All ways to check the balance megaphone

How to check the balance on the megaphone

To always know how much money remains on the balance sheet, read this instruction.

How to find out the balance on megaphone

You can check the balance on the megaphone in the following free ways:

  • In a personal account;
  • Dial the command: *one hundred# - after which the balance will appear on the device screen;
  • Dial the command: * 105 * 1 * 1 #;
  • Call a short number: 0501;
  • Send SMS (empty) to the number: 000100 - Balance MegaFon will come in a response SMS;

If you wish you so that the Megaphone balance is constantly displayed on the screen of your device, connect the service "Living Balance" .

The company also allows you to check the balance of your loved ones and relatives. In order to check the balance of the megaphone of another user, you must connect the service "Balance of loved ones" .

How to check the balance on the tablet and computer

Check the balance on a tablet or computer with a USB modem, use one of the following ways to:

  • Go to the website on the data network MegaFon (the balance will be displayed in the Personal Account)
  • Checking the balance of megaphone in the Internet internet;

Being a client of one of the most popular mobile network is beneficial and convenient. The operator offers his client a huge selection of options for cooperation and ways to use the services: starting from various tariff plans, ending with the options for checking the balance on the megaphone account.

Features of the balance check on megaphone

Megaphone balance check is the simplest procedure from all that is available to absolutely to all subscribers, despite:

  • tariff plan;
  • Availability / absence / type of additionally connected packages, options;
  • client location;
  • region.

You can find out the balance of the SIM card of the megaphone in absolutely any time of the day. However, there is a small limit: some methods oblige to be in the network area. However, if the subscriber is out of the access zone, it can check the balance to other available at the moment.

Main ways

To be aware of what "What is happening" on your mobile account is simply due to the various methods of obtaining information. At the moment, the operator offers the following tools for self-inspection on a megaphone:

You can also cope with the status of a balance from a megaphone representative or connecting a special function.


Short USSD commands are a simple and easy way to get different information regarding the state of the subscriber account. You can find the balance on the megaphone in the input string *one hundred# . The screen will display the number of available funds and a proposal for connecting an additional package of services. The latter is exclusively advisory: it may be interesting, but absolutely not necessarily to connect.


SMS message to check the balance on the megaphone goes to the common number for all clients 00 01 00. . Content - absolutely any. You can even send an empty message to handle the request.

In response to the phone from the operator, SMS will come, the content of which will be information about the status account. This type of verification is free for users located in the network zone.

Attention! If you are abroad and use the roaming service, then a similar way implies the write-off of funds from the subscriber's account. The size of the write-off - the cost of SMS due to the roaming tariff plan.

Personal Area

Personal account is a virtual control space of a Megaphone SIM card. Using the service, the client can independently control the write-off of funds, connect and disable additional services.

To log in to the system you need to go through a disposable registration. After that, on the official website of the operator, you must enter the requested data in the appropriate input fields: login (phone number), password. After authorization, the subscriber will be provided with complete information on the state of the balance.

This method is good in that it is possible to perform the procedure not only with the help of a smartphone, but also through a laptop. It is also relevant for users who use sim not for conversations by phone, but as an Internet surfing tool (in a mobile modemia, on a tablet, etc.). Thus, thanks to the personal account, the user will always be able to timely check and replenish the balance, while remaining online.

Contact Support

The most advanced option for those who prefer personal communication with the representatives of the mobile network. The call to the mobile support service is free for all Megaphone users located in the network area.

Contact the Call Center operator can be shortly number 0500. . Also for subscribers a call to 24-hour support will be available. 8 800 333 05 00 .

Rarely used methods

All options described above are the most popular balance sheet options. If none of them is unacceptable for you, pay attention to rarely used, but effective verification tools of the face account status:

SIM menu MegaFonPro

An interactive menu SIM cards that offers subscriber's attention and card services. It can be issued in it or disable alert subscription. In the Management section of your attention will be presented all the reference information regarding the control of the SIM card, including the balance of the personal account.

SMS Balance

This is a newsletter that notifies the user that money on the personal account is expired. Function is free, you can connect via USSD request: * 105 * 600 #.

"Living Balance" Features and Description Services

Live Balance This is the MegaFon option that allows the subscriber to always stay up to date with the status of the personal account without performing additional actions. Those. After talking on the phone, sending SMS or perform any other operation that implies the write-off of funds, a system message with information and balance will appear on the screen at the current time. There are no messages in any way interfere with the user to perform various actions. Information appears on the screen after the telephone conversation is completed.


The service is valid for MegaFon subscribers located in the home region or on any other territory of the Russian Federation. While traveling outside the Russian Federation, the function may not be available.

You can find out the megaphone balance in this way:

  • By connecting the option via the Internet using a personal account;
  • Entering a short query on its phone * 134 * 1 # .

Please note that the "Living Balance" is a paid service. Cost of use - 1.5 rubles. in a day. Connection for free. Activation occurs an hour after the connection.

"Balance of loved ones" - features and description of the service

This feature allows you to control the balance of a third-party megaphone number. To do this, enter a USSD query: * 100 * Number (in format without 8) .

But in order to conduct such an operation, your number must be tied to another user number. Make it simple: * 438 * 1Number #.

You can also simply delete the function by entering the request * 438 * 2 * Number #.

Note! The option is a great way to keep in touch with close, which are not able to follow their balance sheet. For example: you can "be attached" to the sim card of the child and be sure that you can always contact the baby.

All of the above methods for checking the balance on the megaphone are effective and reliable. Choose your own and always stay in touch with the world.

Check balance

In the cycle of events, the active user of the mobile device must always be in touch. Operators create tariff plans, which included pre-paid minutes, SMS - alerts and Internet traffic. Each offer includes a certain amount of time for telephone conversations or Internet megabytes, therefore it is necessary to track the cost of the selected package of services.

The company has developed several techniques for determining the amount of funds from the Subscriber. Check the balance on the MegaFon is possible with the help of a "personal account" through the official website, via the phone or the message.

How to see the phone balance on the megaphone

To find out the balance on the MegaFon account will help one of the six ways.

  1. Thanks to USSD commands.
  2. Thanks to the entrance to the "Personal Account".
  3. Due to the SMS request to the short number of the operator.
  4. Thanks to the appeal to the company's employee by telephone.
  5. Thanks to the appeal to the office.
  6. Thanks to SIM menu.

How to check the phone balance using USSD commands

Check the status of the balance on SIM - the MegaFon card will help a combination of characters * 100 * 0 #.

The method is suitable for subscribers who have no access to the Internet. Checking is carried out according to the * 558 # command and the "Call" functions below. After SMS, the service will receive an alert on the Internet traffic flow of this mobile device.

Not all tariff plans support such a combination, so there is another symbol code * 105 * 693 #.

To determine the status of the personal account need to dial * 100 # .

(If the phone does not receive an SMS with the balance and not shown on the answer on the phone after the balance request, it is possible to wait a couple of minutes to check a couple of minutes to check the invoice.)

Specify the program of discounts will help the combination * 100 * 1 #. The presence of bonuses will tell the * 100 * 2 # command. The immediate remune of remuneration will help learn * 115 * 11 #.

How to check the phone's balance using the "Personal Cabinet"

It is possible to find out the comprehensive information about the state of your mobile phone using the "Personal Account" service, through the site of the MegaFon operator. Surprisingly, the action is performed even in the absence of Internet access. Of course, minor functional restrictions will be. But this is enough in order to find out the state of the subscriber's account.

The input to the personal electronic page is carried out by password and cell phone number. Get the cherished digits will help the combination * 105 * 00 # and call button. After a few seconds, the secret code will go through SMS, it must be entered in the "password" column

Stages of checking the balance through a personal page.

  1. Dial on your mobile combination * 105 #, then click the Call button. After perfect actions, the "Menu" appears, in which you want to press the "1 - Personal Account" key.
  2. In the column "residues" to choose the number "1".
  3. You can find the tariff plans and options using the "1" key. Using the number "2" - bonus accruals and programs.

How to find out the phone's balance using SMS request

One of the easiest ways to check the balance of the phone is a request via SMS. To clarify how much money is left on the mobile device enough Empty request to number 000100 or 000888. In response, a message will be received indicating the finance. To determine the Internet traffic, you must send the word "residue" or "Ostatok" to the combination of numbers 000663.

How to find out the phone balance by phone number

Check the balance of the SIM card "MegaFon" will help a call specialist. Free number 0500 is provided for a call. 24-hour consultation is available at 8 800 333,0500. The employee will talk about the status of the current account and tells the convenient way to control the balance.

How to find out the balance of the phone through the office of the company

In order to clarify the amount of funds, it is necessary to go to the nearest office of MegaFon. The staff of the Center will promptly provide data on current expenses and account receipts. Such must be a document: passport or driver's license.

How to find out the balance using SIM - Menu

Find the application in the phone list. Select in the MegaFon menu and the "Balance" button to request the remnants of the mobile device. The result will come through SMS.

How to find out the balance on a USB modem

In the program there is a function "Find Traffic". Pressing this command allows you to get an answer to the request via SMS.

Determine the status of the account on the mobile device will not be difficult to any person. The company's specialist will quickly report on cash flow and the balance plan balances. Each subscriber has the right to choose a convenient way for it.

A representative of the cellular has developed the service "Balance of loved ones" to control the money of third parties. The function is connected only with the client's permission from which the financial result will be checked. Details are specified on the official website.

Phone balance on megaphoneHow to check the balance on the megaphone is a rather unhealthy question that arises from users in connection with the connection of them to tariffs, providing for the completion of the personal account on a fixed amount into which a certain number of minutes, SMS and traffic is included.

But still for customers who enjoy different plans, There may be a need for regular balance monitoring Your phone, since it depends on the uninterruptedness of the provision of mobile services. Let's look at what methods they can check.

4 basic ways to learn about Megafon account on the phone and tablet

To obtain full-fledged communication services, it is necessary to regularly check the balance of the funds on its personal account of the SIM card and on time to make a payment on enrolling the required amount on the MegaFon phone.

For this, it is possible Take advantage of the following popular methods for checking:

  • Performance USSD request For a detailed balance.
  • Check the invoice SMS post.
  • Call to Service MegaFon.
  • Balance checking through Personal Area .

We recommend video for viewing:

And now let's talk about the methods of verification in more detail.

The team with which the subscriber account of the megaphone will be supervisted

One of the easiest ways to check availability is sending a USSD request from the phone: *one hundred# And at the end, be sure to complete the operation to the call button. After performing these actions on the phone from which the request was sent, A notification will come where it will be possible to see a detailed report on the state of the phone's balance: availability of funds, the number of minutes received, SMS, or provided by the number, Internet traffic.

A photo:

USSD request for balance control.
Answered SMS.

If this option is not suitable for you, then determine how much money you have on the balance sheet, you can other less popular ways.

Checking the balance phone number megaphone via SMS notification

To find out what money is in a bill linked to a personal or corporate phone, you can send a message without text on 000100 . All information on the specified question will come in response.

How to find out the balance on the megaphone via SMS?
Information about the clarification of the balance, posted on the MegaFon website.

Request processing, sending and receiving messages for this option for all connected to the MegaFon network, Absolutely free services which can be used at any time of the day and anywhere in the country.

Short number for accounting for Megaphone user account

By calling 0501. Any MegaFon client can connect with an automatic information service whose voice operator will report on the state of the balance current. Similar to previous methods, this also provides all the information. absolutely free and around the clock.

Photo on the topic:

What number to find out the balance on the megaphone?
Operator number.
How to find out the balance on the Megaphone by SMS request
SMS request.

Checking the balance through the personal account of the subscriber

For advanced users of the World Network, it will not be difficult to follow the status of your mobile number using the Internet. To do this, in online mode, you need to go to the official website of Megafon, where there is a section of the user account in the user account.

Login to enter the megaphone site is a telephone number.
How to find out the balance in the Personal Cabinet Megaphone?
Information about the balance of the balance in the Personal Account.

In addition to getting detailed information about the current balance of the balance In the subscriber's profile, you can manage all possible functions:

  • Connect tariffs or transition to another tariff plan.
  • Additional service management So you can connect the service "My Megaphone" service to current services and save up to 50% on calls.
  • Obtaining full information about all operator innovations and Performing shares .
  • get Detailed report About each spent minute, SMS and megabyte from the number.

View balance residue in the megaphone application for phones:

Step 1. Application application.
We enter the personal account
Information about the remainder.

Alternative ways to obtain information on the balance of the phone number

In addition to the options that we talked above, there are still a number of conditional ways of mobile service reporting on the phone number.

Ability to check someone else's balance

This option is available to subscribers who take care not only about personal accounts, but also about the numbers of loved ones, so rolling the room to your child or elderly parents.

In order to keep a hand on a "pulse" of someone else's room, you need to carry out an operation to receive the "care of a third party".

Balance control service "Balance of loved ones" on megaphone
Connect the "Balance of Close" service to always stay with loved ones.
Commands for connecting the guardianship of the balance of loved ones.

Living Balance service for MegaFon subscribers

The paid service operator service that allows its subscribers to install a kind of widget on its gadget that allows you to monitor the state of your funds in real time.

This service, though paid, but for one and a half rubles per day you will be aware of the number of money located on the balance sheet and can be navigated in the deadlines for making the next payment.

To connect the service to the phone, use the service command, which can be performed as follows - Dial the request on your phone * 134 * 1 # And at the end, complete it with the call button. As unnecessary from the service, you can also refuse as easily as to connect.

Photo Gallery :

How to connect the service "Living Balance" from MegaFon?
Request for connecting the Living Balance service.
Notification from MegaFon.
The "Living Balance" is displayed at the top of the phone screen.

Service "SMS check" from the megaphone operator

Another free option of the megaphone, which subscribers can connect to themselves is "SMS check" . It will help users to be aware of all changes on the phone's personal account: With any operation that will entail or enroll in the Subscriber will be delivered to the text notification About the sum and nature of changes, as well as about the status of the account current.

To connect this option, the following command can be used to subscribers: * 105 * 600 # . You can also use several more options for connecting, but you will hear about them later.


Team 1 for query.
Command 2 for request.
Response message to the request.

The favorable side of this offer from the operator is that you do not have to refer to the check of the balance, for you it will make a system that will report it at the lowest change.

Subscriber Account Balance Report Megaphone for Modems Owners

Balance on Megaphone ModemNow mobile operators provide not only mobile services for users of phones, but also in the list of services there are access to the Internet. The MegaFon company provides its subscribers to enter the World Wide Web with modern modem supporting 4G format.

Since not every provider can boast of such quality, more and more users go to the Internet using modems with SIM cards. As in the case of telephony, it is necessary to regularly check the availability of funds on the account in order to avoid disconnecting the network.

To do this, you can use two ways:

  1. Get this information in a personal office User.
  2. Send SMS request .

Checking the Modem Account via LC

For the login in the LC user need Use the Internet connection through the modem whose account is checked. This can do anyone who uses MegaFon's services. In the browser string, enter the address of the official website of the operator and go to the user profile of the personal account, where all reporting information is located: enrollment of funds, their removal, traffic flow.

How to check the balance of the modem on the megaphone?
Information about the status of the modem account in the Personal Account of the Subscriber.

SMS Megaphone account state alert for modem owners

In a special program that is purchased at the time of purchase of the modem, it is possible to send messages.

If you send a text message to the number through it 00100 with the letter "B" (or Latin "B") in the body of the letter, in the answer you can see the amount of the balance on the personal account of the subscriber.

In order to do not look for a number to check the balance, you can use the Chernivik of the message.

We recommend video for viewing:

Final part

After analyzing the number of users' calls associated with the counting status, most of them use USSD requests, but, as in other areas of life, people cannot be deprived of the right to choose and the MEGAFON mobile operator. As you understood from our article, MegaFon Provides many options for checking their balance .

This allows subscribers to be aware of all changes in its personal account and promptly make the necessary amount to obtain the necessary communication services in full.

Any mobile network user must control their own expenses to always stay in touch. MegaFon subscribers are no exception. You can get information quickly, simple and free.

Ways to get in megaphone information about balance

There are several options for this. This can be done through the phone, with the help of a computer, through the representative office of the company.

The option is available to all users of megaphone, it is not necessary to connect it specifically.

USSD query

You can find the balance on the request of a short USSD command as follows: Drive * 100 # on the phone and send a request. The system will form an SMS message with the balance of cash and unobtrusive advertising services.

It must be borne in mind that there are phone models that do not support short commands, then the user will receive unreadable information in the response message. To correct the situation, you can try to change the language using the * 105 * 0 # command.

Subscribers who are in roaming can dial * 111 * 1 #. Only not all phones support this feature.

To not remember the combination of numbers, it can be added to the directory where it will be displayed on the "Balance" request, also all commands are available on the operator's website.

Find out the balance on sms

The account status can be monitored by forming an SMS message. To do this, the subscriber writes any text on the phone (or does not write) and sends it to the number 000100.

The company guarantees the provision of services in the home region. For these users, this option is provided free of charge if the subscriber is in roaming, the service may not be available or a commission will be removed in the amount of the value of the outgoing SMS at the location.

Balance information by phone

The subscriber can use the autoinformer service, typing number 0500 (or 0501, etc.). The room depends on the region where the SIM card is obtained. It is in the address book on the map, so it is not required to memorize it. After the call, you must follow the instructions of the autoinformer and it will be possible to quickly get information about the remainder of the funds.

Call free, round-the-clock.

In the application and "service guide"

The "service guide" is a specially developed application for users of the operator for self-service in the system. This is the personal account of the subscriber.

Going into the system, the user immediately gets access to the balance of cash on the account. The information is located in the upper right-to-top menu of the main page and in the "Available Today" tab.

Using the Service Guide option, you can connect the information delivery service to the email email address tied to the subscriber's telephone. Then it will be possible to control any account change using emails on e-mail.

Through "MegaFon Pro"

MegaFon Pro is a special application that is written on the SIM card. Its functions include searching and bringing information for the user.

If desired, the Subscriber may issue a subscription to the application section of interest, and get information about the balance of the phone. Service Conduct Service Service, customization settings with other services are free.

Service "Living Balance"

MegaFon users can connect the "Living Balance" service. In this case, information about the cash balance will be displayed on the display screen and it will only be enough to enable the phone.

The system automatically monitors changes, so the information is always relevant and accurate. Changing information occurs without sound effects, within a few minutes. When talking on the phone, the balance on the screen is not displayed, i.e. it is impossible to control the balance during the conversation.

If the phone is turned off, when you turn on, the data on the display will not be displayed until the change is changed. After the call (or other actions that lead to a change in the balance), the information will appear again on the screen.

This service must be connected. Before connecting, you must check the possibility of action on the subscriber's phone. To do this, the * 134 # command is typked. If a balance appeared on the screen, you can make a binding service to the number.

You can connect the service with a short command: * 134 * 1 #. It can also be made from the personal account of the subscriber on the operator's website. To do this, in the "Services, Options, Subscriptions" section, the "All Services and Options" tab is selected, the Live Balance line is located and the connection is performed.

It connects for free. Acts both in the home region and roaming. When connected from the account, the subscription fee in the amount of 1.5 p daily will be written daily. in a day.

If the need for the service disappeared, it can be turned off by typing a short command * 134 * 0 # or in a similar way through the personal account.

Find out the balance of megaphone in the personal account

Through the Internet on the official website in the Personal Account, you can check the balance in the same way as an application "Service Guide".

How to find out the balance of the modem?

If the subscriber uses the Internet from megaphone, in addition to the phone account balance, it is necessary to control the availability of money on the modem. This can be made from a personal account on website. Just need to go to the site through the connection to the modem. Information will be on the main page of the personal account.

Additionally, it is possible to obtain data using an SMS message, if included with 4G or 3G modem there is a program that allows you to send messages. You must insert a modem into your computer, enter the program and find the "Messages" tab. SMS sends to number 000100, text: A (Russian) or in (English).

In order not to forget where to send SMS to the future, it can be saved in drafts.

Is it possible to learn the balance of another subscriber MegaFon?

MegaFon clients can use the service called "Balance of loved ones". Its essence is that the user can monitor the status of the account of the connected numbers. The option is convenient when monitoring the costs of children in order to put money on time to parents, etc.

To connect the service, the number of the page of the ward, whose costs will be monitored, and the guardian that will receive information about the ward's account.

The service is free, regardless of the location of users.

How to connect the service:

  • The ward to number 000006 sends the following content:
  • * 431 * 1 * Guardian #.
  • For reception, the guardian is gaining a command * 100 * number of the ward #.
  • The amount of guardians attached to one number is not limited.
  • If you want, the service can be disabled with the * 431 * 3 # command or disable only one guardian: * 431 * 2 * Guardian #.

There are a lot of ways to find out a balance, but if all options cause difficulty, you can always contact your support service at 0050, which works around the clock. The call is free.

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