Halyava and almost for an aliexpress - secrets 2021 and how to win?

Using a mobile application for ordering things with Aliexpress has several advantages: a discount is available on the purchase, you can earn coins that exchange coupons. And the most important thing is in the "Halewa" section for AliExpress (in 2021 it was renamed almost free of charge) users participate in free-free drawing.

Halyava Aliexpress

What is a freebie and almost free from Aliexpress?

Halyava (partition almost for nothing) is an opportunity for the buyer Aliexpress to get the goods for almost free - for 1 cent. They are distributed as inexpensive items for home and interior, accessories and clothing, and expensive gadgets.

Sellers are interested in similar shares due to the possibility of attracting new buyers. One of the mandatory conditions for obtaining freebies is to leave a detailed review with photos.

Products with similar comments have a greater level of confidence in other users. In addition, taking part in the drawers must add a store to "Favorites" - it raises the rating of the seller.

Section almost gift is on the main page in a mobile application, it is indicated by a round icon with a gift box on a green background. On the site aliexpress there is no tabs - it is impossible to participate in the draws from the computer.

Sometimes due to failures in the work of "Halewa" disappears from the mobile application. If it disappears, users advise to update or reinstall the program. Also helps the switching language into English in the settings.


Principle of operation

Almost for nothing - this is not a one-time share, but a permanent section.

Principle of action of the loyalty program:

  • Every day, sellers add goods that they are ready to give application users;
  • Buyers within the week are applying for participation in the draw;
  • All goods requests are collected and processed by a computer;
  • Within 3 days the program determines the winners;
  • Aliexpress announces results;
  • The winner is sent goods.

Principle of operation

Rules of participation

To become a member of the program:

Aliexpress Site

  1. Apply for free goods.
  2. Wait for the result of the draw.
  3. If you won, you will be asked to pay 0.01 dollars to confirm the order.
  4. The seller will send the goods to the address specified in the profile.
  5. When you receive the parcel, write a detailed comment and attach from 10 to 20 photos.

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Rules of participation

How to apply for participation and time to process

For all participants, the Rules are the same:

  1. Consider all offers from the "Halewa" section. For the convenience of users, goods are divided into categories: Mama and children, watches and decorations, electronics, home, sports, clothing and accessories, equipment, bags and shoes, beauty and health.
  2. Select 1 or 2 products you want to get.
  3. Go to the selected product page.
  4. Click the "Application" button.
  5. Check and confirm the shipping address.
  6. Give your consent with the rules of distribution of freebies. At this stage, the participant will be added to the list of your loved ones.

You can apply for 2 products every day. Counting attempts begins at 11:00 Moscow time.

Filing an application

Requests are accepted 7 days from the date of adding goods to the "Halewa" section. The results are announced within 3 days after graduating from collecting applications.

Is it possible to increase the chances of winning freezes from Aliexpress?

Always more likelihood to win the product drawing with a small amount of applications. But there are several factors that can enhance the chances of winning any thing.

Buying goods more often once a month

Users advise shopping more often than once a month. Aliexpress is interested in permanent buyers and Okhotny give them gifts. The big amounts you spend on the site - the better.

Raising the level and rating of the buyer

The buyer's level on Aliexpress depends on the number of points collected over the year. The accrual of glasses takes place on the last day of each month. The resulting bonuses and the new level will act from the 8th day of the next month.

Aliexpress level

There are several types of points:

  1. For purchases: Daily shopping and ordering several goods in various categories in one day.
  2. For communication: reviews, daily visits to the online store and posts on Aliexpress.
  3. For participation in special promotions.

There are 4 levels of users: silver, gold, platinum, diamond. The higher the level, the greater the chances of being the chosen computer.

How is the winner choose?

"Halewa" is not a lottery designed for good luck. The process of determining the winner and the criteria are not kept secret.

The lucky one is not chosen by the Seller at its own request, but by the program on the basis of such parameters:

  • level and rating of the buyer;
  • reviews for previously purchased goods, not only their number, but also quality;
  • frequency visits site and mobile application;
  • the number of purchases on Aliexpress;
  • help site.


There are few chances of new users or those who buys every 3 months. Aliexpress is looking for real permanent buyers who will share the news about their winning. Others will see that you can get a free thing, and will also want to participate. This means that they will spend more on purchases through the application. "Halewa" is not a divorce, it simply does not get users with a low rating that buy one thing a year.

What advises us by Aliexpress?

All tips are reduced to an increase in user activity.

To increase the chances of winning:

  1. Come in the app every day.
  2. Purchase regularly.
  3. Write comments to all purchased goods.
  4. Leave photos in the reviews.
  5. Winning in the "freebie" for the first time, write a detailed review of the product with a photo.

Writing reviews on itao

Itao is a platform for bloggers. There are many spam and useless information. Nevertheless, Aliexpress appreciates the users of the site and gives additional points when determining the winner of the "freebies". This is due to the fact that bloggers with ITAO have an audience that they can lead to Aliexpress.


Like and write comments

You can put likes and write a comment to the product that you did not win. For this app gives the user a coin, which also increases the chances of drawing the next freebie.

Help in translation

Aliexpress appreciates the development of resource. Everyone who orders in the online store, at least once faced with an unintelligible, unreadable text in Russian in the title or description of the thing. For help in correcting the Cards of goods, Aliexpress awards users points, which means that the chance of winning in the "freebie" rises.

Buying Things in Mobile Application

Previously, the purchase of things was valued through the Aliexpress mobile application, because it was impossible to order with Cachebank. Now cachek services work and when placing an order in the program, so this indicator could have lost strength.

It is not recommended to write spam in the comments to the product.

Leave links or advertising their products in reviews or questions to the product is not recommended. Spam lit up comments and buyers it becomes harder to find useful and informative feedback. "Aliexpress" cares about the comfort of their buyers, so the comments, questions and reviews can be removed by the playground, and the rating of users who leave them, drop.

Writing the detailed reviews with photos

Aliexpress Cenits informative reviews that will help other site users. If you bought shoes, write whether you have approached the size, compare your Russian size of the shoes with the one you ordered, rate how the appearance matches the photos of the seller. Such comments as "the parcel came in 3 weeks" are not considered valuable.

More than unfolded and informative comment, Aliexpress appreciates feedback from the photo. Quality photos attached to the reviews of goods will increase your value in the system.

Upon receipt of the freebies, you need to leave a review about it

Aliexpress looks at what reviews you left after the past draws. Write a detailed comment about each won thing with a large number of photos. This increases the chances of winning in the "Halewa" next time.

Some time in the mobile application Aliexpress was the section "Coins and coupons" and the other - "freebie" which is usually not so much information about. After receiving a few questions about them, we decided to create this complete leadership in which we will explain how they work and whether to use them.

Mobile application Aliexpress download on Google Play
Mobile application Aliexpress download on Google Play

Basic questions about coins and freebies in Aliexpress

Coins and coupons

To enter the coins section, you need to access Aliexpress application and search for a section "Coins and coupons" . This section is available only in the Aliexpress mobile application, and in it we will find everything related to coins: how to get them and how to exchange for coupons or products. It is quite interesting if we know how it works.

How to get coins?

When you enter the system, you will see the icon in the shape of a coin at the top. If we click on it, we will get coins. On the first day they will give us only 1 coin, but they will increase until the eighth day, and later they will give us 16 coins. But there are other ways to get coins, which we will tell below.

Aliexpress mobile coins and freebies
Aliexpress mobile coins and freebies

How to get more chances to win free? Daily missions

If you want to have more chances to win free, you will need more coins, and we can get them with the help of daily tasks. These are very simple missions, currently there are 3 tasks for today:

  • Try the search for the photo We will get 2 coins.
  • Share a new collection with friends We will get 1 coin.
  • Exchange coins on coupons or products We will get 3 coins.
Daily Molds for Coins
Daily Molds for Coins

As you can see, all simple tasks. It is possible that in a few weeks they will change them, but at the moment all you need to do is click on the icon of each mission, and the application itself will explain how to perform them.

Plant Money Tree

This is one of the games that we find in the section of coins and coupons. It is about putting a tree and water it every day. We can water it with free drops of water that they give us every day, as well as pay extra coins so that the tree grew faster. As it grows, it will be fruitful, which in this case are award-winning: coins and coupons.

Aliexpress Money Tree Game
Aliexpress Money Tree Game

The truth is that it is a pretty slow game, because at best we can get about thirty points every day, and the tree dies on a thousand points, but it is quite exciting and prizes are guaranteed.

Shooting coupons

Although this is one of the games that Aliexpress usually puts during sales and promotions, such as 11.11, it seems that this game will remain in the application a little longer. All you need to do is buy a shot of coins and shoot in the direction of the coupons. If we get, we will win a discount coupon, which may vary depending on which coupon to knock out on the screen. For example, I got 2 coupon on 136 rubles.

Shot Coupons for Aliexpress coins
Shot Coupons for Aliexpress coins

Guess the map

Another game in which you can win coupons or coins.

Open Maps for Aliexpress coins
Open Maps for Aliexpress coins
  • One game costs 5 coins. If you leave the game, without finishing it, you lose 5 coins, and the game will not be saved.
  • In each game you can turn 2 cards, after which you will see a win. You can win coins, coupons or nothing. You can win, even if the cards did not coincide.
  • This game can be played up to 10 times a day.

What are coins for?

Coins can be exchanged for many interesting gifts that will help us save when buying in Aliexpress. Gifts are mainly coupons and objects (free or with a certain discount due to coins).

Coin exchange for seller coupons
Coin exchange for seller coupons

Exchange coins for coupons

For me, the best in the receipt of coins is the ability to exchange them for coupons. We can get two types of coupons: Aliexpress coupons that apply to any purchase of Aliexpress from a specific amount, or seller coupons that will be useful only in certain stores Aliexpress.

The first, Aliexpress coupons, get the hardest thing, as they are very in demand by buyers of the site, although they are updated every hour. We will be able to receive coupons for 1, 3 or $ 8, and we will be able to apply them with any purchase of Aliexpress (one or more sellers) when we achieve a certain minimum amount.

Goods Halyava
Goods Halyava

The second coupons, seller coupons, get much easier and are a good way of savings, since the minimum purchase amount is usually very small. In the section on coins and coupons, you can see all stores offering coupons, as well as the number of coins needed to obtain a coupon.

Coin exchange for objects

Another option is to exchange coins on items by paying 0.01 dollars or having received a small discount when buying coins. Free products are almost impossible to get, and they are updated daily at 00:00 by Pacific. Nevertheless, it is much easier to get items with a discount, although the range of items is very limited. Like almost free products, they are also updated daily.

Reports from freebies
Reports from freebies

How to exchange coins from the application?

Coins in the application can be exchanged for goods or coupons in the Coins and Coupons section.

Coin exchange for goods

In section "Coin exchange for goods" You will see a list of products that can be obtained for coins. Go to section Coins and coupons > Coin exchange for goods.

Open the product description page and make sure it is available for buying for coins. You can place an order and the amount of coins will be deducted automatically. You will need to pay US $ 0.01 and the right amount of coins.

Coin Coin Exchange

In section "Coin exchange for coupons" You will see a list of coupons that can be obtained for coins. Go to section Coins and coupons > Coin Coin Exchange . When exchanging coins will be deducted automatically. Coupons are available every day. The number of coupons is limited.

Coins are not added. What to do?

Coins in Aliexpress Application "Coins and coupons" ) You can get through games and promotions. To find out how many coins you have, go to the Coin and Coupons in Aliexpress.

For example, if you received a notification: "Please use another input device" In your account, an unusual activity is seen, so you cannot use all the functions. Check your account and try again.

Daily bonus in the form of coins and water for money
Daily bonus in the form of coins and water for money

Freebie and Reviews

The freebie section, quite recently appeared on Aliexpress, is another one to which we received quite a lot of requests. It is quite easy, we just need to access and choose the products that we would like to get for $ 0.01 instead of its original price. We can choose only 2 products per day. Then it remains only to wait, and if we chose, pay 0.01 dollars and check the goods when it arrives.

My halawa
My halawa

Undoubtedly, getting free gifts is quite difficult, because many people ask them, but you will not lose anything, trying, as it is completely free and very fast.

Other Tips to continue to save on Aliexpress

Finally, remember that on our site you will find a section "Help" Where you can find many tips how to safely buy in Aliexpress, as well as our full Guide to Aliexpress, a very recommended article if you start buying on Aliexpress.

What do you think about Aliexpress and Halyava coins? Feel free to leave us a comment below, about your shopping experience on Aliexpress.



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Almost for nothing (freebie) on AliExpress 2021 - how to get, rules, reviews, chances of winning

Almost for nothing (freebie) on AliExpress 2021 - how to get, rules, reviews, chances of winning

Halyava on Aliexpress

Almost for nothing (freebies) on Aliexpress It appeared not so long ago, on the sale in honor of the 6th day of the site. Based on the name, in this section, Aliexpress users have a chance to get any product for free, that is, for free. And judging by the reviews of the winners, this is quite real. So we will try in this article. We will try to understand the intricacies of participation in the campaign "Halewa".

Where to find a section almost formerly (formerly freebies) on AliExpress?

You can only find this section in the Aliexpress mobile application, so you download, install and play.

At the moment, the freebie section is located at the top of the mobile application, immediately under the slider with shares and sales. Called O. "Almost free" .

(Since I have a andriod smartphone, then the screenshots will be from the app for Android.)

How to find a freebie on aliexpress 2021

Consider what is the section of the freebie to Aliexpress and how to receive goods in it for free.

Almost for nothing (freebies) on Ali Spress - Rules.

To start the rule. There are no wise subtleties here.

  • Go to the section "almost for nothing"
  • We choose one of the proposed goods and click to apply.
  • We agree with the terms of the promotion - the system will automatically add a store with a selected product in "Favorite". In case of winning, you will have to write a detailed feedback on the received goods.
  • We are waiting, we hope and believe - in principle, nothing depends on you, the net lottery. The action for each product in the freebie lasts 7 days. At the end of this period, within 3 days, the system automatically selects the winner of the promotion.
  • If you are lucky enough to win - the system will automatically form an application for the won goods cost 1 cent (well, not quite freebies it turns out) that you need to pay
  • We are waiting for the goods, we get it, write a review and rejoice in freebies.

Yes, I forgot to say. For 1 day you can submit only 2 applications for free. Although I have never come across a difficult choice in this section, someone may have little two attempts per day. If you try to apply for the third product, get this message:

2 applications for free

How to get free to Aliexpress?

Freebie with Aliexpress for 0.01 $

Video how to get free to aliexpress

When you click on the "Halewa and Reports" section, you immediately fall on the page with the goods that participate in the freebie. Naturally, the goods are not baubles, there are copies worth and 15-20 thousand rubles, household appliances, clothing, smartphones, jewelry, but in general, anything.

Torsets a vague doubt that prices for goods in freebies are clearly overestimated, and quite cool, but it is only the theory.

Halyava and reports

Immediately in the product card you can see the number of the same "freebies", submitted to this lot.

The more expensive it is the more the more people want him, the less chance to get it.

By the way, at the bottom of the main page of the campaign "Halewa" is a button "Show all". By clicking on it, you can see all the products participating in the promotion for the last 7 days and add them accordingly (remember that the NA has only 2 attempts per day).

All products freebies for 7 days

When switching to reference "More" You will fall on the page with brief rules of action and advice on participation.

When you click on the goods in the list, you will be taken to the application page.

Apply in Halyava to Aliexpress

As mentioned above, when applying, you need to agree with the terms of the promotion, confirm your shipping address (I hope it is created, if you are not here) and add a store selling this product to "My Favorite" (now it's done on the machine You need only click OK).

how to apply in freebie to aliexpress

All applications for goods are created, you participate in the drawing of the freebies to Aliexpress.

Statistics are available when you press the button on the main page of the promotion:

My halawa

It looks as follows, well, at least in the application for Android.

Section My Halyava

All products that you applied can be found in the section "In Processing".

Halyava in processing

In case of winning, the goods will appear in the section "Successful". I have sterile cleanliness here)).

Won Halyava on Aliexpress

Well, in the event of a failure, go to the "Rejected" section and see how someone else won a lot of good.

Rejected Halyava

By the way, if you click on the button "How to increase the chances of winning?" You will get to the page with the reports of freebies. I do not know how it should help.

I think that the contents of the "My Reports" sections, "My favorite reports" and "My Comments" are understandable and so. I have empty there so I decided not to litter an article with the not necessary pictures.

As you can see to use freebies, Aliexpress is not at all difficult. But to win the freebie very and very. The chances there are so miserable that sometimes you ask for a question, but is it possible to get free to Aliexpress? Is it not if all this?

I will not argue about what I do not know. You can leave your opinion on Aliexpress about Aliexpress in the comments.

Is it possible to increase the chances of winning in the freebie to Aliexpress?

I do not know how efficiently it is, but Aliexpress himself advises that:

  • Make purchases only in Appendix AlExpress
  • Participate in Halyava every day (well, everything is logical here, the more goods add, the greater the chances to win).
  • Writing reviews for all your purchases.
  • Writing the detailed reports on the received freebie.

Rules and advice

Actually, these tips also encourage you to buy more often and more, write reviews and in general to show activity in the mobile application Aliexpress.

I myself am not so often shopping, and from the reviews mostly put only an asterisk. Maybe therefore for the month of the daily game I never won, I do not know.

Important! Who really won freebies to Aliexpress, write off in the comments, which won and how much time they played. Let's see if it is real or lucky only "Favorites".

Useful links:

Page with the rules of section "Almost free"

Still a couple of videos on the topic:


Good day, Dmitry! Immediately let's say that the freebie is available only in a mobile application. You can get into it directly from the main screen.

how to win free on Aliexpress

The main secret of the section is the ability to win goods, practically free.

How does it work?

The mechanism is simple - you are applying for freebies, win it and pay 1 cent (in rubles it is ~ 60 kopecks). Next, the store sends the goods, and after receipt you have to write a short review with photos. One user is allowed to submit only 2 applications for halaries. Do not forget that the day on Ali begins from 10:00 Moscow time.

Algorithm of action

  1. Open the application - go to the "Halewa" section
  2. Choose a product from the list of proposed
  3. Halyava + on Aliexpress how it works

  4. The product card opens, in which you will find: retail price, quantity, number of applications and a button that should be pressed.
  5. The secret of the freebies to Aliexpress

  6. Confirm the address, consent and see confirmation of participation in the promotion
  7. how to get free on aliexpress

The results for each product from freebies are announced after 3-4 days, after its completion. If you have become a winner, then you will need to pay 1 cent and after receipt to leave a review.

How to win freebies?

To increase chances and get free to Aliexpress you need to pump your account. The playground prefers in drawing more active users. That is, the account with a large history of orders and reviews will have an advantage over the newcomer.

Factors that affect chances

We will reveal the secrets of freebies and publish what you need to learn for a positive outcome in your favor:

  • Make more shopping (no matter how expensive or cheap)
  • Open your mobile application at least once a day
  • Leave reviews about received parcels, better with product photos

Secrets halyava

The subject of prizes has a great influence. If you often order with Ali products for children, then the probability of winning some kindergarten you will have more than the case for the phone. Use this rule.

Also, the preference is a platform gives users who buys often. The optimal option is 5-10 parcels per month. Of course, the reviews and the percentage of paid orders affect the solution.

Based on this, we summarize to increase the chances of freebies to Aliexpress:

  • Be an active user
  • make a minimum of 5 purchases per month
  • Regularly serve 2 applications per day
  • not to spam in the comments
  • Writing detailed reviews with photos
  • Do not open a large number of disputes
  • Ali's shares
  • Comment the winnings of other users.

It is worth understanding that the freebie to Aliexpress is an action, the results of which depend on the algorithm. Therefore, even if you do not approach all items, it is worth sending applications for different things - suddenly win.


He learned about this section at the end of 2019. Began to actively give applications for completely different categories of goods. Won freebie only after 2 months. It was pleasantly surprised - got a night in just 63 kopecks. Leave a review and keep playing further. Tanya

About aliexpress

Permanent users Aliexpress They know that it is more convenient and more profitable through the mobile application. The first (and the most important) moment - the goods are $ 1.5 cheaper, but there are other advantages. For example, mobile games where you can earn coins, and special sections that are not available to users of the usual site. One of these sections - " Freebie "It is indicated by a gift box icon. "Halewa" makes it possible to win products for one cent (less than the ruble), and it can be a simple trinket, and serious electronics.

Perhaps the name " Freebie "Used not entirely correctly, as it is necessary to work for winning. This is not a lottery that defines a lucky one by randomly, and the present competition, and it wins the most active clients of AliExpress.

What does "freebie" mean to Aliexpress and how to win it

If briefly, the essence of "freebies" is as follows:

  • Every day, ten in the morning in Moscow time in the section there are a variety of goods-prizes.
  • Users submit applications for goods that want to get in one cent, the application is approved or rejected by the Bot program.
  • A week is recruited a full list of participants.
  • The program chooses the most active participant within 3-4 days after the closure of the auction of generosity.
  • The winner leaves the goods, from his account this is written off about 65-70 kopecks.
Note : On the day you can apply for two products - no more.

The most pleasant - expensive goods can be in the draws of the drawing: Smartphones , laptops , wireless headphones , leather accessories, etc. Of course, such proposals are given the most applications, therefore, the competition is quite high.

Important : often selected not one winner, but a few - depending on how many goods will be ready to give the seller "on freebie". The number of prizes can be seen on the sentences page in the square "is distributed".
What does "freebie" mean to Aliexpress and how to win it

Why do sellers need such an action? This is a way of advertising and the rating raising option. The prerequisite for participation in the "Halyava" is the addition of a store that has proposed one-charged goods, in "Favorite". In addition, it is a great way to get a lot. real reviews for goods .

A small and pleasant moment - you do not need to pay for the delivery of won goods. If a The seller asks you to pay for delivery Boldly refuse to him, as it is violations of the Rule of Promotions.

So, the scheme of the work of the section is quite simple, it remains to understand - by what criteria the Aliexpress program chooses worthy of worthy.

The answer to the question is simple - you need to be a very active client. What is meant by this:

  • frequent orders for Ali - more than once a month;
  • The amounts of shopping should be serious - if you order a bit of trousers with a total cost of five to six dollars, it is unlikely to be positively evaluated by the system;
  • be involved in the process reviews for Aliexpress - For each ordered item to leave the detailed, honest feedback from the list of pros and cons, recommendations in size, etc.;
  • Regular visit to Aliexpress - both the site and applications;
  • Action on Ali - friends invitations, leaving likes, translation of descriptions, interaction (correspondence, adding) with shops, etc.

The most important thing is to do everything regularly and in large volume. It will take no more than 15 minutes a day, and the chances of winning good things will increase significantly.

Is it possible to win something, being a little active user? Only in very rare cases when there is almost no competition for the offer. But this is usually cheap goods worth not higher than a pair of dollars.

How to increase the chances of winning in the "freebie" on Aliexpress

The first thing you need to learn is to give up, if you refused in one, two and even ten applications. Do not reduce the activity, continue to leave feedback, make orders and write comments. Once the system will decide that you have gained enough buying "experience", and approve your application.

In addition, once becoming the winner of the "freebies", you get more chances for approving the next application and the championship in it. The main thing - after winning, do not forget to leave feedback on the product you received, otherwise the next time the system will significantly reduce your Halavier rating. Feedback is a prerequisite for action.

Aliexpress reacts well to actions not only on the trading platform itself, but also on the concomitant Itao. (At the moment, the project is closed) - take advantage of this bonus.

Pay great attention to reviews - write them as often as possible and more. For about 20 minutes, it will take about 20 minutes, but it will add to your activity account. Do not forget to insert photos (not just pictures), share experiences and tips. Do not leave extremely positive feedback - if I didn't like something, be sure to specify it in the text. Sellers appreciate the fair and "live" responses, and not template records. Avoid brevity, the review "Goods is good, I liked everything, order, too," will not perceive the program as an active action.

How to get "freebie" to aliexpress

All you need to do to achieve the goal is to apply for a specific product in the "Halewa" section. How to do it:

  • Browse all products, select one or two among them.
  • Meet the terms of processing of the application - the product "hanging" in section 7 days plus 3-4 days is the definition of the winner. That is, the maximum result of the result is 10-11 days.
  • Leave the application.
  • In the "My Halewa" section, check the status of the order - it may be "processed", "rejected" or "successful".
  • After approval of the application, do not forget to add a store, offered the goods to the section, in "Favorite": without this, the victory is impossible.
  • If you saw the status of the application "Successful", then you have become the winner. Leave a review about the product received "for free" product and increase your rating to participate in the following shares of the section.
What does "freebie" mean to Aliexpress and how to win it
Important : In your account, when leaving the application should be more than 1 cents - otherwise the system will not perceive you as a solvent client and will not include in the number of participants. This is done in order to immediately write off the means in case of victory and send the goods to the recipient.

Be sure to make sure that the correct mail address and the index are specified in your personal data - if you are the winner, it is for these details that you will receive a cherished parcel. Track the parcel along the track number you can here .

What does "freebie" mean to Aliexpress and how to win it

Where to disappear "Halewa" to Aliexpress

The "Freebie" section in the full version of Aliexpress on the site does not exist - this is a "chip" of an exceptionally mobile application. Therefore, to use the shares you must certainly download it and correctly install on your phone or tablet.

In the mobile application, too, there are failures, and "freebies" disappears. There are several ways to solve the problem:

  • Scroll down to the three-point icon - in the new versions of the application, the section is hidden in this menu.
  • Update application - Sometimes this action needs to be repeated 2-3 times.
  • Switch the language into English in the settings, and then back into Russian - many users note that this method is effective.
  • If the above methods do not help, refer to the developers and support service - you will be offered a link with the correct version of the application.

So, we can conclude that " Freebie "In fact, it is not free. It is ideal for those users who regularly order on Aliexpress . Customers who ordered 1-2 times a year or buying for minor amounts, there is practically no chance to win in the Competition. But it is always worth trying - especially if you want to get a thing for almost free.

And do not forget that with the service "Megabonus" You can save on shopping for Aliexpress.

"Almost free" - This is a special partition in the mobile application Aliexpress, where every online store buyer can experience good luck and win the goods you like in just 1 cent. The list of sputted offers is updated daily and there are both cheap and fairly expensive goods.

The main purpose of the section is almost a gift to Aliexpress is to attract the interest of potential buyers to certain stores or a specific product. For example, the store wants to bring a new product to the market, and for its popularization he spends the draw.

To open the partition almost a gift, you must start the Aliexpress mobile application and on the main page go to the corresponding button.

Almost for an aliaxpress: Rules and how to win the goods for 1 cent

Terms of section Almost for an aliexpress

Before applying for a draw of goods, it is necessary to figure out how it works, and will also get acquainted with the rules of participation. You need to know that the new day to Aliexpress in the section "Almost free" Starts from 11:00 Moscow time. On the day you can submit no more than 2 applications.

Rules freebies Aliexpress and it works

For the convenience of users, all goods were divided into categories so that participants could apply only to those that they are really interesting. In addition, its value is indicated on the page of a specific product.

Almost for an aliaxpress: Rules and how to win the goods for 1 cent

An application for goods can be submitted within 7 days after the start of the registration of participants. The results will be announced within 72 hours after the completion of the application of applications.

The main characteristics when choosing the winners in the draws almost a gift is the quality and number of reviews about purchased goods, the frequency of visits to the mobile application and the number of perfect purchases on Aliexpress.

In case of a win, you will receive a notice that you need to pay $ 0.01 to confirm your intentions to receive the goods for your feedback. After successful payment of the order, the Seller will send an order for a fixed time.

After receiving the order from the section almost a gift from Aliexpress you need to visit the tab "My winnings" And leave a review about the product. It must be done immediately as soon as the parcel with the goods will be at home. Otherwise, you risk further losing the opportunity to participate in the draws.

You will be taken to the page where you can view the statistics of your participation in the distribution almost for nothing. Go to section "Successful" And write a detailed report on the received order. Please note that the more valuable information you write, the more items will be able to get in the future!

How to win the goods almost for an aliexpress

To win the product almost for nothing, you must regularly view new proposals and leave applications. We recommend choosing those products, where there are no many applications compared to other offers. Often, the higher the cost of the played goods, the more buyers are registered on it.

The winner of each draw is almost a gift for Aliexpress is not determined by random, but according to the specified criteria, therefore it is worth listening to the advice described below. The choice of winners is engaged in a system that automatically analyzes the characteristics of all participants, and after the victory.

All other participants in the draw, after determining the winner, the seller's coupon is guaranteed. If you really liked the goods, you can buy it with a discount.

Delivery of goods is almost gift to the winner

Please note that the goods won are almost free Delivered for free The following countries: USA, Israel, Belarus, Australia, United Kingdom, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Ukraine, France, Russia, Spain, Netherlands and Germany. If the store is asking you to pay money for shipping, and you live in one of the above countries, then you can safely refuse to pay. Check the rules where this item is clearly registered.

Open Aliexpress

Different States have a variety of customs clearance rules that differ from each other. If the import of the won goods in your country is prohibited - Aliexpress employees will contact you to solve this issue.

How to increase chances of winning almost free on Aliexpress

  1. Attend a mobile application daily and leave applications.
  2. Topical shopping on Aliexpress.com using your mobile app.
  3. We will certainly write reviews about all purchases that make on Aliexpress. Attach to photo reviews, they will make them more noticeable.
  4. Having received your first product almost for almost a gift, write a detailed review and a report on the order, it will significantly increase your chances of the following victories.

All the remaining questions you can ask in the comments to this instruction.

Hello everyone! 🌼

I assume that now probably there are no people left, who do not know about the existence of the site, Aliexpress online store. For those who are not familiar to Crachia, I will introduce to the topic of the topic. This is a global virtual trading platform where you can buy goods from various manufacturers (but mostly this is China and PRC), the goods are sold both in retail and wholesale, prices are very attractive. The site has a good customer protection function, if the goods you have not received during a specified period of time, you return your money. Aliexpress One of the most popular Internet Magazins in the world.

Main page.

Main page.

I use the online store of the year 3-4, mostly acquire there accessories for the smartphone, the purchase of clothes was not successful, I need to first take care, see how she sits on me, there is no such function on Aliexpress. I also do not acquire cosmetics there, I use proven brands.

Recently, an Aliexpress appeared such a section as "freebies." Only mobile application users can take advantage of this promotion, for this on the smartphones on the Android platform, well, you need to install Aliexpress application from Pley Market, winner of iTunes.

How to participate in the draw? We go to the main page of Aliexpress App. On the main page we see the "Halewa and Reports" heading icons.

Rubric "Halyava"

Rubric "Halyava"

Opening it, we see a list of categories for which we can choose to participate in the drawing any 2 products per day, with a positive result you can purchase this item in just 1 cent! There are such categories as:

  • New days
  • in distribution
  • electronics
  • for home
  • sport
  • clothes and accessories
  • Bags and shoes
  • Avtomatovara
  • beauty and health
  • Mama and children
  • Clock and decorations
Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app Aliexpress photo app

We choose the goods you like, click "Apply".

Application accepted

Application accepted

I confirm participation in the draw

Aliexpress photo app I confirm the shipping address

I confirm the shipping address

Aliexpress photo app

In case of winning, you will receive a notice, or you can see your winnings by clicking on the same page at the very bottom of "My Halewa". Here you can see your applications, which of them have already passed the draw and those that are in processing. There is also a separate item "Report from freebies", there you can see the reports of the winners about the received product.

Another condition if you want to become a winner for no one, you should leave a detailed review for each won item.

Aliexpress photo appHow long does the draw of one product last?

For several days (usually 3-4 days), the seller collects applications for the draw (unfortunately, the procedure for selecting winners is not known). After drawing the results, the results are announced within 3 days. Z.

And winnings will need to pay 0.68 kopecks) Aliexpress photo app Apply


Aliexpress photo appHow many applications did I already do?

Of course, I try to submit a camp, every day, but of course it does not always work out, in the total number I have 286 applications, of which 12 is still in processing.

Have you won something?) Yes! And I am very grateful to my win. At the time of the winnings, I already played probably the 3rd month, and when I had a winnings, I was in the hospital waiting for my long-awaited daughter. My prize is a beautiful, gentle, cute dress for it!) Quality at the highest level! All rivets in place, quality H.B. It was very useful for us! We used it on our first photo shoot!)

My profile among the winners

My profile among the winners

Gorgeous dress! ❤

Gorgeous dress! ❤

Aliexpress photo app

Will I am and participate in the draw further?) Of course, I am participating and planning if possible to participate further, with the payment and receipt of the prize of the problems there was no problem, the product is high-quality, the participation is absolutely free and does not take much time (a couple of minutes can find each).

How to win in the freebie? Participate as often as possible. See how many applications already on the goods, choose a number with the least amounts of applications. If you have 2 accounts, make applications for the same product. So you increase your chance to win.)

I want to add that this draw is no deception, I am an example) Yes, there are many applications, there are few prizes, but participating in ordinary lotteries we acquire a ticket for our money, and rarely anyone can win something, and here I repeat, participation is free )

I wish you good luck! 😉

Thanks for attention!

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