in the browser

  23. Here we see our processed link.
  24. Shouted in Gogglurlshorter Link to track

  25. If you transfer the mouse cursor right above this URL (without clicking), the pictogram will appear. "Copy Short URL" . By clicking on this icon, you can copy the resulting link to the clipboard.
  26. Icon for copying a truncated ul-address in Gogglurlshorter

Note: At the time of this writing, the URL reduction function through speedtester worked incorrectly. Therefore, you can simply copy a long link from the site to the clipboard, and then manually shorten it in Google URL Shortener.

Read more: How to cut links using Google

To disguise and cut the links, you can use the special service of VKontakte. Many users have trust short addresses in their name "VK" .

Page Reduction Page Contact

Read more: How to reduce links VKontakte

How to use tracking URLs? Everything is limited only by your fantasy. Such traps can be enabled, for example, in the text of the letter or in the message on the messenger. Fictive link to track in Yandex-mailIf a person goes on this link, he will see the site we specified (we chose VK).

To view IP addresses of those who have passed our links, do the following:

  1. On the right side of the Speedtester Service Page Click on "List of your links" .
  2. Inscription to go to view IP addresses by tracking link

  3. Go to the site section, where we see all the transitions according to our Links-traps with an IP address.
  4. List of IP addresses tracking links in the Speedtester service


A convenient resource that allows you to create tracking links for disclosing someone else's IP. The principle of working with similar sites we opened on the previous example, so consider how to use VBooter briefly.

Go to Vbooter website

  1. We go to the service and on the main page of clicking on "REGISTER" .
  2. Register link on the main page of the VBooter service

  3. In fields "UserName" и "Email" Indicate your username and postal address, respectively. In line "Password" We enter the password and duplicate it in the field " VERIFY PASSWORD » .
  4. Account Registration page in VBooter

  5. We celebrate the item on the contrary "TERMS" .
  6. Click the mouse in "CREATE ACCOUNT" .
  7. Going on the login to the service page, choose the left in the menu «IP Logger» .
  8. IP Logger Link on the VBooter service

  9. Next, click on the circle icon with a plus sign.
  10. Icon to generate tracking links in VBooter

  11. By right-clicking on the Created URL, you can copy it to the clipboard.
  12. Close button in the image of the generated link in VBooter

  13. Press "Close" .
  14. View a list of IP addresses of those who have switched through our link can be in the same window. To do this, do not forget to periodically update the page (for example, key "F5" ). The list of IP visitors will be in the first column ( "Logged IP" ).
  15. Page with the results of transition to tracking links in VBooter

The article covered two ways to obtain an IP address of another PC. One of them is based on the search for a network address using the server's domain name. Another - on creating tracking links, which must then be transmitted to another user. The first way will be useful if the computer has a DNS name. The second is suitable in almost all cases, but its application is a creative process.

CloseWe are glad that you could help you solve the problem. Close

Describe what you did not work. Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Will this article help you?


"I will calculate you on ip" or is it possible to find a person having his IP address

Often on the forums or in social networks you can find the phrase "I will calculate you". We constantly come requests from different people who are blackmailing or insulted on the network. All of them are asked to send the IP address of their offender. But let's try to figure out what gives knowledge of the IP address to the simple Internet user.

What a trace leaves a person visiting the Internet resource or IP address what we can get

We will proceed from the situation that our attacker writes you nasty in the VKontakte network and you want to get his IP address.

To begin with, what is the IP address do we get if you can allegedly find it? The fact is that a person can enter the site VKontakte as directly from his computer and different other ways. Most of us do not use any means of anonymization, but a person who is going to make some nasty may want to protect themselves. The means to do this now many and we will not stop at them, because they have already written about it before: what is a proxy server for a regular user: simple answers to complex questions what is VPN? Setup, Choice, Recommendation Commissioning Free Anonymization Plugins for Browser

Each site that we visit, including VKontakte, retains the history of visits to users, in which at least the IP address is stored, from which there was a visit and time of the visit. This story is stored in the server log.

Record IP addresses in server log

And now, if the user's visit to the site was direct, then this visit will be recorded in the event log indicating the real IP address and visiting time. But if the user came to the site using any means of anonymization, the IP address of an anonymizer, a server proxy or VPN, which it used will be recorded. That is, the site will not be able to recognize the real IP address of the visitor in this case, but will fix a completely different IP address.

Thus, we can even get the IP address, then there is no guarantee that it is really a real IP address of a person and not an ip any means of anonymization.

How to understand what kind of ip address did we get: a person or anonymizer?

To do this, use our service Enter the IP address and see the results.

IP address information

If the IP address belongs to any hosting company, has the name of the species or belongs to some well-known company, most likely this is an anonymizer address or a proxy server. If the address belongs to one of the Internet providers, for example Beeline, Rostelecom, etc., then there is a high probability that you received the IP address of a particular person.

But what's next?

What to do, having an IP address in your hands?

Suppose you still somehow got an IP address of an attacker. What to do with these knowledge? And here we are waiting for the biggest problem.

Match the IP address and the real physical address of the place where you went online at this address and at the specified time can only the Internet provider owner of this IP address.

Knowing the IP address and time in which under it went to the network, the Internet provider will be able to say exactly where they went online.

But we, unfortunately, do not help us. This information can be obtained from the Internet provider only on request from the police or investigative organs. No one will provide a simple mortal information information, unless of course, it's completely by chance that this Internet provider does not work for your relative :)

If an attacker uses the means of anonymization, the event for obtaining the real address of this person is complicated repeatedly. First you need to contact the owners who provide an anonymizer services and get information from them from which IP address at a certain time our attacker came to them. And since the overwhelming majority of anonymization services do not conduct visiting logs, then it is almost impossible to get the information you need.

How the proxy server works

Thus, even having received the IP address of a person, it does not give it an even account. Well, except that we can find out the city in which this person is located. More detailed information cannot be obtained without law enforcement agencies.

Therefore, if you are blackmailing, you were deceived or you were the victim of a crime, please contact the police themselves to help, unfortunately, you can not.

How can you use the minimum of information that we have?

There are cases when you can get the result without having detailed information about a person. We give 2 real events that have a happy end :)

1. On one of the Internet forums, which is dedicated to one of the mental illness, a person has emerged, who for a long time held in stress all visitors. He troll, mocked, threatened. He used anonymizers, all the time registered new accounts and therefore the site administration could not do anything. It is clear that there was no point in dealing to law enforcement agencies.

Visiting the site constantly, registering new accounts several times a day, publishing messages, provided that the IP addresses of anonymizers, which he used, was constantly blocked by the site administration, it is quite difficult to always remain anonymous. As a result, the attacker was mistaken and entered several times to the site from his real IP address. His data remained in the journal visits. Thus, it was possible to learn the provider of this person and from which city.

The Internet provider turned out to be small and with very loyal people who entered the situation and having studied the data provided to them, found this person. The owners of the forum, of course, they did not say his address, but they themselves called this person, explained the situation and said that in case of continuation of his actions, the data on it will be transferred to the site administration and to the police. After that, the troll disappeared and no longer returned to this forum.

2. A woman applied to us who had a husband. Where he, she did not know, he did not answer her calls and then she published in the social network Vkontakte a message about the search for a person. The next day, she began to receive messages from one of the accounts of VKontakte that her husband was hostage, he was held in the Moscow region that he had to them money and that they would kill him if she would not send them money for several days. The woman appealed to the police, but could not help her quickly. She did not know what to do and appealed to us, suspecting that in fact this story deception and someone tries to take advantage of her position to make money.

Using our service 2IP spy We were able to learn the ip address of a person who wrote this woman and he was from another state.

I do not know how this story ended and where the husband really was :) But I hope that this was still an attempt to deceive and with the help of it were able to prevent it.

We live in the century of social networks that use, it seems, if not all, then almost everything. Either Odnoklassniki. , In contact with Or Facebook, each of us is somewhere there is an account. Very well, if we know about our interlocutors and do not doubt their honesty and motives. But what if we have suspicions that our interlocutor or a network friend is not the one for whom to give himself?

Is it possible to learn the physical address on IP?

There may be other spicy situations: for example, we want to check exactly where the person is located in which country or city, but they don't want to ask directly or have reason to think that he will not tell the truth. Alas, social networks are a continuation of our lives, and conflicts and suspicions may also occur in them.

Why does the knowledge of the IP address make it possible to calculate the location of a person?

In such a situation, we will help out such a concept as an IP address. Such an address is absolutely every Internet of the Internet, or rather its devices. The provider automatically displays an IP address to each device connected to the Internet. Its feature is that the combination of numbers can be determined where this device is located up to the country and the city. You can also find out the name of the provider and time zone. That is why, having learned a foreign IP address of the user, you can find out and its location.

You can check this on the WHOER.NET website through the WHOIS section. You just need to enter the data you are looking for, and click on the "Check" button.

You can check the IP on the WHOER.NET website through the WHOIS section

The location of the device from which the person went on the Internet is shown under IP. In the one given case, recognized the real location in Moscow.

The location of the device from which the person has entered the Internet

How to find out someone else's IP address of the social network (VK, classmates or Facebook)?

Unfortunately, the functionality of social networks does not allow to calculate someone else's IP directly. To do this, it would take to hack the account of this user, which is not completely legal and can entail very unpleasant consequences. Therefore, we will not give such instructions here. You can try to ask the address from the resource administration, but usually such data is not disclosed, unless you are a representative of law enforcement agencies.

Also, you should not forget that the IP address received after long searches can belong to some anonymizer or VPN service.

How to calculate or track a person on IIP VKontakte - Social Engineering

Fashion first

There is a completely legitimate way. Learn someone else The IP address of the user of social networks, without disturbing any rules. This method is to ask him to send you an email to the address you specified. For example, we can say that you liked some kind of photo in his profile (on the wall) and you want to download it, but do not know how to do it. Build "kettle" and say that you can download files only by email. You can come up with any other way of filing an email letter from the desired entity. Show ingenuity!

If you managed it, it's done. Now you need to just look into the service data sent. This can be done in any postal program, both online and offline. Here's how to do it, seem using the Yandex.potty service. Open the received letter, and under the sender's address you will see the link "Letter Properties". Click on it, and you will see a variety of information information. It starts with the following rows:

Received: From ([])

by with lmtp ID 1235QQEI; FRI, 8 May 2015 02:33:19 +0300 

Reced: From ( [])

By (NWSMTP / Yandex) with SMTP ID BL0IRHLQZL-HXYSK234; FRI, 8 May 2015 04:41:27 +0300 

Determine IP by email

Here you need a sequence of numbers at the very end of the fourth line: This will be the IP address of the person who sent you a letter. As you can see, nothing complicated!

In the same way, you can find out someone else's IP address on Facebook.

In more detail how to learn the IP of the sender's email in this article.

Method of the second

Also, to find out the IP address of the device, you can force the user to follow the link created using the service to collect IP addresses, such as IP Logger. To create a link on the IP Logger website in the Link / Picture block, insert any link, in our case it is, and click "Get the Logger Code".

Service for collecting IP addresses

Save your logger ID in the system to view statistics.

Now it remains to send a person whose IP address you want to know, a message with reference from the "Your link to collect IP addresses" and make it follow the link. To link to be less suspicious, copy a short link from Google.

Your link to collect IP addresses

When a user goes on the link, it will be on the page, the address of which you indicated on the main page of the IP Logger, in our case, and you will see the collected IP addresses on the ID of this logger ID.

What to do next after you learned a foreign ip address of the social network?

To determine the location of the device by the IP address, use any IP location definition service, such as WHOER.NET. Go to the WHOIS section, enter the received IP, now you know the location of the device, the time zone used by the operating system.

Go to WHOIS section

Most likely you have once received messages with references and intriguing content, and when you click on the link, you opens a picture or some site, and you do not understand, for what purpose you sent this message. So when you go on this link, your IP address becomes known to the sender of the message and can be used for fraudulent action.

How to hide your IP address?

If you do not want to become a victim of attackers who are trying to learn your IP address with any ways, we strongly recommend using a VPN to access the Internet, for example, a free WHOER VPN. Any VPN service works as follows: After starting the program, the Internet connection is carried out through the selected VPN server, that is, when you try to define your IP, the attacker sees the IP address of the VPN server, and not your real IP. Thus, when using a VPN, your device becomes completely anonymous. Paid VPN will allow you to get a high connection speed, as well as disguise your IP for the address of the desired country.

Have any questions left? Specify them in the comments.

Despite the total computer promotion of young Internet users, many myths are still hung around IP. For example, that the ip-address allows you to calculate the person who is hidden behind it. Or that it is a personal user ID in the World Wide Web. Otherwise, how to explain the persistent desire of some comrades to find out the IP address of someone else's computer?

The reasons for each of each other, and we will talk, what information can be collected about a person on the well-known IP and how legitimate ways to get covenant diquses.

What can be found by ip

How it works

Mac and IP Computer

To answer the question of whether it makes sense to "bother" with the surroundings of someone else's ip, we will deal with the concepts. The IP address (not to be confused with the IP protocol) is a unique node identifier in the computer network.

The node is a device, such as a PC, laptop, smartphone, router, television prefix, etc., which has its own Mac (Media Access Control or the physical address assigned in the factory). It is more correct to say, Mac is not assigned to the device itself, but its network adapter (network card).

Network adapters with MAC addresses in one device may be several. Therefore, ip-addresses are also, since it is Mac to get IP.

IP addresses in the global network are owned by Internet providers. They give them to their subscribers (more precisely, network adapters of subscriber devices) in temporary or continuous use.

The absolute majority of domestic users use temporary - dynamic IP addresses that are replaced every time connecting to the Internet or through some time segments. In addition, under one Internet IP in the network, built under the IPv4 protocol (99% of networks in the Russian Federation, it is precisely such) that can be conditionally speaking, pollaria.

Permanent or static IP addresses use mainly an organization. For their provision of Internet providers take a fee.

With different ways to connect to the Internet, for example, by Wi-Fi and 3G / 4G, the same device receives different IP.

And that all this means

Conclusions You can do as:

  • IP is the address of the provider, not the user. Accordingly, calculate the identity of the latter (name, home address, phone, credit card number, logins, passwords, appearance, etc.) on it is impossible. The maximum that you can find out is the name of the Internet supplier, the country and the city of the subscriber. And the city is determined correct not always.

The city and the name of the IP provider

  • The IP address identifies the user only during one Internet session. During the rest of the time, other subscribers of the same provider can use it. And many at once.
  • If someone is unfriendly to you configured to find out your IP, nothing terrible will happen. Accordingly, you also do nothing to a person whose IP has become your heritage. Maximum say, if you are the owner of the site or the forum moderator.

What then other people's IP addresses can be useful? Why are they collecting them? But for what:

  • In order to study the sources of Internet resource traffic.
  • To block access to unwanted visitors. On resources with attendance from many regions IP identification is effective. And, for example, on intracity sites, it can give lining, as the probability of entering such a site of different subscribers of one provider is quite high.
  • To issue visitors to the web resource of information intended for their locality, for example, weather forecast. And for similar tasks.

As for the establishment of the personality of people, it is also used for this, but in conjunction with the data obtained from Internet providers. Of course, only civil services have powers.

5 ways to obtain an IP of someone else's computer

For owners of web resources, it is not necessary for the owners of the web resources, if the latter do not use masking means. In other cases, for this will have to make efforts. Sometimes significant, sometimes not very.


Question man

The easiest way to know someone else's ip is to ask his owner himself. The unrecorded person will most likely refuse, but if you convince him clean of my intentions, you can count on success. Especially if you tell me where to see this address.

If the computer is connected to the Internet via the router, as most often happens, only local - inner ip is displayed in the PC network connection properties. To get an external, you will have to use special utilities (we will return to them) or WHOIS services.

Here are some such services available for free and without registration:


Read letters between lines

Are the persuasions do not work? Change tactics - find the pretext to exchange with the "victim" by emails. Meals, in addition to the text of the sender, contains metadata, among which is IP.

The e-mail metadata is solid abracadabra, but you do not have to read it entirely. Sufficiently multiple top lines. Among this nonsense, you will find 2 IP addresses ( not considered). One of them is your second - the sender. How to identify your own, you already know.

IP address in the email code

  • To get Email Metadata in Yandex Mailbox, open the Departure, click on the "More" and "Letter Properties" button.
  • In the Gmail mailbox, also open the letter, click the "More" button (looks like 3 vertical points in the circle) and select "Show Original".
  • In Mail.Ru, the desired data is hidden in the "More" section - "Show office headlines".

If there is no desire to decipher the doodle manually, entail this already familiar service Go to the "Definition of IP Address on E-Mail" page and do the following:

  • Critting the letter of interest to the sender to [email protected], using your email program or browser.
  • Insert the email sender in the form on the page and click "Check".

Definition of IP Address by E-Mail

Stay a little hacker

If a person, Aipi you strive to learn, is so trusting that it clicks on unknown links, then you are lucky. Just give it a specially generated link, which will collect the necessary information.

Where to take such a link IP trap? And here:

IP Logger.

Use utilities

Many programs associated with networking can be displayed on the screen. For example, clients of various VPN services, utility settings and monitoring network connections, as well as system information collection. You can slip them with "victim" under the guise of computer aid, asking after starting to make a screenshot and send it to you.

Below are some examples of such utilities:

  • NETADAPTER REPAIR ALL IN ONE is a means of correcting network connection errors (in a screenshot).
  • IP-Info - PC network parameter definition tool.
  • Speccy is a system information collector.
  • IP Lookup - Viewer of all computer iP addresses, including external.
  • IP Sender - application to receive and send external IP by email.

NETADAPTER REPAIR ALL IN ONEHowever, you can use the application built in Windows and Linux nslookup. (Console DNS client) and OpenDNS service (Public DNS Server Base).

Just ask the user to fulfill the instruction manual nslookup And send you the result.

The result of the NSLookup command

"Not trustworthy answer" - and there is the information that interests you.

Bribe the moderator

If a person whose data you want to get, hangs on a certain Internet resource, for example, on the forum, you have a chance to realize your idea without contacting it. Viewing IP addresses of visitors can moderators forum assigned from the number of permanent users. The task is to persuade one of them to give you the necessary information or become a moderator himself.

Whatever the method of obtaining an IP of someone else's computer you choose, in any case you will have to come into contact with its owner or other people who will be aware of your intentions. So, if the "sacrifice" will incur damage - loss of passwords or money from an electronic wallet, you will become the main accused, even if they did not plunge and did nothing bad. Therefore, before hunting for other people's data, think, and if you really need them.

1) some social engineering . To find out the IP address of your sacrifice, you need to go to her trust. Write her "Hi" ask how it is. You must communicate with the victim of at least a few days, and even a few months. Learn the interests of the victim than she is fond of. Do not ask your personal questions - "What is your phone number?" "Where do you live?" Such questions may scare the victim. If you think that the victim trusts you can go to the most important thing. 2) We learn the IP address of the victim. In order to find out the IP address, you must make the sacrifice go to your link. Go to the site

Press "Generate Logger"

We are waiting for a couple of seconds and you have information about your logger.

You can carefully configure your logger (from the domain change before downloading the file extension). You copy your link to collect IP addresses and remember the ID of your logger (it is needed to view IP addresses). Go to the site

And reduce your link. Throw a link to the victim and wait until it proceeds. Next go to the "visiting statistics" and see the IP victim. 3) What can be done by having an IP address? Knowing IP victims you can

1) Turn off its Internet

2) Calculate its location (up to 25 meters)

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