How to grow ginger at home from the root bought in the store

Ginger many known as an oriental spice, in addition to this, it is used as a medicine from many diseases. It has a tonic, fat burning and rejuvenating effect, and therefore many are thinking if the ginger can grow from the corounelness of the house? The process of growing plants is not very complex, but requires compliance with several rules. Having understood in them, even a novice rabbing can grow ginger at home independently.

How to start - what root can be planted?

How to start - what root can be planted?

For the landing of ginger at home primarily, the variety of Cornklubnya is selected. In the store you can buy a white ginger (Bengali), black ginger (Barbados) or stehae. White ginger has a moderately sharp taste and a pleasant aroma, black ginger is distinguished by a sharp, sharp, strongly pronounced taste, and stew - delicate aroma and medium degree of burning.

For the cultivation of ginger at home, you can take any of them, each crop selects it to their taste.

For landing, a large, smooth, brilliant, non-peaked root with developed escape kidneys is selected. The optimal sizes of the root - 5-8 centimeters in length and 3-4 centimeters in width. The more the kidneys will be on it, the better.

The frozen, wrinkled or dry cloud for this is not suitable, as it does not germinate.

If there are a large number of kidneys, the root before planting, if desired, is divided into jumpers on the part, and searched into separate or one long and wide container. At each separated part there should be at least 1 kidney-eye, but the more there will be, the larger the new root will grow.

What conditions are needed to grow ginger at home

What conditions are needed to grow ginger at home

In order for ginger to grow and gave a good harvest of Cornklube, or heated with time, it is necessary to create comfortable, approximate to natural, conditions.

Plant Plant is located in a half, direct sunlight are dangerous for ginger! Capacity with a plant is set to the window either on the windowsill with Western or East. To protect against sunlight, glass on the window is covered with white paper or tulle.

Ginger, despite the fact that it is afraid of direct sunlight, is a light-affiliated plant. The light day for a full-fledged growth should be 12-16 hours, so in winter and early spring, the plant is shoved by a phytolamma or a polish-cap of the LED lamp. The lamp is placed in a half-meter from the plant.

In the summer, if possible, the plant is located on the street, on any pronted area.

The air temperature during the cultivation of the plant in the spring should be equal to 18-22 degrees of heat, in the summer - 28-30 degrees and 15 degrees during the rest period (winter). At any time of the year, temperature drops must be excluded!

When carrying out the room, the ginger is endowed in another room. A draft for the plant is destroyed.

In the room to maintain the optimal humidity during the heating period, an air humidifier is installed or water tank.

How to plant ginger

From the proper landing of ginger, depends, whether he will germinate and give a good crop of corounty or in time it will bloom, or will die at the stage of sprouts. In order for it to grow and develop, it is necessary to take into account all the nuances.

Preparation of land

Preparation of land

Ginger landed in winter or at the beginning of spring, while it is enough to grow and fully formed until the harvest is taken.

For the landing of the Cornklube, a part of the turf of the land is taken, part of the river sainted sand, part of the low-level peat and a part of the leaf humus.

If you wish, you can buy a ready-made soil in a specialized store. It will suit any soil intended for growing vegetables.

Potash-phosphoric fertilizers are added to the prepared or acquired soil. The resulting mixture is thoroughly mixed and shed a warm solution of manganese or rolled in a hot oven for 1 hour, and then watering with warm water.

To plant the ginger, a suitable capacity with drainage holes is selected. It should be wide and deep, because the CornClube is growing predominantly styling, and the plant with good care can grow to 1 meter in height.

In the disinflected by manganese or phytosporin, the tank is poured with a thickness of 3-5 centimeters. Small ceramzit, vermiculitis, gravel or chopped foam begged as drainage. The prepared soil is embanked on top of it. It fills 2/3 of the total volume pot.



Cornefube before planting is placed in warm water (22-25 degrees) for 2-3 hours. This contributes to the awakening of the kidneys to growth.

For faster growth, the tuber can be put on a wooden skeleton and place over a capacity with water so that the lower part of the root touches moisture. Water in the container is agreed as evaporation. With the appearance of green seedlings, the tuber is removed from the skewers.

Then he half an hour falls into a solution of phytosporine, mangalls, or food soda. Such processing will protect the root from possible infections and pathogenic bacteria.

After processing the root is removed, slightly dried and is divided if necessary. When the root is separated into several parts, the sections of the sections are dried and processed by a solution of mangalls, thusted activated carbon or wood ash.

Prepared root is opened by 2-3 centimeters into the soil. The eyes are rooted at the same time. The soil with lined roots is poured by groundwater. The pot with a plant before germination of sprouts is located near the heating battery, for example, on the windowsill or near it.

Instead of land for landing, you can also use moss sfagnum. To do this, the container with the drainage layer is lined with moss. It is laid out of the kidney kidneys up. The ginger is covered with a thin layer of sphagnum. Everything is abundantly watering with warm water. The container with the root is installed near the battery on the window.

About 2-4 weeks, regardless of the growing method, green sprouts of the plant appear, similar to Russian.

Landing and ginger care: video

Cartoon care

Cartoon care

After the appearance of shoots, the plant needs to ensure proper care.

Watering of ginger is carried out often and small portions. For watering, accumulated, soft water room temperature is taken.

After each watering, the soil gently flies with a wooden stick. Water during watering should not remain in the pallet, after the flow it is poured.

Ginger in natural conditions is grown in a wet environment and therefore similar conditions are created for it. Every day, especially during the heating season and in summer heat, the leaves of the plant spray with warm water. Autumn irrigation stops.

With the arrival of summer, the plant can be transferred to the greenhouse, on the balcony, terrace, loggia or outside under the shadow of trees. Closer to the autumn they return to the room.

Mineral and organic fertilizers are taken for feeding ginger. Potasy feeders are used during the growth period of the plant, phosphoric - contribute to flowering.

The first feeding of ginger is held 2 weeks after the appearance of sprouts.

During the whole period of vegetation, the plant feats in the infusion of a cowboy, divorced in water (in the ratio of 1:10) or herbal tincture (diluted 1: 5), a chicken litter solution (1:30) or complex fertilizers that are entered every 2-3 weeks . The best option is the alternation of organic and mineral fertilizers.

Starting from August, if the plant is grown in not decorative purposes, and falling in the fall, the number of nitrogen fertilizers is minimized.

If the ginger is planted to obtain a root, then the leaves are periodically cut off so that all forces are aimed at forming tubers.

When growing plants from separated ginger, it is better to leave them further, leaving them in the soil.

Over time (about 3 years), with good care, buds will appear on ginger. In the initial stage of bootonization, they are removed with the leaves. At the same time, the underground part of the plants begins to receive a larger nutrition, which contributes to its development.

To obtain a lush bush and colors, the crown should not be formed.

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From the moment of landing of ginger, Cornklubny ripen for 8-10 months. They are then ready to use.

At the beginning of the autumn, the ginger pot is placed in a warm bright room. By October, watering decreases and gradually stops (1-1.5 weeks before tuber digging). The leaves at the same time begin to fall apart on the sides, yellow and fall. The rhizomes are accumulated by nutrients. They dig out after complete fading of the leaves.

Cornklubny, after digging, they are cleaned from the ground, the apparent roots are removed on them. Purified tubers are dried within 3 days in the sun.

If the ginger is planted for decorative purposes or it remains to grow further, dry leaves on the plant are cut off, and the roots are left to winter in a pot.

To obtain a crop and next year, several roots are left for landing the next year.

A dry dark room is selected for storage, for example, a basement, a cellar, at an air temperature, equal to 4-5 degrees, or storage room. If there is no suitable storage room, the bottom shelf of the refrigerator will fit. Ginger, while stored in a paper box or in a polyethylene package, if stored in the refrigerator

In the vegetable department of the refrigerator in the ginger package is stored for several months. The root, if desired, can be freeze or dried. It is used in medicinal purposes, in cooking and when preparing various dishes.

Garbier harvest: video

Problems of growing

Problems of growing

If the plant is improperly, ginger can get sick or even perish.

  1. When yellowing the leaves, the most frequent causes is, entering direct sunlight or overflow the soil. They can also get yellowed, with a bad passage of air soil.
  2. Ginger loves light, but does not endure direct sunlight. They lead to a label of leaves. When placing a container with a plant, it is better to put it on the windowsill with an eastern or western side, or not far from the window.
  3. Too frequent cutting of the leaves can harm the plant. Sometimes ginger completely stops her growth, both above the earth and under it. Pruning is better to spend no more than 1 time in the season (every 3 months).
  4. With excessive irrigation, the CornClube begins to rot, the leaves are yellow. Digid root most often leads to the death of the plant.
  5. The plant over time fades, the leaves are wrinkled, dried with insufficient watering and irregular spraying. Normalization of irrigation corrects the problem.
  6. With low humidity in the room, the plant is often attacking the web tick, especially if other plants grow close to it. It is possible to determine the presence of a tick by the appearance of yellow dots, the characteristic pallor of the leaves and the barely noticeable cob of the bottom.

The struggle against the pest is carried out with the help of insecticides, acaricides, biological products or soapy water. Processing is repeated once a week until the insects disappear. Ginger is regularly poured and sprayed.

The leaves, to remove a tick without the use of chemistry, washed with water room temperature. Soil is covered with a package. After swimming, the above-ground part is wrapped with a film or transparent package. A week later, in conditions of high humidity, pests perish. Pending eggs as a result of such treatment are not destroyed and the processing is repeated when new insects appear.

The best protection against tick and any other problems is prevention, that is, the correct care and the creation of comfortable conditions for the plant.

With the active growth of ginger, the air temperature should be kept on the same level, since the differences, a sharp increase or a decrease can lead to the death of the plant.

Ginger is normally developing only warm, it does not tolerate drafts. Even a small breeze can destroy the plant.

Useful advice

Useful advice
  • Capacity, soil and tools before planting should be treated with manganese or phytosporin solution, it will protect the plant from possible diseases.
  • When landing, it is impossible to neglect drainage, since the stagnation of moisture leads to the reinforcement of the CornChum.
  • When landing several parts of the tuber, they can be placed in a row long container.
  • If in the summer, there is an opportunity to make a container with ginger to a balcony, a loggia, a terrace, the street, the best place for it will be any shaded zone. Ginger feels well in half. The plant at the same time should be protected from the wind!
  • Spraying when in the fresh air does not stop.
  • Watering plants should be moderate and regular. Drying and overalling the soil can not be allowed! Water for watering can be filtered or asserted into the sun.
  • When a spider tick appears on the plant, the ginger grown for eating, to process acaricides and insecticides is not recommended! The leaves of the plant under the defeat are wiping once every 1-2 weeks with soap solution until the pest is completely disappeared.
  • If the ginger is grown as a decorative plant, the landing of the root needs to be carried out in a small capacity of the capacity. The rhizomes for the winter after fading the leaves do not roll out for several years.
  • When landing into the ground, you can get a more abundant harvest of ginger than in a pot. Therefore, it can be transplanted from the tank in the greenhouse in the late spring or in the summer, and in the fall again to transplanted into the pot. Such cultivation contributes to better development of roots and a more rapid appearance of colors on the plant.
  • Capacity with ginger for winter are placed in a wet, cool place. Winter rhizomes require minimal irrigation, the main thing is that the soil does not completely swam. With the resumption of plant growth, spring watering and feeding are renewed.
  • In order for the plant to continue to grow and in winter, the air temperature is maintained in the room, equal to 18-20 degrees of heat. Watering and feeding at the same time continue.
  • If a plant is grown in decorative purposes, after 3 years, a bud will appear on it. It does not cut. Bud during disclosure turns into an unusual light yellow flower with purple edges surrounded by bracts. The flower is cut only after its complete drying.
Useful advice

Having understood with the cultivation of ginger, any crop grows it without any particular problems. At home, ginger is obtained more useful and nutritious, it turns out to be quite better than the purchased tuber in the store. In addition, it will be possible to grow even more plants in the future.

Instructions for the cultivation of ginger at home.


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Ginger - a well-known root that is used in cooking to prepare delicious baking, as well as a variety of drinks for weight loss. Few people know that ginger can be grown at home and with the help of the root purchased in the market to obtain a pretty decorative plant.

How grows ginger: photo

Initially, the large root of ginger is rhizomes. So called underground stem. Above the surface of the soil can be seen thin green stalks, but they are not stems, these are leaves rolled into the tube. The stem himself is underground and is rhizome. It is it that we use it in food, you can get a decorative plant from such roots, which resembles a green, high grass. Below in the photo you can see what a decorative plant looks like grown from the root of ginger.

How Ginger is growing
How Ginger is growing
How Ginger is growing
How Ginger is growing
How Ginger is growing
How Ginger is growing

How to choose a ginger root for landing?

In order to get a beautiful, healthy plant, it is necessary to choose the right selection material. Ginger can be grown from seeds, as well as from the roots. The easiest option is to divide the roots. In this way, gardeners are used to reproduce this plant. If you do not have among the familiar dacities of those who grow ginger, you can come to the market or to the store and choose the planting material yourself.


  • You need to choose a root smooth to the touch, not having rough, wrinkles. And on its surface should be a point. That is the same eyes like potatoes.
  • It is from these eyes and will increase shoots. You need to see what kind of root inside.
  • It should be elastic, juicy and practically not to contain fibers. When pressed, it does not compress and is not squeezed, but is quite solid, elastic, tough.
Ginger root for landing
Ginger root for landing

How to plant a ginger in a flower pot of the house: Preparing Pot and Soil Treatment, Drainage

Another important point in the process of growing ginger is the choice of capacity and primer preparation for growing. To grow the root that you are going to use in food and for the preparation of various confectionery products, it is best to choose a wide, but low pot. If you plan to grow ginger as a home decorative plant, then in this case you need to take a pot high, but not large diameter. Thus, all the energy instead of rhizomes will go into leaves, that is, pseudoscience, which will grow over the ground.

The soil must be well permeable. Since the birthplace of ginger are tropics, the plant loves a warm climate and high humidity. In no case cannot be allowed so that water in the container is struck, otherwise you risk obtaining root rotting, as well as the plant can die. For landing of ginger, a mixture of sand, turf and deciduous soil is used, as well as humus. The bottom layer of sand or broken ceramisit is placed on the bottom. In the pot, there must be holes through which an extra moisture will be leaving.

Preparation Pot and Soil Processing
Preparation Pot and Soil Processing

Making the root of ginger and depth of planting in the pot: description

Before planting the root, you need to soak in warm water. It is necessary so that the kidneys will be revived and the plant has activated and quickly sprout.


  • To do this, pour warm water into the container and soak on 4 hours of ginger root. Next, the root fall is carried out in the soil.
  • It is not necessary to strongly plunge the root, it is enough for its soil covers for 1-2 cm.
  • It is necessary that the kidneys be on top, that is, closer to the surface. So you will get fast shoots and good growth of the plant.
  • If you have acquired a fairly large ginger root, you can cut it with a knife to the section. This is usually done in the areas of row jumpers.
  • It is necessary that there are two points of growth on each piece of root. Sections of sections are treated with ash or ordinary charcoal.
  • This is necessary in order to reduce the risk of fungal diseases and reinforce the root.
Making the root of ginger
Making the root of ginger

How to care for ginger after landing at home, in the apartment: temperature, watering, feeding

In order for the plant to fit well and please you with her greens, it is necessary to care for him.

Care features:

  • The best option for feeding is potash and organic fertilizers. It is they who contribute to the good growth of the ground part of the plant, that is, stems and leaves. If you want to get a good harvest of the roots, in this case it is necessary to use organic fertilizers. To do this, use a bird litter or a cowhide solution. You can also use comprehensive fertilizer, such as gum or biohumus.
  • The feeding is carried out immediately in front of the blooming plants itself, as well as immediately after the appearance of the first germs. Please note that plants are usually growing in the tropics, so the soil must be constantly wet, but it is impossible for water to be forced. Conduct watering every 4 days. In winter, you can cut watering up to once a week. It is also necessary to spend from time to time to spray the leaves from the spray.
  • The plant does not require additional lighting, it can be put on the windowsill. Keep in mind that with active sunny rays and in a well-lit place, ginger stems can reach a height of up to 1 meter. Temperature should be at the level of 23-25 ​​degrees.
Ginger care
Ginger care

Ginger blossom at home: Dates, photo of ginger flower

Ginger flowers are very unusual and beautiful, so lovers grow decorative plants in every way to get such a flower. However, it is not easy to do it at all, since at home and in the conditions of the greenhouse, this plant blooms poorly. The most interesting thing is that on plantations in the tropics where roots are grown for sale, plants do not give bloom. Because after flowering, the root becomes fresh and gives her grass.

It loses its nutritional properties, no longer smells and does not differ in saturated, pleasant taste. The structure becomes coarse, fibrous. In order to get a flower, it is necessary to carry out twice a month to watering the plants with potash and phosphoric fertilizers. In addition, it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and often water the plants. Below are photos of ginger colors. Flowers ginger in different ways. It can be like single large flowers and small flowers on one branch. It all depends on the variety of ginger. The color of petals may differ. It can be yellow, blue, red.

Ginger flowering
Ginger flowering
Ginger flowering
Ginger flowering

When to collect ginger harvest in a pot?

In tropical countries, harvesting is carried out after the ginger drops the leaves and they begin to yellow. It is to say that rhizome has grown, heard and no longer makes sense to withstand it in the soil. In our realities, roots are usually carried out in September due to changes in weather conditions, because when the temperature drops, the root of ginger will no longer grow, and can fall into the winter hibernation.

Many practicing gingerbread from the site and transplanting it into the bans, turning in greenhouse conditions. In Thailand, the harvest is practiced from November to March. They do not wait for the moment when the leaves begin to shut up, and young roots digging, which are distinguished by a pleasant juicy taste, but a small bitterness and burning.

Ginger breeding: Scheme, description

Ginger breeds with root division. This is the fastest and affordable way. For this, the appropriate, smooth root without fibers inside. It is cut into several parts in the jumpers. So that on each piece there were two points of growth. That is, two eyes. Next, the pieces are soaked, and after that it is planted into the ground.

Ginger breeding
Ginger breeding

Ginger - Growing in the open ground from the root in the country: Agrotechnology

It is quite difficult to grow the ginger in the country area, because our climatic conditions are not suitable for growing this culture. Therefore, initially it is necessary to stretch the roots at home or in the conditions of greenhouse, and only to transfer the root to open ground in May.


  • After making the root to the soil, it is necessary to water the ginger often enough. It is best to equip a piece of drip watering. Next, you need to constantly remove the landing from weeds, as well as pour.
  • Twice a month, feeding with potash and phosphoric fertilizers. At the beginning of autumn, that is, in September, rooting root is carried out. If necessary, they are transplanted into a greenhouse or leave the roots until October in the soil in the garden. After digging the roots and stored in the cellar to spring, and then again planted in an open ground.
  • It is worth noting that not any plot is suitable for planting ginger. For these purposes, it is best to choose areas that are not subject to the action of drafts, no direct sunlight, and there is also an opportunity to often water the plant. For landing, it is necessary to initially fall asleep a new soil. To do this, the turf soil is mixed with deciduous and peat, as well as sand.

Video: Ginger growing on open ground

Ginger in the garden: Is it possible to grow ginger in the suburbs, middle lane of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus?

In Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the root of ginger in open areas is growing bad. He is interfered with drafts, non-permanent temperature and wind. Therefore, after digging in September, a transplant is carried out into the greenhouse. Normally, the root of ginger ripens in 7-9 months.

In open areas, the ginger is poorly growing, because the conditions are not quite suitable. The fact is that in our regions the temperature at night can significantly descend, and the day it is high enough to develop the root of ginger. Therefore, it is recommended to grow this plant in greenhouses or houses on the windowsill. In general, if you set the goal, then you can grow the root of ginger on the summer site, but you have to germinate it directly in the spring in the flower pots, indoors, and in the fall, collect roots and fuse them in the greenhouses.

Ginger plantation
Ginger plantation

What way to grow ginger, how is a business?

Ginger is often grown as a culture for sale. That is, you can grow this culture for business. For this, they are mainly used non-residential sites, but greenhouses. Because they can best adjust the conditions of humidity and temperature. On the open soil there is no possibility of controlling conditions.

Gorge ginger in small boxes. At the same time, the costs of growing are small, but it is necessary to purchase boxes, spending money on watering, preparation of the soil, as well as fertilizer. At the same time, there is no need to spend a lot of care for care, due to the fact that culture is unpretentious in terms of fertilizer, weeding and trimming. It is enough to plant right, water, fertilize, and maintain a constant temperature. Ginger will grow independently well enough.

Before you do a similar business, you need to find sales points. Most often these are small retail networks, trays with vegetables, as well as shopping centers that sell products. Be prepared that you will need to give products to the expertise to get all the necessary documents, evidence of product quality.

Ginger on the garden
Ginger on the garden

Growing ginger from the root of the house: Tips

The ginger is not easy to grow in the household area due to possible leaks of temperature and humidity. In an open soil, it is impossible to adjust the amount of precipitation, because the summer can be rainy. Because of this, the roots of ginger are rotten. During dry days, watering can be done. In the conditions of the greenhouse, one day is watered under the root, and on the second day, pouring water into the pallet. In terms of open soil, it is not possible to water the possibility, so drip watering and irrigation of the leaves are used very often.


  • If you want to grow ginger as a decorative plant, in this case, take deep tanks, small diameter. Because in this case you need the ground part, that is, stalks and possible flowers.
  • In order to get a flower, be prepared to grow a plant for more than one year. Usually in the conditions of greenhouse, flowers appear on the second or third year after the root landing. It is also necessary to often water the plant and fertilize it twice a month.
  • Please note that for the winter, the roots need to be removed into the cool place and reduce the temperature to 16 degrees. Thereby reducing the amount of watering up to 1 time per week.
Ginger roots
Ginger roots

As you can see, grow ginger at home, while complying with all rules, just enough. The main thing to decide on the landing site, as well as for the purpose of growing the plant.

Video: Ginger Growing

: How to grow ginger in the country

If you can always find a ginger in your refrigerator, and you will gladly add it to meat, and think about it: maybe enough to buy this root and it is worth growing it yourself? Especially since it is quite simple.

Of course, the cultivation of ginger first will be to you and your neighbors in the wonder, but after the first season you will realize that it is simply profitable and does not take a lot of time. And the ginger is kept for a long time, so the harvest you will be enough for the whole "cold" course of the year.

Landing ginger

It is never too late to plant your first experimental ginger, because it can be grown at home. In addition, the second year, the ginger blooms very beautifully, which means it can become a room exotion. But if you decide to grow it not for the sake of beauty, but for food, you need to comply with certain rules.

How to choose a ginger root for landing

Ginger rootGinger root

No matter how cool, and in order to grow ginger from the root at home, you will need the very first root. You can buy it in a conventional food store, where there are always fresh vegetables and herbs. Before purchasing, make sure that the ginger root is suitable for germination, that is:

  • has growth kidneys (eyes, like on potatoes);
  • covered with glossy, smooth skin;
  • does not look overnumber;
  • on the places of sections is not covered with mucus;
  • It does not smell a rot or mold.

The better the uterine rhizome will be, the easier it is to grow ginger in the open soil. Before boarding, it is necessary to load the root of ginger in warm water or a pink solution of manganese to stimulate to growth.

What kind of soil is needed ginger

Soil for landingSoil for landing

In Asia, in its historic homeland, ginger is easily growing in the wild. There, he chooses loose well-drained soils, mainly consisting of leafling and sand. The main task of the gloomy is to provide him with such a soil when landing in our realities.

In addition, Ginger adores the sun and does not like stagnation of water, as well as drafts. So you need to choose a place to land carefully, because otherwise you will not get a big harvest.

Ginger has bright and large stems and leaves similar to the bamboo, so you can land it in the garden, but on the flowerbed in front of the house. There he will become an excellent background for blooming annuals or turn into an unusual high curb.

The ginger soil is prepared from two parts of the leaf humor, one piece of river sand and one piece of the turf. This mixture is sufficiently loose and is not covered with a crust when drying, i.e. The roots will be in comfortable conditions.

When planting ginger in a pot and in the ground

Landing gingerLanding ginger

From the moment of landing of ginger to the ground before harvesting should pass 8-9 months. Of course, there is no such summer in our latitudes, and this plant will not be able to winter. Therefore, initially landing it in a pot in mid-January.

If you are going to plant just a few roots, it is not necessary to transplant them into open soil at all. Highlight them a large flower pot, which, with the onset of heat, remove into the street, and return to the house. In this case, the landing time can be shifted as it is convenient for you.

If you still decided to grow ginger on a garden, you can transfer it to the ground at the end of May, when the soil warms up enough, and the threat of return freezers will be passed. The plant is best developed at a 25 ° C air temperature.

How to plant ginger

Rostock gingerRostock ginger

The pre-clumized ginger root is examined, if necessary (if it is more than 10 cm), they are divided into parts so that there are increasing kidneys. Sections of sections are sprinkled with gross coal or ash, so that no rot.

In a shallow (15-25 cm), a wide pot poured a little soil, then a layer of sand, crumple or another drainage material, lay the roots on top and fall asleep. Ginger grown in width, and not up, so it is not necessary to plunge it, it is enough to be in a hole in a depth of 5-7 cm. After planting abundantly, the gingerbird (and repeat it every 2 days before the appearance of sprouts), and then put the pot to warm Sunny place.

Ginger care

Rostock gingerRostock ginger

After the first shoots appear in the pot, the amount of irrigation will be reduced, but watch the soil in the pot in the pot. Once a week loose the top layer of the Earth to a depth of 1 cm, but do not overdo it, because the roots are located close to the surface and germinate chaotically.

At the end of May or beginning of June, you can send ginger to an open ground, passing it into the ridge with similarly prepared planting grooves. After that, the spraying in the morning or in the evening in particularly hot weather is added to the irrigation.

Required ginger and feeding. In the first half of summer, he prefers a body - a good option will be a 10% solution of infusion cowboy or chicken litter, green herbal fertilizer, nettical infusion. They contribute every 10-14 days at the rate of 0.5 liters per planted root. But in August, closer to flowering can not do without making phosphorus-potash fertilizers. For example, the monophosphate of potassium is suitable at the rate of 30-40 g on the boss. Mineral fertilizers under ginger make up once a month until mid-September.

If you planted ginger in a pot in winter, then with the onset of autumn you can start cleaning the harvest. If they were tightened with the landing, you need to return it to the pot and into the house, because even inspirable enough cooling to 10 ° C can slow down the development of the roots, and it will be almost impossible to resume.

Diseases and ginger pests

Cobed tickCobed tick

The main plus of ginger is that it is not subject to literally no diseases, and neither in the cultivation in the house or in the open soil. Yes, and pests on this core overseas root are not attempting for rare exceptions.

The only thing that can happen to ginger is the yellowing or drying of the leaves. It is usually associated with incorrect irrigation or shortage of nutrients in the ground and sufficiently adjust to the agrotechnik so that the problem is solved.

But with pests, everything is slightly complicated - a web tick is periodically attempted on the germinated ginger. Detect it easily - dry areas covered with a thin cobweb appear on the leaves, the plant weakens, slows down in growth. It is necessary to fight a spider tick, on all plants available in the house at once.

If you discovered the colony of the spider tick on ginger, treat plants and soil under them acaricide 3-4 times with an interval of 5-7 days. Effective are such drugs as the spark of Bio, Krestsevit, Tiovit-Jet, Phytoverm, Fufanon Nova.

Ginger cleaning and storage

Ginger plantGinger plant

It is possible to clean the ginger at the beginning of autumn, and this procedure is quite simple. A few days before harvesting the landing is stopped to water, then with the help of a shovel or forks get out of the soil. Ginger roots free from the ground part, divided into separate pieces, washed and dried.

They are stored in the refrigerator or in the cellar, like any root. The best ginger is best at a temperature not higher than 3-5 ° C and humidity above 80%. It drys up more often than rotates, so the ginger storage in the drawer with wet sand or sawdust will be a good option.

If you want, ginger enough for the whole winter, cut it and dry it or freeze. It will not lose its fragrance and major healing properties, but it is not necessary to worry about safety.

As you can see, ginger is not the most whimsical culture. It is worthwhile to give him a little time and corner on his site, and you can get all the benefit of this plant without regular trips to the shops behind the fresh root.

It is believed that the birthplace of ginger is India. Thanks to its amazing mint-lemon flavor and burning taste with a small kitchen, this root has acquired incredible popularity among Russians.

In addition, it is the owner of a huge set of healing properties. It can strengthen the immune system, get rid of colds, "overclock" metabolism, strengthen memory, improve food digestion and even increase potency.

Ginger cultivation in the countryA perennial grassy plant ginger is a numerous family of ginger, which has more than 135 species.

Its landing is very similar to the bamboo or reassembly planting, so many are planting ginger in the country as a decorative element.

The food goes, mostly his rhizome, which looks pretty peculiar. By the way, translated from Sanskrit Ginger - "Horned root".


Since the XV century, a wild plant is used, but already anchored. Selection work continues now. Specialists try to bring grade with a larger, juicy and tasty root.

Appearance and description of ginger flowerGinger is a plant with a dense, thick root covered with several layers of leaves, among which there are interstices of the apparent roots.

The most advanced root "shoots" by two and three reprehensive, not sowed, long (up to 2 m) and as if rounded overhead stems.

Ginger flowers can have a different color, it depends on the variety of the plant.

The most common color is orange-yellow and brown, less often - red. Flowers in the form of sections walked ginger shoots.

Not only the flower color depends on the variety, but also the color of the pulp: it is light, greenish, orange, brownish, yellowish with blue dots.

The fragrance also has several options: you can catch a hint of citrus, herbs or kerosene. But the acuity of taste is essentially the same in all varieties.

All ginger varieties, depending on the processing method, are divided into 2 main used in trade.

Between them there are taste differences:

  1. Barbados or black ginger - Grade with sharply pronounced, sharp taste. To get a raw material having a trading form, rhizome, without removing the peel, watered with boiling water.

Barbados Ginger

  1. Bengal or white ginger - Taste less burning, fragrance is weakened. The rhizomes are cleaned with the use of the brush, then maintained in a 2% sulfuric acid solution.

Bengal Ginger

How to plant ginger in open ground

Ginger, like many other plants, multiplies in two ways:

  1. Through seed sowing.
  2. Through the eyes at the root.

It is almost impossible to buy ginger seeds for landing, since he almost disappeared from wildlife, and the cultivated seeds are not allowed.

If you still managed to get the sowing material, you will have to be tinted with growing from the seeds of full seedlings, as the germination will take quite a lot of time - almost a month, and then your constant attention and care for seedlings will be required.

It is much easier and more efficient to simply plant the root of ginger and following the advice given below to grow a ginger root in her garden.

Dates of landing of ginger in the country

Ginger grows to full maturity from 6 to 12 months.

When laying ginger in the gardenIn the southern regions, the root is sleeping in approximately six months later, in areas of the middle band of Russia, this term increases to 9-10 months, since due to the climatic characteristics, the ginger landing in the open ground is made by a seaside.

Ginger roots plant on seedlings at the end of January-early February, and the groaning seedlings will fall only in mid-May, when the weather becomes stability and the spring frost will disappear.

Tip! Do not rush to plant seedlings on an open bed. In the last numbers of March, move it to the greenhouse, "so seedlings will pass a gradual adaptation and harden a little.

For ginger root, the temperature regime is extremely important, it needs heat (not lower than 25 ° C).

When the temperature is reduced to +18, it slows down growth and development, as if falling into the hibernation, and returning it to activity can be long, and not always successful, the process.

Selection of landing plot and soil preparation

Before planting ginger to grow in an open ground, you need to pick a good place for him.

It should be bright, but protected from direct sunlight, otherwise the plant will simply burn on the hot sun.

Best place for landingBetter if it is a half-tree or a bush, the so-called multiple light.

Does not tolerate root and drafts, so try to put it in a secluded corner.

Important! For growing ginger in the suburbs or areas close to it, use a greenhouse, and not open a bed. Only the greenhouse will create the necessary conditions for temperature and humidity, otherwise the rootpode will die.

The soil for growing should be fertile, easy and to have an average acidity.

Gorber growing agricultural engineeringSo that it acquires these qualities, take care of this since the autumn: be sure to dig a bed along with mineral fertilizers and overloaded manure, diluing it all with a sand.

Soil requirements:

  • air permeability;
  • looseness;
  • good drainage properties;
  • fertilizer.

To plant the root of the root, make a shallow hole (approximately 20-25 cm), pour down on the bottom of small pebbles with a layer of no more than two centimeters, follow the same sand is drainage.

And now fill the hole specially prepared soil consisting of deciduous humus, sand and chernozem in equal proportions.

Selecting planting material

The key to a rich harvest of any culture and, in particular, the ginger root, serves high-quality planting material.

To date, almost any large vegetable department will provide you with a choice of fresh ginger root.

Take a special care for the selection of roots for landing ginger in the country or in the apartment on the windowsill.

Ginger root selection for landingAs far as the root is suitable as a planting material, it can be judged by its appearance.

The root must have a smooth, glossy skin, it should not be overnight, wrinkled or frnitted.

Choose a neat root, which is clearly expressed by shooting kidneys, resembling potato eyes.

In short, he should be young, elastic, beautiful, so that you wanted to take it in hand.

Preparatory work for landing ginger

Before planting root into the ground, "wake up" it to give an impetus to growth. To do this, put it in warm water or in a weak mortar of manganese 2-3 hours. Then hees and plant.

Preparation of ginger root to landingMany are separated by the root into several parts, the main thing is that each part has at least two kidneys.

Treat sections using wood ash or activated carbon.

If you have noticed that on some ginger root in the storage process, swollen kidneys of light green color appeared, do not miss the moment - put it in the ground, in winter it can be a flower pot.

How to plant ginger on the country

In order for the cultivation of ginger in the country to end with a rich harvest, it is better to use seedlings grown in an apartment.

Tip! Squeeze at no less than 10 roots to ensure yourself and your family for the entire next season. Agree, the harvest with 1 bustle is not worth their efforts. To obtain experience, just grow a gingerbread bush in a pot on the windowsill.

You can put the root and immediately in the garden, but preferably in the greenhouse. The ginger root has a feature - it grows not deep into, and stirre.

Therefore, planting ginger roots on the garden is needed, adhering to some rules:

  • Grooves for landing make shameless (from 5 to 10 cm);
  • The distance between the roots should be at least 10-15 cm;
  • Place the roots so that the eyes are on top;
  • Before boarding, make a good moisture and explode the soil.

Ginger in the country in the gardenMany grown this plant at home is not for the sake of harvest, but in order to see the bloom of ginger.

To do this, you need to patience, as the blooming ginger will delight you only after three or four years. But waiting is worth it!

Ginger flower is really unique in color, and in shape.

Waiting for the ginger color, your home will decorate the original plant similar to the bamboo.

Rolled into the tube leaves, the so-called pseudoscience, reaches a meter height.

They exude an inimitable citrus fragrance, while protecting your home from pathogens.

Features of Ginger Growing in Open Ground

The technology of growing ginger in the open ground is practically no different from growing at home: Step-by-step ginger care instructions

  1. Buy or make a suitable soil, secure drainage.
  2. Do not forget to water and spray foliage on time.
  3. Completely feed.
  4. In our climatic zone, the harvesting of ginger falls at the end of August.
  5. 7 days before the harvest of root, it is necessary to stop watering.
  6. Overhead must cut.
  7. Carefully dig up the rhizomes, sort them into two groups - for eating and landing next year.
  8. Landing material Deposit, the rest of the roots can be freezed or dried.

When planting a ginger root in a greenhouse, choose a place for it near higher plants so that they follow it and protected from direct sunlight.

Rules of watering plants

Since the ginger is a plant loving moisture, then competent irrigation is of great importance in the proper formation and development of the root.

Before the appearance of the first sprouts, and this will happen 10-14 days after landing, it should be watered regularly and abundantly.

After the appearance of sprouts, the amount of water is reduced, but watered continue regularly.

Keep in mind! The cutting of the land under the landings of ginger is unacceptable, but also excessive moisture can also harm - they will start rotting the roots. Everything should be in moderation.

The plant speaks very well to the soil loosening. Try to make this procedure after each watering throughout the growing season.

It is very important for ginger spraying, it helps him overcome the summer heat. In order not to burn gentle leaves, spray plants in the mornings or evenings when the sun is not so hot.

When and how to feed the ginger in the open soil

Under household grounds, the ginger root requires regular feeding, not less than 2 times a month.

Feeding root in the open soilIn the wild, the plant is powered by deciduous, so this substrate is the best fertilizer for the root.

It is necessary to feed it throughout the growing season: from shoots almost before harvesting.

If you want to eat an environmentally friendly product, use natural organic fertilizers:

  • biohumus - for an additional upper layer on the soil;
  • natural growth stimulants;
  • Infusion of a cowber (liter of infusion on the water bucket), etc.

Mineral fertilizers can be used, but in moderation.

The exemplary diagram of feeding looks like this: after the appearance of germs - the infusion of a cowboy, closer to August - an organic and fertilizers containing potassium.

This mixture will help rhizomy to grow to large sizes and form a lot of young roots, which will turn into good seating for the next season.

When and how to collect ginger harvest

On the full ripening of the root in the conditions of the middle strip of Russia goes about ten months.

Cleaning the harvest of gingerYou can eat them already from 4-5 months, despite the small size, they possess the same properties as the adult root.

How to understand that ginger is ripe?

It will prompt the above-ground part of the plant - it begins to lower, wither, then quietly fall apart, and finally dry out.

This suggests that the root is completely ripe and ready for cleaning.

Attention! As soon as the ginger began to wither, stop spraying. Watering stop a week before harvesting.

Drop the rhizomes, cleanse the soil remnants, break the apparent roots and decompose on drying in a ventilated room.

To perfectly dry tubers, cut them into several parts, keep in this room for two or three months.

After such drying, they will be easier to chop for use in the form of powder.

Sore the harvest: leave something for use, save something for storage.

Storage root plant

Tips for proper storage

For storage of roots, a cool (+ 2-4 ° C) is suitable, a dark place.

Usually they are stored in the cellar, basement or vegetable separation of the refrigerator.

If the storage is chosen a refrigerator, then the dried roots are prepixed in paper.

Dried ginger rootThe ginger is well kept in the form of dried slices.

Before drinking them into food, extract them in a small amount of water 5-6 hours.

You can store the root and in the freezer, but after defrosting, nothing useful in it will not remain, it is suitable only as seasonings.

Storage of gingerThe best option is: during six months, ginger roots will be perfectly stored in the refrigerator, and after this period there comes the time for their awakening for subsequent landing.

Although ginger and requires care of itself in the process of cultivation, but it is worth it! After all, ginger is an almost richest plant in terms of medical components, fragrance and taste.

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gingerGinger is a widely known spinning plant, which has a number of useful properties. The root includes a large number of vitamins A, C and group B, trace elements and amino acids. The burning components of ginger warmed, accelerate the metabolism, improve blood circulation. That is why ginger is used for weight loss.

Ginger tea is a well-known means with a cold, accompanied by nasal congestion. The root also has an expectorant and anti-inflammatory effect. It is very often used as a forcepid tool at the first signs of the disease.

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Ginger grade for growing on the windowsill

To grow ginger from Cornklubne at home, you must choose the appropriate variety for this. Below are the descriptions of the most common species in the culture:

Black girkWhite ginger
Name Black Ginger (Barbados) White Ginger (Bengali)
Taste Very sharp. Less burning, very spicy.
Features Used in crude form. Before use, bleach with sulfuric acid.

Do you like the taste of ginger tea?

Yummy Nasty

What will be needed to grow ginger

Growing ginger at home should be started with the purchase of planting material. To do this, you can visit the nearest supermarket. Purchased ginger is quite suitable for landing and growing perfectly in an apartment. When choosing a Cornklubnya, pay attention to the state of the kidneys. They must necessarily be intact. Next What needs to be done after purchase is to choose a suitable place for growing in the house.

Selection of place in the house

Ginger is an outcomes from the tropics. He needs a lot of bright sunlight.

That is why for the cultivation of ginger in the conditions of the apartment, the southern orientation windows are best suitable. On them the plant will feel as comfortable as possible.

Place for ginger

Selection and preparation of Tara

To grow ginger from the root at home, we choose wide and shallow tanks. Its root system is located close to the surface of the soil, almost not sprung. In addition, the lands unfounded by the roots can easily scold, which will lead to the death of the plant.

Tara for ginger

In the bottom of the pot must be drainage holes. Even short-term stagnation of moisture can cause the death of the plant.

Soil selection: buy or make himself

For landing, the root of ginger will need high, loose soil. It can be made up of equal parts of the turf, humoring and pure river sand. For growing, a ready-made industrial substrate based on a versatile peat is suitable. When composing the soil is also very important to take care of the drainage layer device from crumbs, pebbles or large sand.

the soil

Preparation of Cornklube to Landing

To speed up the process of seeding, the root is pre-germinated.

It is soaked in warm water with the addition of a 2-3 day growth stimulator. At the same time, water 2-3 times a day is defined.

The "epin", "zircon" or a few drops of the juice of ordinary home aloe are used as a stimulator.

Epin and Zircon

After soaking the kidneys on the surface of the root should swell and green. If this has not happened, the CornCong is left in the water for a couple of days.

The extension can be carried out in another way. To do this, prepare the container with water, a wooden skeletal or toothpick. The tuber is spinning on both sides and hang in such a way that it slightly concerned the surface of the water. As soon as the root starts appear, it is immediately planted into the ground.

Creating the necessary conditions

Growing ginger in the apartment is possible only when creating certain conditions. It is not enough to simply plant the root, for successful development, it needs a certain temperature, lighting and humidity.


To grow ginger at home on the windowsill, a temperature is required not lower than + 23 ° С. When it decreases to + 15 ° C, the plant ceases to grow and falls during the rest.

In the summer period, containers with plants are brought to the balcony. Night coolness and the abundance of fresh air will benefit them.

Air humidity

Like all comes from the tropics, ginger needs high humidity. Therefore, it is regularly sprayed with warm, pre-resistant water.

To increase air humidity near the pot, you can also place small containers with water.


For successful development, ginger is needed a large amount of bright light. It is also important and the duration of the daylight. When growing in winter it should be at least 12 hours.

To ensure the necessary level of illumination, I ginger organize lighting. For this, conventional fluorescent fluorescent lamps are quite suitable. Now there are special phytolamba on sale. Their spectrum is maximally adapted to grow plants. This allows you to achieve excellent results even minimal natural light.

Landing Cornklube Ginger: Step-by-Step Guide

After the kidney wake up and swell on the kidney, it is planted in a soil. Step by step it looks like this:

  1. Large rhizomes are divided into parts. Each of the processes must have at least one large, viable kidney.
  2. The resulting sections are sprinkled with wood coal powder and give dry.
  3. Dellets are planted at a depth of no more than 1-2 cm. They are simply folded over the surface, and then poured with a thin layer of soil.

The first sprouts will appear not earlier than in 2 weeks. As soon as they grow up to a height of several centimeters, they begin to make fertilizers.

Growing ginger

On how ginger is growing at home, a strong impact has care. Below are described in detail features of cultivation technology.


Throughout the growing season, ginger is needed abundant irrigation. Watering water should be soft. For this, it is passed through the filter or defend. Watering is carried out in the morning after drying the upper layer of the soil. If the plants are grown in the winter and are contained in the coolness, the intensity of the irrigation is significantly reduced. In such conditions, the ginger is on average watering 1 time in 2 weeks.

Soil in a pot with ginger should never move completely.

Laying soil

After each irrigation, the substrate surface is necessarily loose. This should be extremely careful, the bulk of the root of ginger is located at a depth of 2 cm. The absence of timely loosening will lead to oxygen starvation, which can cause the backlog in growth.



It is possible to grow ginger at home and without fertilization, but the harvest in this case will be quite modest. In the period of intensive growth, it must be fed by organic and mineral fertilizers. Immediately after the appearance of shoots, the emphasis makes fading with an increased nitrogen content. They are used as long as the plants will not serve a sufficient leaf mass. After that, transfers to phosphoric-potash fertilizers that contribute to the active formation and buildup of tubers.

Harvesting and storage

Storage of ginger

As soon as the ginger leaves begin to turn yellow and fall apart in different directions, watering is reduced to a minimum. Spray plants now also do not need. These signs indicate the beginning of the ripening of tubers.

After the leaves are completely shake, proceed to the harvest. Rhizomes are digging, purified from the remains of the roots and soil. Then for 2-3 days they are dried at room temperature. After that, they are collected and removed for storage in a basement or cellar with a temperature not higher than + 5-6 ° C.

If the roots are a bit, they can be stored in a vegetable compartment of the refrigerator, after wrapped in a cellophane package.

Part of the dug clubs can be used for subsequent reproduction. This will avoid the cost of purchasing planting material.

Tubers intended for breeding are stored with the rest. They get to the end of winter. After the tubers are good, they can be planted. In the future, ginger can be multiplied by this method using the boarding material adapted to specific conditions.

Will you grow ginger at home?

Of course Not

Possible problems

When growing ginger on the windowsill, you can face a number of problems. Most of them arise due to errors in care. Ginger can also suffer from pest attacks.

Yellowing leaves

The problem is observed with a lack of batteries. This happens if you plant ginger in too poor soil or if you completely refuse to make feeding. To help plant to recover, you need to properly and promptly make fertilizers.

Dilute fertilizers must be in full compliance with the applied instructions. The passing of nutrition is no less harmful than its disadvantage.

Yellowing leaves of ginger

Slowing edges and tips of leaves

In most cases, the leaves begin to dry with insufficient moisture level. Ginger must be raised with constant spraying and abundant irrigation.

Brown spots on the leaves

Such damage to the leaves are observed when planting solar burns. A ginger pot must be rearranged in a less sunny place or organize shading. In the future, the plant should be carefully taken careful, in a timely manner of all the necessary fertilizers. This will contribute to its rapid recovery.

Spots on the leaves

Sticky flag

With damage to ginger by a web tick on its leaves, a characteristic web-shaped flare appears. This pest is very quickly multiplied, quickly mastering all new plants, so it should be immediately apparently. Special acaricides preparations are used to combat a spider tick.

Cobed tick

Due to the physiological features, the usual means of pests when dealing with a paw-tick is ineffective.


For processing, you can use the "accomplish" or "phytodeter". They are bred in strict accordance with the attached annotations. After 10 days, processing is necessarily repeated.

Ginger grown on the windowsill is 100% natural, environmentally friendly product. It can be used as a spice, for the preparation of fresh fragrant tea or for medical purposes.

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Features of gorgeous growing at home

The root of ginger is indispensable in the kitchen and in traditional medicine. It gives a spicy taste of homemade dishes, strengthens immunity, contributes to the proper work of the stomach and liver, is used to maintain beauty.

This tropical plant looks outwardly as a reed (or aiety).

The inflorescences of ginger look exotic, and often cornflowers are grown with a decorative goal. Many connoisseurs of this exotic plant would like to have it on their windowsill or gardens. For those who love ginger, growing at home - a convenient opportunity to always have it at hand.

Methods of growing ginger home conditions

At home, the ginger spreads only the fission of the root. Find on sale seating to grow ginger from seeds, almost impossible. However, it is quite realistic to cultivate this exotic plant both in the garden plot and in a pot at home. Interestingly, in the homeland (in India), the ginger is practically not found wild, but a business based on cultivation and sale is developing everywhere.

The filler root can be held in warm water for several hours to awaken the kidneys.

Is it possible to grow ginger at home?

Ginger can be raised at home from the usual root purchased in the store. Watching the right container and choosing the best time for landing, you can get a fresh harvest of therapeutic and spicy root. The main thing to remember that ginger is a thermal-loving culture with a long period of vegetation, so it is necessary to help him so that the plant will have to crush for our short summer.

Ginger loves moisture and high air temperature.

Of course you can buy a root or ginger powder in the store. But then it is impossible to be confident in its environmental purity. The cultivation of Cornklubne at home will allow you to personally choose the soil and feeding, control the whole process, thereby ensuring the safety of eating.

The cultivation of ginger from the root at home requires recreation of a microclimate close to the climatic zone of growing Cornklubnya - countries of West Africa, Jamaica, Barbados or the southern regions of Asia. However, it is easy and growing ginger in the open ground or in a pot available to everyone.

Note! In a temperate climate, due to lower temperatures, the size of an adult plant and its root will be less than in the tropics, but it will not affect the taste qualities.

Required conditions for breeding ginger plant

Few people know how to grow ginger at home. In nature, it grows in the tropics in a wet, hot climate. In order to receive a plant at home from the harborhood of ginger, growing should occur with the following parameters:

  • Temperature mode: 15-32 s;
  • high humidity;
  • good lighting;
  • bright but scattered light;
  • Soil acidity 6 pH.

Healthy fresh closure produces kidneys in a warm and bright place. In order to stimulate the kidney growth, you can put on a warm water for 2-4 hours before planting the root. It is unacceptable to heat it in the oven even at low temperatures, as it dries the root.

Note! For the cultivation of ginger at home, you can also take a whole CornCong, and its parts. Separated pieces should have active kidneys, and sections of sections should be coated with antifungal agent or manganese.

This looks like a landing of ginger in the open ground.

Both on the home garden, and in a pot of CornChong or part of it is placed in the soil by the kidney. Below on the example consider How to plant ginger root at home.

How to grow out of ginger from the Cornklubny?

How to grow ginger at home from Cornklubnya? The germ is not made of seeds, but from the roots. Criteria of a healthy Cornklubnya:

  • It must be fresh and have a smooth, glossy skirt;
  • Have a kidney similar to potato eyes.

The spine is planted in April. After a week later, a shoot appears, which grows into the stalks with a height of 70-100 cm with narrow rigid leaves. The success of growing depends on maintaining the necessary conditions of content.

What root is suitable for landing ginger at home?

For the cultivation of ginger at home, roots are suitable with well-notable kidneys, which are about to germinate. Such kidneys differ in color (they are lighter), slightly oily to the touch.

Choose dense elastic tubers without damage, dents and dark spots.

When is it better to plant ginger at home?

Most often in Russia, ginger, even in the south, is grown as a room one-year decorative and therapeutic plant. Rape falling in room conditions at any time of the year, but practical and the best results are developing deteentes planted in the winter. The optimal time for landing the root of ginger is the end of winter - the beginning of spring. Thus, you can get the strongest shoots.

With room cultivation, the size of containers and other containers prepared for plants are of great importance.

What pot and soil is suitable for landing ginger at home?

If you decide to grow ginger on the windowsill, you should first decide on how to choose a pot sizes.

After putting a task to collect a crop, you should select wider and small pots and containers, in which there is enough space for newly generated roots.

If the goal of planting gingerbreading beautiful flowers and just decor, it is better to acquire a high and narrow container. This limits the development of a powerful root system and stimulates the growth of the above-ground part of the flower.

For growing ginger root at home, the volumetric container is selected.

Pour simply solid soil in the pot will be not the most successful solution, so different substances are combined:

  • The drainage layer is placed on the bottom, the holes are also made to drain excess water excess (2 cm or more);
  • Before indolation in the pot, the soil is shed a solution of "phytoosporin" to protect against diseases. It is perfectly suitable for the soil landing of vegetable crops, the main thing is that it be loose and had a neutral pH balance;
  • If you do not have the opportunity to purchase high-quality soil in the garden store, you can prepare from the humor or biohumus, sand and deciduous land. Prepared components are mixed in equal amounts and fill the containers.
Ginger at home: landing root and care

Preparation of planting material

The cultivation of ginger from the root at home implies not only the preparation of the soil, but also the choice of the optimal planting material. For this, we are not going to a garden shop, but to the nearest supermarket where you can find a good ginger root.

It is unlikely that you can define the grade of plants on the eye in the store, so you have to buy at random. In fact, the varieties differ in appearance of inflorescences, but a very minor influence is on the taste qualities of the root part.

Note! It is best to take a root with bright thin skin, smooth and elastic, on which there are at least 2-3 kidneys (eyes), of which the sprouts will come. The bigger, the better.

Do not take a rush or fused roots - such copies will not go.

Soaking the root of ginger before landing

After shopping, you need to soak the rhizome to output the substances that are treated in the store in order to slow down. Usually root cut into pieces so that every one has at least one kidney. The root is left in water for two days (water should be warm!), But after the first, it is best to add several potassium permanganate crystals (1 g per liter of water) or soda (in the proportion of 1 tsp. For a glass of water). Such a simple action will disinfect the material and reduce the risk of developing diseases.

After 15-20 minutes, the pieces are taken, slightly dry, cuts are sprinkled with ash or thusshing coal.

To awaken the kidney ginger soaked in water.

How to plant ginger at home?

So, planting material and soil are prepared - it remains only to collect it together. But how to plant the root of ginger, so that he is guaranteed to a sprouter?

In a pot with prepared soil placed pieces of a clumsy root in such a way that the kidneys are at the top. Then they are neatly pressed into the soil, so that the places of growth of future shoots remain over the earth. Pour on top not necessary, but it is better to pour warm water. If the air is dry in the room - the pot is covered with a package or film. Thus, after 2 weeks in the conditions of muted light and heat, the first sharp sprouts will be sworn.

In Motherland, ginger blooms with beautiful accommodated inflorescences, usually pink or pink-red color, and height can reach 1 m, but at home the appearance is almost no different. Leaves are smooth, leathery.

Depending on the cultivated variety, ginger flowers can be different in their color.

Care of the root of ginger at home

Since the ginger we grow at home, therefore, care for it will not be so painstaking, as behind the plant in the open ground.

After planting, the tank with the root can be covered with a film to control the humidity and maintain it in the optimal state. Pot put in a warm place with a temperature approx. 20 ° C and higher. After 2-3 weeks, sprouts break onto the surface.

As soon as sprouts appear, we find a bright place for ginger. On the windowsill (especially in winter and spring) should not be cold, otherwise the root starts. In winter, windows of the southern direction are suitable, but in the spring and summer on such windows, ginger can burn, it does not endure direct sunlight. Ginger feels well on the eastern and western windows. In the sun, the plant must be dialed.

When the sprouts were already fastened, the root can be emphasized the earth so that it does not rise on the surface. Ginger loves wet soil, but absolutely does not tolerate water stagnation, and can quickly bend.

The ginger watering the water temperature was watering as the upper layer drying. The spraying of the sprayer will be both spraying from the sprayer. Do not forget to maintain high humidity, since otherwise the plant will start and dying.

Selection and deadlines

Ginger development should be supported by fertilizers. Usually they contribute to every 2-3 weeks, while the content of mineral substances is adjusted depending on the desired result:

  • Nitrogen stimulates the growth and development of leaves;
  • Potash fertilizers affect the formation of buds and colors;
  • Phosphorus promotes the growing rhizoma.

Note! For feeding it is better to use home organic fertilizers (because root is planned to be eaten)

By the end of the summer, about a month before the focus of the foliage of the flower, the watering begin to statenly cut down, and the feeders are cleaned at all. It is necessary to begin to form a powerful rhizome.

Lighting temperature and air humidity

As already described above, the flower of ginger does not like straight sun rays very much (there is a risk of burns on the leaves). But it is perfectly suitable for a slightly shaded place or with multiple lighting.

Here we remember the homemade climate of the plant - warm and wet. In a dry room, often spray and water the ginger. The temperature is desirable to maintain at least + 15 ° C, but not more than + 20 ° C. During the waiting period, the temperature can reach + 22 ° C, and in the active growth phase - + 25 ° C.

Pruning and loosening soil

In the industrial cultivation of ginger flowering are not allowed for the sake of obtaining better harvest of the root. So in our case, if you are not aimed at decorating a window sill, but you want to get only food, then at the stage of buds, without waiting for the ginger to go into bloom, spend these parts. Thus, more forces will go to the development of the underground part.

In the summer, when the threat of return freezers, the pot is better to take the balcony.

The best results will show a landing in a greenhouse. If it is possible, to get a good harvest, it is better to transplant the sprouted root of ginger into the protected ground (about May). At home, the harvest of root ginger will always be modest. The root increase will be no more than 200%.

Video: Ginger Ginger House


Ginger is a plant, which has not only a decorative species, but also affecting therapeutic effects. By purchasing in the store, a person cannot be confident that the product is high-quality and has all the properties inherent in it. Therefore, it is better to grow a plant yourself. To do this, you need to know how to grow ginger at home.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Ginger buds are extremely beautiful

How to grow ginger at home to get rhizomes

Ginger is a plant growing in countries with tropical forests. In the wildlife, the shrub grows more than one year and is considered a perennial. When growing at home, ginger is considered as an annual culture.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Gingerbread grade Zurumbeth in Wildlife

For better growth, the bush need to create favorable conditions, adhere to the optimal temperature and high humidity. If you wish to see the color of the rhizomes dig out of the open soil and go into a warm room for the winter. For the second year, extraordinary gentle inflorescences will appear.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Zurombet ginger grade in bud

When rooting rhizomes in the room vase, you need to consider how the ginger grows at home. It is able to reach 1 m in height and go well. For a comfortable stay, he will need a spacious room and an abundance of sunlight.

Preparation for landing ginger root

Before implementing the procedure for rooting the root of ginger, it should be chosen from a variety of varieties (the photo is presented below) and prepare. The following types of spiced crops are available:

  1. Purple - possesses bright decorative inflorescences located on a powerful bloom.
  2. Zerumbet - endowed with original beauty with flowers, externally rose on roses.
  3. Kassumunar - produces beautiful white flowers, reminding orchids reminded.
  4. Japanese - bloom begins early in spring, with the disclosure of buds, the room is filled with a thin aroma.
  5. Wonderful - his color has a bright-alway color, a long unfavorable.

Small photo gallery in order to make sure how unusual and beautiful flowers at the harmonious plants we are familiar to us.


Some of the varieties are not endowed with therapeutic properties, but differ in the original long blossom. Therefore, if the healing root is required, you should ask about it in advance.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

When choosing a certain variety of spiced crops, it is necessary to purchase the rhizome on which more peels. After purchase, the selected instance is specifically prepared.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Zapanese ginger variety - unique plant view with side

Selection of soil and pots for growing ginger at home

To get a powerful, healthy plant, you need to familiarize yourself with the rules how to grow ginger at home on the windowsill. To do this, you should decide in advance, in what objectives are planted, and only then pick a pot:

  1. For decorative flowering.
  2. To obtain medicinal roots.
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Pot for decorative cultivation
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Capacity for rooting plants

In the latter case, the container takes the average volume, low-type low-side. Typically, the root system is located on the surface, and deep into the vase leave the apparent spores of a minor volume. For planting plants, it is required to prepare an optimally suitable soil substrate. It takes the same size of the garden soil, river sand and leaf humus. Everything is thoroughly mixed.


To the soil before landing for 30-45 days, you can additionally make comprehensive fertilizers for intensive growth of the root system. This is necessary for full absorption of organic feeding.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Soil for planting plants, connected from several components

In the absence of the possibility of self-preparation of the soil, it must be purchased in a specialized store. Only the soil substrate should be chosen for citrus fruits, it is ideal for rooting spices. It has a loose structure, due to which the nutrient moisture is well passes and the required oxygen.

Selection and mandatory root disinfection

To grow ginger from the root at home, a high-quality seedling is originally selected. It should be fresh, healthy, without present on the surface of dark spots or crushed destroyed areas.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Suitable ginger harvest seedling

If the color color of the root system is saturated-brown, it means that the tuber has long been kept in improper conditions. You should not buy such an instance. Rhizome should differ with a light sheath with a delicate structure. For rooting, chosen chubby processes with several discharges, on which there must be convex bumps of growth points

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Potassium permanganate solution for seedlings

If a clean and specifically processed root system is implemented in the store, it is impossible to acquire the growing tuber. Be sure to make sure that the seedling was not stored in the refrigerator. It does not have decorative properties and does not contribute to the emergence of therapeutic properties.

Experienced gardeners are advised to be additionally soaked for 12 hours of the tuber in a weak solution of potassium permanganate. Holding to essence will allow the surface of the seedling and neutralize all pathogenic bacteria with the opportunity to settle on the rhizome.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

After exposure in the solution, cut the rhizome into small fragments. It is required to carry out the procedure for jumpers - connecting thickening. Fresh sections are sprinkled with an impaired activated carbon or wood ash. This is necessary to prevent possible plant infection with pathogenic microorganisms.

How to awaken the kidneys to accelerate the growth of the plant

Small kidneys must be present on the rhizome, from which the ground part will develop. To activate the rapid germination of growth points, it is recommended to use one of 3 methods presented in the table. Additionally, a photo is presented, as the ginger plant looks like during preparing for disembodies.

Illustration Implementation procedure
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уходShare seedlings in warm liquid. To stimulate the acceleration of the kidney germination, warm boiled water is taken to 60-700c. The plant in water is withstanding for 2-4 hours.
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уходThe container with high sides is taken. On his bottom is laid out moss-sfagnum. The root of ginger kidney is placed on top of it. After covered with moss. All the content of the vase is abundantly spilled by the nutrient moisture. The container is installed in a bright room on a warm window sill.
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уходGinger is gangling on thin spats, designed for kebabs on a wooden basis. Rhizomes are placed so that the lower part is in a few mm in the water. In this form, they are waiting until the kidney germination, be sure to control the level of fluid in the container.

Procedures are necessary for the fastest germination of ground sprouts. Otherwise, if there is no green kidney, ginger rhizomes can sit up to 3 months motionless, without revealing livelihoods.

How to plant ginger at home

After the plant let the first green sprouts, it can be rooted. It is necessary to plant spicy culture in the recent February numbers or the first decade of March. Before rooting, you should know how to plant the ginger houses and achieve a quality harvest. To do this, adhere to certain principles:

  1. Constantly spray landing.
  2. Do not overcover the soil substrate.
  3. Do not put on the straight sun rays so as not to provoke burns.

Thanks to the correct landing, in the future you can get a healthy, strong plant, suitable for both use for medicinal purposes and for use as seasonings for culinary sizes.

Installation in a pot of drainage system

In order to properly carry out the procedure for the shower of the root system of spiced crops, knowledge is needed how to plant ginger at home. To do this, a drainage falls asleep to the prepared in advance. As the first layer, the ceramzite, a broken brick, pebble or foam be perfectly suitable.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
When landing the root of ginger is used drainage system


Such a drainage system is necessary that in a container with a plant, an extra moisture is stored. The latter provokes the development of the fungal disease and the formation of rot on the root system.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

From above on the laid out drainage, which should be 3-5 cm, soil is falling asleep or moss-sphagnum is placed. After filling, the container must be filled with 2/3 pots. The soil is necessarily moderately watering with a spacing. This fixture will allow you to saturate the soil substrate to the remedy, without overcoating it.

Landing rhizomes and backing material

On the soil covered on top, the whole root system is laid out or small pieces separated into fragments. All proof kidneys must be on the top of the seedling.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Locking the root of ginger in the ground

The next action during the rooting is filled with ginger root. The procedure is carried out very carefully, so as not to damage young green sprouts. Used crumbly soil or small pieces of moss-sfagnum. Land layer should not exceed 3-5 cm, it is required that most of the rhizomes are on the surface.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Ginger root landing in moss-sfagnum
Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Disembarking and rooting of ginger roots in open ground

To properly perform all the steps, you can be spacked on the video, how to plant ginger at home.

Ginger landing

So that the plant quickly gained strength and pleased with good growth, it is necessary not only to know how to plant the root of ginger at home, but also take into account specific care for an exotic plant. For the plant content in a comfortable environment, some recommendations are allocated.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Plant care at home

Lighting, temperature and air humidity

If you prepare the root of ginger and stimulate the germination of sprouts, the cultivation of ginger is recommended in the open soil. Landing is carried out in the winter or first numbers of coming spring. So that the spice is well developed and launched into the kidney growth, it is necessary to adhere to the temperature mode + 15 ... + 200С.

The same conditions are required for growing plants on the windowsill. In the summer, with active growth, the shrub will require an elevated temperature - + 27 ... + 320c. It is not recommended to dramatically change the temperature mode for the bush. It negatively affects its condition and can destroy.

Tropical culture requires an abundance of sunlight, but can not be under scoring flows. The midday sun can form on the foliage of burns. A favorable placement will be the Western or Eastern Window.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

In the wildlife, the shrub grows in a wet environment, therefore elevated humidity is important for him, especially in the heating season. Therefore, it is necessary to familiarize yourself in advance how to grow ginger from the root of the house so that the environment fully meets the best conditions.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Ginger variety wonderful - mass flowering decorative plant

Vazon with ginger should not be installed on the windowsill next to the battery. Otherwise, if there are no options, then daily spraying is needed to 2-3 times a day. Coming in the fall, extractive irrigation ceases.

Watering and subordinate

Watering for the plant is very important - the soil must be constantly moderately moistened, but will not flood to the formation of a swampy consistency. After making the nutrient moisture, the surplus from the pallet is eliminated. It is not necessary to bring the Earth to complete drying, it is especially important to make watering in a timely manner during the growing season. The laptop of moisture testifies to the faded leafy plates and the creaked foliage. For watering, soft, indent water temperature is required.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Growing ginger at home

To grow ginger at home, you should know how and when you make feeding. Nutritional elements are added to the ground every 12 days. Excellent as fertilizers, a diluted solution of a cowboy, as well as minerals, is suitable.

Since the onset of the last month of summer and until the end of autumn, fertilizers saturated with potassium are made to the ground. At the same time, you should alternate with organic feeders.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

How the plant signals that it is time to collect a harvest

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
How should the shoots of a plant, ready for harvesting

To get a full-fledged high-quality harvest, it will take at least 8 months. The photo presents the ginger, and how it should look like a finished plant grown at home.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Garbage harvest

The readiness of the tuber symbolize the fallen decisions of the deciduous stems, yellowed deciduous plates. At this point you can dig up the root. The procedure is carried out only by hand, other garden tools can damage the structure.

How to grow ginger houses on the windowsill for flowering

To see how the ginger blooms at home (photo below), you do not need to dig up the tuber from the soil. On the contrary, it should be saved. The reduced degrees of the air will help the Ginger to "fall asleep", gain strength and go to height when the warm days is coming.

How to choose a pot for stimulating ground escapes

If the landing of ginger at home is produced for decorative flowering (video below), then the vase is taken narrow and deep enough. It is required that the root system does not spread, provoking the growth of terrestrial green shoots.

Ginger bloom at home

During the signal of the plant about harvesting, pull the tuber does not need. The yellowed leaves should be eliminated, stems to cut.

What conditions to create for ginger during the hibernation period

To keep plants in the autumn-winter period, during waste and set forces for further growth, the following conditions should be created:

  1. Making nutrient moisture - It is enough to make a small amount of water. At the same time, constantly monitor so that the ground does not swam, it should always be wet.
  2. Lighting - Neither the sun's rays nor the feeding during this period for the bush are not required. Vase with a plant should be determined to the room where the temperature does not exceed + 150c.

Only for the second year the plant issues the inflorescences of a bright, extraordinary format and pleases a rich gentle aroma. When spring is offensive, the container with a bush is returned to the previous place and completely renew the care.

How to protect ginger from diseases and pests

To grow ginger in a garden or in room conditions, you need to know how to protect it from pathogenic bacteria and pests. In most cases, the shrub has increased resistance to microorganisms and parasites. But sometimes it is amazed by a paustic tick.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход
Pest fight - web tick

The best method of combating it is a spraying of chemical insecticides. In this case, the use of plant roots is undesirable. Therefore, as prophylactic measures, it follows a hot shower chower. Water must be + 400c. Additionally, the foliage is washed with soap solution.


To prevent the pest population to prevent the plant, the state of sheet plates should be monitored. When manually detected (manually), eliminate representatives. Otherwise, it is possible to lose the plant completely.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

How to grow ginger in the country - nuances

Care and Growing in Open Ground

To safely grow ginger in the country, you need to consider the rules how to contain a plant. The main thing is to constantly monitor the appearance of the green pet and gain patience. Select certain nuances that allow you to quickly get a useful product:

  1. Watering - In the open ground, the plant is useful to endure a minor drought, but excessive abundant moisture making adversely affects the root.
  2. Loosening - On dense land, the site should be periodically loosening. It allows you to remove weed plants that feed on ginger, as well as to establish the necessary oxygen flow.
  3. Accommodation - At least a shrub and a lot of light necessary, but you should not land it on an outdoor sunny area. It is recommended to saturate the bush with sunlight on the morning and evening hours, and at midday time it is better if the bush is in the shade.
  4. Growth conditions - Ginger does not like piercing drafts and strong northern winds that can cause disease. Planting a spice is better in a secluded corner, without excess air movement.


If you remember all the intricacies of the care of capricious spiced crop, then you can get a useful product saturated with nutrient elements and vitamins at the end of the summer.

Пряная культура имбирь: как вырастить в домашних условиях, посадка и уход

Thus, if there is a desire to grow ginger at home, it is necessary to find out if it is possible to implement it. For this, a high-quality seedling is selected, all conditions for the care of rhizomes are performed. The main thing is to monitor the state of the plant so as not to provoke the development of the disease or the invasion of parasites.

Ginger can be raised at home from the usual root purchased in the store. Watching the right container and choosing the best time for landing, you can get a fresh harvest of therapeutic and spicy root. The main thing to remember that ginger is a thermal-loving culture with a long period of vegetation, so it is necessary to help him so that the plant will have to crush for our short summer.

Имбирь в домашних условиях: посадка корня и уход

Landing ginger at home

Ginger has a lot of growing up the growing season. So that the root is completely touched, he needs time. The process of forming a ginger rhizome is largely similar to the ripening of root celery.

What root is suitable for landing ginger at home?

  • For the cultivation of ginger at home, roots are suitable with well-notable kidneys, which are about to germinate. Such kidneys differ in color (they are lighter), slightly oily to the touch.
  • Choose dense elastic tubers without damage, dents, dark spots.
  • For landing, there is enough root with dimensions of 5-7 cm.
  • The more growth points on the root, the better.
Имбирь в домашних условиях: посадка корня и уход

When is it better to plant ginger at home?

  • The best time for landing ginger at home - March .
  • In winter, it is not recommended to start landing. The plant may not have a scarce winter window lighting. Ginger - light-loving culture, so With a lack of light, it will begin to stretch . If there are lightning lamps, you can use them.
  • If you bought a root in winter, pack it in the package (so that the root does not stop), and put it in the fridge to the compartment for fruits and vegetables. In such conditions, ginger Start gradually awaken And by the beginning of the spring will be ready for landing.

What pot is suitable for landing ginger at home?

  • To grow ginger root at home, pick up a bulk container. At the same time, it is important that the pot was as much as possible in height, and in width.
  • The root system on sufficient food area feels better, which means there will give more harvest. The roots go deep into 40-50 cm.
Имбирь в домашних условиях: посадка корня и уход

How to plant ginger at home?

  • Before landing Ginger root can soak For 4 hours in warm water, dry sections.
  • On the bottom of the pot I fall asleep drainage , Fill the soil almost to the edges. For landing, ginger will suit any high-quality purchased soil. It should be loose, fertile.
  • Carefully inspect the root and find sprouts. When landing Growth points should be directed up . We have the root of the plastics in the horizontal plane.
  • Ginger root do not plunge . When landing, it practically lies on the surface.
  • Root there are no centered pot , and from the edge in the direction of root growth. To the edge of the pot you put the cut part of the root.
  • From above slightly sprinkle soil so that Root slightly peeking on the surface .
  • Abundantly pour water Room temperature so that the soil moisturizes completely. Excess water from the pallet pour.
Имбирь в домашних условиях: посадка корня и уход

Care of the root of ginger at home

After landing, the root does not wake up for quite a long time. It will take 2-3 weeks before sprouts break to the surface.

  • After planting, the tank with the root can be covered with a film to control the humidity and maintain it in the optimal state.
  • Pot put in a warm place with a temperature approx. 20 ° C and higher.
  • As soon as sprouts appear, we find a bright place for ginger. On the windowsill (especially in winter and spring) should not be cold, otherwise the root starts. In winter, windows of the southern direction are suitable, but in the spring and summer on such windows, ginger can burn, it does not endure direct sunlight. Ginger is well chosen on the eastern and western windows. In the sun, the plant must be dialed.
  • When the sprouts were already fastened, the root can be emphasized the earth so that it does not rise on the surface.
  • Ginger loves wet soil, but absolutely does not tolerate water stagnation, it can quickly bend. Pour the indentioned water temperature as the upper layer drying. Spraying will be both spraying. For feeding it is better to use home organic fertilizers (because root is planned to be eaten)
  • In the summer, when the threat of return freezers, the pot is better to take the balcony.

The best results will show a landing in a greenhouse. If it is possible, to get a good harvest, it is better to transplant the sprouted root of ginger into the protected ground (about May). At home, the harvest of root ginger will always be modest. The root increase will be no more than 200%.

Имбирь в домашних условиях: посадка корня и уход

When digging the root of ginger?

Rhizer ginger matures 8-10 months. By October-November, Ginger will have time to grow new roots.

  • The leaf can be the leaf that will start glast, stop in growth.
  • 7-10 days before the intended digging, stop the watering and wait for the leaves (yellowing) of the leaves.
  • We take out the whole soil or big room of the earth. And carefully clean the roots from the ground.

Well ripe root will be kept for a long time.

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