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Who does not know Gaben now? This is our second father: Celebrate without him - not cyberport. It was he who organized the company Valve and opened the Steam platform, without which it is impossible to make Dot rates 2 things from 1 ruble. Billionaire, who gave the gamers a cult game Half-Life and Dota 2. Remember today unusual facts from the life of our Messiah. Drove?

1. Was deducted from Harvard

Entered the most prestigious university US As many as 3 years, I visited lectures and diligently studied, until I thought ... And is it necessary? Why continuously absorb tons of theory when you can start making money in practice, and not waste time? So young Newell found himself in Microsoft as a novice programmer, and Harvard remained in the past.

2. Developed the most first versions of Windows

For the past 13 years, he worked under the leadership of Bill Gates and managed to earn $ 15 million during this time. Partly his condition was formed by developing the first two Windows OS. But he did not do the third, switched to testing other programs.

3. Uploaded Doom on Windows

While Doom did not appear in 1993, everyone believed that Windows was not pulled out. The graphics of computer games were then carried out only in MS-DOS and, it was not better quality. But Gabenu was so entertaining a terrible shooter that he installed it on a laptop and showed colleagues in Microsoft. And after general offered to adapt it to Windows. The solution that turned the whole world: Microsoft strengthened its position in the market, and Windows. Officially became a platform for games. Also the advertisement was great, Bill Gates himself chased in her hello. Did not see? And in vain, this is exactly recommended for viewing.

4. The extraordinary leader Valve

After successful launch of the Duma on Windows, Gaben wondered. Do not open your own business? And together with Mike Harrington, they quit from Microsoft, discovering millions of Valve. There were no clear regulations and the dressing codes, there were completely absent any departments. The atmosphere of inspiration and freedom reigned. Check your guide for new employees. Almost nothing forbidden! Want to go to the massage? Of course. Play fits or practice in the hall? Do not even think about yourself to refuse! It would seem how so ideal marvelous world can exist so long? But the company's success proves to the vitality of the utopian idea. Although, maybe it is why there are still not solved game problems and did not come out Half-Life 3?

5. Troll and provocateur

Prank and Mondes are not just jokes. And Gaben understands it. Accidentally included slides with provocateur comments at important meetings, hidden Easter in the program codes completely in his spirit. And this is the top of the judovo iceberg Newella. Many probably remember one of his most cruel jokes, when in 2003 the German teenager opened Half-Life 2 and merged the information on the Internet. What did Gaben do? He promised to work in the company and flight at the expense of the company, but siled about one nuance ... that the FBI will be raised in the American airport. It is even pity that Prank fell down, and the German authorities previously arrested a guy. It would be what to remember and tell grandchildren.

Non-standard guy this gaben, isn't it?

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Socionics: Gaben. Touch-logical introvertImage of personality structure in socionics: GabenGaben. Touch-logical introvert

According to Socionics Tyology Gaben Belongs to the fourth kvadr, which determines its basic values. For Gaben, the main thing in life is comfort. People of this type are highly appreciated by harmony and calm. Gaben do not seek to conquer the peaks and the conquest of the universe, they can fully enjoy being here and now - what to make extra television, if everything you need for pleasure has already been achieved. Good relationships, adequate welfare, interesting alternatives and beauty - this is what is important for Gaben.

Socionics: Gaben. Description of functions.

Basic function Gaben - sensory sensations. People of this type perfectly feel the condition of their own body, can estimate the state of others. They feel and come into resonance with harmony of the surrounding world, notice the details and can enjoy what is happening here and now. Gaben is the person who imperceptibly creates a cozy atmosphere, feels the level of comfort and discomfort. He organizes his life so as to prevent overwork, because Fatigue prevents enjoying the moment and life becomes meaningless "

Despite the love of comfort and relaxed existence, Gaben is superbly managed by resources. Therefore, Gaben knows what and how to do, and if he does not know, it instantly creates the optimal solution method, develops its technology. For Gaben with creative business logic, it is not difficult to optimize any process. Due to the fact that the base function is sensory sensations, Gaben is preparing perfectly, they can invent new recipes on the go and never be mistaken in their feelings.

In a new situation or the situation of social adaptation, Gaben seek to show themselves as people who have some prognostic abilities. It is important for them to be punctual, feel the moment "on time." Nevertheless, they do not always successfully feel what is relevant, and what is not, the work on this time intuition for them seems quite complicated.

The most vulnerable function for Gaben is ethics of emotions. People of this type are not very comfortable for a long time to be in a noisy company, on discos or concerts. " A funny company is certainly great, but then after such a holiday has to rest separately " They are very hard to endure squeezing animals or emotional hysterics, when they themselves begin to experience strong emotions, they can hardly stop. They are unpleasant questions in Spirit: " Why are you so sad? " Gaben do not like redundant attention - to reach the scene under noisy applause - this is a real stress for them.

Gaben gladly listens to wonders and new opportunities. However, since he is an introvert, it is not necessarily supernatural alternatives. It is enough to know that the favorite network store opened around the corner - and this is already perceived as something magical. " I like to relax in the resort - there are so many opportunities! You can lie by the pool, you can have to have dinner, but you can buy . " Suggestive intuition of possibilities takes any information - both positive and negative. Therefore, it is worth saying Gaben - " it's impossible "He subconsciously trust and experience disappointment.

Activation function of Gaben - ethics of relationships. This people love communication with educated and tactical partners, with pleasure listening to competent information about the relationship between people, they themselves know how to behave politely and feel the norms of behavior. In addition, people of this type, as it were, "reflect" the attitude towards themselves. If they are good - they go to meet, if they are cool - they also become calmer. " I can not imagine that it could experience unrequited love. I think this is some kind of nonsense "

In the case when Gaben needs to stop any unpleasant situation, it turns on by a restrictive function - power sensory. Gaben can show real decisiveness, and sometimes just apply physical strength. " First ladies in the face, because I will understand " On the other hand, thanks to this function, Gaben has a very strong sensory field. " In order for me to climb in line? I never remember this "

Gaben sees great and feels all causal relationships. " I immediately see when the ends meet the ends " However, since this feature is subconscious, Gaben do not really like to explain something or paint. It is easier for them to read the instructions themselves, and then, if necessary, simply show what is done. Gaben is perfectly focused in laws and rules - everything belongs to structural logic - but do not like to talk about it. " Why I will explain to him how to fill out an application for a passport. Easier to lead by hand and show what and how "

"Gaben" Socionics - man and woman, description, subtypes, functions

"Gaben" Socionics - man and woman, description, subtypes, functions

The psychotype "Gaben" Socionics gives such qualities as: reliability and foundation. They are wonderful friends, but their confidence must be deserved. Women gabenki are beautiful and ironic, and men are not deprived of a skeptic look at things, appreciate comfort and care.

"Gaben" Socionics - Description

The psychotype of the male and female "Gaben" socionics determines as sensory-logical introvert (if) and if laying separately on elements of Gaben's elements, it is a typical introvert with logical thinking, although the irrational, developed sensory. Refers to the fourth KVADER, which is characterized by such values ​​as comfort and comfort - for Gaben, these are important components of life existence. Another name is Gaben - Master. The prototype of Gaben is French actor Jean Gaben.

"Gaben" Socionics - Functions

The type of "Gaben" in socionics and a woman and a man are a person who do not seek to conquer steep vertices or implement grand projects, opposite Gaben enjoys a natural being, knows how to create his comfort zone, in which they are happy and satisfied, and "be waiting for" the world. " But sometimes it is ready to try something new, but only one only time, if it did not work, returns to her old life, convincing himself, which did everything that could.

"Gaben" Socionics - defining functions:

  1. Sensoric sensations. For gaben, this is a basic function, a very developed kinesthetic channel of perception, so comfort is very much appreciated in everything. All that occurs with their body is monitored, concentrated on bodily manifestations, the slightest discomfort in the body causes an anxiety state. An interesting point: Gaben feel the physical condition, making the surrounding people, can even say an unfamiliar person that and where he hurts.
  2. Business logic. Relaxation in life does not prevent Gaben to show a business grip where it is necessary and important to him. With ease optimizes any production process, solves complex tasks with only its characteristic creative approach.
  3. Time intuition. Gaben can not always predict current trends at the moment, they have a desire for punctuality and timely completion of cases, but it does not always work.
  4. Ethics of emotions. Stormy emotions: Whether the joy or tantrum is hardly transferred to gaben, screaming children, animals, loud music is introduced Gaben into stress state. They can not be for a long time to be in noisy parties, about the possibilities not passing goodbye.
  5. Intuition of opportunities. Gabenham like to listen about miracles and supernatural things, but real life with her comfort attracts them more. For them, the store opened in their home is perceived as magic, it is comfortable and convenient, it is not necessary to go for products for "thirty lands".
  6. Ethics of relationships. Love polite and tactful people and such. With Gaben, friendly and warm, or cold and inconspicuous - Gaben meets the reciprocity to any feelings.
  7. Power Sensorika. When you need to be decisive, Gaben becomes them, maybe for themselves to stand up.
  8. Structural logic. Gaben sees well and feels causal relationships. Does not like to explain how something works, he is easier to show everything clearly.
Gaben socionics profession

"Gaben" Socionics - Professions

Suitable logical-introvert "Gaben" Socionics - the characteristics of this type, important to implement themselves as a specialist:

  • stress tolerance;
  • Communication in order to exchange experiences, information;
  • The desire for welfare, financial stability.

"Gaben" psychotype socionics - a list of suitable professions for women and men of this type:

  • interior designer;
  • decorator;
  • Web designer;
  • engineer;
  • Head of the household;
  • Chef;
  • securities specialist;
  • Bank employee;
  • trainer;
  • masseur;
  • chiropractor;
  • osteopath;
  • a carpenter;
  • doctor.

"Gaben" Socionics - appearance

External appearance is a "human business card". All socionic types exist their highlights in the appearance, according to which it is possible to determine with a greater share of probability, to which psychotipu is a personality. Type of appearance "Gaben" Socionics, Woman:

  • The face is rounded;
  • The look more often does not express anything as "extinct", directed inside;
  • corners of the lips are omitted;
  • Plastic movements, gait with a lazy grace inherent lazy grace;
  • The figure is dense, continued;
  • straight posture;
  • The clothes are practical and comfortable, beautiful, the Gabenka fashion is not chasing.

"Gaben" man socionics - appearance:

  • Figure dense;
  • The look is slightly ironic, with skepticism (Cat smirk);
  • lips compressed;
  • movements calm, lazy;
  • Hairstyle neat, the hair is more often shiny;
  • The voice is quiet, says little;
  • External appearance neat;
  • Clothes prefers in a sports-cowboy style.
Gaben Socionics Pros and Cons

"Gaben" Socionics: Pros and Cons

"Gaben" values ​​its solitude, this type for which loneliness is heavily and it does not scare him, for him normally a few hours to fly on the sofa, enjoying calling pleasant images. "Gaben" Socionics - Dignity:

  • practicality;
  • persistence in achieving the goal;
  • aesthetic taste;
  • punctuality;
  • the desire for a healthy lifestyle;
  • responsiveness;
  • modesty.

"Gaben" Socionics - Negative Sides of the psychotype:

  • susceptible to skepticism, loves to fool over others;
  • Lazy - extra television takes away a lot of energy;
  • In communicating a storm on emotions, even with close people A;
  • lack of motivation;
  • There is not enough flexibility in relationships.

"Gaben" Socionics - man

It is restrained and immersed in himself, a halo of mysterious is hung around him. "Gaben" socionics men's portrait:

  • About Gabena can be said with confidence that it is solid and reliable;
  • His smile is a rare "phenomenon," she bestows it mostly close people;
  • He is observed and has a critical mind;
  • With all his courageous appearance, Gaben is shy;
  • only the fact that in his opinion will benefit;
  • Loves unexpectedly make your loved ones valuable gifts.

"Gaben" Socionics - Woman

"Gaben" Socionics - Women's portrait:

  • She knows its own price, its own dignity is filled;
  • Unlike a man, Gaben, she is more sociable and loves to laugh with loved ones and friends and not less, she likes to ironize them;
  • During the party, she is the soul of the company, she is not needed for this to make great efforts, Gabenka attracts people with their goodness;
  • She for everything has its own opinion and it is difficult to convince it in something;
  • strive for new impressions.
Gaben Socionics baby

"Gaben" Socionics - a child

The psychotype "Gaben" Socionics is a characteristic of children's age:

  1. Gabenka girl. She is a successful student for the joy of his parents, her teachers are allocated among other students. Physics prefers mathematics and literature. In adolescence, enthusiasm to study is reduced, learns without much interest, but remains conscientious. Very stubborn when forced to do what I do not like.
  2. Boy Gaben. Since childhood, he is very movable and clever, loves sports. Often it loves the hobby becomes modeling and design. Learn almost from under the stick, but in general, it is not bad, and in high schools it can roll to low marks. Much is lazy.

"Gaben" Socionics - Relations

How to love "Gaben" - Socionics on this question does not have a definite answer. Gaben is not so easy in relations, they very carefully look at their chosen one, before making the first steps in his direction. It is important to earn his trust. The best partner for Gaben will dual hexley. Relationship with other socionic types:

  • Gaben and Gaben - identical relationships, well understand each other, beautiful friends, but in marriage there are difficulties;
  • Gaben and Don Quixote - half-decade, the same weaknesses that can cause disappointment;
  • Gaben and Stirlitz - mirrors, there is something to learn from each other, the relationship is almost conflict;
  • Gaben and Dumas - related souls.

"Gaben" Socionics - Celebrities

Socionic type "Gaben" among famous personalities:

  1. John Travolta. . American actor and dancer, famous for the films "Broccolin" and "Saturday Evenness Fever".
  2. Gaben Socionics Celebrity John Travolta
  3. Robert Downey Jr . American actor who received world famous thanks to his hero Tony Stark from the eponymous Comic series and the film "Iron Man".
  4. Gaben Socionics Celebrity Tarja Tourunne
  5. Drew Berrymore . American actress with "Charlie Angels", "50 first kisses".
  6. габен соционика знаменитости дрю берримор
  7. Monica Bellucci . Italian model and actress, famous for films: "Malen", "Passion of Christ".
  8. габен соционика знаменитости моника беллуччи
  9. Tarny Turunen . Finnish rock diva.
  10. габен соционика знаменитости тарья турунен


Sensor -Logical introvert

(SAM / ISTP / Gaben).

Jung Basis

: Introvert, logic, sensorik, irrational.

Personnel signs

: Aristocrat, reasonable, objectivist.

Diami signs

: Stubborn, Careless, Involution

Individual signs

: Positivist, quest, speaker, strategist, constructivist


: Susceptible adaptive.

Life strategy

: Realization of long-range goals.


: Progress.

Vocational guidance

: Production.

Stimulus to activities

: Large pragmatist in affairs. The most important incentive that includes it to work is welfare.

Communication style

: Cooling (information sharing).

Factor of creative problems

: Lazy.


: Perfection (benefit, convenience, health, need, skill, beauty, aesthetics).

Role in quadre

: Drive (norms of energy and labor and labor).

Life position

: Get a maximum of amenities from life, spending on this minimum effort.

1. Characteristic manifestations of the type: 1. Characteristic manifestations of the type:

Calm, serious, emotional. Loves convenience, comfort. Stubborn, wayward, uncompromising. Appreciates personal freedom, clarity reason and ability to think their head. Thinks by specific subject categories. Does not tolerate pressure. She strives to do only what gives pleasure. It has aesthetic taste and constantly stretches to something new and attractive. Expressive, prone to reflection and analyzing events, own actions and thoughts.

In general, Gaben may seem unnecessarily self-confident, chum, although in fact he is often not confident in herself, and for a long time he keeps discontent or chagrin because of unreasonable actions and words. But it is rare anyone who is guessing, because it is quite difficult for him to share his feelings and experiences with others.

First, he often doubts his ability to adequately express feelings. Secondly, it's just afraid to trust anyone. It is afraid to make another mistake, stupid. "Master" - a person is very proud, intense and quite self-sufficient. His pride, permanent self-defense, the fear that he will not be able to control his own life, give rise to complexes and problems.

For Gaben, it is very important to be in harmony with your feelings. He is tested when the situation is smooth and calm, when no one hurries anywhere or shouts and does not give up. This world is ideal for him.

He tries to avoid conflicts and any emotionally rich situations. Often, to protect yourself from potentially dangerous people, Gaben puts the high-level mask and begins to behave with the surrounding dismissively and arrogant.

2. Basic quality:

Optimization of space. Optimizing space, he creates comfort for himself and others.

3. Main motivation:

Perfection. Gaben is a microscope, which lives and surrounding tormented to score nails. He himself seeks to bring order, eradicate the shortcomings and all sorts of problems.

Gaben's life is filled with a stubborn effort to get rid of all extra, from garbage, dirt, evil, problems on the one hand. And on the other, it is pursued by nervous breakdowns, apathy periods. Chaos and mess, like everything mysterious / strange / foggy / doubtful

E, attracts it as a magnet (or begins to chase him, if he is trying to take a breather).

4. Mountain dream:

To someone, preferably, well hidden from all (only my), stroked the head, sorry, understood ...

Gaben dreams of a partner who will:

a) help with the choice, suggest what the possibility is better;

b) to protect against uncertainty, give advice on how can be helped from a difficult situation;

c) guess the mood, express enthusiasm, ensure emotional support

d) let "shy" and do not understand something.

5. Main ability:

Psychic: the whole world perceives in sensations, color, dynamics, odors and sounds. Discomfort surrounding feels like yours. Everything is silent everything that goes beyond harmony.

6. Growth vector:

Masteract your hands: the ability to work with any tool, improve, create beautiful and high-quality things.

Saving calm: a nonsense quiet perseverance, the absence of a rush, imperceptibility, saving movements.

Save forces: rejection of useless work, useless spending forces and energy.

7. Vector implementation:

Technical expertise: high level of competence.

Consider any information as potentially useful.

We analyze huge layers of information, create logical structures for this.

Show tolerance to the variety of styles (while it brings the result).

Detect flexibility; Always ready to take note of new information and instructions.

8. Positive tendency:

Business seducker: resort to different techniques and arguments in order to cope with the situation and allow it.

Observation: Watching what is happening around, capable of responding quickly to new events, being confident that success on their side.

A tendency to practical activity: best copes with situations requiring direct attention.

Embrance: Can foresee direct practical needs in situations and provide a logical and simple action plan to meet these needs.

9. Skills:

Develop the schemes that allow them to effectively implement their ideas into life and implement projects.

Good organizational abilities, business qualities.

Accurate, practical, logical, concentrated, clear and methodical mind.

Patience, endurance, composure, self-discipline.

Hardworking. Inflexibility.

Ambolism, methodologicalness, prudence, practicality, realistic.

10. Positive trend:

Gaben does not do anything inappropriate. It is able to economically spend its strength, enjoys life, nature surrounding his beauty, which supports and recreates himself, and the society of interesting people. Able to create a sense of the feast of the "mind and soul" for connoisseurs of pleasant and interesting communication.

The demonstrative laziness of Gaben is a boycott against any inexpedible, stupid, meaningless action. Gaben gets tired of communicating with stupid and fussy people, demonstrating their imaginary, inefficient business attractiveness - those who love to engage in Sisida labor, to overflow from empty to empty and at the same time to briefly report on their business activity.

11. Strengths:

Strategic thinking: Threat, prepared impromptu and good reaction to small possible inconsistencies in the plans. All tireless activities and all risks in the life of Gaben are aimed at not to do anything, nothing to risk.

Embrance: Understanding, for which you need to do with where to get them and what is to be sacrificed.

Saving forces and energy: not inclined to go across. It will be better wait until the passing course will appear, then it will be attached and gets his small blood. Gaben's struggle is not afraid, but why hurry to fight?

12. Weaknesses:

Rigidity, inertness, closedness, emotional instability. Slowness in movements and speech.

If the crisis happens, then Gaben is restored extremely reluctant, prefers to die or inflate from the insult to the lips (in terms of the situation).

This is the preliminary preparation masters, the wizard of the intermediate stage, the masters to make an analysis of what happened. However, they need a decisive and specific assistant, provided that he will not climb where it is not asked. This is a collectivist with a pronounced individual principle (if he himself understands what he wants, and how it can be obtained). It would be nice that the partner would not have burdened his rights to freedom, but on the contrary, provided it. In partnerships, it is important to discipute the convention and to give out without a residue, burning bridges, in this case the partners will also turn inside out. Openness generates openness, and an attempt to build a frame leads to unpredictable results.

13. Negative qualities:

Stubbornness: indignant when someone asks him to do what he does not want. Gaben seeks to realize only those desires that are comfortable personally for him.

Laziness: wants to protect himself from any concerns, the implementation of which is related to the need to get out of the comfort zone.

Egocentrism: seeks to fulfill its intentions regardless of their correctness, relevance, timeliness, acceptability from others.

Coldness: Does not want others to annoy him or have influenced him too much. Gaben tries to be in connection with others, at the same time being inside itself, feeling independence and calm.

Indictions: the starting position is not involved in what is happening.

Categorical: inclined to express his opinion, as the only true one.

Conformism: good food, its own (non-removable) housing, good rags, good sex and a lot of information for the brain - that's all you need for happiness.

Specially puts on pink glasses to see calm, emotionally not taking his outside world.

More importantly, the preservation of emotional comfort than comprehension from the inside.

Challenge, unfriendly, coldness, insensitivity.

Pulse, self-affirmation, disadvantage, stubbornness, egoism, planting of its opinion, imposing ideas.

14. Negative trend:

Does not give specific instructions: "Do as you think it's necessary, if it worked."

Quickly changes its course, leading to the confusion of others, as a result of which its actions often consider inconsistent.

Often does not express the reasons for the basis of its actions or solutions, as they are "too obvious."

Sometimes deaf to the needs of others; It may seem indifferent.

Intramit to those who do not respond to its criteria, and happen tough when it comes to incompetence.

Maybe too long to postpone decision making in the hope that the situation is permitted by itself.

15. From Gaben, it is impossible to demand and expect:

constant emotional participation in what is happening;

open empathy and sympathy;

Perceptions on faith of lowered hypotheses.

16. Contacts and connections:

His position is quite logical: let the potential partner convince, makes feats, dismisses the tail, and we will see, we will appreciate, choose and solve ... We all like it very much.

In reality, energetic partners on its path are not uncommon, but the choice, the final point with which the quality of the relationship changes, more often do it. Gaben needs an external spark, and then he will already be able to get into operation and will easily do everything himself. Like, the partner did his job, the partner can relax. At least, until the next situation, when you need to decide on something, and not to speak in the mind.

17. Relationships:

Wants to get to the level of understanding of their partner, and then, if there is no joint quality growth, search another partner. It's great if a partner has something to learn, or through it you can increase your social status, because it is what it expects to be found in his second half. However, over the years, the poles are changing, and with a partner unbearable I want to share experiences, knowledge of life, wisdom. In the end, Gaben wants to get respect not on the side, but who knows him as irradiated.

Gaben need not so much a spouse or spouse, so much a partner in the case, a friend and like-minded person (but he does not warn anyone about it, implying that it should be in itself).

The main rule of relationships: he can all, and the partner is what he will resolve. Or symbolic, honorable and long leash - to yourself and a rigid collar - partner. Moreover, the rules are constantly changing, but the partner should also guess himself.

Freedom is the absence of voltage and obligations (at least on his part). About friends is inclined to take care, expecting reciprocity, and in his free time it assumes the presence of comfort, amenities and sensual pleasures.

18. Protective mechanisms:

Due to the desire to avoid negative emotions, it becomes too arrogant.

The passion for self-improvement leads to the development of arrogance. Sometimes the master is too emotionally indifferent to others.

19. Behavior in extreme situations:

Stress resistance: in dangerous situations, it is emphasized in compulsion.

Strategy: I left my grandfather, I left my grandmother, and from you, "Gray Wolf", I will not leave, save yourself.

Gaben is a magnet that attracts a sharp, vapor, extraordinary.

This is compensated by the ability to slide on the crest of the wave, on the edge of possible trouble.

Cooling and ability to quickly adapt allow Gaben to remain calmly calm when the explosion happens.

20. Main difficulties:

Gaben is difficult to realize its emotional state. He does not understand what feels for people, situations. It is very difficult for him to express his emotions. This leads to the fact that the surrounding assesses it as a completely insensible person.

1. Threw studies at Harvard

Young Newella Ugrozdilo in the 1980s to enter Harvard - the most prestigious United States University, who provided a ticket to the life of not one president and the Nobel Prize laureate. At first, the future billionaire selflessly gnawing the granite of science, but on the third year I was killed: the pebbles got the tasteless. If Bill Gates has previously threw Harvard and succeed, which worse than Newell? Successing pants at lectures He preferred a programmer's career in a novice company Microsoft. However, it is impossible to say that the stay in the oldest university USA passed for Heiba ​​for Gabe: he learned to wear a tuxedo with a butterfly and drink beer, making a rack on his hands. This is how the person who once "dreamed of becoming a giant space crab" was so settled.

2. Answered for the release of early Windows

Experiencing from Harvard University, the future creator of Steam 13 years worked at Bill Gates Corporation and earned $ 15 million. In the same place, he loved the tennis shirts of the Polo Ralph Lauren brand (this brand Newell adores now). Clear money managed to put on the production of early versions of Microsoft OS - without this starting capital there would be no Valve nor Half-Life. In the 80s, Newell worked on Windows 1.0, Windows 2.0, Windows 2.1 and ... No, it did not reach the third place. Before the release of Windows 3.0, Newell for some reason stopped overseeing operating systems, switched to testing interfaces and programs like Excel. Yes, contradictory feelings for projects with a number of three Gabe began to experience long before history with the final episode of Half-Life 2.

3. Ported Doom on Windows

In the early 90s, it was the opinion that Windows operating systems are not suitable for entertainment. Computer games at the time worked under the control of MS-DOS and could not boast of a spectacular picture. Sun ёChanged in 1993, when the great and terrible doom hit. The fighter of the extermination of Martian demons was so impressed by Geiba Newell that he installed a shooter on a laptop and began to show it to everyone in the Microsoft office. "You just look at what computers are capable! Such graphics are not under consoles Nintendo and Sega" .

But why did the masterpiece with such a revolutionary graphics ID SOFTWARE created for antedilular MS-DOS, to use which - I don't care what for hours to look at "h ёRune Square "Malevich? Want to correct the situation, Gabe called John Karmaku and offered to adapt his hit under Windows for free. So did Doom 95 appeared, in whose telecommunication the devil himself Bill Gates himself. Thanks to the crazy popularity of Microsoft, the Microsoft has strengthened leadership The windows "found the status of the game platform.

4. Non-standard manages Valve

Success Doom 95 pushed Newell to start his own business. In 1996, Gabee, together with a colleague, Mike Harrington left Microsoft. Millions of partners founded at Bill Gates Millions founded Valve. The charter from Microsoft Corporate Ada, the companions failed to organize work: no departments, bosses and managers with the maximum of creative freedom.

About the atmosphere inside the company can be judged by "Guide for new Valve employees" : " If you want to drink a glass of fresh juice in the morning, attribute things to the laundry room or visit the massage room - boldly follow the planned one. After the massage, decided to go to the simulator room, play darts or do something else? Do not deny yourself. "

It would be there to say that the utopian management model in the spirit of Andrew Ryan could not exist for years. But the success story of Valve approves the opposite: today the company employs more than 400 people, and its capitalization is about $ 4 billion on the other hand, under such sanatorium conditions it is not surprising that humanity has not yet seen Half-Life 3. Program games? Not all cookies and cakes from the Valve room with free sweets are eaten!

5. unsurpassed guru provocations

For someone, trolling is funny pictures and jokes "about Mamka". But Gabe comes with a planetary scale. Release two parts of the Great Half-Life, but not to create a final episode - is it not the highest form of provocation? Millions of gamers are waiting for the third coming of Gordon Freamen and greedily catch the grades of information. Newell, taking advantage of the situation, gives the master class of trolling: photographed in the office against the HL3 lettering background, at a random developer conference includes a "lambda" slide or hides the cherished HL letters in the Steam update code. But these are innocuous leprosy. The most cruel draw of Newell almost tested in 2003. German Hacker stole Half-Life 2 files and posted on a network for a year before the game release? Nothing wrong! Good Uncle Gabe forgave the gifted Timber and offered him a job in Valve. Flight to the United States at the expense of the company. Dreams Come True! He silent Newell only one thing: in the American airport of a young hacker, the FBI agents were waited. Alas, the draw was broken: the German authorities arrested hacker, and he had to serve the prison sentence in his homeland.

6. Cold weapon collector

Gabe has a huge collection of cold weapons - more than 600 blades. From all sorts of knives and machete to exotics like a Japanese sword Vakidzasi. и Trident Sai. . On the whole piercing, Newell is preserved from childhood, and even his office in Valve resembles a weapon. The blades in his office so much that he would also be the hero of the militant "Machete". And we did not accidentally remember the Danny Trekho: the famous actor starred in advertising knife For Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Newell not only buy ready-made blades, but also making new ones. In his mansion, he turned into a real blacksmith: an anvil, barrels with a salt for boring steel, grinding and milling machines. Half-Life 3? "It requires a lot of time" , - Sighs Newell in Famous roller And, knocking exactly three times with a hammer on the anvil, continues to kiss the Lomik Gordon Freamen.

7. Fan of small horses

Yes, Newell is crazy about the animated series My Little Pony. Well, you know how it happens. First you agree to try on rubber horsepower - Fun for, just respect the public. Then, lazily switching TV channels on Sunday day, deserve a delightful cartoon about colorful concerns.

A few months later ... cease to announce the games with the number three in the title ... After all, so much the My Little Pony series is not viewed, still so many important topics should be discussed on the forums with other bearded lovers of small brains! And the nuclear physicist will sleep in the story, he is not accustomed to wait.

8. Moved two eye operations

Being one of the main providers of the computer games industry, Gabe Newell, if neither paradoxically, had problems with vision for a long time. Wine to all - Fuchs Syndrome, a congenital disease, in which the cornea of ​​the eye is destroyed. In the second half of zero disease, Newell was so jumped, that he saw only fuzzy contours of people and items. From the blindness of Gabe, there were two corneal transplant operations - in 2006 and 2007. Healing changed both Newell himself: "I not only returned my vision, but I began to see even better than ever. As if he got into a fairy tale. Then I realized how fast and unexpectedly comes the future" . Only huge 42-inch monitors, which Gabe still gives preference, is now reminded about the past.

9. Vacuum cooking amateur

A person whose fate is associated with the words "valve" and "couple" (Valve and Steam), even in food appreciates dishes in the water bath. What a twist! The essence of the favorite Newell method Su-View Simply: products sealed in a plastic bag are immersed in water and slowly prepared at a certain temperature.

Gabua likes such a cooking so much that he even financed a joule culinary startup, promoting a compact vacuum kitchen device. And flashed in the commercial of this device.

10. The excavated race car

When Gabe is not standing at the slab or does not evaporate in the garage over the new Tesacian, he is most likely led by extreme driving skills in the Dirtfish rally school - one of the most prestigious in North America. Or winds the circles behind the wheel of the BMW 325i, participating in the car racing Pro3. .But not entertainment uniform: Gabe also finances the The Heart of Racing charitable championship, the funds from which they enter the clinic to combat children's heart disease in Seattle. At these competitions, on behalf of Valve, the team on sports car Porsche 911 GT3. "When I was asked what number I want to see by car, I said:" Three ". But I was refused. Ah, Irony" , - remembers Newell.

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