Concrete screed of the floor with their own hands - stages, from beginning to end

Concrete Floor Screed Your Hands
The concrete base of the floor is currently, perhaps the most Common and in residential, and in industrial construction. It suits almost for any finish coatings or can After appropriate processing, operated and independently. Its main advantages, subject to filling technology - high strength, resistance to destruction, durability of use. It is not surprising that when conducting private construction or under repair in an apartment in the overwhelming majority of cases owners Housing stops precisely on such a field of floor arrangement.

What if everything got and tired - the advice of the psychologist

Modern society undergoes irritability and aggression, all this routine life in a hurry and without a breather. A rather large number of people lives in a state of aggression, irritability, depression and does not even know what to do with it if everything is tired. Any episodes of the manifestation of these states can be written off to the world around us, still it may be possible in the human life style itself. Sometimes even small trifles annoy and infect, nothing brings joy, annoying and people and everything around. People are able to be infuriated and got it, bringing huge psychological problems to themselves, only a psychotherapist will help to cope with whom only psychotherapist will help.

Common protein in the blood, testimony for the purpose, the rules for preparing for the delivery of the analysis, decoding the results and indicators of the norm.

How to pass tests in CIR laboratories?
Information from this section cannot be used for self-diagnosis and self-treatment. In case of pain or other exacerbation of the disease, diagnostic studies should appoint only the attending physician. To make a diagnosis and proper appointment of treatment, you should contact your attending physician.

9 Master Classes on New Year's drawing for children and parents

9 Master Classes on New Year
For the new year, everyone wants to make memorable pleasant gifts. And children too! But what can your kids make such that adults exactly liked and they saved the craft for memory? The win-win version is a drawing card as a gift. We have collected a few class master classes with which bright cool drawings will get in children from the first time! Yes, and you too.

Cat rating for cats 2019: Best catfish in the opinion of veterinarians than feeding pets, tips, reviews, review

Two bowls: with meat and dry food
None in any advertisement sounds phrase: Buy our feed. Manufacturers adhere to other policies - you yourself buy this product if it is shown by the face. The store is still more difficult - the shop windows are forced by bags and jars so it is so impressive that most often we buy not what they planned. And the owners of cats and cats are important to choose the best, suitable for their pet food. In order not to make a rash purchase, you need to study in advance the features of different feeds.

Angelina Jolie first told about the reasons for parting with Brad Pitt, Hello! Russia.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
A few hours ago, British Vogue published a new interview with Angelina Jolie, who talked to her about adoption, about working in the UN and her role Ambassador of goodwill Office of the High Commissioner for Refugees, and also asked an indirect question of parting with Brad Pitt and unexpectedly received On him a direct answer. The editor of the magazine asked how Angelina managed to create a healthy psychological situation at home for children after a divorce with their father. The actress replied:

Sushi for beginners. How to just twist sushi rolls - articles on

Sushi, correctly in Japanese Sust, is a traditional rice dish with acetic dressing and seafood. It came to us not from Japan, but from the West, from here and the pronunciation option. Once the rice was used to conserve fish, so first such a dish was served with sauer or pickled fish. Then the vinegar began to add to the sushi, so that the body was not wound. And later, they switched to crude fish, which made it possible to save a bunch of time. By the way, in the 1980s sushi began to make special robots, although with a feeling, as some believe, sushi will prepare only a person. One way or another, since the robot prepares sushi, then the person is reasonable to cope with ease! Start!

How is SOS actually decrypted?

How is SOS actually decrypted?
SOS. (SOS ) - an international disaster signal using Morse alphabet in a radio telegraph connection. I think that many of you heard him either in some film or in other circumstances (I hope you did not tolerate disaster, well, if they endured, then everything ended well). However, if you did not hear, then listen, for example, the beginning of the song of the Song of the Splin (can and listen and listen to all, the song is good):

The first signs of ectopic pregnancy before delay

The following conception should occur at least in a year, after which you immediately go to the doctor to see a doctor, to make an ultrasound and carefully follow the further progress of pregnancy up to childbirth. And pay attention to the possible symptoms of eightary pregnancy early! Remember that it is at an early stage that the pathology is easiest to be eliminated, and you can avoid serious harm to the body.
Ectopic pregnancy is a dangerous gynecological pathology, during which a fertilized egg is implanted outside the uterus. In 95% of cases, the adhesion of the fetal egg occurs in the uterine tube. Much less often, the egg is attached in the ovary, the organs of the abdominal cavity, the cervix. If you are not diagnosed in a timely manner and not eliminate pathology, severe, sometimes threatening women's life consequences are developing. Therefore, it is important to know which early signs of ectopic pregnancy worries before the delay of menstruation and which symptoms should be a reason to immediately appeal to medical care. On time, the eliminated pathology will help save female reproductive health and prevent severe consequences.

What to do if you touched a leg and twoaping ankle

First aid when bringing the ankle
According to statistics, 5% of damage to this articulation falls on subsidations and dislocations, 10% - damage to the ligament, 85 percent cases of doctors have to deal with a fracture. In general, 20% of pathologies of legs are characteristic of ankle. In the case when they swell their legs in the ankle area, the causes and symptoms are different. As a rule, they are quite serious and require medical care.

Deep view on a diaphragm

The word diaphragm acts on frieda workers fascinating, akin to mystical concepts about unknown. But really, do we know much about the main respiratory muscle? All novice freedivers are known that this is a domed muscle that descends when we breathe, and rises when we exhale. She, they say, there is a powerful tendon, which carries out these movements. At the same time, few people consider a diaphragm as part of the common muscular-fascial system, and its movements are embedded in the variety of movements of the whole body. Meanwhile, it is such a look that opens new, deeper knowledge of the function of this meaning muscle.

My personal enemy

My personal enemy
The book can be attributed to adult fairy tales, where magic is tightly intertwined with love intrigues. It begins with the fact that young 13 witches learn at the last year of the Academy of Combat Magic. The girls are a source of magical power for combat mags transmitted by sex. Therefore, witches become with the initial days of learning as an object of close attention for students. The most important of them, Yaroslav, tries to wake up the beast in the strongest magic of the faculty. Still - to wake love in it. Sincere feelings that can save life appear between young people.

Service from MTS "Everywhere at home"

Service from MTS
Who has come to leave the limits of the region of residence, it is perfectly known that for this period, rates for services provided by mobile operators are increasing. But special options have already been created, providing advantageous conditions at the time of finding roaming in the zone. These included the service from MTS Everywhere at home, the activation of which helps to significantly reduce costs while traveling around the country. The advantage of such an option is that a small subscription payment appears the opportunity to save money. The description of the new option below will make sure that.

Rice porridge in a slow cooker on milk - how delicious cooking on step-by-step recipes with photos

At the end of the preparation, the signal will be the signal, the dish is ready for feeding to the table.
Familiar from childhood Dairy dish of rice with cream oil may seem very simple, but rice porridge in a slow cooker on milk is a product of culinary art. Such a cooking technique gives the dish saturated taste, the croup literally absorbs the fragrances of other ingredients. Sweet rice is well combined with different types of milk, fruit and dried fruit. Dairy rice porridge, cooked in a slow cooker, can safely compete with the famous desserts.

How to make glue at home: Best recipes and cooking tips

How to make glue at home: Best recipes and cooking tips
Despite the fact that the shelves of construction stores are literally clogged with various types of adhesive mixtures for any purpose and appointments, some people are all resorted to the manual method of manufacturing glue. There may be several reasons: either the purchased goods turned out to be low quality, or it requires a minor quantity, and it makes no sense to spend money on a whole pack. Since making glue of any kind at home is quite possible, some consider it an excellent alternative to the purchase option. Therefore, employees and masters for all hands will be useful for useful tips on the methods of creating glue to work with various materials.

👆Mest Barber - how to cut the street at home so that it was not ashamed?

According to statistics, during self-insulation, people began to google how to hate themselves in their own five times. Someone eventually consoles the fact that no one sees him, and someone opens the talen stylist and forgets the road to the hairdresser. If you are still from the first - we have gathered several useful tips, how to trim yourself, so that it turned out at least normal.

How to install sound on your computer - detailed information

How to install sound on your computer
Most computers users have at least once a situation occurred when completely the sound disappeared. Often this happens after reinstalling the operating system, before installing the user's audio driver. In some cases, other reasons for this problem may occur. Sound problems in the general case are divided into two large categories - hardware and software. Software almost always can be solved on their own. The hardware fault is usually connected to the failure of the components of the computer. This usually entails at least repair, and more often - replace the faulty part.

Maison: What is it and what distinguishes mezzani from attic, features, perspectives

House with mezzanine
If our reader is not a builder, then the expression mezonin is familiar to him, maximum, on artistic works and no more. Indeed, in the era of the middle of the twentieth century of centuries, this architectural solution in the construction of houses was very popular. Houses with mezzanine built for themselves merchants and nobles, wealthy landowners and retired high-rank and rank officers. The add-in was supplied with one or more windows, which made the room as light as possible. Hence the historical name - Svetka. Today, fashion returns in cottage villages, and on private houses, there are increasingly at home with an original solution called Mezonin.

Massage table with your own hands: Metal and wood, table creation features

Already the finished folding massage table can be improved. Attach two latches to the short sides of the table top - and your table will be securely fixed in a folded position. A handle enshrined on top will make it easy to carry the product. And the handle, and the latches you can get, breaking the old suitcase or portfolio.
Going to a massage session, people expect to receive not only a high-quality service, but also a high service. One of the components of the latter is a couch on which the client will lie during the procedure. A really high-quality model is very expensive. But it can be reduced, if you do it yourself. It makes a massage couch with their own hands for a short time, and it will be no worse than the factory.

How to disable graphic key on android

Graphic key
More and more users of the most common operating system for mobile devices are wondering how to disable the graphic key on Android. The topic is simple, but some it causes certain difficulties. Let's tell for which the graphic key is needed, how to enable it and disable it in the settings, as well as if you have forgotten your glyph. Glife is a combination of gestures, a kind of key when the screen is blocked.

What to celebrate New 2020: Stylist Tips - Fashion - Home

Will the opportunity to acquire a new outfit for a new year meeting? Or is the choice fall on the duty set of things available in the wardrobe? In any case, it is important that the kit comes to the type of appearance and in the best light showed a figure. To do this, it is not necessary to wear tight dresses. The main thing is to feel comfortable to feel comfortable. Otherwise, it will not be possible to relax and have fun!

Juicy chicken minced chicken cutlets - 9 Delicious recipes

salt and spices to taste
Compatible in the cutlets juiciness, excellent taste, pomp and crispy crust is sometimes very difficult. Especially if you cook them from chicken minced meat - it is especially important to keep the balance of fluids, thickening components and fat. If you correctly select the proportions of ingredients, chicken cutlets will not fall apart or spread in a frying pan, will be exceptionally delicious and gentle.