How to recover? - Recommendations of the dietologist

How to recover? - Tips of a nutritionist

In the modern world, not only the questions are relevant to "How to Lose Weight?", But also questions like "How to recover a girl?" Or "How to recover a man"?

The content of the article

1. How to recover? - question for nutritionist 1.1 What is the cause of insufficient body weight? 1.2. How to determine whether the mass of the body is normal? 1.3. What do you need to eat to recover? 1.4. Where to buy food to recover?

How can I get corrected? More and more people turn to a nutritionist with such a question.

To the question of how to recover a girl at home independently, the answer will be categorical - do not self-medication, it is dangerous!

First of all, it is necessary to consult a doctor to find out the reason. The reasons may be excessive hobbies in nutrition, hormonal disorders and even oncological diseases, so the appeal to the doctor must be immediate. After these reasons are excluded or assigned the necessary treatment, you need to contact a nutritionist for appropriate diet and therapy.

With a shortage of body weight, except for the loss of external attractiveness, there are other more serious health problems - immunity decreases, the activity of metabolic processes in the body is reduced, chronic diseases are sharpened, the chronic diseases are exacerbated.

What gives the third option of a set of mass?

Bad. Is not a drug

What is the cause of insufficient body weight?

The body weight deficit is not only an insufficient calorie intake, as a rule, there is a lack of insufficiency of most of the essential nutrition components - amino acids, vitamins, mineral substances, fats, carbohydrates.

The main reason - Insufficient calorie intake and negative energy balance, when energy produces exceed the flow of calories, that is, a person spends energy more than consumes.

How to determine whether the mass of the body is normal?

For this, there is a calculated value - the body mass index, abbreviated - BMI. It is determined using the formula I = m / h 2where m is the mass of the body, kg; h - growth, m; I - body mass index, kg / cm 2.

If your IMT is within 18.5 - 25 kg / m 2, this is the norm, if above 25 kg / m 2- overweight, if below 18.5 kg / m 2- Body mass deficiency.

How to recover and restore body weight?

Power supply for weight gain does not provide overeating, it always harms health, with any body weight.

What do you need to eat to recover?

This only at first glance it seems that it can be easier to increase body weight - food eater, cropier and more ... But! Only not in this case ...

If you are engaged in several types of power load at once, then you naturally accelerates metabolism and goes to a normal level from which there is a quick assimilation of food and extracting all the most necessary for the body from it, since it constantly needs to be absorbed by the muscles, and sports Power just in this will help you because it contains only all the necessary and necessary athlete in sufficient portions.

Bad. Is not a drug

With a shortage of body weight, the processes of digestion and the absorption of food are hampered, the body is trying to "save" energy, and it is easier for him to assimilate this food than to divert.

High calorie food in this case causes digestion disorder that may be accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain

Food must be quite calorie , with a full-fledged amino acid, fat and carbohydrate composition, rich in vitamins and minerals, not overwhelming the stomach, and at the same time easy for assimilation that does not require additional energy for digestion.

Gainer Mass Builder, Taste "Banana", 1.2 kg, VPLAB

Bad. Is not a drug

And how to find such food?

For this created Specialized dietary prophylactic food products . They are presented as in the form of dry mixes for the preparation of a protein-vitamin drink or to add to food and in liquid form, ready for use.

These products have a balanced chemical composition, high protein content, contribute to rapid fill in the body a lack of essential amino acids, fat, vitamins and minerals.

SPORTEXPERT Super Heiner, 1500 gr, Evalar

Bad. Is not a drug

Protein and fats in these products are in an easy-to-assimilating form, in contrast to conventional food products, they do not create an additional load for the digestive system.

These products are high-calorie, which makes it possible to fill the increased need of an organism in energy without increasing the volume of food consumed.

The choice of such a product needs to be discussed with the doctor.

For people who are desperately fighting for each kilogram, many look with obvious surprise. Can you really want to ramp when everything around is only and thinking about weight loss? In fact, the body weight deficit can become an equally serious problem than excessive completeness or obesity. He carries a hidden or already obvious threat to life and health.

Nutritionists and nutrition consultants know perfectly well as it is not easy to persuade the client to recover a little, and how difficult it is to gain weight in the conditions of the usual diet and the lack of due motivation. Today, experts from the school of nutritionists of Lara Serebryanskaya Lara Lara will tell about why there is a shortage of body weight, and what the eating should be to get rid of the thin ...

Where does the body mass deficiency come from

Whey Protein Whey Protein, 58% protein, taste Cappuccino coffee, 1 kg, notbad

This problem may have several different reasons or a combination thereof. So, the weightless weight is most often found at:

  • insufficient nutrition when its calorieness is lower than the basic needs of the body (small portions, only low-calorie products, rare meals, for example, only 2 times a day);
  • the poor absorption of nutrients with the body (most often a consequence of certain metabolic problems and diseases);
  • the absence of a healthy appetite (the reduced reaction of the center of hunger, lack of hormones responsible for the desire is there is an advanced or painful state);
  • Food Behavior Disorders (RPP), for example, with anorexia, orthorustration, electoral disorders;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • long starvation and frequent unloading days;
  • Serious diseases.

Before appointing examination and analyzes to the customer, just talk to him about its nutrition. Find out what he usually eats, at what time and how often. You can ask him to keep a diary of food and physical activity during the week to see the whole picture.

If a person complains about a bad appetite, then try to understand what it is called: intentional nutritional restriction or possible health problems. This is especially important when there is a shortage of body weight in children or a teenager who are often not recognized that they don't want to eat at all, and can hide the real volumes of their diet.

In cases where the client is simply undernourished and, subject to the absence of HPP or other mental disorders, to achieve weight gains most often, simply by creating a daily variety of calories. It will work with people who have no serious abnormalities in health, originally called Huddobu.

However, it is possible that you are dealing with Vegans, rawls and other admirers of a restrictive diet, as well as with clients who have primary symptoms of food behavior disorders. Working with them will be long and multifaceted.

Vegetarians will have to develop a rather high-calorie diet, taking into account their food preferences and principles, but the Correction of the RPP will by and large under the plane of psychotherapy.

There is another interesting category of customers - professional athletes and dancers, such as gymnasts, ballerinas, which are forbidden to gain weight above a certain norm. Long strict nutritional restrictions and exhaustive workouts lead to the fact that the human weight becomes noticeably lower than adequate indicators.

The athletes also often have to attract psychologists, as their food behavior can be based on intentional restrictions in nutrition. If you do not intervene in time, this position in the future leads to the development of anorexia or bulimia.

How to understand that a person has a body mass deficiency

Here you can use the usual assessment of the body mass index (BMI). For its calculation, the following formula applies:

BMI = weight (kg) / (growth in meters) ²

Thus, if the growth of the girl is 175 cm, and the weight is 55 kg, then its BMI will be 55 / (1.75 × 1.75) = 18.3. Note that for women, the lack of weight is stated if BMI is less than 19, for men - if BMI below 20.

To assess the weight of children, the body mass index is not used, it is necessary to apply special central tables in which the analysis is carried out depending on the floor and age of the child. However, consider that all children are different, each has its own complexity and physiology.

Therefore, when checking weight norms, pay attention to the growth of the child. In some cases, the conditional deficit of body weight in children is only associated with the fact that their growth does not reach the age standards. If the child is lower than it should be in his years, it became, and its weight will also not correspond to age standards.

In this case, it is necessary to relate the parameters of growth and weight. If the ratio does not deviate from the norm (even let it be on the lower border), then there is no reason to state the body mass deficit in the child.

Body mass deficiency in normal nutrition

Luck-guy-weight deficit-body

It also happens that the categories of the client is rather a calorie, he has no problems with appetite and disorders of food behavior, but at the same time its weight is lower than the norm. Then you should look for the cause in a state of health.

Here is a list of diseases that can potentially lead to body weight deficiency:

  • hyperthyroidism and other problems in the production of thyroid hormones;
  • Sugar diabetes of second type (in some cases, instead of a weight gain, it leads to its rapid decrease);
  • strong stress and long-term depression when the nervous system is oppressed;
  • tuberculosis;
  • long-term infectious and inflammatory diseases;
  • celiac disease (gluten enteropathy or sharp gluten intolerance);
  • oncological diseases;
  • chronic intestinal infections;
  • Diseases of the gastrointestinal organs, including the insufficient enzymatic activity of the pancreas and non-breaking food;
  • Helmintosis (simply speaking, worms).

However, without appropriate analyzes and surveys, to say exactly what could cause weight loss and appetite is impossible. Therefore, advise your customers to pass the following:

  1. Ultrasound of the thyroid gland and consultation at the endocrinologist.
  2. Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity and consultation at the gastroenterologist.
  3. Fluorography or lung x-ray and consultation with a family doctor or a phthisiatra.
  4. Suppose a common and biochemical blood test, as well as blood on hormones of the thyroid gland, tolerability of gluten, on worms.
  5. Make a monacker.
  6. Caprogram and analysis of intestinal dysbiosis.
  7. Electroencephalogram and advice from a neurologist.
  8. Consultation with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

When identifying certain diseases, the client will have to proceed to their treatment. Otherwise, without removing the reason for the reduction of body weight, to dial additional kilograms can be quite difficult. And, nevertheless, people with a shortage of weight need to be corrected in any case.

Body mass deficiency: consequences

Low weight is also dangerous to health, like obesity. Here is just a small list of what a person expects if it does not normalize the body weight in time:

  • hypovitaminosis due to a sharp lack of nutrients and nutrients;
  • reduction of general immunity and the associated tendency to infectious diseases with severe course and complications;
  • difficulties in treating diseases due to the weakness of the body and the lack of energy resources for the work of the immune system and restoration processes;
  • the omission of internal organs due to the shortage of fat and muscular body weight;
  • violation of the menstrual cycle in women and the development of infertility in both sexes;
  • Serious violations of the hormonal background with all the ensuing consequences;
  • prolonged depression, up to the appearance of suicidal thoughts;
  • dizziness, weakness, loss of consciousness, hypotension (reduced blood pressure);
  • the lack of forces on movement, which will lead to a completely lying lifestyle;
  • neurological and mental disorders, including paralysis of the limbs, convulsions, coma;
  • Extreme shape of dystrophy with possible fatal outcome.

After such a list it becomes clear why you need to quickly get rid of the body weight deficit. Do it better with the help of a proper balanced diet.

Nutrition with body mass deficiency

Body mass deficiency

The first thing that the nutritionist should make is to calculate the daily demand in calories (SEC), based on perfect weight for a particular client. It is possible to calculate SEC and for real weight, given the basic metabolism, physical activity, gender and age age, but then it is necessary to add another 15-20% or 300-500 kcal to the resulting value.

A small diet hypercage will allow the client to gain weight smoothly and safely for health. With a strong shortage of mass, you can increase the daily calirage at 700-1000 kcal. After the normalization of the body weight should be moved to the power, which corresponds to the value of the SEC.

For the correct set of mass emphasis in nutrition will have to be made on proteins. For a day, the client needs to be used by 1.5-2 g of protein on every kilogram of perfect weight. Due to the sufficient use of proteins, in combination with adequate physical exertion, its mass will increase not only by fat, but also due to muscles.

You can get high-quality protein from low-fat meat, birds, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy and dairy products, cheeses, legumes, nuts. As an additional source of proteins, the whey isolate is tamed.

From carbohydrate food it is necessary to give preference to complex carbohydrates: whole grain porridge, macaronam and bread, vegetables and fruits. They will give a better weight gain and will not lead to sharp jumps of blood glucose levels, as it occurs when using simple carbohydrates.

The view is that thin people need to eat more fatty foods - erroneously. It is important to comply with the correct balance between saturated and useful fats so that the client does not increase the level of poor cholesterol in the blood.

In addition, it will be useful to add high-quality vitamin and mineral complexes, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, lecithin.

And, of course, you should not try to increase the weight at the expense of beer yeast - this is the remnants of the past, which did not meet themselves on the safety and rationality of the application.

The main rate should be made on the correct balanced ration, and not only on calories. Otherwise, the weight will increase only due to fat savings, and this will not give the beauty of the figure and, for sure, will cause problems with well-being and health.

As for food habits, then it is necessary to adhere to the following principles:

  • Practice fractional food is 5-6 times a day (3 main meals and 2 snacks) - this will allow the desired calorie content of the ration without overloads for the pancreas.
  • There are from large deep plates, in which even weighty portions will seem insignificant.
  • Drink plenty of peeled non-carbonated water (30-40 ml per kg of body weight), but not before and not in time.
  • Gradually increase the caloric content of the nutrition and the size of the portions so as not to cause problems with the gastrointestinal bodies.
  • To stimulate appetite and better muscle growth, apply nutritional supplements with left-cornitin.

Also, do not forget about exercise. They help muscle growth and the right weight gain. Advise the client to make an emphasis not on Cardio training, but on the power training. Moreover, sport improves appetite, especially, this applies to swimming, after which he almost always want to eat.

However, be prepared for the fact that the client does not have motivation to increase their weight. Such a problem is typically characteristic of people with RPP, professional athletes, vegans and raw foods, in cases with a protracted depression or with strong stress.

In the following materials, we will definitely tell you how to deal with such clients, and that you need to make a nutritionist so that a person wants to recover.

If you do not want to wait, you can already choose the online course at the School of National Studies of the Academy of Wellness Consulting and close all available spaces in your knowledge. Pay attention to the course "Disorder of Food Behavior" - in it in detail the mechanism of weight loss during the RPP and are given valuable recommendations on psychotherapy of such customers. Today you have and achieve the desired results!

Plate-C-correct-food-food-nasal-body deficit

It is very important for us to know your opinion on the account just read the topic. Be sure to share with us in the comments, did you have customers with a mass deficit of the body, and how did you learn them?

Also do not forget to put a fog for our efforts in writing the material. We are valuable every one heart. The more we have them, the joy we write new articles.

These materials will also like this:

If you want to gain weight, you can only envy! At least, so consider those who fully even because of one eaten candy. Nevertheless, people who dream to fix the figure and make it more rounded, not so little. "Fail" the missing kilograms them is much more complicated than to reset the weight.

Common power adjustments will make the weight gain process rapid and efficient, and its results are harmonious and beautiful. What is to do?

Determine the causes of thin

Determine the causes of thin

Sleepiness or thinness can be painful. If you have always been in the body, and then we lose sharply, you need to consult a doctor. The survey will show if there is a painful component of the rapid weight loss. In some cases, weight loss can be associated with 1 type diabetes, the appearance of malignant neoplasms, experienced stress or depression or the presence of parasites in the body.

If health status does not cause questions, the cause of the hush of the body can be the cause of the hush. With a shortage of weight, fat and muscle mass often faces asthenics. People of this type of physique have thin bones and the minimum amount of muscle mass.

You can find out, you belong to this type, you can measure the wrist circumference. If the value is less than 15 cm for women, and 18 cm for men, you can safely ran out to the asthenic type of physique.

Another reason to thin is often good metabolism. And it is rather plus than minus. Whatever it was, and with age, the metabolism slows down, so harmony will not always be your "disadvantage".

Expert comment

Elena Calen, nutritionist, expert in weight loss psychology, certified coach

Elena Calen, nutritionist, expert in weight loss psychology, certified coach

Today it is fashionable to lead a healthy lifestyle and have a beautiful body. Millions are busy with a decline in their weight. However, there is another category of people who dream weight gain. Not slim, but the bad person causes the thought of a painful state.

The roots of the thinness can indeed be a disease, therefore a person who wants to gain weight is worth making a complete medical examination and test the work of the gastrointestinal organs, hormonal background, the presence of parasites, pass tests to oncomarkers.

It is also necessary to remember that constant stressful situations, improper nutrition and the absence of a healthy lifestyle can lead to thin. Some people work so much that they just fall in the evening from fatigue, forgetting about food.

Build the right power plan

Build the right power plan

To lose weight, you need to create a calorie deficit. Consequently, to recover - to form an excess.

An important remark is to lean on unhealthy high-calorie food, for example, on Fast Food - the idea is frankly bad. Such food will not only harm the health (provoking serious illness) but also please you on it not harmoniously with all body, but locally in "fat traps" (shoulders, hips, belly, buttocks). In addition, abundant use of unhealthy food often leads to problems with the gastrointestinal tract, the exacerbation of chronic diseases. Therefore, the main rule of the weight gain is to choose healthy foods.


The main rule of the weight gain is to choose healthy products.

The power chart should be fractional - 5-6 small meals per day, or 3 main meals and two snacks. At the same time, the last meal must take place no later than 1.5-2 hours before sleep.

Pay attention to the drinking mode. On a day you need to drink 30-40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. Since all processes in the body, including the extension of muscle and fat mass, occurs with a sufficient amount of water in the body.

Did you know?

On average, a man should eat for 2000-3000 kcal per day, and a woman at 1600-2400 kcal - depending on the lifestyle, working conditions and the level of physical activity. To gain weight, the daily caloric content should be increased by 400-500 kcal.

10 useful products that are guaranteed to help recover

Nutritious smoothies and cocktails

Sweet drinks with fruits and berries are not only tasty, but also useful for health. Using them as a snack or in addition to the main meal, you will enjoy the desired weight set. The whole thing in the number of cocktails!

Prepare a chocolate cocktail with a banana!

Nutrition with body mass deficiencyConnect 1 banana in a blender, 1 cup of milk, 15 g of chocolate and 1 tbsp. l. Peanut butter. Take up to a homogeneous consistency and cool.

Try caramel apple cocktail

Online-food-proof courseTry caramel apple cocktail! Connect 1 chopped apple, a glass of natural yogurt, 1 tbsp. l. Caramel syrup, sweat to homogeneous mass. Before feeding, add whipped cream to taste.

Nuts: walnuts, almonds, cashews

Nuts are the perfect choice for those who dream a little round. This source of useful fats - omega 3 and omega-6, which strengthen the immune system, are effective as prevention of cancer, help get rid of depression and reduce emotional stress. In general, consuming nuts regularly, you will feel better, but look beautiful.

White rice

White rice

If the rice porridge seems to you boring, try to cook it differently! The secret of dishes in taste additives. Boldly complement rice with berries and dried fruits, eat it together with proteins - slices of fish and meat, combine with refills - tomato, mushroom, from seafood. Do not forget also about nutritious dishes as sushi and pilaf. Complete vegetables with meatballs or try fish cutlets with rice.

Healthy oils

All types of vegetable oil and natural creamy will complement the taste of cooked dishes and help to recover. Nutritionists rank them to high-calorie products, but from this - no less useful. In the tablespoon of oil approximately 90-100 kcal.

Red meat

The fatter meat, the better for who seeks to gain weight. But fatty pieces are potentially harmful to health, especially if there is a history of gastrointestinal disease. Great way out - red meat. This is a valuable source of protein and an affordable product for muscle buildup. It has two important substances - creatine and leucine, they stimulate the synthesis of protein and the growth of muscle tissue, and therefore help harmoniously recover.

Salmon and fat fish

Salmon and fat fish

They are included in a limited number of fatty products that are good for health. Including due to the high content of protein and omega-3 fatty acids.

Cottage cheese

The portion of cottage cheese is an excellent start of the day and preparation for active training. Protein products are important part of the menu of professional athletes. In addition to the fact that they strengthen the bones and fill with calcium deficit, proteins contribute to the growth of muscle mass. Cottage cheese with dried fruits and nuts to bring even more body benefits.

On a note!

With regular power load, the figure acquires a beautiful relief, the body weight rises. But the cardionaries wishing to recover "contraindicated" - they actively burn fats.


Starchy vegetables, including potatoes, enrich the body with fiber and rapid carbohydrates. This means that after such lunch you will be full of energy, workability will increase. Best potatoes are in the form of mashed potatoes, bake or plant slices. In addition to prepare proteins (fish, meat) or make salads from fresh greenery and vegetables.

Fruits and berries

Fruits and berries

The season of berries and fruits - excellent time, both for a weight gain and weight loss. Fresh crispy and juicy fruits perfectly replace candy and cakes, enrich the organism by fiber. Those who are committed to harmony, nutritionists advise to use fruits and berries in the first half of the day so that the body will have time to "work out" - that is, to spend the resulting energy.

Well, those who want to recover, the fruit will become an excellent version of the snack in the afternoon. Choose the most calories - bananas, grapes, peaches, apricots.


Eggs for breakfast and one more as a snack. Those who seek to recover, nutritionists advise to eat up to 3 eggs. Scientists have long proved that there is no connection between this product and the increase in the "bad" cholesterol in the body. But the fact that the eggs combine high-quality protein and healthy fats - proven fact.

Expert comment

Anna Ivashkevich, Nutricist, Clinical Psychologist-nutritionist

Anna Ivashkevich, Nutricist, Clinical Psychologist-nutritionist

- How to harmoniously recover?

An important question that immediately gets up here - how do you want to recover: muscles or fat? And so, and so the weight will be gaining, it is important in what proportion. Do not think that for a set you need to eat everything. You certainly increase the weight, but your body shape can not be at all what you want to see it.

As with a decrease in weight, the number of calorieness of the day is important when set. It is not worth raising the caloric content of the day at once on a lot, calculate your standard of main metabolism, including training, and increase calorie by 10-20%. This will be enough. That is, your standard is 2000 calories, it means it is necessary to add 200-400 calories (200 for those who quickly gaining weight, and 400 who are with difficulty). In the diet should be present proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

  • Proteins - 1.5-2.5 (3g).
  • Fats - 1.5 (3g).
  • Carbohydrates - 2.5 (6g).

The diet is about 4 or 6 meals, as it is more convenient. It is better not to overeat for the night so as not to cause problems with sleep and jumps of sugar. Better is the last, dense food intake for 2-1.5 hours before sleep.

Be sure to drink water. Products do not differ from those that people eat at low weight or maintain it. In the diet should be meat, bird, fish, seafood, whole cereals, coarse bread, vegetables, fruits, vegetable oils, dairy products, eggs. Gain weight by baking, sweets, fast food, etc. In large volumes and several times a day, it will not be only harmful to health and constant problems with the gastrointestinal tract. In all important measure!

Expert comment

Elena Calen, nutritionist, expert in weight loss psychology, certified coach

Elena Calen, nutritionist, expert in weight loss psychology, certified coach

To recover, you need to eat calories more than spend. However, you should not try to gain weight quickly and argue with fast food and sweets. Just as when weighing weight, the body needs to get used to the new volume of food intake, prepare the gastrointestinal tract and organs responsible for the production of hormones. And the overeating can lead to what only one fat will be gained, an excessive load on the heart, the pancreas, the gastrointestinal organs is possible.

Feeding it is fractionally every 2-3 hours. The diet must include products containing protein. Also worth abide by the balance of BPU, do not abuse fast carbohydrates.

In order for the body to recover and remains in a tone, do the charge or make a stretch. One of the reasons for an unintentional weight loss may be poor digestibility of nutrients. In this case, it is necessary to clean the intestine and settle it with useful lactate and bifidobacteria. Be sure to drink a complex of high-quality vitamins.

Caring and love, day Mode, Own time planning, Food with high-quality and useful products, revising its perception and reactions to stressful situations will help you keep your health and beauty of your body for a long time.

Expert comment

Vadim Guliyev, fitness trainer

Vadim Guliyev, fitness trainer

Modern society imposes on us ideals of beauty, and although now the motion of the bodypositive is actively developing, the majority still dreams dreams to look like repened "Barbie dolls". Over those who need to recover, poisonously laughed, they say, rejoice that there is no extra. Behind the scenes remain too fast metabolism, fatigue, undeveloped muscles, sleep disorder. Now I am talking about people who are uncomfortable in his own weight, they cannot lead a full life.

So, one of my friend, having problems with the stomach, with a height of 170 cm weighs 43 kilograms and for 5 years it is unsuccessful trying to gain weight to have a chance to give birth to a child. This problem is not contrived, and the most real one. What to do?

First, it is worth visiting a nutrient doctor and get a comprehensive body examination. Excessive thinness may be the cause of metabolic disorders, diabetes or even cancer. You can tying weight, consuming more calories daily than spend. I do not recommend throwing on fatty food and fast food. A similar diet will definitely affect the state of the skin, nails, hair, the work of the stomach and well-being. Stop on legumes, dairy products, all types of meat, porridge. Start add protein and protein cocktails to daily nutrition. Add olive and vegetable oil into food, eat nuts and dried fruits. Thus, you increase the calorie content of your diet, without having hurting health.

Do not like to run and ride a bike? And do not: so the weight will only lose. How do you have an idea to do strength training? Large "Iron" in the hall and gradually increasing the load, you stimulate the growth of muscle tissue and increase weight.

The body weight deficit increases the risk of premature death, dementia and problems with conception. We tell who it's time to recover and how to do competently.

Who needs to gain weight?

To distinguish slightness from painful thin, you need to calculate body mass index : Weight in kg twice divided into growth.

Suppose you weigh 45 kg with an increase of 185 cm. We believe: 45 / 1.85 / 1.85 = 13. A value of 18.5 to 24.9 is considered to be a normal body mass index. All that below is a painful thinness, and above - overweight.

Why do people lose weight?

The exhaustion of the body may arise due to hormonal failures, gastric diseases, worms, stress, disorders of food behavior and metabolic disorders. Sometimes a sharp weight loss is associated with type 1 diabetes, oncological diseases, tuberculosis, HIV, depression or parasites in the body. If you do not know why they lost weight - consult a doctor.

What threatens excessive thinness?

In addition to the impairment of the menstrual cycle, changes in posture, problems with fertility, there are other serious consequences:

  • Immunity problems: To combat infections, the body needs energy. And with a nutrient deficiency, the immune system is weakening. American scientists calculated that people with lack of weight more often and longer sick .
  • Bone fragility is increasing the risk of fractures and the development of osteoporosis.
  • Poor skin condition, hair and teeth. Korean researchers warn: people who eat insufficiently, the skin becomes porous, and in general the body begins to grow faster.
  • Dementia. According to Canadian scientists, too thin disease develops by 34% more often.
  • Premature death. Scandinavian experts found out: the lower the NAM from the norm, the greater the chance of abandoned untimely. In men, this figure is 2.5 times, and in a woman - in 2. Even Extra weight people Less risk: Early death threatens them more often than 1.5 times.

What should I do to recover?

Consult a doctor and pass the survey. It is necessary to find out why you lose weight: the problem will not disappear without the treatment of the cause.

And if I just from nature thin?

Then here are some tips from Mayo Clinic experts in Minnesota:

  • The main rule of the weight gain is the balance of nutrients. No need to lean on the calorie food and ignore salads - everything should be in moderation. Try to abide by the balance of BPU: 50% carbohydrates, 35% fat and 15% proteins.
  • Eat 5-6 times a day: 3 main meals and two snacks.
  • Drink 30-40 ml of water per 1 kg of body weight. Muscles can not be increasing with dehydration.
  • Do not try to do everything too fast: Calculate your norm and add 15-20% kcal. Do not need anymore.
  • It is advisable to take the analysis of the composition of the body: it will help to assess the shortage of fat and muscle tissue and calculate the daily consumption of energy.
  • Move the power training, otherwise you will gain weight you will be due to fat, not muscles.

And what exactly is?

Here is approximate menu :

  • For breakfast Eat complex carbohydrates - porridge, muesli. Add eggs: in them Many protein and healthy fats. And do not miss the first food reception per day: Morning meal fills glucose reserves spent during the night.
  • Eat carbohydrates: rice, potatoes, pasta. It is very important to eat starchy vegetables: there are many fiber and carbohydrates.
  • For dinner, eat easily loyable proteins: bird, fish, rabbit.
  • For snack choose bars, candy, Orekhi - All that your heart. Give preference to calorie fruits: bananas, grapes, peaches, apricots.

Learn more about useful products for a weight gain. The plot of the program "Live Great"

How to gain weight?

Our appearance is a set of characteristics by which people create a first impression about us, and often the same features form a persistent perception of us with the eyes of others.

How to gain weightIt can be the subject of pride and admiration in the mirror, and sometimes on the contrary, it is perceived extremely skeptical and with a negative tint. The condition of hair and skin, facial features, body volumes, a total complex and, of course, our weight is an item for self-analysis and striving for excellence.

It is considered a problem overweight. Often "superfluous" is called every kilogram in the form of bulge or folds. The huge number of nutritionists and their patients are struggling to bring their lush molds to ideal, however, the owners of slender bodies are extremely rarely thought that their weight is insufficient and they need To gain weight .

The concept of the provision of weight is very relative. Nutritionists and psychologists agree that the weight in which he is comfortable is considered normal for a person. Nevertheless, medical science has developed a formula for calculating the ideal weight, and the modern fashion industry, often promoting deliberate Huddobu, only works in contact with these formulas.

Causes of insufficient weight

Before being taken for the normalization of its forms and think about How to gain weight It is necessary to understand the reasons for their constitution. The analysis of the root causes is recommended to be carried out in a conversation with a qualified physician, then the conclusions will be more correct, and the response to them is adequate.

Low weight factors:

  • Healthy factor , genetically determined by the body's constitution - if in your family, everything or sometimes even a remote relative is characterized by a bad job, then do not be surprised if you went to it; Conducted by this factor Hudget is almost impossible to overcome;
  • Disease manifestation - the person is inclined to lose weight and during influenza, and due to the oncological disease; There is a huge number of diseases reflected at energy consumption, and on her assimilation of food; Their list begins with infectious and parasitic lesions of various location and ends with a disorder of hormonal, digestive, nervous systems;
  • psycho-emotional factor - It should be considered separately, although the diseases of the nervous system were mentioned above; Against the background of mental disorders, constant stress or in the case of neron anorexia, it is almost impossible to do without professional assistance, but to eliminate the cause of the missing appetite or disorders in the assimilation of food is extremely necessary;
  • Excessive physical exertion - the number of calories consumed must correspond to the amount of energy consumed; If a person feeds a little at what he extends himself to sports, it works hard or actively resting, his body will be distinguished by a fairious fragility that it is necessary to adjust;
  • Bad appetite - the lack of desire to ride or habit to consume some food is non-critical to those while your weight is within the normal range; Otherwise, it is recommended to more responsibly and consciously approach the size of the portions.

Why should we gain weight?

In recent decades, it is customary to treat full and pretty fat people. They are pursued by oblique glances, but their discomfort is not limited. Doctors stubbornly say - excess weight harms health. This is an extra load on the heart and kidneys. This agitates the spine. This destroys normal metabolism and is fraught with endocrine disorders. It does not contribute to longevity and conduct an active lifestyle.

Insufficient weight is perceived by society much more moderately and neutrally than extra. Moreover, thin today in fashion. Young people extend themselves to diets in fear of superfluous kilograms, but does not make aware that he does not add health. The secret of a healthy diet and good physical form is to regulate. Doctors are extremely skeptical about the insufficient weight of their patients and call gain weight . People seeking a fairy hoodoo, reported that potential harm that they are able to apply:

  • Osteoporosis is a disease that manifests the fragility of bone tissue, which is due to its insufficient development in people whose low weight does not have sufficient burden on the bone;
  • Weakening of immunity - due to the insufficient amount of nutrients and vitamins;
  • hair loss and nail fragility - hair and nails are largely consisting of keratin rich in various microelements (copper, iron, manganese, chrome, zinc) and vitamins (A, B, R, C, T), and if some of these substances do not get, then it leads to their weakness;
  • anemia;
  • Hormonal failures - due to the shortage of genital hormones. Scientists have proven that people with weight deficit more than others are at the attacks of depression.

What principles follow to gain weight?

Chief Principle Weight normalization is the balance of consumed and consumed energy. Persons leading an active lifestyle, it is necessary per day more calories than home to homes or mental workers. A growing body, that is, in adolescence or pregnant women, it is necessary for more nutrients than old men. However, the latter are more susceptible to any negative effects, with age, the function of flavor and olfactory receptors is dull, but their nutrition should not be depleted.

Prepare a chocolate cocktail with a banana Source:

Second principle In tactics in order to To gain weight It is the consumption of food rich in nutrients. It is necessary to understand that not every dish is the source of useful and nutrients. For example, fast food or confectionery - they quickly quench hunger, but they contain a minimum of proteins rich, for example, a portion of beans or the fruit of avocado.

Steps towards low weight to normal:

  • Measure the number of calories consumed and consumed - per day, a person with insufficient weight is necessary from 3000 calories at moderate physical exertion; In addition, there are a lot of formulas to determine individual needs:
    • For young women who do not engage in severe physical labor, the norm is about 2800 kcal per day, for men - 3300 kcal per day;
    • For women performing severe physical exertion, the daily calorie rate can reach 3500, for men - up to 4500;
    • An increased amount of calories per day is required pregnant (up to 3200) and nursing breasted women (3500);
    • In the elderly and with a sedentary way of life, women are enough 2100 kcal, and men - 2500;
  • Balanced nutrition subject to individual rules:
    • consume food in moderate quantity, do not overeat;
    • fill the proportions of carbohydrates, proteins and fats as 3: 2: 1;
    • diversify the diet is the prevention of overeating, and a full-fledged source of vitamins and microelements;
    • consume food more often, but smaller portions, for example, in five receptions per day;
    • focus on vegetables and fruits, as they contain fiber and dietary fiber;
    • limit the amount of oily, sweet and flour, alcohol is albeit caloric, but does not saturate the body with useful substances;
    • From the vegetable so necessary organisms of oils, it is necessary to give preference not to the thermal processing, that is, to fill with them for example, fresh salads;
    • limit salt consumption and refined sugar;
    • The number of simple non-carbonated water consumed per day should reach 2 liters.
  • The number and size of servings deserve separate attention - again, with the aim of increasing calories, it is important to either increase the calorie content of the dishes, or a portion of loved ones - this will allow To gain weight ; If you are not used to eat a lot, then increase the number of food meals, and do not forget between them about snacks; If you prefer to eat strictly three times a day, then increase the size of the portions;

What products to consume to gain weight?

This is, first of all, high-caloric protein products. Usually among them:

  • bean
  • Cereals and cereals
  • High starch garnish - potatoes, corn grains, rice, pasta,
  • High fatty dairy products
  • Radish broths
  • Red meat, bird,
  • Sub-products - liver, hearts,
  • Fish and seafood
  • Nuts, seeds, dried fruits,
  • Olives and avocado,
  • Spices and herbs - to stimulate appetite,
  • Souces based on olive oil, cheese, butter.

An example of a power menu in order to gain weight


Option first

oatmeal on milk, with adding honey, raisins, nuts,

Sandwich with cheese and butter,

coffee with milk

Option second

dairy porridge made of millet cereals,

Vegetable caviar,

White bread with butter,

Cocoa welded on milk

Option Third

High fatty cottage cheese and fruit

tea with milk or cappuccino


Option first

Meat meatballs and pasta,

Fruit Fresh.

Option second

Ham sandwich or boiled sliced ​​meat, with butter

Natural yogurt

Option Third

Flakes with milk or oatmeal, dried fruits


Option first

soup on meat broth

boiled potatoes with butter,

Fish fried

vegetable salad with sour cream

Fruit juice

Option second

Meat welded borsch with sour cream,

Bits and pasta with cheese,

Sweet compote

Option Third

pea soup with smoked

Salad with sour cream

Cake or Cookies with tea

Afternoon person

Option first

Milk with cookies

Option second

Vegetable salad, seasoned with sunflower or olive oil and grated cheese

Option Third

Fruit salad, refilled sweet sour cream or yogurt


Option first

buckwheat with milk and sugar fruit or dried fruits, white bread with butter,

tea with sugar

Option second

Omelet with cheese, ham and tomatoes,

milk with honey

Option Third


rice with vegetables,

sandwich with butter,

sweet tea

Food additives for weight gain

In trying to gain extra weight or increasing muscle mass. Thicken people hurry to try to try special nutritional supplements. Do not get involved and abuse, do not recommend physicians. The problem is that in many such products contain ingredients that may be harmful to health. If a simple increase in the daily calorie is not helped to gain weight, it is better to consult with a doctor or a nutritionist before taking protein mixtures or nutritional supplements.

Popular food additives for a weight gain today are:

  • Heiner - the way to replace a full meal, but the abuse does not bring to the good; There are several varieties that differ in the core;
  • Whey Protein - Method of increasing muscle mass; produced from high-class cow's milk, contains little fat, lactose and cholesterol, a source of amino acids;
  • L-carnitine - the amino acid, the relative of the vitamins of the group B, which has an anabolic, antihypoxic and anti-rapid effect, and also stimulates the regenerative activity of tissues, improves appetite and activates the fat exchange;
  • Nitri Oxide (oxide ozota) - a way to fully absorb all nutrients entering the body; Expanding blood cells, which, in turn, spread nutrients throughout the body.

Reception of food additives to gain weight, it is certainly necessary to combine with physical exercises. And the choice of the drug, and the set of exercises must be coordinated with the professionals in these issues, and not rely on your own knowledge and intuition. Abuse drugs, non-compliance of loads and needs their incorrect execution will not bring the desired result. It is necessary to give preference to exercises with dumbbells, which contribute to an increase in muscle mass, and hence the weight; We will not be able to perform exercises on endurance.

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Now everything is just talking about health, fitness, training and other PP-things. Each second is obsessed with questions: "How to lose weight?", "What diet to sit down?", "What exercises will help to lose weight?" And then on the list.

But there is another side of the medal, and no less important. This is the problem of weight gain. And often gain weight is even more difficult than to lose weight. We will understand how this phenomenon arises, what consequences bears and how to deal with it.

Before reading the weight gain recommendations, it is necessary to identify the main reasons that the excessive hoodoo provoked.

  1. Lack of calories . The insufficient number of calories consumed in the daily diet, as well as the quality of food consumed - the most frequent causes of small weight. Remember: to recover, you need to consume calories more than the body spends daily, but in moderation.
  2. Body structure (heredity) . In the presence of hereditary hush, the metabolism can be low, and the weight is not gaining weight (as with accelerated metabolism). In this case, it will not be easy, but it is still possible. To the decision you will need to approach the complex - carefully read the recommendations below!
  3. Accelerated metabolism . For those who have accelerated metabolism, calories are rapidly burned, and the weight is not recruited. It is necessary to replenish the lack of weight, as in the case of heredity, is comprehensively.
  4. Nervous disorders . Permanent stress may interfere with the weight due to the absence of appetite, without giving the body to accumulate nutrients and gain the required amount of calories in a daily diet. Here it is necessary to first fight with stress, and then its absence to fill out with the right calories in the necessary quantities.

From a scientific point of view, low weight is no less dangerous than excess. That's what he faces:

  1. Weak immunity
  2. Lack of vitamins
  3. Common fatigue of the body
  4. Muscle tissue atrophy
  5. Bone abbreviation
  6. Thin and brittle hair dry leather
  7. Risk risk of kidney diseases, anemia development
  8. Fertility problems (fecundity) and monthly women

And this is not the entire list.

To prevent these consequences and score the missing weight for healthy functioning, it is necessary to adhere to the recommendations that are described below.

But first, find out if you do not have enough weight. For this Calculate your BMI (body mass index) , Sharing your weight in kilograms per square square in meters.

That is, if your BMI is equal to or above this value, then you do not need to recover, and this article will only remind you of how this weight is not lost.

For example, if your height = 165 cm, and weight = 45kg, then BMI = 16.5

This means that you lack the masses, and the following weighing recommendations will be very useful to you.

We again remind you that before making any action on a weight set, you need to consult a doctor. The lack of weight may be associated with the presence of various types of diseases of the body (oncology, diabetes, various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, etc.), which must be treated first.

The recommendations are described below may not help if you ignore the main cause of insufficient weight. If no health problems are found, feel free to go to reading and applying further recommendations.

The most important thing if you wish to recover are the right nutrition, namely: established, regular and correct for your body. This applies not only to the usefulness of food, but also its quantities.

Accurate calorie volume that need to be consumed to gain weight depends on factors such as metabolism, heredity, weight, age, floor, lifestyle, and so on. You can calculate it in a special application or online calculator on the Internet. For example, here.

But you must remember: if you want to recover, you need to consume calories more than spending your body during the day. If you are a man , then to the required number of calories, add at least 250 additional calories per day, and If a woman - 125.

Do not consume calories much more than the norm in order not to dial excess fat. We need to build muscles and gain weight precisely for their account.

It turns on 3 main meals and 2 snacks. Optionally, you can arrange more snacks. The main meals are standard consisting of breakfast, lunch and dinner, which should include proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Tell in order.

To gain weight and support what has already been typed, there should be 1.6 g - 1.8 g of protein per 1 kg of body weight in the diet.

The protein is mostly contained in these products:

  • Eggs
  • Cottage cheese
  • Milk (skim)
  • Yogurts (unsweetened)
  • Cheese
  • A fish
  • Chicken breast
  • Meat (degreased beef and pork, turkey)
  • Beans.
  • Orekhi
  • Brown Figure
  • Tofu
  • Gruced wheat
  • Green peas and so on

In its nutrition, give priority to complex carbohydrates. These are mostly vegetables and fruits. They give a sense of saturation, rich in useful minerals and vitamins, and therefore good health.

In order to gain weight, it is necessary to consume 4-6 g of carbohydrates per 1 kg of weight per day.

Carbohydrates are simple, complex and insoluble (fiber).

but) Simple carbohydrates: They give a sense of saturation, but not useful for the body.

  • White bread
  • White rice
  • Cakes, candy
  • Cookies
  • Pies

b) Complex carbohydrates: Useful for the body in the necessary quantities, so prefer precisely complex carbohydrates. These include:

  • Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Yagoda
  • Brown Figure
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole wheat bread
  • Potatoes

c) fiber

On each 1000 calorie of the diet, it is recommended to use 10-15 g of fiber.

Recommended consumption rate: 0.5 g - 1.5 g per 1 kg of weight. Fats for the most part are contained in such products as:

  • Cheese
  • Orekhi
  • Dark chocolate
  • Avocado
  • Oil (creamy, olive)
  • Yoghurt (unsuitable)
  • Cottage cheese (unsatheted)

But no need to consume these products thoughtlessly. To understand how many proteins, fats and carbohydrates need your body to recover and maintain the right form, you need to calculate KBJ (calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates).

KBJU is needed in order to stick to balanced and healthy nutrition and maintain its weight in the norm. You can calculate it as well as the required calorie volume, that is, in an application or online calculator. For example, here.

As for the diet during the day, you can rely on these recommendations:

  • Breakfast: In the morning it is better to consume more complex carbohydrates than in the evening. These include cereals, cottage cheese, boiled eggs / omelet, vegetables, fruits, wholegrain bread, oil
  • Lunch and dinner: By evening, add more protein to complex carbohydrates. Meat, chicken, fish can be eaten with potatoes, but it is preferable to consume them with vegetables or brown rice / buckwheat. The same group includes soups.
  • Smells: Nuts, vegetables / fruits, yogurts, kefir / rippy, tofu, cottage cheese, cheese, dark chocolate, etc. (With caloric of snacks, it is also important not to overdo).

What is described above is not a panacea. You can pamper yourself with sweets, arrange unloading days or not in the morning, if you do not want. From this, your metabolism will not break down and extra kilograms will not appear automatically or, on the contrary, they will not run away if you, let's say, forgotten / did not want to eat in the morning or dinner.

The main thing - do not forget to maintain the predetermined caloric content during the day so that the weight set still happened and becomes tangible.

It is also important when weighing, as well as proper nutrition. At the same time, the number of workouts is directly proportional to the number of food meals per day - about 3-5 times a week.

It is better to focus on strength training to build up muscle mass and gain weight. And sometimes dilute them with cardio-training or yoga.

Training programs for those who want to recover, you can find free access on the Internet. There are a lot of articles and videos on this topic. But the best option will be classes in the hall with a coach. This is necessary at least at the initial stage, to understand what you need to do the focus. In the future, you can engage yourself and correctly, since the incorrect performance of the exercises will only reveal your body.

Sleep is the key to a healthy organism, and it is also extremely important for muscle growth. Want to increase muscle mass - try to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day.

Here are the basic recommendations that are comprehensively followed if you want to gain weight by increasing the muscle mass, and not fat in the body. Also, do not forget about bad habits (smoking, alcohol, etc.), from which it is worth getting rid of.

  • Contact your doctor To make sure there is no absence of diseases of the body that interfere with you to get fat.
  • Increase the number of useful calories Eat more often, but not over the norm, make snacks between the main meals. For a better and more accurate effect, weigh the products that are going to eat, put them in the calorie counting program, and then you can analyze the situation, plan for the future and see a real result.
  • We train to grow muscle. Limit cardio training and make it possible. It will help you grow muscle mass And gain weight.
  • Do not chase on empty and harmful calories in an attempt to recover - this will lead to health problems. Give out Preference for useful and nutritious food Even if the calories in it are less than in other, less useful products.

That's all. We wish you success in the weight gain for your body's health!

In the modern world there are a large number of people seeking to lose weight. However, there are also full of their opposites that you want to gain weight as quickly as possible. And this problem is simple inclusion in your diet of Fastfud not to solve. Everything requires a competent approach. In order to quickly gain weight using nutrition, you can go in two ways:

  • Take advantage Designer power And not to make up your menu, spending time and strength at this time. The service will always allow any meal to have suitable dishes aimed at a body weight.
  • Create your menu for every day yourself, carefully examining the rules and nutrition requirements aimed at raising the weight level in a short time.

As in the case of a slimming, during a weight gain, it is important to make your nutrition balanced. To achieve the maximum effect there are several effective ways and advice.

Increased caloric content of daily diet

From nature, very thin people often suffer from the fact that they can not gain weight than they eat. In order to begin to get better to increase the caloric content of your power. You can start with 500 kilocalories. From such a small increase in calories, the body will not suffer, and the mass of the body will increase.

As a supplement to the daily diet, you can add calories for 500 kilocalories or delicious dessert.

Inclusion in the diet of a large number of protein products

Almost every person who wants to have a skip body is engaged in power loads in the gym. However, they may not bring due effect if they do not increase the amount of protein in their diet. Thanks to this component, muscle mass is exhausted, the body looks elastic and taut. In addition, after combining training and nutrition with a high protein content, the weight will be consistently raised up.

In order to increase the weight, the following types of products with high protein are suitable:

  • eggs
  • milk, including soy
  • peanut butter,
  • bean
  • yogurt,
  • cheese.

These products have a high level of calorie and optimal protein content.

Fats in nutrition to increase weight

During nutrition of aimed at an increase in body weight, it is important not to forget about vegetable and butter. Some losing weights avoid such products, but they contain fats, which at least a small quantity, but should come to our body. And for those who wish to recover, such products are indispensable assistants. But even during the period of weight gain, they should be used in reasonable limits.

Regularity of nutrition

When a person wants to recover, he should not refuse meals. The minimum amount is three times.

The daily diet of each person consists of:

This will not only not feel hungry, but also to save calories. And if during the day there is an opportunity to arrange snacks between the main meals, it will even better gain weight.

Inclusion in the diet of fruit

In order for even during the weight gain, it should not be abandoned from fruit. They can become real assistants. Best for this purpose are bananas. They have an optimal calorie for the weight gain and a lot of substances beneficial to the body. Also as a snack can be used dried fruits. They will also gain weight in a rather short time.

Set of mass, how much i get or how to score muscle mass

Board Board

Many newbies that came recently in the hall are constantly interested in the question of how much they will be able to gain muscle mass in five days or ten months of training, of course these periods of time are fictional, but it often happens that some still ask their coaches at the beginning of the first Training still did not have time to proceed to classes on the simulators.

Let's start with the fact that each person is an individual and his physical abilities are laid genetically so that he will have its pros and cons, and in something there will be a big predisposition, it's all in everyone and therefore it is impossible to say exactly that the same and should be engaged according to a specific program, since one kind can approach the exercises of the same kind, and there is no other, moreover, everything depends on the type of life of a person, from its habitat, nutrition, conditions and opportunities to train, good coach, nutrition (this Also, not much important) which will be a nutrition program and other important aspects.

First version of the massset

Despite all of the foregoing, I can only say that if for example, to take an average person weighing from 60-70 kg not suffering from some kind of diseases in general and make him engage in the hall according to a certain program, which is designed for all body muscles and varies by increasing load through Some cycle, add regular food and work hard on yourself, after 2 months you can freely score 5 kg of total mass, of course, it is hardly able to separate the muscle mass from the total gained mass, it is unlikely that someone can with accuracy of grams, but it is often about 75-80. %, that is, if you scored 5 kg of the total mass studying in the sports hall, then the muscular of them will be about 4kg.

Second option

The second option of the massset is a rich food through I do not want when you do before you stop and leave the workout in such a state that you already really want to eat in half an hour and you eat all the salvo, maybe you bring much more mass, but it is necessary to take into account The fact that abundant food can provoke the wrong metabolism in the body, as a result of which some part of the mass goes into fats and only 50-65% will go into muscle mass (these data depend on many factors and each person may have different), but With such nutrition and training, you can dial from 2-15 kg in two months

Third option

The third option of a mass set in large volumes with the data that is described at the beginning is a good workouts program written personally for you by your coach, which he will select depending on your data + standard meals, which you drink daily, porridge, soups, fruit vegetables , but already in a balanced reception, that is, not every day there is the same soup, but to diversify the diet depending on what you need more and delete the extra products of which is mainly obesity, + high quality sports nutrition, as well as in Additions can be recommended in addition to the main workouts 3 times a week, engage in cardiovers such as running or other moving sports or the next day, either an hour after standard workout on the same day, but I repeat once again, it all depends on your well-being and physiology because for example some people can be contraindicated generally power loads, and even more so there are a double rate, It is already here everything depends on you.

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