Cheerful morning: 5 ways to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes and edema

It's not a secret to anyone that caffeine contains caffeine - both in black and green. It affects us not only when taking inside, but also outside. If you brew two tea bags, give them to cool in the refrigerator and put under the eyes for 20 minutes, then caffeine will easily get rid of the excess fluid that accumulates in bags under the eyes.

Of course, one of the easiest ways to get rid of bags under the eyes is to use patches. However, we advise for greater use to store them in the refrigerator. In this case, they will simultaneously play the role of cold compress, which will significantly increase their effectiveness.

Help in getting rid of edema can face face massage. If it is not possible to go to a specialist, try to make it yourself. And for this, it is not necessary to have a roller or a scraper of Guasa, which now flooded the tape in Instagram. Massage with hands will be so efficient. On the Internet you can find many courses for massage for the face, as well as just videos that can teach it to do. Before the start of the massage, do not forget to apply moisturizing cream or oil on the skin.

It may seem strange, but when edema can help ordinary jumps. After waking up before the morning glass of water, take 100 jumps on the spot. You do not need to jump high - only light spring movements. They contribute to the outflow of lymph, which helps to get rid of edema and bags under the eyes.

Hello, dear readers. We accustomed to believe that the bags under the eyes are the main sign that the person simply did not sleep. In general, many people do not fall out, since every morning they have to get up early. But, for some reason, someone wakes up with dark bags under the eyes, gaining eight hours, and someone is enough and five hours of sleep in order to sleep and look having rested. Not always the reason for the appearance of bags under the eyes is precisely. Frequently often such a manifestation may be a symptom of the occurrence of a serious disease. Please note if you are more or less hurt every day, and in your eyes dark spots that make you like zombies, then you should not write off everything for simple fatigue.

Perhaps in your body there was some kind of failure, so try to trace your condition. As a rule, any disease has more than one symptom. Better contact your doctor for help.

If the doctor did not reveal any pathologies, then you can be calm for your health. But how then to deal with an infinitely tired view? In general, bags under the eyes are not some kind of disaster, because with them you can cope even at home. It should be sorted out how quickly you can remove the bags under the eyes.

Bags under the eyes - what is it?

The eyeball, being in a wrist, is protected by an exceptionally adipous tissue, which is supported by the skin of the eyelids. Any time ago, doctors believed that the bags under the eyes could appear due to the fact that with the age of eyelids lost its elasticity, and therefore it could no longer hold fat tissue. That is why a person wakes up with a swelling under the eyes.

But, after time, the scientists found out that the cause of bags under the eyes is the growing of adipose tissue. That is, over time it increases in size. Without poisoning in the eye, it protrudes outward, creating swelling under the eyes.

During the night in our body, liquid climbs, creating swelling throughout the body. Awakening, a person observes swelling on the face, which, after a short time, disappear.

Bags under the eyes

It should be concluded that in the absence of any pathologies, bags under the eyes can be in the morning, but for the second half of the day they are completely absorbed. But if the bags keep constantly, then it can talk about some violations in the work of the body.

Causes of appearance

As a rule, such a problem always has a specific cause of occurrence. But if the edema is congenital in nature, the fight against them will be particularly long and complex.

Punching in the field of the eyelids can be a consequence of too frequent use of salty foods, and the salt, as you know, delays the fluid in the body.

Among other things, the swelling under the eyes may have other causes:

- the use of low-quality cosmetics;

- constant feeling of fatigue;

- excessive use of fluid throughout the day;

- Daily lack of sleep;

- tears;

- long stay at a computer or a TV;

- excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages;

- smoking;

- mechanical damage to the eye;

- Pregnancy;

- a hormonal failure, as a result of which the water-salt balance was broade;

- diseases of the kidneys, the consequence of which is the late removal of fluid from the body;

- failure in the work of the digestive system;

- diseases of the thyroid gland;

- Schimorite;

- violations in the work of the heart;

- Seasonal allergy.

How quickly you can remove bags under the eyes using folk remedies

If in the morning you notice that dark circles have formed under your eyes, and the eyelids look swept, then this problem needs to be urgent. First of all, you should pass a medical examination, after which you need consultation of the doctor.

That is, it is quite possible that such a simple manifestation may be a symptom of a rather serious disease that needs to be treated urgently.

If, during the survey, no pathologies were found, then, for sure, the problem lies in the wrong lifestyle. You may need to abandon bad habits, go to bed on time and start watching your nutrition.

Try to walk out as much as possible in the fresh air, abandoning the room at the computer. Such a lifestyle does not most best affect our health. Therefore, if you feel that the problem is precisely this, then such changes will help get rid of dark bags under the eyes.

Believe me, a few days after you started changing your lifestyle, you will immediately see changes in your appearance. You will look having rested, and bags under the eyes, as the magic, will disappear.

But if the reason for the occurrence of such a manifestation is completely different, then, in this case, you should seek help from traditional medicine.

Folk remedies

If such enems have a traumatic character, it will help you to cope with the bumps prepared for medicinal grasses. The decoction must be room temperature, as too high or low temperatures can only be aggravated by the flow of the inflammatory process.

But, in addition to herbal beam, other folk remedies are actively used.

1. Cucumber

Its composition contains enzymes to help get rid of the swelling. It should be noted that many women use this means, as it really brings a visible result.

how to remove dark circles under the eyes at home

So, it is necessary to cut the vegetable with small slices, after which it is to send to the refrigerator for about twenty minutes. Apply cucumber slices to a problem area for a few minutes.

2. Raw potatoes

Such a means helps to forget about swelling under the eyes in a matter of minutes. One potato tube will need, which we need to wash thoroughly, cut and attach to the centuries. Already a quarter of an hour of swelling disappear.

3. Compress from tea

The procedure implies the use of solely black tea in which we will need to moisten a cotton disk. But if you do not want to bother very much, you can simply take two tea bags used and attach them to centuries.

4. Aloe.

You will need a small part of the plant with which you will wipe the area under the eyes. After wiping the problem area, throughout the day, in the evening you can forget about this problem.

5. Salt solution

For its preparation, we will need a teaspoon of salt, which you need to dilute in a glass of hot water. Wash your cotton disks in the cooked liquid and apply them to the century.

6. Fancy Based on Sage

Such a tool will not only help cope with morning edema, it also has a fairly beneficial effect on eyelashes.

7. Boiled pumpkin

Small slices of such a vegetable must be attached to a problem zone for about fifteen minutes.

8. Ice.

As you know, such a simple tool helps to cope with any swelling. Therefore, in this case, we can only help us with two ice cubes, which should be spent several times on the skin of the eyelids.

Cosmetical tools

In order for the problem of bags under the eyes does not occur so often, you need to try to care for the skin of this area. There is a sufficiently large variety of various means that will help maintain a healthy skin condition.

Choosing a tool, note that hyaluronic acid prevailed in its composition. If elastin and collagen also be present in its composition, then this tool will be considered ideal for solving such a problem.

Such a tool will not only moisturize the skin, but also give it elasticity, which is important for middle-aged women.

Please pay attention to the problem of dark bags, it is necessary to comprehensively, and therefore you should combine the use of folk remedies with cosmetics.

Return the beauty of your skin will help the following means:


Such a tool is suitable for both young girls and middle-aged women. The drug absorbed quickly enough, so the result of its action will be noticeable after a short period of time.

In the initial stages, the tool is used twice a day, and in the launched cases it is recommended to apply it up to five times a day.

Bags under the eyes

Cream "Bilberry and Plagain"

His main plus is that plant extracts prevail in its composition. Such a cream will quickly help forget about the dark circles around the eyes.


If all previous funds do not have any positive effect on your skin, then in this case only pharmacy means can help you. They act from the inside, deriving excess fluid from the body. In addition, they help to strengthen the skin, as well as return to her elasticity and elasticity.

Note that only the long use of such means will help you forget for a long time about this problem. Disposable use gives effect for just a few hours.

The choice of method of treatment will depend on the cause of swelling. If this is an allergic reaction, the effect of the drug will be aimed at solving this problem. Correct with inflammation will help the appropriate means. Therefore, before using a drug, it is necessary to consult a doctor without fail.

1. Thrinksevazine is usually assigned to varicose veins. But it is also used for the purpose of getting rid of the swelling on the face.

2. Zirtek is an antihistamine preparation, which means it is prescribed solely in the event of an allergic reaction.

3. Blefarogel is used with symptoms such as itching, redness, as well as - swelling. As a rule, it is prescribed as prevention.

4. Dioptygel leads to normal the skin condition, making it smooth and elastic. With long use, it helps strengthen the thin skin of the eyelid.

Bags under the eyes for us are a sign that a person simply did not sleep. But, quite often, such a simple manifestation turns into a symptom, which may indicate the development of a rather serious disease.

Therefore, you should not ignore the bags under the eyes, masking them with a tonal cream, and it is better to immediately ask for help to the doctor.

Dark circles under the eyes and swelling, which we used to call "bags", become an urgent problem for many women and men. But the beautiful half of humanity is not ready to put up with such a cosmetic defect, and therefore has a lot of effective funds in its arsenal, with the help of which you can quickly eliminate the swelling around the eyes at home.

However, it should be remembered that bags and dark circles under the eyes may have both conditionally innocuous and easily eliminated causes and appear against the background of serious diseases.

Causes of edema under the eyes

  • Excessive use in front of alcoholic beverages , any liquid, salt, smoked or spicy food.
  • Lack of fluid in the body In which the skin around the eyelid sneezes, which provokes the appearance of circles under the eyes.
  • Cry , during which there is an increased excretion of the tear fluid, which provokes the strengthening of blood tide to the eyelids.
  • Non-sleeping And insomnia.
  • Habit sleep without pillows Or with lowered down head.
  • Overvoltage of eye muscles What is especially important for people spending a lot of time at the computer.
  • Smoking Due to the permanent hypoxia.
  • The use of low-quality decorative cosmetics and late removal from her face and the region in particular.
  • Incorrect use of moisturizing and nutrient cosmetics , as a result, there is a rehabilitation of cells moisture, which leads to the edema of the age.

We should not forget about the physiological causes of swelling under the eyes, which include:

  • age changes of the skin and the muscular-ligament apparatus of the eye;
  • Individual feature of the structure of the age;
  • Genetic factor.

As we said earlier, swelling and dark circles under the eyes may be a consequence of serious pathological conditions, namely:

  • Allergic reaction.
  • Eye diseases.
  • Inflammatory processes occurring in close proximity to the age.
  • Eye injury either head.
  • Insect bite.
  • Diseases of the kidneys
  • Cardiovascular pathologies.
  • Lack of vitamin B5.
  • Infectious diseases.
  • Nervous disorders.
  • Hormonal imbalance.

Therefore, you should not ignore this symptom if it does not pass for a long time. Sign up for a reception to the therapist, which if necessary, will send you to other specialists to accurately make a diagnosis and treatment of treatment.

But at home can be effectively fighting with swelling and dark circles under the eyes. On how to do it, and talk further.

How to remove swelling under the eyes?

From morning to get rid of bags under the eyes you will be helped by three simple procedures:

  1. Contrast wash concluded in the alternate washbasin of cold and hot water, due to which blood circulation and lymph circulation increases, stagnant phenomena in facial tissues are eliminated.
  1. Compress eye , Helping to remove the swelling and inflammation, give the skin elasticity and elasticity (about the options of compresses we will definitely talk a little later).
  1. Century Massage: So, a light tapping of the pillows of the fingers around the area around the eyes or the use of ice cubes for these purposes not only eliminates the bags under the eyes, but also helps to return the skin a healthy pink color.

How to get rid of circles under the eyes

Tea from bags under the eyes

All without exception normalize blood circulation, possess antiseptic, soothing and anti-inflammatory properties Therefore, widely used to combat inflammation and swelling under the eyes.

However, white and green large-scale tea without fillers and flavors are most effective.

For the preparation of the means from bags under the eyes you need 2 ppm Tea pour 200 ml of boiling water. Infused and cooled to comfortable for the skin of the eyelid, the temperature impregnate the cottage discs and impose them to the eyes for 10 to 20 minutes.

If you do not have time for the preparation of compresses, attach boiled tea bags to the centuries.

Such tea The compresses will eliminate not only swelling, but will remove redness and rubbed in the eyes.

To enhance the effect, it is recommended to use a cooled welding as a compress, which is applied for 5 minutes, and also under the eyes.

Remember that Tea welding color skin , so do not hold the masks longer than the specified time.

Coffee bags under the eyes

No less effective with puffiness under the eyes and grain coffee.

Making mask:

  1. Grind grain coffee.
  2. ½ CHL Mix the grinding coffee from 1 tsp. Coconut oil.
  3. Apply the resulting mixture at eyelids, while avoiding its eyes.
  4. Hold the mask 10 - 15 minutes, after which you gently wipe the skin with a wet cotton disk or wash the remnants of the mask with water.

Conducting this procedure twice a week, you are not only getting rid of the swelling under the eyes, but also moisturize the skin, give it a healthy look and color.

Parsley from edema under the eyes

Petrushka is considered to be one of the most effective folk remedies from edema under the eyes.

Petrushki includes vitamins and microelements that remove bruises and swelling under the eyes, leveled the skin color, regenerate the cells of the epidermis, thereby preventing the skin's fading.

Masks made of parsley leaves

  1. Grind leaves of fresh parsley (it's best to confuse parsley into the mortar).
  2. Distribute the resulting cleaner along with the seeded juice under the eyes.
  3. Hold the mask 20 - 30 minutes, after which the water temperature is riveted.

Infusion of parsley leaves

  1. 1 tbsp. Fresh or dried parsley brew 200 ml of boiling water.
  2. Let the tool be mixed 20 minutes.
  3. Perfoliate infusion.
  4. Mix your cotton disks, close your eyes and attach them back for 15 minutes.
  5. Swipe the procedure twice.
  6. In conclusion, it is recommended to wipe the skin of the eyelid to the ice cube, then apply the cream under the eyes.

Compress from parsley and sour cream

  1. A teaspoon of crushed parsley leaves Mix with two teaspoons sour cream.
  2. The resulting means to a thick layer evenly apply under the eyes, covering with wet cotton woven discs.
  3. After 15 minutes, wash the mask with water.

Potatoes from bags under the eyes

The use of potatoes for skin is indisputable , because this vegetable:

  • improves skin color;
  • accelerates regeneration processes;
  • increases skin elasticity;
  • Removes irritation, inflammation, redness and dry skin;
  • discoloring pigment stains;
  • Smoothes small wrinkles.

It is not surprising that potato masks are used everywhere in swelling and redness of the skin around the eyes.

Mask with boiled potatoes

  1. Boil one potato.
  2. Let the tuber cool.
  3. We cut into two halves and apply to edema for 30 minutes (the potatoes should be warm, but not hot).

Masks with raw potatoes

My potatoes and cut circles, which we apply to the swollen centuries for 30 minutes.

Another variant of the mask involves the use of raw grained potatoes, which wrapped in a gauze and superimposed under the eyes for 15 minutes.

To speed up the effect, raw grateful potatoes can be mixed with chopped parsley or white-baked cabbage, put a mixture into the gauze and attach to bags under the eyes for 15 minutes, after which it is necessary to wash. Final Accord - applying a fat cream under the eyes.

Cucumber from bags under the eyes

The classic of the genre that helps to give the face as a whole and eyes in particular a healthy appearance is a cucumber mask that moisturizes and nourishes the skin, and also fights small facial wrinkles around the eyes.

The easiest mask - Appended to the swollen eyelids, purified from the peel and sliced ​​with thin circles of fresh cucumber for 10 to 15 minutes. As soon as the cucumber circles become warm, they should be replaced with new ones.

Enhance the effect of the procedure in several ways:

  1. Pre-placing cucumber slices for 15 minutes in the refrigerator.
  2. Access the slices with cotton swabs moistened in milk.

The most optimal use of cucumber to quickly get rid of edema under the eyes is as follows:

  1. Clean the cucumber from the peel.
  2. Grind the cucumber to the cascidation consistency.
  3. Complete the resulting mass to gauze, and impose compress for swollen eyelids for 10 minutes.
  4. Clean cool water.

Milk from bags under the eyes

The external use of milk helps to reduce swelling, humidifying the skin, narrowing blood vessels, eliminating inflammation.

The recipe for milk compresses for the eyes is simple, like all ingenious! Woven discs are wetted in cold milk, after which we put them on the eyes for 20 minutes.

Conducting such a procedure, it is important to follow the rule: as soon as the cottage discs become warm, they must be changed to others moistened in cold milk.

Aloe from bags under the eyes

Aloe is an extraordinarily useful plant for the skin around the eyes, because it effectively rejuvenates, moisturizes, disinfects and nourishes the skin.

For cosmetic procedures, it is recommended to use the leaves of the plant, the age of which exceeds the otchuchka in three years.

In addition, it is important to conduct a number of manipulations that will help to preserve and multiply the healing properties of aloe.

So, the cut sheet of aloe must be wrapped into the napkin or fabric and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator or in a vegetable compartment. This is necessary for the production of biological stimulants in the plant. Two weeks later, aloe sheets can be used, thoroughly wash them under running water.

To remove bags and dark circles under the eyes, squeeze the juice from the aloe sheet, which wet your waders. Next, we put them back for 10 minutes.

Such compresses improve blood circulation and contribute to the removal of excess fluid under the centuries.

Sea salt from edema under the eyes

Sea salt has an excess fluid property, so successfully applies in the fight against eductions and bags under the eyes.

In this case, it can be used both dry salt and its solution.

Option number 1

The dry sea salt is placed in a canvas bag, slightly moisturize and apply a century for 10 to 15 minutes. It is important that salt does not get during the procedure in the eye.

Option number 2.

  1. Cooking a solution of sea salt at the rate of ½ C.L. Salts on 150 ml of warm water (salt must completely dissolve).
  2. Cool the solution to room temperature and carefully impose cotton discs in the saline solution under the eyes.
  3. We leave the compress for 5 - 10 minutes, after which we wash and apply a moisturizing cream under the eyes.

Contrast compresses around the eyes

Contrast compresses, like a contrasting soul, improve blood circulation, increase elasticity and pull the skin around the eyes.

This procedure is concluded in alternate applied to the centuries of cotton disks, moistened in hot water, and then in ice. At the same time, each compress should withstand one minute so as not to damage the gentle skin around the eyes. Procedure Repeat 5 - 6 times.

Conventional water is suitable for the preparation of contrast compresses. But it is better to use decoction of soothing herbs (chamomiles, sage, lime color, cornflower). You can also apply strong tea with chamomile for these purposes.

To prepare herbal solution for compress, 2 tsp. Plant collection or detached grass must be pouring 100 ml of boiling water, close the tank and give the medium to strengthen for 15 minutes. The effect of infusion is poverty into two tanks, in one of which we add 3 ice cubes.

Ice from bags under the eyes

If you want not only to eliminate, a and warn the appearance of edema under the eyes, we recommend that every morning I wipe the area around the eye with cubes.

Such a procedure tones the skin, enhances blood circulation and contributes to the extension of the pores, thanks to which the skin is not only breathing, but also absorbs the maximum amount of beneficial substances.

The time of manipulation with ice cubes should not exceed one minute, otherwise it is possible to get frostbite to the skin. In addition, cubes are recommended to wrap in fabric so that the procedure is more comfortable for both the face and fingers.

Ice cubes can be prepared not only from mineral water. It can be frozen fruit juices, tea, aloe vera juice, decoction and infancy made of herbs.

If you do not have time and the desire to spend time on the preparation of vitaminized ice cubes, there is a way out! It is enough to cut the vegetables with large cubes or circles, freeze them, and then put between two napkins (you can wrap a thin cloth) and impose under the eyes for one minute.

Cold spoon with bags under the eyes

Since childhood, we know that it is necessary to attach a coin or "something iron" and preferably cold to the fresh bruise. And all for the simple reason that the cool metal narrows blood vessels, due to which the severity of redness and swelling decreases.

Can this method be used to eliminate bags under the eyes? Can! Only instead of a coin it is more convenient to use cutlets with table metal spoons.

So, we take 4 dining or teaspoons (as more convenient) and put them in a glass with ice water (you can add 4 ice cubes to a glass, as the spoons will have to be changed during the procedure, and the water should remain ice).

It is possible for 20 to 30 minutes before carrying out the procedure to put spoons in the refrigerator, but this option is not very practical, as the metal may not cool until the desired temperature during this time, and run to the refrigerator to change the spoons, not very convenient.

In no case can not put spoons in the freezer, because the frozen devices attached to the tender skin around the eyes can cause a strong burn with cold.

But back to the procedure for removing edema. Two chilled spoons of four get out of a glass with water and apply the curved side down to the eyelids. Change the spoons when you feel that they began to heat up. Thus, it is possible to change the spoon until the desired result is obtained.

Oil from bags under the eyes

To carry out the procedure, we recommend using olive, linen or coconut oil, three tablespoons of which must be warm up, after which to massate the warm oil of eyelids.

Washed oil in the morning cool water.

Conducting similar manipulation daily, you will not only get rid of edema, but also from small wrinkles.

Massage and gymnastics for the age

Effectively relieve bags under the eyes and tighten the skin of the eyelid massage.

Unnamed fingers are easy to pat on the skin around the eyes, making circular movements. Start the massage from the upper eyelid, moving from the inner corner of the eyelid to the external.

Arraying the bottom of the century, move towards the nose to the external corner of the eye, and then follow in the opposite direction.

Be sure to use the cream for the eyelids during the massage, which will help soften the skin around the eyes and thereby eliminates the risk of its injury.

Tim-minute gymnastics for the eyelids will help consolidate the result obtained from massage or applying compresses.

We give the three simplest, but at the same time no less effective exercises that will help propagate the appearance of bags under the eyes:

  1. Make circular rotary movements with your eyes first left, then right. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  2. Holding your head smoothly, turn the look at the ceiling, then look down, on the floor. Repeat the exercise 10 times.
  3. I'm very clogged, and then wide open your eyes. Repeat the exercise 10 times.

And the most important thing: Purchase, spend more time in the fresh air, refuse bad habits, correctly manifold and observe the drinking mode so that such a problem, like echoes in the morning, remained in the past!

How to quickly get rid of edema and dark circles under the eyes at home?

To the appearance of edema, bruises, bags under the eyes can cause more than a dozen reasons. Most of them do not have health hazards, but some factors indicate pathology. How to detect a poor in time and prevent its development? Consider the main reasons for echoes under the eyes and ways to eliminate them.

Mainly such worried about women. This does not mean that men have bags under the eyes, swelling and bruises never appear. They simply do not usually pay attention to them. However, it is important to understand that this fairly frequent symptom, which is familiar with almost everyone, is not an exclusively cosmetic problem. There are a number of systemic pathologies in which swelling / bags arise in the eye area. If their appearance has become frequent, do not pull a visit to the doctor. It is necessary to establish the exact causes of the symptom and take appropriate therapeutic measures.

Why appear under the eyes bags and swelling?

It is conditionally distinguished by three main groups of factors that provoke swelling and bags:

  • physiological;
  • associated with the protective reaction of the organism on any stimuli;
  • Pathological.

These factors determine the nature of the ailment and the methods of its treatment. So, if the enems are caused by conventional fatigue, intense, then they do not need to treat them. Remove swelling and bags under the eyes resulting from these reasons, you can independently at home. At the same time, first of all, the person needs to relax and sleep well.

If the bags under the eyes are a consequence of the development of pathology, it will have to be treated precisely, and not just a separate sign.

Eknescents under the eyes: physiological reasons

For natural reasons, which are usually not required are not required, belong:

  • A large amount under the skin of the adipose tissue, which is often determined by heredity;
  • The structure of the eyelids in which the bags practically do not disappear;
  • Reducing the elasticity of the skin, which is the result of the aging of the body;
  • The weakening of the eye and facial muscles, which also happens due to age-related changes.

These factors are not pathology, so it is fairly difficult to eliminate them. Edems can be disguised by cosmetics. It is also possible to reduce swelling with folk remedies or eliminate it completely, but temporarily resorted to plastic surgery.

Bags and swelling under the eyes as a temporary response of the body

We are not talking about allergic reactions that will be mentioned later, but about temporary irritants. They provoke swelling, swelling, dark circles and bags in the morning or in the evening. Usually, the symptom is eliminated independently as soon as the stimulus ceases to influence the human body. This group of reasons include:

  • Incorrect meals: a lot of oily and salty food;
  • Abuse of alcohol-containing drinks;
  • tobacocco;
  • insomnia, chronic lack of sleep;
  • Eye injury, head, nose;
  • Overvoltage of the eyes during the long-term work at the computer;
  • Makeup left on the face for the night, as well as the use of low-quality cosmetics;
  • The introduction of Botox, which may first cause swelling in the eye area.

Most often, bags and edema become a consequence of unbalanced nutrition and alcohol abuse.

Salted, oily, smoked food, ethyl alcohol lead to dehydration. The body is trying to stock fluid. It accumulates in almost all tissues. The skin on the face and especially under the eyes is very thin, it is easier and faster. Blueness, swelling, swelling on the face is more noticeable than on other parts of the body.

Causes and treatment of pathological edema

If the swelling under the eyes is not the result of fatigue, insomnia, aging, injuries and other reasons not related to pathologies, it is worth a comprehensive examination. There are several severe diseases in which bags under the eyes are one of the accompanying symptoms. So, the swelling happens in hernia in the cervical spine. At the same time often swells under one eye. For hernia are characteristic and such signs as:

  • frequent goosebumps all over the body;
  • headaches;
  • muscle weakness leading to a violation of movement coordination;
  • pain in the neck.

It is treated with hernia with gymnastics, painkillers, massage. Sometimes surgical excision is required.

In pathologies, causing renal failure, everything person can swell. Waking up in the morning, a man sees on the face of edema. Heavy forms of kidney disease lead to swelling of legs, genital organs, abdomen, lower back. A distinctive feature of swelling caused by kidney disease is their "floating" character. A person changes the position of the body, swelling moves. Such diseases of hypertension are accompanied, a decrease in urine volume, changes in its color.

The liver pathologies are usually manifested in such symptoms as the swelling of the face, hands, fingers, heartburn, bitterness in the mouth, pain on the right side of the abdomen, dark urine, the jaggility of the proteins of the eyes and skin. The danger of liver diseases is that they don't know about themselves for a long time, as it has the ability to self-end.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system lead to the swelling of the face, legs, which occurs closer in the evening, constant shortness of breath, weakness, chest pains, rapid heartbeat. Pallor and skin sinusiness are other frequent signs of heart disease and vessels. As it was already noted, under the eyes the skin is very thin, so the sinusiness is especially visible in this area of ​​the face. Often swelling have one-sided character.

Swells at the eye with almost any systemic pathology of the body. The diseases of the thyroid gland, the gastrointestinal tract, the urogenital system is often accompanied by the swelling, including on the face.

Any illness in one way or another can affect the skin of the eye around the eyes. When a person is sick, he eats little, sleeps badly, experiencing stress. All these factors are reflected on the face of the patient.

What other reasons for eagle edema?

Sometimes swelling and bags under the eyes sign about the deficiencies in the body of certain groups of vitamins. First of all, we are talking about vitamin B5 - pantothenic acid. Its disadvantage leads to insomnia, migraine, fatigue, muscular pains, numbness of the fingers on the legs. In such cases, it is necessary to add the diet of vegetables, greens, buckwheat, eggs, milk, oatmeal.

Often swelling under the eyes are disturbed by pregnant women throughout the entire period of the baby. This is due to hormonal failures. However, the pathology of the kidneys or other organism systems can be a provoking factor.

Allergy is another cause of swelling. Allergen can be pollen plants, dust, cosmetics, face cream, wool, mortar for contact lenses, food and other stimuli.

Local allergic reactions occur in cases where the allergen turns out to be directly on the connecting shell of the eye - conjunctive. It is accompanied by its irritation and redness, tearing, which causes the blurring of the image, itching, the burning in the eyes. With allergy, the eye of the man treads them with his hands, brings microbes, which can lead to the development of inflammatory ophthalmic disease. Such agells often lead to swelling.

Edema under the eyes and redness - what does it mean?

Bags under the eyes and redness of the sclera happens with conjunctivitis, poisoning, alcohol abuse, exposure to the organs of vision of smoke. Tears in front of a night rest can lead to the fact that the face will be swollen in the morning, and their eyes are reddened.

If only one side of the face swells, with a lot of probability, you can talk about problems with heart, digestion, as well as conjunctivitis or lack of oxygen. Sometimes the cause of such a symptom becomes an insect bite.

Edema under the eyes: causes, treatment

Thus, the reason determines the method of treatment. Pathological factors are eliminated by drugs, physiotherapeutic procedures, surgery. To remove directly the symptom itself, which is especially important for women, you can independently. This is done by massage faces, gymnastics for eyes, folk remedies, creams and masks. They can only give a temporary result. But with constant use, they become effective preventive measures.

There were swelling under the eyes - how to get rid of them with the help of massage?

Start your morning from a short and lightweight massaging of the eyelids and skin under the eyes. You can make a massage with soft circular motions in different directions. Lymph will go to the bridge and to the temples. The swelling thanks to this quickly falls. This simple procedure is performed 2-3 minutes. It is better to give her every morning so that the swelling does not appear.

Exercises for the eyes must be done at elevated visual loads. You can carry such charging while working at the computer.

Break it for 5-10 minutes and make some circular movements with your eyes in different directions, massage the eyelids, quickly peel. Blood circulation in the eyes and in the field of the eye will improve. More oxygen will come to the tissues. Such gymnastics helps not only remove swelling, but also restore visual sharpness.

How to remove swelling / bags under the eyes of folk remedies?

Folk medicine means allow eliminating swelling quickly. The most effective are considered:

  • Lotion from parsley. Grind it, pour boiling water and leave it for half an hour. By expiration, strain the infusion, make compresses for the eyelids. The bulls should be a bit warm, although you can freeze it in special molds and subsequently use ice. They need to rub the skin and face in the morning.

  • Compress from vegetables. Sattail cabbage, potatoes, parsley root on a shallow grater. Apply the mixture to the bandage or gauze and attach to the centuries for 15 minutes. Vegetables can be used in another way. Cut the raw potatoes or cucumber with circles and put them on the eyes of 15-20 minutes.
  • Mercharges from medicinal herbs - chamomiles, sage, turns. They are sold in a dried form in pharmacies. Prepare infusion according to the instructions. It is better to make a cold and warm infancy. Moisten in them cotton disks and apply them to the centuries alternately: first warm, then cold. This is how lymphotok improves, which helps reduce the swelling.

  • Tea welding is the most famous ingredient for making compresses. You can brew black or green tea. Mo in it watts and leave it in front of 10-15 minutes.
  • Infusion of birch leaves. Grind birch leaves, pour them with mineral water, leave the infusion in the refrigerator for a day. In the morning, strain it and wet them by massaging movements, the steady sections of the face.

Folk remedy can be chosen another. The main thing is that you have no allergies. Do not carry out such self-medication if there is suspicion that the swelling is a consequence of the disease. Contact your doctor and pass the examination.

You can use products not only for rings and compresses. Of these, face masks are also made. Remove swelling under the eyes at home quickly allows such a way. As masks apply:

  • Egg protein with the ability to pull up the skin;
  • Strawberry, refreshing skin;
  • Water apple, relieving swelling even with inflammation.

Special gel masks and creams can be bought in a pharmacy. They are applied on the face chilled. If you have time and money, contact a cosmetic interior. There you will be offered procedures that quickly eliminate bags under the eyes.

Very short - why problems arise under the eyes?

Bags under the eyes (in detail about the problem) are formed under the influence of various factors, one of which is genetic.

With age, the subcutaneous fat is shifted, its number decreases, and the skin is thinned. Often, with an unhealthy lifestyle, these processes are accompanied by the accumulation of biological fluids in the subborital zone, which is already fraught with the formation of bags.

Bags under the eyes. How to remove at home.

Bags under the eyes - a problem due to the formation of fat hernia under the skin of the lower eyelid or excessive accumulation of biological fluids in soft fabrics.

Everyone wants to remove the bags under the eyes at home. Let's deal with.

Lee helps Home compresses and other means from bags under the eyes? Not. Do not help.

From bruises and dark circles - can help, with a healthy lifestyle. But from bags - do not help. If you have heard somewhere about miraculous ointments - know this is an advertisement.

See also: Honestly about ointments and creams from bruises under the eyes.

In case of bruises and dark circles, you can use low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid tools, the molecules of which are really capable of penetrating through the skin. This should contribute to the moisturizing of the zone and the partial elimination of the defect. Why partial? - The content of the GC in the cream is minor, most of it remains on the surface. Yes, and the low molecular weight creams produce only large cosmetology concerns, the cost of these funds is appropriate.

Not all hyaluronic acid penetrates the skin!

In professional aesthetic medicine there are a lot of ways to eliminate the defect.

Is it possible to quickly get rid of bags under the eyes?

We offer you to watch the video comment by our cosmetologists - how to remove bags or circles under the eyes depending on the type of this disadvantage:

Let's start with the main thing - quickly get rid of bags under the eyes Without special cosmetic, and sometimes surgical procedures do not work out. The only thing that visually helps to hide this aesthetic disadvantage - tinting creams and similar makeup techniques.

Compresses and massages can hide a problem for a maximum of 15 minutes. After that, it will appear again.

If today you are not ready to refer to professional cosmetology (and you can remove bags under the eyes in 15 minutes with cosmetology methods!) Or plastic surgery, try to defeat bags under the eyes at home. We have prepared an overview of popular means of combating this disadvantage.

However, you must understand that only comprehensive solutions for a certain period of time can bring a positive trend.

Remove bags under the eyes using hyaluronic acid injections

Photo: Cosmetology method of getting rid of bags under the eyes - injections of hyaluron-containing fillers (see all photos before and after the procedures).

Try to adjust the lifestyle:

  • Available at least 7-8 hours a day;
  • Go to bed no later than 00:00;
  • Enrich the diet with valuable vitamins and minerals;
  • Refuse salty, smoked, sharp dishes;
  • Eliminate the consumption of alcohol and carbonated drinks;
  • Throw smoking;
  • Visit the cosmetologist to select the right and effective care.

Spend a revision of the cosmetics - bad cosmetics occurs not only in care, but also in makeup. Many tonal creams, mousses and powders are driving a sensitive skin of the eyelids and prevent her normal breathing that he strengthens and "fixes" swelling.

Use only those creams for the eyelids that will select a beautician for you, taking into account the type of skin, age and individual characteristics.

How to get rid of bags under the eyes

Etiotropic therapy against problems under the eyes

Knowing a specific reason for the appearance Bags under the eyes, it will be much easier for you to cope with visual imperfections.

Complete a comprehensive diagnostic study by the doctor. Specify whether you have problems with kidneys, heart or endocrine system. If a specialist diagnoses diseases from you, it should be proceeded to their treatment - Only in this case there is a chance to eliminate the external drawback on the face .

Ignoring therapy, you not only do not cope with the visual changes in the lower eyelids, but also give the pathology "safely" to develop.

Pay attention to your lifestyle:

  • Adjust the diet, removing the excess solutions and smoked menu;
  • Available at least 7-8 hours a day;
  • Try to sleep on your back and avoid poses on your stomach during sleep;
  • Drink at least 1.5-2 liters of peeled non-carbonated water per day;
  • Throw smoking;
  • Refuse one-time / regular abuse of alcoholic beverages;
  • Freshly walk in the fresh air more often;
  • Perform the morning charging;
  • Limit the time of work at the computer;
  • Avoid stressful and conflict situations;
  • Slide the time of staying in the sun and do not abuse visiting a solarium;
  • Spend a revision of cosmetics - review leaving and decorative means, throw out overdue or poor-quality cosmetics, contact a beautician to select effective home care.

Sometimes compliance with such simple and useful tips will help visually reduce bags in the lower eyelid area yourself within 2-3 weeks.

Holding to a healthy lifestyle, you are surprised to mark how much your overall health improves and how soon the external defects that you associated with aging and other uncontrolled factors may be abused.

Cosmetical tools

The best way to get rid of bags under the eyes at home - Selection of high-quality professional cosmetics . If you find it difficult to choose from, visit the Cosmetologist's Consultation. It will diagnose and tell you the right solutions to eliminate the swelling of the eyelids.

Some women and men periodically feel the need for "emergency" beauty assistance. This is usually associated with public speeches and important business meetings. Solving the problem of bags under the eyes in this case lies in the use of special plasters and patches.

Plockers and patches are short on the skin of the lower eyelid, intensively drinking it by the following valuable substances:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Collagen;
  • Extract of green tea, laminaria or other plants;
  • L-carnitine;
  • Caffeine;
  • Vitamins;
  • Enzymes;
  • Minerals;
  • Enzymes.

The procedure contributes to the normalization of local blood circulation, deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin, removes swelling, has a light lifting effect.

Applying patches and patches can be at home. The main thing is to choose a suitable tool in advance with a beautician.

Many patients believe that hyaluronic acid is not necessarily injection - it is possible to do with it with its addition. This is not true.

Unmodified hyaluronate included in cosmetics, Unable to penetrate deep layers of skin . This is due to the size of its molecules. Therefore, such means can only temporarily remove edema, but they will not affect the process of skin aging. Moreover, if you use such creams in the conditions of moisture deficit, you can achieve even greater dehydration of the skin.

Folk remedies from bags under the eyes

Folk remedies respected by some people for their naturalness and absolute security, although in fact the second moment is controversial.

Cosmetologists regard such therapy only as an auxiliary, but not the main one.

With the help of natural tools, it is hardly possible to get rid of the protrusion of the fat hernia of the lower eyelid, but it is possible to reduce the manifestation of bags under the eyes, especially if you resort to procedures daily in the morning.

Try the following methods:

  • Potato "patches." Potatoes are rich in potassium, beta-carotene, niacin and other nutrients, so it can help you get rid of swelling under the eyes. Sattail the raw potatoes on the grater, add a little milk to the ground and impose on the eyelids. Take a horizontal position and pull the mask for 15 minutes. Remove cool water. Option for occupied people: Cut the potatoes with thin slices and impose on the lower eyelid. Change slices on fresh every 5 minutes. Eveniness will significantly decrease;
  • Washing ice. To tone, strengthen and "awaken" the skin, is recommended to wash ice. Especially relevant to process the skin with frozen phytotherapeutic chasing or influence. Cooking ice from parsley, chamomile, melissa, hunter or green tea. Drive ice cube on face massage lines, paying special attention to the area around the eyes;
  • Massage. Purchase in the pharmacy oil solutions of vitamins A and E (the combined drug Aevit can be used). Apply a liquid at the lower eyelid thin layer. Start carefully pats your fingertips along the line from the inner corner of the eye to the external. Repeat movements of 5-7 minutes, after which remove the remains of the oil with micellar water or tonic.

Patients with bags under the eyes also It is recommended to carry out a lymphatic drainage massage . But be careful - the wrong execution technique may entail unforeseen side effects. If you are not sure of your abilities, contact a specialist in carrying out such a type of massage.

Semi-professional methods and pharmacy

Professional cosmetology procedures can be "imitate" at home.

A particularly popular method is Homemade mesotherapy . It will require a mechanical mesaroller and a mesotherapeutic cocktail. If you do not have the opportunity to purchase it (usually it is implemented on hands only to cosmetologists), use the following means:

  • Hyaluronic acid;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Concentrates of elastin and / or collagen;
  • Bioextract of green tea or seaweed;
  • Amino acids.

Important: Watch that pharmacy solutions have a light liquid consistency. Oil preparations are not suitable for this purpose.

The tool is applied to the purified dry skin with a uniform layer. Then, on the surface of the cover, they water the mesonoller, having a small pressure.

Homemade mesotherapy provides a combined effect:

  1. Moisturizing and nutrition;
  2. Lifting;
  3. Alignment of tone and microrelief;
  4. Clarification of hyperpigmentation;
  5. Smoothing of small wrinkles and chances.

Of course, its result is not so pronounced and fixed, as after mesotherapy, conducted in the clinic of aesthetic medicine. In addition, it is impossible to forget about the potential risks of the procedure. Follow all the rules of asepsis and antiseptics, act very accurately, do not overdo it with pressing. Otherwise, there is a possibility of complications.

The home alternative to microcurrent therapy is the use of a mini-instrument for darsonvalization. By resorting to the method, caution should also be taken and not to get involved in the multiplicity of procedures. Using Darsonval too often, you can strongly cut the skin, which will lead to the opposite effect - thinning, premature aging, swelling.

If you manage to reduce the severity of the bags under the eyes at home, you can safely wait with a campaign to the doctor.

However, remember that these procedures are unable to deal with the problem of radically. And if you do not help you - do not be afraid to ask for help to professionals.

Contour plastic: how to quickly remove the bags under the eyes in 15 minutes. Features of the procedure.

Do not help home?

Would you like to get an instant prolonged result and eliminate bags under the eyes forever for 15-20 minutes? We are waiting for you in the clinic "Arbat Aesthetic" at the reception!

Bags, swelling, bruises under the eyes - many people familiar with such a picture on their face. If all these unpleasant details of appearance were formed for reasons not related to chronic pathologies and hidden diseases, they can also be removed by household means. About how to remove bags under the eyes of people's methods, we will talk.

Edema under the eyes

What factors cause the appearance of bags under the eyes?

Most of the reasons provoking the temporary formation of edema and bags under the eyes are associated with professional activities and human resources. To get rid of them, it is not necessary to buy expensive creams and contact the beauty salons, the means of dealing with the problem can be found at home.

Before getting acquainted with folk remedies against bags under the eyes, find out what factors they cause them. The list of reasons includes:

  • Periodic lack of sleep, rolling fatigue, frequent stressful situations;


  • addiction to salted, sharp and smoked dishes and products;
  • Daily work and long scenes at the computer;
  • eye injury;
  • any bad habits, frequent smoking, to regular use of alcoholic beverages;
  • the use of low-quality cosmetics, especially for eyelids and eyelashes causing allergies;
  • Heavy course of ARZ and ORVI;
  • Stormy late sites and parties.

Obviously, at least once in life, each person faces similar situations. We don't want to walk for several days with bruises and edema. In addition, unpleasant changes associated with professional activities are just not going through, but only exacerbate. Let's figure it out how to remove bags under the eyes of people's ways.

Folk recipes from bags under the eyes

In folk medicine there are a lot of recipes that can successfully fight bags under the eyes. Traditionally, they are prepared from healthy means and products. Summies, masks and compresses on healing plants perfectly copble with eductions and dark circles. Benefit on the skin of the eyelids. Essential oils.

Ice against bags and edema in front of

The ice is the most popular and affordable home product, which will not stand any bag, swelling or dark circle. The ice can be applied to problem areas or make them a massage of the eyelids. Fill the shape of the refrigerator with water, put in the freezer. The resulting ice cube take over the edema, trying not to linger in one place. If the swelling is large, you can attach ice to it for a few seconds, as in the photo:


Potato or Cucumber compress

Wash the cucumber or potato tuber, put on the circles, and impose them to the eyes. Hold a vegetable compress for 10-15 minutes. The edema will noticeably fall after the first procedure, but it will take 7 days to complete the bags. You can prepare a compress from cucumber and parsley. Grind both ingredients, mix, get the resulting cleaner to gauze, slide a little, impose on the eyelids. 5-10 minutes enough so that the compress will affect. The exact same procedure can be done with potatoes:

Potatoes from edema under the eyes

Based on potatoes you can cook a mask. We take a potato spoon of potato mashed potatoes cooked on milk and oatmeal. We mix the components, we get a gentle cleaner. Issue eyelids, keep 20 minutes, wash off without warm water, and warm green tea.

Medicinal herbs for compresses

Phytotherapy is one of the most ancient directions of traditional medicine. For many centuries, people study the healing properties of plants and are actively preparing medicines for the treatment of various diseases. Some plants due to their anti-inflammatory and tonic properties can also be used to remove bags and swells:

  • Sage . To prepare the brave, 1 spoon of dried sage and a glass of boiling water will be required. We pour dry raw materials with water, let it stand 30-60 minutes, then the solution must be strain and lower your cotton disks into it. We apply moistened discs to centuries, withstand 10-15 minutes. The procedure is better before bedtime. After removing the compress, the skin must be lubricated with nutritional cream.
  • Chamomile and linden. From these plants prepare infusion, then make compress. For infusion, it is necessary to take the same amount of chamomile and linden, pour the mixture with 1 glass of boiling water. Insist half an hour. Soak cotton discs, impose them on the eyes, give to lie down for 10-15 minutes, then remove. Infusion relieves inflammation well and reduces eyelidity of the eyelids.
  • Aloe. Cut several leaves, chopped finely, wrap in gauze, impose on the eyes. Cut 7-10 minutes, remove the compress, rinse your eyes and apply the cream.


Choosing a vegetable product for making a ride and compresses, check if you are allergic to it.

Tea compresses

Green and black tea contains many tannins and caffeine, which, narrowing blood vessels, cause swelling and reduce the severity of the bags. Today, when there is a packaged tea on sale, it is very convenient to use for compresses. Just brewing bags with green or black tea, let them cool down a little, put on the eyes for 15 minutes: an effective composition for removing bags is obtained from a mixture of green tea leaves and sour cream.

Compress from tea

Masca Mask

Honey is a favorite product of traditional medicine. It is based on a lot of drugs from all diseases. The main thing is that honey be present, high-quality. To eliminate bags and bruises under the eyes, they simply drink the skin of the eyelids, imposing like cream. Leave a honey mask for 10 minutes, it is not necessary to wash off, it is enough to remove the excess with a napkin. It is recommended to conduct a honey procedure for the night.

Bodhagi mask

Beathaga has long been used at home to reduce bruises and swelling. Dried raw materials can be bought at the pharmacy, make Cashitsa from it, and smear it a problem area. Especially relevant to the mask of Bodharya when the edema appeared as a result of injury of the eye. In addition to the relief of the swelling, the plant acts as a natural antiseptic.

Sticks from bruises and bags

Sticks are another effective tool of traditional medicine, working against swelling and dark circles. You can make them from the most ordinary products. We give several recipes:

  • Take a chicken egg protein, beat it so that the foam is tight, impose on swelling. Hold up to dry and wash off.
  • Silver from cold cream. In the same way, they whip them, we put it out forever, we wait, when cream absorbed and get sick. Wash off warm water.
  • We are preparing a decoction of the pharmaceutical chamomile, we make a cotton disk with them, we impose on the modified skin. Keep 10-15 minutes.
  • I boil the pumpkin, make mashed potatoes, cool and impose on the affected skin.

All bums that are directly superimposed on the skin must be distributed on them evenly, thin layer. The time of procedure is 15-20 minutes.

Since such binding sushields are drying, it is necessary after it is washed to handle the skin with moisturizing cream.

Massage and gymnastics at home

In the arsenal of folk medicine, the means of combating bags are presented not only by compresses and rims. For example, you can make a massage with specially cooked cream or using silver spoons. For the first procedure, it will be necessary to make cream from walnuts, butter and lemon juice. We prepare the cream as follows: 25 grams of butter (unsolonged) mix with 1 teaspoon of ground nuclei of nuts, add 3-5 drops of lemon juice, mixed well and apparently. We proceed to the massage:

  • We make soft circular movements with pillows of unnamed fingers, moving from the inner angle of the eyes to the external. We repeat 4-5 times.
  • Go to the tendering of your fingers with the same number of repetitions.

Massage can be supplemented with special eye gym. First, they are very closed, then widely swallow your eyes. Drive eyes in different directions, up-down. We repeat the movement several times. Now a little perfting with eyes, let them take 10 seconds, and repeat the blink. Both procedures enhance lymphotok in the affected areas, increase the skin tone, contribute to the removal of excess fluid. For massage with silver spoons, they must be cooled, attached by the convex side to the centuries and press on them:

massage spoons for face

Then perform circular movements. When the spoons become warm, they must be cooled again and continue massage. The procedure can be carried out 3-4 times a day. After the massage it is useful to moisten the skin with cream.

Procedures with vegetable and essential oils

Thin and gentle epidermis of the age needs competent leaving and gentle handling. Especially vulnerable skin at the moment when something caused her swelling. Vegetable and essential oils are ideally suited for these purposes. Actually their use and against bags under the eyes:

  • Sandala essential oil It gives skin closets, prevents irritation, brightens and reduces the edema of the eyelid.
  • Tea tree oil Work perfectly against edema. Soothes the skin and gives it freshness.
  • Essential oil neroli. : One of the most effective natural funds. If you process the eyelids of neroli for the night, then in the morning you will definitely wake up without sacks and bruises.
  • Morkovi essential oil . Oil squeeze out of seeds of vegetable, it removes edema, smoothes skin cover and increases their elasticity.

Oil nerol

Using essential oils, it is necessary to carefully approach their composition. The concentration of some substances can negatively affect the cells of the epidermis.

For proper use, these oils should be diluted with vegetable oils. Those that are obtained from avocado, cocoa, peach, rosehip, olives are suitable as basic oils.

Home prevention Nothing helps to wake up in the morning without sacks and bruises, as a properly organized lifestyle, including recreation. There are no tricks in home prevention, everything is simple and usual:

  • Check the bedroom before bedtime;
  • Take time for evening walks;
  • Increase physical activity, do in the morning charging;
  • Do not load the body with fluid before bedtime;
  • Balance the diet (reduce the amount of salt and acute);
  • Do not sleep, bolding down face in the pillow;
  • Refuse bad habits;
  • For the night, drink the skin with creams.

Application of cream

All these measures lead to an improvement in blood circulation, prevent stagnation of liquid, facilitate the breathing of cells with oxygen, raise the body tone and give you positive emotions. In situations where the appearance of swelling and bruises is constant, you should think about the failures of the internal organs (kidneys, thyroid glands, hearts). The use of folk agents with such factors is meaningless, and does not give results. Herbal infusions, decoctions, compresses and bulls are effective when the eyes swell from fatigue, surplus drunk and night-to-nights. The edema of the fiber doctors belong to temporary phenomena and they themselves advise them to fight with folk methods.

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