How to change the interface language in CCleaner to Russian and other languages

CCleaner is a famous utility for cleaning a PC from the garbage files and optimizing the system of the system as a whole. Translated into 55 languages, including RUSSIAN. With it, you can monitor programs and applications, delete privacy traces, include / disable extensions and much more. It should be on each computer. By default, it is installed in English. If you are "lucky" to get it on a PC as it is, and you do not know how to make a cliner in Russian - then you are at.

During the installation of the Clean

The appearance parameters of the cleaner can be changed on the first screen at the time of installation. In the installation wizard there is an item with a list of languages. It is located in the upper right corner of the installer with the inscription English .

  1. Click on it and see a long list. Select language when installing CCleaner
  2. Find there Russian. And click on it (in some modifications utilities, this item may be called "Russian").
  3. The installation wizard interface will instantly be changed. That's so simple.
  4. We continue to install already in your understandable language. Continuation of the installation in Russian

Sicliner is already installed - through the settings

If the cliner is already installed and the interface is completely in English. It is also easy here.

  • We look at the left side of the tab of the tab, the latter is called Options. .
  • Click on it and go to the tab Setting. .
  • Here in the central part of the window are looking for item Language. - Click on the arrow and in the long list are looking for Russian. .Language change in the installed CCleaner program
  • When clicking on the desired language, the interface will automatically be translated. For this you do not need to reboot the program.

How to translate ccleaner portable into Russian

This version of the portable utility in it is missing the installation wizard, and by default each time it starts with default settings, that is, in English. When using this utility, questions arise how to translate the portable version of CCleaner into Russian. The answer is simple - just like the previous instruction, through the program settings.

Many users of the program or application CCleaner have problems with the language. English interface upsets them to the depths of the soul, so they want to change it as soon as possible into Russian.

Although all the main versions of CCleaner have Russian interface language, not all users can find from the first time, how to enable it. And it is very simple! Look below how to do it on a computer and mobile devices. We specifically made for you detailed instructions with large and beautiful pictures.


Select the desired program interface language can be used directly when installing the program. Just use the drop-down list in the upper right part of the installer window:

Russian Yazik

If you missed this opportunity - do not be discouraged. That's not fatal. Language can always be changed! And it will not be a lot of work.

Just run the program and click on the gear icon in the left column. Then click on the "settings" inscription (it is at the very top of the opened menu), and in the drop-down list, select the desired Russian (or any other, at your discretion) language:

Russian language

If Russian does not see - scroll through the list of mouse with a wheel, and it will appear.


Russian on androidIn most cases, problems with CCleaner language on mobile devices does not occur. The application automatically sets the system language of the device. If Android you have in Russian, then the application will be in Russian.

If you have any difficulties with the display of "Ceclener" in Russian, something does not work or want to ask a question - do not hesitate. Our 24-hour comment service is always at your service!

Sicliner is a popular application to optimize the computer. The interface localization is selected when installed, in accordance with Windows. In the material, consider how Cclener translate into Russian.

CCleaner How to Change Language

How to change

There are two ways to switch translation. Let's look at how to switch the CCleaner program into Russian.

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1 option

If the cliner is already installed, go to the Options section. Options will open, in the right part of the window we find the line Language. From the drop-down menu, choose Russian. Localization for all CIS countries are available:

  • Ukrainian;
  • Belorussian;
  • Kazakh.

How to change language in the settings

After choice, the changes will be applied automatically, without the need to restart.

Note: The design and options of the Sicliner for Windows and Mac do not differ. Therefore, the instruction works equally for two versions of the operating system.

Option 2

In the second version, as for CCleaner, put the Russian language will have to reinstall the application .Initially, the selection of translation is available during installation. Run the installer and open the context menu in the upper right corner. In it, click on the desired localization. Read more about how the Cleener works, read in the article: "How to use it right."

Select language

On a smartphone

When installing a product from Play Market, the language is synchronized with the selected in Android. If the mobile bought abroad, English will automatically be installed on it. To change it, go to the OS settings, in the System section.

System language change

Open Languages ​​& Input and choose translation. After that, restart your smartphone and download the program again.

We recommend familiarizing yourself:

CCleaner - a program to optimize the place on the hard drives of the computer, as well as to correct the ...

CCleaner is a program to optimize the space on the hard drives of the computer, as well as to correct the registry errors. Due to the features of Windows, which often stores temporary application temporary files, which have long been remote from the computer, software experts recommend installing CCleaner immediately.

how to make Ccleaner in Russian

By default, the cliner is installed in English. And as CCleaner to translate into Russian, tell me in this article.

Note that even when using English, the program has a simple intuitive interface, which will allow cleaning and correcting errors without reading the inscriptions.

CCleaner is translated in two ways: directly in the program, or at the installation stage. Both methods are committed in several simple actions.

Translation during program installation

The CCleaner interface language can be specified at the installation phase.

  1. After double-clicking on the installation file in the installation window, we find the "Select Your Language" tab. It is located at the bottom of the window. Opposite it, by default, "English" is indicated.
  2. After clicking on the arrow, a list of languages ​​opens.
  3. We find "Russian" or "Russian" and click "Next".

Next, the installation continues in the selected language, it will also be used in the program. Additional changes the program will not require.

how to translate clinry into Russian

Translation of the program already installed

Another way to change the language is internal settings.

  1. To do this, click on the Options tab, which is located on the lower left part of the program's working window and is indicated by a gear.
  2. After pressing on the right side of the window, the basic settings appear, at the top of which the interface language. By clicking on the arrow opposite the "Language" drops out a list of languages, find "Russia".

Restart and other procedures are not required.

How to translate Cclener to Russian?

CCleaner is a special program, the assignment of which is to increase the speed of computers and mobile devices. This is done by cleaning the memory and a number of other measures. You can install for free from the official site.

Switch language

When you first start the cliner, if the user downloaded it from the official site, will work in English. Program window in English CCleanerThis will complicate work with the program, since it has complex settings. Based on this, the question is popular: "How can Cclener translate into Russian?".

And there are 2 solutions. First, changing the language will turn out at the installation stage of the utility. Secondly, this parameter will be available for configuration and in the program itself.

Method 1: Installation of the utility

The selection of the clean language is still present at the installation phase. But the corresponding option is not at the very obvious place. First you need to download the installation package.

Run this file. Look at the top of the window. A little left button "Close" There is an inscription English With a small arrow. Specifying Language in the CCleaner Installation windowClick on it, then the pop-up list opens. Scroll it to the value Russian. And then install it.

Immediately change the language of the interface. Now you have to complete the installation. The cliner will open in Russian, the further change of settings in this case will not need.

Method 2: Clear Settings

Previous option is suitable for users who only plan to load the program. But what to do people who have already established it? The most obvious way is to remove and install anew. But this approach is undesirable, because all the settings will be erased.

There is a method, how to make a cliner in Russian when the program is already installed. You will be able to do this as follows:

  1. Run the CCleaner program.
  2. Enter the section Options. . You will find the corresponding button in the left vertical block.
  3. Now go to the tab Settings .CCleaner settings
  4. Option is responsible for changing the language Language. . Set the value there Russian. (sometimes displayed as "Russian" ). Restarting the program is not required.

The CCleaner program is designed to optimize the PC hard disk space, as well as to adjust the errors encountered in the registry. Experts recommend installing it immediately after purchasing a computer that Windows does not accumulate temporary application files.

How to switch the shell program Cleener from English?

CCleaner attracts users with such features:

  • The release of the computer from garbage, inevitably accumulating when operating the system;
  • registry error correction;
  • uninstalling programs that have not been used for a long time;
  • assistance in restoring the system;
  • software update;
  • Detection of copies of files;
  • Deleting residual files to save the confidentiality of information or record free PC memory space.

Produced in two versions: paid and free. The first is distinguished by advanced functionality.

CCleaner sheath has already been translated into 47 languages ​​of the world, including Russian. Change language is possible in two ways:

  • during installation;
  • or in the application settings.

How to change the language at the installation phase?

When you start CCleaner downloaded from the official site, its menu will open in English. Even if the user owns this language, it can significantly complicate the work. The menu is maximally available for perception, but the value of some of its items can only be understood after Russification. For this reason, many people have a question: "How to translate CCleaner to Russian?"

Select the language is available at the installation of the utility. This requires a number of simple actions:

  1. Download the official version of the program. You can do it on the official CCleaner website. Some users risk by downloading the utility on other portals, but in this case it is impossible to exclude a computer infection with viruses or incorrect operation of the application.
  2. Run the file with double mouse click. In the upper right part of the installation window, next to the Close button, the "English" with an arrow will immediately appear. If at this stage do not take anything and continue the installation, the default menu will be English.
  3. Press the arrow, which is located to the right of the word "English" by opening a list of available languages. You must select the "Russian" option and click on it. The language should change immediately.
  4. Click "Instal" to complete the installation procedure. CCleaner will open in Russian, and it will not be needed to change its settings.

CCleaner is available for 32- and 64-bit Windows. In addition, a version for tablets and other mobile devices operating on the basis of Android has been released.

How to change after?

If when installing the program, a language selection was not made, it is possible to change it in the settings:

  1. To do this, you need to run the utility and go to the Option tab located in the left vertical block.
  2. The required option can be found in the "SETTING" tab. Opposite the lettering "Language" there is a drop-down list. It is required to click on it and choose the necessary language from the proposed list.

Reboot After making changes are not required, the settings will be applied automatically.

How to Russify, if in presets only English?

Users who downloaded CCleaner Portable appear that this version has no installer. Initially, the interface will be displayed in English, but, entering the Option tab, it is possible to choose another language, including Russian.

How to download and install a crack?

Some users are trying to find how to download for CCleaner Russifier. In fact, this is a popular application translated into many languages ​​of the world, including Russian, and does not need additions.

In the process of installing the utility usually defines the language of the PC operating system automatically and selects the same parameters for installation. If this does not happen, you can change the language manually in just a few seconds. To do this, click on the top panel of the installer window and select the "Russian" in the long list that appears. Further installation, as well as the work of the utility will be carried out in Russian.

If the program is already installed in English, the crack is still not needed for it. It is enough to open the settings by clicking on the "Option" button, and select the language in the Settings tab. After that, it is not even necessary to restart, the specified parameters will immediately be applied.

Change the language in CCleaner to Russian is possible in the process of installing the utility, as well as by changing the settings of the already running application. Envicators are not provided by developers, so everything that is proposed to download under this type can be malicious software or virus.

How to change the language into Russian in CCleaner

Method 1: When installing the program

If you have not yet installed CCleaner or you are going to reinstall this software, pay attention to the fact that you can choose the right interface language at the installation stage. It is important to use one of the latest versions of software so that there are no problems with the absence or incomplete localization. If you have the latest version of the software under consideration, it makes no sense to reinstall or additionally download another copy. In this case, immediately go to the second option.

Download CCleaner

  1. Click on the link above to proceed to the CCleaner download from the official website, where to download the free version, click on the corresponding button.
  2. Downloading the latest version of CCleaner for installation in Russian

  3. Downloading will start immediately, but you will only have to wait for the executable file that later and run.
  4. Launch of the executable CCleaner program executable for installation in Russian

  5. In the Installer window, expand the drop-down menu with the current language of the interface.
  6. Switch to the selection of the CCleaner interface language for installation in Russian

  7. Find the list "RUSSIAN" And confirm your choice.
  8. Select the language of the interface to install CCleaner in Russian

  9. You will see how the language immediately changed in the installer window, which means that you can continue to install. The next time you launch CCleaner will already be in Russian.
  10. CCleaner program installation process in Russian

Method 2: In the settings of CCleaner

CCleaner is a multilingual program in which there is a translation into almost all popular languages, including Russian. The user does not have to manually load localization files, since they are initially added to the root directory. You will only need to select the optimal interface language.

  1. To do this, after launching CCleaner, go to the section "Options" By clicking on the button with the gear icon on the left pane.
  2. Go to the setup menu to select the Russian interface language in CCleaner

  3. Select a category "SETTINGS" .
  4. Opening a section to change the language into Russian in the CCleaner program

  5. Expand the drop-down menu "Language" and find a point there "RUSSIAN" .
  6. How to change the language in the CCleaner program from English into Russian

  7. Reloading software is not required, because the language will immediately change to the selected and you can proceed with CCleaner.
  8. Успешное изменение языка интерфейса CCleaner на русский через настройки программы

If it suddenly turned out that the localization is not complete or Russian is generally absent at all, most likely you use a very old version of the program. Update it through the same settings menu or delete, followed by downloading the last assembly as it was shown in the previous method.

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Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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Set the Russian language when installing CCleaner or while working with the utility. Select the bottom menu item "Options", open the Top tab "Settings". Install the Russian language in the CCleaner program: the "Russian" value in the list "Language".

Old versions of the utility has defects defects. After changing the language in CCleaner from English into Russian, with the subsequent opening of the program or reboot the PC interface is reset to the Latin. The developers corrected the error in the latest versions. If you find a problem, you need to download CCleaner for free from this site.

Video about changing language

1. Run the program and select the bottom menu item "Options".

меню настроек

2. Open the "Settings" top tab.

установока языка

3. Click on the "English" list of the list "Language". Select "RUSSIAN". The program is Russified.

смена языка в CCleaner с английского на русский

Regardless of which language the CCleaner was taking place, and whether it was at all (if we talk about the portable version of the program), change the CCLEANER language into Russian and any other can be through the settings.

In the English version of the program you need to click on " Options. "

Как поменять язык CCleaner

Here you need to open the upper tab " Settings "

Как поменять язык CCleaner

Open the drop-down list opposite the inscription " Language. "And choose Russian, Ukrainian or any other language you need.

Как поменять язык CCleaner

To save changes, restart the program is not necessary, you can immediately go to the cleaning section and proceed to freeing the computer from excess rubbish.

Как поменять язык CCleaner

This is the only and actual way to translate CCleaner into Russian. No Russifier is needed for this (at the time of writing the instruction does not exist at all). Do not believe the sites offering it to download - most likely it is a Fake (advertising software) or a virus.

In my articles, I always recommend downloading programs only from official sites, especially if there are free versions.

Since on various torrents, in addition to third-party software, you can easily catch some kind of virus.

This also applies to the CCleaner program, it freely extends to the site in two versions, free with disabilities, as well as in paid, with full functionality.

After downloading and installation, many users face a problem if it can be called that. The default interface language is English.

Dale begins the search for various polls, Russian versions of I.T.D.

Attention It is not necessary to do anything excess, in order to translate Ccleaner into Russian, you do not need Russifiers and other Labud, there are already built in it many languages, including Russian.

All that is needed is to change the settings, and how to do it, see below.

Change the language in CCleaner into Russian

1. Run the program after clicking on the "Options" button.

Как поменять язык в программе CCleaner с английского на русский

2. Next click on the "Settings" (settings) button.

Как поменять язык в программе CCleaner с английского на русский

3. At the very top of the page with the settings, the Language item is located.

And on it against him, a window with a mentioned language, click on it.

Как поменять язык в программе CCleaner с английского на русский

4. Find and choose the desired one.

Как поменять язык в программе CCleaner с английского на русский

5. The interface has changed as we wanted.

Как поменять язык в программе CCleaner с английского на русский

This instruction is suitable for computers and laptops running Windows 7, 8, 10.

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