Multistilers: what it is, hair fluff with nozzles, remington and babyliss, forceps for curling different diameters

Multistilers: Types and rating

Multistilers: Types and rating

Modern girls and women are increasingly to create hairstyles and styling use various thermodilics. One of the universal and practical options is a multistyle, which has a variety of features. This device is great for use at home. A large number of different nozzles will help create the desired hairstyle.

What it is?

Compared with standard options, this device has more extensive qualities. The feature of the device consists in the presence of a special heating base, which is called the platform. This part records various nozzles to create hairstyles.

A variety of elements can be included in the multistyle player. Most often in the set there are hips for curling, with which you can make different types of curls. It is worth noting that these elements can be both single and double. Often, manufacturers include spiral options to create curling.

In addition, the standard set has elements for quick straightening of curly hair. With the help of nozzles, you can create a hairstyle-corrugation.

Also included a special hair brush. It is designed to create light careless curls. It is worth noting that this hairstyle is at the peak of popularity this season.

In addition, such a universal fluff with nozzles is supplemented with all sorts of clamps and hairpins. These small elements help fix individual strands while creating hairstyles.

Thanks to the quick change of nozzles, the multistyle can immediately "configure" in accordance with your own preferences.

Most elements have a ceramic coating, which ensures safety during use. Hair is not overporn and do not break.


Particular attention should be paid to the main types of multistyle players. Each options have certain modes that help create a neat and beautiful hairstyle without the help of hairdressers.

So, the most popular are models with a cold blowing function. Air flow is necessary in order to fix the hairstyle at the final stage. With the help of a cold blowing, you can easily create a variety of curls.

Especially popular among girls and women are devices with ionization regime. With it, you can protect your hair from fragility in the process of applying the device. Locks are not twisted, retain their original appearance and shine.

No less useful feature - temperature adjustment. The presence of this mode is an important point, since each person has a different type of hair. For example, brittle or weakened strands do not tolerate the effects of too high.

Professional hairdressers often use instruments with air conditioning mode. Basically, this feature is necessary when applying various cosmetics for hair.

One of the unique options are instruments with steam moistening. Due to the exposure to the multistageler, the hair is saturated with the necessary amount of moisture. This returns softness and elasticity of curls.

Some multistylers combine several modes simultaneously. Basically, this applies to professional devices that are used by hairdressers in the salons.

Overview of the best models

Modern manufacturers represent the attention of buyers a large number of multistyle players, from which you can safely allocate Best options:

  • First place in the list is the model Philips HP 4698. . The device's package includes a large number of nozzles, which makes it possible to create different hairstyles every day. For example, using the device can be placed by corrugation. In addition, the model is complemented by a special thermally insulated case. Multistailer is ideal for professional use.
  • The second place in the list is the model Rowenta CF 4032 . A device with multiple nozzles is suitable for creating different types of hairstyles for every day. The base of the device is evenly warming up and gently affects the strands. The package includes nippers of different diameters, which allows you to create small and large curls. The feature of this device is the presence of an inclusion indicator. In addition, the device can be used as a straightener for hair.
  • Remington S8670 is particularly popular With replaceable nozzles. With the help of a multistageler, you can create a wide variety of hairstyles even without professional hairdressers. The device is able to operate in different temperature modes, which is one of its advantages. In addition, nozzles with a ceramic coating do not have a detrimental effect on the structure of the hair. All elements are evenly heated and gently affect the strands. Another advantage of the device is the presence of air-conditioning functions by ions.

Rating manufacturers

Currently, there are models from the most different manufacturers on store shelves. N. About worth paying attention to those stamps that demonstrated their high quality and reliability:

  • One of the best manufacturers of multistyle players is the French brand Babyliss. . The company produces various functional devices and techniques for beauty salons.
  • No less popular is German brand Bosch. . It is worth noting that at the moment the corporation combines several companies at the same time. Manufacturers offer girls and women multifunctional professional stylers who combine uniqueness and new technologies.
  • The world leader in the creation of equipment is the company Braun. . The peculiarity of this brand is to combine high quality and affordable cost. The company offers its admirers many products for beauty and health.
  • One of the most famous brand Philips. . The company specializes in the creation of kitchen appliances and various functional devices for the house. About the model from this brand mentioned above.
  • Special attention should be paid to the brand Ritelli. . The brand has released an automatic multistageler to create an ideal curling. But many buyers scare away too high cost on the device.
  • But the company Rowenta. Presents models calculated on the average consumer. The manufacturer produces multifunctional models at an affordable price.

How to choose?

Choosing a multistageler for hair, you need to pay attention to several important parameters. The first significant point is the manufacturer. It is best to give preference to models from proven and reliable brands. Many brands present quite high-quality and secure devices at an affordable cost.

An important criterion is the configuration of a multistager. The standard set includes hinges for curling, nozzle for straightening and creating corrugations, brush and hairpins. In addition to the listed elements, other additions may also be included.

In the process of acquiring, special attention is paid to such a part as the wire. It is best to give preference to a model with a rotary element, as it is more convenient during the use of the device. An important point is its length.

In the process of selecting a multistageler, be sure to focus on your hair type. For example, if you are the owner of dry and thin strands, it is best to choose a device with a temperature regulator. In this case, you can choose the most suitable indicators for your hair. Mandatory condition is to apply thermal protection before using the device.

If you plan to regularly apply a device for creating curls, pay attention to the presence of a cold blowing mode. With it, the strands take care of a neat and well-kept look.

In addition, multistylers are complemented by such elements as the stand and thermal insulation bag. With these components, storage and transportation of the device will be as comfortable and comfortable for you.

How to use?

An important point is the correct use of a multistager. The process itself does not differ in difficulty, but it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

  • First you need to thoroughly wash and dry your hair. Please note that the device cannot be used on wet strands. In the opposite case, the hair will become dry and brittle.
  • Then you need to install the nozzle With the help of which you intend to make a hairstyle. The multistylebox is connected to the network and wait for full heating of the base.
  • After that, it is necessary to separate the strands for processing, and the rest of the hair is fixed with hairpins. Next, the actions depend on what kind of hairstyle you are going to create. Please note that the strands for processing should not be too wide.
  • If you wish to make a twist, then you need to wind the entire curl on the base. Then you need to wait 10-15 seconds, after which it neatly remove the strand from the curl. Do not wait more than this time, since there is a risk of burning hair.
  • To straighten the curls, the multistyle is needed to move smoothly along the strands. After the process is completed, the laying must be fastened with varnish. You should not use too much tools, as the hairstyle will turn out to be neakkurat.

As already noted above, the owners of weak hair before applying the device should use a special thermal protection. Even the presence of ceramic coating on the device will not save from such consequences as dryness and fragility. You can also pre-use a special champunner with thermal protective properties.

Variants hairstyle

Since multistylers are equipped with a large number of nozzles, you have a great opportunity Experiment with your own way:

  • The fastest and most common option is hair straightening. The process itself will not take much time, but you will get a smooth and smooth hairstyle. Everything that needs to be done is to conduct a multilayler on strands, ranging from root and reaching tips.
  • No less common option hairstyles - curly curls. To create it is necessary to take a nozzle resembling a curl. To obtain a curl, the separated strand clamp from the root zone, after which they turn around the forceps. You need to wait 10-15 seconds, then remove your hair from the nozzle. Such a hairstyle is suitable for medium and long hair.
  • If you wish to give an extraordinary view of the hair, you can only make the tips only. Strand need to be tightened inside, then wait 10 seconds. Next, this action must be repeated with all hair. This hairstyle will ideally suit the owners of long direct curls.

To create the above hairstyles, you can use a rectifier nozzle. So the process will take the minimum amount of time.

In addition, it is often used to create hairstyles. The laying entitled "Malvina" is especially popular. To start, the hair needs to be treated with mousse or foam, and only after that proceed to creating hairstyles. Using a curl, you need to make large beautiful curls. Two strands, located along the edges, are fixed on the occipital part.

It is worth noting that such a hairstyle can easily be used both for everyday and evening image.


Customer reviews will help to decide on the appropriate multistyle model. Basically, girls and women are satisfied with such devices. This is due to the excellent functionality, safety of coatings, and, of course, an attractive appearance.

Special popularity among consumers use models with ceramic coating. Girls note that the nozzles are quickly and evenly warmed, perfectly fix the curls for a long time. An important point is that before applying the device, it is not necessary to use various cosmetics in the form of a foam or mousse. Basically, they are used to create complex styling.

According to buyers, another advantage is the availability of models. Even professional devices are not distinguished by a high cost, which attracts many consumers. In addition, official representatives provide the necessary quality certificates and guarantees to use devices.

Girls and women are satisfied with the presence of a set of modes in devices. For example, the temperature controller allows you to select an indicator to a specific type of hair. In the process, users can change the set mode. If you notice that 150 degree temperatures are not suitable for your hair, it can be easily reduced to the desired mark.

In addition, buyers are satisfied with their own time savings. After purchasing a multistageler, there is no need for a constant visit to the beauty salons. With the help of the device, original casual and evening hairstyles can easily create at home. Even after the regular use of the multistageler, the hair remains healthy, their natural shine is preserved.

User reviews about new Panasonic models (EH-HV20 / EH-HV51 / EH-HV10 / EH-HV51 / EH-HV10 / EH-HS41) For universal hair styling, see below.

The multistyle player will quickly create curls for an important event or straighten the naughty strands for perfect office hairstyles. We tell about the most popular models.

  • Styler Rowenta CF 4112
  • Babyliss 2020ce Fun Style Styler
  • Kelli KL-1204 nippers
  • Babyliss MS21E style

How to choose a curly or multistyleaker?

Multistailer - device for creating hairstyles. He has a handle holder, heating element and several nozzles. From a curl or forceps for curling it is distinguished by wide functionality. MultiSThaler combines several such instruments: iron to equalize hair, curls of different diameters, nippers-corrugation. No need to buy 5 different electrical appliances: you can buy one and change the nozzles.


It is suitable for those who often change hairstyles and loves beautiful styling, but does not want to lose time and money in the hairdresser or buy different types of styllers for each function.

Styler Rowenta CF 4112

Styler Rowenta CF 4112
Styler Rowenta CF 4112

Multistailer from the French Rowenta Household Appliance Manufacturer. In the configuration of the device there are 4 nozzles: round and spiral curls, flat tongs, as well as a round brush. All nozzles have a ceramic coating. It is easy to change them. Includes there are 2 more clamping and heat protection case for storage.

On the multistyle housing there is a hinge for hanging - the device can be placed on the hook. Rowenta CF 4112 is heated quickly, the maximum temperature is 180 ° C. It is controlled by one button, and to monitor the state of the instrument allows the light indicator light. The rotating cord simplifies the instrument management during straighchers.

Babyliss 2020ce Fun Style Styler

Babyliss 2020CE
Babyliss 2020CE

Another multifunctional device straight from France - Babyliss 2020ce Fun Style style. In the box you can detect 6 replaceable nozzles: round curls by 16 and 19 mm, square and spiral nozzles, brush and plates for straightening and creating corrugations. Please note: the ceramic coating is present only on the plates for straightening and corrugation, the remaining interchangeable elements are made of metal and plastic.

Styler connector To install nozzles resembles a plug for a socket and securely holds the elements. MultiSThaler is convenient to store in the existing case. It is transparent and fastened on the castle-zipper. The maximum temperature of 145 ° C is enough for both straightening and to create lush curls.

Kelli KL-1204 nippers

Kelli KL-1204 Multistyle
Kelli KL-1204 Multistyle

Inexpensive Chinese Kelli KL-1204 MultiSThaler is not for curls: straightening, light waves or corrugations - with this he will cope. The KL-1204 case consists of two parts equipped with heating plates that can be changed. In addition to flat, there are 3 more wave-like nozzles. They are made of aluminum: the material is not very suitable for brittle hair.

The device mark the low heating rate - to start laying will need to wait a couple of minutes. The maximum power of the device is only 25 W - it will take the patience for high-quality straightening, because it will have to keep tongs on one piece of hair for a long time. You can learn about the heating of the device on the light bulb on the handle.

Babyliss MS21E style

Babyliss - MS21E.
Babyliss - MS21E.

Another version of the multistageler from the manufacturer Babyliss - MS21E. Includes 8 types of nozzles: flat plates for straightening, to create waves of various widths (3 options), round curls for 19 and 32 mm, spiral and nozzle-brush.

The presence of several clamps and set of invisible bargains will simplify the creation of hairstyles. Metal nozzles are covered with ceramics that protects hair from high temperature (reaches 170 ° C). The device-holder of the device is thermally insulated, so the risk is made to minimize.


Philips BHH822 / 00
Philips BHH822 / 00

Device 3B1 from the famous brand from the Netherlands. Replaceable nozzles allow you to use the device as a rectifier, a curl to create curls or a heat-cutter that gives volume hair. The ceramic coating provides not only the protection of the hair, but also the uniform distribution of heating over the entire surface of the nozzle. Menten the nozzles is simply safe: the tip of the handle does not heat up, and the latch adapter works from one button. The rotating cord will not put the movement and make it easy to control the styler.

Distinguishes a multistageler from Philips the ability to operate in two temperature modes: at 160 ° C and 210 ° C. Heating to the desired temperature will take a little less than a minute. Understand that the device is ready to work the LED indicator.

How to choose a curly or multistyleaker?

The choice between several variants of the hair styling depends on the variety of hairstyles. If only curling and creating curls need, then you can restrict ourselves to the purchase of the catch. We just need to straighten the naughty curls? It is useful to rectifier-forceps with flat nozzles. The universal multistyle device with a large number of nozzles in the kit will allow "on the fly" to choose the laying option and, unlike several separate instruments, does not take much space.

We will analyze what nozzles are from multistyle players, as well as note several important technical parameters that should not be overlooked before purchase.


Types of nozzles

Depending on the configuration, the multistageler may have several variants of replaceable nozzles. They are:

Flat Allow you to straighten your hair and visually increase their length;

Polyaki nozzles

Designed for curling and creating large or small curls;

Square Pilia

With their help, you can create broken curls.


Have a embossed surface that allows small and frequent bends to give hair;

Wavely nozzles

Suitable for more creation of more smooth bends;


Narrow plates with a protective surface for treating hair in the sensitive zone of roots;

Thermo brushes and thermo-comb

Help simultaneously straighten and give hair volume;


Simplify the creation of long spiral curls.

To create braids

The nozzle with the swivel head automatically twists the strands of each other.


In low-cost hair styling devices, heating parts are made of metal. He has an uneven distribution of heat throughout its surface, which often leads to hair damage.

Ceramics is a more reliable coating option for the heating parts of multistyle players. Even at high temperatures, the possibility of spoasting their hair is excluded, since heat is distributed evenly, besides, the material itself heats the hair more carefully. A careful attitude to ceramic elements will be required: damage will make the effect of the heated surface on the hair not so gentle.

How to choose a multistyleaker?

For rectifiers, tourmaline can be used as a coverage. This mineral is distinguished by negatively charged particles, which adds the device with the function of ionization (so strands are not cut, not electrified and remain smooth)

Lock clamp

The function is from rectifiers and forceps-corrugation. The mechanism records the device in the folded position (when the parts are tightly pressed to each other). When laying enough to keep the rectifier, you do not need to press the plates all the time. So more convenient and safe to store the device, as it takes less space, and the working surfaces are protected from damage.

Thermal insulating tip

This is a part of the holder handle, which is not transmitted by high temperature. Allows to avoid burns.

Rotating cord

The longer the power cord, the farther from the outlet you can work. If it has a rotational element, it will noticeably simplify the creation of strands: when the styler case is rotated, the cord will not be entrusted when screwing the strands.

Rotating cord
Rotating cord

Loop for hanging

Styler is a device with a heating element and therefore it is not always possible to put it without any problems on any surface. Based on the body, in the place of the joint with the cord, some models have a comfortable loop - you can hang the device on the hook for a pause during styling.


Screen on the styler housing will provide a convenient display indication. The more data on the display, the more accurate you can control the styling process. Inexpensive models have only light indication: you can define the instrument on or not.

Level levels

If the multistageler has a thermostat, it will provide an opportunity to adjust the temperature. You can customize the styler as it is necessary specifically for your hair type, avoid their overheating and diversify the laying options. Temperature setting can be performed as a choice of modes pre-installed by the manufacturer and smooth adjustment. The more modes, the more accurately you can configure the operation of the multistyle.


The acquisition of a multistager will replace multiple instruments for creating hairstyles. The universal device can create curls, pigtails, visually increases the length and volume of hair. Choose a styler with a wide set of nozzles, preferably with a ceramic or tourmaline coating - it will protect the hair from the igniter. So it will be possible to change the hairstyles and laying without a hike to the salon! Choose multifunctional stylers in the catalog.


Multistilers: Views, Popular Brands and Criteria

Multistilers: Views, Popular Brands and Criteria

Hairstyle is a business card of each woman. For its creation, a fair floor representative is resorted to the help of a wide variety of devices, such as curling devices or iron to straighten.

Modern achievement among hair care techniques is a multistyle, capable of performing a large number of functions due to the presence of a number of nozzles . In the article, consider the characteristic features of such devices, as well as analyze their advantages and disadvantages.

What it is?

The Multistailer for Hair is a multifunctional device designed to create any hairstyle at home (for example, for curling or hair straightening). Such an aggregate is a dream of every woman.

The main difference between the multistageler from other similar devices is a combination of a large number of functionality. So, the design of this unit may include a iron, rectifier, nipper-corrugation, hairdryer with a brush and much more.

Thus, purchasing a multistyle, you save a place and money. The task of the device is to ensure the possibility of creating the maximum number of a wide variety of hairstyles and styling on their own and at home. All you need is to change the nozzles. The multistyle is an indispensable device for those girls who like to experiment with their appearance and style.

Modern manufacturers, competing for customer attention, produce devices equipped with a largest constructive features, as well as with different functional filling.

So, the maximum number of nozzles that can be included in the standard package is 15.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before purchasing a multistylene for home use, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of such devices. Consider them in more detail.

The advantages of devices include a variety of positive characteristics.

  • Opportunity of regular use . Due to the fact that the device is heated to relatively low temperatures (a maximum of 200 degrees Celsius), as well as its power is moderate (up to 40 W), it does not cause irreparable harm to your hair.
  • Fast heating . In order to start directly using a multistageler, you will have to wait for its full heating, which occurs in just 10 seconds.
  • The presence of a large number of additional features . Depending on the specific model, the device may have, for example, features such as ionization, air conditioning.
  • The ability to adjust the temperature . Depending on what hairstyle you want to create, you may need different temperatures.
  • A large number of additional nozzles. A standard package of one machine can be included up to 15 nozzles with different functionality.
  • Ease of use . Multistilers have a compact size, backlight, stand, case, as well as some other auxiliary functions and accessories.
  • Safety use. The heating surfaces of the multistageler are made of reliable materials such as teflon or ceramics.
  • Multifunctionality. With the help of one multistageler, you can create a variety of hairstyles: curls, corrugations, straight hair, many others.
  • Available cost. The market presents multistylers from different price categories: budgetary, medium price segment and luxury.
  • Saving time To create a stylish and fashionable hairstyle.

At the same time, despite the presence of a large number of advantages, you can select several shortcomings of devices.

  • The need for regular care. In order for the multistyle to be able to fully function, it is necessary to remove the tart from the means for laying, as well as hair balances.
  • Holders of long and heavy hair are quite difficult to use the device.
  • The ability to use a multistageler only on pure and dry hair.
  • The impossibility of daily use, since the device can harm hair.

It can be concluded that advantages significantly outweigh the disadvantages of these devices. That is why they are popular among consumers.


Manufacturers of household devices and electrical equipment produce several types of styllers. In addition, companies are constantly working to create new varieties of devices. Such stylers have an extended functional filler and themselves are more perfect. Consider which there are varieties of multistyle players:

  • Professional and domestic - are intended for use in specialized beauty salons or at home;
  • with ceramic or teflon coating - heating panels must be covered with reliable and durable material;
  • Specialized or multifunctional - differ depending on the number of functions that they are capable of performing;
  • Wired or wireless - feed from the electrical network by means of a power cable or operate on batteries and batteries.

Before purchasing the device, it is important to determine what kind of multistageler you need. Only after that you can buy the device.


Multistilers are sold complete with replaceable nozzles of different diameters and destination. Consider the main of them.

Iron (rectifier)

Such a nozzle is designed to straighten climbing hair and is one of the most common. In addition, using the ironing It is possible to polish individual strands. If the device has a function of ionization, then By ironing, you can also shoot static electricity from your hair.


With the help of "Corrug", you can independently and at home to create small corrugated strands on your hair.

Tongs for Locks

The standard set with a multistylene may include single, double or triple links for curls. With this nozzle You can create large, medium and small curls, as well as curl S-shaped.


With the help of a curl, you can make beautiful and natural curls, as well as the so-called "Beach waves." At the same time, they can be made from roots or from the middle of the hair.


This nozzle is used To create curls in the form of a spiral.


With the help of thermal suspension are created Volumetric hairstyles.

Round brush (with bristles)

Used To create volume and luxury hair.

It should be borne in mind that in a standard set, together with a multistyle player, all described nozzles or only some of them can be included.

In addition, some manufacturers manufacturers produce copyrighted devices with their own developments.

Best brands

Today, a large number of multi-flippers models are presented on the market. Consider the top of the most popular and demanded brands.

Dyson Airwrap Complete

This styler is suitable for the owners of all types of hair. The kit includes cylindrical nozzles 30 and 40 mm, which help to create and fix bulk curls. In addition, there is a rigid brush that is designed specifically for hair straightening.

Using the device, you can simultaneously dry and lay the hair.

Polaris PHS.

Developers have provided for two heating programs. Complete 3 Replaceable nozzles with which you can create various styling. Heating plates have a turmaline coating, which is distinguished by reliability and durability. In addition, there is a function of removal of static voltage from curls.

Remington S8670.

The main characteristics of the device include the presence of several nozzles, which, in turn, have a special ceramic coating. Due to this coating, heat is distributed evenly along the entire length and width of the heating plates. Multistaler developers have provided a function of ionic air conditioning, thanks to which your curls will not be tangled.

Vitek VT-8433

Nozzles that are included in the standard package possess the Tourmaline Ceramic coating, thanks to which Inside the hair is saved moisture. In order to improve the safety of the device, the manufacturer has provided The presence of an inclusion indicator, as well as gloves made of thermal protection material.

Galaxy GL 4701.

The standard set includes nozzles for curling, a round brush nozzle, a nozzle for spiral laying. The model is characterized by ease of use and management. The device is equipped with one heating mode.

Bosch Phc9948.

This multistyle is made with the latest developments and scientific achievements. Heating plates carefully interact with hair and do not harm them. The model refers to a wounded mind and It has a network cable whose length is 3 meters.

In addition to the models described above, multifunctional stylers from such companies are popular:

  • Redmond;
  • DEXP;
  • Valera;
  • Scarlett;
  • Leben;
  • Braun;
  • Centek and others.

When choosing a specific device, pay special attention to the manufacturer.

Prefer the famous and proven brands. In this case, you can be sure that you buy a device that was manufactured with all international standards.

How to choose?

The choice of a multistageler is a responsible task to which you need to come with all seriousness. By choosing the device, you should navigate to several key factors.


Today, stylers with different types of nutrition are presented on the market: wired and wireless. Wired devices work only in the presence of electricity and are connected into the outlet by means of a power cable. Thus, The use of devices is limited including the length of the cord.

It is better if the cable will have a length of at least 3 meters.

Wireless multistylers work thanks to batteries or batteries. They do not depend on the presence or absence of electricity. Such options are considered more in demand among consumers.

Types of nozzles

Depending on the specific model of the styler, 1, 2 or 10 additional nozzles can be included in the standard set. Depending on the number of nozzles, it can significantly expand either, on the contrary, to narrow the functional fullness of multistyle players.

Experts are recommended to acquire such devices, which include the maximum possible number of additional nozzles.


In addition to other indicators, multistylelers differ in power. Standard are devices whose power does not exceed 40 W. Anyway, when buying, this indicator should be taken into account, as depending on it can significantly reduce or increase your costs for electrical energy (especially with regular use of the styler).


Different patterns of styllers can heat up to different temperatures. In this case, various temperature indicators make it possible to create certain laying.

Carefully examine this question before the direct purchase of the device.

Additional functions

Modern multistylelers, in addition to standard functions, the execution of which is provided by nozzles, can solve additional tasks (ionization or removal of static electricity). It should be borne in mind that Together with an increase in the number of options, the cost of the device increases.


Different models of multistyle players vary depending on the control method. For example, in the design may be present Additional buttons and levers, touch screens.


The standard package, together with the multistyle player, there may be additional accessories, such as special stands, covers or cases. Thus Significantly simplify the processes of use, transportation and storage of the device.

If you will consider all the above factors when choosing a multistageler, you will eventually be able to purchase a high-quality device that fully corresponds to all your requirements that will serve for a long time.

Terms of Use

In order for the multistyle to effectively perform all its functions, you need to learn how to use the device. Only in this case, you can make beautiful laying or stylish curls. Consider the phased process of using the device.

  • First of all, preparatory actions should be made. : Wash and dry your hair. This stage cannot be missed. The thing is that the use of a multistageler on wet hair is unacceptable, since the exposure to high temperature on wet curls will lead to increased hair fragility.
  • After you have prepared your hair to laying, the device itself should be prepared. Choose a nozzle that matches your needs and desires. Put it on the styler. Next, you should enable the device and wait until it is completely warmed.
  • Before stacking, it is recommended to treat hair with special thermal protection agents. , as well as prepare hairpins and gum to fasten the strands of the hair, which are not currently used.
  • To create the desired laying Separate your hair strands, clamp them with plates, and then straighten or curly them (depending on the nozzle used). At the same time, take into account the fact that the thermal processing of one strand should be not more than 15 seconds.
  • At the end of the procedure Treat hair with strengthening agents (varnishes, fitherment, moussami).

Multistailer for hair is a device without any fashionable . At the same time, it is important to accommodately approach the choice of the device, and also learn how to use it correctly. And then the hairstyle created by you on home using multistyle players will make an indelible impression on others and will look no worse than salon styling.

The following is a video review of a multistager from Rowenta.

Every woman loving beautiful hairstyles has at least one device for laying. And someone has a lot of them - and the iron, and the fluff, and various tongs. But there is a device that easily replaces the exhibition of equipment - a multistylene.

The main advantage of the multistageler is functionality. If you appreciate the free space and do not want to store a whole box of diverse appliances, then this option is definitely for you. He is suitable for both fashionmen, who are often in the road, but want to stay stylish in any situation. Places in the bag Multistyle will take a little, but you will have a whole hairdressing salon with you. Well, in the end, it is just comfortable - a slight movement of the hand (sometimes even without changing the nozzles) you can change the style and set the mood of the day with the help of a new hairstyle.

Types of multistyle players

Multistilers meet two options.

Replaceable nozzles - the most standard and common type of devices. It is a working handle to which various nozzles are joined. Most often nozzles are not so much, but the most common: nippers for curling one diameter, iron, corrugation, brush. In the more advanced models of nozzles can be up to eight. In this case, there are usually several diameters of forceps for a different type of hairstyles - from small curls to large soft curls and weems of different widths.

The main specificity of this type of device is that if you want to change the nozzles right during the installation process, you will have to first turn off the device, wait for the complete cooling of the hot element, then change the nozzle and wait again - until the new nozzle is warm up. Few people like to wait a long time, so if you want to remove the nozzle hot, choose models with plastic lining on the heating part. Then the risk is minimal, and the hot nozzle can be safely put somewhere cool.

All in one - Devices in which all the nozzles on one handle are immediately not changing. They are more compact in the issue of storage and faster in operation. Nothing to wait, cool, change - they simply changed the position of the device and ready. But such multistylers are somewhat nervous and with unaccustomed may seem inconvenient. In addition, their functionality is usually not so big as standard models. Simply, it is impossible for one handle to fit immediately a bunch of everything.

Coating material

The coating material depends on, firstly, the durability of the device, and, secondly, your comfort is used.

Aluminum - Easy, budget, quickly heats up and cool quickly. But it is rather fragile and with frequent use and not too careful storage very quickly comes into disrepair - scratched, erased. In addition, it does not most best affect the quality of the hair. Nevertheless, if you plan to use the multistyle player only on holidays - a good option without unnecessary overpayment.

Ceramics - The most popular material for coating most styling appliances. It greatly slides and does not injure the hair, it is evenly warming up (and this means that the quality and speed of laying will be at the height). In addition, ceramics are resistant to scratches and damage.

Tourmaline coating - This is an improved ceramics with a layer of tourmaline. The latter is a natural source of negatively charged ions. In practice, tourmaline coating greatly removes static electricity from the hair, making them smooth, shiny and closing the scales. For thin, porous, painted or split hair - a great solution. By the way, if there is no tourmaline, then in many devices, the ionization function is found separately.

Titanium - the strongest and excellent material according to the characteristics. He has one drawback - Titan is warm enough. In addition, this is not the most budget material. In the multistilers, it is infrequent, but you can safely choose a titanium coating - it will last a device for a very long time.

In addition, devices are also available with chromium and teflon coatings. This can be said, steady "middling". It is well warmed up, quite quickly cool, they slide well, the performance indicators are not the highest - it is necessary to treat.

Power and temperature

Power - not the key indicator by which you should choose multistylers. Fear for the waste of electricity is not exactly: the most maximum consumption -

150-200 W, but most devices are kept in the range of 60-80 W. However, it is from power that depends on how quickly the device is heated. If you literally, the road every minute and even second, take the device with a power of 170-240 W - it will warm up in seconds. If this moment is not fundamental for you, and you can safely wait a couple of minutes, you can not even look at the power.

And here Heating temperature - much more important. And here will have to look for a certain compromise between hair care and hairstyles. A truly strong, elastic curls or, on the contrary, the perfect straightening at low temperatures is impossible. For this you need from 180 s and above. But if in the foreground for you care for the health and natural beauty of curls, then you should choose the maximum possible temperatures, based on the structure of the hair.

150 C - for thin, weak hair, as well as porous and injured. This can also be boldly attributed painted and bleached hair.

150-180 C - for the hair of a normal, healthy structure.

180-250 C - for durable, elastic, thick hair, as well as for naughty and curly.

Types of nozzles

Curling tongs - It is already clear from the name that they allow creating curls. But it is important which type of curls you want to get, and here it all depends on the diameter of the nozzle. Small curls - 16 mm. Closer to classic curls for every day - 19-22 mm. Soft curls, which in the trend last years - 25-30 mm. Nozzles with a diameter of 32 mm create an effect of a natural natural wave.

Mansion standing tongs cone . This form allows you to make an uniform over the entire length of the straight. This is especially true for sequential or compounded hair, whose strands of the ends are noticeably thinner than the base.

Spiral nozzle - Another variation on the topic of curl. The strand is placed in special recesses in the form of a spiral. The shape of the Kudrey will be somewhat different from standard tongs.

Nozzle-iron - Clamp for hair of two smooth plates. Makes naughty hair perfectly straight. The larger the plate, the faster and more efficiently with working in the rectifier. But if you have a short hairstyle, choose small blades - wide and large you will use inconvenient.

Corrug - The "waffle" hair from the nineties immediately come to mind. Well, you can use this nozzle and so, but in fact now with its help more often create a roast hair volume.

Brush It is usually intended for easy "manual" laying. With it, you can create a volume of the roots and slightly twist the tips (round brushes) and make your hair more straight (flat brush).

Tips for choosing

If you first take care of the condition of the hair and afraid to damage them, choose a multistageler with ceramic plates.

If you want to get an elastic, durable hairstyle, you will need a device with a temperature support from 180 C.

Often in the road or just do not like to mess with nozzles - the device "all in one".

Or are you used to choosing all the most functional? Then look at the models with a bunch of nozzles for all occasions.

The girls with violent curls always want to straighten them, and beauties with straight hair strive to put them. Now every fashionable can choose a multistageler for laying. How to do it and not make a mistake? Now we will tell, and next, we will offer our own independent top 5 best multistaylers.

Multistailer. What it is

Recently, a universal device of a multistylene appeared, combining a brush for hair, a curl and an iron. Outwardly, it is similar to the usual curl, but differs from it multifunctional and careful attitude towards hair.

Compared with its predecessors, the multistyle has more extensive possibilities. Feature of the device in a special heating ceramic basis, called platform. It is recorded nozzles to create styling.

Main types of nozzles:

  • heat-hammer for creating volume;
  • "Iron" to straighten your hair;
  • Tongs to execute curls. They can be triple, double and single;
  • "Iron Corrugation", with the help of which curls across the length of the hair are made;
  • "Cone" makes large in the roots and small in the tips of the curls;
  • Round brush with bristles, slightly twisting curls and creating volume;
  • "Spiral" - nozzle to create elastic vertical curls. They are the same size along the entire length;
  • Hair clips ("crabs", hairpins).

Such a number of devices allows a woman to be different when necessary.

What do you need a multistyle

Multistailer Like girls for their multifunctionality. It is characterized by a number of benefits:

  • Special coating provides careful attitude to curls;
  • replacing nozzles, you can design various types of hairstyles;
  • The device is suitable for any type of hair;
  • The device allows you to create various hairstyle options: retro, horizontal and vertical curls, beach waves;
  • Saves costs for stylists.

Some brands make it possible to purchase an additional set.

Multi-flyer varieties

Before purchasing the best multistyle player, women should pay attention to the main types, each of which is equipped with certain modes that allow you to create a neat or perky hairstyle without referring to hairdressers. Multistilers are released with the following options:

  • Function cold blowing. The air jet fixes the hairstyle at the end of the laying. A variety of curls easily create by blowing;
  • Ionization mode. Impact protects hair from fragility during operation, they are not confused and remain brilliant and beautiful;
  • Temperature control. Since all people have hair different types, the thermoregulation function is important. Weak and brittle hair cannot be processed by the device at high temperatures;
  • Air conditioning mode. It use hairdressers for applying cosmetics;
  • Effect of steam moisture. This mode is used to return to the hair of elasticity and softness.

In hairdressing salons, professional multistylers often have several modes of operation at once.

How to choose a multistyle

In order not to get confused in the whole manifold of goods on store shelves, you need to remember the highlights that should be considered when buying a multistageler:

  • power. If homework is assumed, then select the device with a power of no more than 0.1 kW. Such a device will allow you to make a simple curling or straighten the curls, without damaging the hair structure. For more sophisticated hairstyles, it is better to buy a gadget with a capacity of 0.1 to 1.5 kW;
  • Number of nozzles. The result of curling depends on the diversity of the nozzles;
  • Plate coating. Ceramic does not carry the hazard structure of the hair, evenly distributing heat. Tourmaline removes static electricity. Keratinsky closes hair scales and contributes to a lighter slip;
  • additional options. Some models have a healing effect. Infrared radiation enhances smoothing, and the static charge gives additional silkiness;
  • control Temperature modes. The multistyle is heated from 160 ° C to 230 ° C. The electronic thermal sensor makes it possible to accurately set the temperature, pose to the type of hair.

Multistailer Which Firm to choose

The market presents many brands producing hair multistylers. Basic manufacturers recognized as the best:

  1. Babyliss.
  2. Remington.
  3. Rowenta.
  4. Bosch.
  5. Scarlett.
  6. Ritelli.
  7. Philips.

Some manufacturers produce technique only for professional use. Others are developing universal devices.

Top 5 best multistyle players

The list of best multistylers was based on women's reviews that often use devices to create hairstyles.

Best Multilateler for Curling Hair

Rowenta Multi Styler CF4132D0

Multistailer Rowenta Multi Styler CF4132D0: Photo

The device at the cost of 6000 rubles performs tight curls and straightens the recalcitable strands. The nozzles are covered with ceramics, which protects hair, gives a slight slip and gives shine. The device works under a voltage of 220 V. In addition to the storage bag, 2 studs and 4 clamps. Some reviews say that the tips of the hair are sometimes damaged.

Price: ₽ 5 990

Best Multilateler Hair Alignment

Remington S8670.

Multistailer Remington S8670: Photo

Nozzles from this set for 6000 rubles will make any hairstyle - straight hair, large, tight curls, light curls. There is nozzle with bilateral plates for corrugation or hair straightening. To select you need to push the plates, leave the desired, and the second push back. For a lightweight curling, tongs with a diameter of 19 mm are suitable, and the spiral nozzle will serve for tight curls. From damage, a ceramic coating with a tourmaline and a ionization mode is protected. Included there is a brush-nozzle and 4 clamps for strands.

Price: ₽ 2 990

Best budget multilayler

Scarlett SC-HS 60604

SCARLETT SC HS60604 Multistage: Photo

The device for only 1500 rubles has joined the curl to straighten and create a "corrugation", curling forceps. The optimal temperature can be installed by selecting from two modes: from 160 to 180 ° C. There is a heat insulated tip for which you can safely hold.

Price: ₽ 1 190

The best multistageler to create the effect of "Corrug"

Rowenta 4 In 1 Waves Addict CF4711F0

Multistailer Rowenta 4 In 1 Waves Addict CF4711F0: Photo

It allows you to straighten curls or make light wavy laying. The level of heating is regulated by six steps. The ceramic coating distributes the heat evenly, so the nippers freely slide through the hair, without damaging them. Price - 6000 rubles.

Price: ₽ 4 590

Best Multistailer with Ionization

Rowenta 3B1 Fashion Stylist CF4510F0

Multistailer Rowenta 3V1 Fashion Stylist CF4510F0: Photo

In the kit of this device for 4000 rubles there are 2 sets of plates - for straightening and for curling with short waves. There is a round nozzle for forming strong curls. Ceramics coating makes easy sliding even when quickly work. It evenly distributes heat. The multistylecer prevents excessive loss of moisture, eliminates static electricity due to the ionization function. The tip does not heat up. The rotating cord fastening does not allow him to be leaving.

Price: ₽ 4 190

Comparative table of the best multistyle players


Main characteristics


Rowenta Multi Styler CF4132D0

Rowenta Multi Styler CF4132D0 MIN: Photo

Nozzles are covered with ceramics, the device works under a voltage of 220 V, complete, in addition to the storage handbag, 2 studs and 4 clamps.

₽ 5 990.

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Remington S8670.

Remington S8670 MIN: Photo

There is nozzle with double-sided plates for corrugation or straightening, forceps with a diameter of 19 mm are suitable for lightweight curl, and the spiral nozzle will serve for tight curls.

₽ 2 990.

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Scarlett SC-HS 60604

Scarlett SC HS60604 MIN: Photo

The optimal temperature can be installed by selecting from two modes: from 160 to 180 °, there is a staplerized tip.

₽ 1 190.

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Rowenta 4 In 1 Waves Addict CF4711F0.

Rowenta 4 In 1 Waves Addict CF4711F0 min: Photo

The heating level is regulated by six steps, the ceramic coating distributes the heat evenly.

₽ 4 590.

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Rowenta 3B1 Fashion Stylist CF4510F0

Rowenta 3V1 Fashion Stylist CF4510F0 MIN: Photo

Included there are 2 sets of plates - for straightening and for curling short waves, a round nozzle for the formation of strong curls.

₽ 4 190.

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What is the difference between the multistageler from the curl? MultiSThaler - a more versatile device than a flock that is designed to give hair and creating curls.

Does the Multistailer spoil? Modern devices for creating hairstyles are carefully related to curls. If you observe the correct temperature regime, then the hair remains healthy, moistened and shiny even after multiple stacking.

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